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Outside of the freeswords is a hooded figure passing waiting by the assigned meeting place. The figure is feminine even with the robes she is idly rubbing two black hand together one of them missing a finger. As people gather the figure looks to them, "Are You the freeswords intrested in aiding the Blackback?" She asked while looking over the group with interest but keeping her face hidden.

Bite looks over the figure with a giggle. "Yes sssweetie, I'm here to help what can I do for you?" she hisses and offers her hand to the less maimed of the two appendages for a handshake, almost forcing it as she leans in and whispers something to them.

Travis looks around a bit as he makes his way to the meeting place. He walks over, looking the hooded figure when she speaks, giving her a little nod and a shy smile, and then nods to Bite as well, staying quiet.

Mitchell arrives with the group and smiles to the ... person, in the hood. "Aye, I'm here as well, to lend m'muscle to whatever you're needing done," he says with a polite little bow of his head.

Angus gives the hooded figure a bow as he smiles. "I'm always willing to help the Blackbacks." Standing back up he adjusts the hilt of his saber, and gives the rest of the group a friendly smile.

Fuyu checks a few things on her top, then spreads her wings out before tucking them away as she walks up. Something of a pre-prep sort of setup. She spots Bite and makes her way over and asks, "Are they an imporant family? Will it be worth favors?" Well, she's got one thing in mind at least

The hooded figures nods to Bite and the group. "The Blackbacks are the leading family of Research. We are now turning out attention to the a large lunar Crystal which is said to be in a sunken ruin in the sands of the Drytongue Flats" She comments keeping her hood from allow the group to see her face clearly. "There will be payment based on progress and the accomplishment of the mission at hand. Let us get to the Caravan." She motions for them to follow with a hand that is missing a finger. "Please come with me."

Bite follows the blackback towards the caravan, giggling. "Yes sssweetie the blackbacks are nobles. I'm not sure there will be any favors, but they promised to pay." she hisses and pulls the bat with her before she has a chance to say no. "This is a good time to test what we were talking about, but we should stay low key until we're together with Selena sometime." she hisses and nods.

Travis tilts his head a bit, looking to Fuyu, giving her a soft smile as he nods to her. He also follows Bite, looking about curiously while checking to make sure he has all of his gear, tail swishing behind him.

Mitchell looks to Fuyu and smiles, "Hello," he says to the bat with a nod. It's been awhile since he's crossed paths with her, but she's a familiar face. He then follows along with the hooded figure towards the caravan with everyone else.

At the mention of a Lunar Crystal Angus stiffens, stopping in his tracks as his thoughts trail back to the last time they went after such crystals. "There won't be any Kindcraft hanging around the place....will there?" He asks, pulling his hood up as a slight chill ran down his spine and his grip tightens on his swords handle.

Fuyu starts to say she'll go for the excuse of doing something when she's grabbed and pulled along. Rubbing the back of her head she offers a wave in passing to Mitchell, then murmurs to Bite, "Keep low key? I think you've got the wrong sort then. I don't do subtle well"

Selena paces into along near the building, quickly moving up to the group. "I'm a little late, aren't I?" she chuckles quietly, pulling herself into the caravan as she arrives. "I must've missed the briefing. Anyone care to fill me in on the way?" the wolfess asks, plaiting her hair before resting back in the seat.

The Hooded figure stops and looks at Selena, "No you are not we are still here." The female speaks to Angus while rubbing the nub of her finger. "We have no sightings of Kindcraft memebers but that hasn't stopped them from creeping up where they aren't wanted. Which is why I expect you to do a good job of taking care of me and my caravan." She begins walking to a row of large carts that has a large elemental made of earth at the front of it. "Please get in."

Bite drags Fuyu to join Selena in the caravan, giggling to herself. "This is a good time to try what we planned sssweeties." she hisses and grins. "We'll take good care of you!" she calls out to the blackback as she settles in, checking herself and then waving the others to come.

Travis makes his way over to the caravan as well. He blinks a bit as he sees Selena, giving a little wave, but he picks a spot a bit away from the others, his tail swishing behind him as he looks about curiously.

Mitchell ooks over the caravan a moment and then picks a cart that doesn't yet have anyone attending to it, figuring it wise for each cart to have some coverage. So he's likely sitting alone for the moment as the group gets on board.

Angus nods to the hooded figure as he moves to join Mitchell. "Bite's right, we will take care of you." The mink, who he hadn't even heard talk yet, is given a curious look as he takes a seat next to Mitchell. "Long time no see."

Fuyu settles down on her seat and peers at the gathered group before looking to Bite and Selena. "You two do know you're supposed to fill me in on plans before we're in the middle of trying them right? Makes it much easier to you know, do them" Leaning forward, she waves to the other familiar faces and says, "'lo there"

Selena nods to the blackback. "Of course." She replies, giving Bite and Fuyu nods. "An hello there, Bite, Fuyu." She greets, leaning back into the seat and returning the wave to Travis casually. "What kind of thing were we looking for? Some kind of obscenely large explosion? Tearing a building apart for use as projectiles?" She comments with a shrug as Angus is getting on board. "I don't think we'll need to. Hello to you, Angus." She smiles, a quiet yawn escaping her lips . "More like an... Idea than an actual plan, Fuyu." the wolfess chuckles.

The hooded figure gets in the cart after everyone and look around, "Now who here knows about the Mad Ragar of the Flats?" She looked around peering at Selena, "We are looking for a very large lunar crystal the size head. We are going to escavate the whole ruin and hopefully dig up similar sized stones." She said in a hushed whisper as she tighting up her hood to keep it from falling off. "Oh where are my manners, I'm Marie Blackback of the Noble line of Blackbacks. I'm the writer of the posting and your employer for this."

Bite giggles. "Well figure it out when the time comes you two. And... I think he was obsessed with bone dragons?" she hisses trying to recall her history. "His palace vanished right?"

Travis tilts his head a bit, settling in the seat, looking at the hooded figure curiously. He has no clue what or who that is, so just listens.

Mitchell hrrms. He doesn't know too much, being a bit of a hayseed, but he looks to Bite and nods a bit. That's his understanding, too, about the bone dragons.

Angus starts to idly check his equipment. "He was trying to develop the ultimate animated creature by studying Bone dragons if I remember right...well up until his palace mysteriously vanished." Pulling back his hood he shrugs. "One day there and the next just...poof. No more palace."

Fuyu looks to Bite and Selena, shrugs and leans back as she goes along for the ride. Crossing her legs, she watches the others and says, "Well.. let's see how this goes"

Selena shrugs a little nonchalantly, nodding to Angus and Bite. "Yeah. He was trying to create the apex of reanimated things at the time. Might be important to note that he was apparrently capable of healing most beings from near death. There you go, you're now up to speed on what to look out for." Nodding to Fuyu and shooting an appreciative smile to the blackback she adds, "It's a pleasure, I'm sure. It's good to know who I'm running around for, and why."

"Well the good news is that he is very very dead. His palace apperently didn't vanish as history tells us but collapsed into the ground during some event." She yawns a little as the ride goes on for another hour before Marie speaks again, "I have another question that I should have asked earlier, What are your particular skills sets? I posted for scholars and brusiers and I would like to know which each of you fall under." The cart hit a bump and her hood nearly comes off before she catches it in time.

Bite giggles. "I'm a mage first and foremost, and a treasure hunter sssweetie." she hisses and grins. "And that would explain why I haven't heard of this place." she adds and nods. "How was he healing them?" she adds curiously.

Travis tilts his head a bit, looking around and listening, trying to take in what knowlege he can. When the hooded figure askes that, he gives his shoulders a little shrug. "I am learning a bit about healing, but I am still no good at that. I am hoping to be of some use though."

Mitchell look sover to the hooded one with a smile and a nod, "H'llo ma'am. I'm not much for book learning, so I'm here to help with the muscle side of things."

Angus shrugs and taps the hilt of his sword. "I have the usual skill sets every noble should have, but I'm also a skilled fencer with a slight amount of knowledge when it comes to magic." Smiling at her he chuckles. "Just put me down as one of the bruisers actually, Bite and Selena can easily top me in the magic department."

Fuyu peers at Angus and says, "So we should all be using swords yeah? I lack the required depth perception, I'd put someone else's eye out I think" She rubs the back of her head after and asks, "So.. alrighty then."

Selena nods back. "I'm in much the same boat as Bite and Fuyu." She smiles. "But I prefer the research to burning things." the wolfess shrugs at Angus's comment. "I know my share of tricks, I suppose."

Marie nods at the group and smiles widely, "I'm a scholar by choice but I wear a soul gem of a mage." She pulls back the hood and reveals a heavly scarred face with small tufts of fur out of it. She is wearing an eye patch which she lifts up to reveal a ordinate sets of jewels placed around her eye and a large depression which sets a glowing green soulgem. When she smiles a few of her teeth are replaced by metal ones, "I hope to work together for the greater good and possible a chance to see the creators again." She says as her crystal glows softly giving off a green glow, A crash is heard as she peeks out of the caravan and several of the wagons have broken along with one being tilted to the side. "This is unfortunate but I think this is good place to bed down at the moment." She shakes her head, "We haven't even gotten to the mine yets. This is unforturnate, I see about the wagon but I don't want to tax the rest of my workers." She hops out the cart leaving the group to do their own work, looks like everyone isn't going anywhere for a while...