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Another round of laughter rocks the Inn as two heavy beings, an Alligator and a Emu set the table they knocked over back up. The barmaid is completely soaked with spilled drinks, but seems more concerened with the graceful Pelican wrapped around her. "Alright guys enough, c'mon let me smooth her over." he says as she looks to the woman. Nods come from all corners of the Inn as beings go back to hearty laughter and downing drinks. Another maid is reluctant to approach and clean up the glass, slowly approaching a table.

Selena grumbles something tiredly as she paced down into the inn, looking rather unhappy with the raucous atmosphere. She moves along to the barkeep, a casual greeting tossed out. "Hello. Mind if I ask what exactly is happening with this guy?" The wolfess makes a slight gesture towards to loud alligator, though it'd be unlikey she'd be asking about anyone else.

Arimia follows the wolf down the stairs and looks around. She gives a small shake of her head and moves over to stand by the wolf as she questions the bartender, keeping her eyes on the group that seems to be making all the noise.

The badger walks into the inn with a big smile and a glowing quill in her hand, "Alright and if I preform this It sould increase my output by 20%." Kilsa is wearing a purple soul gem in the place of her normal crusader one which has been place beneath that gem. She notices the rowdy folk, "What did I walk into." The badger says while summoning a water construct in the shape of badger.

Saibh hesitates at the doorway before shrugging and entering after all. Ignoring the mess for a moment, she scans the crowd for familiar faces, slipping around the mess to make her way over to them once she finds them. She stops though when she peeks over at the badger, the odd comment making her stop mid-step. She quickly hops back when she almost causes an accident doing so before quickly hurrying out of the way. Glowing quill and twenty percent? At least she offers a wave to Arimia and the others heading downstairs

The bartender shakes his head as he gets a couple of glares from the rowdy patrons, going back to his work. The water badger draws no attention as the flirting and mass laughter continues. A bear heavy folk and a clever gecko stand up and begin to spar in the middle of the room, a couple of folk around them egging them on. The gecko takes an uppercut to the chin before retaliating with a gust of wind that wouldn't even lift a feather. They dance around tables and toss glasses at eachother as they work out who's the better man, shouting out insults like "Well your ma was as wide as a barn!" and "You're sure trying hard for someone who gives up on their lifebond." The insults continue to grow in magnitude.

Selena nods in acknowledgement as Saibh enters the room, an ear flicking back at the insults and thrown glasses. "Lovely. Just what I wanted to see this evening." The wolfess growls. "This is just pathetic." she sighs, though makes no attempt to break up the fight or put herself between the patrons.

Arimia gives a wave to both Kilsa and Saibh, before turning to watch the fight start. She sighs and yells out, doing her best to be heard, "Oi! You two! We've got wounded restin' upstairs! If the noise of your pathetic attempt at a fight keeps my friend from getting rest she needs, I'll take it out of both your inept hides!"

The badger smiles, "Aqua... Please stop them nonviolently." The Water badger nods and begins to approach the group before standing betweeing them taking any hits without much concern due to the inability to feel pain. "Excuse me gentlefolk, My friend here and I would like to know what this all about. I would hate to have to stop the fight with violence." She grinned widly and waves at her friends before speaking, "We have wounded friends upstairs as my Pink hued friend just stated. Please calm down and take it outside and lets discusses it like adults."

Saibh rubs the back of her head and peers at the funny looking water badger. She continues making her way to Arimia and once there, offers a half-hearted wave and says in a stage whisper, "Bet if I shot one the fight would stop. Or turn funnier.." She then steps out of the way and adds quickly, "Uh.. good morning by the way"

The bear looks to the elemental briefly and gives it a swat, which hardly deters the elemental. The gecko however distrupts it's form with an impressive amount of skill in water magic, causing it to topple out of the way before the fighting continues. Beings are beginning to cheer them on, crowding around them to keep them steady and encourage a straight fight. They don't seem to be listening to anyone.

Selena sighs, shaking her head disdainfully. "I'm not going to step in on this one, I don't think." She comments. "Bar brawls aren't exactly my forte." The wolfess looks back to Arimia, giving the 'coon a quick hug. "I'll back you up if you head in, but I don't think I should be the person walking in first."

Arimia gives an almost feral grin and says, well. All right then. She gives Selena a smile and says, "You not gettin' involved is a good idea." That said she starts to move toward the crowd, working on making her way toward the two fighting figures.

Saibh shrugs and cracks her knuckles before leaning back against the wall. She's not about to jump right into the fight, but hey, she's not a big fan of the up close thing anyway. She'll wait a moment to see if she could even get away with it. Otherwise she'll probably just end up using her snare creatively

The close encounter does not fair well for the gecko, who takes a jab to the face and only manages to retaliate with a weak bite before the two start moving again. Arimia easily approaches the two, the crowd giving her odd look a glance but more interested in the fight.

Selena smirks slightly as Arimia slips into the crowd, keeping an intent eye on the proceedings and a smoke bomb in hand for the event things go awry. "...So, Saibh. How are you today?" She asks casually, her gaze not once leaving the raccoon.

Arimia growls softly once she gets in range and moves into a spinning kick, not caring if she hits some of the crowd as well as the combatants. That done she snarls, "I said enough! Take this elsewhere. We have wounded upstairs and you are making too much noise!"

Saibh sighs after a moment and reaches for her coat pockets out of habit, stops and mutters to herself. Instead she reaches back, remembering a bit later where she's hiding the wire now. Checking the knot, she glances over to Selena and says, "Well enough. Was thinking I'd get something to eat before finding somewhere quiet, but.. that's out right?"

The kick lands elegantly against one of the crowd members arms, who backs away accordingly. The kick is completely ineffective, having been dodged by both combatants who now turn their attention to the small raccoon. "You little snot, get back to class." the bear growls as he makes a rather pathetic swat at the raccoon, easily dodged. The gecko has much better luck, taking the distraction as a chance to produce a violent wind that starts flinging broken glass around the inn.

Selena pockets her smoke bomb as the glass shards begin to circle the air, glancing back to Saibh. "Tell me about it. There's not a place in this inn that's quite on a good day, but this... This is just bad." She grumbles before calling out to the brawling gecko and bear,halting the magic before any further damage can be done. "If you're going to play with your math, take it outside." She grumbles something under her breath, knowing a large portion of damage would already have been done before the squall became more noticable.

Arimia swings her fists twice in rapid succession at the bear, then turns toward the gecko and strikes the mage from almost no distance at all. She pauses then and growls softly, "Both of you thick skulled idiots will are getting this one last warning. Take it outside, or I will carve your hides off." After saying that she draws a thin, dark sword, holding it in a practiced grip. "I'm not fightin' for the joy of fightin'. If I use this, I'll do so with the aim to kill both you. Bloody leave. Or jus' get bloody."

"Hmph... Aqua. I think we should offer them violence that would make the very foundations of this establishment shudder." Kilsa smiles and the elemental stands up, "Just like we practices, synchronize and avoid anyone that isn't making an agressive actions." She looks at the innkeeper, "Inn Keeper, You can bill the Ironsoul house for all damages to this establishment. EVERYONE ELSE....Protect your vitals and get down!" She shouts before the elemental begins to fire the ground leading the fighting pair, littering it with sharp bits of ice as Kilsa begins become covered with a hide made of diamonds as she opens her hand. "If we must get violent, I will show you what my knowledge of anatomy can do." Kilsa charges the group with a steely gaze.

Saibh looks to Selena for a moment, then to the two brawlers, then back before asking, "Think maybe I /should/ shoot at them?" She then shrugs, noting Arimia's drawing of a weapon, making her mind up quickly. The cord she uses for snares and other duties is stuffed away and her current ranged weapon of choice, a hand crossbow is loaded up. With a sidelong glance to Selena she offers, "Then again this could get fun enough"

The bear moves away from the second of the two punches, blinking before grabbing hold of Arimia and flipping them around so that they can't easily swing their sword at the duo. "Listen kid, put your toy away and go back to the orphanage. Killin folk is wrong, you need to be taught better." he says as he does so. The gecko is rightfully dazed, his movement sloppy. As he spins to the floor, his world not well balanced at the moment a spiral of fire slips over the crowd. The crowd is just as unfortunate when it comes to Aquas assualt, recieving a heavy pelting of ice as the groan in pain. As the badger assembles a sheath of hard protection, a couple shout and laughs can be heard from upstairs.

Selena shakes her head and sighs at the gecko's poorly co-ordinated fire magic. "Sorry, sir. I'll replace the mug when this is over." She apologises to the barkeep, a quick burst of math pulling an intact glass from behind the bar, launching it directly towards the gecko's head with the intent of knocking him out before more damage can be dealt. "Saibh, want to bet on if the bear leaves with his skin intact or not? I'm going to guess, 'no'." She comments flatly.

Arimia gives a soft growl and says, "I'm not a bloody child, meathead." After saying that her form shifts and twists in the bear's graps, the 'coon shape melting away until she's a large dragon, easily as large as the bear if not larger. She twists out of his grip and turns to face him saying with her sharp teeth bared, "Now then, rug, you should be leaving."

Kilsa notices the damage her attacks are causing and sighs, "I cannot fight here. I will only hurt those that have nothing to do with this and that unbecoming of someone that would call themselves a Crusader." Without another word the she snaps her fingers and aqua stops shoot and looks at his creator. "Take care of the wounded, We've embarressed ourselves enough." She shakes her head, "I am not getting anymore involved in the violence beside damage control." She begins to tend to the wounded while talking to them of what she is doing and appologizing for her rudeness.

Saibh raises her handbow and levels it at the bear since the Gecko seems to be having his own issues. She grins and calls out, "Hey now, how about we all settle down before something particularly stupid happens huh? Drop the uh.. dragon" Looking over, she says dryly, "Damnit, I'm thinking it's time to leave before we get stuck with the bill now.." Still, the bow is held at the ready if she gets a clean shot, though her aim is drifting to cover both the gecko and the bear.

The gecko, who was already on the floor, goes out cold when he's struck with the glass. The bear looks at the dragon and says "My appologizes ma'am, I'll be going now." as he grabs the gecko and pushes through the crowd, who is busy being tended to by a kind Kilsa. Saibh has a clear shot at the bear as they leave, that is until an unstable elemental barrels down the stairs with a gust of wind behind it, and laughter moves away from the top of the stairs. The unstable elemental moves slowly back up the stairs before it expires, unable to sustain itself.

Selena shakes her head, moving back to pick up the glass to return it to the barkeep. The elemental suddenly rushing down the stairs does draw her attention, prompting her to comment back to Arimia, "Well. After you, Ari." She sighs, looking not too pleased about the bear's flight and momentarily as though she'd fling the mug after him as well.

Two well armed city guardsmen show up as the bear and gecko leave, looking around and saying "Alright what's going on here." as they see the wreck the inn is in. They move over to speak to the inn keeper who points all around the room, to the crowd, to the two outside who are barely in sight, and then to the drenched barmaid. One of the guards runs out after the bear, the other begins collecting statements from the crowd.

Arimia growls softly as the bear leaves, but doesn't move to stop him. She glances toward the stairs with a sigh when that elemental is seen and starts toward and up those stairs. She glances over when the guards show up, but doesn't slow in heading up the stairs, planning on finding out the source of that elemental. And the laughter.

The elemental dissolves after helped as many folk as it could. She waves at a guard, "I attacked some folk and injured them trying to stop a barfight. I apologize and will compensate in any way even it requires me to be arrested." Kilsa looks extremely saddend as she finishes bandgaging up another patron and stands with her hands up. "I offer no resistance."

Saibh wasn't going to shoot. Well, she considered it. Strongly considered it, but she doesn't need the hassle and potential paperwork involved with shooting a bear in the butt with a bolt. Removing the bolt and returning it to the case, she then puts the crossbow away. With a sigh she murmurs, "Well, might be paperwork anyway. What was the.. thing upstairs?" then moving to follow up if she thinks she can be of any help. She didn't shoot anyone and stayed mostly out of the fight anyway..

The guard takes note of Kilsa, nodding to her as he questions the barmaid. As Arimia and the others make it upstairs, they can see many doors are open, one or two have been taken off the hinges. In the first room they pass they can see a small clan roach folk male laughing with a heavy clan elephant, who is trying some girls clothes on, ripping a few and stretching the rest. Down the hall they can see folk invading rooms and carrying things. One such folk has a handful of golem parts, and a very long spear.

Selena looks across the hall, quickly going from irritated to angry with the situation, calling downstairs to the guards. "There's more up here you'll want to look at." Selena shakes her head, keeping near Arimia and Saibh to ready a spell.

Arimia growls loudly and tightens her grip on her sword. "You all are going to put everything down and wait for the guard to arrest you, or I get to vent some aggravation by dismembering you!" She givse a feral, sharp-toothed grin and says in a hiss, "Guess which one I prefer. Bunch of bloody idiots thinking stealing from soulless is a good idea."

The badger sigh and waits for the guard to get done. "I'm so ashamed, this is very unbecoming of one who works in the name of the creators." She doesn't make and aggressive action as she hears the call from above. "Shall I accompy you?" She asked the guard infront of her.

Saibh mutters, "Really.. wow" she once more draws her crossbow, then sets a bolt in place, cocking it back. "So... did something get into the water, is it in the air or are they just stupid and clustering?" she then extends her arm out, aiming down the hall at the thieves while calling out, "Please give me an excuse to shoot"

The guard says "If you could keep folk from leaving, Miss Ironsoul, that would be great, my partner hasn't come back from fetching the other two. I need to see whats going on upstairs." he says as he gets up and hefts a mace and shield, moving upstairs. Upstairs quite a few of the looters have stopped and readied some form of defense against the verbal threat, some just don't listen and keep on what they're doing. The small roach moves towards Arimia saying "You'll have to forgive my... associates, we just pulled into port." with a flashy grin, trying to calm the raccoon dragon down. The guard reaches the top of the staircase and frowns, shouting "ALRIGHT ON THE GROUND NOW!" as he readies himself to uphold his duties. He narrowly raises his shield in time as someone chucks a knife at him, ducking back into the room they came from. "Get OUT!" can be heard barely from down the hall as a water folk mustang backs out of a room, a small slash across his shoulder which bleeds profusely.

Arimia tightens her grip and as the roach approaches her she swings her blade. She doesn't swing to cause debilitating harm, merely a minor wound. Bout from that wound the dark maths that enhance the blade drain the vitality from the roach. She snarls and says, "Your... Associates, are going to drop everything they have, and let themselves be arrested. Or I will start with you."

Waits down stairs wihile keeping her eyes out for more threats and reapplying her diamond skin and summoning aqua once more. "Guard this area with me and do not kill anyone without my say so. I think we did enough foolishness for one decade." The water construct salutes in a goofy way before Kilsa's eyes narrow. "Not..In..the..Mood." She says before the constuct does a rude gesture the moment she looks up at the stairs again.

Saibh pose steps back, giving Arimia room as she starts to swing the sword. It's about then that she's taken off guard by one of the cross dressers stampedes out of the room. She'd have described it differently, but it was the elephant after all. Looking a bit surprised as she hits the wall, knocking the wind out of her for a brief moment, she then yells in frustration, "Get back here dammit!" and begins to chase after him, slipping around people that he tries to plow through.

The roach gasps as he's assaulted and lifts his hands and buffets the party with sand, and then starts to run, tripping over himself and falling down the stairs, unconscious at the bottom. The elephant gives Saibh quite a chase, slipping out when Kilsa and Aqua are buffeted by patrons wishing to leave from all sides. The guard approaches the next nearest being and, seeing their intent to fight, slugs them over the head before moving towards the next being. The mustang at the end of the hall makes half a movement towards the door he came out of and bursts into flames, running down the hall slamming into walls as he tries to put himself out.

Selena grumbles at the burning Mustang, cooling the fires over him slightly. "...Well, someone set them on fire pretty well." She comments, glancing towards the room they fled bemusedly.

Arimia watches dispassionately as the roach tumbles down the stairs, moving to position herself to block them off afterwards. "So! Everyone else going to go along quietly, or are we going to have to take each one of you down individually?"

"Aqua.. Hose them down.." Kilsa says while the Elemental Sprays high powered jets into the crowd. "I've tried being nice and you have to calm down till the guard is ready to process you as innocent." The badger groans, "I really don't want to do this but if I make him spray you any harder you'll get really hurt."

The guard rushes back in after having delivered a certain pair to their deserved place of stay for a while, and says "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT calm down, listen to the lady and step back. I need statements from all of you, so just sit tight folks. We're sorry for the inconvenience." He stretches and gives Kilsa a pat on the back. "Thank you for your help, now lets see if I can get these people squared away." The guard upstairs moves to lead the group towards a few folk who have no will to fight, motioning towards the doorway the dagger was thrown from and readying his shield. The mustang weeps as he rolls around desperately on the ground, his flesh really starting to char. One shrimp folk down the hallway drops the golem parts he's holding and weilds the spear in anticipation of the groups approach.

Selena grumbles quietly at the shrimp, a quick air spell siphoning a portion of air from around him to make it harder to breathe. "Really, after all that and they still try to attack." She sighs. "...I have to work on that spell, too." She comments a little more quietly.

Arimia gives a small shake of her head, drawing a second, more normal looking blade to use in her offhand, still holding that dark blade. She looks toward the shrimp with his spear and says, in a slightly amused, slightly annoyed tone, "Are you really wanting me to come over there and make you surrender?"

THe badger nods to the guard and walks upstars before noticing the burning body. "Aqua. Put him out." The element give the Badger a roll of his eyes which goes unnoticed due to his whole body being made of water.

The creature dashes over to the mustange and decides to attempt to belly flop the burning creature to put him out all at once. Kilsa smiles watching her partner in action, "Show off." She said but couldn't help but be proud.

The elemental successfully douses the previously burning Mustang, who sighs in relief and then just lays there to be taken away, unwilling to move. The shrimp squints and runs at Arimia, who narrowly avoids taking the spear to their chest as he charges witha wheeze, it's deadly sharp tip in plain view, along with the serpent engraved handle. The guard moves into the room with the knife thrower and squints when no one is to be found, slowly moving into the room. He's taken by surprise when a being leaps out behind him, trying to backstab him but failing to pierce his thick armor. The guard wheels around and shoves the being towards the door with their shield.

Selena growls, quickly launching a volley of cutting wind at the would-be assassin as they're knocked into view. "Somehow I don't think these beings are very good at what they're trying to do." She comments unimpressed.

Arimia grips her blade as the shrimp thrusts the spear at her, thankful it missed. Once he's in range she twists and thrusts her arm, driving it into the shirmp's gut. The wound alone wouldn't be enough to be a killing blow, but the dark maths on the blade work their magic, draining what vitality he has left to him out. As the being falls the dragon grabs the spear, pulling it out of the shrimp's soon to be lifeless hands. "This... Is not yours."

Kilsa watches watches Arimia taking down the shrimp and shakes her head before recalling Aqua to herside and keeping close to the stairs. "Well..." She shakes her head and keeps a simple fire spell ready confident that the group can handle them selves without need for her help.

The would be backstabber winces before he is clocked out by the guard. Casting him aside and looking to Arimia's work he sighs, pushing down the hall. "Try not to kill anyone else, self defense is only so justifiable." he says before moving towards the open door the mustang had come from. As he proceeds to look in the door he jumps back, an explosion filling the space of the doorway. He raises his shield and rushes in.

Selena shakes her head as the shrimp is left to collapse on the ground. "...Remind me to never get on your bad side, Ari." She quips, making towards the room. "Hey, is everything allright in there?" She calls around the door, staying back just in case.

Arimia gives Selena a smile and says, "I gave several warnings. I'm sure you heard me." She starts toward the door the mustang came out of, and at seeing the explosion and rushing guard she calls out, "Bite! He's a guard!" She then starts to rush toward the door herself.

Kilsa watches as the guard speaks to Arimia, she watches as the explosion happens and is just about to send Aqua in before he collapses as him math runs out. "Hmmm. O

Kilsa watches as the guard speaks to Arimia, she watches as the explosion happens and is just about to send Aqua in before he collapses as him math runs out. "Hmmm. I'll let you guys handle the rest while I prepare to get aqua up and runing again." She says calmly.

As Arimia steps into the room the guard is struck with a thrown dagger that pierces his armor. "GET OUT!" she hisses again as she attempts to holds the blanket over herself, her exposed shoulders hinting she's not wearing a shirt. The guard says "My appologies ma'am I uh... I need a statement when you uh..." as he walks out the door and turns to head towards the rest of those in the hallway, all have given up. He pulls thd dagger out and sets it by the doorway before escorting the trouble makers downstairs, where the other guard has done a great job of letting people out of the inn, retaining a handful of ruffians.

Selena stifles a snicker as she hears the familiar voice shouting at the guard, giving him an apologetic pat on the shoulder as he exits the room, not entering herself but asking from the doorway, "Are you allright in there, Bite?"

Arimia doesn't hesitate to walk in. She gives a soft sigh, walking over toward the serpent, her form returning to her more usual raccoon form as she goes. She props the spear she'd taken against the bed, point on the ground, and starts to look around the room for a shirt for the Taipan. "I think that's yours. An'... Attackin' the guard generally ain't a good idea. Jus' a comment."

The badger nods noticing that all of the criminals have been dealt with begins heading back down stairs to speak with a guard, "I don't see the innkeeper but if you do let them know that the Ironsoul house will cover all damages to the building and its customers." She sighed looking embarresed, "Really wanted to get a good drink..." Kilsa looks at the guard again, "So am I being arrested for attacking the patrons eariler or am I free to go?"

The guard shake their head. "It seems no one saw you attack anyone, and theres no trace of the mad elemental they say sprinkled them with ice. We've got nothing on you, just need a statement." they say. One of the guards heads back upstairs to check on Bite, who needs to be questioned before they can go, knocking on the door and waiting for an okay before they enter. "I need a statement from both of you." he says.

Selena smirks as the guard stops at the door. "I assume you'll want one from me as well?" She offers, leaning herself against the wall casually. "It's been a while since someone's torn up the inn like this, really. First time since I arrived." The wolfess comments idly.

Arimia moves to sit down on the bed when Bite's covered. She glances at the door then gives a small shrug at the guard's words, sheathing her blade before looking back to the Taipan. "Glad you're okay. If I'd noticed them sneaking up I'd have come up earlier. But there was a bit of a ruckus downstairs."

The badger decides to make herself gone as she decides to leave the rest to the guards as she makes her way back to the ophanage. Before she leaves she summons Aqua again, "Next time I command you to start firing at a crowd slap me." The elemental nods and slaps Kilsa so hard that she stumbles backward and give her a thumbs up. "I guess I earned that. Alright lets go home." The elemental nods and they continue to the orphanage.

The guards collect statements from Selena, Arimia, Bite, and the rest of the crowd and take turns hauling off the guilty parties, soon the Inn is cleared up and all that's left is to tend to the damages.