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As the doors to the warehouse fly open, a heavy clan walrus smiles to a waiting crowd and waves them towards him. "Come in! Mingle, let's have a great time! My centerpiece is quite a piece of work, and there's plenty of drink for all!" As he says this the party goers pour in, admiring tables, dressers, candlesticks and a host of other decorations and furniture. The walrus tweaks his whiskers and shakes hands with those who approach him, smiling and laughing as he tells everyone the same joke.

Ariella sighs happily at the opening of the doors, having started to become bored with waiting out in the cold. The lioness steps in, making an impressed whistle between her teeth and starting to poke around until she comes across the lavish display of food. Licking her lips in anticipation, Ariella starts helping herself to meats, her twin tails swaying about happily.

Selena walks in, paying less attention to the decorum and refreshments than most of the folk present. She waves a greeting to the lioness and approaches, thankful for a familiar face. "Hey, Ariella." The wolfess greets. "Enjoying yourself, I see?"

Arimia slips in through the doors, keeping her cloak pulled about herself and doing her best to not give any indication she's there. She moves about, fighting the urge to pocket some of the more expensive looking decorations. She glances around, taking in sight of who all is attending and smiling as she sees Selena.

Kilsa walks into the ware house and her eyes immediately lock on the food. The badger is dressed formally for a rare moment as her modest white dress is trimmed in black with a modest v in the neckline. The badger is even wearing a self-made jewelry, her clan seal and noble house seal still adorn both shoulder and she is wearing oddly heavy bracelets that almost resemble brass knuckles. She notices the walrus with a smiles, "A maginifienct gathering, I must say that the spread look delicious, and you have certainly out done yourself." She looks at the walrus, "I'm Kilsa, Blacksmith and Crusader of the Creator church." She ofters a hand.

Bite slithers into the party after a chat with Rold, seeing how well the painting she sold him went made her question his trustworthiness, either he overcharged someone or he's a liar. She slithers to grab some meats and drink, giggling when she sees that she's been beaeten by a few friends. "Hey there sssweeties." A few folks down the line the walrus happily greets Kilsa. "Hello! It's always nice to those of the church, and my isn't your dress a good one. Have you heard about the failed salesman of the small clan?" he asks her with a grin before saying "He had to close down, he always came up short." With a hearty laugh he takes her hand and shakes it, waving her to the party. "Check out the centerpiece, it's a beauty." he says.

Ariella smiles and nods at the group of friends gathering around the table, leaning back against it with a grin. "Hey you lot. This makes a change from the Freeswords, at least," the lioness comments, popping a morsel into her mouth and chewing. "Better food too. And I haven't seen any cider yet, so we can keep teasing Sel for longer than usual. All's coming up Ariella!"

Selena waves to Bite and Kilsa, though fails to notice Arimiain the crowd. "Yes, I noticed the distinct lack of cider." She grumbles with a smirk. "Can't really say I'm surprised, though. It's a fancy event, nobody would want a drunk patron stumbling around, would they now?"

Arimia flashes another smile as she sees Bite and Kilsa. She moves over to join bite at the table and says, while reaching up to grab a bit of fruit, "Hello, Bite. Everyone." Her ears flick slightly at Selena's words, and she casts a look toward the wolf but doesn't comment. She lightly nudges the serpent before making a small gesture to the walrus and saying, "He looks familiar, don' he?"

Kilsa nods at the walrus, "I thank you for the compliment, Sir. Though I find a good set of armor more fitting and comfortable than a dress but I couldn't wouldn't want to seem rude at such a wonderful occasion by not dressing my best." She looks around at all the expensive object and tries to hide the utter revulsion she feels for such decadance. "How does one start on such a path of wealth, You don't seem the type to perfer hard manual labor. Though how you keep such a strong figure amazing me, truly creator blessed." She gave a smile that bared more teeth than nesscary looking more like a normal badger staring at a meal.

Rold laughs. "It's all about connections! Everyone loves a taste of the fancy and foreign, and I can get them to them for cheaper than everyone else. See that dresser there?" he says and points to a fine wooden dresser with a coat of red paint. "That's fourty percent lower than you'd find it at any store." he says with a smile. "Connections are the key, you gotta find who is upright, and will give you things for their actual worth. I have a huge network of friends, we're all about givin the best prices around." he says. Bite begins to eat pieces of meat whole while she smiles to everyone, looking around for the centerpiece, and almost certain she's found it. It's a large statue of an orb, with a set of rings about it on a tilt. It's large, the stone rough, and engraved on it is a strange set of symbols.

Ariella simply shrugs to Selena, poking her tongue out. "I'm sure you could get drunk here if you put your mind to it," she teases before moving to follow Bite's gaze at the orb. "Not my type of style," she comments, idly, snagging some champagne from a passing waiter with a smile and sipping at it.

Selena turns to face Arimia as she approaches, looking a little surprised that the raccoon showed up, and greeting her with a friendly hug. "Hey, Arimia." she smiles, and sighs quietly at Ariella's comment, turning back to the lioness. "Contrary to popular belief, I'm not always drunk." She grumbles quietly, returning her attention to the raccoon quickly. "Believe me, this is the last place I'd be picking up more than one drink, if that. Though I imagine you'd have dona a good job redirecting me if I was." The wolf picks up a piece of meat and quickly devours it.

Arimia glances in the direction Bite is looking, furrowing her brow slightly before giving a small shrug. She turns her attention to Selena, saying, "I would, yep." She spies Kilsa still talking to the Walrus, but is too far away to hear what is really being said, beyond an occasional snippet or two. She flashes a smile to the lioness, saying, "It is a bit ugly lookin'... Though..." She glances at Bite again, then stares at the statue a bit harder, before saying, only just loud enough for the serpent, Ari and Selena who are nearby, to hear, "Need a distraction?"

Kilsa notices Bite gazing at the strange orb and decides to chat it up with the Walrus walking away from the group, "I sure a male of your stature has a little time to indulge a noble on the history of such item. As a black smith it gives me such joy to have an item of real history within my grasp." She give another strange smiles and point to the furthest objects from the group. "Indulge me in some history and I may loosen my crowns to have little history within my manor." The large badger talks while choking down the urge to growl at the outright richness of everything. To ease her annoyance she began thinking of how many swords and shields she could melt half of the objects into and how many toys she could make out of rest.

The walrus directs Kilsa to an old coat rack, the furthest item in the room. "Why this old thing?" he asks showing off how each of it's extensions are shaped like mushrooms. "This is a highly decorative piece made of solid steel, imported from overseas. A gentleman of high standings had it created, but alas he passed on before it's completion. It was claimed and sold to a local dealer, where it circulated until it came into my hands. While it's not as rich in history as some of my other pieces, it's a great piece for any home. People will fondly remember hanging up their coats on your fine decor." he says. Bite looks to Arimia with a tilt of her head. "I'm not sure I understand what you're implying." she hisses with a fanged smile. She looks to the statue and moves closer, to inspect it among the crowd of onlookers.

Ariella shrugs towards Selena, grinning. "Oh, but you'd like to be, I've seen what you do for cider." she teases, draining the fizzy alcohol and stepping up after Bite, tails twitching excitedly, thinking this could be more interesting than otherwise if Bite and the other Ari are so intrigued. "You know if you plan to steal something here, there are lot better targets," the lioness comments, apparently idly.

Selena scowls at Arimia for a moment, and whispers something back to the raccoon and glaring back at Ariella. "I was already drunk at that point. And this is hardly the place or time." She growls, a little put off.

Arimia flashes a likely not at all reassuring grin at Selena, and moves along with Bite. "What I mean, is if that statue is one of the ones you're lookin' for, or somethin', I'm sure somethin' could be arranged to draw attention away from it long enough for you to... Get a closer look. Maybe a shoutin' match on the other side of the room?" The last is said with a glance toward Ariella.

Kilsa shakes hear head, "No no sir. You must be kidding me, I have little need for a coat rack with that information. Tell me more of this gentleman, what was he like, what were his hobbies? I can't show off an object with a greater knowledge." She smiles, "I'll even pay a little extra if you sell it too me well." She smiled, "Imagine that your me hosting nobles and trying to impress them."

Bite giggles and smirks. "It looks like a statue I'm going to need, but sssweetie that hardly seems neccessary." she hisses and looks for a price listing. She stares at the number for a while trying to make up her mind. A graceful alligator wanders up to Arimia and tries to start up a conversation. "Hey there little lady, how are you doing tonight?" he asks, looking over her pink fur. "So that's a unique look, how'd you pull it off?" he adds. The walrus smiles, tweaking his whisker. "Well the man was a painter you know. Took care of everything from palaces to sheds, did an amazing job very quickly, he was gifted in both painting and art itself. We don't have any here but his paintings are sought after, shame he didn't see much of an interest till he died. He died fairly young, got in a fight with a sandy beast that shred him in two. He didn't stand a chance."

Ariella smiles to Selena, waving her hand dismissively. "Sure, sure," she says, shrugging off the wolf's upset before turning to Arimia, starting to reply to her before the alligator turns up, she moves to gently draw up close to her pair. "Now now sir, I'd hate it if you were too rude to my friend here, a girl has her secrets, doesn't she?" the lioness asks, giving a winning smile, bending a little towards the male, seeming very friendly, her mind trying to think up a way pink-Ari wouldn't lose her rag.

Selena sighs quietly and chuckles at Arimia's grin, an obvious look of relief washing over her as she hears Bite's reply. The wolf smirks slightly at the alligator's advance, content to watch from a distance and take a few more morsels from the buffet before heading over to take a closer look at the statue herself, and gestures to Bite, "Wait, 'need'? What for, if I may ask?"

Arimia turns to look at the alligator, hoops jingling in her ears as the flatten. At Ariella's words she gives a broad grin and says, "Yes... You simply must leave us some secrets, you know. You don't want to know everything about us." As she says this her cloak parts slightly, and a slick tentacle slides out just enough to be seen by the alligator, remaining in view long enough that there's no way for it to be mistaken for a tail, before it disappears back under her cloak.

The serpent gazes over the price tag again and again before slowly nodding. "I don't know if it's worth 250000 crowns sssweetie." she hisses and tilts her head. The gator looks at the tentacle, completely pulled away from his readied comment for Ariella. "That's really cool little miss, how can I get some of that?" he questions further.

Ariella actually physically facepalms at the gator's response, having caught a glimpse of said appendage herself. "I'm afraid she's mine, and I don't share, mister," the lioness says, grabbing ahold of the raccoon's shoulders and spinning her forcibly around, bending to hiss into her ear.

Selena stifles a chuckles at Ariella's antics, shaking her head for a moment before turning back to bite. "Well, if I knew what it was for I might be willing to... Donate a little." She offers. "250 thousand does seem like a bit much, that I agree to."

Arimia gives a soft growl, smile turning to a scowl at the alligator's renewed interest. Her ear flicks at Ariella's whispering and she mutters something back in return before saying to the gator, "Not interested, an' taken. Go away." She then pulls away and moves to Bite, muttering the serpent, "Quite expensive. Free is better."

Kilsa smiles at the Walrus, "I must a tragic end but not tragic enough to warrent my purchase of this." She gives shake of her head, "Now If you had a Anvil with some history to it, or even a relic of some forgotten war. Oh I would pay especially fine for any thing related to Robert of Mossy Stone." She grinned at the only thing honest she has mention this whole talk. "I do love that which tell of a history of good folk doing good things."

The gator blinks, apparently having been mis-understood he slunks away. "I just wanted some awesome tentacles for myself..." he mumbles. The walrus smiles and leads Kilsa to a spot closer to the others. "I have but his nightstand. No one is willing to pay for this wonderful piece of history, do you want to hear how I got it?" he says to the badger with a smile. Bite is now weighing the decision of stealing this from a public space. She giggles and whispers something to Arimia.

Ariella pokes her tongue out to the gator as he leaves, moving to stand next to bite, her hands clasped behind her back, staring at the orb. "I'm just glad you didn't get us all in trouble, Ari. What is this thing, anyway?" the lioness asks, her head on the side, leaning closer to peer at it.

Selena looks across at Ariella. "Clearly, a statue." She smirks. "As for why Bite wants it, I'd like to know that too." the wolf comments curiously, with a slight edge of terseness to her voice, which she promptly lowers. "Somehow I don't think that 'liberating' this thing would end well for anyone involved."

Arimia flicks her ears slightly as she whispered to, then flattens them slightly at the terseness of Selena's words. She murmurs something to the wolf before giving a nod to Bite. She grabs Ariella by the wrist and flashes a grin before pulling her away, headed somewhere away from the statue. Once she reaches somewhere where attention will be drawn sufficiently away from the area around the statue she shouts as loudly as she can at the lioness, voice a shrill scream, "YOU DID WHAT WITH HER?" and hopes Ariella would catch on.

Kilsa hears the scream and as fast as lighting the heavy bracelets that were on her arm were with a quick flick of her wrist already covering her hand with their intended purpose of brass knuckles, "Hmm!" She walks over to the path and looks confused at the both of them while ignoring the walrus and sliding her bracelets back into place. The large badger simply scratches her head and watched silently.

The walrus hears screaming and wanders over to see what all the fus is about, eager to resolve problems. The guards are relatively distracted, looking to the two girls and moving in on them, watching for things to get out of hand. As the distraction presents itself, Bite does what she thinks is the best decision. She pulls her dagger out and carefully cuts a portion of the tag away, scrapping it while no one is looking. She then picks up the statue and slowly moves to the Walrus with a smile.

Ariella shoots Bite and Selena a grin, following Arimia happily, before composing herself into character. She stands, hands on hips, looking down at the 'coon with a furious expression, drawing in breath to reply. "WHAT DID I DO? YOU'VE DONE FAR WORSE THAN ME IN THE PAST I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW! HOW DARE YOU GET ANGRY AT ME FOR THIS!" The lioness yells, her hand on her chest, looking deeply mortified, ignoring the security closing in around her and the pink one.

Selena shakes her head at Arimia's sudden scream, turning a blind eye to Bite's little manipulation with great difficulty. She walks over to Kilsa, giving the badger a proper greeting. "Hello, Kilsa. You look much better than you did last time. How's it feel to be out and about again?" She asks, choosing to ignore the shouting as best she can.

Arimia glances around, ears flicking, as folk start to gather. When her eyes catch the movement of Bite out of the corner of her eyes she says in a low voice to Ariella "Looks like she's done already. I dunno about you, but I'mma run before they throw us out for breakin' the peace or some such." After that she doesn't even wait for the Lioness to reply, instead simply bolting, tugging her cloak about her as she goes, moving for the largest gathering of beings she can see to lose her small form among the.

Kilsa looks at Selena, "I feel great, I have already begun smithing again. Also" She looks at the retreating form of Arimia, "What was the fight about, I've never seen Arimia scream at anyone." She looks concern not understanding their ruse. "Regardless I'll speak to Arimia in a less crowded setting when she cool off of whatever this was." She grinned down at Selena, "Nothing here peaks my interest except the food, how about you?"

The serpent and the walrus meet, and a rather dismayed walrus questions himself for a few minutes. "I don't recall pricing it so low Miss, I'm afraid I can't sell it for that price." he finally decides, before Bite offers "Well sssweetie this is the advertised price, you went to the trouble of labeling everything here to show off your prices and now you won't sell me it?" she hisses, looking rather sad. The walrus grumbles about this for some time before exchanging the statue for Bite's crowns. "I trust you all will continue to enjjoy the party, come on lets have a ball!" he cries out after the purchase, and the party resumes.

Ariella folds her arms with a sigh, watching Arimia scuttle off, raising her nose into the air. "Well, not like I care for this party anyway," the lioness remarks, shaking her head in dismay and starting to push her way through the crowd towards the exit, nose in the air, still in character.

Selena shrugs nonchalantly at the argument. "I was going to have a talk with Arimia later anyway. " She comments. "I came along to see if there was anything particularly interesting to look at. Preferably stonework. I'm a little disappointed, honestly, but that's not to say the display isn't impressive." The wolf appears to ignore Arimia's flight from the gathering as well, and rolling her eyes at Ariella's. "Drama queen..." She grumbles, barelt audible.

Arimia weaves her way through the crowd, making her own way toward one of the exits. Though once she's out of the building, she waits nearby to see if familiar faces emerge as well.

Kilsa shakes her head and looks at Selena, "This whole event was a bust. I should have just gone with my gut and gave this one a pass." She chuckles, "I was offered such over priced items with little history. I would rather spend that money on toys for the little ones." She said with a huff.

Bite giggles and thanks the walrus, slithering off to see where Selena had gotten off to since the others had left. If she just bought and left she'd look just as peculiar. Finding her, and Kilsa, she hisses "Heya sssweeties, how are you doing?"

Ariella steps out into the night air with a yawn, stretching her arms above her head and catching sight of Arimia, offering the 'coon a wave and walking over to the pink one. "Hey, Ari. Want to go to the pub?" she offers, simply.

Selena chuckles quietly as bite slithers up. "That's a shame, Kilsa." She nods, and looks over to the taipan a little disparagingly. "Decent. So, what makes that statue so valuable to you? You never did answer." the wolf asks inquisitively, yawning quietly before looking back to Kilsa and grumbling, quietly enough to keep others from hearing. "Yeah, steep price tags on furniture I could probably make myself? I'll pass. Inspiration would've been nice, though."

Kilsa looks at Bite slithering up. "I am fine, most of this looks like it wasn't even worth the effort but I'm with Selena, That statue must be worth something for you to have it." A warm smile appears on Kilsa's face. "I had a feeling your going to share that knowledge with your good friends right?"

Bite spends 2500 Crown for RP reasons.

Bite nods. "It's one of a set of statues that is supposed to open up way to better treasure." she hisses and smiles, before forcing a hug on Kilsa. "So sssweetie what brought you here?"

Selena smirks. "You don't say." she chuckles and teases, "I suppose I'd have to wish you best of luck now, unless you're going to need help with that."

Kilsa returns the hug and shakes her head, "Alot of pricey stuff, A group of hired guards. I wanted to be around when some thief might have tried their luck. I have to stay in practice some how." She grinned with a gleam in her eye. "I've yet to fully use my new station at the church for any sort of justice."

Bite shakes her head. "

Bite shakes her head. "Sssweetie stealing something at this grand event would be wrong." she says with a giggle. "Well sssweeties if you're uninterested in the event perhaps we could talk in a more private setting and catch up. I'd love to hear more about this station." she hisses, looking around the room for anything or anyone of interest.

Selena can't help but giggle for a moment before she can compose herself. "By the way, Kilsa, have you heard any news about the fort we might have for ourselves soon?"

Kilsa smiles at Selena, "Yes. We've gotten the ok under the condition that we fix, repair and renovate the entire thing ourselves, allow a servant that is not a Ironsoul Defender to occupy the place at all time to send back reports." She shook hear head at bite, "I think the only thing of interest is in those hands of yours." She winked.

Bite giggles and smirks. "Then let's depart and speak elsewhere." she hisses as she slithers off, leaving the walrus to tend to his party.