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Bite has called together a group to aid in her retrieval of a treasure rumored to be greater than the statues and all of their combined riches themselves. Most of the ironsoul defenders have turned up in attendance, and carts have been prepared of the serpents own expense to take them across the meadows and forest out towards the mountains. The serpent sits in one of the carts, stretching and waiting for her friends with a happy giggle, statues in hand and tentacles.

Selena approaches the cart, pulling herself in. "So... Today's the day, Bite?" The wolfess smiles, leaning back in the seat and stretching out, looking back over her shoulders for the other's arrivals.

Mirana walks up herself, wondering a moment if this was wise. She shouldn't do anything too strainous and ponders what she would do if an actual fight came up. She sees Selena and Bite in the cark and walks over to try and pull herself in as well, taking a moment to actually do so, "Finally going to find out what those statues are about Miss Bite? I'm glad I can help." she says, getting herself a bit closer to Selena. "And thank you Selena for all the gifts."

Arimia walks over to the cart, cloak pulled around herself, and climbs into it to sit. She remains silent, not offering any greetings, and just being rather obviously being upset.

The badger leader of the ID and behemoth of a badger walks to the carts and waves to Bite, "Its been a while. I'm looking forward to this." Kilsa smiles and hops in the cart. "Its been so long and I'm more excited than I care to admit. It feels like old times." The badger says with a giddy laugh.

Travis makes his way over as well, a bit of a puzzled experssion on his face. He looks at the carts, and gives a wave to the people there, making his way over to carefully climb in. "Ummm. Hiya. Thank you for inviting me along."

The serpent giggles and writhes for a while, greeting Selena and Mirana with a smile before it fades when she sees Arimia, her mood reminding her of what happened and what she saw. "yeah.. we're going to see sssweeties." she hisses before smiling a little again to Kilsa. "It has been so long, you're always tied up in important things, we should make time together more often!" she hisses and perks up. "Not a problem sssweetie, you're one of us why wouldn't I invite you?" she adds before holding out a map. "This is the course we'll be taking, we'll be there... you'll have time for a nap." she hisses, not entirely sure how fast the cart will make it there. She edges the driver some crowns before settling down. "So sssweeties, is there anything anyone would like to talk about...?" she quizzes.

Selena nods to Mirana. "I'm glad you like it, Mirana." She replies with a smile, though Arimia's silent arrival prompts her to give the raccoon a close hug; ears flicked back at the evident disappointment. "I... I heard what happened in Shanty Town, Ari." she murmers. "Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, okay?" She murmurs, loud enough to be audible in the cart. Having said her piece, she remains close with a look of concern on her face as she turns to address Kilsa. "You're joining us for this one? I'm glad to hear you can finally get out of the fortress with us." The wolfess smirks momentarily before looking back to Bite. "Don't think so, no. But we could discuss some work on repairing the damage that was done. Those people need places to live, even if they don't want our help."

Mirana looks over to Arimia and then Travis. "Miss Arimia... I heard too, if you need crown, extra hands, a court apperance, anything I can do." She joins Selena in giving a hug before returning her gaze to Travis, "Hello? I don't think we've meet, I'm Lady Mira, but, Mira will do. I work for Lady Ironsoul as well." Then to Kilsa herself, "A pleasure as always My Lady, and I do hope I can be help in the condition I'm in. I think I could be of help at least in trying to solve any issues we might have or patch people up." Then, finally back to Bite, "Well.. yes, lets talk about how to help Shanty Town..."

Arimia lets out a low growl and says, "No. Let's not. You can all just bloody drop it." She moves as far from the others as she can in the cart and draws a thin, dark blade. She looks over it then starts to work at maintaining it, looking it over for any dullness. "If you must talk, fine. But you will talk about something different."

"I don't know what the Creators cursed madness happened out at shanty town but we lost so much life for nothing." The badger growls and her neck fur stands up before she calms down. "I sent three priest out to gather children while those attacks when it happened." She looks at Arimia. "I want you to join me when I go to the trail regarding these attacks." Kilsa eyes are hard as diamond. "I can't imagine what need would there be to kill so many." The badger hears her comment and sighs. "Creators preserved all those who died and Curse all those involved to the depths of the darkest pit." She growls before speaking to Selena, "I try to get out when I can signing papers all day and forging uselss weapons for nobles that will never see the field of combat because they fear their own fur." Kilsa grab Travis and gave him a big hug, "Its nice to have a male on board." She chuckles before letting the mink go.

Travis looks around again, giving a polite nod to Selena and Arimia, and a soft smile as he nods to Bite and Kilsa. He looks to Mirana, giving a shy smile and a slight bow to her. "A pleasure to meet you. My name is Travis. I'm a fairly new, but trying to prove myself to be reliable." When the talk turns a bit to Shanty Town, he gets a sad and depressed look over his face, and then he meeps as Kilsa grabs and hugs him, hugging her back with a soft sigh. "I am glad to be here."

The female taipan nods to Arimia, not at all willing to talk about the topic herself. She listens to Kilsa go on about the horrible things she saw and frowns, fighting off an aggressive feeling. Her voice carries a tone of aggrivation when she hisses "I really don't need to remember what I saw and treated right now sssweetie, I don't want to talk about it either... shut up about it." The serpent looks down at her map and works on re-occupying her thoughts, before she turns behind her, and sparks a flame off to the side of the cart, just enough to let out her pent up feelings before she resumes frowning. She moves over towards Arimia, gingerly as she attempts to lay into her smaller form slightly, but she'll back off if it won't be allowed. "So sssweeties... is everyone ready? Traps and beasties, treasure and loot?" she asks looking over her group of friends.

Selena sighs quietly as Arimia moves away, her gaze shifting to the seat for a few moments before she nods to the raccoon. "You know where to find me if you want to talk or if you need anything. And I do mean anything." She replies, occupying herself with a book after a few more moments spared to listen to Kilsa's addition to the coversation. "Sure." She replies simply to the Taipan a little tacitly. "It's what we're here for."

Mirana gets up and moves over to Bite, "Yes, sure am ready, in fact, mind if I help you read the map Miss Bite? And, what kind of treasure do you think we will find? I know about your treasure hunts in the past, well, a little anyway, not much. Would you mind talking to me about them?" She pats gently on Bite as she talks, waiting for an answer inbetween each question. She nods to Kilsa though, "If you need help with paper work, just ask me ok My Lady?" And giving some attention over to Travis, "I'm sure you will prove useful, maybe more useful then me right now." She avoid talking about the forbiden topic, even though she wants to answer Kilsa's protests.

Arimia gives a low growl, lips lifting to bare her teeth as Kilsa talks about the very thing she said she didn't want to talk about, but is distracted by Bite moving toward her. She shifts away a bit, enough to keep some actual distance between them, though no more than half a foot. She keeps her attention focused on her blade, though from the looks of it it doesn't need any attention.

"I could use alot of help with the reports I've been getting from the locals of the small outskirt villages reporting that they want more supplies due to raids from... and get this because I almost don't believe it. Bone dragons being ridden by dead folks." Kilsa groans, "We've been stretch then trying to contain the threat but we are managing well if the letters back are any indication. I will admit that one troubles me with blood on it. I will see about making a personal visit myself." Kilsa sighs, "Creators.... Can I just get all the evil on promise to line up at my front door so I can hammer them in one at a time and skip the desk work?"

Travis gives a soft sigh as he gazes out the wagon, watching the scenery as it passes by. When Kilsa mention bone dragons though, he almost jumps out of his seat, giving a squeak of surprise, eyes going wide as he turns to Kilsa, almost tumbling out of his seat in his surprise. "What was that? Bone Dragons? And this just started recently?"

Bite frowns but nods to Arimia, using the space she's been given to lay in the cart fairly close to the raccoon, stretching and looking over the map. "Sure thing sssweetie, i think i got it perfect but I could use a second opinio.. bone dragons..." she hisses and squints. "I guess we shouldn't have left it for research teams, we could have brought the whole place down or at least sealed it back up." she adds. The cart quickly enters a dense forest along the path that Bite had charted out.

Selena glances back over to Arimia for a moment, then back to her book, turning a few pages. As the subject of bone dragons comes up, the wolfess grumbles something quietly under her breath, closing the book and putting it in her bag. "Regar's minions. There's your cause." She states flatly, looking out of the cart side to wwatch the forest go by.

Mirana looks over the map and takes notes of it, "Yes.. this looks like a good way to go! Nicely done Miss Bite. Now, we need to keep in mind though that avoiding trouble is better then solving it." She looks about the cart... she didn't like prying into her team mates... she really didn't but, she starts with Selena, exerting her unsual abilities to sense what Selena was going through, to try and understand starting with her. She'd try others later. "And.. bone dragons, I'd rather avoid them entirely if we can But... wow.. ok I'll look at your reports later." She says looking over to Kilsa. After memorising the map, she too looks out to the forest and tries to scoot a bit closer to Selena.

Arimia finally slides her blade back into it's sheathe, apparently convinced she's done all she can do with it. That doesn't stop her for long, however, as she pulls a small sword from another sheathe, setting about inspecting that one.

The badger looks a little sheepish at Selena, "Well. I'm no history buff but I remember him being dead. Nevermind all this grim talk is going to ruin what little time we have before we end up having to explore our little ruin and have a little fun." Kilsa eyes gleam as she takes a deep breath. "I for one want to enjoy this Creator bless day without thinking of the state of promise for a while." She looks at the forest herself, "I wonder what the Creators had in mind for us with this place." The badger mind drifts to the thought of her religon and the Creators.

Travis gives himself another shake, and then closes his eyes. He sits quietly, trying to calm his breathing and his nerves, his fur all fluffed up from the shock of Kilsa's words. He tries to regain his peace, but now his mind is going over a lot of the things he has seen in just the last week, and very little of what he has seen was good.

Bite smiles at the compliment, taking the map back. As she notices Mirana's actions, she frowns and lays back down near Arimia, setting her dagger out in the cart calmly before she closes her eyes. "I'm excited too sssweetie, just be patient, we'll get to experience it very soon." she hisses as the cart rolls on. The man up front seems more intersted in the storys being passed around than the path, the cart getting a bit bump as he swerves a little too far into some rough ground. "Sorry bout that folks." he says loudly.

Selena doesn't seem to notice Mirana's closeness at all, though it's entirely possible she just isn't paying attention. "Hey Kilsa. You know those dragons were dead too?" She replies sarcastically, not looking back from the badger until after asking the question. "Unless I'm sorely mistaken, it's not a long shot to assume a man known for reanimating creatures and healing other beings from the brink of death, that posessed a cult following and had live workers in the ruins of his citadel could cheat death just a tiny bit with the help of some colossal lunar crystal that's now in posession of the blackbacks." She states flatly, keeping an even gaze on the badger for a few moments before sighing and shaking her head. "...Sorry." She sighs, turning her gaze back to the window.

Mirana sighs, and looks to Bite's frown, "Miss Bite? What is that frown for?" she asks before looking to Selena. She can't think of anything to say to help the wolfess with what she is feeling, so she just offers a hug before looking over to Kilsa, "My Lady? I take it things need looking into? Will you be organising something to help?" She asks. She looks over to Arimia... no, no prying into Arimia. It might help her understand, but just no. Travis on the other hand... well, she didn't need Kitsune powers there, she just gets up and then sits back down with him...or rather that is what she ment to do, instead the bump causes her to fall into him instead. She looks up to him from her fallen position, "Umm, sorry. But, don't be so worried, or grim. Tell me about it if you can, I'll listen, and if you can't, well, then can I ask a few questions?"

Arimia pulls out a whetstone and starts to sharpen the small sword. She continues doing so, essentially ignoring the conversation and movements of the others in the cart. Though not entirely, as her ears turn and flick to listen while her eyes remain focused on the blade. At the bump her hand slips, causing a cut along it, but she just ignores that and resumes sharpening the sword.

The badger nods at Mirana, "I will probably take what help I can take." She nods and starts to nod off at the relaxing ride and begins to doze off but not before speaking to Selena, "I know but I'm trying to be hopeful." She mumbles before snoring reaches everyone ears.

Travis meeps as he feels first the bump, and then a body falling into him, the mink givng another squeak of surprise, eyes widening in shock, and then he blushes as he sees that somehow Mirana falled on him, meeping a bit, before he shakes his head some. "I just seen so much just this week alone, all of it stuff I wish I could forget."

Bite feels the bumps and without opening her eyes, reaches for the dagger, which has repositioned itself and pulls back quickly. She eyes her hand, her dedication blessed skin holding nicely against the blade. She opens her eyes and looks down to grab and secure it, not wanting to chance anything serious when she frowns and sighs, seeing a cut along Arimia's hand as well. She sighs and gets up, looking for her medical kit, ignoring Arimia's wish for space she pushes in close and gives the other medically trained on board a look to say she's got it, struggling with the bumpiness of the cart but managing to kiss the cut before applying a wrap to it. While she does the knife she'd secured comes loose and bounces along the cart, knicking Mirana's heel in passing. The cart gets closer and closer to it's destination, but the driver doesn't seem to be doing a good job of keeping on the road. "What's going on up there!" she hisses angrily.

Selena mumbles something under her breath at Kilsa's comment, turning back around to reply. Upon noticing the badger being aslep, she catches herself and sighs as the cut on Arimia's hand comes into her view. Briefly rifling around in her bag and medkit, she offers reaches out briefly to offer some gauze. Though given Bite's action she retracts her arm and replaces her materials. "I'm going to bog up the ground under us in a moment. Help slow this down." She states loud enough for the rest to hear. "Make sure your sharp things aren't going to get you cut or killed." The wolfess comments, readying a spell to dampen the ground as per her comment.

Mirana sits down next to Travis and was just about to try talking to him when she feels something graze her heal and cutting though her shoe. She yips out sharply and lifts it to see the blood drip. She growls at it and is about to pull out her own medical supplies when she hears Selena say what she is about to do. She readys herself, baring down in the seat and holding her staff. She also tries to find and secure the dagger before Selena gets a chance to do what she has planned.

Arimia gives a soft growl when Bite comes over to help tend the cut. She doesn't pull away, however, letting her small cut get tended to. She shifts and slips the sword into it's sheath, making sure it's secure, before pulling her cloak about her. As best she can while her injured hand is being tended to, anyway.

As the cart slows and struggles through the newly bogged ground, there is a sharp thwack against the side of the cart, an arrow has pierced it partially. Two or three more occur before one shoots through the window, barely missing Selena and lodging itself against the carts inside. "Wow this got way easier." can be heard from outside, and the driver can be heard shouting as he's knocked to the ground. "Geez we don't even have to time this one, they slowed down right in our path. Step outside and hand over your crowns ladies and gentleman." Bite looks annoyed, finishing up on Arimia's hand and giving it another kiss before she starts preparing a spell.

Travis blinks a bit, shifting some to take a look at Mirana when he notices she is cut, frowning even more. He reaches out to hold onto something at Selena's warning, but a startled squeak comes from the mink as he sees the arrow come inside, before letting out a little growl as he hears the voices of what sounds like bandits, reaching out to grab his bow.

Selena curses under her breath as the arrow crosses her vision momentarily, batting Kilsa's cheek gently, murmering "Wake up, Kilsa. No time for rest.". Assuring she's not in the their line of fire, the wolfess prepares her own spell and murmers across to the Taipan.

Mirana yips out a bit when the arrows assult the cart, and quickly pulls from her pack some numbing herbs and bandages, taking off both shoes and wrapping the injured paw. She then looks around to her companions, waiting for Selena to wake Kilsa or for Arimia to give directions.

Arimia looks up at the arrow, then gives an almost evil grin as she moves to draw that thin, dark blade. "You all prepare your mathemagics an' all. I'll go keep 'em distracted." She starts to climb out of the cart, body twisting and shifting toward it's dragon form as she moves, her tentacles unweaving and making themselves visible as well.

Arimia ducks back into the cart in time to avoid a war hammer connecting to her face, the bandits starting to force themselves into the cart.

"Alright Arlight!" She grumbles as she wakes up and draws her hammer noticing the situation. "Oh...arrows." The badger sighs, "Well let get to it." The badger growls and realize that she doesn't have a fondness for archers and puts the hammer back and slides her gauntlets on reaching out to grab the driver and pulling him into the cart. "Stay down." She says before noticing the bandits climbing in. "Burn." Kilsa reaches for the first bandit face with her now burning gauntlets.

Travis gives a little growl as he sees the wagon being boarder, and he grabs a arrow out of his quiver, knocking it, ready for combat. "Can't even take a peaceful wagon right without being attacked any more!"

As the bandits start to push into the cart, one is struck with a blindingly fast bit of wind magic from Selena. While this causes him discomfort he pushes into the cart only to get his tail handed to him, the small thug getting thrown out by Arimia. On the other side of the cart Kilsa's fist connects with a rather lean folks face, prompting him to lash out in fury. Travis is quick to spring into action, subduing their rage. While Mirana attempts to help the group with the two bandit thugs, she manages to damage the already weakened side of the cart, and it gives way to an exposed hole. Bite curses to herself and pushes up to see whats going on outside the cart. Outside, there is a group of bandits holding the driver hostage. "Alright enough of this shit, drop your valuables now or he dies."

Mirana growls a bit as she swings too wide and hits the side of the cart. But quickly gets into the fighting in confined space, assulting their attackers quickly and with ease. Once the fighitng settles down, she gets to tending to Kilsa's wounds, seeing how she was the only one really injured, that is until she hears someone speak. She looks back to see what was going on and stops what she is doing. She keeps her hands out in the open, once again waiting for Kilsa's direction.

Arimia climbs out of the cart and looks at the group of bandits as though they're a bunch of idiots. "You really don' know what you're doin' do you?" She sighs and idly looks at her sword. "See. We jus' took out a few of yours, quite easily. An' now you're tellin' us to give up or he dies? The moment he dies what do you think we'll do to you? You'll lose the only barginin' chip you have. We've got a lot more. Here's an example. Let him go, or I'll tear you into bite sized pieces. If you let him go an' jus' walk away that'll be the end of it. If you don't..." She grins, draconic mouth showing off a full compliment of sharply pointed teeth.

Selena murmurs back to the group quickly, not loud enough for the bandits to hear; "Passing them a smoke bomb. Someone can get the driver out or the bandits away." The wolfess comments, procuring a sack of what would seem to be a substantial sum of money and tossing it ot the Bandits, calling across to them. "Done." She calls across to them. After a few seconds, a thick cloud of black smoke erupts from the bomb she planted.

The badger grunts her wounds bleeding badly but her body is still standing. She looks at the bandit hoping that her Ironsoul Defenders have a plan because she is out of options and too injured to do much to save the driver. Kilsa sighs heavily and looks around for something that might help.

Travis takes a look around, scowling some, his eyes narrowed. When he sees that Kilsa is injured, he makes his way over to her side, grabbing ahold of his supplies to try to help her out, his focus on the badger as he goes to give her first aid.

As travis tends to Kilsa's wounds, Bite hops out of the cart behind Arimia and the others. The smoke screen is the perfect chance, she works to knock the bandits over so they are easier to deal with, certain Arimia will be better able to leap into action and free the driver. A tree behind the bandits falls over in the path as it's roots are damaed.

Selena nods appreciatively as Bite makes use of her distraction before pacing back over to Travis and Kilsa, producing her medkit. "Might be something in here you can use, Travis." she offers the Mink, before glancing back to the haze of smoke for a moment.

Mirana while the smoke is up and everyone who is more combat ready gets to their jobs, she gets to hers. Taking out her own medical supplies she first gives Kilsa a pouch of numbing herbs, whispering to her, then getting to placing similar herbs on Kilsa's more ingured areas before bandaging the badger up. She tries to stay quiet while doing this and looks over to Travis with a 'good job' in her eyes. She makes sure to set any broken bones before tending them. She makes mental notes to use some math later to help improve the blood flow.

Arimia doesn't hesitate once the smoke is out and the ground shaking spell cast. She moves into the smoke, doing her best to make her way to where the driver was, so she can move to defend him, while possibly causing bloody bodily harm to any of the bandits in reach.

"Don't worry about me Mirana or you either Travis. I'll live its not like the first time I got my big butt handed to me." The badger chuckles and waves them off. "Let the ID do what they are good at..." She groans standing up weakly.

Travis gives his head a little shake, but he gently helps Kilsa stand up, looking at her with his eyes full of worry. "I am doing what I am good at, I am helping you. The ones who are outside are the ones good at combat, I am here to support your Kilsa, and I will do what ever I can."

As Arimia slips in and secures the driver easily, dodging a rather pathetic swipe and a more well placed arrow as she does so. The bandits are torn into, and then, as the smoke clears lit on fire. "Get away from them sssweetie." she hisses to Arimia, moving closer to help her guide the driver out. The medical treatment is doing well for Kilsa, the badger will be fine with time.

Selena spares an apologetic glance to Mirana, Kilsa and Travis. "Thanks for giving Kilsa a looking over.... Hopefully she'll recover quickly." She sighs, turning back to the victorious Taipan and raccoon, giving a smile as Arimia emerges from the cloud of smoke with the driver. The wolfess begins to rip up dirt and debris from the ground around the bandits in preparation to cast one of her larger spells, to be cast once they're out of harm's way.

Mirana gets up after making sure that the bandages and splints will hold. "No, I sware to help any being in need, and you are a being and I think bleeding counts as in need." She says. Then she looks to Travis, "Good work yourself, and, see," She says holding up her bloodied hands, "Not every Noble is afraid to get their hands dirty nor useless in helping." She giggles a bit, taking out some cloth to wipe her hands off, nothing she says being too loud nor actions too exagerated, she didn't want to attract attention. "Well... think we should continue with the cart... or walk?" She wonders.

Arimia glances back at Bite's words then grabs up the driver, carrying him out of the smoke. She moves to put the driver in the cart before climbing in herself, so she has some shelter as she focuses on returning to her raccoon form.

"I'll live..." The badger says getting up and growling, "And I'm not in need if I die you all have the ID to continue any thing I would be doing." She sighs and sits back on the cart. "I'm getting feeble." The badger admits. "I'm getting better at paperwork." Kilsa says softly.

Travis looks to Kilsa, and tilts his head, before he gives her a sotf hug, and then he picks up his bow again, looking to Mirana, giving her a warm smile, as he moves to step in front of the now sitting badger, using his body to shield her, well, as much of her as his little frame can.

The cart is rushed off, it's damaged form not getting far, but getting away enough. "We need to repair the cart to keep going." says the driver, looking to the group for help. This could take some time. Bite hisses "I'l help pay for repairs, it's sort of our fault." she hisses and sighs. "Then we'll take the temple in the morning."

With a final flourish, Selena finishes her spenn and the debris loosened up earlier swirl violently around the bandits, raking them and obscuring their vision as some of the smaller particles embed themselves into their flesh. That done, the wolfess sighs quietly. "I can help with the repairs if need be. We're camping here, then?" She queries, looking from Bite to Arimia to Kilsa, then back to the raccoon with a slight smile. "Better make sure all of the statues are tied down." She comments, murmering something across to Arimia with a smirk.

Mirana looks around her and finishes cleaning her hands off, "There, well, setting up camp? Been a while since I've done that. Do we want to math it up or make it the old fashioned way?" She asks with a giggle. She rubs her belly, "And, I only brought field food, which is fine, but did anyone bring anything tastier?" She asks as she puts her medical supplies back in the pack. She shakes her head at the overwhelming use of violence, but... what could she really do? When everyone else had gone to sleep, she'd see if there was anyone in need still alive to help.

Arimia hops off the cart when it's stopped and glances around. At Selena's murmuring she flicks an ear slightly. "I'm afraid I don' have much experience with that whole huntin' thing. Unless you want me to hunt rats an' other vermin for food. I could do that." She glances around before saying, "I wouldn't be much use in fixin' or settin' up camp or anythin'. So I'll go scout the area an' all." After saying that she starts to head off into the woods.

"I think I should call this a day." Kilsa looks over her injuries. "I think I'll head back, I would like to help but in this condition I would be of any use against what could befall us there." The badgers smiles, "I should be able to make it back decently enough." She gets out of the cart and switches soulgems to mage. "Worst come to worst I'll summon aqua. He is pretty good at keeping me intact." The badger says while slowly walking along the trail that the cart left behind. "Make sure to tell me all the juice details when you get back." She takes a few test steps and only feels a few painful wounds but not enough to stop her.

Travis blinks a bit, tilting his head, looking at Kilsa with a puzzled experssion. "Umm? You are going to walk back, on food, through bandit infested area, injured and alone? Uh uh." He then runs over to Kilsa's side. "If you are going to head back, I will keep you company, no way do I feel right in letting you go alone."

Bite sighs and shakes her head. "Stay here sssweetie, we'll fix the cart and take you back." she hisses, seeming slightly upset. She mumbles something to herself and sighs, starting to help with the cart repairs and setting up camp.