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The village on the edge of the dry tongue has requested aid from any freesword with a blade. They seek aid as they are under assault from the living dead and many bone dragons, they attack under the cover of darkness adding to thier numbers with each kill. A Caravan dispacted by the ID is sent to take care of matters. Kilsa Ironsoul is standing near the cart with a checklist and special orders, She waits around looking with eyes as hard as her forge anvil. "Muskets, Swords, powder, spare wheels, wood." She counts off the checklist waiting for her aid to arrive. "And.... The Creation Beaker.." She taps the side of a solid metal cart with a cannon attached.

Angus quriks an eyebrow at the 'Creation Beaker' "Isn't that a little bit of overkill Lady Kilsa?" He chuckles and shakes his head as he belts on his new Rapier, a solid steel blade with a swept hilt guard. "I thought we were just fighting undead and bone dragons."

Tilly follows behind Angus keeping his new cloak rapped tightly around him and hood hiding his face from view. stopping next to the cart he take a moment to inspect the large cannon though he keeps his distance from the badger.

"So... question." Rainer sits up atop the handy nearby haycart where he'd been sprawled and relaxing as everyone else made their preparations, "How do you know when an undead ... is dead? I mean, know for certain it won't get back up again. Since dying obviously didn't stop it the first time."

Ictus hmms as he looks over his equipment and looks to Angus then the cannon, "True... Though if their numbers are huge..." he shrugs and looks at Rainer with a chuckle

Garma wheels his cannon up to the cart, preparing to help load it up. "That's a fine weapon you have there." he says, looking up at the cannon with a smile. "So someone help me get mine on the cart and lets get going, we got a job to do and it isn't here right?" he says with a laugh, flexing.

"I would normally not send something like this with you but after the report I got form Marie I think this would atleast help against a dragon the size of four lowball fields. I can't come with you since I have to prepard to invite a blackback into my home to discuss an upcoming trial and I'm under the Good Kings order to recieve them today." She looks to Rainer and chuckles, "Well I've always just smashed them into paste so even if they weren't ded they weren't a threat." The badger nods sagely before looking at Garma's cannon and easily lifting it to the cart. "Expect heavy resistance. Expect anything and for the love of the Creators please don't die. I really wish I could come but I've put off this meeting long enough." She says with a smile as a small rabbit with stars painted into his fur walks behind her. "Ah lady Ironsoul I will have them there and alive or my Caravan ain't worth its crown." The rabbit smiles and spits on the ground, "The names Vic and I'm the Caravan guard. AND I LOOOVE MAH JOB!" He pulls two muskets out and smiles. "Get on and we will get you there faster than you can fart out a low ball." He give kilsa a smack on her butt. "Mr. Vic do that again and I'll feed you to my forge." She says grabbing the rabbit by his ears and lifting him to eye level. "Ahhh your no fun. You would have laugh that off when you were a little girl." Kilsa shake her head and drop the rabbit. "No. As a kid I would have just punched you." The old rabbit chuckles and hops on the Creation Beaker and smiles. "No matter I can't wait to fire this pretty little thing." He says while the group is getting inside of the other carts.

Angus smiles as his eyes drift to the rest of the group."The size of four lowball fields, sounds like we are in for some fun." The bunny who appears gets a look of suprise from the fox before he starts to laugh at his antics. "With him around we might not even get to fight, should just give him the crown for it." He then turns to Kilsa and frowns sligthly "Take care and don't get to bored now...and I'll make sure to kill a few for you Lady Kilsa." He says, before he walks up to the Badger and gives her a hug.

Tilly looks over in surprise at the mention of the size of the dragon they would be fighting, a bit nervous for a moment but he doesn't let it show. "so when shall we be heading out?"

Rainer mmfs at the badger's answer. "Maybe if I use the flat sides of my swords." While the jackrabbit is making a jackass of himself he rolls off the heaping pile of hay and onto his feet, arching his back with an audible cracklepopping of bones. "What's this about lowblows? Lowblows work on undead?" The wolf makes a couple kicking motions with his right leg, pivots on the heel of his left, and saunters over to claim a spot on their transportation.

Garma raises an eyebrow as Kilsa lifts his cannon up with ease, laughing and hopping up to sit with it. "No he wouldn't be going alone, why would he need this cart if that was the case?" the crab asks, starting to polish his weapon. "So blow them apart, and do what it takes to survive, don't get hurt. Got it." he adds, looking over the group and wondering quite visibly if this was possible. A cocky rabbit to lead the charge helps a lot with this analysis.

Kilsa returns then hug with a smile. "Come back safely Sir Angus." She gives the fox a gentle peck on the top of his head before sending them off. The cart ride is incredibly fast as the old rabbit show off his agility by hopping form the cannon to the cart with all of the group. "As we ride to place that we probably shouldn't be going to let me give you a funny story of my youth." The rabbit smiles, "I was once a pickpocket. I remember taking a nice little harvest off of the market place and deciding to spend my coin on some exotic ladies at the port." He smiles and licks his hand before smoothing out his thinning head fur. "I got with this lizard lass from cliff side." He smiles at the guys, "We were all hot and heavy when she lets out this roar that would make a zombie shit his knicker then I was under a dragon that took up most of the shack." He chuckled and shook his head, "That was how I broke my hip the first time." He gave a lechorus smile. "Now the second time I feel into the quarry while chewing on some herbs that I didn't know were poisonous. Opened my mind and I remeber dreaming of the Creators to tell me to ride in a cart and shoot things. Speaking..." A large sand cat is chasing the cart and Vic chuckles before putting a shot into each of its eyes. The cat is sten backward head over heels before dying. "Stupids cats don't have a lick of manners when an old feller is telling his stories. The rest of the trip is idle until sunset where the group reaches the town. There is a nervous looking Rhino with a pike standing guard, he waves to the carts that come to a stop on the the sandy ground. Welcome to Hollisten village, home of the best milk that crown can buy and the best females this side of Promise." He looks a little nervous before finishing, "Also currently under attack every night by our loved ones. If you want to turn back we can send letters to you once this problem has been taken care of." The rhino says with pleading eyes. The village is small with a population less than three hundred as it sits over looking a cliff that leads into the drytongue flats, many small houses dot the area but there is few folk outside the only ones out seem to be merchants packing up there wares. A place with a red door frame and a bustly bovine sitting on a stool enjoying a small bit of candy with a steaming glass of milk.

Angus smiles back as he gives her a nod, pulling up his hood to hide the slight blush that was rising at the kiss. "Don't worry I'll be back, Mirana would probably level the city if I didn't" He joked as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I'll be back Kilsa, I promise." Turning around that smile vanishes, a look of determination replacing it as he focuses back on the mission and hopes into the cart. He spends the trip in silence as he cleans and loads his musket, chuckling a little at the Rabbits tale. When they reach the city he hopes off the cart and looks to the Rhino. "Sorry friend, but you'll have no such luck at turning us back. We're the ones that came here to send your loved ones back to their resting place." Smiling at the Rhino he serves the village. " there anything you can tell us about the villages fortifications?"

Tilly: looks around awkwardly for a moment before seeing Angus hop up onto to the cart and figures he should follow suit, taking a seat next to the fox. He stays quiet for pretty much the entire trip save an amused chuckle as the sand cat meets its demise. Then hoping off the cart he slowly makes his way toward the rhino standing guard making sure to keep close to Angus and Rainer. After Angus asks about any fortifications the town might have the horse quickly appends "also will we have any time to prepare?"

Rainer was just starting to drift off when gunfire errupts, leaving the pup bristled and sitting upright, looking every which way in a panic while the sand cat tumbles off to its untimely demise. Fortunately it's a long ride, and he's off to dreamland long before it ends, emerging from the cart at their destination with a loud yawn and a fitful stretch, smacking his lips as he considers the lone guard that's out and about to greet them. "Mm... how come the best females always live in the villages with the dumpiest men." the mutt mumbles to himself, giving the seat of his pants a scratch as he blinks off the last vestiges of drowsiness.

Garma watches the sandcat fall back blind and laughs a bit. "Good to know you can fight too." he says as he rides. When they arrive, and the rhino tries to send them off he shakes his head. "No we aren't here for milk or... ladies, i'm spoken for." he says, looking around as he considers unloading his cannon. "So where do you get hit the hardest, we need to set up and be ready for when they attack... and if they aren't fighting they should be indoors if you're having trouble." Garma gestures to the busty bovine, raising an eyebrow as he watches them.

"Fortification..? Your looking at it." The Rhino looks haggared and tired, "There was fifty of us. Then ten...Then me." He sighs at Tilly's question and looks at the setting sun, "No." He says grimly as the sounds of shuffling arrive and a single decaying fox starts toward the group. The Rhino doesn't even blink before impaling him through the gut and lifting the fox over his body and into the dirt splattering its brains across the dirt. "The weaker ones normally come first then they geta little worse." He says as he looks in the distance. "You can see them from the glowing eyes." He notes as five sets of eyes appear and shuffle closer, little moat of light can be seen from even further away. "Can you lend a hand?"

"Oh you guys are good." The rhino comments as more zombies assualt the group. These seem to have much more meet on them than the previous set.

"My." The Rhino stand in awe of the group. "Well there might be a few more before the real threat arrives." In the distance dozens of zombies can be seem before Vic laughs, "My time to shine...GEEEET SOME OF THIS YOU SCUM SUCKERS!!!" He hops on the the Creation Beaker and gets takes aim before the entire area lights up like the noon day before the whole area of zombies is cleared away. "Oh my..." The Rhino leads the group away to the bulding with the red door frame and the busty Bovine girl. "We have a little time before the worst part of this night get underway. I don't have much to offer but I can answer anything for the folk that kept this from being my last night alive." He smiles sheepishly as a equally busty sheep begins to give the group a bit of hot milk and some candies. "Y'all the cuties coming to kill our family dead for good?" She smiles and nod to herself. "I appericate it, anything we have is on the house." She giggles cutely as her bust strains against her garments it easy to note what function this place is with the bright red and pink decor everywhere.

Angus starts cleaning the blood of his blade as soon as he enters the building. "What's the situation with your armory? A city of this size should alteast have a few muskets and blades just in case of bandit attacks." As the drinks come by he takes one and finishes it in one gulp, before he reloads his musket and fixes the bayonet in place on its barrell.

Tilly spends a moment trying to wriggle his tomahawk loose from where it was wedged into the most recently dispatched zombie at the base of the neck before stepping on the bodies chest and wrenching it loose showering himself and anyone near him in blood, and annoyed he flattens the zombies skull with a large hoof. Then with his weapon free he wraps his cloak around himself once again and rejoins the group by the red and pink building, politefuly declining the offered milk and candies with a raised hand.

"Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick." the party's canis lupus can be heard uttering at some point during the fray, as the opponents seem to insist on collapsing into so many pieces and spewing their insides all over the ground as they're defeated. Rainer stumbles clear as soon as a lull in the fighting presents itself, making a face at the coating his swords have aquired and desperately trying to shake them clean to no avail. He ends up planting them in the ground before collapsing onto his tuckus next to the red-framed door, helping himself to a heaping handful of candy. "Mmnghmm. Thanks~" Around his third handful he happens to glance up at Tilly literally... coated in the cold blood of the deceased, and his ears droop. "Why did I have seconds." Beat. "Why did I have thirds?!" And off he goes scrambling out of sight, sounds of upheaval shortly following.

Garma wipes his elbows and shoulders free of disgusting zombie grime, really all of his arms at this point. "That's what I get for fighting with my body." he says and shakes his head, grimacing when he sees the muck all over his cannon. "Creators damn it." he says as he starts to polish it, only stopping to transport it and himself along with the group. He finishes cleaning it off and listens to the conversation, reaching up for some milk and downing it, along with the candies which, due to his hand based combat bring a vile taste into his mouth which makes him sputter.

"Well The armor is currently walking around and attacking us in a form of a monster. The one that killed most of my friends. I don't know if you can over come it. We didn't, We felt sorry for it just a few second before it blasted most of my group away." He sighs and raises a glass. "At least most of them won't be getting back up." He give a weak sigh as the sound of crying and growling reaches his ears. "Its coming, could you..." He begins to cry heavely, "Please put it out of.." He sniffles louds as the sheep hugs him. "Don't cry we know you tried to save Amy but its best if we don't let her suffer any more." Outside Vic is currently running to the group as a large green Kraken with holes in it body begins to eat on the Creator Beaker. "Ooooh Creator's be damned. It ate my cart." He peeks inside of the building, "Fella's this thing it huge. I've seen some big crakens but this thing is bigger than most boats I've seen." The rabbit ducks as shard of metal flies over his head and tears a chunk out of the door. The creature seems to be taking it time eating and firing pot shots at the town. "Oooooh and I was going to ask about keep the damn thing...." The old rabbit groans before diving into the building.

Angus had already been standing when he heard the crys, and he walks right out the building and passed the Rabbit. When he notices the Kraken he takes aim, putting his musket to his shoulder as he glares at the beast. The gun roared, lighting up the spot for a few seconds before the deadly shot tore through one of the Krakens eyes. Taking a step back he turns to the others. "Garma, I think this one is yours."

Tilly stands staring up at it for a moment then hurriedly the equine begins looking around the whats left of the building for something to use against seemingly insurmountable enemy then seeing Garma's cannon and the adjacent powderkegs Tilly rushes over grabbing one and swinging it up onto his shoulder before dropping into a crouch-run and dashing past the krakens flailing tentacle taking cover behind the strewn debries as he makes his way around behind the monster. dropping the keg behind it he makes run for it trying to get clear of the potential explosion as quickly as possible. Rolling out of the way as a tentacle comes crashing down near him he barely makes it into the building back with the rest of the group. Slightly out of breath he calls out that he moved the keg.

"NOW what?" Rainer stumbles out from behind the building, propping himself against its wall with one arm. A chunk of metal whizzes past his head and he brieftly turns, probably catching little more than a blurr of motion and the sound of it passing, just to look back and up to the kraken. And up... and up. "...How the blazes did -that- sneak up on all of you?!" he demands of the rest of the team, gesturing incredulously at the massive beast with his free hand. He begins to stumble towards his weapons while the horse goes charging off, still looking rather green 'round the gills but smirking despite. "Mngh whatever, I blame Angus."

Garma is rather startled, and stops cleaning his cannon as a large kraken from the drytongue flats appears, apparently looking for food. He works as quickly as he can, prepping an explosive shell and taking aim, working to hit the beast and ignite the stolen keg, which he will have a word with tilly about later, up in the blast. He fires once he's confident in his works, and awaits the result.

The kraken doesn't notice at Tilly places a barrell near by but the explosion rocks the creature which causes the large beast to fall on its side and whimper pitfully, "Kill me." The burning creature says between tears. A few tentacles are burn off before the creature screams. "RUN AWAY!!" The creature screams at its side glows with math and a big bison rips its way out. The blood from the suddent exscape putting out some of the fire at the bison scraps math into the burning creature side which causes many musket barrells to burst out of various holes and put out the fires in a sicking shower of gore. "You will not die yet pet." The bison says as half it face is melted by the fire that has spread over it form. It look to the group and gives a skeletal smile, "Would you like to join us under lord Regar? I could use someone able to hurt a Kraken." He says, "I will give you one chance before I come to collect you anyway."

Angus stared in shock for a few seconds before his eyes narrowed. ".....Next time....I'm cutting the bastards throat and removing his heart." He snarls as he draws his Rapier, a throwing knife hidden up his right sleeve. "What a charming offer my good friend, but I think I will have to decline. You see, I'm not a fan of taking orders from someone who smells like a corpse." He stood there unmoving as he smiled at the Bison, already working through the neccesary calculations in his mind to sever his head from his body with a vicios blade of air.

Tilly lays there on his stomach hands covering the back of his head while the explosion goes of causing the ground under him to quake. Slowly he gets up turning around just in time to see the bison emerge from the mangled body of the kraken, calmly lifting his hood up to once more conceal his face and pulling his cloak around him he casual walks up in front of the group to stand in front of the bison staring up at him as if in challenge with only his glowing green eyes visible with the rest of his face hidden in shadow.

"...Eugh." Rainer's face contorts, but... it seems he hasn't got anything left to expel, as he manages to keep gawking at the horror show unfolding before them and not hurl. His hands are shaking, though, when they reach out to the upthrust hilts of his blades and seizes hold, drawing them from the ground and striking so much as a combat-ready stance as he's able. "...Why didn't anyone warn me undead were grosser than gross?..."

Garma bursts into laughter, a grin crossing his face as he flexes and readies his cannon, saying "I've been employed by a lot of folk, and with my current record I think I deserve better than some half baked flesh sculpter with no clear ambition or power beyond a lot of show. Tell you what, if you can wring the life from my body then we'll talk." He takes aim and readies to fire if needed.

The Bisons smiles at Angus, "You? I will make sure that I remove that insolent look from your face while your still living!" He looks at Tilly and pick him up in a firm grim before tossing him a good distance to the group and smiling. "PET! Aid me in havesting more for our lord." The Kraken lurches to an upright position before crying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry please kill-" The Bison raise a hand, "Bite off your tongue!" The creature bites it own tongue off mid-sentence. "Now that she is quiet lets get to the slaughter. BY REGAR'S HAND!" He reach into the creatures side and pulls out a two sharpened bones in the shape of tonfas, the Kranken screams as three points light up on its body and it opens its mouth a black ball passes over the group and through several building before taking out a chuck of cliff the scream echo out as folk fall to thier deaths while burning alive.

The collect efforts of the group leave Aegis reeling in pain. Much of his skin has been burn off as he smiles. "I'll kill you. DISPAIR! Get them." The crying cracken looks at the group with glowing eyes as more eyes open up till fifteen different eyes pop up around it body. It vomits a large amount of blood that reforms into glowing elementals before the creature charges.

The Kraken goes down hard as the rapidly healing Aegis growls and looks at his fallen men, "HOW!?" He seeths in rage and begins to kick the toppled over cracken, "Please.. Kill him. If I have to die... I want to see him die first." She whimpers and her eyes focus on the group each of them crying as the three glowing spots fade to to dull white. "I've been this way for months... I keep coming back to kill my own friends and family. Please stop him and stop me." She says softly as the Bison tries to punch her but his arm falls off. "Shut. up!"

Angus holds that same smile as he walks right up to Aegis, his blade covered in blood and gore. "Whats wrong, didn't go exactly as you planned? I thought you were going to wipe this insolent look from my face while I stll breath." He said, his words dripping with scour for the monster as he stepped up right next to him. "Well guess what..." Lunging forward he plunges his Rapier into the Bison's heart, and lifts his musket to this temple with his other hand. "I'm still smiling." With a roar His musket went off, ripping through Aegis's skull, and he turned around to let what's left of him fall. "God Damn foolish undead prick."

Tilly slowly picks himself up of the ground staggering for a moment as he was dizzy, but the sensation soon clears and recomposing himself he adjusts his cloak now stained liberally with his own blood as well as that of the undead. The equine then unshieths his dagger, wading through the gore as he approaches the body of the kraken and without any further thought begins cutting one of the many eyes out of its socket taking a trophy for himself.

Rainer stands tall and triumphant after all is said and done, though he hasn't escaped without injury, nor was he able to keep himself clean against the sheer amount of zombie innards flying every which way. Still, the rush of battle has cured him of his queasiness for now, and he looks on with a smug little grin of his own as Angus polishes off the apparent leader of the assault. "Nice one." quips the wolf of the fox's pre-mortem one-liner, giving his swords a showy spin before slotting them into their scabbards. He then gets to behold... the horse casually disfiguring the kraken that was begging for a mercy killing just a minute or so ago, and his eyebrows shoot up. "...that's... harsh."

Garma bursts into laughter. "I knew you were all talk." he says, ignoring the soreness, and the few times he'd been knocked clean to the ground. Oh and that one time his body swarmed with fell energies forcing him to his feet. These undead bastards made his cannon look like a musket, he's glad he clocked the big one out though, that kraken was tough. "I feel kinda bad for you." he says, looking to the downed Aegis, he walks over to the Kraken and whispers something to them, before Tilly cuts into the dying beast. He wheels his fist back and smacks Tilly with his fist as hard as his tired body will permit, knocking them to the ground.

As Tilly cruelly disfigures the already beaten and sane kraken she screams, "I'm sorry...I'm SORRY.. CREATORS HELP ME!" She pleads in mercy as her eye is taken. The few quiet moments pass before the creature rumble and tons of metal bits start to ooze out of its body. The sun rises as in the middle of the metal sits a crying rhino female shivering and holding herself. Vic causually strolls out with many of the towns residents, "Wow. You freeswords are somethin else." The female rhino is picked up as the eye in till hand oozes away in rapidly fading dark math above the group the sound of flapping as a Dragon twice the size of the kraken peers down at them. He shakes his head before flying off quickly, Vic sighes, "I'm gonna miss that cannon and my cart. If you're done here wanna take a ride back?"

Angus was tired, he was covered in blood and gore, his armor was piereced in multiple spots and if he remembered right he had managed to get knocked on his ass atleast once..not to mention there was a thin line of blood coming from his ear where Garma had clipped him with his hammer. Yet when garma punched Tilly he realed on him, his musket still in his hand as he cleared his throat. "Mister Tillson, please refrain from cutting into random creatures in search of trophies, they do not like it and neither do I got it? And as for you Garma, I thank you for disiplining him, but if you lay your hand on him again I will take it as a person offense." Kneeling down next to Aegis he puts a boot on his neck, and with a slight twist, and the horrible sound of snapping bone. He removes one of the bisions horns. "If you wanted a damn trophy at least take it from the one who's dead."

Tilly is taken by surprise as he is suddenly clocked by Garma. Turning as he falls he catches himself with his hands then after getting back up he slowly turns to face the crab he glares at him with two solitary eyes and fling the eye goop at his feet. Then hearing Angus turns to face his employer dipping his head in response listening in silence. Then as the fox breaks one of the bison's horns off he raises his head, giving a nod as he acepts the trophy.

Rainer's gaze turns skywards as the dawning light beings to pour over them and his comrades descend into bickering. "Um -- guys? ...Guys?!" Suddenly the wolf looks ready to drop a brick, pedalling back a step, then another. "GUYS?!" He turns down and back to the rest, waving his arms frantically to get their attention, pausing when the sound of flapping wings that was just starting to reach his ears begins to fade, and looks up in time to catch the behemoth's tail disappearing behind the mountains. "...n... nevermind... ... ...stupid rule eighteen..." His head slumps and he just stares off into the distance looking utterly spooked.

Garma shakes his head and his fist. "Angus, it's not an attack on you, that was a vile, painful act on a being who wanted to die. They are not your charge, are they? Do you spend your days protecting them? You can't fight all their battles, or get huffy when someone clocks them good for doing something reprehinsable and stupid. Lower your weapon and don't point it at me again with the intent, let them take it up with me unless their life is in danger, threatening a punch with a bullet is an over-reaction on your part." Garma doesn't seem at all pleased with the developments so far, and certainly not with his supposed buddy Angus, who he agrees doesn't care about his status as a noble at all. He notes the large dragon and considers how much more difficult it would be to bring down. "Sure let's get out of here." he finally says and starts to wheels his cannon towards Vic.

The group is given a ride back. Vic give the group many strange tails while the sheep ride back nuzzling him happily. The old rabbit smiles widely as they arrive in the firmament tired but true hero's. Kilsa was unable to recieve them herself but a courier passed them each a bag containting crowns.