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"Alright I've called you all together to give you a interesting piece of information that is strange even by my standards. A sweetwater vistor to Shralesta has reported sighting an extremely rare creature in the deserts. The creature was using divine math but when he got close the creature attacked him with strange divine math." Kilsa shakes her head, "I over heard him talking in the freeswords and decided to take this request since his location is close to where I have landed in the city before." Kilsa walks over and passes around a set of map to each of the folk gathered. "Now this is the desert, you will have to be on your guard and this customer is thinking that he might have encounter a golem of creator tech. If he has we must find it and see what were it came from incase there is a trove of creator tech hidden somewhere in the desert. I've called each of you personally because I feel that you are the most suited to get in and get out." The Badger looks over the group carefully, "Pack for the heat and the dangers but all I want is a set of eye to confrim and if you can take it back as in tact as possible. Most of all..... Be covert!"

Mirana listens and gets her pack filled with water skins, dried meats, and is sure she is wairing something that would let her fur breath, "I'm ready My Lady." She says, hefting a warhammer up. It wasn't usual for the vixen to use heavy arms, but when going about as a priest, one should look the part. She takes the map and studies it, then puts it back in her pack. "Ok, I understand Lady Kilsa, tact and covert... I think I can at least try that." She says looking around to each of the others around her. "And.. creator tech..? Machine spirits?" She seems shocked a bit, but also excited. "I'll do my best My Lady, and make sure not to disappoint you."

Angus smiles and looks to his sister, looks like he will be able to test out his new weapons already. "More creator tech in the desert, thought we had enough of it when we brought in the egg." He comments, removing what little armor he had so he wouldn't over heat, remembered what happened last time he was in the desert he grabbed a few extra water skins as he tightens the straps on his pack. "hmmm. Quick, covert, and we have to bring it back intact...I promise I'll do my best." Standing back up he smiles at Kilsa and sticks out his tongue. "But if it happens like last time I can't really promise it will be that covert."

Rainer mostly keeps quiet, though he brandishes a cocky smirk when Kilsa emphasizes how selective she was in summoning this particular trio. While the explanation goes on he takes to studying the map, brows furrowed as he tilts the page this way and that, steals a peek to Mirana's, turns his upside-down... and finaly rolls it up and tucks it away in his belt. "Sounds like fun." he announces, at the end, with a few whip-like flicks of his tail.

Rogna looks his heavy armor over and thinks the situation over carefully before nodding, picking out extra water to lug around with him. It will start out as extra weighth but will slowly deplete itself as it runs its course. "I understand Miss Ironsoul, your trust will not be wasted. I will aid in securing the artifact and bringing it back safely, doubly so for the party." he says with a nod. He eyes the others carefully assessing their skillsets before he ensures his weaponry is in shape. He ensures to look over a map so that his sense of navigation will be maximized.

"Now Mirana, As a member of the Creator church I feel it in my best interest to warn you that things are done very differently in Shralesta as the church is concerned. If you encounter any other priest be curtious and be quiet of you intentions. I will have you taken to the city in an airship. It should be landing soon." Kilsa lead the group to the outside of the ID headquarters where a small airship landing. A smiling pink gecko jumps off and looks at the people gather, "Greeting Miss big for her Britches Ironbutt." The female give kilsa a glare which is returned before they both laugh, "Captain Drunkard... Or is it Captain wet-her-pants-at-bandits?" The badger shakes her head as the Gecko give her a rude look, "It was one time! Anyway you all board my ship, eat anything you like, drink anything you like except the blue bottle." The Gecko says as her crew begins to take take the group stuff and place them in storage. "And no math please. I like my ship in the air and not plummeting to the dirt."

Mirana listens intently to Kilsa, "Alright My Lady, I'll be ready." She says. When she sees the airship she seems stunned a moment looking up at the thing and her muzzle falls open, "Creators Bless... my goodness." She says and starts to examining it and looking around at it. When she hears the insult to Kilsa though she stops an turns to about address it, but when Kilsa starts joking back she only smiles and nods getting back to exmaining this wonderful creation. "So.. how does.. I see.. or maybe... it could.. I have to see the inside of this to really have a chance! Might I Captain..err.. Drunkard?" She says addressing the gecko by the only name she can really. She shrugs in her heavy mail, quiet unusual for her to be using that and a warhammer or a shield, but she wanted to dress the part and found them to be functionl at least. "And brother, try not to break it." She says with a snicker.

Angus chuckles at the warning and follows them out with a smile, but when he notices the airship his ears droop. "Oh...great....we get to fly." He mumbles, turning away to watch his sister with a frown. He taps his pant leg lightly in aggitation, wishing he had worn something a bit thicker to ward of the chilled air..and he wished they didn't have to fly.

Rainer takes up a spot off to the side from the rest of the group as they emerge from the building, arms propped up on the hilts of his holstered swords while the badger and gecko trade jabs. A near mischevious smile crosses his face as he takes note of Angus' uneasiness, but he just keeps nice and quiet until they're starting to board. "Ah, you've been on one airship ride, you've been on them all. View's always nice, at least."

Rogna raises an eyebrow and laughs softly, the peculiar nicknames making him gaze over the two. He eyes the captain, having already decided Kilsa is at least as big as he is, she's perfectly fine. "So you'll be taking us to our destination? I am Rogna, and I am pleased to accompany you." he offers to the captain, a hand offered out for a firm shake. When the hand transaction is completed he promptly boards the vessel.

"Don't touch my ship and you won't end up with a slip and fall from the clouds also... The name is DuCard. I am Captain Natilia Feather-blood DuCard, and I'm not a Drunkard, I just think quitin is for sissies, whimps and weaklings." The Captain growls and walk on the ship the last member of the group walks on the ship the Gecko turn the badger. "Oi! fatso, what about my half up front? I might find a mage that can make you lose all the blubber." She hears Rogna comment to her and smiles, "I'm sure we are going to get along fine." She shake his hand and smiles before look at the badger, "Now about that-" She is cut off as a fist size bag of crown hits the gecko in the face. "YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!" She says through a bruised snout as Kilsa shrugs and walks back into the Ironsoul Defeneder building as the airship takes off into the clouds. "Alright make yourselves comfy, I'm going to have a little drink." She leads the group in the lower area of the ship that had plenty of seats and windows to see outside. A muscular Beaver is currently cleaning a small bar. "Newcomers, you must be the guys we are taking to that desert. Feel free to drink anything but the Captains special." He points to a blue bottle on the counter.

Mirana looks about the ship and wonders a moment if she can get to see the mechanics of it. Maybe anothertime. She takes a seat at the bar and looks over the Beaver, "Well.. nothing to drink for me really, how about just some tea if you have it, milk if you don't, and water if neither of those." She asks, and wonders about food for a moment, "And, you wouldn't happen to have any provision I might be able to eat on the way there? I'm not completely sure I packed enough." However, about half her pack was full of various jerkies. She looks around to see who else would have joined her below deck.

Rainer gives Kilsa a wave in parting before ambling off across the desk, snorting a laugh at the racket that comes from behind when the badger delivers the gecko's payment. He follows Mirana and their hostess down, arms comfortably folded behind his head, and eyes seemingly closed... yet he somehow manages to keep up and not run into anything. He abstains from the bar and flops into a seat next to one of the portholes, however, propped for the best view he can get out of it.

Angus smiles weakly at the banter as he walks onto the ship, and is definitely relieved when they head down into the lower area. With a sigh he takes a seat at the bar and shakes his head at the offer of drinks. "Thank you, but I think I'm good enough for now....actually I take that back, can I have some water?" He asks, his mouth as dry as a bone as he taps on the bar with a nervous jitter....This fox was not a fan of flying.

Rogna waves to Kilsa then looks to the ship, not quite as interested in the mechanics as the integrity of it as a whole. One would expect it's working or they wouldn't be where they are right now. When he is satisfied he moves over to the bar, deciding upon a sturdy looking seat and says "I would like some ale, and if you have some form of vegitation I would happily pay double for it. They are harder to pack and preserve than my current meat and bread rations, so I understand if your ship lacks them." He looks to the bottle, attempting to identify it, unsure if it's something fancy or something one wouldn't wish to have known. He doesn't linger too long on it, it's not really his concern.

The view is spectacular, there is a perfect view of the Firmament from the castle to shanty town from this height. As they pass over the east forest there is a few griffon fly around the quarry. "Ah a little light weight, here is some tea." The Beaver prepares the tea quickly as he grabs a little bit of water for the male fox. "We got veggies and everything is paid for already except the blue bottle. That the Captn's." The beaver gives food and ale to Rogna with a grin. The Captain take the blue bottle and retreats to her cabin. As The trip continues quietly for the duration, The ship slowly make its to the desert and into the city of Shralesta. After the landing the Captain urges the group off her boat, "Out out. We will be here as long as it takes, All expensies go to the fatty so take your time please. I would really like to enjoy to sample of ale.." A mischevious grin crosses her face. As the group is in the bustling city of Shraletsa with many displays of math being using everywhere. Even the Shopkeeps are using math to show off their wares.

Mirana drinks her tea and eats her food. She looks over to Angus and tries to comfort him as they go along. "Brother dear.. motion sickness, or what is the problem?" She asks after she is done eating and drinking her own fair. "And My Lord, this will be my first time out in these lands of Shralesta, I heard Lady Kilsa's warning, but do you have any?" She asks, then looks over to Rainer, "Or you? Do you have anything you would like to tell as a word of caution?" As the ship settles down to land, she goes above deck and waits for the rest of them to come up before heading down herself into the city, the heat of the area and the heat from her armor not effecting her in the slightest.

Angus smiles to his sister and shakes his head, still tapping on the counter. "Not a fan of airships or flying." He welcomes the water eagerly and downs it in one gulp, his ears still flat against his skull as they remain in the air. When they do finally touch down he is more the happy to depart the craft, and he finally smiles again.

Rainer waves as he calls to the burly beaver, "Keep a bucket handy for that'un!" A thumb jerked in Angus' direction, a smirk, and he's back to the window, practically smearing his face against it as he endeavours to get a better view. "Yeah. Metal that's out in the sun gets -really- hot." is the 'advice' he offers Mirana, before getting to his feet and wandering off, disappearing for the rest of the trip. He's already topside when the rest emerge from below and just finishing up smoothing out his fur -- it gets windy up there! "By the way, if anyone sees this greasy-looking guy wearing a lot of rings, point him out to me. I owe him a bloody nose."

Rogna smiles, and downs his drink, eating the vegitation at a moderate pace before he passes the empties to the bartender. "Well heres some extra for doing a good job." he says and hands them a fistful of crowns. "I have only traveled to Shralesta on account of swordsplay, so I have nothing that would be remotely useful in a search for a creator artifact." he says shaking his head. As they arrive he listens to the captain with a chuckle, noting all the magicians attempting to peddle their wares. He acts half interested in a few, waiting for the party to collect itself and move along, his armor heating up slightly.

Rogna spends 65 Crown for RP reasons.

A small ram male walks up to Mirana and smiles, "Its good to see a friend from home. Would you happen to be in the employ of house Ironsoul?" The ram look at Mirana clothing, "I wondered if you can tell me if can tell me what someone of such esteem would be doing here?" A few children pester and beg rainer and angus for crown while Rogna is standing infront of a mage with a big smiles, "I can tell your fortune, I can see your world and how to make you greater within it. I only ask for one hundred crown for my work." A Dragon dressed in beautiful robes with a gold tooth looks down at the large hippo.

Mirana listens to the collective advice, and nods, "Ok, thank you both." She says once they are above deck and when she is adressed, she tilts her head a moment before a smile graces her face, "Oh hello there! Yes, I'm employed by the Lady Ironsoul. Oh, I'm here because My Lady wanted me to check out something that reached her ear is all, nothing of great importance, I'm not even too sure why she would send all of us out here." She fibs a bit. "And how have you been?" She asks the ram as she walks down off the ship and into the city proper. The fortune teller catches her attention though, "Ahh, just a moment, I think I'd like to get my paw read, or however else this being will be doing his work." She says, digging around her belt pouch for a bit and producing the crown requested.

Mirana spends 100 Crown for RP reasons.

Angus smiles down at the children as they crowd around him. "Hey now, no pulling the tails please." He flicked both of them as he feels hands on them, and his hands drift down to his pockets as warning bells go off in his mind about possible theifs. This eyes drift to his sister as he hears her lie again and his eyes narrow, as he still was wondering what was off about her.

"That was me." Rainer readily confesses after Angus mentions getting his tails pulled. He angles his head down with quirked brows to a child tugging on his pantleg for attention, and then casually swats away the hand of another reaching for his coin pouch during the distraction. "You guys are just adorable. Adorable and handsy. But if you don't get out of here, we're going to send you away to Ironsoul Orphanage. Do you know what they do to little guys like you at Ironsoul Orphanage?" He waits just a beat for them to think about it, then makes the best scary face in his repotoire and blurts out, "THEY EAT THEM BLARGHLARGHLEDWARGHLEBLUH!"

Rogna pulls out one hundred crowns, throwing it to the dragon and laughing. "Just keep it, may your talents bring you fortune." he says as he steps aside, allowing the solacious to flee their conversation and take over the fortune teller's act. It's not like he needs to be told his fortune, it will have no impact on his actions till the very end. He takes the time to stand aside, moving towards a source of shade to allow him to maintain a cooler temperature as long as possible, standing vigilant.

The children scream and run away except one older child who smiles, "How do we taste?" He asked before female wolf walks up and grabs him, "Don't be askin stupid questions." She pulls him away back into the crowd. The dragon take Mirana coin and smiles widely, "I can see something bright in your future, I can see that you will be guided with your compainion to see something that will change promise. I also see great tradgey far ahead. You must hold close to your friends for they are all you have in the end. Now please go and seek what you have come to see." The dragon suddenly looks very tired and smiles, "If you come back please tell me what you saw, I want to know what is so great tha even my vision is blocked.."

Mirana listens to the words ad wonders at as to their meaning. "Ok, that is very useful, thank you" She says quite honestly, and gets up to continue talking to the ram trying to lead the both of them toward Rogna, "So, what do you know about what is going on today, and what My Lady may have wanted with sending us all out for such a small task?" She says continuing to play into the lie that the ram started. "And... Rainer, if you don't stop slandering My Lady's name and her works, I'll ensure you get nothing but bread and water for the next year." She says quiet seriously. "And My Lord? What would you suggest we do at this point?" She asks looking to the Hippo.

Angus chuckles as he watches the children run, and then he lightly slams Rainer across the back of his head. "No scaring the children, okay?" He smiles at the wolf before he shakes his head and walks back up to Rogna. "Might I suggest talking about after we leave the city?" He asks, giving the Ram a curious look. "Who's this now?"

Rainer chuckles as the army of diminuitive would-be pickpockets are scattered to the four winds... save That One Kid, there's always one, whom he exchanges challenging stares with... until the adult steps in to break it up. He promptly turns his head aside and whistles, playing the innocent act right up until Angus' whaps him. "Owhaha, c'mon, they were asking for it." Accompanying the fox back over to the others, he raises brows at the threat from Mirana and answers with a slightly-too-amused-sounding "Yes ma'am."

Rogna says "We should promptly take on our mission, that we may keep Kilsa's expenses to a minimum. She isn't paying for us to have a good time." He recalls the map vividly, his keen sense of navigation trying to kick. "We might ask where we are, so that we can orient ourselves in the correct direction and pursue our goal."

The map depicts thier landing point with a blue circle there is a large yellow circle to the northern sand depicting the possible area of the creature. A few smaller green circles to the north south and west depict the more likely places. A list of native creatures and dangers are written out. The sounds behind them are of a party happening on the Airship.

Mirana thinks a moment and remembers the map that she studied, "Maybe we should go look at the place that was in yellow on the map. Come along, I'll take point." She says, as she starts to head out toward the exit that would let them head up to the north, pausing there to ask, "We are looking for someplace out north, what precautions might we need to take." She asks a guard, merchant, or citizan, waiting for the rest of the group to follow. "If I remember right Rogna, then we are where the blue circle was, and..." she gets to explaining how far, how long, and what directions that she thinks they should take, ready to take critizium from the Hippo at a moment's notice though.

Angus shrugs as he follows his sister, interesting her and her photographic memory to lead the way. "Been a longtime since I've been here." He comments idly, adjusting his weapons belt slightly as he watches a few of the merchants and citizens go about their daily routine.

Rainer falls in right behind Angus, propping his forearms up on the hilts of is sheathed blades and taking on a disinterested expression, staring straight ahead as they wander the streets. "I think it's even warmer than last time we were out this way."

Rogna nods and follows Mirana, speaking to Rainer with a "Did you happen to see anything unusual while you were watching out the window?" as they proceed. The hippo checks his weaponry carefully and nods, getting a drink of water to ensure he's ready to go. "I believe this is a fine choice of direction."

The group makes it pretty far north before seeing in the distance a shimmer of light. As the group stumble into the southern most green circle a shimmering bit of metal in the ground. There are plenty of deep holes in the ground around the metal bit the metal makes a ringing nose as the group approaches.

Mirana travels along at a fairly brisk pace, the heat giving her no pause nor discomfort. "Come along everyone! Lets see what we find." She stops when she notices the shimmer bit of metal in the ground, quickly bringing a hand up in the 'halt' position, quiet a distance away, she then points to the object, "Any ideas?" She asks as she looks around to the others. "And... nothing stupid." She says looking both to Rainer and Angus. After insureing that they see what she saw, she gets ready to approch the object, not yet walking up.

Angus stares at the metal as Mirana points at it and shrugs, already drawing his dagger. "Well, it's in the location where the thing was last seen. Left in plan view for anyone walking this way." He then checks to make sure the hand crossbow up his right sleeve is loaded before he smiles. "I'm guessing it's either a trap, or something that was left behind on accident.."

Rainer purses his lips in a thin line and jabs his tongue into his cheek, making it bulge out to the side. "Define 'stupid.'" He stands there a bit longer pondering the situation, hands on his hips... and finally goes to his coin pouch, rummaging out a single crown and giving it a throw at the metal bit protruding from the sand.

Rogna shakes his head. "We might attempt to disturb it at a distance?' he says, unwilling to let something unidentified be in such close proximity to everyone. "I suppose if anyone should approach it I should." he adds with a sigh, his heavy armor not suited to the heat but far better suited to protect him than all of these stripped folks. He notes the holes and the ringing and tries to think of what it could possibly mean. "Holes... is something digging? Could it be a digging artifact? The creators always did have such odd things from what he's seen. The ringing sound... is either logically being created on purpose or as a byproduct of metal hitting metal." He notes the coin being tossed and moves close enough that he can back away or rush forward at any emerging beings.

The coin land ons on the metal with a thunk and a small metal golem looks rises out of the dirt and looks to the strange folk gathered around it. It makes a few chirps in ancient and a red light bathes the area before the little Golem crips in more ancient before spraying the group in a small wave of water before skittering off to the west making a loud blaring noise as a warning. In the distance two shapes can be seen running away with the golem.

Mirana gets up from her spot, and looks to the retreating golem, "No wait! Machine spirit.. umm.." And she tries her best to come up with 'Stop' 'Wait' 'Halt' and 'Standby' in the first language as she runs toward it. The two figures do not go without notice but she is more concerned about the golem then she is of them. "Umm..." And she shouts 'Desist' 'Return' and 'Power down' in the best she can of the language, studdering slightly as she tries a few times to get each word right, undetured by the water, after she recovers from it, though now dripping wet.

Angus covers himself with his cloak as the....water hits it. Well, he didn't expect that as he peers around his cloak to stare at the thing. "Well...didn't expect that." His gaze is then drawn to the two figures, and his eyes narrow. "Rogna, could you please help my sister with whatever she is doing...oh and Rainer." He points at the two fingers and smiles. "Mind helping me fetch?"

"Agh!" Rainer throws up his hands in a valiant but utterly ineffective attempt to shield himself from the water spray. He's left... dripping, but otherwise unharmed, blinking as he shifts and twists to look himself over. "Actually that felt pretty good." To Angus he turns, flashing a smile and bestowing upon the todd a thumbs up, before he starts charging across the sand. "AwayIgo!"

Rogna takes off after Mirana and the golem, noting the two figures. He starts to work out some dark mathmatics, taking his time as he seems to be keeping pace with them.

The figures are runs away trying to outpace the Hippon and screaming. After a little bit of running one of the figures stop and his tunic glows brightly before a circular walls of sand jumps out around the in an attempt to stop the chasing them. The scream out in gibberish and can be heard gasping and whimping on the other side of the large fence.

Mirana blinks a few times as the figures start to speak to in.. the first language? She stops and thinks for a moment, trying her best to recall what they are saying, but they are speaking too fast, and she can't catch it all, "There.. kill... help... home?" She repeats in her tongue then shakes her head. She holds up her hands to try and show she means no harm, then, in the best she can in the old tongue, probably stammering a few words, 'Please... slow.. down... hard ... to .. understand... here ... to... help' She emphasises this with sign lanugage, making sure her movements are slow, unthreatening and friendly. When the rest show up at the sand fence, she repeats, "They are speaking the First Language! The only words I could catch were 'There, Kill, Help, and Home.' I'm trying to talk back to them, but... well.. speaking it is a lot harder then reading it." She explains.

Angus frowns as the sand fence comes up, but he will not be stopped by a bunch of sand. With a slight growl, and some air magic, he launches himself into the air and lands on top of the wall. He was about to spring over it and use air magic to safetly land, but his sisters words stop him. "Wait...so what does it mean?" He asked, precariously balancing on top of the wall as he aims his wrist mounted crossbow at the figures.

Rainer begins to close the distance, eyes narrowing and teeth brandished in a confident smile as he pours on an extra burst of speed, sand flying behind his feet until, judging his distance close enough, he lunges, arms outstretched-WHAM! The rock wall comes right up beneath him, plowing into his stomach with such force that time almost seems to slowdown from those few excrutiating seconds while his expression goes through the motions from "ohcreatorsthepain" to "Ishouldn'thavehadthatsecondbasketoffrieddough" and back as he's launched up and backwards, yet managing to land with a degree of grace upon his feet. "I'm okay!" ...He promptly hunches over, hugging his midsection, and drops to his knees. "NghyyhgllwhydoIhavethissuddensenseofdeja-vu?"

Rogna archs a brow, looking the beings over and keeping his magic at ready he says "Mirana, why don't you write in the sand?" as he moves to a position to ensure they cannot escape. "The rest of you block their escape, don't harm them." he says authoritively. "They've not proven hostile, simply scared. We have a viable means of communicating with them, let us use it."

The pair clutch each other tightly while the fox points a crossboww at them. The pair shiver in fear as the small golem walks around them. The pair look almost like monkey but they have a alot less hair, they are closer to the depection of the Creators not as imposing. The male seems to be dressed in a silverly looking suit with math woven into each and every fiber but a large gash seems to have ruined most of it while the other a female is dressed similar to the male but her suit is bright green and has less math woven into it. Neither of them caught much in there panic as the male stand infront of the female with his arm outstretch to keep the female behind him hidden from any arrows.

Mirana looks up and there is fire in her eyes as she looks to Angus, but she stays calm and her voice level. "Angus... get down from there, and put that away, or so help me, I'll break your tails off later." She smiles as she says this, hoping that her inflection remains kind and soft despite what her words are. She blinks a few times at Rainer, and shakes her head, then, Rogna speaks up and, "That.. is the best idea I've heard in my life My Lord, thank you." She looks to the two 'monkey's and gestures a few times down toward the sand in front of her, hoping they can see through the sand fense as easily as she can see them through it. In the sand, using a claw, she scribes, 'We are not here to hurt you, we are here to help. The one who is up there will not hurt you. How can we help? If you talk to us, talk slow.' She keeps the words simple, those being the ones she knows best and read most often. She gives a smile up to them without showing teeth still holding her hands wide to make sure she, at least, seems unthreatening.

Angus did as he was told, without question. He had no idea what was going on, but the threat was not an idle one and he knew it. So he got down off the fence, even unloaded his crossbow, before he put his hands up for all to see with a smile. "My apologizes, I wasn't thinking. To many things are hostile in this desert and I went with my first reaction."

A lot of coughing and weezing preceeds it, but Rainer eventually gets back to his feet. He keeps one arm over his stomach with a slight hunch to his back, and can't quite seem to get his eyes to open all the way. "Whut're we doin' now...?" asks the wolf, looking from Mirana to Angus to Rogna and back.

Rogna repeats himself. "Keep yourselves ready and block their escape, that's all. Allow Mirana to communicate, and keep yourself vigilant of threats." He watches the two and considers his options.

The couple shivers at the unnerving smiles given by the fox. "......" The male speaks to the female and she screams at him. He speaks again and his suit glows before the entire wall turns back into sand. He looks down and read what she has written in the sand and nods before reaching down and writing in the sand, The words are small and quick his eyes never leaving the fox expecting her to bore down on him at any moment. He is not very tall standing at a five feet eight inches as he stand up to his full high and sighs as the little robot sprays him with water.

Mirana looks to the words the male 'monkey' writes and looks up at the words. She takes a careful step back and looks to the rest of the group, "They think we are wild... and, it seems that their ship crashed and they want to go home? Something else crashed nearby here too, and they need it, they think that someone stole it or it sank below.. well, was anything else found around here? Something that they might be able to use to go home?" She is containing her awe at being able to not only see beings that look like the creators, talk like the creators, and seem to understadn creator machine spirits as if they were the creators themselves. She binds back down to 'erase' what she just wrote and write something else, 'We will try to help, how can we get you home?' She doubts she'd understand where they would consider 'home' being 'We are not wild, we will not hurt you, you have my promise. Can you tell me about this thing you need?' Then she stands back up and carefully takes another step back to give them space, handing her warhammer off to Rogna so she doesn't even have a weapon on her.

Angus had no idea what they were saying, or what was written, but when his sister speaks he nods. "Well, I wouldn't say we are wild animals...well most of use." He smiles as he once again shows he has nothing in his hands, but at the mention of them looking for something else that crashlanded his ears perk up and he frowns. "I...I think I might know what they are looking for..." Turning to Rainer he shakes his ehad and quirks an eyebrow, wondering of the wolf would know as well.

Rainer probably isn't even paying attention to the verbal and written exchanges. He's now pacing around at the back of the group, rubbing his stomach and stretching and making rumbling noises. "What?" he stops in his tracks when he catches Angus looking at him, and, straightening up, finally gets around to noticing the not-exactly-monkeys. "...The hell are those?"

Rogna says to Rainer "We will discuss this later, right now keep an eye on them and for outside threats." he says, accepting the hammer and setting it down gently he pulls free a ration of jerky, tearing a bit off to eat himself, before placing the wrapping and meat alike on the ground close to the two, making sure to leave a distance of at least two arms between them.

The couple look at the meat before the male says something to the little golem which walks over the meat and a bright red light cover the meet before the a simple chirp comes from the robot before the males take a bite and splits it with the female. The female seems to have calm down and looks at Mirana and begins speaking in ancient and petting on the fox on the head like a dog. The males shakes his head and stop looking ashamed before he starts writing on the sand. 'Our beacon has been broken by a monster, we almost didn't make it.' He sighs and points to the gashes in his suit, 'We have some of the parts after we scared the monster away but we have most of it. If we have the last piece we can be rescued. Are you owner around?" The male finishes writing.

Mirana looks as Rogna gives them some food, and they have it checked by their Machine Spirit before eating it themselves. She blinks a few times, and then.. is pet? She at first isn't sure what to think of this but, her eyes going wide, she looks back to Rogna a moment. When she eventually stops she looks up to the female and nods, still not sure what to think, but trying not to show any indignation. She looks to the new words and thinks for a moment, "Rogna, My Lord, they have been attacked and seem to have only barely made it, there is only one thing they need more. Maybe a Machine Spirit was found out here? Please, do any of you have any ideas? Anything that was found out here?" She says again. She turns and writes, 'Big Hippo is in charge but do not have a master. Asking about anything that was found here before. If you are hungry, take these.' She writes and then steps back again taking off her pack then taking out the verious dried meats she has as well as some water skins. 'Anything else we can get you till we find what you need?' She finishes, then looks back to Rainer, Angus, and Rogna, "Ok, have you heard anything about anything that was found out here, ever? Or should we head back to town and ask around?" She says, then rubs her head a moment, still not sure what to think of being petted like that.

Angus watches in confusion as his sister is petted, but when she asks about other finds he clears his throat. "There has been other finds out here actually....Rainer and I were both present when it was found.....what did you call it again Rainer?" He asked, turning to the wolf. "A giant egg. It was hollow on the inside and had seats in it, I'm guessing that's what they are looking for?"

"Oh, that?" Rainer scratches his head, memory sufficiently jogged. "Come to think, didn't that thing have two seats?" He rocks up onto his toes and arches his back with a strrretch, then slumps back down, smacking his lips. "That's all the way back in Firmament, though... think the Church has it. Aaand I'm going to swipe one of these, yoink!" He has been wandering, as he spoke, winding a weaving path to the spread Mirana's put out, and snatches up one of the pieces of jerky.

Rogna gives Rainer a glare that suggests he control himself or there may be consequences, as he says "You will watch yourself around these possible creators. Although the rumors about them are grim, you will control your actions. We are to make an impression, they believe we are simple pets." before he chuckles at the concept to himself. He says to Mirana "If that's true we may have to bring them back with us, you should ask if this is alright beforehand, and if not ask if they can remain in this general location for us to secure it for them. We might also ask them for information regarding the rumors, at a later date as they are departing."

The pair looks greatful and as the male begins to write carefully in the dirt. 'We will say here, we have been attacked enough times to understand how to keep safe.' He looks a little proud of himself, 'We also have more of these to protect us.' He draws a litttle copy of the small golem that is now reburied in sand and using a light bit of math to draw in ground moisture. 'We lost it too the north but if you want to help us we will have these point you in direction when you pick up the part.' He draws the strangly shaped part before nodding at the group. 'please help us. We need to call for help.' The male write as the female sneaks another pat and they walks away from the group before the female and the males suits light up and the ground forms a dome with a simple door made out of sand around them and the little golem. Apperently they decided to wait for the group to return.