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Keep your sword honed and ready, there is always a threat, and there is always a chance to improve.

While there may be a chance of defeat, you must not fight with that in mind.
The greatest swordsman in the land? Soon, I shall hold that title here and in lands beyond.

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Shadow - Vile beasts, they shall fall to my blade. They infringe on our safety and our very beings, they must be stopped.

Creators - While you should be grateful they made us and heed their words, do not forget that they placed us here to live our lives.

Royalty - The royalty of Sweetwater is fair, just, and strong. I will maintain their image to it's fullest, long live the Good King!

Defeat - Acknowledge it when it happens, but do not treat it as an option. Give it your all.

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Sally - An upstanding soldier, her heart and head are in the right place. Well mannered and in control, this is a pleasant fox to be around.

Kilsa - Fine craftswoman, she made a series of spectacular blades and shows no signs of stopping. Quite a delight to be around, they are kind and witty, if a bit informal.

Ictus - A yes man and his own man it seems. Sally's right hand man, a noble fighter, and a curious sacred family make this an interesting fox to meet.

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RP Hooks
Want to meet with this hippo?


Rogna has ambitions to become the greatest swordsman in first Sweetwater, then the rest of Promise. If you should need an extra sword, know of fine blades, or wish to spar, Rogna will take you up on that offer.

Royal Born

Rogna is a royal born hippo, and is prone to showing up in the castle district quite often.


Rogna is quite the charming fellow when it comes to helping others, if you should need help feel free to ask him, he will attempt to aid you.

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  • Priest - 29
  • Dark Knight - 1
  • Parent - 1

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