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The arena has been set dozens of orphans are on there edge of their seats waiting to see Zevran and Rogna begin thier match. Kilsa sits on her podium waiting for Mazurek and Walden to join her as new judges, "My fellow folk, We are here to watch two souls go at it and show these children that greatness can come from any background and to give these children something to strive for. Warriors if you are ready please come to the center of the arena." The Arena had been a stamped in a large circle with a fence to seperate the children from the fighters.

Tangie slowly moves into the Orphanage, having heard the harkers cry of a fighting competition. She wraps, then stows her weapons and loose gear. The puma peers as she slowly explores the arena and stands. Tngie nods to those in attendance as she finds an empty seat just a couple rows back from the actual fighting area. Sitting down she takes stock of those present, weighting their actions and visible abilities.

One of the judges, the ten-foot Iguana-dragon most have seen around town frequently, arrives in a fashion that might cause the children to gasp. He arrives airborne, his large shadow crossing the ground several times while he circles the area before finally coming to land close to the Podium alongside Kilsa. He is clad only in shorts.

Walden is full of wide-eyed excitement as he comes to his seat with the judges. The stocky fellow's in a brown robe, and it's far more utilitarian than ornamental. He offers a friendly nod and a smile to Kilsa and the now-landing Mazurek as he has a seat. "Awesome entrance, sir! I'm so excited," he says. "I've gotten a first-hand look at their fighting styles already, so my mind's racing with possibilities about how this match will turn out!"

Zevran enters the arena with a large smile on his face. He is wearing a similar ensemble to what he wore in his first match: a faded green tunic with brown trousers. His large sword rests on his back. He enters the fenced-in circle and walks to the far side before turning to the crowd. He raises his arms and flexes, attempting to excite the crowd in preparatino for the match.

Rogna enters the arena in his usual dress, with a smile as one hand rests on a sword hilt. "Hello there Zevran." he says as he moves to shake his foes hand. He remembers Zevran's soul gem from their previous outting, and says "I suggest limited use of dark magic here, as our intent is not to kill and we must be careful not to taint the young impressionable minds present." Whether or not the shake is accepted he moves a good distance away and prepares for combat.

Kilsa nods two her judges with a sweet smile, "The judges and I will be judging you NOT based on who is standing or now but by who has displayed the best skill and ability." The children gap at Mazurek and a few of them even duck their heads down scared that the giant might fall on them. They start to cheer at the strange winged lizard as if he was combatant himself. When both the warrior enter the children go wild and scream and wave their hands around excitedly. "Warriors! If you are ready to finally show these children what it mean to be a child of promise..." She paused for dramatic effect. "BEGIN!!"

Tangie watches intently as the two combatants prepare for the challenge. She scans the room, smiling at all the children and their enthusiasm. She takes a few moments to look over the so-called judges... trying to see things through their eyes. but her attention is drawn back to the Fighters as the Lady Badger sets them at each other.

Mazurek knows he shouldn't tease the youngsters so, but he simply can't help showing off a little. Before the announcement is made to begin, the dragon strikes several poses for the children and even goes so far as to let loose a torrent of flame into the air and away from anything flammable. Finally, he takes his place to one side of Kilsa and settles to a crouch instead of having a seat. He finally grunts an ackknowledgement to the Armadillo, "I have never done this sort of thing before, so we'll see who gives the most excitement for the children."

Walden clasps his hands together tightly and grins in excitement. "Man, I feel like one of the kids," he says with a rather giddy sort of giggle. "Two big swords. Yeah, I haven't either, Mr. Lu-umm, sir. But I do know awesome when I see it." He flashes a smile and a shrug, and he gazes down at the two men in the ring intently to see how they start out.

Zevran nodded when Rogna suggested limiting their dark magic, and shook his hand when it was offered. He watched as Rogna walked away and prepared for combat. He glanced towards the crowd before turning his gaze back on his opponent. "Let's give these kids a good show." He says across the arena, loud enough for Rogna to hear. "I' suppose I'll take the first move." He says as he stomps his right foot on the ground three times and lets out a light snort. He then lowers his horn and charges towards Rogna. Instead of unleashing a swing with his sword when he gets closer, he attempts to knock his opponent down, throwing out his arms to either side as he tried to tackle Rogna.

Rogna neglects to draw his sword, instead sidestepping and ducking as the charge progresses, only to lash out and shove his full force into a rise against the outstretched arms. He draws his swords as he does so and prepares to truely engage his foe.

Kilsa chuckles at Mazurek's antics, "You should come visit them some time, I bet they would scramble for the chance to have you carry them in flight." She turned to Walden, "Well count your self lucky, Walden. These two should give us a show that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come." She points at the adults who stood in the back just to see the match. "I've got everyone comming to see these warrior take on each other." Watched with interest as Zevran started the match off with a charge and the children cheer as Rogna countered.

Tangie leans back as she initally sees Zevran charging full bore at Rogna, greatly expecting to see a attempt to impale the hippo with the Rhino's horn. The attempt to tackle surprises the Puma as she gasps... amazed at Rogna's quick steps. She grins toothily as weapons flash from their sheaths... The battle is engaged.

Mazurek eyes Kilsa with a notable smirk, "That would be very similar to how I finally formally met Rogna down there. I was giving children rides in the market the other day. Rides on the ground, that is." He watches the combat begin, "Mmm. Is it fair to note that I would have expected a rhino to charge first and do something else later?"

Walden nods to Mazurek a couple times. "Oh, naturally. But at the same time, he's playing to his natural strengths, something I find commendable. They're both Heavy fighters, so we're likely to see a lot of moves involving that sort of strength. Already a nice start, I'd say."

Ryusho would awlk in, ducking through the door as he had heard of an event going on, though of course, he is -late- to its start, seems he has a odd tendency to end up late to things as he hears the cheering and partly rolls his eyes, as he realises he is late -again- oh well, better late then never he supposes

Zevran stumbles to the side as Rogna's rise off-balances him. He notes the movement and flash of steel as he stumbles that signals Rogna drawing his blade. He drops to a knee to stop his momentum before quickly standing up. He draws the large sword from its place on his back, holding it above his head and whirling it in a circle before bringing it downward in a diagonal slash towards Rogna.

Rogna puts trust in the blades Miss Kilsa has crafted for him in the past, using both of them to block the incoming blade as he manipulates it's force away from him. He guides it and tilts his blades and uses his side closest to Zevran to shoulder him backwards.

The large bader smiles at Mazurek, "He is a rhino, I would say use your natural talents if you got them. I have to side with Walden on this one. Though Rogna approach to it was unexcepted, I would have judged that he would have struck at the feet of Zevran during the charge but then again that me judging from here. I would have probably got outta the way the moment that Rhino decided to charge me." A few Rhino children in the stands started patting their small and duller horns in respect of the larger rhino in the ring. "I see he has a few fans." Kilsa notes with a smiles, "We will have more children wanting to be warriors yet." She smirkes watching Rogna use one of her finiest creations.

Tangie snickers when she hears the 2 warriors, in the ring, described as 'Heavy'. She'd more liken it to a pair of tanks participating in a demolition derby. She squints as Zevran practically stumbles to a stop. Her muzzle forms a broad smile at the ease and fluidity the Rhino pulls the blade from its scabbard. She definitely is hoping to observe some new maneuvers with this exibition.

Mazurek nods slightly, "For a pair of heavies, they have a notable grace to their movements. This would be the first I've seen either of them in battle, and I must say the Hippo is using techniques I would never have expected during this." He is missing the reaction of the youngsters, attention focused upon the two combatants fully.

Walden nods to Kilsa and Mazurek in turn. "I agree. I was impressed by the way the charge was handled. Wow... look at that swordplay though. A fancy whirl, and a well-timed parry. I'm not sure who's the more impressive fighter yet."

Ryusho hums softly as he slowly walks up to near where the others are grouped up watching as he hums, "...Well, Seems I missed the start of the fight, at least the very start, But how is everyone....And Looks like they are well matched at least from my only momentary view so far.."

Zevran takes a step back with his right leg as Rogna's shoulder connects, although he turns to the side as he steps to allow some of the momentum to pass by him. Since he is now facing Rogna at such close range, he releases the grip of his left hand on his sword and forms it into a fist as he attempts to deliver an uppercut to the Hippo's diaphragm, attempting to aim the punch just below the sternum.

Rogna takes a step back to lessen the extent of the blow and thrusts forward at Zevran with one of his swords, the other arcing to give the shoulder of the arm delivering the blow a graze that will both hinder Zevran's movement and rejuvinate him from the uppercut.

"Well Rogna fights like a graceful folk in a hippo costume but he has the power to back it. Zevran will be careful to treat his opponet like a rabid sand cat than a normal heavy folk." She nodded to Walden, "There are few folk that I would trust to have that much power and be level headed on the battlefield." She smiled watching Rogna moving with practiced ease.

Tangie watches the two combatants closely now. Big, heavy, powerful... She definitely would be concerned with having to face one. They are both more nimble and quick than their bulk would lead one to believe. Though she's sure she's faster, it would probably take but one of those massive strikes to stun the puma, should it get through. She smirks as her small buckler and grimaces at the thought.

Mazurek finally addresses the Armadillo directly while still watching the little dance, "The name's Mazurek. Private Lunch is just my callsign with the Lightbringers." He clears his throat softly, "Speaking of which... Lady Kilsa, would you allow Ryusho here to join us, or is he restricted to you only?"

Walden considers the way the two men are fighting very carefully. "It's true. I wouldn't have expected someone like Rogna to be able to move like this. There's definitely more than meets the eye there. It's interesting how Zevran is taking a far more aggressive approach than his competitor." He smiles up at Mazurek and says, "Hi Mazurek. It's sure nice to meet you. I'm Walden. I'm... not... really with anyone yet, I guess."

Ryusho hums softly as he shifts, watching, "..Seeing him fight, I still had not thought he could move like this, I suppose there are a lot of secrets to him that I did not know..."

Ictus hmms as he moves into the crowd, watching the fight as he does. He may be late, but better late than never right?

Zevran attempts to take a step back as he sees the thrust coming, but does not move quick enough to evade the grazing strike on his shoulder. He keeps his face expressionless as he feels the blade cut his leathery skin. As he steps out of range of further sword strikes, he attempts to shrug his shoulder and notices that the wound is somewhat hampering his movement. He grasps his blade with both hands and holds it pointing towards Rogna at about chest level. Hoping to overcome the handicap of his shoulder, he takes a short step towards Rogna before spinning in a circle with the blade and making a horizontal slash towards Rogna, attempting to use the momentum to make up for the power he would lose from his shoulder. Before the blade has a chance to bite into Rogna, he twists it so that the flat of the blade will slam into Rogna if the attack connects. If he misses, he will attempt to stop his momentum with the strength of his muscles about an eighth of the way through a second spin, grunting softly at the strain on his injured shoulder.

Rogna uses the time he has to sidestep, but steps into the attack as he realizes the sword is readusted to smack him not slice him. He uses this opening, while slim, to exchange blows, a heavy hearty smack from Zevran for a hearty blow to the head with the hippos elbow. Stumbling after the impact he adjusts his swords to begin an onslaught of attacks.

The badger looked at Mazurek with a smile, "I've given my retainer his choice of either joining you or joining the golden scythe. It is his choice alone, I will respect the matter either way." She looked at Walden with a small chuckle, "Sir Rogna isn't list any heavy I have seen in combat. Even I couldn't match his grace on my best day, but that is where his talent are their best." She smiled knowingly. "He wants to be the greatest swordfolk around so I don't see him limiting himself to just a heavy approach to combat." She watched as the match started to heat up. "You could always look into become a member of the Golden Scythe, Walden? We have plenty opening for those that have any array of talents."

Tangie glances about, noting how the children are reacting to the fight. She absently-mindedly hears the conversations around her, but really doesnt pay them any heed as she returns her concentration to ringing steel within the ring.

Mazurek is settled into a crouch at the judges podium alongside Kilsa and Walden, having chosen that over taking any seats. He is still towering over the Armadillo, though. He nods once to Kilsa, "Understood. Ryusho was showing an interest in the Lightbringers, though he was torn between it and his loyalty toward you." One large claw comes to rest on Walden's head, rubbing a little for no real reason other than to guage a reaction. His gaze remains on the competition, though.

Walden nods to Kilsa as he's addressed. "I doubt I'll ever reach that kind of level of swordplay that either of them has. That's not really where my talents are though," he says with a little chuckle. He scratches his arm a little nervously though. "Golden Scythe though? I mean... I guess... maybe I'll have to hear a little more about it first before I can really make a decision. I mean, would you even want someone like me? I'm like... I'm so green, I might as well have come from my family's farm," he says. "...I mean, I did come from there. Just... you know what I mean." The armadillo laughs quietly and looks up at Mazurek with a smile, then he refocuses his attention on the fight. "Very flashy circular movements coming from Zevran there. I don't know how effective these are out on the field, but in an environment like this, that's just the kind of flashiness the crowd loves to see. Rogna might have to pull out a surprise or two to keep up if he's not careful."

One of the Orphanage children comes to the doorway and peers into the arean area. After a few moments of looking around he scrambles to Tangie, handing the Puma a piece of paper. Tangie frowns for a moment, hands the child a crown, and then begins reading the message. Silently she gathers her gear, stands, and heads out of town.

Ryusho hums softly as he shifts, "Well, They work well Iw ould assume from the combat styles since heavy weapons require you to use their momentum to actually fight effectively with them..."

Ictus hmms and nods to Ryu when he hears the answer, "Yeah, it would use the force of the swing... But I'm no expert on heavy weapons."

Zevran takes another step back as the elbow connects with his head. He gives a quick shake of his head to reorient himself before glancing towards the stumbling hippo, who seemed to be readying himself for an attack. Zevran realized that he would not stand much of a chance against the nimble hippo if he managed to get in close range with those swords. The range of Zevran's large blade was one of the few advantages he had left at this point, and even that was diminished with his shoulder injury. He needed to change his strategy, since the head-on assault would only get him more injured. He crouched down with one leg slightly back, making sure his feet were planted firmly on the ground and pointing his large blade towards Rogna. He waits for the hippo to make the next move.

Rogna steps back and begins preparing a spell, his hands glowing with priestly light. He seems to want Zevran to approach him, and doesn't have any intention of hiding it.

A small group of rhino children begin beating on their chest and screaming, "ZEV!! ZEV!!!! ZEEEEEEEEEV!!!" A few graceful folk children with toy sword begin to mimic the strikes of Rogna almost in love with his grace. Kilsa is chuckling while claping hard, "Good Show. Are you two seeing this? A match between two major titans! I'm so glad to have the children witness this, I don't think anything have picked up their spirits as much as this has."

Mazurek has been watching the battle throughout, and he actually falls silent for but a moment as the flashiness of the combatants, but only for a moment or two, "It would seem that the children are becoming much more than excited. I am not even sure if I can actually predict who is going to win this. I've been injured in battle much worse than that and emerged victorious."

Walden rubs his hands together briskly as he sees what the fighters are doing. "Those are some good points. Sort of like how with my axe, it relies on the weight of it as it comes down. I've never worked with anything heavier before personally. Ooh, and out comes the dual blade style. Seems like that's bound to be a crowd pleaser for sure!" He blinks a couple times. "...Unless they both hold back at the same time." The armadillo nods quickly to Kilsa with a grin. "The kids seem so fired up. Man, and to think I missed out on this sorta thing when I was a kid."

Ryusho chuckles softly as he watches, "You know, I wish I could of had the chance to join this tournament maybe I will get a chance next time.." he says chuckling to himself as he shifts, as he rumbles in thought, rubbing his chin, "Then again I might want to practice actual combat more..." he says to himself as he looks to Kilsa, and the others, then back to the battle

Ictus chuckles at Ryu and shakes his head at his comments, "Actual combat can get you killed you know..."

Zevran watches as Rogna's hands glow. He can see that the hippo wants him to approach, but cannot guess what Rogna is planning. Still, he does not want to disappoint these children who came to watch, even if it means he must take more hits.He hopes that he might be able to attack before Rogna can enact his plan. He pushes off of the ground forcefully with his legs, quickly closing the distance between the two fighters by leaping towards Rogna and slashing downwards with his blade towards Rogna's head, once again twisting it so that the flat of the blade would hit if the blow connected.

Rogna moves to the side, the blade coming in fast but being prepared for a quick charge has it's benefits. As planned the Rhino has charged at him to play to the crowd, and now lauches his smite at the rhino, lowering his fighting ability even further and bolstering himself with a holy aura. Rogna steps back again, seemingly in control of the situation and pepares to strike at Zevran.

Kilsa smiled at Walden, "The kids should have role models for the dark times we face and what better role models than folk that put their lives on the line to protect Promise?" She chuckled as the priest worked to keep the children behaved as they continued to cheer the brutal contest. "Wow.... That Zevran's a little bold don't you think?" She asked her fellow judges as the children broke out in a wild cheer as the Rhino attempted to strike Rogna over head. "I hope he doesn't accidently kill my friend. I would hate to have to explain to the Crown why I just let a good friend of mine die in a friendly match. I think I would get excuted before I got the explaination out." She smriked at Rogna's display, "A nice bit of priestly magic there."

Mazurek shakes his head, "The Rhino is not going to kill the Hippo, Kilsa. If you've noticed he has been adjusting his strikes to prevent any form of permanent injury." He looks away from the battle and down to the children, "I do wonder something about the children. How often do they get this sort of treat, anyway?"

Walden nods in agreement to Kilsa and Mazurek, though he makes sure he doesn't miss what happens. "Ooooh... Neat spell there! So that's what he's doing with his sword then? So yeah, I agree. I... kinda like the bold approach. I mean, it's not the kind of style I personally use, but it's certainly exciting to watch." He smiles happily, leaning forward at the edge of his seat. "This is all pretty inspirational though. I like the idea of, um... role models. Wonder if I could ever be one for someone. Oh... probably not."

Ryusho shifting lightly he quirks his brow, "Well, It is probably more for show then for tactical, at least for the ones idea...but..the other.." he hums softly, though he glances to Walden, "You know, that you probably could be a role model for someone actually.." he says then looking back to the battle, rubbing his head a bit in thought..

Sveta enters the orphanage, slightly out of breath. She can't quite believe she's late yet again, but there were tasks to be taken care of back at the artisans' school. Wondering just how much of the action she's already missed, she elbows her was through the already packed orphanage, relying on her sharp sight to get a gander at the action.

Zevran falls to a knee as he is struck with smite, placing his sword into the ground and leaning on it. He can feel himself getting weaker, but also knows that there is still some fight left in him. A new plan starts to form in his head and he starts to breath heavily, his face looking tired. He lets go of his sword in order to place his hands on the ground in what looks like an attempt to support himself, one hand hidden behind his knee. Although he looks tired and open for a strike, the muscles in his legs subtly tense up and his hidden hand curls into a fist while the other remains open. He waits for Rogna to attempt his attack, maintaining his tired appearance.

Rogna swiftly removes his cape and throws it at the rhinos form, stepping as swiftly as he can while the cloth is in motion. He manages to get behind the rhino and lays his blade along his neck.

The badger nods at Mazurek's comment, "Not as often as I would like but most events the Ironsoul name will have will be child friendly for the orphans and neglected children of promise similar to the talent show." She smiled at the show these warriors where giving. "You know I would hate to be against these warriors if they wanted to kill me. Though I've been through that once already and I felt like I was ran over by a dozen boulders..." She shivered at the thought. She noticed that Rogna has Zevran in a tight spot, "I wonder if he can escape."

Mazurek looks over to Kilsa then, one eye returning to the match at the same time, "I would definitely lose if it came to a true battle with these two. I have some skill, but with what is being put on display here I have absolutely no chance to do a thing." A smile appears, "Besides, I am more an unarmed fighter."

Walden steals a glance at Kilsa as she brings up a difficult memory. He winces a little himself, nodding. "You're holding up alright, aren't you, Lady Kilsa? If there's any lingering aches and pains, I can, um, I have, uh, things for it. I was a little worried before, you know." He nods to her, gives Mazurek a curious appraising glance, and turns his attention down to the fighters once more. "Aaa! Oh dear!" he gasps, bringing his hands to his mouth as he sees the predicament the hippo has the rhino in.

Ryusho rubs his chin lightly, as he looks to this, "....This looks like a rather....bad situation for Zevran, at least from here..." he says softly, as he adjusts his position, "..unless he is either very fast, or nimble....or just takes a stupid risk.." he says quietly...

Sveta notices Moroko enter the crowd and waves the scholar over, hoping that he'll notice her - the crowd's making quite a racket at the recent turn of events in the match and it's unlikely he'll hear her at this distance. This sort of spectacle is always better with a bit of company...

Zevran blinks as he feels the blade at his neck. He reacts quickly since his body was already tensed for action, reaching up and grabbing the wrist of the arm holding the blade before pulling downwards and away to the side while also leaning his upper body into the motion to remove the blade from his neck and roll Rogna to the side as Zevran quickly stands up, pulling his sword out of the ground and holding it pointed towards Rogna.

Moroko picks his way into the area curiously pausaing at the wave and then smiling as he makes his way towards his feathered compatriot, "Hello again! Another fight?" He asks curiously trying to pick his way closer for a vantage spot. "So how much did I miss?"

Rogna has a free sword and has been running the battle through his head in advance. While tactful and kind he is not ready to bring dishonor on himself. He parries the blade to the side and rises up, giving a hearty headbutt to Zevran's stomach to free his hand, repositioning his swords for defense of his rise.

The children go wild at Zevran's escape, even most of the children are just jumping out of their seats a few heavy folk manage to accidently break theirs as Lady Ironsoul stands up and give a standing ovation to the pair. "Good SHOW!!!!!" The priests in the stand begin handing out fruit to give the children something eat.

Mazurek grunts softly and shakes his head slightly, "While I would like to stay and watch the conclusion of the match, I fear I must go and see to some personal training very soon." He rises from the crouch he has been in all this time, stretching a bit with some notable popping of joints.

Walden clenches his hands together tightly, watching the two combatants intently. He's excited; he's just expressing it in a much more subdued manner. "We may have to have lunch sometime, Mazurek," he says. "I'm always looking to meet more people." He offers him a quick friendly nod and smile, and he quickly brings his attention back down to the match. "They're well matched against each other. But who will have the upper hand?"

Ryusho shifts slightly as he quirks his brow, "Wow, Good show, GOOD SHOW!" he says after a moment, shifting slightly as he chuckles a bit, "Come on! I wish you BOTH luck to win!" he laughs,

Sveta notices Moroko's approach and viciously elbows aside a couple of nearby beings to make space for him. "Can't say, to be honest. I just got here myself, although this looks to be one of, if not the high point of the show - the children seem to be enjoying it, that's for sure." She coughs a bit and ruffles her feathers. "So, what brings a being of learning like you to this civilised bloodsport, I mean, talent show?"

Moroko beams as he steps into the space made by Sveta's elbows. He inclines his head obligingly and then nods, "Indeed quite the climax." Moroko shrugs his shoulders, "There is always the opportunity that one might see something new or interesting. I'm always looking for inspiration for research. Troubles of the day that can be addressed by the application of arcanum. Besides it's quite the Who's who of the town. So it's always good to be seen, yes? And what of yourself? Coming down to the ground with the rest of us?" He teases lightly.

Zevran grunts as Rogna's headbutt connects and knocks the wind out of him. He stumbles back a bit before steadying himself and catching his breath as he watches the Hippo rise. He glances towards the crowd, noticing the joy on the faces of the children. "The point of this fight was to entertain the children, right? I think we accomplished that." Zevran says to Rogna with a smile. He plants his sword in the ground before taking a few steps towards the Hippo, respectfully extending his hand to his opponent for a handshake.

Rogna sheathes both swords at once and nods with a smile. "I believe you're correct." he says as he provides a firm handshake and then turns to the crowd, arm around the rhino, guiding them to do the same. He whispers something to him and gives the orphans a wave.

Zevran waves to the crowd as well, his other arm around the Hippo.

The elbowed puppy with one eye cries as she is elbowed out the way, a priest walks up and sizes Sveta before deciding that she isn't ready to fight the soulless. The priest grabs an extra chair to give the orphan as close up to the action as safely possible, right before the handshake. "Hmmm... unexpected but I guess this was a lesson to the children....?" Kilsa looked confused at the outcome. "Did I blink at the wrong moment?" She looked to her judges for support.

Mazurek fortunately had his eyes open while he was stretching, and he does not get a chance to respond to the Armadillo before events in the ring cause him to stare, "Uhhh. That was interesting. It seems the Rhino has decided to concede the match to the Hippo." His arms finally drop back down to his sides audibly and he looks to the Badger and whispers something to her, using a wing to keep it discreet.

Walden grins broadly. Happy endings always please him. He wipes his cheek ('surely it was dust,' he might later tell you) and gives a nod to Mazurek and Kilsa. "It was a close match. Both men fought very well, and I'd be happy to have either of them at my side were I to march against the shadows. Rogna displayed a surprising amount of deftness and cunning, and Zevran showed some awfully showy moves keeping the excitement up. Mmm." He waits until Mazurek has a chance to whisper his vote to Kilsa, and then he does so himself.

Sveta clicks her beak at Moroko's comment. "More or less. The masters at the artisans' school pretty much shooed me out, saying that I was hogging the workshop space. "Go outside!" they told me. She turns back to the concluding tournament and sighs. "Bah, it's almost over already...but inspiration, you say? I suppose there must be some in their movement and flow...there're a lot of designs that can be lifted or inspired from how both beings and creatures are built and move. Too bad the judges seem to be picking the winner now."

Moroko blinks at Sveta, "Shoo'ed you? How unfortunate." He smiles as he admits, "IT's a pity we missed some of it. Still it seems like it should be interesting to see how they judge it." He doesn't look as concerned for the puppy. Probably because it's not magical. "Often times it's just how they lose, you think of a way to avoid that. Or mimic someone who is particularly good. Do you have a favorite out of the two fighters?"

Zevran continues to wave to the crowd, a large smile on his face. "That was fun. We should train together sometime. Maybe you could teach me some of that fancy footwork." Zevran says to Rogna although he doesn't turn away from the crowd. He glances towards the judges, knowing that, whatever their decision, he was proud of how the fight went.

Rogna says "Why yes we should, I believe we would benefit greatly from such training." with a smile. While the judges are making their decisions the hippo retrieves his cape, shaking it free of any dust or grime and then looks to the crowd. Spotting an enthusiastic young heavy folk who has their eyes locked on him and looks like they will be able to fill it with time, he steps forward and presents them with the cape. "May you one day wear it with pride young one." he says before he steps back to await judging.

Lady Ironsoul stands up and walks to the edge of a the platfrom with a smile, "Sir Rogna and Sir Zevran, You have inspired these children with your valor and mercy but there can only be one winner and the judges have spoken." A pause from the Lady Ironsoul has all the children on edge. "SIR ZEVRAN!!!! Your prowess has show these children that they can become great with time and practice." The rhino children in the crowd go wild and begin clapping and cheering like mad. "I will award you a weapon or armor of the finiest quality. Please see me after closing ceremonies." She bows to the part and snaps her fingers as the priest in the area allow a small groups of children to meet the warriors as the ceremony comes to a close.