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A messenger in Cliffside garb is waiting in the Free Swords guild, asking for help. "We just need some escorts! You'll be compensated for your time, and I understand the trip isn't too dangerous! Is nobody braver than the guards we asked? They just said something about foreign relations and their meager paycheck not being enough to convince them to risk dealing with things that don't have the sense to stay dead. Cowardly bumpkins!" Seems this messenger is about to start going into a rant, unless interrupted.

Mazurek has been staying at the guild's inn for some time. Now that he has fully recovered this Iguana is ready to go out and enjoy life once more. He is in the midst of finishing a meal when the Cliffsider starts up his ranting, but is quick to cut in before it gets any worse, "Say no more. I will be one of your escorts regardless of my own past relation with Cliffsiders." He seems to be in no hurry to get up yet, though.

Angus frowns as he picks up on the last bits of the messengers rant as he was walking down the stairs. Taking a step up to the messenger he crosses his arms, and his ears twitch when Maz speaks up. "What's this about foreign relations and escorts?"

Kurzon had been sitting across from Mazurek at the time, his hands painstakingly polishing the components of his hunting gun. Each movement a lovingly obsessive stroke that enhances the gleam of the metal and the soft polish of that which is wood. When a call for aid goes out, he adds his own voice to Maz', already working to properly reassemble the weapon for field use. "If help is needed, I have more than enough to lend."

Ictus was just entering the guild as the messenger started his rant and shakes his head angrily, "If you ever want escorts, you shouldn't start by insulting them..." he ponders a bit and sighs, "What do you need though? I might just help if you stop the insults."

Fulror approaches the slightly loud cliffside messenger from the doorway, having just walked in, gritting his teeth at the comments that would likely spark those loyal to sweetwater into little moods like the fox who entered before him is in. "What's the job, Cliffside isn't that bad I'll help you out if you need it." he says and looks the being over for a response.

Lidiya throws a wadded up bit of paper at the loud Cliffsider after waving to get his attention. She's not in the mood to pantomime and Fulror only just walked in after she'd thrown it. Then she gets up and brushes herself off, makes her way to Fulror and... pokes him. No signing yet it seems.

The messenger says in soothing tones, "I was talking about the guards, of course. Not you fine folk." He looks about to say more but is cut off as a bit of paper pelts him in the side of the head. He furrows his brow and scoops up the paper, reading it before stuffing it in a pocket and continuing. "Should be a nice, easy job. See, we have arranged an educational trip out to the griffon shrine, but have, of course, heard of the troubles a bit north of there. So we wish to be sure the trip is a safe, peaceful one. Those of you interested, please come to your city gates within the next quarter of an hour." After saying that and before giving a chance for more questions to be asked, or more things to be thrown at him, he turns and leaves the guild.

Only a quarter of an hour to get to the gates? Easily done. The lizard's meal is finished after only a few moments anyway. Curiosity over the thrown paper is there but duty calls and it is placed in the back of the mind for later. He is at the gates with time to spare, choosing not to engage in any conversation along the way, but holding hands with the large bear if he's agreeable.

Angus nods as he watches the messenger, chuckling a little as he is hit by the paper wad. He migh as well help the poor fellow out as he didn't want an educational trip to go bad. He nodded, and started heading out towards the gates, picking up his gear along the way as he had a little time.

New levels of oddness come to him in life and yet one must embrace them and move forward, yeah? Kurzon for his part travels with his prior medical resposibility, a bit bewildered as to why he wanted to hold hands, but assumes it is a security thing from one that was helpless for so long, so oblivious to what may truly be the case he consents and walks with Mazurek, his free hand checking over his medical suplies, weapons and books. Oh yeah, somewhere in there he waved at Lidiya...likely before leaving the inn. There may have been a smile and a digit pointed at Maz to prove he is meeting people or something, but likely this will only lead to the wrong impression.

Ictus hmms as there wasn't much information given and sighs as he follows his curiosty, he walks with Angus as he comments, "Ten crown says he insults us again..." before coming up to the gates

Fulror chuckles at the wad of paper hitting him as he is poked by his sibling. He says "Well should we go help?" as he starts to lead the way out, looking back to her with a smile. "Educational, might learn something too." he says as he's out the door. He makes his way out of the Inn and heads west, along the main concourse to reach the city gates past the academy district, looking back behind him to see if Lidiya is following him, giving her a brief pause to sign something to her and then grin as he proceeds further.

Lidiya signs something quickly in passing to Fulror as she heads up to gather her kit. She then returns back down and makes her way out the doorway, hurrying to get to the gates before she's left behind. It's not like she can call out for them to wait up after all.

At the city gates is a familar badger she is dress in full battle gear but unlike her normal dress the smell of perfume scent wafts through the air as she is currently giving away some improved looking swords and gear to the brave males and females of the guard. "No no no this is on the house. I recently got a surplus in metal and thought you could use the assistance." The badger holds the guards she is speaking to by the muzzle, "You have such beautiful eyes, when you are off duty I would love to forge you beautiful armor to accent both your prowess and beauty." Kilsa grins as a group approaches fill with familiar faces. "Hello everyone are you, going on this wonderful trip I have heard of? If there is room could a maiden of the blade and the Church join you?" Kilsa smiles and guesture to her duelist soul gem which is obviously having a mild effect on her personality as she chuckles at the group with a sly wink.

Mirana nods up to Kilsa as she helps hand out the items she has helped to craft. "You are very welcome," she says to a gater as she hands him a pike. "And, Forgemaster Kilsa, thank you for continuing to teach me." She does blush herself a bit at Kilsa's words, them reminding her of Yuric's. As the group comes up near she smiles and waves to her brother and cousin, and curtseys to them, "Oh Hello? Where exactly are you heading to? This has to do with the children from Cliffside, doesn't it?" She asks, leaning on her staff a bit after handing out the last of the shields.

The group is welcomed at the gate with a sight of a few wagons. A female hound steps forward and greets the group with a smile. "Welcome! And thank you all for agreeing to accompany us! I hope you do not mind the wagon we have procured for you, and that it is large enough to hold you all." She waves a hand at a mostly empty covered wagon. There's the driver and one of the Cliffsiders in it, but the students seem to be divided up in the other wagons. Another interesting note would be the messenger from the guild in one of those other two wagons, apparently no longer doing the speaking for the group, as each time he starts to open his mouth to say something, he's cut off by another of the group. The hound continues to address everyone. "Yes, this is the group taking a trip to the Griffon site, and more escorts, especially those of a priestly sort, are always welcome. In fact, you could help educate them on the religious sides of the sacred families on the trip, as we mostly just discuss what is recorded about them."

The Iguana is more or less silent during the time it takes the group to arrive at the gate. Upon seeing the number of wagons he can't help but chuckle with a slight shake of the head, but he finds himself openly staring at Kilsa as he finally notices just what she is doing. Heading over toward the more empty of the wagons he calls out, "Hey Kilsa! What are you doing with that guard? You look about ready to give him a kiss!" He winks to her if she looks his way and then addresses the Cliffsiders, "If anyone wishes to know about the Dragon, I'm ready and waiting."

Angus looks at his cousin and lightly punches him in the shoulder. "Make it twenty and it's a deal." He jokes, strapping his weapons belt on as they walk. Upon seeing his sister he waves, eyeing Kilsa as it looks like she is flirting with one of the guards and he just shakes his head. When he finally notices the messenger he nudges Ictus with an elbow and grins. "I think you owe me twenty crowns."

Kurzon has no problem with wagons and once shown the specific seating expected of the escorts he begins inspecting the wagon, looking perhaps to see if there are hardpoints for holding the outside of the wagon and then checking how many seats are near the driver. "Hmm, who will be riding the spotter position next to the driver? Hmm, I do hope this proves to be an enlightening trip full of interesting situations to delve into." You'd think he was one of the students on the trip rather than an escort.

Ictus chuckles at Angus as he lightly puches him in the shoulder and shakes his head, "Perhaps, but can't be sure until the trip is over." he's mostly joking and he grins before looking at Kilsa with an amused smirk, "Really laying it on them aren't you?" he hops onto the wagon without any fuss

Fulror nods to Lidiya's statement, shaking his head when he arrives to see a noble being punched by another fox. "I think you're right, I will in time." he says as he approaches the carts, smiling to the hound. "It's a fine cart, no one should mind at all. If you do not mind I'll get situated, and be ready should you need our aid. I look forward to an ensuring you have an enjoyable experience learning the ways of a sacred family." he says before moving to the cart, and looking to Lidiya.

Lidiya climbs up onto the cart as well, giving Fulror a weird look. She signs something to him quickly, then settles into her seat and glances around at the other passengers. A lizard, the weird guy, a surprising number of foxes, her adoptive family and a badger. The badger's given a curious look largely because she's never seen the woman before. So she's given a wave, simply enough.

The badger smiles at Mazurek and gives a playful bow, "Dear Mazurek, I only discussed business and nothing is more pleasurable than discussing business you love. Some folk love to cook, some folk love math and some folk love to love. I am a love of crafting. A perfectly balanced swords with math is worth as much to me as the sweets melon a farmer could grow." She smiles at the request of religious knowleged, "I will ask that you cover the holes in my sudden lession considering that I am rusty since I have not done much outside of crusader work and noble documents lately. The Griffon line was created by the blessed Creators to search for the Creators, they desired a creature that can see further and when an enemy was spotted rend them asunder like soft sheets in the hands of a furious feline. They area greater aligned with the Chakra crystals and can use something I might beable to shatter create a small flurry of ice from to turn a bone dragon into a frozen block. I am personally in awe of the type of Creature that the Creators have made, As a member of the Curch I have never preformed a right to awaken anyone into their family lines so I don't know that myself I lack the nesscary training to do so." She admits with a small blush, "I'm terrible at math so I can't pass the trails involved."

Mirana smiles as she is waved to and gets up into the wagon herself. Listening first to Kilsa talk about the Griffon, she sighs to herself, why did Kilsa have to take the stories of the one we were going to visit... oh well. "Well, I doubt I could match Lady Ironsoul's knowledge, let me tell you of the creature that would be sent out to handle such problems, one of them that is, the Pheonix." She then goes into the bird of scared flames stories, as well as she knew them, not something she'd done a great deal of reseach into yet. She does notice that the teachers seem to be paying more attention then the students, and this causes her to wonder a moment if keeping the younger ones focused will be an issue.

The trip gets underway as the tales are told and once everyone is seated and ready to go. It proceeds uneventfully through the pass, the usual beasts of the pass giving such a large group a wide berth. Before long the wagons arrive at the Sacred Family site. The teachers and students alike climb out of the wagons and stretch, thankful for the chance to move about out of the fairly close confines of the wagons.

Mazurek tells the students and the instructors, at least those who will listen, about the dragon sacred family in which he is currently a part of. He speaks about how they can go just about anywhere and even shares his own experiences with staying underwater for days on end without need for breath. This last bit was part of his Honeymoon with his mate, another dragon, back at the beginning of the year. When it is another's turn to go on about another sacred family he merely watches the scenery go by until the wagons come to a halt. He elects to be one of the last to disembark, giving others time to stretch before he does so as well, spreading arms and wings out to their full span in the process.

Angus would let someone else tell the story of Kitsunes, as he was definitly not a big story teller. Instead he just walked up to one of the carts, giving Lidiya and Fulror a wave before he takes his seat.

Kurzon, For his part, when it was his turn to speak up about the Cerebrus sacred role, he can only give the most technical of descriptions of how they accompany basilisks to poisonous planets and regions and such the filth from the air and replace it with breathable gases, swiftly terraforming planets with their full might. Of course he has never done such work so it all is theoretical to him. When they stop hops down from his seat after putting away his various books, mostly notes taken on the stories being told to compare with other mediums at a later date. Though some of his research into the mutilator is present in the form of sketches and his usual odd musical shorthand.

Ictus looks at Angus as he stays quiet and sighs with a shrug, "Well... I'm no good at telling the history of things, but I'll tell you what I know." he smiles as he describes how the kitsune can read emotions and can then use that emotional state to pull pranks. "Though, it can be useful in many situations. You shouldn't rely on the power it can give." he smiles a bit and hops off of the cart when they arrive, stretching a bit to work out some kinks

Fulror chuckes and whispers something to his sister, burying his head against the jackal as he does so, before laying against them if allowed for the trip, having nothing to say and nothing to do but be rested and ready to act. He listens to the recounts of such information and decides if or if not he would use each. When they arrive at their destination he looks around, inspecting the sacred site with interest. He remains silent, and ready to act, facing what he believes to be north as he listens for the hound or someone else to give the group direction.

Lidiya hesitates for a moment, watching the wolverine, signing something to him quickly before scooting in to listen to story time, ears flicking curiously. It's always fun learning some of these things, she can even pass the stories on! Well, maybe not

The badger hope out of the wagon an stretches with few loud pops. "Aaaahhh." She smiles and looks to the guide and smiles widely. "So what will you be teaching us now." Kilsa asked curiously.

Mirana listens carefully to the others tell their stories and nods along, agreeing with everything that is said, even if it is mostly first hand experience and basic information. AHen Angus and Ictus both hop off, Mira decides maybe she will stick around, listen for anything else that might be said, or for the teachers and students to leave first. Then, she notices Lidiya, not able to catch what was being signed, but signing back herself, and then, looking back to Lidiya to see if she had anything she wanted to say to her, but never watching when she was talking to someone else, unless she made it odvious she didn't mind someone watching.

the group gathers together with one of the teachers, the one who was the messenger to the guild, standing at the forefront and starting to talk. He's droning on a bit blandly, knowledgeable about his subject but not very good at captivating interest. The hound says to Kilsa, "Likely we will not be teaching you all much. You seem to know quite a bit, but the trip is for the benefit of the students. Hopefully they will manage to learn something." As the lesson, such as it is, goes on some of the students start to get restless. There's a bit of shuffling, then one of the younger students is pushed forward, a bag in his hands. He glances back, a bit of a hopeful and embarrassed expression on his face. He then rushes forward toward the pattern cut on the stone, interrupting the lesson, and starts to spread what seems to be lunar dust into the patterns on it, doing a bit of a rushed job as the adults are already moving to stop him. The other two students he was near, who did the pushing, are laughing in somewhat cruel sounding snickers. Perhaps because the lesson was interrupted?

Mazurek can't help but wonder just how cruel some of these students can be with all the jostling and other things they do during the lesson, especially the ones who are more restless than others. Then two reach a new low to the bullying of one of their own when they force another to do something. Perhaps it is a dare? Seems likely with what is being done with the shrine. He does not intervene, at least not directly. These students need a approach to their studies, it seems. While everyone is focusing on the forced misbehavior, the reptile closes his eyes to focus on some inner power. It doesn't take long for him to shift forms, but it is not his native form like some might be used to. Instead he is forced to drop to all fours as his body changes into a quadrupedal creature. A birdlike screech soon explodes from his newly formed beak, revealing the presence of a Griffon!

Angus chuckles as he watched the antics of the young students, and he frowned as he noticed the bullying. Obviously they weren't intrested in the lessons, they were more intrested in pushing each other around. That's when he noticed one break off from the group and head towards the shrine, taking a step forward he was probably going to do something....before a screech startles hims and he turns to Maz in confusion.

Kurzon hadn't been paying the students any attention at the time, working on one of many sketches of the area when Mazurek screeches and tears his attention away from the scenery. Of course this requires he flip to a new page and start sketching immediately. "I do hope you are in your right mind, if you are, do try and stay still for a bit, perhaps strike a dramatic pose? This is wonderful for the scenery. If you aren't in your right mind then I appologize in advance if I must subdue you."

Ictus blinks as the student is pushed out into the pattern and shakes his head as he rushes forth to try and stop him, "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!" his eyes flick over as Maz screeches and shakes his head in confusion

Fulror watches the student start to perform a dedication ritual, not moving to stop them. He doesn't feel right pulling a student away from a life choice, he can't defend him against himself, but he does give the bullies a glare and grits his teeth. He gestures something to his sister and shakes his head.

The badger smiles to the hound with and pulls a small candy out of her bag. "Here is a little encoruagement." She eats on off the candies herself. "I was wondering if you would tell me a little bit more of the history of this site. I know the religious aspect but I'm more interested in the historical." Kilsa gives the hound a reassuing pat. "Eat the candy before you speak its really good for you." She says while giving his chin a sultry scratch. "You wouldn't want to make a big girl like me cry would you?"

Mirana still inside the wagon, waiting for a responce, but not getting one. She shakes her head and instead turns her attention to Fulror, that is until she hears the shreek outside. Peaking her head out she sees Maz...a... griffen. She shakes her head and ducks back into the wagon, she says, and signs "This, seems like as good a time as any to just take a nap." She settles into the wagon floor, using her pack as pillow and rests there till she will have a chance to tell more stories.

The kid finishes spreading that dust and steps into the center of it, waiting expectantly. As Ictus nears one of the other kids calls out a small bit of fire math, though the last few parts of the equation are cut off by a loud screech. There's a flash of light on the pattern and then a cloud of smoke. Most the group turns, going wide eyed at the sight of the griffon, as the kid in the center of the smoke, calls out, "What's that no-ACHOO!" The kid, And Ictus who was moving to stop him, both start to sneeze uncontrollably due to the effects of the dissipating smoke. Seems that wasn't a bag of lunar dust in reality, but actually some sort of sneezing powder! The sound of the sneezing proves to be enough of a distraction to pull the attention of the two kids who had done the pushing back toward the other kid, where they start laughing at his misfortune.

The griffon turns his head to Kurzon and screeches out, "Pictures later!" The two students that caused the mischief are his targets right now, and he works to single them out of the group to knock them flat and make snapping motions close to their throats but not connecting, "You should learn to respect the rituals! I have the mind right now to take you to the air and drop you for your insolence!"

Kurzon is quite surprised by what he watches, but seeing as the gryphon spoke, he takes it on credit that he is still sane, though he frowns a touch at the violent threats, never really his style. All the same he makes some rough sketches of the ongoings before putting his notes away. "If that student is dedicating himself to this sacred place, should we not all step back and respect it? I am willing to lend aid in completing this ritual..."

Ictus winces as the powder goes off and shakes his head as he starts sneezing, "PRIV-CHO-ATE FIRST CHOALL LUNCH!" he sneezes violently and he marchers over, glare at Mazurek, "You will-choo... Unhand them-choo... At ONCE!" he sneezes then sighs, "It is not our place to-ACHOO... To punish them." he is clearly very angry with Maz for his treatment of the teens

Fulror moves quickly to the downed students and the griffon, growling as he grabs the threatening avian and jerks them back, moving them away from the students and saying "What do you think you're doing? We're here to protect these folk, we're not to maintain their actions unless they are a genuine danger to others." He pushes him back enough that he is clear of the students before he puts up his fists, watching the griffon carefully.

Lidiya had been sitting in the back of the cart, half-dosing. At the sound of excitement, she bounds into action and calmly climbs out of the cart, grabs her flail and walks over in time to see Fulror manhandling a gryphon. Looking to the sky just in case more appear, she then hurries over to help Fulror if he needs it.

Kilsa nods at Kurzon, "I can't lend aid but I will respectfully keep my distance." Mazurek's threat of hurting the youth don't sit well with the orphanage owner. "Sir Mazurek, Your supposed to be an example of both the lightbringers and Sweetwater itself. Don't threaten the youth for being stupid as youth are often prone to being." The badge states simply while bushing her head with a hand smooth out her very well maintained fur.

Once Mazurek is pulled off the students they're gathered up, with a bit of a glare and a muttering about uncultured brute, by the teacher who had been speaking. He ushers them into one of the wagons and before too long shouts and yelling can be heard, but the teacher seems to be using some air magic to obscure the actual content of the words. The female hound gathers up the rest of the students and ushers them into the other wagon. She then turns and says, "I... Thank you all. I apologize that it must end on this note. If you would we will be heading back to firmament now." The student who was the victim of the prank mumbles to Ictus once the sneezing dies down, something that takes about five minutes, "Sorry. They said... They said if I were to become a griffon that I'd be cool like them. That they wouldn't pick on me anymore." He then climbs into the wagon, still embarrassed. Once everyone else is loaded into a the final wagon they set off, having an uneventful trip back to the city.