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A lone cougar stands waiting a pre-designated spot along the road, his cane planted firmly against the ground as he shuffles through notes with one hand. From time to time he may be heard mumbling something to himself such as "Yes, yes of course... that would disturb the..." as he impatiently shuffles, awaiting a response to his posting. It's not everyday that you uncover a temple in the desert.

Zevran approaches the cougar from the direction of Firmament, his large sword sheathed across his back. The sword might be the only significant way of identifying Zevran to any folk who had met him before, since his current serpentine form was much different than his usual form. "So, you're the one who found the temple?" He asks the cougar once he gets within earshot.

Kilsa smiles as she walk behind Zevran. A hammer is slung over her shoulder as she listen to Zevran and the cougar. She decided to listen before speaking as she watched the two intently.

Arimia walks down the road leading past the farm toward the desert, wearing a heavy cloak, dark blue in color, obscuring most of her pink fur. A fox is following along behind her. Spotting the familiar form of the badger she makes her way to join Kilsa, stopping beside the much larger woman.

Emell heads from the way of Firmament as well. Instead of his normal clothes, he has shed them in favor of some heavier chain armor, a small buckler, and a war hammer that is clutched in his left hand. In his right is, you guessed it, another book, this one about how to disern north when your lost. His soft clinking would give him away even if you weren't actively listening for him. Upon hearing voices, he stops, and puts the book away.

Selena drops down from the sky, landing in a puff of air magic at a reasonable distance to prevent any sand from spraying up on the group that's congregated nearby. She jogs up to the group and nods her acknowledgement to Kilsa and Arimia, waiting for any information to be divulged or action to be taken.

The cougar squints at Zevran and says "You again?! So you... oh that's right... you're here about the temple aren't you? Well it's quite a sight, it's treacherous to get into though I can't quite unravel what's down there on my own at my age." he says as he looks over the group. "Quite the menagerie we have here... hopefully some of you have some brains..." he says before squinting at Kilsa and Zevran. "Don't go smashin what you don't understand, got it?"

Mirana follows close behind Arimia, she was ready for a long excursion in the woods, not out in the desert. She pants abit, "Miss Arimia, this won't be counting against me on my assignment will it now?" she asks. When they join Kilsa, Mira is quick to curtsey, "Good afternoon My Lady Ironsoul," thinking this close enough to offical to be formal about things, "Miss Arimia has braught me out here and I hope to do good by you both." She turns to look everyone over, taking note of Selena and Emell before looking to Zevran and the cougar, "Oh, I assure you, there is some intellect here, not all brawn." And she leans against her staff while waiting for either Kilsa or Arimia to give her her next orders.

Zevran chuckles at the cougar's comment. "As long as whatever it is doesn't try to smash me first." He responds to the cougar before looking at the rest of the group that has assembled. He gives a friendly smile to those he recognizes, and a nod to the rest. He shifts his gaze back to the cougar, wondering when they will go to the temple.

Kilsa smiles, "I won't smash anything that doesn't attack me first. And rest assured that I'll asked the smarter ones of our collection what is smashable and what isn't." She winked at the cougar, "Just because I'm heavy folk doesn't mean I don't have a little grace and tact." She chuckled, "So what are the dangers we may face?"

Arimia flicks her tail glancing at Mirana as the fox asks her question. "You could have continued to clear out the forest, yet you chose to come out here. All choices have impact," the 'coon says, quite simply, before turning back to listen to the conversation, humming softly.

Selena smirks at Kilsa's comment, shaking her head bemusedly. "Hopefully there won't be too many things actively trying to kill us down there." She comments, directing a friendly wave to Mirana. "Good to see you again."

Emell nods and adjusts the buckler on his arm up just far enough to be able to grip his weapon in both hands. "Well, as long as nothing decides to come to life, I won't be smashing anything. If something tries to kill me...well, I can't vouch for my actions then." He says, as he glances to the cougar, then around to everyone present as he continues to listen to the conversation.

The cougar sneers at Emell before shaking his head. "This way, watch your step and don't fall into a crater, it could be perilous." he says as he guides the group along the road into the desert, in the distance a very clear line of craters can be seen, which the cougar leads the group towards. As they approach them he points to a single, very large crater with a stone structure sticking out of it. "That there used to be a dune of sand, now it's all uncovered and ready to go in. Trouble is the door is blocked, you gotta go in the hole in the top." he says as he points with his stick to a portion where the ceiling had collapsed. "I suppose you all have some rope?"

Mirana follows the cougar with caution, making sure not to get too far ahead or behind Kilsa and Arimia, "Of course Miss Arimia, just means I'll have to work twice as hard when I get back then." She says still determined. When they get to the crater, she looks about, holding her staff in one hand. She whistles a bit at the expanse, "Well, rope I wasn't expecting to need, but a bit of math can solve that problem." and she gets to calculating what it would take to propel herself across, gesturing as she prepares a spell, "Unless you don't think that a good idea Miss Arimia or Lady Kilsa." she says looking to her superiors.

Zevran glances at the craters as the group moves through the desert. "I see you've been busy." He says to the cougar as they approach the temple. He takes a few moments to look at the portion of the temple sticking out of the ground. "Damned rope. Why can't there ever be a staircase." He mutters quietly to himself. "It had better be some strong rope." He says so that the others can hear.

Kilsa reaches into her travel bag and pulls out a little bit of rope, "I don't think this will enough. I only uses for hunting and turning in a bounty." She looks around, "Any of you math experts can come up with someone that doesn't involve rocketing yourself or anyone else along?" She smiles at Mirana, "I would hate to have you get hurt in case something goes wrong." She explains.

Arimia flicks her ears slightly and lowers her hood, then shrugs off her cloak revealing her tentacled form. She hands the cloak to Kilsa. "Hold this Miss Ironsoul." She starts to fish around in her things before pulling out a lengthy coil of rope. "This should be enough. One of us has jus' gotta climb up there. No flyin' 'cause I'd rather avoid bein' blinded by desert sand. So. Who is up for some climbin'? I can if nobody else wants to."

Selena shrugs. "Sure, I can check the lock on the door or just remove it completely if you're too worried about using air math. I don't see a problem with it." She nods to Mirana, then back to the group. "Though I'm not very good with locks. I can take a look at the door while Arimia - or whoever else - is climbing, but don't expect any results."

Emell blinks. "Well, I'm not sure how good of a climber I am, but I can give it a shot if nobody else is going to?" He says, hesitantly looking at how high the ceiling is from where he is standing. He's silently hoping that someone else wants to climb to the roof, because he'll probably fail--and that's the last thing he wants to happen.

The cougar looks expectantly at the group, sighing to himself before he begins to slowly scale the walls. He jams his walking aid into a crack in the wall land begins to climb up upon it, repeating this step as he makes a little ground.

Mirana stops her spell work and looks over to Arimia and Kilsa, then around the group. "Well, I'm not sure a bridge made of sand would work, and if it were ice we'd likely just slip off of it, or it would melt. But, Miss Selena? Miss Arimia? If you think between the three of us we could make a solid bridge or stair out of the material around, I'd be willing to assist. I'm not much on climbing to be honest." And she looks to Kilsa, feeling that she's disappointing yet again.

Zevran watches as the cougar starts to climb the temple, chuckling a little at the sight. "I'm not much of a climber. But I could try to throw one of you smaller folk up there if you want." He suggests.

Kilsa smiles and switches her soul gems, "I would probably suggest against throwing anyone but I can take another up this wall pretty easily Mirana hop on may back and keep a good grip on my armor." She looks at the wall and visualizes the climb with the mind set of a ninja. "This wouldn't be that hard." She started to do a light serious of stretches, "Climb on. I'm ready."

Arimia gives a small shake of her head at the fox, saying, "Not all problems are solvable with math." She hands the rope to Kilsa and steps back slightly, tilting her head to look up and watch. She glances away briefly as a large spiked form stomps through the sands toward her quickly revealing itself to be a golem. The 'coon says, "About time you caught up, oaf."

Selena nods to Mirana. "We're not going to find much in the sand around here that's useful, I don't think. If people are so worried about the sand goign everywhere from air magic, we can jut glass a little bit of ground and the problem's solved for long enough, if we're not summoning hurricanes to pull everyone up." the wolf chuckles at Zevran's idea, "I wouldn't need to be thrown to get up there, but that doesn't mean I could pull everyone else up." She paces back and looks up the wall critically.

Emell looks up at people climbing the wall and exhales softly. "Well, hopefully throwing sand everywhere will be the least of our problems on this trip.." He says, reluctantly, as he looks up at the wall somewhat. "Also..throwing might be a bad idea..what if your aim is off?" He left it at that, because he didn't feel like going into detail.

Kilsa scales the wall with ease, Mirana in tow, as she and the old man reach the top at relatively the same time. The old man looks down at the remaining adventurers and shakes his head. "Is this really what we've all come to?" he says and waves his staff at them. Turning around he can see there is already a rope up top, multiple ropes to be exact. It seems there are already visitors. "I knew I shouldn't have left. Look at this. Get up here and hurry." he says as he throws one of the ropes down the wall, the other remaining where it is, leading into the structure.

Mirana hops off of Kilsa's back and looks down into the room, then to the rope leading inside. Being a bit too eager to prove herself, she grips the rope between her gloved hands and gives it a tug to insure it is secure. "Allow me the honor of checking inside Lady Kilsa, if it is unsafe I'll be sure to report back up as quick as I may." and she takes the rope, preparing to lower herself in, but waits at the edge of the opening for Kilsa's command before going any farther.

Zevran watches silently as the cougar reaches the top and tosses a rope down. He pulls on the rope to make sure it is secured before climbing to the roof. "Looks like somebody beat us here. At least this trip won't be boring." He comments as he looks at the other ropes.

Kilsa looks at Mirana and smiles, "Crusader Training 101, Your tougher than any mathematician but you need to take hits so they can summon earthquakes, flames or oceans. We will both go and if its unsafe I will count on you to ensure that the damage is minimized to everyone." She smiles and grabbed a rope, "Lets be off then."

Arimia grabs one of the ropes tossed down and starts to climb up after, her golem moving to climb as well. The metal construct simply climbs up the wall of the temple however, using sharp claws to make handholds. She takes her cloak back from be badger, securing it on herself and raising the hood. "I'm going to follow a short way in, not all the way to the ground, just enough that my silhouette isn't visible against the sun shinin' in through the hole, then I'll wait there to relay an all clear or an indication we're all needed down there, if you need to keep quiet for some reason."

Selena sighs quietly. "Well, that works too." She chuckles quietly, and climbs up. "Can't say I came prepared, can I?" She quips to the Cougar upon reaching the top, waiting for Kilsa and Mirana to give an all-clear or other notification it's fine to proceed.

Emell is right behind Selena almost as he grabs a rope and climbs up to the top as well. "Well, I'm sorry that I forgot to bring a rope." He says to the cougar as he looks at the hole, but stays far enough away so as not to give away the fact that whoever--or whatever--is inside there now has company.

Once the group is up top, the cougar allows Mirana and Kilsa to take the lead inside. The inside is partially lit by sunlight, the inside looks almost baren. Against the door sits a pile of sand and rubble that fell in when the ceiling collapsed, and along one of the walls is a large gash in it, only large enough for sand to trickle in through, as evident by the sand at the base of it. At the end of the room is a large staircase, going downward.

Mirana steps down off of Kilsa's back once more and looks around in the dim light. She mutters a bit and looks back to her Lady, "Give the word Lady, and I'll make a small flame so we may have some better light.???" But she is distracted by a curious crest on a nearby wall. She takes a couple of steps closer to it, "Kilsa... I vaguely remember this, this crest." She bends down as if to pray a moment, holding her medallian close to her. Hiding her actions as best she can from Kilsa, she opends a belt pouch and takes out a soul gem, opens the hidden compartment in the medallian and swaps the gems, and when done, stands back up thinking over all the Noble Houses she'd studied and anything she may have heard about older royality, nobility, and religions. As she thinks she looks back to Kilsa, "I'm sorry Lady, but if you want that flame it will take me a moment."

Zevran seems a bit discontent as he watches Kilsa and Mirana descend into the temple. "Maybe I should just go in there myself. Not like any folk in there would be a problem. I hate waiting." He grumbles quietly, not loud enough for anybody else to hear. "So, you have any clue what might be down there?" He asks the cougar as he waits to see if Kilsa and Mirana find anything.

Kilsa the moment the badger is inside she switches her soul gems, "Ahh... Back to normal." She says before look at Mirana, "Take as long as you need, I need the time to change out this gem any way. The bottom slot of my necklace sticks a bit." She grumbled as she looked over the ruins while still fumbling with the gem.

Arimia slips partway down the rope, observing, before climbing up to poke her head out of the hole, saying, "There isn't anyone directly down there. Think it's safe for us to head on down." After saying that she climbs down the rope dropping lightly to the ground by the other two. Her golem waits up top for the others to climb down before moving itself.

Selena chuckles, stretching with a quiet yawn before taking a rops and quickly sliding down. "Well, at least the wait's over. Nice place they have here." She comments, taking a look around the place for herself.

Emell also grabs onto a rope and quietly slides down it to the floor below. Well, getting in was the easy part...knowing that they might have company...not so much.

Dust, sand, and loose pieces of rubble begin to shift from the ceiling and top of the temple into the hole and the cougar begins to hurry down the rope as quickly as he can without harming himself. "I would like..." he says as he crosses the room and points to the staircase. "To be down there quickly." he finishes before decending into the darkness, without a light. Something is troubling him, and a strange bellow can be hard in the distance.

Mirana shakes her head and gives up on trying to decipher the crest any more, she knells down again, more people around, need to be more convensing. As she switches the gems back she say, "Oh wonderous Creators, please give this expadition your blessing and keep us safe from Shadow as we venture to learn more about the land we find ourselves in." Switch completed, she stands back up, "I can make that flame if you like now Lady." And looks to the rest as they decend down. She holds her staff, and when the bellow is heard, ears turn about and she looks around, trying to figure out where it came from.

Zevran follows the others into the hole, watching as the cougar takes off into the darkness. He starts to follow after the cougar, cracking his knuckles as he hears the bellow, but stops at the top of the staircase. "A flame would probably help." He remarks to Mirana before peering back into the darkness. "We should probably hurry so that we don't end up losing that old cat." He says, still looking into the darkness.

Kilsa smiles and nods, "I figure that elderly cat is tougher than what we give him credit for. Mirana feel free to illuminate us when every your ready." She says a silent pray for everyone when she hears that bellowing sound, "Did anyone else hear that?" She asked before waiting for a bit of light.

Arimia flicks her ears at the sound, then sets off to follow the cougar. She doesn't wait on a light from the fox, instead pulling an odd lantern out of her pack and lighting it as she moves. It might be recognizable as a bullseye lantern, used by sailors. Or thieves. The light it gives off is just enough for one person to see by, being mostly blocked off from others viewing by her body. As she moves she keeps an eye out for any tell-tale signs of traps.

Selena flinches upon hearing the odd noise, ready to follow after the Cougar. "I have a feeling we didn't get the whole story from that guy." She grumbles quietly, checking the walls, cieling and floor for anything unusual as she moves "He seems tough enough to me, Kilsa."

Emell nods in agreeance to Selena. "Something tells me that there's something not quite right about him." He says, softly, as he follows along. "If we ever find him, we should really ask him a few more questions...if you like." He adds, in the same tone, as he tries to keep up with the others.

The cougar says first "I can see a light source ahead, we must hurry it will all be gone." before adding "That sound is coming from above and around us, as long as we are not exposed on the surface there is no danger. A frustrated groan can be heard from deeper in the temple followed by a scratching and a series of clicks. Finally a louder click is heard followed by a giggle, and this makes the cougar hurry all the quicker. He stumbles over a mechanism that beings to push spikes out of the walls. They slowly move towards the center, riding along a system of extending mechanisms.

Mirana does some quick math and a few gestures, a small flame appearing her hand, and, hearing the need of urgancy, starts to dart off after him. "I know you said you should lead Lady, but I think we are needed to be quick about it. When he stumbles over the mechanism, and all the clicking is hear, she stops a moment to look about, the spikes however, only make her dart off faster, "Yes, I think hurry is called for!" she shouts back after a small yip.

Zevran follows after MIrana when she passes him with the light, staying a few steps behind her. He stops when she does, but is only able to get a quick look at the spikes before following after the fleeing fox. "Blasted traps." He mutters as he moves to quickly get away from the spikes, hurrying in the direction the cougar went.

Kilsa nods at MIrana and breaks out in a full sprint, "Alright." She doesn't miss a step as she scoops up the elderly male and shouts, "RUN!" She doesn't bother looking back knowing that if her large frame can make it surely the others are much much faster.

Arimia quickly examines the mechanism then shakes her head. "I'd have to get behind the walls to stop this now that it's activated. If we'd been employin' caution, an' not rushing blindly ahead it may have been a different matter." She shoots a glare at the cougar, then says, "Selena, the walls should be jammable. Change the ground to stop them, please?" After saying that she starts to walk forward through the spiky hall, golem following in her shadow.

Selena hesitates for a moment, noticing Arimia's pause. Selena gives the Raccoon a push forward, and lets aburst of earth magic out. The floor jolts up a little unevenly, but the mechanism jams to the soft sound of sand pouring in. Selena curses quietly at her perceived unfocussed cast, but runs forward nonetheless.

Our heros clear the hallway to reach a large room, filled with mostly empty chests. As they enter the room a snicker can be heard, and someone snuffs the light sources that were in the room. Mirana, the parties lead recieves a gash across their palm as something tries to lay into her, they unsuccessfully trail the strike up her arm but they do manage to kill the mages light source as well. As they run off a dagger is thrown across the room targeting the barely noticeable light that they weild. The dagger misses and grazes their side instead.

Mirana yips out in pain, and holds her hand, dropping her staff a moment. She growls a bit and blinks in the darkness. No idea what she can do without being able to see, she thinks to reconjure her light, but, that would make her a target. Instead she kneels down and feels for her staff, blood running down her hand. Finding it close by she picks it up and wonders a moment if there was any poison in that strike. She feels around to try and find Kilsa, trying to hear for her foot falls.

Zevran glances around the room as the lights go out, although he can't see anything in the darkness. He doesn't say anything, not wanting to give his position away in case he is targeted, and tries to listen for any sounds from the group's assailants.

Kilsa decides to do the opposite of Zevran and begin to slowly take her hammer and turn it upside down. She continues to clang the hammer in the same spot over and over allowing herself to be the target. She waits for the first blow to come using her rapid assessment for the battlefield to attempt to guess where the first attack may come from. "Creators, Protect your children in their time of need.." She begins to pray softly while clanging the hammer.

Arimia quickly snaps her bow out as soon as the first dagger flies, ignoring the second as it grazes her side. Readying an arrow she pulls back on the string then releases, firing at the fleeing form. The arrow flies out to strike the attacker in the left leg.

Selena runs along the tunnel. The moment she sees Mirana's light become snuffed, she responds by conjuring an ord of fire inside the room ahead. "What just happened?" She whispers across to Arimia between the clangs of Kilsa's hammer.

Emell covers his ears with his hands. "I don't know, but whatever that was, it seems like someone--or something--doesn't want us to be here.." He says, between clangs of Kilsa's hammer. "Should we continue on?" He asks, looking acropss the room to what may or may not lie beyond.

Mirana runs into very noticable Kilsa easily, with all the noise she's bound to. The orb of light casts a brilliant shine, offering the entire room to our heros eyes. Half empty chests and smashed locks litter the floor, and the figure comes into view, limping away out of the room around a corner ahead. "Hey guys! We got more company!" he yells. "Where are yah?" he adds before an explosion and shouts can be heard. The cougar looks to Mirana and says "You should bandage that and get out of here."

Mirana looks over to Kilsa then back to Arimia and Selena, blood still dripping from her hand. She pokes it and whences in pain, "He's right, I'm sorry Lady, Miss. But, I'll be sure to complete my assignment in the woods after I care for this." She heads back toward the entrance, using Selena's light to get back to where the sun was shining in, and rockets herself back out again, unsure if her hand would let her climb back out.

Zevran blinks as his eyes adjust to the new source of light. He spots the figure fleeing around the corner, his anger starting to rise because of the folk's cowardly ambush. "Not so fast." He remarks as he starts to pace towards the figure. It doesn't take any concious thought for the gifts of the Basilisk Family to activate, drastically slowing down the fleeing figure.

Kilsa notices the figure and follow after while Zevran slows the figure down, "Coward!" She screams rearing her hammer back to strike his legs with enough for to break them if she can. Her eyes reveal the fury on her face from one of her subordinates being attacked.

Arimia reaches down to touch her side, checking to see if the dagger thrown at her had cut through her vest and cloak enough to draw blood. No matter the answer her ears flatten slightly at the sound coming from ahead. She starts to move forward, sending her large golem stomping ahead of her, toward the source of the explosion.

Selena growls quietly, keeping close to Arimia and Kilsa. "What is going on in there..." She growls quietly. "You can't just blow things up in places like this!"

Emell flicks his ears gently, and follows after, his hammer at the ready just in case he gets a chance to use it..but, he should know better then to expect a chance when he can use it. However, he stays close behind just in case.

A mighty crack is heard as Kilsa smacks the fleeing assailant's leg, the poor rabbit collapsing to the floor from the force of the blow. As the heros round the corner, a room full of statues and intense fire greets them. A cloaked figure coughs and sputters as she emerges, trying to simply walk by the party. "Screw this." she says as she does. In the room are four bandits, all of differing clans and species, doing their best to save a set of six chests. One of the statues is toppled over, probably from the explosion, and blocks view of whatever lies beyond the doorway between it and it's neighboring statue.

Zevran shifts his gaze to the figure emerging from the room, anger still fueling his petrifying gaze as he assumes the figure can only be one of the bandits. "Where are you going?" He asks, moving to block her exit. He continues to focus his gaze on her.

Kilsa doesn't even break a moment before grabbing the the cloaked figure by hood and pull her back. "You seems like the smart sort so please. Talk with us. I would hate to have to deal with you and your friends violently when we all folk under the creators." She gave a winning smile before pointing to the rabbit on the ground, "He tried this the non diplomatic way, I assume your smarter that than or those bandits there right?"

Arimia sends her golem stomping into the room with the fire and statues, though stopping a short way in, she nocks another arrow, drawing back on her bow and pointing it toward those at the chests. She ignores the cloaked figure, figuring the others are able to handle her well enough.

Selena pulls the sand from hidden corners of the room, funneling it into fires that lie in the room ahead with little regard for the people that stand in the way. At least the spell serves to quench most of the fire in the room, only a couple remaining. Selena cringes a little when she realises she forgot to factor other people into the spell, though the sand shouldn't have got into anyone's eyes. Hopefully.

Emell looks around the room, shielding his eyes from the sudden upturn of sand. "So...what's all this about then?" He asks, as he squints to make out the figures across the room. "What was that explosion all about, and what exactly is going on in here.."

The flames extinguished the group inside the room quickly grabs what they can carry, but then drops it when they realize they're trapped. Drawing swords and knives, they look nervous. "C'mon we're leaving with the loot, let us out." The one grabbed by Kilsa squirms and whines, trying to kick her and break free. "Some broad was in here so we were gonna rough her up and make her leave, she's stuck back there now, all her own fault." one of them says, throwing a knife at the Arimia to try and get her to mis-fire her bow.

Zevran watches the figure squirm for a few moments in Kilsa's grasp before moving towards the two. He moves around to the figure's side, hopefully out of the range of her kicks. "It doesn't seem like she wants to talk, Kilsa. Can we just do this the easy way and drag her back to Firmament after we're done here?" He asks, his hand curled into a fist and his arm drawn back. It seems apparent that he plans to knock the figure out, but he waits to see if Kilsa had other plans.

Kilsa smiles, "Yeah. Just don't kill her." She waits for Zervan to put the females light out before taking her place between the smaller folk of her group and the bandits. "Put don't the loot and leave. No discussion." She give them a chance to turn away before rushing at the nearest one to make his body one with her hammer.

Arimia doesn't flinch as the knife flies toward her, the large metal golem sticking out an arm to intercept the missile. Metal clangs against metal, the sound drowning out the hiss of an arrow cutting through the air. Seconds later the being that had thrown the knife at her has an arrow shaft sprouting from their throat. "One knife thrown at me is my limit for forgiveness," the 'coon says as she pulls out another arrow, nocking it and drawing the string on her bow back once more.

Selena shrugs and stands back, having done enough for now and deciding to wait for a more opportune time to take any action.

Emell is not sure what to do, so, he stays next to Selena to wait for an opening to strike, and not doing much else. He watches Kilsa rush in, and just nods to himself.

The badger lands a satisfying blow against one of the three remaining figures, but the other two quickly lunge at her, digging their weapons at the only assailant within reach. The one struck looks dizzy but begins to work out some divine math, standing behind and holding up the now dying fourth bandit.

Kilsa deflect the swords blows but takes a dagger through a link in her armor. With a savage growl she head buts the bandit close enough to stab her before raising her hammer and attempting to smash through the bandit she initial struck.

Arimia curls her lips in a slight snarl, and her golem goes stomping toward the group. She then releases the tension in the string of her bow and casts a dark magic spell, tail lashing behind her, twisting probability and causing the enemy figures to start to drip blood and other viscous fluids.

Emell glances at Kilsa getting ganged up on, and decides that three on one isn't fair. He starts to move forward, an unearthly light growing around his war hammer. "May the Creators punish you for your Sins!" He says, as the light from his hammer coaleses into a beam of Light that smashes into one of the Bandits that he swings his hammer at.

Between Arimia's arrow and bodily assault, Kilsa's brute force, and Emell's holy might, the three remaining bandit's aren't looking so good. The mage stops casting, the hammer blow pushing them down underneath their still dying friend, another is stunned by the headbutt long enough to be hobbled by an arrow from Arimia, and a third seems to have lost the will to fight once their bodily fluids started leaking from their skin. The cougar steps forward and smacks the final bandit over the head with his staff, moving forward to inspect the statue. "We need to move this and see what's beyond." he says with a nod, looking to Zevran and Kilsa. "This is where you may smash things."

Zevran chuckles at the cougar's comment. "Finally. I was getting bored." He remarks as he moves over to the statue, the unconscious figure from earlier slung over his shoulder. He tosses the limp form to the side with little grace, not really trying to keep her from hitting the ground too hard. He draws his sword, raising it over his head and bringing it down on the statue with the force of a rolling boulder.

Kilsa smiles and grabs her hammer and swings like a child at a sand castle. "This is fun." She smile and doesn't stop swinging madly. Her small wound doesn't even affecter her from the amount of joy she is feeling.

Arimia sways slightly and puts her bow away, glancing back over her shoulder. "I'm going to go check and make sure the fox didn't get lost wandering the desert." Saying that she turns and heads back out the way she came, reaching to her side with one hand to check again if she's wounded.

Selena checks the corridor that she'd entered through quickly, before turning back to see Kilsa doing an impression of a wrecking ball. The wolf smirks, waiting just outside the room for the badger to finish, waving to Arimia as she leaves. "Take care." She smiles faintly before turning her attention back to the others.

Emell feels satisfied that he helped. Then, he sees Kilsa charging a fallen statue, and he steps back somewhat in order to give her a wide berth to do her thing--whatever that is.

Zevran's sword barely cuts into the statue, but Kilsa's hammer is a completely different story. The statue chunks crumble and shatter, flying away and onto the floor. When shes done the doorway is clear besides a pile of statue shards. Beyond, lies a Coastal Taipan inspecting an obsidian statue, which apperas to have come from a slot box in the wall. She looks up and waves to Kilsa and the others. "Hey sssweeties, what are you doing down here?" she hisses as she tilts her head, pocketing the statue into a large buldging bag.

Zevran shakes his head as he sheathes his sword. "If only I had a sharper sword." He mutters, dragging a foot through the dust and statue fragments created by Kilsa. He moves over to the unconscious figure he had tossed aside earlier, picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder. He turns back to notice Bite behind the remains of the statue, and it takes him a couple of seconds to respond. "Oh, just sightseeing. I love spending my free time in temples full of traps and often devoid of things to punch." He chuckles in response. His tone makes it hard to tell whether he is joking or not.

Kilsa look down at the Coastal Taipan, "Nothing much just handling something you might have left of your list of things to-do." She chuckled and hefted her hammer over her shoulder, "I also got a little practice in smashing rocks." She smiles warmly happy to see her friend. "So discover any interesting thing in there?" She teased eyeing the bulging bag. "Looks like a good haul...."

Selena rolls her eyes and smirks. "The cover story is 'assisting the elderly', not that the cougar needs any." she chuckles, gesturing across to said being. "But I'm sure you could tell us why he's here as well." Selena stifles a yawn, holding her sentence in place for a moment. "Assuming you didn't just put the reason in your bag."

Emell walked up to the opening made by the rampaging Kilsa to see someone in there. "Uh..okay...I assume we're late to the party then?" Emell asked, raising an eyebrow but nothing more. " what?" He asks, looking back and forth at everyone present.

Bite giggles at Zevran and Kilsa. "It's a nice haul and i'll share, but not with you." she hisses and points to the old cougar. Bite and the cougar have it out for a while, but he shuts up when she mentions that she kept a certain desert secret and will be taking it and the treasure with her. The cougar sighs and nods, looking back to the group. "Well what are you all standing around for, get them out of here." he says motioning to all the dying and wounded bandits. Bite motions the others out of the room and starts looking through the stuff the others were collecting. "Someone get that please." she hisses as she tilts her head at the sand filling the temple on the way out. "Well sssweetie I think he came down here because he blew the top open on accident, and thought there'd be money in it for him. I came down here because I heard a certain statue was here, and I wanted it." she adds with a giggle.

Zevran follows the others to the spot where they entered the temple. He glances up toward the hole in the ceiling when they get to the room, letting the unconcious figure he had been carrying slide off his shoulder. He leans down and grabs her by the midsection, using his muscles to toss her up and out of the temple. He would help to get some of the dead bandits out of the temple in the same way if the others in the group couldn't find a different method.

Kilsa watches Zevran and shakes her head, "Don't think that the best way buuuuut it looks fun." She begins to help Zevran toss hurt bandit like sacks of potatos. "Creators say that we should aid one another but they didn't say it had to be pretty or nice." She grinned tossing her first bandit.

Selena stifles a giggle. "I see. You two have some history, then..." with a shrug, she picks up the items Bite mentioned and places them into her bag - thank goodness for the free space in it - before quickly making her way to the hole in the roof she'd climbed in through, assisting Zevran and Kilsa with the cadavers through judicious application of air magic, pitching one out with wind magic before pulling herself up the rope. "Well, Bite, I 'll pass some of this to you when we're back in Firmament." she smirks. "Shame about the sand, isn't it?"

Emell puts his war hammer back onto his waist cinch and securies it there by tying it up. Then, he returns to the hole where he entered, assisting as best as he can with a few cadavers, then he reaches out for a rope and climbs it back out. "That was fun, if not exactly what I was expecting." He says, as he finds himself on the outside once more.

With all of the bandits out of the temple, the treasure is safely towed out and the group makes their way home, with a "Yeah, theres some interesting pictures but I can't understand any of it. It's going to be hard to get a study crew down there." she hisses and nods. "But, we have stuff to give the scholars and bookworms and some extra loot." she hisses with a giggle. The group returns to firmament, without any further hassle and turns the bandits into the guard.