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Hours have pass since the last attack, The Worm Legion is regrouping their forces as they look uncertain at the small village that greatly rebuff their attack. Their leader is sitting with the small war council, Aerios the Worm legion leader grumbles, "What do you mean cut our losses and retreat? We cannot do that and still call ourselves the worm legion, do you think these folk under our rule will be fine with us showing weakness? NO if we step away from here we are inviting daggers in our back every night for the rest of our short lives. We have to take the village or else die a failure." The council nods and grumbles as they prepare their attack. Meanwhile the villagers have taken to burning the dead of the Worm legion while useing earth math to bury their own dead. In the middle of these hasty burials many of the folk have taken to fixing up their broken houses, the mages have begun trying to lay the math to create a earth wall, The village leader is sitting with a stoic looking Mouse discussing arrangments for the dead if they survive. The medics are busy trying to get many folk on their feet, The total village population is a little more than half of what it was but much better than they would have been without the freeswords aid.

Mazurek has been helping out with the healing where he can, switching his souls around when appropriate to be in a more suitable one while also helping with the rebuilding efforts during the lull in activity. In effect, he swaps souls to his Mage Adept to handle the healing needed as well as setting up the maths where they're needed, as well as ferrying building materials to where they need to go. Griffon form is active always unless he needs to swap out souls. He definitely needs to do this to keep his own mind off the death of that youngster that he had escorted during the scouting session.

Bite frowns at the going ons that happened during her absence. This isn't the time for being sad though they need help. She moves towards Ictus and hisses "Hello sssweetie, if you need me I'll be helping with the wall." She moves off to help out with the wall for the villiage, it's the least she can do at the current time.

Ictus frowns thoughtfully as he eyes the army on the other side of the hill and shakes his head as he looks to the tunnels, "Hmm... We should get these checked out." he looks at Bite and nods as he walks with her, "Do you think you could add spikes to the walls?" he looks around at the villagers to check their moral while he's at it

Angus chuckles as he crouches near ohe of the holes, flicking a pebble into it as he thinks. "And if you get a chance Bite could you try and create some more spikes, Not on the walls but the ground abount......ten or twenty feet in front of it. They still have a mounted force, so if we could break their charge before they can become a possible threat it might work in our favor. Not to mention it might slow down their advance if they have to stagger over the walls, and the bodies." Standing up he yawns, and stretches lightly. "As for the tunnels, if they aren't already blocked off then we should block them off.....but then again. We could use them to our advantage, if they go all the way to their camp. Could collapse the entire thing at the last second and drag a few of their men down into the ground, cause some chaos as they are walking over them."

Ixitixl has had his hands full trying to keep up with the influx of wounded as the fighting raged on. The lull, however temporary, was welcome, though thoughts of those that could not be saved weighed heavily upon him, and it showed through in his morose expression. The work, at least, kept him busy enough that he could not dwell long on his sorrow, and he seemed to perk up and redouble his efforts whenever he caught sight of Mazurek bustling about.

Ryusho was running back and forth, trying ot make sure medical was working well, nodding to Ixitixl every now and again when passing, but he was making sure to keep supplying his potent dulling potions to help with that, though he also was working to keep his eyes open, as he needed to try to help prepare for more that was to come, as one thing was making sure to repair damage to armor and weapons of those who can still fight, and help to outfit those who might need it to engage in fighting, of course one of those first priorities had been to repair Ictus's weapons when they had broke from the last battle >.>

As the walls are being erected and armor is repaired. A small hissing sound reaches the ears of everyone around. A white fog begins to pour through the area, it takes only a few moments before the entire village is covered in a thick white sheet. Even from a distance one could see the white fog rolling down the village into the surrounding area. Their is a soft giggle in the village before a scream echo out, "There is someone with us! We are being attacked!!" A few clever mages start to cause wind magic but even with thier full force they only aid in spreading the strange mist. A giggle is heard again and many of the mages are ded before they can even scream for help. No matter where any of the villagers are they can feel a presence near them.

Mazurek hears the screams but does not know what to do. He is in the midst of flying back to base to fetch more building materials when the screams begin. He looks around quickly to try and isolate the causes only to have nothing come to view. Grimacine as best as a beaked head can he flies back to base as swiftly as he can and calls out, "Captain Ictus! Private Lunch reporting! Orders?" He's clueless, yes.

Bite frowns at the going ons, unsure exactly how to proceed. That frown soon dissapears as the giggling starts up, she herself finds it quite infectious. She sways and giggles to herself, getting herself into a good mood, unable to trace the effects exactly but knowing what she wants to do. Smoke and fog don't mix well, the area by the burning bodies will be toxic, and the mages here are dying. What about that tunnel they were all talking about? She makes her way slowly towards the tunnel, preparing some form of magics.

Angus curses, as he was right beside one of the holes as the white fog rolls in. "Over there!" He yells, pointing as he catches a glimpse of something thin and wiry before it is gone once again. "Dammit, It's targeting our mages. Ictus, we need to find this thing." Drawing his Rapier he frowns lightly, scanning the mist to try and catch another glimpse of their attacker.

Ictus blinks at Maz and shakes his head at the fog, "Blasted fog... Mazurek! See if you can find the source in one of the tunnels? We'll handle things up here." he searches for the intruder and growls as he draws his daggers, "I know Angus! We have to keep calm though." he grumbles as he searches for one of the mages to protect

Ixitixl had largely been too busy to even notice the fog rolling in, but when the screaming starts he lifts up, startled to full alertness. Eyes wide with horror he stands utterly still while chaos errupts all around. Finally he closes his eyes, purses his lips into a thin line, draws in a breath and holds onto it. In this way, he tries to focus, to hone his senses and clear his mind -- but his concentration is shattered by a laboured groan from nearby, and just like that he blurts out "I'm come... I'm coming!" and rushes to the injured being's side. As he goes to work, the iguana implores the other healers, assuming them close by, even if he can no longer see them, "We have to k-keep working!"

Ryusho Would shift, half drawing a weapon as he rumbles softly, looking around as the visibility slowly dissappeares, as also the screams begin, not sure if they are all real or if some might actually be 'fake' to try to cause more panic, as he shifts his position, though he begins to hold a form of guard where he is, those near him he tries to keep a look out for, and also thinks it would be safer to stay in a group, I mean as a group multiple people can watch out for something...and more people means less blind spots...unless of course they are all looking the same way...as he feels with one hand, deciding to slowly make his way towards the side of a building nearby, and keep his back against the wall as he begins progressing in this odd way as much as possible towards where the tunnels are to make sure nothing gets behind him hopefully

As the four decend down into the tunnels they cannot see a thing as the fog is blowing around them in the darkness. That doesn't stop them from hearing the screaming of the villagers above, outside there is the sounds of more giggling before an archer is decapitated. "Everyone get down!" The village elder shouts before firing a bolt of lighting at the source of the giggling, in a short blinding instant his bolt spreads from his target to a complex around the village. "So that his game. Archers target my mark." The elder begins to fire the bolt in same direction but this time as he points his finger a soft whine echos as his hand is split all the way to his elbow. "ARRRRGGGGG!!" The old pug screams as the Bunny Archer from earlier drops down off his perch to grab the Leader. "Sorry Henry but forgive me." The bunny tosses the pug with surprising strength into the building housing the medics, out of the corner of his eyes he notices Angus searching and the giggle starts again, in a split second the keen eyes of the bunny notice a dark shape decending upon the fox, without a single thought the bunny draw and fire an arrow of superior skill as the creature behind Angus raises a slient clawed hand but is hit in the back with an arrow which bounces off with a metal ding. The creature leaps like a enraged flee as it barrels down on the bunny who doesn't get a chance to notch another arrow before the creature his throat open. The creature giggles before vanishing in the mist to find new targets. Inside the tunnel as the group continues to press on Ryusho happens to step on earth math trap, He doesn't even have time to reach as a foot long shard of metal slices through the bottom of his foot and out the top. Seems like there are small traps inside of of the tunnel. The trap that ryusho steps on glows brightly almost like a waring as the fog around the tunnel group turns a dull red. and back to white in moments.

Mazurek is quite oblivious when it comes to things happening in the tunnel, but he does look up as things get going out there. A slight cock of the head is given when the fog within the tunnel takes on a red hue only to turn back to its pasty white again. He continues onward, padding forward and oblivious to the dangers down there....for now at least.

Bite hisses "Stop sssweeties." inbetween giggles, her swaying in place being her only movements. She tilts her head and thinks. She starts to collapse the tunnel, but as she does so it starts to fix itself! She hisses discontent, her giggling halts as she hisses "Somethings fixing it, but... I have another idea. There are wiries here and some traps nearby, don't trip them. I'm going to start a fire in the tunnel and then back out." she adds as she whips up some fire magic, intending to spread it across the wires and starts to move backwards into the massacre.

Angus stares in disbelief as the bunny goes down with a shredded throat. "Dammit all..." He mutters as he puts his back to a wall and continues to scan the mist for the creature that caused this. "Ictus, I saw something that looked like a wire earlier. Maybe that's how it's tracking us.."

Ictus nods to Angus and grins, "Ok, everyone try to stay still!" as he charges towards Angus, "I hope there's a wire near you cousin." as he gets ready to strike a blow coming from behind

Ixitixl tunes out the noises from without as best as he can, focus intent upon his work. Medicate, bandage, move on. When the pug is, um, "delivered" to them he and many others stop for several beats, recognition of the event that just transpired taking a moment to sink in. Once it does, however, the place bustles like never before, and the iguana is there at the wounded pup's side, binding that arm good and tight to cut off circulation in the direction of the gash, doing his utmost to avoid looking at the gore-soaked limb. "Please don't move this is going to need stitches I'm out of sedative does anyone else have some?..."

Ryusho grits his teeth without thinking as he suddenly begins to sprew obceneties though it seems mostly draconic in toungue or something though common speach is spread out in it, as..well one of the things he does say is ..actually "Bloody Puss Spewing Guts in Hell" as he yells and nd -ROARS- though as he roars in pain, before he tries to get his foot loose...well......this woudl explain the massive plume of flame that rushes from his muzzle and...decides to promtly -fill- the tunnel ahead af him...of course...there seem to be two semi unfortiounate people just infront of him.....woops for instrinctive pain reactions!

As the Taller of the two Solacious males moves around, he tiggers a wire and the giggling starts again before a large black shape decend from the top of a building forcing Angus to dodge. Angus swings with his blade as fast as possible striking the creature across the brow and getting a good look at him. It is a strange golem with a small Dalmation boy manipulating strange math on the inside of it. He is looking at Angus with blood shot eyes and giggling madly but the thick metal only lets out a soft giggling noise. He start to control the golem stick before his entrails force fully come out of his stomach as Ictus thrusts in his blade into the lightly protected back of the golem. The dalmation looks down and laughs even more as blood drops drools from his mouth, he winks at Angus through the glass parts of the golem before opening the hatch, "Hehehehe...." He drops out still bleeding with a knife in his hand as he attempt to make a swipe at Angus but expire with the blade in his hand. Meanwhile in the tunnel Ryusho unexpected flame triggers the traps those traps cause a few pits to appear and miss everyone. "WE have invaders!" A Voice screams further down the tunnel before a whistling sound echos out. A large metal ball with four wind magic points rocketing it like a charging beasting at the group there is little time to move before ball crashes into Bite the magic activate on contact with her. The math starts to swirl the group around battering them against walls and flinging them out of the tunnel from the point where they started as the wind magic funnels even more of a the mist into the village. The screaming has died down though as the mysterious murderer is no longer able to respond to the wires. The sounds of cheering can be hear from the enemy group but it sounds as if they are much closer.