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Its doesn't take long before reenforcement arrive, There are sixteen hours hours remaing in to prepare before the large army arrives to the door steps of the simple village of Valist, Their are currently three large groups working in tandem for the defenese of the village. THere are mages preparing specials and medics preparing various herbs and simple remedies to heal everyone, lastly there is a large group of warriors that looks a little grim about there prospects for survival. This is looking to be a very dire situation to everyone involved...

Bite arrives with an almost skip in her step, her body swaying as she smiles and overlooks the situation. She approaches who she assumes is in charge, and hisses "Hello there sssweetie, what am I here to help with?"

Ictus looks up from the maps he is looking at and nods to Bite, "Good to see you Bite." he's all buisness right now as he looks to those gathered and ponders the vilage elder, "While I don't want you to strain yourself too hard... This will be a very hard battle. Are you sure you are up for this?"

The next newcomer to arrive is a certain black griffon, a Raven and Panther combination. This eight foot long creature looks quite ready for battle, body looking quite oiled and very muscular. Padding right up to Ictus the griffon settles on his haunches and peers at the map.

"I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I HATE flying!" The fox complained, tugging on a few straps that were loose on his armor. Angus frowned, still a bit shaken by the rather swift flight that they had just had. He sighed, placing a hand on the hilt of his old Rapier as he walked up to his cousin. "Alright so, whats the situation Cousin?"

Ryusho hums softly as he brushes himself off himself, "I don't know, I think it was nice." he says glancing at Angus, but then nods to the one in charge, "Where do you need a craftsman? I can fight too, but What do you need me to check up on? I can help make sure armor and equipment are in optimum condition, and I can try to help with any basic fortifications."

The white eyes pug looks to Bite, "Miss there is many things my people need, if your dress is any indicator the mages could use some help on any Math you are willing to give. I am skill only in my field and have little more to offer then what I already have." The village elder turn to Ictus and smiles my body is frail but..." He does a complex guesture and a bolt of lightening streaks across the sky. "I have a few tricks up my sleeves. Don't let this cute face fool you, I used to be able to fight well when the shadows attacked this village." He chuckles and coughs a little blood. "The crafting was done by that Solacious House member over there." He points at Ictus while speaking to Ryusho, "Fine weapons but we won't refuse a little help on the broken armors we have, most are a relics of rougher times but it could be useful to have them brought to their former glory."

The serpent giggles and nods. "I'll help sssweetie, just let me look over your traps and maybe make a few of my own." she hisses before smiling at the lightning. "I'm glad you can defend yourself sssweetie, I trust everyone has eaten? Or will eat before the battle, and that you have rations to last a while?" With that she moves off, looking over traps, doing what she can to fix them, and making her own where possible before devoting a great deal of time to the mages who need her help.

Ictus looks to the others as they arrive and nods in greeting, "Ok, Mazurek. I want you to help with the scouting, you'll be heading east and I want you to guard the young dragon who will be helping you. Don't let them get injured, but try not to get injured yourself." he looks to Bite and then to Henry, "Bite, can you do lightning?" he looks to Angus and chuckles, "Just adjusting my plans a bit, I want you to be with the beings who are hiding inside the buildings to ambush those that get through the front lines. Just watch for mud and don't step in it." he looks to Ryu and nods, "Can you help with the armor? After that I want you to help with the medicines as best you can."

Mazurek would salute if his current form allowed it. Well, what he does is nod once and finally speaks, "I won't worry so much about my own injuries. If the young one needs it, I can heal him or her during the journey." The ebon feathers are ruffled and he jostles the small-ish bag hanging around his neck. When the debriefing concludes he has something to eat before taking wing to be with the young dragon he will be escorting.

Angus nods lightly as he looks over the map. "Alright then, how many men can I expect to have at my side and what are we armed with?" He asked, already pulling out his musket to clean and oil the thing, making sure it's ready and there won't be any missfires while in the middle of battle. "Also, what's this about Mud?"

Ryusho salutes as he shifts, and quickly would work to orient himself, as he would begin promtly to work and begin to work at making sure the armor was up to snuff, and then some if possible, since he had been told it needed quite a bit of work, he wanted to make sure that those who were going to rely on it, could indeed rely on it.

The preparions go very well as the fighters are much better armed and now much better defeneds with the aid given by the freeswords. The young dragon with mazurek, He is small folk mouse child blushing being near a freesword as he works to dye himself black to prevent any one from seeing him. "Hi. I'm Sky, um.. I've been told your a dragon too. Thats nice, I can't wait to zip around and help. I can't fly much but I was told not to go very far." Back near the pug Henry smiles at Angus, "We've got 351 fighting capable, 200 fighters, fifty-one mages including myself, 100 archers and 20 of the best medics around. The rest are just farmers, children and the elderly." He says as they continue to talk tatics and gear for eight more hours.

The village even with the improvements still seem a little down each of them are trying to keep up bravdo to their friends and family but a glance to their eyes speak volumes of the dread they aer currently feelings. Henry turns his white eyes to look at Bite, "A bit of food wouldn't hurt at all if you like Ma'am but we don't want them cramping in the midst of battle." He sighs, "I will leave it in your hands." The Soldiers are being fitting as night falls and a single mot of light can be seen in the distance by those with the sharpest of eyes.

Bite does her best, helping those who need mathmatical teachings and hisses "I need to go check on some things sssweeties, I'll hopefully be back before the battle." With that, she departs away from the villiage.

Ictus looks at the Maz-griffon and nods, "You'll be flying, so don't over do it." he looks at Angus and chuckles, "You'll be with fourty other beings, all armed with swords and other close combat weapons. Some may have muskets too. I've asked the mages to hide on the rooftops and blast the ground with water magic to turn it to mud, then blast it with fire magic." he looks around at the false bravado on the people and shakes his head, "We need to inspire some confidence in them... If only Mirana were here..."

The 'dragon' scout was definitely not what the griffon was expecting. He had been expecting something completely different, something...other than a mouse lad. The introductions are given and he bows his head, "Mazurek is my own name, young one. You have heard correctly in that I am also a dragon, but I am choosing to be here as a Griffon so that I may be in the air for as long as required." He works with the child with coating himself in the dark substance, going so far as to transform into his natural form so he has hands. He is not going to caution the child, for it isn't really his place to do so. He is an escort, not really an advisor, but that will definitely change if trouble is found. His natural dark coloring makes it pointless that he cover himself with the paint as well, so he takes off and scouts with the youngling, keeping him within sight even if it means being close. The attention the mouse gives him is enough to warm his heart and more than enough to definitely make sure nothing bad happens to him.

Angus nods as he listens to his cousin and he taps his chin, unlike most of the beings there is bravado was not false. The fox was calm and collected, and when his cousin spoke of inspiring them his ears flicked. "I'll see what I can do...." Turning around he goes to pick up a shield, and smacks the plum of his dagger against it to make enough noise to get everyone attention. As soon as everyone eyes were upon him he smiles, making sure no fear was visible on his form, and begins to speak. "I do not mean to intrude on what everyone is doing, but I thought I might say a few words. In a few hours we are going to war. Actual war, this isn't going to be a tiny skirmish, this isn't going to be a bar fight. The people we are about to face are here for one thing, and one thing only. To tear down your homes you have built, to tear the families that you helped make apart, to turn this place into nothing but ash.....The question is.... Are we going to let this happen? are we going to sit idly by as they march right in here, smiles on their faces, and do whatever they please? ......Well are we? Because you can beat on your lives that exactly what they are going to do." dropping the shield he smiles, and draws his Sword. "Now I don't know about you, but I'm NOT going to let that happen. I'm not going to let them set one foot in this town without it being paid for with blood, and it Damn well will be theirs. I'll make sure of that. Now, Who's ready to show these assholes a proper welcome?"

Ryusho himself though when he finished with the armors, woudl begin to go and work to make sure medical and everything was as prepared as possible for those who would need it, to help make sure they would be prepared for any wounded, and able to treat it as best as possible..

Mazurek and the scout return learning that there is a forward party of warrior mounted on large beast. Their leader is riding on a bone dragon carrying a staff that burns as brightly as any torch. They also speak of a large party of foot mounted warrior following them at a brisk pace. "And and they have muskets, and and and and one really really big musket on wheels." The child looks frightened. Angus speech inspires everyone gather in a small frenzy, A few females come out if their home dress in black robes with a smile, "Well Spoken House Solacious. If it pleases those gathers we are former members of the BlackFangs. We didn't wish to turn to the old ways but we will aid with our poisons and our dark math to your cause... We don't require instruction because each of us have problably killed more folk that you've ever met." The females solid blacks mask with long fangs coming from it. "Sisters! Take positions and prepare your maisma..." The cloak women begin to hop on top of buildings as the mounted soldiers arrive. A rider casts Air math to amplift his voice to the point it causes the ground to rock, "We are the Promise that the Creators would never tell you about. We are the sicking death that comes in a crashing wave, We will take your children and dash them against the stone, we will take your wives and defile them till they are nothing more than husks to grovel at our feet, we are the hatred of Promise. We care little for your wishes and we will give you no time to retreats. WORM LEGION CHARR-HurK!" An arrow slience the speaker forever as a rabbit shrugs, "Eeeh. I like the Solacious speech better anyway." He says as arrows decend on the mount group, like a flood the army Charges they are blown into small chucks as they charge blindly. A particular soldier is tossed hight into the air by a wind math trap and lands on a earth math trape that skewers him as his mount lands on his corpse. The inital charge is sever weaken as they enter the town trampling over their dead with no concern Those that make it into the village are greated with muddy ground that dose little against their mouth but a cloud of poison kills off most of them before it fades. Soldiers pop out of houses doing battle with superior weapons they fight well but the numbers begin to push them back as more reenforcement come inside and begins sniping the mages and archers. A large clusters is currently approaching the free swords as their leaders take the field with only a fourth of his forces left. "KILL THEM ALL!!"

From a distance the leader of the initial Raid begins charging to the freeswords hoping to kill some of them while they are occupied. His bone Dragon mount is glowing at it draws closer and closer with each soldier he slaugters...

As the medic goes down the dragon crushes the dieing rider and mount as he screams war cry. "WORM LEGION. BLOOD AND GLOOOOOORY!!!"

The riders are beaten back after the fall of their leader, A single soldier attempt to run away while the rabbit smiles on the roof. "Heh. Hey everyone watch this!" The rabbit puts a strange arrow into his bow and fires at the back at the soldier soldier who give a very feminine scream but isn't hurt. "Wha?" He pulls out the strange arrow and looks at it, "what is thiiiiiiiiiiis" Delayed wind math sends him rocketing away into the tree line screaming the whole way. A few soldier chuckles as the medics come out and tend to their wonds many lives were lost but there is still a large force to be reckoned with. The group cheers at the withdrawal but in the distance there is more torches appearing in the tree line. The Dragon returns, "They are getting soldiers they don't seem very armed but after them is a group with alot of muskets and some other things I can't tell what they are looks like a cross bow but much much bigger."

Ictus dodges, weaves bobs and even blocks blows as he fights the mounted raiders. He strikes and strikes even after some of his weapons break, determined to keep these invaders from killing as best he can. He looks up ast that arrow and gives a chuckle with a thumbs up at that, "Nice shot." as he gets ready for the next wave

The beginning of the battle had the Griffon going after, of all things, the captain instead of the healer that everyone else was going after. Sure he took a lot of damage, but being Growing Clan he weathered the greater majority quite well and never got hurt enough for it to be a worry. Slashing with talons, his tail-spike, and even various magics to bring everything down. He lets out a shrill avian cry when the leader of the initial charge goes down, following it up with, "Solacious Army Power!" Nearly everyone of the Guild is part of that house as it is. Go-Go-Growing-Clanners!

Bold words from a fox helped stir the hearts, and quiet the minds of the citizens enough for them to stand up to this so called 'Worm Legion'. And that same fox would not allow his words to stand without action as Angus charges to the forefront of the battle. Silver blade striking with the same speed and ferocity of a vipers fang Angus did not relent, and when the dust settled. When the battlefield had quieted, it was his blade that pierced the heart of the their leader. His reinforced leather armor was torn and cut in many a place, and he had a few wounds as well, yet he was still smiling. With a snarl he place his boot on what use to be their leader. "There's your blood, but I think we will keep the glory." And with ceremony, without care, he wrenched his blade from the body.

Ryusho was working like a living battering ram, using his size to slam those he could around that were the enemy, but the semi grace to avoid doing that to his friends and allies, as he would use his smithing arm to bring in blows of power with his axe, his blade being worked more nimbly by his other arm to help with his strikes, even taking moments in the middle of combat sheathing his weapons for a split second to quickly begin to work and use his skills on the field to quickly heal and patch up those near by as he could, with the potent and strong salves he knows how to make and help keep others on the field, though the instant the fight is over, though in part he starts joining the cheers, but he then begins quickly working to preform "Emergency repairs" on damaged armor, and weapons, to try to make sure as much is battle ready as possible for what is to come, as well as treating wounds as best he can....

The army stops sort of the tree line, "They are up to something..." The pug sats from being a small earth math wall. "Oh my. That isn't good, Everyone get to cover!" He shout and begins to fire lighting as warriors covered in fire math come charging into the city a few of them are caught on the remain traps as other catch on and start using their allies bodies as a bridge to march on the village. The first soldier makes it into the town and does something odd by jumping into a houses windows there is a scream before the entire house explodes. Seeing this a few dozen remain mages cast a powerful spell that causes the ground to wobble and drops the charging soldier into a large crater that fills up with dirt. The ground rumbles with the rawr of the explosions from so many of the inside soldiers as they continues to die in massive amount. "Leader. I have an idea... Follow my lead." The begin to prepare a math circle as a single fire ball no bigger than a fist float over to the tree line and detonates with a spark. "Waaait for it...." Explosion erupt over the course of the worm Legion ranks killing and wounding many, this has the added effect of killing the cannon operators as their ignite the many stockplies of powder. "I think we bought ourselves a little time to breathe... I hope."

Ictus blinks as they start using sucide bombers and shakes his head with a growl, "Cowards..." he grins at the mages as they cause explosion and calls out, "Excellent job!" he thinks a bit as he eyes the army, "Hmm, what are they going to do now I wonder..." he looks over to the mages and calls out, "When they get close enough, try using earth and air magics to fling rocks at them."

Mazurek finally drops to the ground for the first time since the battle began. The explosions in the housing area attract his attention soon enough and he merely watches grimly at the destruction is caused. He huffed softly as the destruction is turned upon the enemy, watching the fireworks as they send the enemy into chaos...at least for the moment.

Ryusho cringes a bit at the casualties, "Cowards.......Such attacks are honorless and...stupid, not to mention the fact htey are wanting ot kill civilians.." he shakes his head slowly, such stupid things, though they have to do what they can as he tries to run to find those injued and aid those he can with a determination to try to help those who are indeed hurt and use his strong dulling potions if needed as well

Angus flinches at the first explosion, his frown deepening as more bodies are added to the pile. "Cowards...and bad sports to." Turning towards the enemy he shakes his sword, still covered in their leaders blood. "Atleast try and fight like you mean it Cowards!" He yells, his smile turning fierce as he looks back at Ictus. "Good thinking, thin their numbers as they bunch together."

The Worm Legion doesn't make a moves as they recover, There is a softs rumbling comes from the woods before silence, Wind magic activates, "For a bunch of folk living in a village you have alot of skill. This is Aerios the Legion leader, I would like to say that I'm amused... Do you know why we are called the worm Legion. Well Doesn't really matter you see right about...now." His speech was loud and booming enough to distract from the soft rumbling of the ground before a few buildings collapses into sink holes and dozens of troops storm out. "Protects the females and children. Plug up those holes. The mouse in dragon form sees a mother taken down by a rat with a wicked spiked club her baby drops to the floor crying, He rushes to pick up the child and grabs them flapping his wings to try to get to a safer area but that turns out to be his undoing as a few magic attempting to strike a blow on the village cast a fire math that explodes around him ripping off a wing and sending the young dragon and the child to the ground neather is moving as more soldiers poor out to fight.

During the surprise attack a older male mouse medic looks over to the fallen dragon, "My son.. They killed my son..." He attempts all his medical knowledge with others aiding him. "Please wake up. Come on boy, you tougher than that, didn't you say you would be the first to fly to the Creators...." Neither the baby nor the dragon stir the rest of the medic leave to tend to those that are wedged under the rubble as the male cries and just sits as he does a Griffon drops out of the sky and grabs a female mole medic before drop them. Archers attempt to hit the Griffon but the arrow are causally dodged as the unfortunate mole lands on one killing them both. The Griffon gives a cry before speeding back to the enemy army. The booming voice echo again, "Awww you guys are good I almost got nicked a few times but the games are over. I've lost to many soldiers to this and I see you have many many females. How about a trade, You keep your soldiers and you send every female to me and my troops to cover for our losses. Otherwise we will just kill them. Oh and asking for help from the Solacious is just not very fair." The voice stops but Herny is seething, "I want that monster dead down to the last soldiers. Freeswords, Are we able to take them or are we still too weak? I want revenge but I have to think of my village first..." He sniffles but doesn't cry.

Bite hurries back to the city she had left in preparations for battle, frowning at the sights she sees. "I'm sorry i'm so late sssweeties." she hisses as she approaches the highest ranking folk in view, spell readying just in case. "What's going on, and how can I help?"

Ictus blinks at the sappers and growls as they attack, he looks over at the child as the battle ends and shakes his head sadly, "I am truely sorry..." he looks up at the griffon and growls furiously, "Coward..." he takes a few breaths to calm himself and looks to Henry, "No, we won't attack just yet... Not directly anyway." he looks at the sappers tunnels and hmms, "What do you think Angus? Their leader seems good... Think he'd expect an ambush or close the tunnels?" he shakes his head at Henry and blinks, "We aren't going to give up, would you really give up your wives and daughters?"

Mazurek is rather helpless to watch the demise of the one dragon child that he had scouted with earlier that day. He is the only other griffon on the field but he was grounded by choice after the battle and simply cannot get to the kid in time to save him. Desite the loss he dives down to retrieve the bodies, sending a water elemental out to act as a decoy if needed. He isn't going to let them get slaughtered needlessly and he stays by both corpses until they are taken away by the medics. Someone has a soft heart, as can be seen by the tears sliding down the beaked face, "The other Griffon will pay for this. They think they can give threats and get away with this?" He thinks about making his own challenge using his own air magics, but decides against it.

Angus turns to look at Mazurek, and the carnage that the Griffon has caused. This. Will. Not. Stand. "Ictus, check those tunnels, I'll make sure you have a distraction." He then strode forward, his voice infused with Air magics. "Unfair, Unfair? It's unfair for a noble to protect a Village from scum like you? It's unfair for someone to try and help defend against Low lifes who are no better then the worms they name themselves after. Well how about this. If you want your demands heard, if you want anything from this Village. You bring your sorry ass over here and fight me. I Challenge you to a Duel to the Death, you win. And your demands will be heard!" His grin sharpens as his eyes narrow. "But if I win, your men leave. And I leave your corpse for the crows!"

Ryusho can only scowl at how the mouse-dragon-kid seems to of been a casualty as he is..assuming that he is dead since the other more..skilled medical workers have given him up...as he sighs softly, shaking his head, "...Such a coward.....If the creators could just strike him down where he is right now I would be more then happy..." he says softly, "...Though happier still to see him --suffer- for his actions." he says quietly, "..and I normally despise the idea of torture." ht then mumbles to himself..... then glances to angus as he yells this, with a qurik of his brow, "...Jeez if you die because he accepts I'll kill you.." he says rolling his eyes a bit....being sarcastic of course...

The suns starts to rise on the battle fields, IT can be seen that the large force has been greatly diminished fighting the village. Those that can be seen do not look like fearsome warriors but more like desperate nomad hoping to live another day. The Griffion is no were to be seen on the tree line. Deeper inside the Worm Legion Camp, Thier leader sits smiling to himself surrounded by bound females, "Well girls, This has been a terrible day. I will have to do something or the word legion is as good as fish bait." He places a sword at the neck of a female, "What would you do if I died, You've each mothered fine warriors for me but this it. I have little need for you if I'm going to die and if not, you've long outlived your usefulness." He says as the fearful looking females as trail of black math drifts from his fingers to each of them. The challenge reaches his ears over the screams of the four females. "Like hell... Duels are for nobles and hero's in children stories." HE grunts annoyedly.