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All around town it is plan to see. Reward posters everywhere, asking for any information leading to an arrest, a hideout, anything that would help in the investigations. In the marketplace, the rumers are flying everywhere. "I hear the search party didn't go so well, someone actually attacked the noble in charge of the investigaion!" a large gerrafe says as he walks by. "Got away clean?" an owl asks, "Yes, nothing was really found." replays the cockatoo. It seems to be all that anyone can talk about.

Garma wheels himself and his cannon into the marketplace, never letting it leave his side. On his back is a large heavy looking sack, and with this load he makes his way towards a stand to buy something nice, maybe a jacket, for a special someone. He eyes the posters and listens to the gossip and rubs the back of his head, unsure exactly what to make of it.

Saibh has made her way to the job as well, checking over bits of gear, making sure verything's secure, everything's in working order and nothing's about to break down. She stops for a moment to scrape a bit of dirt free, then turns around to take a look around. Without saying much, she makes her way over to Garma and mutters, "Still think you should find a smaller one to carry, field artillery's overkill"

Zevran makes his way into the marketplace, his gaze drifting across the various stalls he passes as though examining their wares. He doesn't stop to look at anything for more than a couple of seconds, his attention focused more on listening to the various gossip throughout the marketplace.

Travis makes his way into the Marketplace, giving a curious look around. He hmmms softly as he quietly walks over, he has heard that help was needed, so he has come to see if there is anything he may be able to do.

Arimia wanders into the market place with her cloak pulled tight about her. She wanders about the stalls, not looking for anything particular, instead simply listening to the crowd and seeing what she can overhear.

As the group comes in the beings make way for them. "Things are not well in cliffside, some of the council there still thinks our militia is behind it!" says a snow leopard to a rhino. "I can't believe that they would send soul gifted out like that... they should have known violence would happen" says an ignorate cheetah to a fennec, who only nods, smile and nods. "They are disrupting the shipping routes too," stars a very heavy looking bear, "can't get my food supplies shipped in for my restaurant, going to have to raise prices again." He complains.

Garma walks up to a stand selling what he hopes are fine jackets, and begins to look them over, commenting back to Saibh "Are you hearing this? What trashy gossip." he laughs as he inspects Saibh once more and looks at a small article. "Who would believe the militia would push for more war with cliffside, like we aren't tangled up in enough."

Saibh peers out of the corner of her eyes as she picks through things absentmindedly. She nods to Garma, then holds a finger up as she tries to slip into the crowd, obviously tracking after something.

Zevran continues to act as though he is perusing the wares of nearby stalls, but his attention is drawn to a small figure weaving its way around the crowd. He changes his course, moving to put himself directly in the figure's path while still glancing at the stalls. He plans on trying to stop the suspicious figure if he gets a chance.

Travis tilts his head as he looks around, just gazing about some. He starts to walk around, browsing the goods for sale, checking to see how much money he has. His ears flick around as he listens to the idle gossip, and frown forming on his muzzle before disapearing.

Arimia continues to idly make her way through the crowd. She spots a small, suspicious looking mouse and starts moving toward them. When she notices a figure move in their path she gives a small frown, until she recognizes the rhino, which prompts her to move to corral the mouse toward him if need be.

Angus frowns as he enters the marketplace, the idle gossip and the posters a bitter reminded of their failure to find those responsible for the attacks. To him the marketplace seemed over crowded today as he pulled up his hood before he stepped into the crowd, his attention fully on a strange looking Basilisk browsing the wears.

Kilsa looks around as she enters the marketplace, a small tsk comes for her muzzles at she looks over the poorly guarded wares. She could easily rob this place blind before anyone knew what happend, "I wonder how much would they pay if I charged for guarding their wares. Such sad shape, I could make so much here." Kilsa chuckles and clicked her gauntlet together idly as a she wears as she goes from place to place telling crude jokes and looking for discounts on merchandise she could make herself.

The croud continues to murmer and talk among themselves as the mouse tries to dart this way and that. He notices Zevran and tries to evade them entirely, only to find himself slowly being cornered by Arimia and Saibh! He tries to make a dive for it, but is captured by Saibh with Arimia helping. "Help! Let me go, what are you doing!" Thinking quick he tries to make a scene of out what is happening. People turning to see what is going on.

Garma is told to be silent, then a scene starts to break out. He thinks quickly, putting it together, and laughs loudly. "Sir, YOU are OUTRAGEOUS!" he cries, holding up the jacket for all to see. "THIS JACKET HAS A HOLE in it, FOR SUCH A HIGH PRICE?! You punk, who do you think you are charging like THAT! What about that lady who was just here, what did you sell her?" As he talks he elbows the folks next to him and points out the hole for them to see. "Look it that, isn't that a grift?"

Saibh sighs as she's caught, starting to hurry, trying to chase him, then shifting to try and corral him towards the others. With the situation starting to go sideways, she crouches down and says sharp and low, "Knock it off" While hoping that Garma or another can distract the crowd for a moment. If someone's close enough, anyone she recognizes that is, she'll try to tell them as quietly as the crowd permits, "Watch for a gryphon, this one was working with him the last time"

"Thanks for the help." He says to Arimia, his focus on the mouse that he has pinned to the ground. He maintains a strong grip on the shoulder of the captured mouse with one hand, using the other to twist the mouse's arm behind its back into a position that would cause great discomfort to it. With more force he could probably break the arm, but decides against it at this point. "I'd recommend shutting up. Now." He mutters in the mouse's ear, putting more pressure on the arm lock to emphasize his point. He takes a moment to glance around and see if they had drawn the crowd's attention, but doesn't release his hold on the mouse.

Travis blinks a bit, and turns towards the sound of yelling. He looks around curiously, starting to head towards the commotion, wondering what is going on, blinking a bit as he sees the sight of a mouse being pinned down, and he frowns a bit, trying to figure out what is going on.

Arimia yells out loudly, sounding terribly offended, "How DARE you steal from me, you little rat!" She gives the mouse a scowl before turning her gaze up at the basilisk. "Come on honey," she says with a small, quick wink, "Let's take this thief down that alley there an' show him why that was a terrible idea." That said she starts to try and pull the mouse toward a nearby alley, muttering, "Griffon an' hedgehog, accordin' to word on the streets."

Angus stops in his tracks as he hears the commotion, and trys to get a better look at whats happening. Trying to look over the crowd he notices Arimia and that same basiliks lead a mouse into an alley. Sighing he starts to switch his soul gems around, knowing all to well the chaos that pink raccoon usually causes.

The badger noticed the distraction and wasn't particular interested in something that didn't involve her so she took the opportunity to pickpocket a wealthy looking rats of a few crown before looking at a poor looking rabbit and slipping the coins in her pockets. She smiles as she walk toward the crowd while humming happily, "The Creators work in mysterious ways." She chuckles.

Ictus hmms as he enters the market at the commotion and looks around curiously, spotting Angus he walks over, "What's going on here?"

The mouse is pulled rather roughly into the alley, stuggling the whole way, "Let me ago! I 'itn't do anythin' let me ago!" He yells many a time. The crowd takes notice and look at the scene, but are quickly looking to Garma's jacket or shurgging things off as another thief going to get what they deserve. "Wha' are you goin' do a' me." The mouse asks. No one notices Kilsa's little stunt, nor takes much head to Ictus's arrival.

Garma shakes his head and once more shows the jacket off to everyone before setting it down. "I highly suggest you give this guys wares a double over, once for the article and then once for he price before you consider a purchase." he announces to the crowd, picking up the next junkiest item the salesman has, inspecting it for flaws, acting like he found one, and then setting it down on the stall and moving off, shaking his head once more. He tries to find a decent stand, with decent wares to pick something out from.

Saibh follows the little crowd into the alley, slipping a length of rope free of her kit. She offers it out to Arimia after scowling at Zevran. She then slips back out of the alley, waiting for a few people to do so until she can find a nice little place to settle down and keep an eye on the alleyway. She's scanning both the crowd and rooftops, watching for the mouse's accomplices.

Zevran chuckles at the mouse's questions."A griffon and a hedgehog? They should be fun to fight." He remarks to Arimia, hearing her muttering. He notices Saibh's scowl and smirks at her in return, but waits until the crowd leaves before he speaks. "Well, you see, I think my friend here wants to ask you a few questions. And if she doesn't like your answers, I'm going to rip your arm from its socket. Then I start breaking bones, starting with the fingers of your other hand. And then maybe, once I'm done, we'll tie you up and I'll let this raccoon do what she wants with you. It won't be pleasant." He responds to the mouse calmly, although there is an undertone of menace in his voice.

Travis continues to look around puzzled, checking to see how others are reacting to what is going on. As he looks around, he sees Kilsa, and when he does, he smiles softly, starting to make his way towards the Badger,

Travis continues to look around puzzled, checking to see how others are reacting to what is going on. As he looks around, he sees Kilsa, and when he does, he smiles softly, starting to make his way towards the Badger, giving a little wave as he approches, as well as a soft "Hello there."

Arimia takes the offered rope from Saibh with a smile and starts to tying the mouse up. "Well, you see," the 'coon says, "I've got a few questions for you about your employer an' his plans. See, we know that Eldric's been usin' his company to buy all the things needed to supply a war. Not wage one himself, of course. Jus' to keep himself rich off the result. So we know you an' your... Friends... Are workin' for him. We're lookin' to put a stop to that. All you need to do is tell us what we want to know, where the next strike is gonna be, an' what it is. If you do that you'll save yourself a lot of pain, an', after we've taken care of things, walk free an' whole. Resist, an' we'll find out anyway, after doin' terrible things to you an' makin' you disappear. I ain't gonna tell you what terrible things. I don' want you to worry. I jus' want you to think about it. An' while thinkin' consider that the last two folk I told what I was gonna do to them killed themselves instead. Jus' somethin' to consider."

Angus gives Ictus a slight smile before his attention is drawn back to Saibh and whats going on in the alley. "Don't know yet, but I can bet you it's trouble." Out of the corner of his eye he notices Travis and Kilsa, but pays them no heed as they were the least of his worries.

The Rogue badger looks down at Travis and smiles, "Your looking fine today. Would you like to join me in being a litle nosy?" The badger grabs Travis by the hand and leads him down to the alley was were it seems that a certain noble fox is walking down. "Come on." Kilsa doesn't seem to be trying to be quiet.

Ictus nods to Angus and hmms, "Obviously..." as he follows his cousin, looking around to make sure no one is following

Struggle as he might the mouse can't keep the coon from tying him up. "You'll a be not getting the 'ime o' day out of me." He says. Looking over them he doesn't try to break the bonds when they are finally tied. He actually just smiles, "Not a thing be a'threatenin' all you want." He does look a bit concerned that Arimia knows about Eldric's plans, but, that is quickly wiped away again. "Not a thing, do your worst."

Garma makes his way through the crowd, wheeling his cannon over to Saibh. He looks around and sighs. "Well I couldn't find anything nice." he says, and deciding a watch for the alleyway might look a little too suspicious, he wraps his arms around Saibh and gives her a kiss on the cheek, his tint going redder as he rubs the back of his head and then re-wraps around her. "Er... so..."

Saibh glances over a for a moment, then shifts and murmurs, "Should get ready for others to show up, might be others" She then stands up straight, offers a quick hug an dsettles in

Zevran smiles as he listens to the mouse. "Great. It's always more entertaining when they don't want to talk at first." He remarks, taking the opportunity to crack his knuckles and move around to face the mouse. "Besides, maybe his friends or family will know something if he doesn't. I'm sure it won't be too hard to find them and pay them a visit." He comments while glancing over the mouse, as though deciding what to break first.

Travis looks to Kilsa with a smile and nods, and follows along as she grabs his hand and makes her way through the crowd. He continues to look around, looking to see where they are going, giving a little hmm as they seem to be heading towards the alley that the mouse was dragged int.

Arimia gives an overly sweet smile to the mouse and says, "That's fantastic." She holds up a hand and waves Zevran away. "Afraid you don' get to break anythin' yet. If he's anythin' like the last group he won't know anythin' to say it anyway." She turns back to the mouse then and says, "But! If you won' talk no matter what we do to you... That's jus' fantastic. See. That means I don' have to worry about makin' sure you can talk. Or make any sound but screamin'. An' I've been really wantin' to cause some pain the past week or so. So here's what I'm gonna do. First, I'm gonna peel the skin off your fingers. How that works is makin' a small circular cut around the base of each finger, then usin' a small tool to separate the skin from the muscle. This lets me slowly peel it away, keepin' the skin intact! I'll do the same to your hands an' sew the fingers back on to make some gloves. Anyway. That's jus' the start. I'll probably rub salt on them. Salt is supposed to help purify, but I jus' like the screams it gets." She flashes a sharp-toothed grin at the mouse before saying, "I'm so glad you aren't going to talk. I get to have so much fun!"

"Why stop there Arimia, I mean I could use a new pair of boots as well." Angus comments, rolling his eyes as he walks up to them. He clearly did not like the way this was going, but if it gets the job done. "In fact here, I think I might have a knife perfect for this job." Removing his leather knife from his belt he leans down to offer it to her, and whispers something.

The badger doesn't look happy at all hearing Arimia's words, "What in the Creators name do you think you are doing?!" The badger walks up to the Coon and the Basilisk and pushes them aside. "This is not how we deal with folk." She reaches over the much smaller coon and lifts up the mouse rope and all. "Whats going on here? I can't think of any reason that my captain and a friend of mine would be holding someone hostage in an alley." Kilsa doesn't undo the bind but she moves him away from the bloodthirsty pair. "Alright I don't know you but I suggest you talk. I don't know whats going on either but I wouldn't inflict any cruel punishments on a halpless folk." Kilsa says before turning to glare at the pair, "You were really going to torture this male, He does look like he could fight he way out of a garden let along do anything to hurt either of you. Don't you feel ashamed?" She says.

Ictus looks to the others and shakes his head, "Zevran! This is not how we do things. He isn't even the least bit afraid of us, he clearly doesn't care what happens to him. So threats won't work." he looks at the mouse calmly as he says, "If you give us information we can use, you are free to go. Otherwise we'll just hand you off to the guards." he looks at Kilsa and nods in agreement

The mouse looks steeleyed at Arimia and Zevran as they make threats at him, even when Angus passes a knife. He just looks at them, his chest held out and head held high, "Be a'doing as you will to me, you won' be a'getting anything, Lord Eldric was the only bein' to be treatin' me and my famil' any kind of good, I'd never turn on 'im to the likes of you." When Kilsa picks him up though and talks of her distaste for the things about to befall him though, "'out you be up to now, 'his some kind'a trick?" he asks, squraming a bit, "'out you got plannin' for me then, drownin'? I tell you, nothin'" Looking over to Ictus, "Kitsunes.. 'on't you be playin' in my head now!"

Garma does his best to stand guard with Saibh while not looking... well he does a great job of looking like the nervous crab he is, giving gentle squeezes to Saibh's hand and awkward glances as he looks around. He certainly does not look like someone who's guarding anything.

Saibh shakes her head a bit and brushes herself off as she starts to move away from the alley, trying to make it less obvious that she's sitting there, keeping an eye on it and the people within, still eying the crowd and the people along with the surrounding area.

Zevran clenches his jaw as he listens to both Kilsa and Ictus. There's a look in his eyes as he listens to them, but shame isn't it. It seems he has a response for them, but after a moment of consideration merely takes a deep breath. "She won't kill you. Not until you've pissed her off enough, anyway." He responds to the mouse. "I doubt we'll get much out of him now. I suppose we hand hiim over to the guards?" He asks Ictus, his gaze still focused on the mouse. He speaks calmly, but his jaw remains clenched.

Travis blinks, a confused look on his face as Kilsa runs into the alleyway. He moves a bit closer, but does not get near the others, not really sure what is going on, a puzzled experssion on his muzzle. He stays quiet though, and just watches, not wanting to draw attention to himself.

Arimia gives a small scowl as she looks at the badger. "No. It ain't how you deal with folk. I do what needs to be done. See, he's one of the ones tryin' to provoke war between Cliffside an' Streetwater. Now, I don' know how you go about gettin' armies here, but back in Cliffside there is no mandatory service. It's all volunteers an' professionals. An' who wants to volunteer durin' war time? So you know what they do there? They go through the slums, an' the poorer districts, an' they make anyone even remotely able to fight 'volunteer'. So I do what I need to to stop that. To stop a filthy bloody noble from gettin' countless others killed 'cause he wants to line his pockets. An' I feel no shame for it. But fine. But obviously you don' care about that. You're more concerned about trash who is will to start a war for the sake of someone who, like so many damned nobles, ain't worth spittin' on." She straightens up and pulls her cloak about her. "Seems I was wrong. Thought you'd trust me enough to not do this sort of thing without cause. Thought you'd understand about doin' the dirty things to stop horror from visitin' those who don' deserve it. Guess you only care when doin' so don' risk gettin' your hands dirty. Like any other worthless noble." She turns and leaves the alley then, keeping her cloak held tightly around her.

Angus competly ignores Arimia as she storms off and tilits his head at the mention of Kitsunes. He mentaly kicks himself, his tails swishing violently as he takes a step back, letting Ictus and Kilsa do all the talking as he trys to read the mouse.

The badger is a little stung by the words but brushing them off. "Alright, I'm willing to make you offer. I can tell your a family man that cares for his family and the creators bless that, I am curious about this noble and I offer you something special in exhange for every thing about this bloodly noble. I offer you enough crown that your family could move anywhere and start over. Care to make that deal? 25,000 crown now and if the information makes me happy I will give you another 25,000 crown." She shows her noble seal and begins undoing his rope, "I don't want blood shed but it seems you know something worth others torturing you for but hurt or dead your no use to your family but rich you could put this all behind you." She places a large sack of coins on the floor and opens it showing him that her offer is not a joke. "This is only a sack of 10,000 crown. THis is just for the stress of almost losing your life." She look at him with honest eyes, "Now please tell me everything that going on and be honest because they detect dishonesty." She points to the foxes that have gathered.

Kilsa spends 10000 Crown for RP reasons.

Ictus looks at the mouse and rolls his eyes, "There is nothing Kitsune can do /to/ your head." not a complete lie, but there isn't really much they can do that is known. He looks to Arimia and sighs as she leaves, he shakes his head and looks at Zev, "That depends on if he continues to be uncoperative." he looks at Kilsa and nods with a smile, "Indeed. Sounds like a very fair deal."

The mouse looks as Kilsa pulls out some coin, shows her seal, and starts to untie him. "But.. 'wut.. huhh?" is all he says at first. He looks into the sack of coin, then up to the towering badger, over to Ictus, then back into the sack, "Their safeti then Lady.. just.. 'ake sure my famil' is out of Cliffside 'afely. I couldn' be askin' for.. for an' more." He studders, shocked at the new found wealth. With what she was promissing him he could buy a farm, or.. start a buisness.. his head swam with the ideas, dreams he'd had and had to let go to survive. "Be a'promising that, and you can be a'knowin' anything, but.. more urgentlike is the fact... he Lord Eldric, he has the orphanage rigged to 'asplode. He's sure that will be a'starting thing for sure where the raids be a'failing. The 'hole thing could go up any time.." he says looking down to the floor, then breaks down on his knees and cries, "I.. I 'ever ment any of it Lady.. I.. I just could see 'em starve.. my wife, my daughter... I .. I couldn', he promessed money... food an' shelter if I did some... tasks for him.. I'm sorry..."

Saibh tilts her head back, shakes her head and grabs at Garma's shirt and says, "Hey let's go, need to go try and fix something" not that it'll matter, not enough time left, but hey maybe the setup was botched

Zevran stops for a moment as he hears of the orphanage. "But how do we get there in time?" He wonders out loud as an idea starts to form. Without a word to the others, he sits cross-legged on the ground. It seems as though he is meditating. He shifts back to his rhino form, and a light glow suffuses his body. His body starts to shift, growing into another form similar to his Basilisk form. However, as he stands he is revealed to be a Dragon. "Right. I'll try to fly over there, see what I can do." He says to the others. He looks positively exhausted, but starts to take off into the air.

Garma grabs his cannon, prepping it as he charges for the back wall of the orphanage, the one connecting to the marketplace. "GET AWAY FROM THE ORPHANAGE OR YOU'RE GONNA DIE!" he screams, knocking people over along the way until he reaches it, picks a clear spot and begins to carpet bomb the wall with his cannonfire, working to make an opening.

Travis blinks a bit, watching as the people start to rush towards the orphanage, making sure he is out of the way. He knows there is no way he could make it in time, and he would not know where to go, so he watches Kilsa, ready to follow her if she goes, and if he is able to do so.

Angus curses and turns to Ictus. "Head to the orphanage, I'll catch up!" Without waiting for a reply he walks up to Kilsa and the mouse. "The bomb, please where is it, many innocent lives are at stake." He tried to remain calm, even as his tails began to twitch with aggitation, as becoming impatient wouldn't solve anything.

The badger jaw drops, "I promise your family safety long as my children are not harmed." She doesn't waste time before picking standing up. "There isn't much time. Sir, I have to see about my children, Please wait here." She reaches into her tunic and takes a deep breath before taking out a small red ball made of herbs and strange spices. "Take this Sir Angus we may needed it." The badge takes the pill and give a grunt before running towards the Orphange at breakneck speed. The badger doesn't stop for anyone at all and barrels over anyone in her way to the orphanage, She spot an ox but in the fury of the chemicals pumping through her body decides that he doesn't look like a priest. Kilsa mind is in a red haze as she grabs him by the collar and lift him off the ground. "Youarenotapriestwhatareyoudoinghereandifyoudon'tanswerrightI'llkillyou." She screams in his face. She is waiting on something for her not to break his neck as she notices all the carts around and her mind hasn't put it all together but a wrong answer from the ox will probably end in his death.

Ictus blinks as he hears there's a bomb and growls as he starts to sprint towards the Orphanage, using whatever method is closest, not seeming to care if he's hit by bits of debris from Garma's cannon fire

As Garma blasts the wall, it comes tumbling down, showering all around in the shards. Beings screem, run, scatter, "Someone's attacking! They are blowing up the market!!" People screem, runing all around. The mouse looks up to Angus, "I.. don't 'no anything.. just.. was supposed to meet up wif the griffon and tel' 'im 'zebra'" He admits. Kilsa runs though the broken down wall, Ictus not too far behind. The ox gets to blink once before he is held up, the touch dangling from his hand. "What the.. Lady.. let me down!! Let me.. no, I'm just.. just a merchant.. d.. do you know the way to the merchant square?" He lies very odviously. In the carts are many many berrals, each with some rope coming out of them, all wound together, and coming up to where the ox was standing in a large bundle. Inside the barrels, who knows, but it wouldn't be hard to guess.

Garma moves his cannon aside to run into the orphanage, urging the preists to evacuate the children until the immediate danger is over.

Zevran soars over the marketplace in the direction of the Orphanage, his gaze to the ground for any signs of explosives or...wait, was that a badger running so fast? How odd. He continues to the orphanage, hit by a couple of pieces of debris from the carpet bombing. He wasn't sure how he was still able to fly at this point, and found himself calling upon reserves of energy he didn't know he had. He eventually spots Kilsa on the ground holding up an ox, but his attention is drawn to the torch in the ox's hand. He lands a few steps away from Kilsa, moving forward and snatching the torch from the ox's hand before moving a good distance away to put it out.

Travis watches as Kilsa runs off at a speed he has no hopes of matching, along with most of the other people. He shakes his head, giving a little sigh, and turns his gaze onto the mouse, starting to walk over to him, his tail swishing behind him. "I hope they are able to stop what is happening. Running into a pissed off giant Badger is something I want to avoid at all costs."

Angus blinks in suprise as he is given the pill. "Ah ya sure." Is his confused comment back, before he turns to kneel next to the mouse. "Thank you for your help, and sorry about roughing you up." Standing back up he shakes his head and takes the pill, grimising as he swallows, taking off towards the Orphanage at a break neck speed. Following in the wake of said enraged Badger he trys his best to dodge all obstacles in his path instead of barrel right through them. Going through whats left of the wall he skids to a stop, and tries to register what's happening through the haz of chemicals rushing through him.

"Creatorforgiveme." The strangely accelrated badger says softly before putting both hands around the Ox's neck. "youwouldkillmychildren? Iwouldhavethecreatorspunishmeforyourdeathfirst." She begins to squeeze harder and harder, her eyes hard as diamonds and as blood shot as forge fires as she feels the cracking of bone within her fingers. "Iwillprotectmychildren.Thechildrenwillneverneedtofearyou." Kilsa digs her thumb claws into his throat her eyes are focused on his throat as she feels his struggles stop and he expires within her grip. The badger drops him to the floor as if he was less than garbage she doesn't even bother stepping over him as an armored boot crushes his chest a heavly armored boot. "Regilia? Fela? Aaron?" She begins calling out various priest names looking around as her pill wears off. She look at everyone that is near by, "Could I gets some water math on all of the cart so we don't have to worry about some hidden agents setting us all a light."

Ictus blinks as the situation seems to be resolved and shakes his head at Kilsa before looking at the Ox with contempt

The Ox is held up in the air by Kilsa, his neck gettling tighter.. and tighter.. until he can't breath... can't see.. can't hear the rapid words from Kilsa. Then.. he goes limp, touch dropping harmlessly to the ground. The mouse looks up to Travis, "I.. I'll sta' right here, nothin' for me to do but wait." He looks up to Travis, "'wut exactly you be thinkin' goin' on.." Meanwhile, Mirana walks out of the orphanage, starting to show now, and in maturnity clothes. "Lady Kilsa!? Angus.. what.. what is happening out here? I heard an explosion.. what's going on?" She says very lightly. Her eyes lock onto the ox in Kilsa's hands, "My Lady?" Then, hearing her request does just that, dousing the berrals in sudden water, before looking back to the strange sights.

Zevran takes a moment to glance around at the scene. His gaze finally focuses on the limp body that Kilsa had been holding. He takes a moment to consider the ox before moving past Kilsa. "Nice job. Now then, I don't know about the rest of you, but I need a drink." He says before heading off in the direction of the Freesword's Inn.

Travis gives a look around, gazing towards the direction that everyone ran off to. After a few moments, he looks back to the mouse, and gives a light hmm. "I am not sure what is going on, but I have not heard the sound of explosion, I think that is a very good sign."

Angus turns as he hears Mirana's voice, and his already hazey vision goes red. Once again his sisters life is put into danger thanks to these people, and he was not happy about it. Walking up to the body of the ox he glares down at it with contempt, the ox was actually lucky Kilsa had got to him firtst, and he kicks it. " long until this wears off?" He asks, twitching a little as he turns around to watch as the carts are soaked in water.

The badger looks around her mind in a fog as she doesn't regestier the folks speaking to her, a strange look appears over her face as she walks up to Mirana and hugs and walks into the church. Her eyes scan and spot the nearest child, "Your okay..." Kilsa picks up a small rabbit child and hugs them close, slient tears stream down to her face as she drop to her knees so happy that one on is hurt. "Your okay..." The large badger sniffles surrounded by confused children as she gathered as many close to her in a large hug.

Ictus hmms and sighs in relief at the drenching of the bombs, he looks at Angus and chuckles as he twitches with a shake of his head. He awaits the guards arrival to explain what went on