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Jera knocks softly on the door, with a jug of wine tucked underneath his arm and some of the medical salve he was busy staying all night to make, appropriately, the day before.

Bite works her way into Mirana's bedroom, rumors of her injury spreading to the guilty snake like wildfire. She'd torched a phoenix, no small feat, and she feels greatly appologetic, which is proven by her entry of "Sssweetie i'm so sorry!" and a rush to their bedside. Her cloak is gone, only her skirt and shirt. She glances back to Jera and the open door.

Fuyu is wearing a few bandages, though not as many as she should. The new ones are stained sort of yellowish with a foul smelling mixture. Funny enough, she knocks on the door, then leans against the side, waiting for a response. Might as well spread around what little bit she's good with

The badger knock on the door hopefully someone will answer the moment she hears voices on the other side, she see the male kit Fox standing by the door with some wine. "Are you hear to see her as well? I heard that she got attacked." She said to Jera with a sigh, "I should have been there.." Kilsa says softly.

Mirana lays upon the bed, her chest rising and falling softly. She is clothed only in some bandages that do keep her modest, but also lets the layers of chared fur and flesh show through. If not for her own mistake she might have been just fine. Instead, her eyes are closed, only sounds the breath she makes, tails laying off to one side. Eriene most likely out to get food or water for her.

Jera nods to Kilsa and frowns softly. "I'd heard, and I brought gifts. If only to dull the pain, for I am no chiurgeon." He comforts the badger with a hug and an arm slung around her shoulder before he looks at the injuries spread around the place and shakes his head gently. So few people used their magics for finesse and control. He walks into the room and places his bottle of wine on the bedside, and the cyan flask of painkiller beside it and watches the fox. She wasn't familiar, but she was a Solacious noble, from the looks of it, and relations were important. "What an accident." He speaks dryly as he looks Mirana over.

Bite sways in place and eyes the burnt fox. "Heal sssweetheart... I know you can..." she hisses and sighs, looking over the dressing she pulls out her own kit, doubly fast when she sees the leaning Fuyu, a heavy sigh escaping her. "I'll help you too... I'm so sorry...." she hisses as she begins to work on simple changes of Mirana's bandages, thinking for a second before glaring at Jera. "Turn around... all of you for a few minutes, face that wall." she says.

Fuyu glances around the room curiously. She stops to sniff at one of her bandages, then leans to the side, trying to figure out if it's her bandages or something elsei n the room that smells funny. She stops, sets the little container to the side and says, "I've had worse. Don't make me take the blindfold off, I'll do it if you start sulking. Give you nightmares or something. Or at least I'll play with the bits, either way."

The badger looks at Mirana and gives a soft gasp, "What in promise would have death this much damage to Mirana." The badger looks angry but attempts to calm herself down for the sake of the injured in the room. She looks at Bite evenly, "No. Now what happened to Mirana?" The badger asks still concern at the foxes condition.

Mirana gasps slightly as Bite starts to change her bandages, but doesn't really stur nor wake, more a reaction to the sudden touch and the pain that would come from it. Once some of her bandages are removed the worst of the burns can be seen, but she is indeed a phoenix, and the wounds are already noticably healing. Her breathing gets a bit more shallow and tense as she is touched.

"It's common knowledge that you shouldn't change bandages for wounds that severe, she'll get infected and it'll get worse. So step back, calm down, and let her wounds seal up before you make things worse." Jera quirks an eyebrow at the glare and chances the guess from her reaction to Fuyu too. "We're here because we care, after all."

Bite gives Jera a look that suggests he turn around so she can change, or at the very least examine her without him seeing her exposure before she looks to Kilsa and starts crying, moving from over the fox to do so. "I'm sorry..." she hisses and starts to curl up on herself. "I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to... I just wanted them to stop..." she weeps.

Fuyu doesn't have any of the benefits of being a phoenix. She does have the benefit of a high tolerance for pain and a childhood of being stupid. She sets the little jar down and says, "I use this a lot, uh, not that I made it, but when I scorch myself. Might not be enough for that though yeah?" She shrugs and adds, "Should you be changing those so soon? They should still be clean unless.. well, it doesn't look that bad"

Kilsa looks down at the serpent and sighs, "Did you do this?" The badger look in disbelief at the ideal of her friend serverely injuring poor Mirana. "Was it dark math possesing you or something?" She searches for an answer from the weeping snake. "I also would also that you leave the bandages alone, I'm sure who ever tended to her first knew what they were doing."

Without warning Angus appears in the doorway, dragging what looked to be Eriene underneath a pile of clothes in with him. He rushed to his sisters side as he eyes her bandaged form. "IssheokaywhathappenedtoherhowcanIhelp?" He stammered, looking around in confusion as he had only heard what had happened from a passing messenger of the church.

Fuyu jumps a bit as Angus enters. She offers him a pat on the shoulder and says, "Take a breath, gaps between your words. Accent's worse than mine" She then looks to the others and says, "Good luck, shame I couldn't offer more help." before heading back into the hallway

Jera frowns at Bite's insistence. "If you wish. I'll come back when the place is not crowded, give the noble some room, and maybe then you'll be in a bit more in control in yourself." Jera twists the knife as he leaves, following behind Fuyu.

Eriene totters into the room after her Mistress' brother abandons her in the doorway. Unable to see above the stack of folded clothing she had fetched from the seamstress, she remained oblivious to the palour hanging in the air. She mews while faltering barely able to shift the burdonsome fabric to the table as she tripped over her own obscured paws. Shakily pushing herself from the wooden edge she turns, ears perking in mild confusion as she struggled to understand what the todd had spoken of. It was then that she saw the horror that had befallen her lady. She takes a hesitant step twoards the bed pulling back her reaching paw as tears well up and brim in her widend eyes. She mewls weakly, cocking on her words, greif rising in her breast to lodge in her throat. "M-Mwris-..?" She stands there, trembling, her small stiff and wrought with emotional anguish and unable to finish her tentitive question.

Mirana rolls slightly on her bed, her eyes flittering open a bit, and she opens her muzzle and smacks her lips. "W... water..." she says growning but not trying to move, mostly oblivious to the number of people in her room... "Anyone.... w.. water.." She says again, eyes barely open.

Bite looks up to Kilsa as tears stream down her cheeks and then looks back to Mirana, working out some water magics to provide moisture to her throat. She cries a bit harder as Fuyu leaves, she can't help her either now. She stops trying to change Mirana's bandages at the others objections and just curls up to herself to cry. "I just wanted them to stop.. they were screaming and making my eyes hurt... and my skin it was cominig off... I wanted them to stop..." she hisses before falling silent and sobbing.

"What?" The badger asked cluelessly, "Mirana was screaming and what happened? Were you in a fight?" Kilsa starts getting upset, "Bite. Stop crying and explain what the hell is going on. If you did his I'm sure you had a good reason because you don't normally injure friends."

Angus blinks away tears as he looks down at his sister as she lays there hurt, he knew there was nothing he could do to help her that wasn't already done. So he turns to Bite and places a hand on her shoulder. "I know it wasn't your fault Bite, no one's blaming you." He then turns walking over to Kilsa and giving her a hug. "Take care of her please, I know she's in good hands...yours and Bites." Letting go of Kilsa he walks up to Eriene and picks the little feline up, putting a hand over her mouth to muffle any crys. "Come on you, there's nothing we can do here at the moment...and if My sister wakes up and sees you so sad you know it will devastate her."

Eriene whimpers meekly in protest, too emotionally distraught over her own helplessness to put up anythign more than a token struggle. She scrunches up her muzzle as rushes of tears dampen her cheeks.

Mirana smakes her lips a few more times and moans slightly, breathing becoming quick and shallow a moment before she settles into a restless sleep again. A kangaroo walks into her room in priest garments, "Oh, friends of the Lady Mirana Solacious I take it?" he asks as he walks by, "The House Solacious hired me to make sure she is well tended to for the short time she will be unable to tend herself." She checks over Mira and nods, "Goodness, and may the Creators bless this priestess, she saw a lot didn't she..." he goes silent for a moment. "Ok, she will need her rest, so, say your goodbyes and please, she will be more able to accept visiters later." he says, looking to Eriene, "But you, you are her handmaiden aren't you? You can stay and help me take care of her ok? I bet you live here anyway." He looks to Kilsa in particular, "Lady Ironsoul, I can take care of her, but I will gladly accept your help as well."

Bite shakes her head and breathes heavily. trying to calm down. She pushes up and shakes her head to Mirana, moving to give them a tight hug before moving to give Kilsa a tight one as well. "I didn't mean to... I'm so sorry..." she hisses and moves to leave, almost bumping into a wall with how much her vision is impaired by her ters.

The badger sighs and lets Bite carry on her way hopefully crying will ease her a bit. Not understand much more than one friend critically injuried another the badger finds the nearest chair and sits down. "I feel like this is going to be a long night." The badger says before pulling out a needle and thread from her tunic and starts to fix a few holes on her uniform keeping vigil over the poor burnt fox female.

Angus sighs and puts Eriene down, giving her a hugs as he does. "When Mirana comes to....tell her I came to see her please." Standing back up he gives the Kangaroo and Kilsa a smile. "I hope you both have a good night...and Kilsa...When you get a chance I would like to talk to you about my sister." Turning around he walks out the door, his heart heavy as he worried about his sister.

Eriene sniffles softly, both her ears and tail drooping limply as she clutches at her skirt as shes left with Miss Kilsa and the priestess. She swallows roughly and turns to look up at the healer expectantly, hoping to be something other than useless for her mistress, willing to do anything to ease her lady's smouldering pains. She had to be strong...for her, kind, wonderful, and beloved mistress.