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A crowd gathers in the late evening of June 29th. It's been a sweltering day, which turns to a pleasantly warm evening. Why is everyone here? That is clear to see once one turns their gaze upwards, where a shape is rapidly approaching from the east.

Dead or not, Angus wouldn't miss this as he makes sure his collar is on correctly, before he tries to blend into the crowd. His gaze turns towards the sky, the shape catching his attention as he crosses his arms and watches in suspence.

Having heard the ship approaching, Ictus walks over to the crowd and peers up at the shape, "Hmm, I somehow thought that they would be faster..." he says it quietly as not to upset anyone and chuckles as he looks around

With all the Creator activity lately, Amelia was not about to NOT investigate any leads she may find. A crowd gathering for an approaching ship? It definitely caught the canine woman's attention, and she was definitely in attendance. She folds her hands behind her back and waits quietly, eyes on the horizon.

It doesn't take long for it to arrive. It makes no noise but the soft humming that comes from within its metallic, gleaming, shell. It stops instantly, as if it hit a wall, though no damage, and still no sound of changing propulsion. The Good King emerges from the crowd, stepping up with a phalanx of guards and priests. "Everyone on their best behavior!" he shouts to the crowd, "No pushing, no crowding. We will show them that we are civilized people."

Angus chuckled, glancing around at the gathered crowd and wondering just how excited they are. That's when he noticed his cousin, giving him a nod and a wave in greeting before he turned his attention back to the creator ship.

Ictus tilts his head at the ship and hmms, "Interesting." he then spies Allistar and chuckles as he waves back, before looking back to the ship. He hmms? as he listens to the kings words and nods at that

Amelia glances around the crowd. There's not many people that she finds familiar, but she does spot two people that she has at least -seen- before, and so she approaches them, stopping a fair distance behind both Ictus and Allistar. "Interesting is one way to put it, certainly."

The ship descends, a smooth transition from flight to resting on the grass as if the world had simply lept up to catch it, rather than any actual effort put in by anyone. The ship rests, upright, perfectly balanced despite no landing gear or other supporting structure in sight. The humming quiets, then goes silent, except for the excited murmuring of the crowd. Loyal to their king, most citizens keep a respectful distance back from him, and in turn, the ship. Perhaps Firmament will make better impressions than Shralesta managed.

All eyes are riveted on the ship, waiting for the Creators to take the next step. The Good King leans over and whispers to a priest standing nearby, having a hushed conversation.

Angus tunrs as he hears Amelia. "Yep, intresting." He muttered, his gaze returning to the crowd as they stand there in silence. He taps his foot on the ground, curious as to what the Good King is whispering to the priest as he sighs. The anticipation and excitment easily picked up from the crowd around him.

Waiting somewhat restlessly due to the excitement in the air, Ictus scans the crowd curiously as he waits. As he waits he mumbles, "I wonder how Juliana is doing..."

Any excitement Amelia is feeling is kept subdued by a practiced look of apathy, though on the inside she's anything but. "I didn't think they would actually come here. I look forward to seeing how this progresses." She reaches up to adjust her glasses as she scans the crowd once more. "And hopefully we will not have a repeat of before."

A small aperture opens in the ship in an iris, and a descending set of stairs emerges, reaching to the ground with the faintest noise. Soft tinks are heard as booted feet use them. Creators. Three females, and a male. Tagging along behind them is a much smaller creator, a familiar female, at least for some perhaps. The Good King approaches with a smile, his phalanx moving behind. His movements are slow and easy. Musn't startle or offend, after all.

"Ya, hopefully there won't be a repeat of that." Angus muttered, continuing to tap his foot as he watches the crowd. He wasn't there to experience it, but he had heard the stories and didn't want something like that to happene here in Firmament.

Ictus hmms and nods in agreement with the two, "Indeed..." he then looks to the creators and smiles when he spots Juliana, he'd offer a wave but doesn't want to give her away if she hasn't already... Not to mention it's likely be inappropiate

Selena makes her way onto the scene a little hurriedly, moreso than usual for the wolfess as she moves through the crowd. Noticing the familiar faces in it - and the one on the grounds far below - she waves over to both as she approaches the foxes and dog. Upon arrival, she casts another look around and smiles over to 'not-Angus', Ictus and Amelia. "Hello, you three." She greets, catching her breath in the process.

Amelia gives a polite nod to Selena. "Hello there. Come to see how it plays out, too?" Her eyes return to the creators and lock there. "First time I've seen them in person, I believe."

The Creators and the King meet. The priests speak first, in formal ancient tongue, wishing well and welcoming them. The Creators looks genuinely perplexed a moment before comprehension lights up their faces. They reply, first coming out in disjointed and gramatically horrifying words, then repeated in more clear language, "It's nice to meet you." This coming from one of the females, who resembles the smaller one, "Could you show us the way to your boss?" The priest backs out of the way, gesturing to the king. This only draws confusion from the Creators again.

Angus chuckles as he notices the confusion, before he turns to greet Selena. "Hello yourself, you almost missed the fun." He grins in amusment as he turns back to the conversation, his gaze switching to the crowd once in awhile to see how everyone was doing.

Ictus nods to Selena and smiles, "Hello Selena." he nods to Amelia and hmms at that, "Second time really..." he he looks at the creators curiously as they speak with the king and tilts his head at the confusion, "Hmm..." is all he says about that

Selena tilts her head a little and looks back to the foxes. "Oh, dear... No, no Angus... Some things I don't miss. Even if I have to run most of the way from Shanty town to get here. Flight isn't the best idea through the city, after all. Amelia! Did those cuts heal up well? I haven't seen you since that little foray into the undertunnels." She chuckles quietly and murmurs to Ictus with a wry grin before turning back to the creators and watching - particularly Juliana, though the discourse keeps her attention split enough between the two parties.

Amelia smiles and nods at Selena. "Why yes, they did. Thank you. I had to order a new set of clothing to replace the ones damaged, and that was the hardest part of all of it. I'm doing quite well, now, though. I just came to observe today's events." She gestures around the crowd.

Ashley walks up in her performer's dress, carrying with her her harp, but is perplexed herself at the sight she sees. The ones called "Creators" and the King of the beings. As well as one of her Kitsunes. She is genuanly startled to see all this. "I thought there would be more time..." she says to herself before approching up to Ictus, she stays quiet, her pure black eyes constantly on the Creators as she looks over her Kitsune a few times, making sure nothing is wrong with him.

The Good King takes a half step forward and offers a formal bow, "Welcome," he says, "To the country of Sweetwater. I am her King, and we are proud and delighted to host you while you are here."

The Creators nod at these words before the male asks, "That's great. We're glad to be here. Did you say King?"

"Yes. King Good, of the Goods. While we are certain your vast Creator culture and talents allow for much refined luxuries, we have gone all out to accommodate. If you find anything out of place, you have but to whisper it. My people are delighted to have you." He looks back at the crowd, que delivered.

Angus blinks as Ashley seems to appear near Ictus, causing him a little shock before he sighs. Shaking his head he turns back to the creators and the king, casting quick glances her way every few seconds as he remembers the last few things that she spoke to him.

Ictus nods to Selena with a chuckle, "Not sure she would have understood it though..." he shrugs before looking to Amelia, "Good to hear, that your wounds healed I mean." he blinks as Ashley approaches and nods, "Well, didn't expect to see you here..." he smiles though as his three tails sway and blinks at the constant looks, "What?" he looks back to the creators curiously and tilts his head at their continued confusion

Selena chuckles quietly and shrugs from the crowd, likely one of the few that aren't cheering. "Well, that is his station." She comments, then looks back to Ictus and shakes her head. The appearance of another being doesn't seem to faze her, though she appears to be occupied wth trying to restrain her urge to say something. "Good to hear everything went well, Amelia. Sorry things caused you trouble." She wolfess comments, tilting her head to the side and nudges Ictus, murmuring to him yet again.

Amelia shakes her head. "It's no worry. Injuries happen in the pursuit of educational progress. Acceptable injuries. I'm still alive, and that's what matters." She glances towards the priests around the king, adjusting her glasses again.

Ashley looks over Ictus a few more times as well as the rest of the crew. "You are unharmed warrior?" She gives a glance to the Creators again. She can easily tell this is not going to go well, at least not from her point of view. She leans in close to Ictus, whispering to him, before watching closely to the Creators and the King, "They.... can't understand." she says out loud.

The crowd cheers and calls out to the Creators. Offers range from free food and goodies to wild offers of improbable breeding opportunities. The Creators keep most of their attention on the Good King. One of the other females ask, "Where are the other Creators?" she asks.

At last, time for the Good King to adopt a puzzled expression, "You are the only Creators we are aware of," he replies, "Have others come before you?"

Suddenly, the small girl bolts away from her parents, rushing right past the king and the startled priests and guards. She bee lines to Selena and friends, "Oh my Creators!" she exclaims, which sounds... odd... "I found you guys. I didn't even get grounded, but I thought I wouldn't find you again."

Well, this was an intresting turn of events, as Angus definitly didn't expect to be this close to a creator today. "Um....I take it you know this one?" He asked Selena, giving her a confused look as he wondered just how bad this situation was going to get.

Ictus hmms? at the nudge and nods with a frown before he whispers back, then blinks at Ashley with a nod, "Yes, I'm fine." he blinks again at the whisper and ponders with a sigh before whispering back, he blinks once more as Juliana bolts over to them, "Hey Juliana... It's nice to see you again." he smiles before he nods to Angus, "Yep."

Selena blinks, looking over the child a little surprisedly though she does manage to lean in and give her a hug before the connotations reach her mind and she coughs quietly, releasing the child. "You know, that's not quite what creator means." She replies, suddenly looking a little self-conscious. "But it's good to see you again, Juliana. This little girl managed to get all the way here from Shralesta about a week ago. We took her back home."

Ashley nearly jumps out of her skin when one of them comes up to them, then looks befuttled at Ictus when he actually calls it by name. She stares down at the girl. Her ears are pressed back and she can't shake the feeling of dread she has. She thinks carefully before acting, and decides to just play along as best she can for now. She needed proof, and this shell was far from ready to go hunting for it just yet, though she says again, "Neither can understand...." Staying close to Ictus, she keeps him between herself and the creator child.

Amelia peers down at Juliana. "Really? Quite a trip for a pup to make on their own. I am glad you were able to get them back. Safely, at that. It wouldn't do to have Creator young harmed in our lands. Speaking of which, are you sure it's safe for her to be here?" She gives a suspicious look to the rest of the crowd.

The child looks confused a moment before 'oh', "The translation must be wrong. I said Creator, not Creator." Apparently two words have become the same thing, hmm. She frowns at this.

Back by the king, the parents, the male and one of the females, looks worriedly after their child, even if they can see she's not being assaulted, at the moment, "Yes, well," says the other female, "This is very... unusual. We expect planets to be inhabited by creators, not UNKNOWN."

A priest steps forward, "Ah, I can assist with this," and he begins to tell the tale of the Being's thousand years of labor, and their eventual reward with the planet of Promise.

Angus was honestly rather confused as he gave the child a wave. "Um....hello there." He muttered, giving her a smile before he turned back to watch the crowd. "This might not be the best place to catch up on old times you now...." He hoped that there would be no need for such caution, especially around people he knew, but he had been wrong before.

Ictus nods to Selena in agreement before he sighs at Ashley, "Geez, she's just a child Ashley..." he shakes his head and frowns, he did promise to be careful around them before he nods in agreement with Amelia, "Yes, I don't think she'll be intentionally harmed." he looks back to Juliana and nods, "Yeah, Allistar is right. You might want to go back to your parents."

Selena nods back to Amelia with a nod. "It is." She replies simply, nudging Juliana gently with a wry smile. "You should. But if you were to invite us back, nobody would stop you. And I'd rather not leave a child alone in a crowd. I'm sure your parents would rather not leave you in a place like this either; too many beings." The wolfess smiles, looking about the people around the group for their reaction to the unusual situation.

Ashley looks to the girl again, then up to the adults. This was not what she expected, but also, she couldn't let her guard down. Listening to the story, she knew it well. That is when she first really notices Selena and Amelia, as well as Allistar. She feels... very surrounded a moment. She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it again, she looks far away, very far away a moment. She seems to slink back before looking around, "This one wishes the other Kitsune were here too..." she says. "But yes, the creator child should go back to its parents." She is completely unsure what to do, but at least knows what not to do right now.

"Oh sure, come with me," says Juliana, grabbing for the closest hands and moving to haul the group back through the crowd, towards her still anxiously waiting parents. "Mom, dad! Here are the ones I was talking about!"

The crowd explodes in gossip. Who are these people who already know the Creators? What relation do they have? What does it mean?! Is this a really good thing or a horribly bad thing?

The King is taken aback, but tries to move with it in step, "I see you have already experienced the hospitality of my good people." Smile, always smile, yes...

Amelia folds her arms as she mulls over the words of the youngling. "If you would like, I can escort her back to the other pri- " Her words are cut short as she begins moving, with others in tow. She brushes off her sleeve and hurries after.

Angus only smiled as Ashley spoke, muttering under his breath that the kitsune was closer then she thought. He follows as well, keeping to the rear of the group as he honestly had never met the little creator. His smile friendly even as he scanned the crowd for any sudden movements, the gladius at his side a familar weight even if his hand stayed away from it.

Total fear, that is what Ashley is feeling as she is practically dragged up toward the creators. Her eyes are wide, ears folded back, and is reguarding them as if they might somehow remove her very existance with a blink of their eyes. She continues to try to position herself so that Ictus is between her and them. Her breathing is short, and she is actually sweating, far from the normal, nearly expressionless features the skunk usually has.

Selena puts a hand over her mouth to hide an amused smile as the Juliana immediately acts on her comment and tugs her along, shaking her head. "I thought the idea was not to be obtrusive." She comments, looking over the parents a little apprehensively and looking back at the others before eventually offering a hand out to the creators for handshake - in the hope they do them as well. "I'm Selena... It's a pleasure to meet you both." The wolfess manages, likely the eyes from the crowd putting more pressure on her than the creators themselves.

Ictus nods to Selena and glances at Ashley, "Well..." And then his hand is grabbed and he chuckles as he is pulled along for a moment, "Alright, alright..." he eyes the crowd as well as they move though he bows to the creators once they arrive, "I am Ictus Solacious... It is an honor to meet you." he looks at Ashley worriedly though

The last female, who had yet to speak, steps forward and reaches to accept the handshake, but then lifts the furry hand for inspection, turning it around, "Hmmm," she mutters as she starts to look Selena over quite critically.

The parents move to collect their spawn, hauling her to 'safety while thanking those delivering her nervously, "I'm Lindy, and he's Stephen," speaks the mother, "Thank you for treating little Julie well. She scared us half to death running off like that... twice."

The Good King looks over all this, "Hmm, yes. Let's see to accommodations. Do you prefer ground floor, or something with elevation?" The first female, not the mother, speaks with him, working out those details, even as she's deflected towards Mione, court historian and general busy body mouse, to do so. The King looks to the other, inspecting, female, next, "My apologies, Creator, but, after you've rested, the people would like a chance to, perhaps, have audience with some of you. It would be a deep honor to anyone you found time for." These words do much to appease the agitation in the crowd. Their king has not abandoned them!

Amelia adjusts her glasses as she stands before the creators and straightens up before dipping into a bow, trying to act as polite and dignified as she can, before extending a formal greeting in the old tongue.

Angus watches with curiosity as Selena is inspected, before he leans over to whisper something to Ashley. After doing so he gives the creator's a low bow, but still doesn't say much as he hangs back at the edge of the group. Not really part of those who had met the child.

Ashley looks to Selena in total shock, breathing coming more quickly then before. She can't believe this. Looking far off again for a bit of time, she nods and streightens herself out. She takes a few deep, deep breaths and tries to quiet herself before emmulating Selena, "This one is called Ashle." She says to them, giving an awkward curtsey and then extending her own hand. She is still sweating a great deal. She nods to the unknown fox, and tries her best to seem 'natural.'

Selena nods back to the parents, though she keeps an eye on the one looking over her - not objecting to the inspection, but certainly looking a little awkward about being scrutinized so. "I hope she doesn't cause you too much trouble. She seemed a lovely child when we met her, but that's a lot of wanderlust." She replies to the parents, sounding a little more comfortable given the introduction's acceptance before her attention goes back to the one circling her. "Can I help you, at all?" She asks, hazarding a glance back over her shoulder to the others and looking visibly relieved they're still there.

Ictus nods to Lindy and Stephen, "It's not a problem, I was happy to help." he looks to Ashley curiously before he nods in agreement with Selena, "Yes, I believe so." he hmms at the inspecting creator and tilts his head in confusion but says nothing

Sveta remains near the back of the group, perferring not to face the Creators herself, but to watch and observe. Best to let Selena and the others take the brunt of their scrutiny - being watched, especially by such prominent beings, just makes her uncomfortable and sets off something in her hindbrain.

The one examining finally relents, "I am Doctor Sinclair," she announces, "And you appear to be an early model UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN make. Very curious. Very..." She trails off as the king asks her questions, "That would be delightful. I would like the chance to speak with them as well. I will inform you when I've set up proper facilities." This said, she moves directly for the ship, looking thoughtful, and having forgotten anyone else is present at all.

The parents begin to loosen up as names are exchanged, and at the cheerful insistence of their daughter that these are the ones that were very nice to her. "Well," says the father, Stephen, "I suppose we owe you something for your good deed. Let us think up of something."

Juliana looks up at him, "You'd better not give them one of those lame cards," she says petulantly, accusing him with a glare.

Mione works with the other female over the details of where the creators can stay in the city and general rules to protect them and the people from one another. It all sounds quite polite and formal.

A sinking feeling starts to form in Angus' stomach as he listens to the Doctor. "An....unknown?" He muttered, wondering what that could mean as he finally decides to step forward. "My apologizes for being late into the Introductions, My name is Allistar." He grinned as he gave them a bow, his eyes still on the doctor as she walks off to head back to the ship.

Amelia places a hand to her chest and concludes her greeting with "I am Amelia. It is a great pleasure and an honour to meet you. All of you. I never thought it would happen in my life time." A smile creeps across her muzzle, though it almost looks out of place, given how seldom it happens.

Ashley retracts her hand eventually, still shaking. She looks over to Selena. She shakes her head, whispering to Ictus, before slinking back a bit herself. "Little more then...." she say outloud. She can't shake the feeling, she has been told to, she has been advised to by the beings near her. Her heart beats frantically. "So little time now..." but as the crators talk of gifts, and good deeds she looks even more bewildered. Her mouth opens and closes again. Then opens once more. She looks to Selena, then over to Ictus, then all around. She... feels warm suddenly, but takes a deep breath again as she listens once more to those talking to her.

Ictus hmms at the doctor and frowns at the 'unknown's, like Angus he has a bad feeling about that one... Maybe it's just doctors though. He looks to Stephen and smiles, "It was no trouble." not exactly true, though he looks to Ashley and puts a hand on her shoulder as he whispers back

Selena mouths the 'unknown' words, looking over to the priest that had been attending and translating for the good king. "What excatly did that mean?" She asks curiously before turning back to the doctor and nodding, shifiting a little in place. "What makes it curious?" She asks a little confusedly, rubbing her temples for a moment, though her sudden departure is met with a sigh as she turns back to Stephen and shakes her head, chuckling at Julia's comment and shrugging. "Whatever you feel is appropriate, Stephen." she replies with a smile, admitting after a few moments; "But I would like the opportunity to see Juliana again. She's a sweet child, even if she dd think we were all pets."

Sveta flutters a little at the mention of a reward, now more than content to let Selena do most of the talking. Nevertheless, she nudges the nearest fellow, who happens to be Allistar. "I wonder whatever could it be. Got any ideas, my dear gentleman?"

"Sorry," says Lindy, "Our translators are not perfect, but they're getting better. It's so lucky that we already speak such similar languages. Normally it takes weeks, but it's already reading about eight out of ten done." She looks towards Selena, "Oh, well, I could see how the mistake could be made. She didn't mean anything bad by it," she assures, "Of course you can see her though. She practically talks about you every waking minute. We just hope she isn't being a bother.

The priest moves to speak quietly towards Selena, "I do not know, sister. The first word was somewhat related to the word for child, but it is a dialect I do not understand."

Angus chuckles as he recieves a nudge from Sveta. "Don't know really, could be anything." He debated on telling them that he was actually not part of the group that rescued their daughter, but felt that he shouldn't as that might insult them.

Amelia strokes her chin as her ears catch mention of creator rewards. She's curious to see what they are, if nothing else. "Your translators work rather well, from what I have observed. We can communicate, at the very least, no?"

Ashley takes a few more breaths. "The... translators are working well Creators. If... this one might ask, what, brings you all here? This one means no disrespect, and, our... wonderful Creators would always be welcome, as the Good King said, but this one is curious, what you mean with your visit here? Are you coming just to check on us?" She tries to hind how frightened she is as she addresses the creators, looking back to Ictus and the other fox, noticing now Sveta as well. With so many warriors around, part of her can't help but feel boxed in, the other part scared beyond belief, but she needs information. She gives another awkward curtsey, trying to seem as polite as she can.

Ictus nods to Lindy and smiles, "I'm sure she didn't and she's no bother." he looks at Amelia and nods in agreement at that, "Indeed they do." he looks over at Ashley and nods at that, "I am curious as well." he looks back to the creators curiously

Juliana steps in for this, "Course they do," she chimes, "I gave them mine so they had a head start." She pauses then, sniffing the air and looking around before pointing, "I smell something great, can we have some?"

As if on que, a brave, and shrewd, food cart operator wheels right up into view. A rather pudgy looking panda with a big grin and high hopes, "The Creators are hungry, are they not? I am here to help!" Juliana looks ready to pounce, but her parents keep a firm grip this time. Stephen looks towards Ashley, keeping his daughter in place with one solid hand, "We heard the planet suddenly became available for purchase a while ago, and suddenly we got a sign showing activity on it. We figured it would be worth an inspection, see if maybe it's worth investing in." What odd words. The crowd might be disturbed by them if they weren't so loud and making it hard to hear the creators soft speech.

Selena nods back to the mother, blushing slightly at the comment. "Well, any being could tell you the language we speak came from yours." She replies, giving the priest an appreciative nod and thanks, apprehension of the crowd all but gone for the time being. "Then she's mentioned Wulf, Rixo and Sveta too?" she asks, gesturing back to Ashley before the comment is made. "But this is our home. What exactly do you mean, 'investing in'?" She asks confusedly, not quite paying attention to the food.

Amelia looks a little startled by that answer, heart dropping like a sack of rocks, but she quickly regains her composure. "For sale? Just wishing to clarify that I heard you correctly. As Selena said, this is our home. I am a little confused."

"Purchase...." Now that's an intresting turn of events, one that caused Angus a great deal of confusion. Yet for now he kept his mouth shut, content on letting the others ask the questions that were swarming around in his mind, even if he didn't believe he would like the answer.

Ashley looks to Stephen, then back to Selena, Sveta, finally Ictus. Her eyes are wide, and she mouths something that doesn't seem to be quite comprehencable. Soon her pupils, hard to see in her black eyes, are nothing but pin pricks, breathing short and shallow. Color drains from her face, as she goes stark cold, "P.. purchase.." she finally says, and with that faints dead cold, not even the words of her superiors echoing in her mind can keep her fright from overcoming her.

Ictus blinks in shock at that and shakes his head, he gives Ashley an inquistive look before he looks back to the creators as his tails swish somewhat agiatedly. He blinks as Ashley faints and sighs as he moves to help her, "It's... The excitement is all." he looks to Allistar for help

The priests turn various colors in their ears and nose at these words. The King fares with more resolve, clearing his throat, "The Creators have had a difficult day. We should leave them to their rest and we can ask more questions later." he says/commands. With a gesture, his guards move forward to start creating space between them and the chatting beings.

Juliana does not accept this lying down, "Just a little, come on!" Oh, she's still distracted by food, "Please! We've been eating nothing but yucky void food for months, come on!"

Sveta sighs at Ashley's sudden fainting fit. "Would someone -" ah, Ictus has already moved to help her. What a guy, but he looks like he could use some help and she kneels to grab Ashey by under the shoulders. "Come on, then. You heard the Good King. Let's move."

Selena sighs as the guard intervenes, though she refuses to move until she says to the creators, "I'd like to talk about this later, if you'd be so kind.", her voice keeping a polite tone though it does waver a little into hurt - certainly not having to be told twice by the guard, she turns and moves off with the guards.

Amelia glances towards the other priests for a moment before nervously wringing her hands, stepping aside. "Of course, of course. The Creators could use rest, I'm sure." Those hands of hers are quickly folded behind her back as she glances up to the sky.

Angus started to shake his head as he turned to leave. "Of course. They need their rest." He muttererd, moving to help with Ashley if he can. He was not happy about this, confusion setting in as he wonders what they mean about purchase...

Ashley mutters a moment as she rejoins her kin. "No.. time.. out of time... just.." she says before the sweet, sweet darkness takes her, being held up by nothing other then Ictus and Angus as the guards usher them all away.

Ictus nods to King Good and looks to Sveta, "Thanks." as he helps carry Ashley he gives Allistar a knowing look while the guards escort them. At Ashley's words he can only sigh in agreement

The panda peddler inches closer. He pops open a pot, allowing the sweet smells of cooked meats and veggies waft free. He slops up a heaping serving and edges closer while the guards work to gently move the beings away. Moving swiftly despite his roundness, the small folk(small, ha) gets the plate into the little girl's eagerly outstretched hands. She squeals with delight even as her parents give soemewhat half hearted thanks. The guards are quick to nudge him back towards his cart and away from the Creators, but nothing will damper the now radiant joy on the panda's face.

"No worries, Ictus, let's get her out of here. I take it you know who she is, and where we should take her?" Sveta says as the three of them manhandle Ashley out under the guards' supervision.

Amelia glances between Ashley, the guards, and the priests, before eventually moving towards the priests and lowering her voice. "I did hear them correctly, didn't I?"

Angus gives the guards a glance, helping with Ashley as they cart the skunk out. "Some place private, so that she has time to recover." The fox mutters, thinking it was time he had a chat with the Skunk about this.