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The court is unusually full on this hot spring day. To the side, a mathemagician carefully works over a stone slab, manipulating the figures there to produce refreshingly cool air to fight off the heat. The Good King is present, along with the council and Mione, the scribe.

Sven swaggers into court, looking just a little uncomfortable wearing finely made court clothes for his appearance here. He pants a little with the heat. It isn't often anymore that he wears so much clothing. "Is too hot in Firmament," he mutters to himself as he takes his seat among the small crowd of foreign nobility.

Sveta is here in official capacity, having discarded her work clothes in lieu of the autumn-coloured gown she favours so much. She's still a realtively new face at court, and would honestly leave it to others, but Lady Longtail has once again felt indisposed and left it to her to perform the House's social obligations in her stead.

Rogna strolls into the proceedings, taking a seat for himself in a suitable spot as he adjustus his cape. This, would be an interesting arguement, he cannot wait to hehear the thoughts of others on this account. The cold air is not lost on him, refreshing reprieve from the heats of the day.

Dio was never really made for the courts, but who could resist a detailing about something as important as the Creators and possibly the future of their entire planet? The coat toatin' lion strolls into the court building and files in along with the other common beings and finds a comfortable spot that hopefully gets the /lion's share/ of the math made breeze to beat the heat.

Cedric arrives with Sven, a little less swaggery than the puma, and dressed in his finest clothes. Though they weren't as luxurious of what you might find on any given noble, they were certain not of offend anyone's senses. He takes a seat with the foreign noble, and pretends tht he belongs here.

The Good King strikes his gavel to draw attention and silence the murmur of chatter, and court begins. At first, the usual matters come and go as people air their grievances and concerns with various city and state affairs. It seems, even with something special on the schedule, people still have business that needs addressing.

Siyu is in attendance at the court as well, the rodent in the front row of the merchant's section, his wealth having at least gotten him to the front row of the common seats. He is dressed in his silks and leaning back, and will listen to the procedings. He's curious what exactly will happen when these new guests arrive. Curious as to the reports already coming out of the north.

Sven shifts uncomfortably, but know that there is no way he can sneak out of this meeting. Cedric is there as his. . . confidante, of course, but also to report to his advisor Anton should the puma behave, "In a way unbefitting a member of Noble House Snowmark." Sven frowns at the idea of a browbeating from the Reindeer. He was still sore from their last argument. Both emotionally and physically. At least it was a little cooler here in the nobles' seats.

Rogna is more than patient enough to sit through what must be an important discussion to get to the more interesting topic of the day. He sits quietly as the daily chores are attended to amongst the court, eyeing those who arrive with a smile upon his face.

Jendayi is there, somewhere amidst the crowds, dressed rather casually on account of not really having anything awfully fancy in her size at all. Her arms are crossed and she's staying quiet, waiting and listening patiently.

Sveta nods amicably as the day's business is gone through. Creators or no, daily life had to go on, didn't it? It was boring, true, but it was an obligation, and it ought to be upheld with -some- propriety.

Cedric never actually intended to report any of Lord Snowmark's misbehaviors to Anton in the first place, rather, it was a ruse. An excuse to get out and do something that didn't involve murders for a change. Though court matters and politics usually weren't his forte, he'd figured it was much better than trudging through sewers or sitting around depressed. Besides, at least time he was interestd in the topic as it had to do with the arrival of creators. The badger reaches over to pat Sven on the shoulder, and whispers out of deference to the court, "Don't worry, it won't be /that/ long."

At last, the mood changes as a familiar creator enters. Doctor Sinclair. It seems she has discarded her strange creator clothing in favor of loose fitting local fineries. Brightly colored, they suit her well enough, almost an amusing contrast with her generally blunt mannerisms. She takes a seat beside the councilbeings as the Good King rises from his own. "People of Sweetwater, thank you for coming this day to discuss a matter that affects us all. We are in a position of unique advantage. We have already entertained a creator for several months, and we have a chance to have this conversation before more arrive, unlike our neighbors abroad."

Sven leans forward in his seat, glad to finally get to something interesting. He had heard the reports from Thera'Dor and was interested to see what Sweetwater would do to prepare for the coming of these 'lesser' creators. The big puma leans over to Cedric, "Creator Doctor, is most lovely in dress, Da?" he rumbles with a smile. Certainly, HE thinks he is being quiet.

Siyu ohs a small bit and he leans forward, Dr. Sinclair! Interesting, he's never seen a creator let alone met one in person, scootching up on his chair so the short rodent can at least get a better lok at her.

Shuffle shuffle... Dio starts making his way through the crowd in order to reach his destination. In a matter of time, he eventually finds a position behind Sveta. For old time's sake, the lion pats a hand upon her shoulder and speaks in a low whisper. "Good afternoon to ya! Been awhile 'asn't it? Spirits an' Creators... Things are certainly jumpin' now, ain't they?"

Sveta shrugs in her usual disaffected fashion. "Remember to behave yourself, Dio. Can't say much, really. I don't think I'll have much say in anything that's decided here - honestly, think the decision's made already and we're just here to hear it - so I'll save my breath, if you know what I mean.

Jendayi smiles broadly at the sight of the Creator. She felt a little giddy just being in the same room as one- it was a first for her, and she had a feeling it wouldn't be the last considering the very nature of the court. Her tufted tail sways idly behind her, leonine ears twitching at the Good King's words.

"Don't even think about it. And keep your voice down, do you want to get thrown out" Cedric warns the Thera'dor noble in a most admonishing tone, only afterwards realizing that Sven probably /did/ want to get thrown out. The badger keeps his eyes forward and tries to get a good look at Doctor Sinclair. She wasn't the first creator he'd seen, but she was the first adult one. He wondered briefly how little Juliana was doing. "She is rather beautiful though." he admits, much quieter than Sven.

"While the creators," speaks the King, "Are more powerful than us, we will not be cowed. We've faced terrifying odds in the past, together, and we will do so again. It is our opinion that our soon-to-be visitors will come in peace, by and large, and should be treated as honored guests, as any polite foreigner should be. Before I continue, the court will open to comments and concerns."

Sinclair is like one of the great Creator Saint statues, sitting straight and composed. She betrays no emotion to the proceedings so far. Her time on Promise appears to have treated her well, as she looks quite healthy, perhaps even more than when she first arrived, to those who saw her last.

Siyu leans forward and see who will speak. He really doesn't want to speak first, giving a glance to try and find that mustalid! He knows she's gotta be lurking somewhere...he takes a breath and stands and waits to be reocgnized...

"Me?" Dio questions in a surprised tone. "Are ya clamin' that I, Dio the Traveler, is subject to bouts o' misbehavior?" The lion tucks at his coat and straightens it out while he attempts to put on a stereotypically posh stance and way of speech. "Why I would never act like a sort o' ruffian." After a small smirk and a laugh, Dio quiets down and listens to the king speak.

"Oh! A quick comment if ya will." Dio raises his hand and clears his throat before continuing. "I'm thankful fer what the Creators 'ave given us, even the gift o' life. I agree that anyone who comes in peace should be treated honorably, but... Not everythin' works out perfectly ferever. 're we prepared fer the off-chance o' hostile visitors?"

Sven grins at the Good King's words. He was certainly a polite foreigner, it was nice to be so recognized. The puma stands "I am most grateful for kindess of Sweetwater and her people," the big cat says, suppressing his accent as he addresses the court, "And hope that she will be as good to visiting creators." The puma pauses a moment then continues, nodding to Dio, "But there are rules for Sven and his people, so too there should be rules for visitors from the stars, Da?" The hefty puma sits back down, his piece said, just like he had practiced with Anton and Cedric.

Cedric listens to both the felines as they address the court, nodding to Sven. It was still difficult to get used to the mountain lion and his habit of going all serious and polite like that., and he couldn't help but chuckle softly. As for the more important matters at hand, the badger had some questions, of course... it would be evident from his tilted head and the thumb grazing his undermuzzle thoughtfully. Of course, as a cliffsider and commoner without citizenship in Sweetwater, he was hesitant to address the court directly.

The Good King gestures towards Sinclair, "Our esteemed guest has information on that regard." He settles into his seat as she rises.

"It would be ill advised in your fragile legal footing to cause harm to any member of the CREATOR NATION. Detaining is permitted while awaiting word from authorities, but no longer than that. Deportation has been specifically authorized." She makes an odd gesture with her right hand as she speaks, "If I may be blunt," as if she was anything else, "You are being judged. Protect your rights and your laws, but let no CREATOR leave the planet injured, especially at the hand of any of you, even if they deserve it. Our laws are heavy in fines, rehabilitation, and jailing in dire cases. There will be little understanding if anyone is subjected to worse than that." She settles back into her seat after speaking without giving much chance for followup questions.

Siyu just sort of waits, unitl there's a moment for him to speak "We will treat the creator's as honored guests, but they are not of Promise obviously. Should we treat our visitors as honored commoners. Merchants from foreign lands. As foreign nobility? Ambassadors? Or like Sweetwater nobles themselves. There are protocalls for each and deferance for each."

Rogna listens to the doctor speak and tilts his head. Fines fore purely rehabilitation, these were intensive laws to travel amongst the stars. They must be truely connected. "I would do no harm to a creator if it were not to be helped." he says, trying to imagine the extreme situations where such would be applicable. Perhaps to save lives in the immediate moment, but far and beyond there is no reason to bring untold harm to a visitor.

Sveta rubs her face and sighs. Selena would definitely want to hear of this, but she has to agree with Sinclair. It would do no harm to butter up one's assessors, even if one had right of way...

Sven frowns a little, thinking on the reports from Thera'Dor. "What is creator law?" he asks, "Regarding the capture of criminals?" The puma looks to Doctor. "And also in protecting victims?" he continues, not rising for his question, "Creators are having much power. Beings of Promise are very weak if they must be so careful for. . . What is word? Miscreants?"

Jendayi feels the questions that need to be asked are being asked, content to shift her gaze from those asking questions to the Creator and the Good King and back again. Things were starting to really get into the meat of what she needed to know about the changes to come, especially after certain disheartening discoveries.

While the Creator doctor speaks, Dio scratches at his head, attempting to comprehend all the new information. Just how much intergalactic red tape was there? But there was something easy enough to understand; don't physically harm a Creator. "I see," Dio comments, rubbing a hand under his chin. "Thank ya fer the answer. But, one last question from me if ya don't mind."

After clearing his throat and looking at the people around him, the lion shoots off his question. "Actually, I've quite a few questions! This is all so very life changin'. Do ya think we 'ave the right to ask fer some tools that may allow non-lethal solutions to aggressive visitors? The creators 'ave all this amazin' stuff I can't even wrap my 'ead 'round it. An' I'm wonderin' if we should ask 'bout the shadows an' what we can do with the violent ones still remainin'. Maybe they 'ave a solution?"

Mione speaks up, "I have drafted a law that I have distributed to the councilbeings. It is not yet signed by the Good King. I will read it for the benefit of everyone present." He unfurls a parchment at his side expertly and begins to recite, "Any intelligent being not of the world of Promise that enters the kingdom of Sweetwater will be welcomed as guests, to be treated as merchants from afar until they prove deserving of more, or less. In the case of lawlessness, such visitors should be taken to court, where the king and council can decide if education or deportation is required. In all cases, all actions will be relayed to the church for missive to the creator authorities."

What Cedric would take from her words is that it might be advisable to carry a supply of sleeping powder in the event that such a visitor required non-harmful detainment. He didn't think it'd come to that though, and for his part, he'd certainly be very polite to their coming visitors. He looks to Sven, nodding again, and then Dio. He'd been wondering if there might be other solutions in case of trouble. He knew all too well that the divine math could be too unpredictable to use in such a precarious situation...

Rogna nods his head in agreement as the law is read, thinking it a reasonable proposal. Hopefully all find it agreeable, however, the issue of non-violent measures for aggressors catches his ear. "Perhaps, we should ask for informance of what standard of visitation we will recieve, and if they can all adhere to a strict set of what is and isnt' allowed on their persons?"

Sveta speaks up. "I believe it was mentioned in the original missive that no weapons would be allowed, but other than that, no further information was supplied. More information on what rules exactly will they be expected to adhere to will be a plus."

Sven nods at Rogna, the royal's proposal sounding wise to him. "I agree with his highness," the puma says, again suppressing his accent, "Designated entry points and customs checks would greatly aid the peoples of Promise in maintaining order and good relations with our Creator friends." He smiles at the Creator Doctor and nods toward Sveta, "Sven thinks that there are many things that Creators are not wanting yet on Promise, Da?"

The Good King looks towards Sinclair, who speaks up, "I have received the information concerning rules and regulations of visiting this world. I am, technically, the first such visitor, even if my paperwork was performed after some of the others. We are not to speak of creator technologies, nor are we permitted to bring any outside of our basic..." There is a delay before the mechanical voice translates "COMMUNICATION DEVICES". She plucks an egg like shape from her pocket and holds it up for all to see. "I have a few devices that are not, legally, permitted. If you wish that I have them sent off planet, I will do so, but I trust we have a mutual agreement."

Siyu blinks a little bit at the revalation, he looks as if he wants to say somthing, but doesn't. The foreign merchant rather cowed now, not wanting to rock the boat.

Cedric can't argue with that. It seemed within the laws that Mione had mentioned, as Doctor Sinclair had probably proven herself worthy of being treated as more than a guest or merchant. He nods and stands up, clearing his throat quietly before posing his own questions. "If I may address the court." he says in a clear, audible voice... trying to play down his Cliffside accent but failing a bit at it. "Might you have any recommendations on how we should interact with our visitors? Perhaps... some manner of primer on the etiquette of your people, so we might know how to avoid misunderstandings?" he asks, hoping that he was able to get his thoughts across clearly.

"I predict," speaks Sinclair, "That it will be awkward for all parties. While the one that made inappropriate advances was wrong entirely, his reasoning was not entirely empty. Your appearance is that of a... device? pet?" She struggles for the word. "Less than CREATOR. Some will arrive thinking you will do as they say, others will think you are akin to children, to be fauned over and admired as cute distractions. Others will think you know something they don't and will strive to emulate your society in all ways. There is no one way I can suggest to deal with them, other than being polite, but firm."

Sveta frowns slightly. "Then, at risk of sounding audacious, what are the Creator authorities doing, letting such amongst their numbers to come here. If they can prevent those with forbidden devices to arrive, surely they can do the same for those who are likely to make trouble and warn them of expectations, as is being done now for us? Certainly there may be those who do not adhere to rules despite warnings, but I believe that at least these incidents could be cut down on. And perhaps the disgraced Creator, punished by their own courts and laws, will serve as an example for any potential troublemakers.

Siyu blinsk a small bit, "yet you said your punishment structure does not react well to violence against yourselves." he leans forward, "If we are...lessers, amusments to all who come here. And they act with violence because we are lessers, we risk our whole way of life to respond in kind? Even in defense? What if this creator did not take no, took it as insult and caused harm to this being. Would their lifebond not in in his right to defend or retailate? Would he have to stand by, do nothing, and simply deport this creator?"

Cedric bows courteously upon hearing the words of Doctor Sinclair, "That is most helpful advice, I thank you." he says in a sincere tone before lowering himself into his seat once again. He did recall being referred to as a 'pet' by the creator child, but he had thought that to be simple childlike innocence. He was quite suprised to hear that they might be looked upon that way by a lot of adults as well. The badger glances over to the noble puma sitting next to him, checking to make sure Sven is still awake and discreetly bats at his knee to rouse him. If he did let the Thera'dor noble fall asleep in court, he'd catch hell from Anton as well.

The murmuring grows as other voices join in the chorus of dissatisfaction. The Good King strikes his gavel down, "Order, my fellow sons and daughters of Sweetwater. No one is asking anybeing to surrender their basic rights to any creator. We do not need to cleave a being in half to prove our displeasure. From what I have been told, the process of visiting Promise is not a trivial one, in time or resources. Once the first wave of miscreants return to their home worlds, others will be discouraged from wasting their time or money just to be turned away."

Sven starts in his seat at Cedric's prodding. "Sven is listening!" he says a little too loudly, as he is prodded from his drowsing, "Is too hot in Firmament," he grumbles, adjusting his seat a little to try to catch more of the magical breeze.

Sveta nods and leans back in her seat. Well, it seemed like her concerns had been addressed, although "let the first ones come and hope that warns the rest off" isn't going to sit right with her for the rest of the day. Maybe she ought to discuss it when she got back to the manor, but that can wait.

Siyu just sort of leans back, that was his concern, he waits to hear what else is being discussed. "So what has brought you here Doctor Sinclair?" he bows his head. "Direct, here again, to Sweetwater."

Cedric nods at Sven, still listening to the King's words amongst the chattering beings in the court. He didn't have many other questions that hadn't already been addressed. "Well, it looked like you were nodding off." he says to the puma, moving his hand to his mouth to stifle an exhausted yawn. He's likely to do the same, in fact.

Sinclair looks towards Siyu, "I have decided to stay and examine your people. Your creation was incredibly illegal, and the repercussions of it will be felt through the stars. When Mister Parson arrives, I will be submitting my findings to him directly. It is my recommendation that your people be given space to grow, that you are not a significant threat, and that you are worth every dollar spent on examination."

Sven mirrors Cedric's yawn. He should have sent his body double to this. The other cat could have asked all the same questions. "How is this thing monitored, Doctor Sinclair?" He asks, "The traveling to Firmament, I mean." He stretches languidly in the afternoon heat. "You are having your vessel always in the stars around Promise?" he asks, "When are the good beings of Promise invited to see the stars?" The puma seems to become very excited as this prospect occurs to him.

Sinclair raises a thin brow, "That depends. I am not a politician, I am a SCHOLAR. I predict, within the year, someone will see space even if no one wants it. Someone, somewhere, will accept an illegal offer to see the stars and they will smuggle themselves off the world just as I smuggled myself to stay on it. It will be noticed very quickly, and there will be quite a to do about it. But that isn't what you asked." Not that she provides anything else, going quiet.

Rogna smiles. "Thank you for your kind words, doctor, for your sterling review." he says, wondering silently if she will be departing soon, which would be an unfortunate thing. "Surely you jest, if beings are treated as lowly amongst your kind a traveler would be... in danger, they would sacrifice who they are with no promise of return."

Siyu glances at Rogna some and he inclinesh is head, "I imagine there are many your grace...a cast off apostate, low in the slums. Prehaps a chance for somthing greater, despite the risks." he shrugs, "just to speculate"

Cedric perks up at the notion of seeing the stars and nods to Sven. That was one question he'd had that slipped his mind. He would certainly have to keep an eye open for such an opportunity...

Sven's eyes glitter at the prospect of sailing the stars! Now he was glad he had come to this meeting, if only for that tantalizing idea. "Thank you, Doctor," he says, "But Sve- I will wait for the approved time to see the ships of the Creators." One look at the feline from anyone who knows him well would be enough to know that Sven is lying, and lying hard.

The Good King nods, "Let us leave the speculation to another date. I feel we have a confident grasp on what laws must be passed to protect our people. There is but one matter left. Money. The creators work with money that is... ephemeral. We have crowns of various sizes and metals. Surely any creator that arrives will be destitute, at least in finances. Even our esteemed guest Doctor Sinclair was poor. I propose that guests be given one hundred crown, with any remainder to be returned on departing. In return, we, the kingdom of Sweetwater, will request a modest amount of their currency, to be used in matters regarding our guests."

Siyu hmms a little bit, "Yes that sounds reasonable" he nods his head, "How else would one find meals and housing, if they didn't have any money"

Sven nods, as he listen's to the King's words. "Is wise," he says, "This way, Creator visitors are maybe paying for Creator customs and processes, Da?" The puma punches Cedric lightly on the leg, "Sweetwater king is most smart!" he says, in what he probably assumes is a quiet murmur.

Quiet like a mouse being bursting through a glass window. The Good King accepts compliments given, however tactfully. With all the pressing issues being given a chance for public input, the conversation begins to slide to other, far less riveting, topics, such as what price to export this year's fruit harvests. The business of a monarch is never done!