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Travel to Shralesta has become quite crowded in the last few days. Everyone wants to be there, at the grand cathedral, in time to see the last rituals done. Arriving by boats of all shapes and sizes, some flying, some sailing, and the rarest of the lot, swimming beneath the waves, foreigners flood the city, filling it with anticipation.

Mirana arrived via boat, the normal sailing kind. She'd promised not to put herself in trouble, and to take it easy. This would be easy, what were the odds that coming to witness, and maybe even take part in, a ritual would be dangerious. She comes in her finest, a silk dress, along with a pack of food and water as well as other supplies. She made sure to have lots of parchment, sealed inks, and quills for the occation. She may have a great memory, but taking notes always helped. Besides, writing and reading the First Language was easier then trying to speak it.

Selena opted for the flying route; though travel through the city remained the usual walking. despite the momentous occasion in store, she seems a little more willing to be distracted by the other sights and sounds of the city before the cathedral itself and didn't bring anything particularly special - remaining in her characteristic blouse and trousers.

Sveta has arrived in a small sailing ship, crammed in with a number of fellow apprentices from the craft school. The conditions might not have been the most optimal, but pooling payment has certainly cut down on the price she'd to pay for passage. Despite the inconvenience of being torn away from her workbench, this event is a little too much to miss - and besides, these foreign buildings have particularly interesting architecture, especially leading up to the cathedral...

Cedric decided to travel by ship, as the cost of air travel was a bit too much for him at the time. The voyage went without incident and the badger arrived in most of his armor- arms and legs mainly, but wore a nice, relatively fancy tunic in place of his heavier chest armor, and no helm. If he was going to attend such an event, he'd come looking like a knight, rather than a commoner.

Tensions are a bit high in the street. As foreign beings fight through the crowd to get a place in line, orderlies with severe faces patrol along it, quelling violence with violence. Those that lose their tempers are hauled bodily from the proceedings and dragged away to some other, likely unpleasant, place. Others watch on, perhaps somewhat pleased that they are made that much closer to getting inside. The cathedral itself is huge. It's said that vast amounts of Creator Steel went into its construction, allowing it to reach towards the vaults of the sky so well. It is also said that this will assist in greeting the Creators.

Mirana tries not to be jolted around too much as she makes her way toward the cathedral. She has a patch on her shoulder designating her a Priestess, and hopes that that, along with some papers to prove it too, would be enough to get her a bit up close and personal with the happens. She doesn't try to hide herself in any way, though in this crowd, who knows if anyone she knows would see her, or vice versa. "Excuse me, could I please just, Oh pardon..." she says each time she gets bumped, being polite as possible in the distant land.

Selena doesn't press further or faster than the crowd moves, calmly waiting for a place in line - though she does scowl as a few other beings push past her, taking a moment to check her bag. The cathedral itself is examined throughout this period of time - tightly packed streets do no favors in looking for friends or familiar faces.

Sveta winces as she does her best to push her way towards the cathedral, perhaps a little more aggressively then strictly necessary - crowds are crowds no matter where one is on Promise, after all. The sheer number of beings around is making her more than a little tetchy, but focusing on the cathedral proper takes her mind off the edge somewhat.

Cedric has similar trouble spotting anyone he personally knows among the crowd. Then again, there's not a lot of people he knows. He makes his way through the crowd, trying not to push anyone or roughly bump into them by mistake... but it's hard when others are jostling him themselves. He lets it slide and doesn't make a fuss about it, having noticed a few beings already been escorted away from the cathedral. If anything, hopefully the pair of spears at his back will deter anyone from getting in his way too much.

The group is admitted in, one by one, and escorted through the halls. The normally quiet and serene place of worship is loud with thousands on thousands of voices, all speculating on what exactly is going to happen. As it happens, Creators be praised, the folks from Firmament are all sat beside one another.

Mirana sits down in a seat and looks to her immediate left and notices Cedric there! "Oh! Goodness, hello there. How are you?" She says excitedly. "Isn't this a grand occation! I couldn't be happier that I was able to make it here. Maybe they will need volunteers and I'll be able to assist." she says excitedly, her twin tails wagging behind her. She looks around a bit, "Such a huge place to honor our great Creators." she says idly.

Selena doesn't seem to be too bothered by the seating arrangements - the noise going so far as to cause the woman's ears to fold back and block out some of it as she sits herself down next to Cedric. After waiting for a lull in the noise that doesn't seem to come, she simply asks; "How're you finding the atmosphere here?" A little sarcastic to be sure, before greeting the familiar beings properly. "Cedric. Mirana. Travelled safely?" Aparrently excitement isn't terribly present in her.

Sveta has settled down a little by the time she's ushered to one of the seats within the cathedral. It could've been worse - sitting down is better than being pushed about in the crowd, and at least the demeanour of the Firmament folk is familiar, if not their faces.

The badger hasn't set foot in a creator church in some time, actually... while he has no problem with raiding their scattered ruins, he seems mildly uncomfortable to be here. He's not sure why... it's not like he has anything against the church or what little he knows of the creator saints. He greets the others evenly, definitely not as enthusiastic as the priestess about the affair, "Greetings, Lady Solacious. Selena." he says, in greeting, bowing his head politely. Upon raising it, Cedric glances around the cathedral, "It was a decent enough trip, I guess." he says, forcing a smile. He would have rather taken an airship, in retrospect. "Don't think I've ever seen a church this large, before... I guess it'd have to be, for this kinda thing, huh?"

The din slowly dies down, not because of any great amount of orginization, though some soft gesturing does prompt some to settle in place. Air mathemagic softly begins to hush the noises through the pews, making it difficult to shout, but allowing spoken words to carry to neighbors easily enough, stifling it past a few feet though. A priest emerges from behind a curtain, female, ursine, with a Small Folk crest at her belt line despite being large. She moves up to a podium arranged there and regards the crowd. Her presence encourages more to go quiet, staring expectantly.

Mirana turns to Selena, "It was an easy trip, yes, but an exciting one." she says and then to Cedric, "You seem tense, everything ok? Do try to relax, this is an important event, but I don't think anything of great worry could happen." She finishes then watches as the subtle magics give some quiet to the area and watches with great anticipation for what the ursine will do. She looks over and gives a smile an quiet nod to Sveta before continuing her watch.

Selena isn't among those hushed by the existence of a priest, though she isn't ignoring the woman either - more than likely thanking the air math used as her ear quickly perk back to attention. "Finally, some semblance of quiet for the first time since I got here." She mutters. "Though I'm having second thoughts about not taking the boats or an airship. It would've cut a clean bit of time off of my trip."

"I'm alright..." Cedric answers, nodding firmly. "Just haven't been to church for a while, funny to wind up in one like this after that much time." He turns his head to Selena, nodding in agreement. "It probably would have been more convenient. I've wanted to take a ride on one since I heard about them." he says with a chuckle. He's also thankful for the quiet, the droning noise of all the conversation echoing through the cathedral wasn't doing wonders for his headache.

The words slip from Sveta before she's realised Cedric was addressing someone else. "It is remarkable. Quite structurally sound if I'm not wrong, moreso than anything most things we have back home. I'd be interested to know how the Creators did it." Realising at last that she's speaking more to herself than anyone else, Sveta turns to catch Mirana acknowledge her before turning to Cedric. "Pardon me for that intrusion. A slip of the tongue."

"This is a most unusual noonday mass," starts the priestess, "I trust you will forgive me if we deviate from the usual format." Soft chuckles come from some, from most, simple nods, "Just three days prior, we have received word that the Creators, may they ever be blessed, have arrived. Far above our heads, above even the clouds, above the blue of the sky itself, they watch and wait for this, the last gesture that we are ready to receive them." She says this with a grand gesture upwards, "We have kept them waiting long enough."

Mirana looks to Selena "Yes that noise was getting a bit bothersome, but it is good over all really. It is wonderful that so many are interested in our Creators." She sits back and relaxes a bit, "Air ships... make me a bit sick to be honest, more so then regular boats. And yes, this place is a marvel! A great work in tribute to our Creators." However, her muzzle goes gapped at the news that they are here! High above them. She can do little more then stare at her fellow priestess as she listens.

Selena chuckles quietly at the goshawk's comment and subsequent apology, turning to face her and offering a hand. "No harm done, and you have a point. But -" The priest's comment cuts her off for a moment. "But there's no need to apologise. I'm Selena, by the way." She introduces herself, adjusting her position to partially face the front. "Somehow I doubt they're our creators, just the same species." She replies with a slight shrug, unconcerned if the comment sounds blasphemous. "And the whole message that we were forsaken doesn't bid too well, but who am I to rain on the parade?"

Cedric stares forward at the priestess as she speaks. He wonders if what she's said is true, but he doesn't voice the question. It'd feel wrong to ask. "Interesting... I wonder what they're like." he says, keeping his voice mild, vague. "Any thoughts on why they've decided to visit now?" he asks the others.

Several priests emerge, each carrying one corner of a large device. It's not unfamiliar, if one has seen the priests of Sweetwater use the great terminal of wisdom in the past. It's quite similar to it, almost identical. It's set down carefully, and they all bow and back away in unison, taking specific formation around it as the ursine priestess turns towards it, "Without further delay, let us begin the ritual of awakening, and stir the spirit of this machine, so that we may greet our Creators." The ritual itself is a song and a procession. Buttons are pressed in meticulous order and praises sung in the ancient language of the Creators as the machine is coaxed to life, displaying its strange words that the priests seem to know.

However, only the head priestess actually reads it. All others keep their eyes purposefully averted, as if to do so would be profane. With soft words and gentle caress, she further coaxes the machine, working her strange machine magic with it.

Sveta hesitates, then grasps Selena's hand in her own, trying to divide her attention between the priestess and Selena. "Well met, Selena. I...well, I'm not too sure about this whole 'Creators forsakenus ' thing, you know? Most people are fine with the Creators when they're at a distance, comfortably away all the time a balloon. Having them will be interesting, to say the least."

Russell finds himself wandering in behind the others. He's late, very late because of having to walk on foot, and not being particularly reglious. The vulpine finds a place to watch silently behind the other attendees, ears half back in a mix of curiousity and ocnfusion.

Selena shrugs. "Well, it was a message they sent us in... I believe it was late December. If they're expecting me to treat them like gods, then they'll have to get their fix of subservience elsewhere. They're just other, more technologically advanced beings." She asserts, whether true or not she certainly doesn't seem to care, looking back to the front for a few moments during the chant. "So, to whom do I owe the pleasure?"

Mirana sings along with the ritual, but avoids reading anything by looking to Cedric and Selena, "Creators forsaking us? I'll hear no such thing, it must be an mistake." She says then back to Sveta, "Having our creators so far away is more troubling in my opinion. Having them close, and the answers they can provide will be of comfort." she says. "The Creators are wonderous beings. I got to converse with one before." She redirects her gaze to the head priestess, making sure not to view any of the words. Noticing Russell's entrince however, she gives him a smile and a polite nod.

Cedric watches the ritual, fascinated by the song portion of the ritual as he watches with full attention. He catches parts of the conversation between the others sitting near him, and takes the middle ground. "I know... I wondered aloud why they could possibly be coming now... but I don't think any answer we could come up would be the whole truth." he muses, scratching his cheek before folding his hands in his lap. "I think we'll just have to wait and see." he says with a tone that implies a little bit of impatience. Well, it's the whole reason he came here, after all. He keeps his eyes fixated on the priestesses, even as he responds to the others.

The priest turns back to the crowd as the walls themselves start to glow, coming alive with untolds hundreds of mathemagical runes, "Do not be alarmed, my fellow beings," she says, approaching the podium, "The machine spirit has accepted our humble request, and even now labors. The message must pierce the heavens, to reach beyond them to the Creators and deliver our message," she explains as the walls grow brighter by the moment with the powerful magics crawling upwards towards the vaulted ceiling above.

Sveta considers the whole ritual, doing her best to stay observant and at least somewhat detached while at the same time making an effort to keep in line with everyone else. Not gawking like a country bumpkin is an uphill effort for her, especially once the walls start glowing. A faint rememberance, something that she should be doing..."Oh, that's right, I forgot to give you my game, Selena. I'm Sveta. Well, if you say they're merely more advanced beings, I suppose we'll be finding out momentarily. It'll put to rest all our doubts, I suppose, although I'm sure that within days people will start arguing about what we REALLY saw."

Selena shrugs, looking back to Cedric and Mirana. "My guess is, they're coming to visit to look at the planet, at us." She suggests, looking over the math on the walls with more interest than the clergy was given. "...Anyway. Given that message, I'd guess it's almost like a couple of merchants examining their new puchases. It could be other reasons. Well, good to meet you Sveta." She chuckles, then shrugs at the latter portion of her reply. "I doubt we'll be able to learn enough about them in a short period of time to tell for certain, especially if they're not here to 'mingle'."

Ictus was here the whole time, honest! Anyway, at the glowing of the walls he blinks and tilts his head, "That's interesting..." it's in hushed tones as he moves to sit near Mirana if there is room

Mirana sits and watches with glee. She is about as excited as a school girl, but tires to contain it. She knows about what is going on, no stranger to Creater Artifacts nor Divine Math. The pregnant vixen looks about many times befor settling on Sveta and Selena a moment. "I pleasure to meet you Sveta, and yes, the Messanger Spirit will have quite a distance to travel. It might take some time, then again, I don't think I've ever got to be witness to this particular ritual. Only read about it and was instructed on it." She mentions. As Ictus sits next to her, she can't help but reach out and hug her cousin, "This... this will be wonderful Ictus! We can hopefully, finally see them, ask them questions!" she says hopefully.

The doorway to the outside, still open, suddenly flashes bright, despite the famous Shralestan noon sun, pouring in from outside in a brilliance spectacle that has some people in the audience yelping and shrieking in surprise. Thankfully, it is brief, lasting only a few moments. Even the priest looks a bit dazzled at the display, hesitating in speaking, which does little to calm the surprised audience.

Cedric nods a little bit. "Could be something like that, I guess. I didn't hear about the message before. What was it about?" he asks, tapping his finger against the back of his other hand as he looks away from the glowing runes for a moment. "Well, at least whatever happens, it should be interesting." he chuckles, waving in greeting to Ictus. "Hello there, Ictus." he says before his head turns quickly towards the flash at the door. "What the..."

Ictus watches Mira a bit with a nod and smiles when she hugs him, "It will be quite interesting." at the flash he blinks before shielding his eyes as he tries to look at what happened, "Hello Cedric." he looks to the others and raises an eyebrow curiously, "What message?"

So many things to do at once, so many people to address! Sveta is about to reply to Mirana when the sudden flash of light from outside startles her for a moment, making her reconsider her priorities in short order. "What-"

Russell gives Mirana a small nod, as she seemed to be the only other individual in the room to notice his presance. The fox scratches his ear, but continues his silent observation of what's going on. bits of conversation being to filter into his ehad, and his expression changes slightly as he begins to catch up with what's been going on. "So, we're trying to send a letter to a creator, I take it?" He asks, before turning his head away from the light for a moment. His hand falls to his side as his feet move to take a step back. "What the-"

Selena rolls her eyes and mutters; "Yeah. The church can ask them whatever they want. And give the answers they want." Evidently not too pleased about that before she looks back to Cedric; "I don't think now's the time to explain it all, it's not exactly a short story." The sudden sunlight prompts the wolfess to close her eyes and mutter something to herself, eventually opening them again to the considerably brighter space.

The light fades away to the sound of dull rumbling. People are up on their feet. It's a strange and surreal scene as full on riot breaks out, all muffled and stifled by the air magics. People push, shove, and stampede for the doors with alarm, and barely any of it can be heard beyond the immediate proximity, the trembling growing more violent underfoot. The priest urges everyone to be calm, but her soft voice is lost amid the panic.

Mirana continues to hug on her cousin as the flash of light happens, blinding her a moment. This is a bit startling and confusing! She hadn't read about anything like this. As the riot starts to break out, she grows very concerned, "Ictus! Cedric, Selena. We may need to vacate." She says, wanting to continue converstaions, but also noticing things becoming a bit more dangerous as some of her fellow beings become more then restless, "Please everyone Calm! Calm and the words of the Creators may be coming to us soon!" She tries herself.

Ictus blinks at the rumble and then at the panicing people, he shakes his head as he stands while helping Mira up and looks at the panicing people, "Dear creators..." he shakes his head and sighs as he does his best not to be trampled

Cedric opens his mouth, about to say something before all the commotion. He sighs in resignation, remaining calm and unpanicked as he pinches the bridge of his nose while wincing, standing from his seat and trying to shout against the stifling air magic with the most authoratative voice he can muster, "Everyone just settle down! You're going to trample each other to death!" though it most likely falls on deaf ears.

Sveta watches the scene with an air of strange detachment, then considers Mirana's words. Well, what would be the good in panicking right now, and if the Creators truly did mean harm, running wouldn't be of much use, would it? At least her fellow folk from Firmament seem like a small bastion of sanity amidst the chaos, and she finds herself edging towards the small band instictively.

Russell looks about in a quick fashion, trying to figure out what the source of the sound was, and not get himself trampled amongst everyone else. He taeks a fraction of a moment to plot a course of action. His hand smove to his mouth, and lets out a loud, shirll whistle. "SIT. DOWN!" His voice isn't that loud, but it does have some preseance considering his shortish stature.

Selena curses quietly at the sudden tremors and the chaos following them. After a few moments to regain her bearings on the situation, the wolfess looking up somewhat to see if there's something up there. "This is ridiculous..." She mutters to herself, tracing some math through before unleashing it - amplifying the voice of the high priest as best she can through the interfering ambient math used. "Danger or not, yelling won't help unless they take the math down Cedric. Mirana, find somewhere you aren't going to get trampled. Here will probably be good unless something else happens."

The priest's voice kicks up in volume a few notches as the urges the faithful that all is well. Some pay heed, perhaps in part to not wanting to be run over by the rest. Faint, muffled, noises come in from outside though. Someone comes rushing in, fighting through the crowd in a heroic effort towards the podium, as if trying to reach the priest.

Mirana does exactly as Selena suggests, knowing full well that there wasn't much she could do as she is now. She sticks with Ictus closely as she watches. "Yes, Creators protect us." she says. However, as she sees someone push in and toward the priestess in the center she points and taps Ictus a few times, "What is going on there! Does she need protection?" She asks, unsure of exactly how to respond beyond trying to keep herself safe and those around her, for the most part, calm.

"Good point." Cedric says to Selena after she works the air magic. He might've been able to work the math out if he'd thought of doing so, but it didn't come to mind at the time. He looks around to make sure the others from Firmament are all still safe, and prepares himself to knock anybeing down that would dare to rush this particular aisle. "Wait..." he notices the person rushing in through the crowd. "Who is that..?"

Selena furrows her brow a little, noticing the being trying to push through the crowd. "I don't know... Cedric, do you think you could help them get through? It might be important; Can't do much myself with a crowd that large." She manages, clearly more focussed on sustaining the spell she's cast, though an eye flicks back to that one being again.

"I'm not sure," Sveta says in reply to Cedric's question. "Perhaps the question is more of what their intentions are, and whether we should be moving to help or hinder their progress." She turns to Mirana. "Lady priestess, your direction?"

Russell watches the crowd, and does his best to get up against the wall. The vulpine watches the denizen run up to the podium, and then looks back in the direction from whence they came. He moves in that direction, working to get up to the door and see what all the fuss was about. His gaze ends up on the others who seemd to have a better handle on thins, he offers nothing more then a shrug of his shoulders as he tries to get to the door.

Ictus nods in agreement with Selena and looks to Mira, "I hope they'll be ok..." though he doesn't go to help just yet as he switches his soulgem out for a diiferent one

Cedric nods in reply to the request, and without wasting any time he starts to make his way through the row to the center aisle to catch up with the being rushing against the crowd, weaving past others rushing against him and trying not to knock anyone down in the process.

With Cedric to clear the way, the messenger gets up to the stage far more quickly. He breathes out a quick thank you, then is up on the stage, handing a piece of paper to the priestess and whispering in an ear. (Un)fortuantely, the air magic woven just moments before amplifies his voice as well, "They have arrived."

Mirana turns to Sveta, "For now, I'd say keep calm and watchful. I'm going to go get some information on what is going on outside. If I'm unable to return in, please do your best to help calm the situation." She turns to Ictus and Cedric as well as Cedric runs off, then to Selena, "I trust you all, honor our kingdon and our creators." At the news that the creators are indeed arriving she gives a small whine, but insuring that they are safe, both inside and out becomes her concern as she departs for the door herself.

Selena doesn't seem concrned about the comment, assuming the 'they' to be the creators so highly 'anticipated'. Mirana's comment is met with a roll of her eyes - "Don't do anything reckless!" She calls out, shaking her head. "'our kingdom'..." The wolfess mutters under her breath, the rest too quiet to hear before she approaches the stage as well - outside can wait.

Ictus nods as he watches Cedric and smiles at his cousin, "I will, stay safe." he looks over at the door as he realizes what was said and watches for any new beings coming in

Cedric gives the messenger a nod, with a pensive expression as he hears the amplified announcement. He stays near the stage, waiting to see what's going to happen next, turning to face the doors at Selena's approach.

Sveta turns back and forth between Cedric and Selena, and the rest of everyone else from Firmament amongst the seats. Well, the latter seems to be handling themselves well enough, but two alone up there near the stage...well, Mirana's final instructions are better than nothing, and she follows Selena through the crowd and towards the stage, unrepentantly pushing and elbowing her way against the flow of bodies.

The priest recovers from the loudly spoken message gracefully, "Did you hear, my brothers and sisters? The Creators have come, blessed be us all. They descend on their chariot, forged of math that would put our childish play to shame. But, please, do not swarm them. They will come to us, when they are ready. We will be civilized, and show decorum, let they think we have lapsed to barbarism in their absence," she urges gravely, "Have no fear, their love for us will not falter if you must wait a little longer yet to speak to them."

Russell stops just shy of the door when he hears Cedric. His feet back up a few steps, followed by crossing his arms over his chest. He leans against a wall, and turns to watch Cedric and the others as the priest speaks. The vulpine's ears turn this way and that to listen to the sounds of the crowed adn those at the podium "What the hell did I wander into? I need to stay farther away from these places." He mutters mostly to himself. He finds himself a seat, deciding to do as the Priest had instructed.

Selena rolls her eyes a little at the priest's delivery, unceremoniously standing up on the stage to view the chaos from a better vantage point. "...People are going to drive them insane." She comments amusedly, then looks back to the priest. "You know that it'd be a lot easier to appear 'civilized' if we could speak with them, right? ...Anyway. I can't help with the crowd control problem, but from the sounds of things I can put myself to better use elsewhere. Do you have any suggestions?" She asks a little bluntly, not content to sit and listen when there's work of some kind to be done.

"I don't see the harm in waiting. I'll be on my best behavior." Cedric says to nobody in particular, with a shrug of his shoulders. He turns back down the main aisle to go take a seat next to Russell. There's not a lot he can do to help calm the crowd down nonviolently.

Ictus makes his way towards the stage while watching the door and avoiding being trampled, "Well, this will be fun..." as he takes a space next to Cedric he shoots a look at Selena and shakes his head before looking Cedric with a nod

People still want to get out, but the rush is less of a panic now that it is clear what's going on. The people push and shove, but no one is being trampled. Cedric is allowed to move about, and even fish a few poor beings that did get run over, pulled to safety and medical care. The air magic that kept the room muffled is released, allowing the excited cries of beings outside to be heard, speaking of some astounding thing they can see. "Good beings," speaks the priest, "I know when I am bested. I will not stand between you and at least looking. I think this mass must be called to conclusion early, for a priest cannot hope to stand in defiance with her god for the attention of their people."

Sveta has finally reached the stage, just as the priestess speaks her words. Slightly scuffed, but not quite out of the game, the goshawk extends a hand towards Selena, and gives Cedric a nod as well. "I think that's an invitation to go outside and take a look at the source of all this fuss. Shall we?"

Ictus watches the crowd and shakes his head with a sigh, "Well... Let's hope this goes well." he looks to the priest curiously and shrugs before starting to head for the door himself, calmly of course

Selena shrugs, hopping down off the stage. Given there was no reply from the priest either... "Let's. I think it'd be bad form to use the roof as an exit." She comments, giving an appreciative nod to Sveta. "It'd probably be hard to explain as well."

Cedric considers the idea carefully, nodding to Sveta and the others. "It would be rude not to go greet our guests, wouldn't it?" he answers with a little grin, standing back up just moments after having taken a seat. He follows Ictus towards the cathedral door.

Russell nods at Cedric as he sits. The sounds, now that they can be heard, draw the vulpine's attention for the moment. Sveta gets Russell's attention next, "Really, I have no idea what's going on." He shrugs a bit, but remains seated though. "I'll leave the figuring out to y'all, g'luck out there."

Outside, it's not hard to see what draws the fuss. Simply follow the eyes and snouts of the faithful out into the sands, where a strange vessel has parked itself outside the city walls. It glows in an intense haze of mathemagical power, but the glimmering is fading away. It rests evenly, despite the soft sand beneath it. It looks comprised entirely of Creator Steel, glistening in the noon light like a sun all of itself.

Sveta steps out after Ictus into the harsh noonday sunlight, ruffling her feathers a little at the sudden heat - hopefully the others aren't too far behind. Fighting the urge to climb over or on someone or something to get a better look at the Creator vessel, there's clearly only one word on her mind. "Fascinating."

Ictus chuckles at Cedric and nods as he looks outside, he blinks at the vessel and tilts his head curiously, "Impressive..." he looks at the others and hmms a bit, "I can't wait to see them myself."

Selena looks over the craft for a few moments, moving around the perimiter of the crowd to get a good look at the visible portions of the thing rather than stand and gawk. "It'd be nice if we had a translator." She mutters to herself, then shrugs and waits for any further action from the imposing vessel. "I'll have to take a closer look at this at some point if I could get someone to ask if that was okay." Rummaging thrugh her bag, the wolfess takes out a piece of old creator math and looks over it, evidently considering something before stowing it back in her bag and moving back over to the others. "I'm probably going to be one of the few people here that can say they're more interested in the technology than the beings at this point. But, that could change."

Cedric takes in the scenery as he crosses the threshold of the door, out into the warm air. The heat doesn't seem to be bothering him too much. He brings his hand up as a makeshift visor above his eyes to keep the sun out as he tries to get a better look at the creator vessel.