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A warm morning in Saint's Square, the best time to catch most of the crowd filtering in for noon mass. Within the confines of the newly-furbished Creator store activity is afoot - both Creators, Timothy and Alvira, have set up decorations and strange devices about the place, clearing away most of the merchandise to make way for opened boxes of the strange and colourful snap-together toys that Harkenson has brought in.

"It seems there's a bit of a turnout today," Alvira speaks into a device, curiously similar to one used by Jetstream during the entertainer's short visit to Firmament. "For all of you watching us at home, we're definitely interested to see what the natives will be creating of their own accord, given that their local culture is certain to deeply affect what they choose to build with our tools.

"And those are the rules, as simple as can be: use the LEGOs we've provided to create something unique and special to you, and Timothy and I will be the judges, awarding merit based on uniqueness and creativity. It's going to be hard to judge creations of a completely alien people, but we'll try."

A small flick of the tails, a soft rumble, and Flora arrives on the scene, her ears twitching lightly on top of her head. Her bags contain various sketches of different things, and her tails sway lightly as she looks out over the various boxes, waiting for the signal to start, although she's already amassing a collection of more... Somber and advanced pieces. Black, grey, rods, pins, plates, all sorts of things, really. Now what could the feline tinkercat be planning with that?

Rokarion, the youthful plant being, enters Saint's Square wearing his usual body covering cloak. He spins towards Alvira and focuses on the device with her, from what he heard it seems that device can allow people to watch others from another place? Again the wonders of Creator technology. Rokarion then moves towards the boxes, he had bought those wonderful items and spent hours and hours working them into different objects. He knew what he was doing and was prepared to see what he could do with a large amount of those blocks. Rokarion glanced Alvira's device one more time, before taking out his notebook and pen, and doodling something down on it.

Natska and Cassidy enter the Creator store together, arm in arm. The jaguar gives Cass' arm a little squeeze, then steps away towards Timothy, giving the Creator a small curtsey before she reaches up to give him the traditional Creator greeing, a soft rub on the nose with her palm. "Thank you for hosting this. I am looking forward to seeing what my peers build today!" she declares, looking around the shop.

Cassidy smiles at Natska, releasing her arm to let the jaguar move over towards the creator before brushing her long-gloved hands down on her silky blue gown. "Yes! I am looking forward to this! I already intended to make what I plan on making," she says, pulling the scrolled up plans from under her arm. "This is a great excuse to finally do it!" She sets about, collecting a number of darker pieces for herself, and a few more colourful ones before settling down and unfurling the parchment to await the signal.

Timothy looks slightly worried at Natska's peculiar form of greeting, but not exactly surprised. Presumably he's had some idea of what to expect from this position, but coughs and gestures at the transparent device set up on one side of the store. "As a side-note, do be appraised that what happens here will be seen by CREATORS all amongst the stars, so you all will be famous, in a way. That, and what you create here today will remain our property, but everyone will be getting a small reward for your time, even if you do not win the prize."

The poor man isn't really one for words, preferring to look into the various broken artefacts beings have been bringing into the store since its opening, most of them fake and worthless, as these things go. "There really isn't much else to say. All of you have three hours - please use the materials provided, we don't want anyone to have an unfair advantage - and do enjoy yourselves."

A soft rumble, a small nod, and Flora shrugs lightly, even though she makes sure the LongTech Industries emblem is properly visible on her outfit. A bit of advertisement is never a bad thing, after all!

Her tails sway behind her, and soon enough, she's building something completely out of the more technical parts, snapping parts together with little pins, pushing rods through similarly-shaped openings, and only casting the occasional glance towards the others, or her bag... Mostly her bag, even though she hasn't even bothered to open up the container, which indubitably contains a collection of sketches and other works by the feline...

Her work appears to be systematic, as if she already knows exactly what she wants to build with the... Well, anything but the bricks, really.

Rokarion removes his heavy cloak and his various pouches and big satchel and sets them aside near him, revealing his dark grey tunic and trousers. He then opens the satchel and grabs a bigger sketch book from his satchel, taking a look at one of the pages, before closing it and putting it down. He then moves and grabs the largest green bases he can find, before lining them up as a big square. Probably a meter in lenght and width. He then moves and grabs a large number of gray bricks and some other parts, before going back to work.

Natska spends a couple of minutes thinking, as she had originally just planned on watching Cass... but the temptation was too great, and she is soon examining blocks, picking out bright colors and snapping a few together, making larger blocks and chunks that she sets aside near her own workspace. She grins happily as she works, and is soon quickly absorbed in what she is doing, her ears perked, tail swishing.

Cassidy flashes a little grin in Natska's direction and sets to work! She already had the plans drawn up, and the first hand knowledge! Soon, her deft fingers are put to work, constructing a to-scale replica of the castle that was to be made out on the mountain. "This stuff is so neat, isn't it?" She asks to the jagur, tail swaying happily.

It's not just blocks that are available, but springs, gears, shafts...and the blocks snap together so easily, from all directions possible. Truly, an outlet for one's creativity...the other contestants work away, and soon the entries take shape...a whale, a large radish...someone's even tried to make a replica of a kevinscope, although with this medium it's thankfully nowhere near close enough a replica for it to be able to do any actual magic. Even the Creators themselves look particularly engrossed in watching the beings work, their smiles replaced with frowns of concentration and intrigue.

A smile, a rumble, and soon enough, a scale-model of Flora's latest golem forms. Even the colors match, and every part is mobile on the device that is at least a quarter of the size of the real machine!

"Flora really can't paint on it, or engrave it with things?" she asks in vain, before clicking another few parts in place, finishing the fully mobile maw, before snapping the legs she's manufactured onto the design.

The legs, supported by a large amount of springs and cogs are fully able to move, and will automatically relax into their equilibrium-position when left for long enough.

Finally, the tail is placed, which is fully flexible, with full freedom of motion, and the cat soon tests the way it sways and finally relaxes into its usual position again... Finally, she pulls a set of plates over the design, making it sleek and smooth, with the mechanisms hidden on the inside.

Natska's ear twitches as she concentrates, forming chunks into larger pieces, covering over multicolored filler blocks with carefully selected veneer pieces, all of the shades of yellow, orange, and red she could find. A few carefully chosen gears and rods go towards giving her sculpture's wings a proper skeleton to support the assembly of bright red blocks assembled into trailing flames, and when the jaguar is done she steps back and claps her hands. "Very neat! I like them!" Natska has put considerable effort into sculpting a bird, something hawk shaped caught at the bottom of a swooping dive with talons outstretched. The wings are swept forward to catch the air, and the beak parted in a silent hunting cry. The whole thing is colored with a gradiant of yellow to red, and the few rough parts that didn't quite fit the wings or the body as expected have been built over with more blocks to look like sweeping flames, trailing behind in the imaginary wind.

Cassidy's castle comes along quite swimmingly! She does her best to capture the proper majesty of the structure, with the tall spires and long corridors. She even takes care to properly included the arches that ring the cloister, and the statues found within. Of course, some detail is lost, but that is the price of working on such a scale! She even uses coloured blocks here and there in an attempt to symbolize the stained glass windows that she has in parts of the castle.

The real treat, however, is the roof-cutaways that she uses, allowing a peek into the interior, which she has done her best to decorate accordingly. Only a few rooms are afforded such treatment, and among them are the library, grand and elaborate, the ballroom, with its stage and the elevated platform overlooking it, and, behind a short hall leading away from that ballroom, the master bedroom. The bedroom seems to be the most cared for room, with a wide window that practically forms one of the walls, and a bed that looks surprisingly comfy for a small plastic object.

Rokarion spends several tripes getting some of the more esoteric and bizzare pieces of the items infornt of him. After, a while his creation finally takes shape as he moves to finish up on the outer area. Looking at the creation, The centre of the piece is a large square building with a big dome on top of it. Standing on either side of the dome are two tall spires that reach up to a tall small clan being in height. The dome itself is yellow in colour with what looks like statues of the six Creator Saints adorning the dome in a circular fashion. The circular spires are tipped with a brickred roofs giving them that wizard-ish look. Four shorter spires of the same design also jutt out form the central building, each on a corner of the building. On the outer area of the piece there are proper tiled roads leading from and around the center building towards the "exit". The rest of the empty spaces of the green bases he lined up are filled with other smaller less detailed pieces. In front of the main building there is on the right corner larger Creator Saint looking statue with a small flower on top of it, to signify Saint Patricia, and another smaller building on the left corner. Behind the main building are a circular domed building and what looks like an empty tiled square. The whole piece is surronded by a gray wall, with the front of it having a gatehouse, with two short watchtowers on each side of the gate and a larger spire in the middle of the gate house, however obviously not as tall as the spires of the main building. All in all, the tiled light gray road connecting the buildings together with vegetation peices all over it and the tall spires indicate this is most likely a mini replica of one of Cliffside Academies. A center of knowledge and tall intricate spires.

"It's magnificent! No, all of them are magnificent - there's clearly something of what we originally imparted to them, but tempered in their own way. Just imagine what the natives of PROMISE will eventually amount to, given enough time to find their own way! They certainly have no shortage of creativity!" Hyperbole? Perhaps, or perhaps the Creators, having seen so much amongst the stars in their time, are enthused by something this truly new. Timothy and Alvira whisper excitedly amongst themselves as they wander through all thirty-odd entries crafted by the good beings of Firmament in the last three hours - simple blocks and toys, made infinitely more valuable in the space of so little time.

"Are you folk all seeing this at home? It's not how it was created, but what was created...picking a winner out of all these is going to be incredibly difficult."

But weed through them they do, Flora's and Natska's creations receiving admiring pats, Cassidy's castle a smile, but it seems that Rokarion's creation is today's winner, and Timothy calls the clear device over with a snap of his fingers to get a close-up view of the dome.

"I have to say, while everyone did wonderfully today, this one takes the cake. For the benefit of all watching you from the stars, good...sir, your name?"

Rokarion stares back at the device, with his usual serene expression before looking back at Timothy. He attempts to hold his confusion and joy in bay, but that fails and sure enough a joyful smile appears on his face. Rokarion then answers, in a clearly excited tone, "My name is Rokarion Aeneanas. I am honoured that my simple piece have taken the fancy of the Creators." Rokarion then moves aside and allows the device to take a good luck on his creation.

Flora shrugs and rolls her shoulders lightly, looking towards her mini-golem, flicking her ears and testing each leg. It seems she doesn't care overly much about the fact she hasn't won, she simply wants her machine to function properly. Every part is tested, every motion is attempted, until finally, she's satisfied with the design for the most part.

Curiously enough, she's used exactly those parts she collected, although with the project completed, she has no further inclination to work on it... Not that she has any parts left, of course.

Natska quietly claps her hands as she looks at some of the other sculptures, smiling happily. Then she laces her fingers together and patiently waits for everything to finish, her tail swishing back and forth as she listens to the Creators.

Cassidy chuckles softly and leans back, folding her hands in her lap as she looks up at the little device. "Well! It was a fun diversion, at least, I must say." She scoots over to offer a hand to Natska, smiling. "That's a pretty phoenix you've made!"

Indeed, as the prize - a sizeable sum of crown, likely from the store's own proceeds - is handed over to Rokarion, everyone's allowed to view the myriad toy creations one last time before the event begins to wind down and beings begin to leave, a little late for noon mass but one nevertheless attends, even if it's at the tail. What better show of devoutness than to be at an event hosted by the Creators themselves, anyway?

Careful not to upset or damage any of the creations, Timothy and Alvira begin to secure them with little domes of shimmering material, and if one is sharp-eared, whispers about "decontamination" and "markets" can be heard from the latter while the former just looks slightly upset and grumpy. One can only wonder...but it's not good to spoil the cheerful mood.

"Flora was promised a reward, yes. Not a reward for winning, but a reward for joining... Flora is wondering where /that/ reward went, yes yes," she rumbles with a flick of her ears, a sway of her tails.

Rokarion looks at the Creators then back at his work, before glancing Flora. He then asks the two Creators, "Excuse me honoured Creators. Can I be allowed to take a picture of my creation? I would like to keep a memoir of this event. I am pretty sure that lady Longtail can have a camera crew in here soon." Rokarion then quickly grabs his larger sketch book, and starts scribbling something on it while waiting for the Creators and lady Longtail to answer.

Timothy scratches his head for a second, then smacks his forehead with a palm, amost exaggeratedly. "Of course! We were just about to get to it...your 'Freeswords' Guild' was rather insistent on sponsoring these participation awards. 'Reward tokens', I think they call it? Well, here you go. And of course - it'd be wonderful to get some FOOTAGE of locally developed technology in action."

"Flora is carrying a camera, of course... The pictures can be picked up at LongTech Industries later, and the payment can be handled then, yes," Flora rumbles, before setting her camera steadily on top of the mini-Bastet's head, which bends down lightly, before she pulls out a picture-slide and puts it in place.

Soon enough, the wooden slide is lifted, and the cat waits for Rokarion to get ready. "Stand still for five minutes, yes. When the rune is green, mister Rokarion can move again," she rumbles, pressing the starting-rune, and waiting for it to finish.

Natska moves over to Cassidy's castle, giving it a close inspection. Then she cheers and give the fennec a quick hug. "Very well done, Cass. That looks wonderful, and I am excited to see the full size one when it is done."

Cassidy snickers softly and returns the hug, watching the little picture-process. "Soon, Natska! Soon. I am very excited, too. Some of the rooms are already done! But there's quite a lot to do, still! I'm very excited for it, though," she says, looking over the castle. "I plan on making a more detailed block-sculpture like this, once it's done."

Rokarion nods, not what he had in mind but it works. Rokarion then stood near his mini Academy, making sure that the whole thing will fit in the frame, after all he doesn't want any of the details to be lost, and with the picture he can finish up the sketch he drew of his peice.