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This seems to be quite the affair! Everyone has gotten in on the hype of this Brawl to Top Them all and booths are scattered all over the Ridgewater Fairgrounds. The smells of fried foods and the sounds of hawkers calling from their booths fill the air. A number of smaller fighting rings have been set up here and there around the fair that has sprung up, but the main event is obviously smack in the middle of everything under a large, red and white striped canopy. The roars of the crowd can probably be heard all the way in Firmament! At the edge of the canopy, behind a set of bleachers and just out of sight of the fighting ring is a goat sitting behind a desk, taking money and signing up hopeful contestants. "What'll it be, folks!" he ushers people forward with a grin, "Anyone think they can take the Evil Antler?"

Cassidy shuffles along, as dapper as always, tipping her hat towards the goat at the desk. "Hello and good afternoon! I will sign up to take him on, yes." She flashes a warm smile behind her mask. "What do I need to do? Anything in particular?"

Savi wanders into the tent and, depsite her imposing size and mass, meekly makes her way to the bleachers. Carefully moving to the back, the towering fern sits and patiently waits to see who will be fighting.

Drawn to the bustle and spectacle of the fair, Natska wanders the grounds, taking in the sights and the smells, and considering the brawling rings. "This looks like good sport," she decides, and makes her way to the sign up desk. She starts fishing out crowns to pay her entry fee. "I'm in. Do we have a lot of-" she blinks. "Oh! Hi, Cass."

One of the best spots to enjoy a fair is by the fried food venders, at least that's Angus' opinion as he munches on some fried dough that he payed for as he walks over to the signup booth, debating on it for a moment before he signs himself up as well. "I'll give it a go, might as well try." He pays his entry fee as he looks at the others that signed up, chuckling a little when he notices Cassidy and Natska.

The goat passes entry forms and injury waivers to anyone planning to fight and points to the "10 Crown Admittance," sign for those who wish to be spectators.

Entries paid and waivers signed, everyone is admitted to the arena where there is already a fight in progress. A burly bear is currently pinned beneath the bulk of an equally enormous deer in some sort of leather harness that shows off his muscular physique, and a red mask with flame patterns tied over his face. His broad rack of ebony antlers are polished a brilliant shine, probably some kind of laquer, and his fur is dyed a glossy black with a curious double stripe of white down his back. The bear is obviously very uncomfortable and getting more so as the masked deer leans back, twisting the burly beings arm in an unnatural direction. Suddenly, the bear's eyes bulge! "I yield!" he cries, suddenly panicked, "Creator's, I yield!" Immediately, Evil Antler releases the bear and starts to pose for the crowd, holding his fists in the air and shouting wordlessly. He leaps and poses around the ring, even stopping to perform a weird, hip-thrusting dance for a particularly enthusiastic section of the crowd! Another goat, this one standing near the ring and similar enough to the first to be his brother spots the newcomers and waves Cassidy over, seeing that she has a contestant's badge. "You're up Missy!" he bleats.

Cassidy signs the form and hands over that fee, giving a not to Natska. "Hello! Going to be a fun day, isn't it?" She grins a little and dusts off her coat as she approaches the ring. "That sounds fine indeed, yes." She adjusts her hat and moves to climb into the ring. "Any rules or bars?" Making sure her white gloves are firmly on, first, she sets them in her pockets and eyes the deer over.

Natska follows the group into the main ring, watching the fight in progress with a critical eye. "And Captain Angus," she adds, with a nod to the other fox. She claps and cheers for Evil Antler's dance, then gives Cassidy an encouraging smile, standing silently at the side of the ring and waiting her turn.

Smiling to herself, Savi eyes the goat. Half wondering if it is too late to try her arm in the ring, she elects to watch, fairly sure something here isn't quite right.

Angus gives Natska a nod in greetings as he takes off his hat. "Evening Natska, Cassidy. I guess we will be sparing then?" He teases as he flashes them both a grin before he turns his attention back to the ring to see how his cousin does in combat.

The goat by the ring pats Cassidy on the shoulder before scrambling out of harm's way. "No weapons, no magic, and don't die, Lady!" he calls.

The masked deer's flexing and posing stops as the bear is dragged out of the ring and Cassidy appears as his next opponent. The huge cervine looks like he means business as he begins to circle the ring toward Cassidy. The sound of a bell signals the start of the match, and the deer lowers his head and charges!

Cassidy frowns softly. No magic? Well that was a shame. But what he didn't say was below-the-belt hits were off limits, and with the size different... Why, she was at just the right height! When he charges at her she tries to duck under it, but fails, taking a horn to the shoulder, which knocks her on her butt. "Ow. Well. I was going to try to not hurt so bad, but now..." She pushes herself up with a grunt and dusts her jacket off before darting forward, trying to slam a kick right into Hartford's groin.

Savi laughs and slams her hands together. "Oh good show, good show. This might be a short night after all."

Natska winces as Cassidy takes the horn - hoping her friend doesn't get hurt too badly, then cheers Cass on as she strikes back, clapping her hands.

Angus blinks a little as Cassidy takes a horn to the side, shaking his head as he slowly puts his hat back on when she goes for his groin. "I thinkkk this fight might be oover soon, Cassidy is going for the usual." He comments with a smile.

The arena erupts in a cheer as Evil Antler strikes Cassidy. A cheer that quickly changes into a shared gasp of pain from every male in the audience as Cassidy's foot connects with the gigantic deer's groin. Evil Antler stops in his tracks, his big brown eyes crossing for a moment as they track down to the much smaller fox, then rolling back in his head to show only the whites. But he does not fall. Instead, his brawny arm swings toward Cassidy's head in a sweeping haymaker! Something is very wrong here!

Cassidy narrows her eyes behind her mask. She's partially thankful that he didn't seem to have hurt him that much, but... She expected more of a reaction. Something was off. Still, she keeps with her theme of apparently not using her hands, and when he takes his swing, she brings up her leg again to block it. "Hey. You alright in there, friend?" Her words are casual, but if this oddity keeps up things might get a lot worse. For who is hard to say, but for now she just pops up on her other leg, trying to land a kick to the side of his head.

Her laughter and applause slowly dying off, the armored plant begins to frown. An uncomfortable feeling from the beginning, it grows worse by the instant. Saviante stands slowly and casually makes her way towards the line of awaiting contestants. Her 'eye' on the one towards the end, she approaches the duelist. Upon reaching the line of fighters, she drops to one knee to bring herself more align with the others, and to allow the audience a clear view. "There is a problem." She says softly. A whisper soft comment quite possibly lost in the roaring noise of the combat tent.

Natska frowns as Hartford takes the hit and keeps going, then shrugs. "Bet he's got armor on," she comments to Angus. "Like some of those lowball players wear. You might get a shot still." She slips her hands into her pockets and continues watching, studying the fight.

Saviante says, "s like 35 after @_@"

Angus squints as the Deer does not go down, a familiar feeling of something tainted creeping in from around hi as he nods to Saviante as she appears. "There is a caller here." He answers as he taps Natska on the shoulder. "Looks like the fighting is going to have to wait, we have a job to do." His eyes dart around the place before he turns his focus to Saviante. "Can you pinpoint thier location?"

The masked stag jerks his head aside, narrowly dodging Cassidy's kick. She can see that his eyes are still rolled back. The stag has to be unconscious! How can he still be fighting!? The stag does not even react to the fennec's words, only grabs the leg she used to block and sends another meaty fist flying her way! She could be in trouble here!

Cassidy staggers backwards, disoriented for the moment and -almost- losing her hat from the heavy fisted hit. "Nnngh." As always, her mask does a great job off concealing whatever reaction she has to the blow. She was starting to lose her patience. "You should really... Really answer me right about now." She withdraws her hands from her pockets and takes a few steps back, preparing... Something. Hard to say what, really.

"No." Savi says in her tiny voice, "But I think they may know." Reaching out one hand, the fern points with two fingers towards the goats running the fight. "I think you should go ask them." With that she stands and moves with purpose, but back the way she came, towards the back of the the arena, her head slightly lowered, expression grim she pulls the giant shield from her back as she walks.

Natska perks an ear at Saviante and Angus, then frowns with concern as she looks back at her friends fighting in the ring. "A caller, here?" she echoes quietly, then looks towards the goats. "Right. I've got your back, Captain. Unless you want me to be ready in case Cass needs an intervention..." Either way, she was on alert and ready.

Angus nods silently as he narrows his eyes at the Goats. "I think we need to have a chat with these two goats, did you remember to bring your badge?" He asks Natska as he walks up over to the goats, tapping one on the shoulder. "Excuse me, I think we need to have a chat."

The maddened deer throws another violent punch at Cassidy, not waiting for whatever surprise she may have prepared.

The goat who has been running things ringside turns reluctantly away from the fight. His partner, who has left the ticket desk to watch does not even turn. "What is it?" he snorts, "Can't it wait til the fight's over? This is one of the best matches we've had all day!"


Taking a few more steps and reaching the back row, Savi raises her shield and throws it, striaght into the ground flat outer shell first. "IT's YOU!" the plant cries out it a loud voice as she turns to the person she has been heading for, a third Goat. "DADDY!?" With a fake, but broad smile, She throws her arms wide and repeats her self as the towering fern drops her entire 8 foot 500lb frame down upon goat for a grand 'hug'. "Daddy!"

Cassidy staggers back, coughing softly as she takes another vicious blow, this one to her stomach. She's had enough by this point, and her spell was ready. She latches her hands around Hartford's forearm and snarls, giving him a close encounter with a blast of heated air.

Natska reaches into one of the inner pockets of her jacket, fishing out the emblem of the Lightbringers and pinning it to her lapel as she and Angus approach the goats. When their mark talks back to them, she places her hands on her hips, leans in, and bares her teeth in a small, predatory smile. "There is something suspicious going on here," she growls out, then glances over at Angus.

Angus gives Natska a nod as his face hardens. "The fight is over, an old one caler is fixing the fight." He steps closer, moving to put a hand on both Goat's shoulders as he gives them a sharp grin. "You two are coming with us." He states, before he looks up at the fight and Cassidy's actions, which cause him to frown. "Natska, help Cassidy. Don't hurt her opponent to much."

Evil Antler ROARS as heat floods through Cassidy's hands and the smell of burnt fur and charred flesh fills the tent. His massive, burly arm spasms and he flings the fire wielding fennec from the ring and into the stands causing a cheer to rise from the audience NOT in the line of fire. The gigantic stag raises his arms in victory, then inexplicably falls to the floor of the arena like a puppet with its strings cut.

The goat in the stands gets a panicked look on his face as Saviante suddenly appears in his line of sight. "No! Stop it!" he cries, "What are you doing!?" Spotting the commotion down by the ring over Saviante's shoulder his eyes narrow. Then he looks at the fern woman and simply says, "Leave me alone and go help your friends."

"What are you talking about?" the goat by the ring says, then turns away quickly at the sound of cheering and the smell of roasting venison. "Yeah!" he cheers, "Evil Ant-" he cuts off as the stag flops to the ground. "Creators!" he cries, "What happened!?"

Cassidy gives a startled blink as she's hurled into the stand, but does little to stop it, expecting whoever might be in the stands, themselves, to inadvertantly break her flight. When she finally gets herself back upright, she reaches up to adjust her hat. "This battle is concluded. But we're not done here, yet. Someone's behind this, I think, and I mean to find them." She casts her glance over the audience, uncertain of what's going on, but knowing that it's -something-. That certainly wasn't a natural fight.

Standing up straight Savi's face goes completely blank. "Ok." she says softly. Opening her arms she lets the goat fall as she turns and heads back to the ring with large strides. Standing at the side of the ring for only a second, the plants brain clicks and does a little logic dance. She met that deer on the wedding trip, she knows no one else, that must be her friend! Decision made, Saviante climbs into the ring and turns to face Cassidy, ready to help the fallen Deer.

Natska nods at Angus and turns towards the ring, then breaks into a run as Cassidy gets flung into the crowd. She hurries to the fennec's side, pushing through the crowd, and helps her up. "The goats," she hisses, glancing back at Angus, and then towards the fern woman, giving a nod in Saviante's direction. She frowns as Savi does her stride back to the ring, then looks for the fern woman's 'daddy'.

Angus squints at both of the goats, before he looks up at the scene. "Damn it...."He mutters as he grabs both Goats, dragging them over to the side of the ring before clamping an arm from each behind one of the rings bars with his manacles. "You two stay here." He comments, smiling a little as he puts the key into his pocket and climbs into the ring. "Saviante, what is going on?" He asks as he starts walking towards her and the Deer.

Evil Antler looks like he is in pretty bad shape. His eyes remain rolled back and his breathing sounds pained and shallow. The two ringside goats look bewildered as Angus claps them in irons. "I don't know what's going on!" the first goat wails,"Antler said he was feeling good!" The other completely fails to comprehend what is happening here until he is cuffed to his partner. "What are you doing?" he flails after Angus, "What is the big idea?" The two of them tug a little at the chains, but for the most part just look confused and worried. Saviante's "Daddy" has vanished. He could easily have climbed over the back of the bleachers and joined the throng outside. The crowd is starting to get uneasy, especially after watching the victorious champion collapse for no apparent reason.

Cassidy gives a soft nod to Natska as she approaches. "I'm going to have such a headache later. But for now, there's work to do, yeah?" She moves back towards the ring and the others within it. "How's he looking? I was trying not to hurt him too badly, I just wanted to end it as fast as I could."

Savi blinks a couple of time and turns around in a small circle. "I... I don't know." she says quietly. "The other goat said to help but.." she shrugs and kneels to check on the Antler. "Seemed like the right idea at the time." The confused plant reaches for the mask on the fighter with one hand and searches for a pulse with the other.

Natska frowns. She gives Cassidy a small nod, glad that her friend isn't too roughed up after those punches Hartford landed, then continues up the bleachers. She perches at the top for a moment, eyeing the crowd, ready to jump down and give chase if she sees her target.

Angus nods. "I see, well he is probably gone by now so it would probably be easier to get this Deer to a healer and patch him up." He states before turning around and getting out of the ring to chat with the Goats again. "So, I have a few questions for you two if you have a moment?" He asks, hoping they have the time to talk while stuck.

Saviante has no trouble unlacing the flame patterned mask and pulling it from the deer's face to reveal that it is most certainly Hartford! Brutus Blackback's personal guard and manservant! His antlers have been lacquered black, but there is no mistaking that broad, skunk-striped muzzle. His pulse is strong, and as Savi checks, his eyes flutter a bit and he comes to with a groan. "Where?" he starts, then cringes, "Hurts."

There is no sign of the escaped suspect. Everything seems to be continuing as usual in the fair outside. Most of the crowd is taking their chance to slip out, since it seems that the entertainment is over.

The two bewildered goats look at Angus. "What is going on?" one of them asks, shaking his manacled arm, "Why are you locking us up?"

Cassidy hangs her head and falls quiet as she sees that is, in fact, Hartford and not an imposter. "I think some food and a nice drink will do me good," she says idly, turning her gaze upwards. "We'll get you taken care of, Hartford. Don't worry."

Savi looks around a little lost. "I'm better at breaking things than I am at fixing them." With a glance at Angus, and a soft shrug, she asks "What do I do with him?"

Natska growls low in her throat, then gives her head a shake. She makes her way back to her friends, taking a moment to glance at Hartford and see that he's still alive. She looks over at Angus. "The third one is gone. I didn't see where he went.

Angus crosses his arms in front of the two goats, giving them a hard glare. "Here is the situation. This entire fight was rigged, the Deer you have been cheering on was being controlled by a Caller of one of the old ones, and that's bad enough. If you don't want me hauling you two in for being accomplices to this, you are going to have to tell me the truth. Understand?"

"Listen," says the second goat, "Antler came to us, had his own costume and everything and said he wanted to stage some fights. And well, look at him!" The goat indicates Hartford's enormous physique. "We figured he was as good a bet as any, and you should have seen him in his fights! Kid was unstoppable! He was supposed to do that crazy dance after a fight to let us know he was good for another one!" The first goat nods, "That's right!" he says, "All this was on the up and up!" He looks over at Natska, "And what do you mean, third one? This setup belongs to me and my brother here, nobody else. What is going on? What happened to Evil Antler? Did the crazy fox lady kill him?"

Hartford groans and lays his head back on the ground. "Ribs," he grunts, "Arm, and. . .ugh. All hurts. . ."

Cassidy huffs softly and nods. "I'm no medic, but we can get him to one. Do you remember how you got here, Hartford?" She glances around, frowning under her smiling mask. "Anyone know of a good medic? We could take him to the Blackbacks, or even to the Solacious medics." She couldn't help but feel a -littly- remorseful over his fate.

Reaching down with both hands, Savi tries to take Hartford gently. "can you stand?" she ask softly. Waiting for an answer, she stays crouchedwaiting to lift the deer. The goats no longer anywhere in her mind.

"Mm. Sounds like they're telling the truth..." Natska says, turning to help Savi with Hartford. "If he can's stand after that kick he took, I'll help carry him... I'm not sure which manor is closer," she says. "I wonder how many fights he had before we even showed up?"

Angus flicks his ears, looking up. "Take him to Solacious manor, tell the physician that I sent him. He've very skilled...He's had a lot of practice keeping me together sometimes." He teases, giving a smirk before he turns back to the two Goats with a nod. "Thank you for your time, and I do apologize for the inconvience." Standing up he moves over to unlock the manacles, slipping a bag of crown into one of the goats hands before turning around to walk over to the rest of the group.

Angus spends 1000 Crown for RP reasons.

"What fights?" Hartford grunts dragging himself to his feet. The big deer must be made of stern stuff even without a puppet master pulling his strings. "Ugh. . . Where?" He staggers a bit and looks like he might pass out again, but manages to drape himself over Natska and Saviante.

The goats rub at their wrists as Angus releases them, but any arguments they might have had are wiped away by Angus's generous contribution. "Just take care of Antler, huh?" the first one says, "We wouldn't say no if he wanted to try a stunt like this again!"

Outside, no one seems to have noticed any of the commotion within the pavilion and things are still pretty festive, though the fairgoers give the wounded deer and his helpers wide berth.

Cassidy smiles softly as Hartford stands. That's a good sign. "Yes, the Solacious manor would be a fine idea. He'll be taken care of there, that much I know. Feel better soon, Hartford." She rubs at her head and frowns. "I think I might go lay down for a bit. He punches hard.

Savi nods and gently helps the deer stand. pointing towards her shield the plant smiles softly. "I'm going to need that and then I can carry you wherever you need to go."

Natska sighs, and shakes her head. She helps steady Hartford while Savi retreives her sheild, and she looks up at the big, friendly deer. "We'll get you taken care of, mister Hartford." She glances over at Cassidy. "And you, too, Cass."

Angus gives the goats a nod. "Thank you for your cooperation, maybe next time I'll join the fighting and see if I can't win eh?" He chuckles, turning to the rest of the group as he puts a hand on Cassidy's shoulder. "Now, I better get you some medical attention as well, you aren't looking the greatest."