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Marie blackback has sent out letters to the freeswords requesting help with recently obtained tome of Kindcraft. The skunk is currently sitting on a chair made of earth, The area outside is a dome of earth in the middle of a clearing in the east forest, the location was chosen to keep those that would attempt to use the book without knowledge looking in the wrong place and to keep the dangers of the book as far away from castle Good as possible. The skunks eyes glows a bright yellow as she look at the book in the center of the dome in a glass case with math written all over it, every so often sparks would fly from the book or a random blade of grass would turn into a decaying skirth. "I guess its time." Marie says before stepping to the entrance of the dome waiting to greet whom ever answered her summons. Her trademark hood drawn tightly against her scarred body.

Travis makes his way towards the dome, looking over it curiously. He gives his head a little shake as he nears, making his way towards the entrance, and the hooded skunk, giving the Noble a gentle smile and a wave. "Hello again. I am not sure what help I can be for this part, but I thought I would come just in case."

Mazurek is one of those who have answered the summons to the forest. He was actually planning to spend a while out there, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. He is outfitted for the outdoors, namely only shorts this time around, and he glides into that clearing with the assistance of some air magics.

Bite works her way to the summoned meeting spot, giving Marie a smile. "Hello again sssweetie, we seem to see a lot of eachother. I'm here to help, what can I do for you?" she hisses with a giggle, flashing a smile and swaying a bit as she waits for instructions.

Mirana pats her belly seeming very light hearted at the moment, as she walks in. Noticing Travis and Bite she smiles a bit, waving, "Hello again! How are both of you?" then curtseys to Mazurek, "Good day, I'm not sure we've meet, I'm Lady Mirana." However, she is more interested in Marie, having only seen her once or twice before, "I got your notice as well Lady Marie, how can we be of assistance?"

Selena paces in, propping herself up nearby with a quiet sigh and a wave to the familiar faces, addressing Marie directly; "I've been waiting on this since we found that book. So, what do you know about it now?"

Ictus seems to be in a much better mood than the other day, which isn't saying much, and looks around curiously, "I've come as well, Lady Marie." he tone is almost entirely neutral, practically devoid of emotion

Fuyu lands with all the grace one expects of her. Which when you realize her depth perception is in question, she probably broke a few branches on the way down. Picking some of the leaves from her clothes, she makes her way over and says, "Not sure how much help I'll be, but I'm here if I can help" She stops, glances around and realizes she probably should've just walked here. Too late now.

Marie looks at Travis with a smiles, "Hello. Even your presence might tell us a little of what we are are dealing with." She directs Travis to a rings of seats very close to the book before greeting Bite. "Please to see you again, Miss Bite. We will be going over the details of this experiment soon. I wanted to thank you again for bringing this book to me, Without the efforts of you and your group. None of this research would be possible." She smiles at Selena question while adjusting her eye to peer at those gathered. "Welcome, I've been researching this book the great part of a month and I've found out a few strange things. One looking into the book slowly affects the mind negatively, hallucinations, vomiting, temporary blindness, urge to dance and even one unfortunate researcher started to attempted to write in the book without safety measures." She shakes her head, "The bookmark you see in there is the remains of him, each time we take it out, the book creates another from thin air." She begins pacing around the poduim with the book. "I've gotten a few breakthroughs in learning how to contains its power with lunar crystals and earth math. Which is mostly what this box is built out of. We believe that the book holds a key to fighting off Kindcraft and its mutated miners. There is some reason that this book was put into a ruin and heavely protected and we won't rest until we find out why.... but we are running thin on methods to try so we are having an open session with those that are trusted amoung the community to attempt to find out why this book reacts poorly to folk, Kill those who write in it and make those who read it slowly lose their minds." Marie smiles, "I'm offering a ten thousand crown reward to whomever can figure out how to read the crused thing." She speak rapidly as four skunks appear around her holding lunar crystals. "We have these four math users around to suppress the book if you want to try your hand at reading it. I shall choose who goes first." Marie smiles at the Iguana and point to him, "Would you like to be the first to examie this book."

Travis gives a light smile, nodding his head, and makes his way over to the rings of seats, and he carefully sits down. He looks about curiously, not sure exactly what is going on, but ready to find out. He gives a happy wave to Bite, Selena, and Mirana, and nods to the others as he waits to see what is going to happen.

Mazurek listens as intently as he is able to while standing in a spot where he can see everything while not obstructing anyone's view. He is the tallest of the group at a massive eleven feet after all. When he is pointed out he looks around only to jerk a thumb to a chest, "Me? Well...Okay. I don't see a problem with being your first Guinea Pig. What would you like me to do?" He steps forward and gets into whatever position he is directed to.

Bite waves to Travis and smiles to Mirana, Selena, and Fuyu, before she moves to take a seat. She giggles and watches the proceedings, her tail flicking about. "I'm always happy to help retrieve something." she giggles, not mentioning the trove of books she'd never turned in she got along with it.

Mirana looks over to Travis and smiles. She ponders taking a seat, but.. the idea of looking at that book, "Mister Iguana? I think I'll take a look with you." She walks up carefully to the book in its case, and looks it over carefully. On the spine she notices an odd seal. Studying it a bit it seems to be a royal seal of some kind, but before she can figure out too much more it starts shifting, "Blackback... Wirefur... Longtail....S.. Solacious!?" She says watching it shift to each one in turn, settling on her own house's seal. The blood coloring and the distroted screaming mouth it warps into on occation unnerve her a bit and she goes to sit next to Bite.

Selena nods, waiting until the others have taken their seats. The wolfess opts instead to remain standing a short distance back from the seats, from where she quickly explains to Travis, "We found that thing in an old Kindcraft ruin, and it reacted poorly to Bite's dedication. It's probably from around the early 330s, but given the nature of the book, who knows. You're now up to speed." After a brief pause, she takes a half-step back and looks onwards intently, quirking a brow at Mirana's comment. "I rest my case."

Ictus takes a seat and stares at the book blankly, he looks up at Mirana and frowns ever so slightly in concern before it vanishes as she sits down. He has nothing to comment so stays silent for now

Fuyu makes her way over to Selena and Bite while rubbing her chin. Looking to the two, she asks, "It ate a researcher right? I wonder if maybe we could get it to swallow a chakra instead. Something of a sacrifice to the.. book?" She shrugs a bit and mutters, "Then again, it did already eat." Looking up, she calls out, "Hey, does the bookmark show up in the same spot every time or does it change pages?"

The book shimmers as more eyes focus on it and a Marie starts to rub her eyes, "I was wondering if any of you are confident in your abilities to fight off the books influnces." She look at the book along with the others, her eyes are assualted with strange visions. "Adepts!" That command causes one of the mages to press a lunar crystal to her head while muttering strange maths that causes the skunk to relax, "Thank you. I should warn you if feel yourself slipping let me know." She says tiredly, "These mages will take care of you."

Travis looks to Selena, nodding his head at her explination. He gives a warm smile, ahhing. "Thank you." He blinks a bit as he hears a whispering, standing up from his seat and takes a couple curious steps towards the book, hmming gently in thought. "It tries to tempt you through basic wants? I wonder if you need something special to be able to read the book, that grants protection. It seems to want me to read it, or at least, something wants me to read it."

Mazurek smiles as he begins to understand why he has been chosen, "I do not have any special wants that I am aware of, so I should be fine, right?" He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths before he reaches to open the book. Whether or not he believes he will be corrupted isn't exactly clear, but at least he is trying, right?

Bite watches Mazurek open the book, ignoring the lizard dragon and focusing her attention on trying to read from a distance, which isn't great. She gives Fuyu a hug, before giving Mirana one as she sits next to her. She looks like she'll say something to Marie but closes her mouth and decides upon listening and being patient for now.

Mirana gets up and walks over to Ictus and gives him a small hug, "Cousin, I'm here all right, we can talk whenever you want." As she walks around she is very quick and open her locket and swap gems, making sure first that no one is looking around at her. The new gem in place she walks over to the book, studying it with new eyes, "Humm.. it has.. some kind of power to it.. but it isn't math.. but." And she looks around, gripping her staff tightly a moment, "What.. why would I want... no..." the runes inscribed on the staff shimmer lightly as if Mira were drawing upon them, "But... no.. I.. shouldn't..." she stammers a bit more, holding her head with her free hand.

Selena rolls her eyes at Mazurek's comment, though she continues to watch with an appraising gaze. Fuyu's suggestion draws an interested nod from the wolf along with a comment, "That'd be an interesting point of reference if it did." A momentary pause and fciker of movement may be noticed as she looks into to her omnipresent bag. "Mirana, are you okay?"

Ictus looks at Mirana as she hugs him and nods silently, he blinks as she approaches the book again and stands to pull her away. He's showing true concern now, probably the first emotion he's shown since he got here

Fuyu returns the hug, then settles down in a chair somewhat grumpily, legs crossed. Muttering, "I know my accent's not that thick. I'm going to light a fire under someone's ass here in a minute" She then claps her hands together, rubs them together, then cups them in front of her mouth and calls out to Marie, "HEY! THE RESEARCHER! THE ONE TURNED INTO A BOOK MARK! DOES HIS MARK SHOW UP IN THE SAME PLACE EVERY TIME WHEN REMOVED?" her sister always did note a lack of tact in the one eyed bat. Letting her breath out after that, she looks to Bite and says, "It had a bad reaction to your form, what'd it do?" Finally, she nods to Selena and says, "Did it really kill him? Maybe it swapped him? I don't know, the bookmark thing just seems uh, arbitrary almost" She stops short and looks to Mirana and falls silent, both listening and watching the emergency quartet in case she thinks they're not acting fast enough.

Marie shakes her head, "You get temptations? I just get screams." Marie says weakly as Mazurek open the book. The dome around them begins to twist and convert as if alive the entire structure slowly starts to take a flesh tone. Mazurek's body is assaulted by a powerful wind that no one else even notices before blood starts to pool from his many wounds in a haze. The moment the grotesque fog touches the skin of the many the vitality fills everyone up with strength while Mazurek feels a draining feeling but his naturally strong constituation keeps him awake from the massive blood loss. The skunk is screamed at by the loud bat she says a few curse words under her breath. "The research is dead or so we think the book consumed him while her was trying to write on it without authorization. The bookmark screams in his voice some times and it often moves, We not been able to open the page that his mark is on, he could be still alive but if the things we've had to put down are any indication we don't really want to see how he will be if we can't get him out." She wipe off the blood and and growls. A think layers of blood covers Mazurek's eyes as she walks up to the Iguana, "Did you see anything?" The skunk sighs and look at the Iguana hoping for some clue to the mystery of the book.

Travis gives a low rumble, shivering some as he watches what is going on. His eyes widen as he sees the dome change like that, and shivers a bit. They then narrow as he sees blood coming out from Mazurek, and runs over, looking the Iguana over carefully. "Damn, what did the book do to you?"

Despite the injuries that suddenly burst forth from the Draguana, there is no screaming. In fact there isn't even any pain registering on his face at all. That is until whatever is happening to him has finished. He sinks to his knees with a howl, bloody gaze rising to the sky in the process. Both hands rise shortly afterward to try rubbing his eyes to clear his vision even while responding, "St-stay away! J-just...don't come near me right now." One hand shifts to his forehead then, "The book..needs...sustenance. Or something. It seems to want to teach me things." He is about to say more but is interrupted by a fit of coughing. His natural healing is starting to work already unless the book hampers it.

Bite stretches and hisses "It made a monster for us to fight after reacting to my dedication. It wasn't nice." She giggles, until she feels invigorated and watches Mazurek fall to the floor, scowling. She ignores his requests, glancing the book over as she approaches brieflly before forcing herself to ignore the tempting read and pull out her medical kit, which she begins using to treat the dragons wounds, occasionally kissing one better out of habit, her time at the orphanage getting to her. "There there, calm down and hold still."

Mirana yips out as she is pulled away by Ictus, and starts crying against him, "It.. it is made from.. from.. the.. the flesh of beings! The flesh of our ancestors..." She whines slightly holding onto Ictus a moment before continuing, "It.. wanted me to burn you alive... all of spoke to me..." When Mazurek is nearly ripped apart by it she yelps out again, "Mister Inguana!!" She says, tears still falling from her muzzle, she contemplates trying to help when Bite gets up and does it herself, so instead she hold on to Ictus a bit more trying to get the images and thoughts out of her head.

Selena nods back to Bite, quirking a brow at Mazurek's comment. "Sustenance? There you go, looks like it wants some blood if I'm guessing right." She comments to Marie before reclining back against a tree slightly. "If you'd prefer, I can take a look at the book for math... After it's been defused. I like my eyes intact." She calls over the din, an apologetic glance spared to Mirana before she nods to Fuyu. "Yep. A Kraken burst out of the book and tried to attack us the last time."

Ictus blinks at Mirana and nods as he just holds her and lets her cry, "Shh, it's ok... It's over now." he glares at the book, his anger rising again as he tries to comfort his cousin

Fuyu taps her foot on the ground as she considers quietly. Then the lizard starts screaming and her ears perk up. She tilts her head, mutters, "We should just burn it" before she stands up, brushes her skirt off, stops when Selena and Bite chat with her, then she stops again when Mirana goes on. She gestures to the book and says, "Burn the damn thing, even if it actually has information, it's probably poisoned. There's some things you're better off not knowing" She walks over ot the book and then shrugs and says, "But, if you're going to do it anyway, maybe try offering chakra or finding a critter to wring out over the top of it"

Marie look over the book and smiles, "Maybe. just maybe.." The skunk walks up to the book and holds out her arm. Nothing gained without risks the skunk says before biting one of her fingers with a metal canine and letting the blood drip down the book. "I hope your right, Miss." The female skunk stands still as a low whine reaches the ears of everyone. "What that Noi-" A loud pop reaches everyone eyes at Maries soul gem explodes in a violent showers of crystal shards, "ARGH." The skunk screams as the book snaps shut. "Mages!" She screams as her already scared face is shredded on one side by shards of soul gem, the pitter patter of her face dripping blood on the ground as her mages work to contain the book which now has a page ripped off and fluttering around the room in the chao before landing a distance away from the group.

Travis is watching what is going on with Mazurek, at least until he hears the whine. He looks towards the book, and then lets out a eep of surprise at the explosion, jumping back a bit, before rushing over to Marie, carefully looking her over, but not touching her. "Holy crap! Damn, that does not look good at all. We need another medic over here."

Mazurek shakes his head when he is first touched by Bite, almost snapping at her physically. He calms, however, managing to get the blood out of his eyes before such a thing happens. He lets her do her thing even as his own regeneration aids in patching him up as well, "Thanks, Bite. The wanting me to bring it the flesh of many, many creatures as well as the spine of a bone dragon. It..needs something else after that, but I can't make any sense of it." He looks off toward the fluttering page and grimaces, "Seems we have trouble coming. Go on, I'll be fine." He gets to his feet shakily and goes to take the book from the Blackback.

Bite stops treating Mazurek and shakes her head, moving to collect the errant page that is flying about the room. She moves to it, and snatches it quickly. before holding it steady with both hands and attempting to read from it's surface.

Mirana continues to hold herself against Ictus, using him now not only for comfort but for cover as well as she swaps her souls one more time. With all the chaos going on, a highly trained medic will quickly be needed, if not already needed, and she was sworn to help if she could. As the information and skills flow into her, she starts to pull away from Ictus a bit, "I.. I have to help.. if I can." she says, getting ready to head over to Marie to help her, but still shaky from her experience.

Selena flinches back noticably as the skunk's eye shatters, looking slightly guilty before making a quick line to the page. Though Bite reaches it first, she scans over the page to attempt to discern the math at work on it. "There's something... In the page..?" The wolfess muses confusedly. "The math here's not complicated at all, certainly not compared to either of those equations. And there's a soulgem involved in here somewhere." She announces over Bite's shoulder, at a complete loss as to why such variables were even present.

Ictus nods and sighs at Mirana, "Very well, stay away from the book though." as he moves to help the injured any way he can, which likely involves moving them

Fuyu looks back and forth between the exploding soul gem and the errant page. Well, she's not a great doctor, more likely to stick a finger in there and cauterize, so while calling over her shoulder, "That's why I suggested SOMETHING ELSE" before making sure the page doesn't try to eat Bite or something. She makes a conscious effort to keep the page in her blindspot for now barring maybe a few quick looks, curiousity and all. When it doesn't look like Bite will combust, she looks back to the other and says dryly, "Make sure I take my soul gem out of my head before I look at cursed books from now on. And careful with that, I still think the book's jerking us around"

Marie puts in another soul gem with the aid of her mage adepts. "I really didn't expect that." The skunk groans weakly before standing to her feet. Another skunk tries to close the blook with great effort. The page Bite pick up beings to glow bright the text causes her eyes to feel like a nail is been driven through each one. The sound of screaming is loud enough to cause her head to throbbing while no one else can hear a sound, the feeling of skin ripping on every inch of the arm touching the paper. As the book is closed another mage closes the box and the dome begins to take on an earthen appearance in contrast to its fleshy appearance. Marie looks at Fuyu and nods, "I think we have spent enough time researching the book but I must say that page is something unexpected." She look at the page in bite hand not noticing how it is affecting them at all.

Travis gives another shiver, stepping back as Marie is tended to. His fur looks a bit floofed, the mink having a puffed out look from the shock he had with the yelling. "That book is cursed. What ever made it clearly did so with evil intentions to cause such reactions to things. Where exactly was it found?"

Mazurek doesn't succeed in getting the book away from the Skunk. He watches the battle to return it to the box it apparently came in instead, only to gaze over to see what is happening with the page. He cocks his head a little, "I take it this book is not what was found in that necromancer's place that we visited, or...?" He is clueless at the moment.

Bite looks like shes fighting back a scream as the page pushes it's effects on her, closing her eyes and shaking her head violently before throwing the page down and first gripping one arm with another as though she were trying to keep her body together and the other begins to violently claw at her eyes, not actually touching them but seeming to try and grasp something and pull it free. She looks increasingly frustrated and hisses discontent before she finally does scream, it coming out as an angry "STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!" before she works out some fire magic, attempting to make everything around her burn up in a very sudden pyre. Selena goes untouched, maybe due to her proximity or her own magical talent, but the other beings in the room quickly take to the flames like fish in acid.

Mirana yips out in sudden pain as she is lit ablaze. She quickly jumps for her pack and pulls out her med kit... at least what she thinks is med kit.. but is in fact her spell kit. Openning it up she mistakenly manages to activate one of her 'Flames of the Creators' causing the fires upon the poor vixen to only intensify! She drops the kit and pack, rolling upon the ground while yipping and screeming, body engulfed in flames.

Selena groans slightly and puts a hand to her head. "No, Mazurek, this festering blight on the face of literature was dug up from a kindcraft rui-." The wolfess is cut off by Bite's sudden outburst, and glares towards the Taipan. A degree of sympathy is present as she grabs the serpent and shakes the girl by the shoulders. "Bite! Pull yourself together; this is NOT the time to be setting people on fire!" She yells agitatedly.

Ictus grunts and screams as he suddenly finds himself on fire, gasping out as he drop to the ground to try and roll it out

Fuyu quickly beats at the fire that's spread to her, quickly trying to get it before rolling on the ground as well. She's done this sort of thing before at least

There is a since of chaos as most of the group is set ablaze one of the mages with Marie quickly uses math to spread a cooling shower over his comrades and the group. He is the only skunk not covered in flames as he shakes his head back and forth. "Marie. I think it would be wise to end our testing at least for the day." He guestures to the smoking and hurt group. I think if we go any further we might all die and that would be a waste." Marie nods as she put another soulgem in her eye. "That would be wise." The female admits as the other skunks begin to pack up the book and wrap a few match covers blankets with lunar crystals sewn in. "Thank you for your time but there is little else that can be done here." The book humms unders the wrappings and as they start to walk off. Marie's mages walk back to pick up the sheet in a smaller bit of the strange cloth and give a curt not to the group with only one of them able to walk straight due to the pain of being roasted. Marie sighs, "I do thank you since you've gotten us futher than we've gotten ourselves in a week. Thank you." She says before limp to join her fellow blackbacks.