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Noon at the docks, just outside the shipyards. It has been some time - since the last Shadow attack - when the reservists were last and truly mobilised for war, but it still seems that none of their efficiency has been lost as beings are dragged out of their civilian lives - and those who aren't Sweetwater subjects are there for their own reasons, of their own accord.

Many of the vessels have been freshly fitted due to the recent logging venture in Eastbank - however, they don't look like dedicated naval vessels, and will probably be retrofitted for merchant use later. Whatever the case, it seems like everything is good to go. Priests ply the waterfront, dispensing their blessings to crews, while captains fill their subordinates on the battle plan: meet up with the Shralestan fleet approaching from the other side and crush the lot like a nut in a vice.

Rumours abound amongst the sailors about a trump card the Shralestans are carrying which will turn the tide of the battle, but few know what it truly is.

Valor walks down to the docks, his leather and metal armor glinting in the sunlight. He had a sword strapped to his belt and his hammer on the other side. He was here to help in what way he could, which would probably be fixing things. The weapons and armor of course were a precaution. He headed into the midst of the crowd, the tall heavily built equine towering over some of the smaller folk.

Bite sways towards the docks, armed with a stick and math, the serpent looks eager to participate. She ditches her cloak and stretches, adjusting her outfit. She looks around for somewhere to fall in, getting ready to take orders and aid Sweetwater as best she can.

Siyu is having a rather spirited discussion with some of the shipwrights as the final vesel is let loose from the docks. The rodent is making sure every ship is secure with it's new outfitting. The old growth timber makes strong masts, and hearty hulls. Ships with his timber are filling the bay. Statisfied that whatever problem is taken care of he turns and goes to head over towards the rest of the Freeswords. Not dressed in silks, but leather and mail, ready for combat. "So...we're finally doing it"

Heavy armor, a large tower shield, and... A snack or two hidden away within his coat pocket. With all of this, Dio had everything he needed to perform what's required upon this naval battle. That and a couple of spells. The lion heads towards the docks and takes a quick breather after carrying such a large mass upon his back for so long and looks out for perhaps anyone that would fill him in, especially one that might be familiar with the large weapon they had transported not too long ago.

A bona-fide call to arms! Much to his family's dismay, Brutus had insisted it was his duty, and rounded up some cannon fodd--er, cannons and brothers in arms. The rotund skunk makes his way to the amassed crowd, hand cannon slung across his broad shoulders as his strange beast/Being hybrid and a nervous adolescent soldier follow behind him. He gazes over the others as he waddles into the crowd--a lot of familiar faces, but a few fresh young conscripts. "Hail, good brothers and sisters in arms!" he calls out.

Alef stands on the dock, studying several scrolls, compared to the mail and leather armored figures shes pritty casually equipped, wearing her normal cotton robes, and padded armor underneath, despite the sun coming down she has her hood up, the two bulges under her hood squrming abit as she trys to ignore it, talking it seems to herself quietly as she gives everyone a smile. "Il do whatever I can to help." Nodding lightly, waiting for the order to board the ship.

Yuki makes her own way down the docks, the bat sweeping the staff-like end of her scythe before her. She's dressed in fine silks with the flexible, layered plates of her armour over it. Around her eyes is a silk blindfold, the tails of it woven into her long braid. She stops near to what she believes to be a large crowd and says, perhaps a bit softly, "Would someone be so kind as to show me to a ship? Preferably one that will be metting up with those of my homeland, if possible." The bat's voice carries a distinct Shralestan accent.

Recalling the mission last time and those rather curious crates, the tigress certainly wanted to see what would come of it. That and free trade was a lovely thing, of course. As such, Kaelli found herself answering the call and striding down towards the shipyard once more. As always, the tall feline was found encased in her dark fullplate with an assortment of weapons on hand. Pausing to look over the growing assembly, one hand was raised in greeting to those she knew. Taking note of the bat, her head tilted at a curious angle but her sharply accented voice was still polite, "If it is like before, there will be..ah..talking first."

As the last of the reservists fall into place, the Good King himself arrives on the scene, his impressive girth and the sword of the Good line unmistakable amongst the Solacious canids who flank him. A leader who leads from the front, indeed. There is no time for a formal inspection of the troops or even a speech - he casts an eye over the motley crew of sailors and shipmen on the docks, then nods and speaks in the universal language of being, poor or rich, noble or commoner: he smacks one meaty fist into the palm of his other hand, the sound of such far louder than it should be, perhaps thanks to a little air magic.

Simple language indeed, as most of the gathered reservists break into cheers. One by one, the ships are loaded, the gangways are lifted and the ropes cast off. The Good King himself boards the grandiose royal flagship, while most of the gifted are assigned positions near the centre of sailing formation. By good graces, after everything has been sorted out and positions assigned, everyone is shown to a freshly outfitted battleship not too far from the Good King's own before pushing off.

Valor finds himself shown onto a ship and quickly busies himself, helping out any way he can. He does bump into Brutus and recognizes the cannoneering skunk, but manages to. "You need anything?" He asks, looking over the skunk's gear, which was fairly immaculate. Still, it was courtesy to ask.

Siyu glances over to a...a blind bat? He bows his head a small bit and offers a small touch, "Here we're all going on board a fresh battleship, looks like most of the Freeswords are packing into it." he'll offer a faint guide, unsure. But then again, souless are very special beings.

Bite looks around to her fellow soulless, smiling and waving to those she knows as she watches their progress. "I can't wait to show those pirates that they can't keep us down." she hisses, full of pride for sweetwater at the moment. "At least we're close enough to everyone that we can respond to the most immediate task at hand, I'm sure we'll be fine!" she adds.

After the king's speech, Dio bangs the base of his spear against the dock a few times to add to the growing cheer! Hoo rah! But after that initial morale boost, the lion ceases his banging and waves towards the other gifted mingling about. There would be plenty of time to speak on board the ship! After getting his assignment like the others, he clambers on board the designated ship and looks around, getting familiar with the layout and crew during the set-up period.

"Good King Good!" Brutus excitedly murmurs, sweeping into a half-bow as much as his mobile artillery will allow him. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a good time to pester the man or curry favour with him, but at least he could tell his folks that even the King doesn't shirk the duty of defense. He waddles up the gangplank and looks for a suitable place to rest up on the journey out--though he looks up in curiosity as the strange Horse approaches him. "Hm? Ah, no, no, I am quite alright, and 'tis too late even if I weren't," he replies with an air of aloofness, then pauses. It'd do no good to treat a fellow conscript as a lesser, even if he seemed to behave a bit...familiar. "I do not recall if we've met before, good citizen." He extends a heavy, meaty hand. "I am Brutus, of the noble House Blackback, academic, cannoneer, novice golem mechanic, and a veteran of a few sorties. And who do I have the pleasure of fighting beside?"

Alef stands at attention with the others, her training having kicked in as she quickly and efficently bounds up the gangplank onto the warship she and the others have been assigned, frowning at the thought of going to war now... but still, the chance to help end this stupid, needless foolishness from the pirates makes her abit happyer about going. looking at the various freeswords and sailors, marines, and assorted others busying about, looking out across the bow toward there destination somewhere on the ocean. "The sea will burn before the day is out..." Sighing lightly to herself.

Yuki turns her head slightly at the touch and nods, letting herself be guided toward the ship. Once she's aboard the ship she uses the railing to guide herself towhere she would, hopefully, be out of the way. She pulls out a small sharpening stone, running it on the blade of her scythe and says, "I would personally rather the seas themselves not burn. Just the pirate ships."

"Ah," the tigress offered up in soft exclamation, "Right to the point this time. Very nice." The words were mostly thoughts spoken out loud and the feline's tail swished about in approval even as she hefted her shield and raised her favoured weapon - a large lochaber axe. Moving forward with the others gathered, she would incline her head in silent thanks as she was shown her place for this outing.

It's not too long before the Isharan fleet and their blockade is spotted, a mass of wood and sail that peers from over the horizon. How do they stay supplied during the blockade? Who in their right mind would wage such a protracted war for no perceptible reason? Questions for the historians later, perhaps, but now the sailors on deck are busy priming the cannons -two rows of them - and swivel guns, securing the powder store, and bracing for the inevitable that will soon happen. The Shralestan fleet is nowhere in sight yet - hopefully they will show up on time...

"Lockjaw!" The Good King's voice thunders out from the royal flagship, carried over the water by air mathemagic. "I know you can hear me! You have had a week to depart, as Shralesta warned. This is your final chance to depart peacefully from Sweetwater waters, and -" his words end in an angry snort as a clipper at the fore of the Isharan fleet looses a volley of mast-shredding chain shot from its guns, and the battle is joined, smaller vessels fanning out to engage each other while the heavier naval juggernauts remain in formation about their flagships. It's not too long before they meet, though, one of the heavier Isharan vessels loosing off a volley of flaming cannonballs at the battleship everyone's on.

Brutus gains 50 wounds for RP reasons.

Alef gains 50 wounds for RP reasons.

Bite hisses discontent as they are fired upon, the ship catching fire and being taken apart. As she wavers in balance she sighs and calls upon her dediction as she decides what to do, before working to enhance the fire of her comrades with a bit of air magic, speed and guidance being given.

Siyu gives a look over at Brutus, he really should have brought his cannon too, but he's feeling as if there's plenty of cannon to be had on the warships. The smell of the fresh timber, pitch and hemp makes him proud. He knew his wood would be needed. Frankly they took nearly all of it. He allows himself just a minor little moment of glee at how much wood was sold before he'll refocus back upon the fight at had. Burning arrows and sniping officers are going to be the name of the game today. He'll walk over towards Alef, once it's clear Yuki knows her way around a ship, "Feeling all right today Alef?" he inquires. "This wood is hard, have n ofear, old growth timber. It'll take quite a bit to actually light it. The wood itself resists it." he says as a cannon shot hits and splinters the deck, he epps as shards go flying, "Damnit!" he strings his bow and looks over towards the closest ship. Drawing breath he'll light the pitch arrow. Bags of powder should be around somewhere, he tries to spot one, or a barrel, or the hold, somthing that might cause an interesting fire. He takes aim and looses from the long bow.

As the king's ultimatum is placed down, Dio didn't expect the opposition to back down considering all of their previous actions. Reaching to his back, he unstraps his heavy tower shield, a process interrupted by a shot upon their fine vessel. The lion wobbles and grabs onto the nearest rail as he gains his balance, roaring into the open with leonine energy! "Stand tall, lads!" He shouts out, words laced with inspiration and valor to boost morale! "We ain't gonna let a bunch o' pirates push anyone 'round anymore. This stops today! An' after the seas 're safe 'gain, we'll drink out all the Freesword alcohol reserves!" There was something about that crusader soul that could really get the blood pumping.

Once again, the lion roars and he soon heads for a better position to see the enemies before him, running a few calculations within his head. Before long, he conjures a volley of arrows made of fire and directs it at the foes, attempting to cause panic and perhaps a fire or two if possible.

Jut as Brutus settles in, a horrible crash erupts nearby, and he finds himself sprawled out on the deck. This wasn't fair! He wasn't supposed to be on the front lines here! As heated bits of wreckage sear his skin, he roars with anger and rolls over, pointing his hand cannon, lighting it, and letting off a shot before even listening for a command.

Alef turns to Siyu as he approaches, giving the rat a smile, "I trust your quality Siyu. Its a good ship your lumber made." at the booming of the Good King's Voice she turns, seeing the blockaid fleet ahead, frowning as the responce is a cannonball. Eyes widening as part of the deck near her suddenly explodes, eyes closing on reflex as her robes absorb the splinters. "Damn them." Noticing a tear in the hood of her robe her right hand reaches up and pulls it back, both her extra heads on display as the right snarls "Damn them!" Clinching her fist as her heads each takes a moment to chant in sync, a long equation bristling with firemath! "O incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me! Spiral Flare!" Her eyes, all six, burning as a spiral tornado of flames erupts out on the deck of one of the smaller Monitor's moving through the fight. The mast in the center of the flames as the sails burn.

Yuki stumbles as the shot hits the ship, sending her sharpening stone out of her hands and causing it to fly overboard. She reaches out and grabs the railing, her other hand tightly gripping her scythe, keeping herself and the weapon from following that stone. She takes a few minutes to regain her footing and calls out, "If there are any who are injured from that and not needed returning fire, please come here. I will help whoever is most injured first." That said the bat reaches into her bag and pulls out an odd device, one of the creator machines it looks like. Her thin fingers move with practiced motions, getting it preped for use.

Nothing really seemed to break the tigress' buoyant mien. Shifting her hold on her tower shield, the feline widened her stand to allow better balance as the first volley was loosed. Her axe was slung into its frogge with practiced haste and her now-free hand braced against the ship with just barely enough time to get a proper hold. As the shot strikes true and rocks their vessel, Kaelli squints against the debris thrown up and quickly takes note of the fallout. Once more adjusting her stance, the feline darts towards one of the unmanned guns on deck and decides to try her hand at returning fire.

Fortunately, the Isharans aren't as stupid as to leave their powder store exposed. Unfortunately, there ARE some exposed kegs freshly brought up for the battle. Guided by Bite's mathemagics, Siyu's and Dio's arrows strike the kegs, sending the reptilian fiends scrambling for cover before they go up with a bang. The opposing ship is winded, but not out of the fight as it draws close enough for chains attached to grappling hooks to be launched, drawing the two battleships together. Calls are made to prepare to repel boarders and dislodge the hooks as the pirates prepare to leap across.

The small group's vessel isn't the only one under attack - all about them the battle rages, and on the horizon, yes, on the horizon, a smaller, sleeker fleet of ships, accompanied by a single airship with...something sticking out from the bottom of its hull, something not too unlike a figure head...but also not quite one. In any case, they're too far off still, although gaining with considerable speed.

Bite watches the chains and their attempt to get on board, and calls upon a little fire magic, her tentacles tracing out a little math as she does some herself. Things begin to get uncomfortably hot for the pirates, one of the chains melting itself away.

Siyu takes out a few more arrows. Where there are lines coming over there will be men to follow. One two three arrows into the faces of those who want to come over. But there's a lot of them, pretty soon it'll be down to knives and brawling, and the rodent' isn't sure how well he's going to do with that.

A fine hit! But it's certainly not over yet. After letting loose the volley of arrows, his eyes catch upon the obvious attention grabbing ship that's grabbing more than just attention! With his tower shield at the ready, the lion charges towards one of the 'lanes' of chains grappling upon their ship. Any unfortunate pirate jumping in his direction would have to go through a wall of iron and a nice bash of his shield too!

Brutus tosses his hand cannon into a nearby stockpile as the other ship draws close. Swapping out gems, he races (as fast as his girth allows him) towards the grappling hooks and the threatening horde. He barks a harsh order to his accompanying golem to shake the ropes and try to dislodge the hooks--or, at least, the boarding freebooters--as he sets to sawing at the ropes with his bladed Iron Fist. As this looked more and more fruitless, draws a pistol, barking a second order to his golem to prepare its four arms for a beatdown and firing his pistol blindly into a swarm of pirates on the other ship in a gout of spark and smoke.

Alef turns away from the roasting of the smaller costal escort, just in time to avoid getting a pirates saber planted in her side. "Meanie!" Lefties mouth opening wide as she takes a deep inhale, and exhales a cloud of poisonus miasma in the pirates face, the lizard coughing and choking on his own spit as a marine strikes him dead from behind, Alef nodding her thanks and calling up the wind's, sending cutting blades striking at pirates on the ships deck!

Yuki spends what little time she has before the boarding starts using that device to heal those who come to her. As the call to repel boarders goes out, however, she straightens up, placing the divice away, and says, "That would be my cue then." She grabs her scythe again and makes her way toward the chained railing. Going still and listening the blindfolded bat waits until she hears the pirates coming, then moves in a burst of motion, scythe blade and the creator maths on it flaring as she starts to cut through any of the villains foolish enough to get within reach. Each time she's attacked it seems to only fuel her fury, her swings becoming quicker, and striking her targets harder.

Kaelli fully realized that she..was not that good at ranged combat! As such, after the first round of gun-measuring between the ships, the tigress reclaimed her axe and once more hefted her shield as a grin curved her lips. Finally! A point to having all these weapons on a ship! Spinning the axe once to perfect her grip, the plate-covered woman was all too happy to attack both grapples and boarding parties. Taking note of those already on board the ship, however, the tigress' focus shifted and she left the hooks to the others while spinning about to pounce into the fray on deck. While she was perhaps not as good with her shield as a Crusader might be, the woman still used it to keep enemies at bay as she swung that vicious axe in an elaborate dance of blood and steel.

Amelia stands on the deck of the airship, looking over the side at the battle below with a frown on her face. She didn't like what was going to come, but she knew it had to end sooner or later. "They were warned," she mumbles, trying to reassure herself. It should be an impressive sight, at least.

High above in the sky, the strange figurehead is lowered, angled as it points towards the water. "Attention, Isharans!" a voice echoes from it. "I am Archbishop Geralt, and upon the authority of the High Priest and a properly-met convocation of the Church, it is invested within me the proper authority to put the machine spirits I have today to use. Would you have heeded our warnings..."

Nothing happens for a while. And then, as the shralestan flees engages the Isharan from the other side, a dull hum from the figurehead, point of red light that begins to grow - and in due time, is loosed.

Yuki's words become prophetic as the beam of Creator Wrath sets the seas aflame and steaming, the water itself a dull red from the terrible energies unleashed. The beam cuts through sail, mast, and deck alike with great efficiency. Destroyers are reduced to ashes, battleships are drawn and quartered with ease, clouds of steam roll over the waters, giving the appearance of fog.

"It saddens me to have to use this weapon," the Archbishop's voice calls out from the airship. "But it is said in the First Text that there are evils that know no rule other than that of force and that is why it was separated, and not destroyed. Stop this, Lockedjaw. Repent! Repent! Lay down your arms, and the Good King and I will let you leave in peace."

Bite pushes one of the isharan sailors off the deck with a bit of effort, before she stares at the mass of red and the opposing fleet. She says nothing before she giggles a little, shaking her head. "I wanted to do that!" she declares as she watches things boil and steam. "That's wonderful fire magic." she adds.

Siyu blinks at the creator weapon, and he suddenly finds himself on the deck covering his head as the steaming hiss and flash of heat from the ancient weapon. Hiding behind a gunwall in case any sort of explosion hits the side of the vessel. Damn that thing is scary.

With the last of the grapples broken off and perhaps a good bonk or two with his shield upon a remaining bold pirate, it seems he could get a breather or two while the Church shows a demonstration of their beyond dangerous weapon. "O' lads..." he whispers under his breath, ears drooping slightly as a frown forms upon his muzzle. "Even though their pirates an' all, that weapon is somethin'... If only they surrendered."

Valor comes to below decks. The front of his armor was dented and his ribs hurt like a giant had sucker-punched him but he was whole. He staggered to his feet and grabbed his hammer, foregoing the sword. He stepped out onto the deck just as the laser was fired and shielded his face from the heat, hunkering down slightly. "My gods, is that some old Creator tech?" He calls over to Siyu, who he saw hunkered down behind the gunwale.

Alef does her best to keep up the fighting, as a war-mage her job is to lay magical pain on foes, a task she lives up to as best she can, fire here and there, winds striking at her harshly barked command, using skills learned from Selena she draws on the natural energy in the air to suplement her casting, turning away from the melee on deck to unleash another Sprial Flare on another ship she goes temproarly blind as the laser fires, falling backwards with a cry as the ocean turns to steam and ships burst into flames or are sliced clean open. three sets of wide eyes staring folward as three mouths hang open "Holy" "Shit" "Wow." Slowly getting back to her feet to survay the damage.

Yuki steps back as the fighting dies off, her own lack of sight keeping her from having to actually observe the devistating sight of the laser fiering. She reaches down to tug a bit of cloth from her belt, then uses this rag to start wiping the blade of her scythe clean of gore. One of her large ears flicks at Bite's words and she replies, "It is not magic. It is, as the Archbishop said, a machine spirit. And a particularly vicious sounding one at that. I would like to have a look at it. Or as close to such as I can get." She tosses the now bloody cloth aside and pulls out the same device as before. "While there is a lull are there any who are in desprate need of the aid of this machine spirit?"

As the last of the boarders are dispatched and the booming voice echoes across the sea, Kaelli looks heavenward to witness the display of the Creator's ingenuity. Squinting and gazing sideline to shield her vision from the flaring light, she idly wished she had her goggles at the moment. Soft syllables are formed in her native tongue and lost on the winds as the tigress watches in open awe. Eventually, she reclaims her wits and steadies her shield and axe once more. Her mis-matched eyes surveyed any details they could discern, little facts and tidbits stored away for future reference as words in the more common tongue were softly murmured, "..Pity that I cannot add this to my dear one, I think that he would like it.."

Amelia watches the devastation for only a moment before she steps back from the side, leaning on her staff as she heaves a sigh. "What an awful thing to have to use on someone. But let us hope that they learn from this, so that it doesn't need to be repeated." She closes her eyes, shaking her head disdainfully.

There is no word from Ishara, Lockedjaw, or anyone within earshot, saved gasps and murmurs of awe and calls for the Creators to save them. Several moments pass by as the first swathe of destruction abates, but it seems that they eventually come up with an answer: a strange construct surface from beneath the water and looses a barrage of what looks like fire magic skywards, directly at the Shralestan airship.

The airship teeters and enters a honest-to-creators tailspin - it seems almost scarilegous to bring down such a work of art, but the captain and navigator have had the presence of mind to bring it down as safely as they can, the once-airborne vessel hitting the water with a splash not too far from the group's battleship as it pulls out of a spiral. Already, various machine priests are on deck, hailing the sailors to lower the gangplank as they bear a titanic device between them. "Hurry!"One of them calls out. "We're taking on water - the weapon must be protected! We must have it ready to fire once more before that strange vessel catches up to us!"

Valor sees the airship and the weapon go down and helps to lower the gangplank, before rushing across and getting beneath the weapon, helping to bear it over to the ship, assisting the machine priests.

Bite looks extremely dissapointed that the carnage from the beam has not put a stop to the foes, and moreso curiouus about the strange vessel that was pulled out to counter it. "Is that a fish? Why would they not use such magic to wipe us out already, they don't seem very organized." she quizzes to herself before she moves to aid in the efforts of the other beings. She works out some air magics to lift up on the device, allowing it to be handled easier.

Siyu grunts a little bit as he'll lean over the edge, looking at the crashed airship, "Can you patch the hull and tow it or is it lost?" he's had a little bit more experiance with ship building now in the last couple of months and he chitters. The airship too much of a prize to lose, "We can tow it if it at least keeps afloat."

It seems they had enough people trying to save the weapon, so Dio thought he might try and save the ship or at least slow its descent. The the lion takes out his soul pendent and swaps his souls, one more proficient in earth magics while another in crafts, both allowing information to assist with emergency repairs. He has to wait for a few minutes before the information flows through him, but as soon as it does, he conjures up some earth magic to plug up as much damage as he possibly can.

Alef growls loudly as the airship goes down, eyes wide as the sight of a few dinghy's sailing up, full of pirates intent on the downed prize. "^red^Oh. no^normal^" "they" "^blue^Dont!^normal^" Running to the hole in the deck from the start of the battle, about where she started, the cerberus says the equations rapidly, eyes blazing once again as she casts Spiral Flare on the dinghy's, pirates screaming and crying out as the water around there boats boils, and the boats themselves catch aflame, leaving them nowhere to go as she sustains the spell long after it would end on its own, buying the airship crew time to get the weapon and anything else they can off. growning as she falls to a knee, nothing but floating ash in the water as the Cerberus pants and gasps, growns and wheezes from exertion, out of the fight for now.

Yuki tilts her head, unsure of what exactly is going on. Though the splash, and subsequent voices from the airship, give her a good idea. After helping to lower the gangplank she calls out, "Once the weapon is across, get the Archbishop and any other survivors over here! And get the wounded somewhere sheltered where we can care for them!"

Kaelli growls softly as the airship goes down, a curse bitten off as the tigress runs to the edge of the deck to track the fall of their air support. As the priests swarm out and begin the call to salvage their fallen treasure, the feline does not hesitate to discard her shield to the side and sheathe her axe in its frogge. However, when she sees people working to help the ship itself and to salvage the tech, she makes a quick adjustment to her soulpendant and heads in after the airship's crew with the intent of patching up or carrying out anyone she was able to. As much as she wanted to lay hands on those rare machines and study them - being came first.

Amelia stumbles and loses her footing as the airship goes down, falling hard to the deck when it finally impacts with the water. She's quickly back on her feet, though, rushing to the archbishop's side. "Are you alright? The weapon is being tended to, but we need to get you off of here as well." She glances over towards Kaelli, thankful to have help tending to the crew.

"I'm all right, my daughter. Come, let us hurry across with the others. If it comes to this...I have to destroy the weapon, let it fall into the hands of these villains. who knows what they will do with such power, seeing as they already misuse their own?"

The evacuation from the downed airship proceeds as best as circumstances allow - while it's not taking on water anymore, it's also sitting dead in it. With Valour's help, the machine priests get the weapon across the gangway and in place on the battleship's prow, and the wounded are seen somewhere safe belowdecks. Orders are barked, to brace for any sort of impact, to prepare to meet this strange new foe the Isharans have conjured up, and although underwater, the ripples of its passage are visible to the keen of eye...

...And then it surfaces momentarily, this foreign underwater ship of Creator steel, launching another stream of what can only be felt as flaming, concussive force at the prow, scattering away unfortunate enogh to be present and leaving them with deep burns. One of the machine priestesses, spotting Yuki and Amelia, calls out to them, her voice tinged with pain as she drags off her number to safety and sailors race to beat out of the flames: " of you! You have to know how to use this...don't you? One to call the spirits, one to point the weapon, and one to direct them. Hurry, before that...thing can circle around for another attack!"

Valor grunts and heaves the weapon into place, before collapsing onto the deck in exhaustion. He manages to haul himself to his feet and get back to work.

Yuki turns her head slightly at the calling from the machine priest and replies, with confidance, "I can. I will, of course, need help in aiming it. Two people should do. Step up now, you have permision to touch the creator device for this purpose." Once the machine is in place she walks over to it, running her fingertips lightly to get a feel for it an positions herself near the controls, murmuring, "I cannot see, spirit, so I am going to ask you to sing for me." Still letting herself get a feel for the machine she calls out "Would those who will be helping me with this speak up now? And if anyone else tries to touch it, let me know. They will need to be disciplined."

Bite watches the weapon be loaded onto the ship, glancing towards the swimming creator golem before she nods to Yuki's request. She moves towards the machine and looks it over before she attempts to alter its aim, towards the new problem off the side of the ship. "Come on sssweeties we can't let them use that on the crown or the holy ones." she hisses as she does so.

Siyu gathers up a team of patch men. There's enough of them on the ship to keep one from sinking, board, tar and nails, and he chitters and leans them over, "Just keep it up out of the water, we'll patch the holes and try to pump it clean out. Just keep them off of us!" the rodent will scramble over to the airship, leading his gang and grabbing some pumps, "Come on lads! We can't let this thing sink!" He let's the others handle the weapon.

The ship was being handled and it seems the cannon was too. Besides, he wasn't in a soul that could really operate a cannon in any large degree. "Good luck to ya lads," he calls out before heading towards the bottom deck. "I'm gonna 'elp out with the wounded." The lion sprints off below deck and changes his soul gems around. While he wouldn't get the information from it in a quick enough time before a volly might hit the ship from the strange creator vessle, it was better late than never.

Kaelli executed a quick and somewhat shallow bow, more of a firm inclination, in greating to the crew. Health, safety and survival came first but one could still have courtesy after all. That done, the tigress went to work staving off the worse effects of the deeper wounds on the crew and helping them over to the battleship. That done, she made sure they were safely conveyed into better trained hands before spinning about at the call and leaping into position. Rolling her shoulders and adjusting her stance, the woman called out as requested, "I stand ready!" The air of reverence in her tone was obvious even amidst the battle and her hands traced the edge of the device but did not yet touch until the order was given to do so.

Once she feels that the archbishop is safely secured, Amelia makes her way towards the others with the cannon. She cannot help personally, but she does oversee its handling. "How quickly can you get this thing ready? We can't let it open fire on us again. Too much would be at stake," As if they needed the reminder. "I'll forgive anyone that touches it, as long as you can take that... Thing! out!"

The worst of the fighting done, Brutus looks about, a bit lost. He has no particular skill for healing or medical treatment, and none of his guns could match the power of the Creator weapon, surely. Still, it was the least he could offer. He readies his soul pendant for another gunfight and retrieves the hand cannon he had set aside earlier, hoisting it over his shoulder and facing towards where everyone seems to expect the attack from. "Guns at the ready."

The three scramble to take up positions as the wounded machine priests are led away, limping and hobbling, clutching at their burns. Most of the crew - or at least, those who aren't actively occupied at the moment - have stepped back from the weapon and stand at a safe distance, most of them with their eyes raised in prayer. All watch the wake of the Isharans' underwater ship as it approaches, waiting for it to surface so Bite can get a clear shot at it -

- And then the humming of song, and the screech of metal as the Isharans are torn from the water, their vessel floundering as the Leviathan surfaces too, allowing all on board the best glimpse of its massive, blubbery body before seizing the Isharan ship in its jaws, jaws lined with donzens upon dozens of teeth in neat rows. The tussle is a sight to be seen indeed - the submarine's propellers whirring away at empty air, the Leviathan's teeth clamped tightly about the Creator vessel, strong enough to dent its hull, the beast thrashing in the water as it holds the Isharans still for a clear shot, even as the machine spirits within the Shralestan weapon begin to warm up.

Nodding once in acknowledgement, the tigress cast a brief smile to Amelia before placing her hands carefully upon the device and beginning to turn it according to the position of the enemy vessel. As the leviathan surfaces, the tigress gives a sharp whistle of greeting. "Welcome, friend! Good to see you again!" she calls in a genuinely happy tone as the large creature helps to steady their target on its end. The feline's ears would perk as she stood ready to make any other adjustments to the device's position should the others need it.

Yuki flicks her ears, moving with the machine as Kaelli maneuvers it into position. Her fingers move over the controls as she listens to the sounds of it. The hum of it charging, various beeps and chimes indicating the status of it. "Now that is interesting. Why do you have those settings? Regardless, this is the one I want." She dials up the power, preparing it to fire another beam like the last one as she does her best to focus on the sounds the machine is making. Hearing a ding and a warning buzz she says, "Thank you spirit." Then turns in the rough direction of Bite. "The spirit is ready. Once you have the target, press the button to fire. It should be red. They usually are for some reason."

Bite works with the others in the group with a bit of a grin, trying to hide this as she helps them take aim upon the now surfaced creator water golem which, won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Once the others have done their part she eyes everything once more before hesitating, and then touching the glaring red button on the device, trying to stifle a giggle as she does so. She tries to think of something clever, and finaly decides upon "The heat of battle might be getting to you." She awaits to see the fruits of the groups labors.! All watch as the beam of Creator wrath strikes the Isharan vessel head-on, the Leviathan letting go of it at that precise moment. Nothing seems to happen for what feels like an eternity, the dull red beam being absorbed by the metal hull, and then it falls into the water...sinks...and the entire deck shakes as something explodes deep underwater, creating generous waves which ripple outward on the water's surface.

Valor was helping to move downed wreckage and falls flat on his ass as the shockwave shakes the ship. He clambers back onto his feet, clambering to the railing to watch the demise of the huge Creator construct.

Bite giggles as she steps away from the device, smiling at the overwhelming defeat of their creator fish golem as she moves towards the side of the ship to ensure that Levithan is okay. "I hope the explosion didn't hurt it." she hisses as she looks into the water. "I don't suppose I should dive in after it and see if I can get anything huh?" she adds with a sigh.

Siyu is attempting to shore up the airship, now a water ship, keeping hte rigging out of the way and trying not to break anything, pine tar and pitch, caulking and boards are at least keeping it floating. Heavy chains are brought out, ropes tied to them, "Secure the ship to the battlebus. We'll at least be able to toe her back."

So much commotion on deck! However, Dio had a job to do. Doctor Dio was on duty once the various skills from the two souls he inserted whispered into his mind. Those wounded and bleeding receive the most immediate treatment, getting special herbs, dulling potions, a quick cleaning, and a good bandaging to finish it off. Burns were treated with what ever medical supplies he could possibly find aboard the ship and were also bandaged. And to top it all off, a bit of fire magic to create warm water for use with soothing towels and relaxing bruised muscles. Eventually, he directs some other healthy individuals to help out as he heads up to see the aftermath and perhaps get more injured bellow deck for treatment. Can't have an untreated burn for too long!

Yuki shakes her head slightly and says, "I do not think that would be wise." She tilts her head slightly as she steps back from the machine and says, "I trust the pirates are dispersing now? And the archbishop is safe? We need to know what we shall do with the machine here. I will watch over it until a decision on that is reached."

Her ears lay flat in apprehension for a moment as the device fires only to quickly perks back up as she watches the display. Another whistle is given as their friendly neighborhood sea-creature dives back below the surface. A broad smile curves her lips as she notes their apparent victory and another nod is given, this time in satisfaction. "Thank you, friend!" Kaelli calls out in the leviathan's wake before she turns the face the device and bows her head while offering off a prayer, the words murmured under her breath in thankful reverence. The niceties handled, the feline turns to regard her fellows and assess the damage to their ships and crew. "Ah," she clicks her tongue softly and looks over at Bite. "Perhaps not so good an idea.. Water may be hot after that and.." Pausing to pick the correct word, the added, "Hold strange chemicals..".

Amelia folds her arms, watching quietly as it seems the ship is no more. "Is that it, then? Is it over?" She glances over those on board, making sure no one seems too terribly out of sorts. "I'd rather not have to engage in further violence such as this. Or ever again." Reaching up to adjust her glasses, she glances around again. "Is the archbishop and the Goodking well?"

By the Creators--where was Flora's picture-box when you needed it? That unholy Leviathan was consciously helping them? By seizing a--giant metallic dolphin? Lost in thought, Brutus nearly jumped out of his stripes as the strange device loosed some kind of magical burning light that spontaneously crippled the strange ship. It was all too much for him to comprehend, and he simply stood agape, trying to imprint the image on his mind. If he couldn't transcribe it, the least he could do was to remember it--and take it as an omen that Sweetwater was a place uniquely blessed by the Creators and the Spirits alike.

With the submarine's destruction, it seems that the Isharan forces have shared much the same fate. Crushed between both Sweetwater and Shralesta navies, the few ships that remain afloat limp away, their hulls pockmarked, their sails in tatters. They can barely move now, let alone hold a blockade - hopefully, they won't be back for a long time, if ever.

Once things have calmed down somewhat and the wonded tended to, several priests emerge from belowdecks, headed by the Archbishop, who takes a moment to bless the still-standing sailors before addressing all present.

"Thank you for your aid today. Would it not have come to such violence, but...brutes such as them will be brutes. A whole nation based on might and force alone and naught else but anarchy - such an absurd idea...hopefully the lives which have been lost today mean that others will have been saved.

"Now, to business. I have spoken with the captain at large, and he has agreed to my request for us to be transported to the royal flagship - I must speak with the Good King posthaste on behalf of the Church. From there, the weapon will be taken to the Church is Firmament, where it will be once again separated and the requisite part returned to Shralesta. Those amongst my brethren who need to recuperate will remain for a while until they are well enough to travel and the airship fixed - thank you for that - and then we will depart posthaste. Creators bless...even on such a day as this."

It seems it's over, or would have been, if not for the fact that dark shapes - five, six, no, perhaps even a whole dozen of them - are circling in the water directly below the battleship, the pleasant hum of their conjoined song fading away slowly as the Leviathan and its kin return to their world in the depth and trenches of Promise, away from the Isharans' machinations which had bid them rise in the first place.