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"My name is Alef Bustoke. Formerly a Resident of Cliffside, The City and the Country. Now I live as a Citizen of Sweetwater, a Resident of Firmament. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"But... what if I fail?" "Everyone fails sometimes Alef. Its what you do after failing that counts." "What you do... after you fail? What if there's nothing to be done?" "Theres always something that can be done after a fail sweets, You can learn just as much from failing as succeeding." "I dont understand." "Never Give up Alef, Learn from failure, stand up, and always press on." "Ah... Ok Dad." Alef and Richard Bustoke, About Failure.

"Alef." "Yes Master?" "I have been alive a very long time my student, and I've seen many a thing in these long long years. Strange things, wondrous things, terrible things..." "Yes Master." "Alef, We are the children of our Creators, We were given Promise as a sign of our potential, our chance to become our own people. But we remain the children of our Creators. And in the texts of our Fathers many things beyond our kin have been written. Beings and creatures older then even our Fathers." "Older then our Creators! How could that be?" "Hahaha, Our universe is vast, we are but a small part of it. Our time in the observatory should remind you of that. One thing our Creator's agreed upon though, is when such a being or creature is encountered, if you cannot reason with it, it is best to steer well clear of them, unless one can bring point-blank annihilation upon them quickly and totally. Do you understand Alef?" "... no master... im sorry." "Ohhahah, let us hope Alef that you never have to learn what I mean then!" Master Bleu, Dragon Family Elder, and Alef. on Beings older then the Creator's, on a cold winter night.

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  • Cliffside: My homeland. I used to think little of it, it was home. I lived, learned, studied and grew up there. I was trained as a battle-mage there. Having lived somewhere else for some time, I look back at home without the same vision I had before. No place is perfect, not even home.
  • Sweetwater: Before I lived here I bought into the talk of it being a land of plenty where the beings grew fat and weak. That the last war was a fluke. While this country DOES have its problems... I have met a lot of good people, just as hard working and energetic as the most patriotic Cliffside Artisan or solder. It is less structured then Cliffside, but, its home; and that's good enough for now.
  • Soulless"Gifted": Back home Soulless are considered 2nd class citizens at best. Having seen little Shadow activity compared to Sweetwater the demand for soulless is far less back home. Many are pressed into military service or menial labor. Simple Soulgem's for simple people and simple jobs. Some get better chances. Not a lot, but some, like those who hold natural talent for magic. Here in Sweetwater Soulless are a class unto themselves, its a complete change from back in Cliffside, one that... makes me quite proud to be a Soulless.
  • Creators: Our Parents among the stars, Amazing Beings more fascinating then we can imagine. Father said that even though they are mighty beings, they are but Beings, and that while we owe them a great debt that we may never repay, one day we may just come to be accepted as there children here on Promise, Worthy of this world they gave us.
  • Freeswords: If Sweetwater is my new home, the freeswords are my new family. A dysfunctional, frightening, disorderly, spastic, random family, but a family none the less. I can never stop smiling after doing a job and doing it right.
  • Cerberus: The Sacred Family I find myself apart of. Thanks to issues beyond my control I now sport the three headed appearance of a Cerberus, but without the ability to turn it off! because Cerberus are rare to begin with there's little chance of finding someone to explain how there powers work. My Left head is named Beta, and my Right Omega, at-least, that's the names we agreed on.

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  • Richard Bustoke: Father, Dad, Daddy. Age 50. Occupation: priest. cliffside capital saint's square. Adaptable Clan. White Fox "Dad, a wise, graying old fox, a devout follower of the Church of the Creators, However not blindly obeying the words. "There like, Guidelines in a way." Kind, but strict, Caring, but firm. Father bought me time to leave Cliffside when i had to leave, setting me on a pilgrimage to aid my flight, for that I can never thank him enough, for it brought me to Sweetwater, my new home. I hope to see him again some day. -I have not seen or heard anything out of him in over a year.-
  • Maria Bustoke: Mother, Mom, Mommy. Age 48. Occupation: Artisan, potter and weaver of cloth and wicker. Creative Clan. Gold Fox "Mom, What else can I say? Loving, caring, spoiling, rule enforcing, strict, mighty mother supreme. A master with the potting wheel, a artist with needle and thread and wicker, she sells her pots, wicker baskets, and clay jugs at market for modest sums, enough to live on and save on. It was thanks to her I got into the Academy in the capital, her hard work, sweat and blood, along with Dad's, gave me the best I could get. After I left I keep wondering how she is doing, her and dad. -my last word of or from her was a year ago in a letter delivered by Master Bleu, sense then iv not heard anything.-

"The Big Four" Four of the Mightyest (In her opinion) Freeswords in Sweetwater: -to the best of my knowledge disbanded and dissolved.-

  • Angus Solacious: A scion to a noble home, a warrior, a risk-taker, a fool... a friend. One of what I call "The Big Four" Angus Solacius has made himself something of a teacher and friend to every freesword he can, myself included. There are times I want to hit him in the face with my staff till some sense comes to him... and then there are times I cannot thank him enough. I feel he seeks death, with his risk taking and brash attitude, but I don't think that's the case at all. Currently teaching me about sword fighting alongside Sergent Silverthorn. -I have lost contact with the young fox solder over a year ago during the Isharn blockade incident.-
  • Selena Hearthkeep: A fellow Cliffsider, though I learned that by accident, by far the most powerful Magus I have ever witnessed in action, Shes another of Sweetwater's "Big Four" in my thoughts, I have trained with and seen Cliffside battle-mages, in my honest opinion I would bet on her over a unit, or even a squad, of them. When it comes to home she becomes ice, that wolfess, but shes been open, friendly, and supportive of me, she and Angus seem to enjoy some ribbing and poking at each other, and she has unofficially been helping me learn to fight beside Angus, though usually it ends in the two fighting more then teaching me, its an amusing situation when it happens. I can only hope to learn more from her. -to my great regret she has disappeared and I have not heard from her in over a year before that.-
  • Svetlana Sveta Kuznetsova: Sveta, A puzzle to me, im not too sure how to classify her honestly. At one time she seems to be a mage of frightful raw power, at others a master craftshawk, Still others a devout priest and mighty healer, and then a agile, deadly warrior. I consider her the "Leader" of the "Big Four" in Sweetwater's Freeswords. Cold, Mechanical, Methodical, Level-Headed, she seems to have a history with Dio, but that is only in my opinion and observation. She is a mystery, a enigma, a riddle I have no clues toward solving; and yet I cant help but feel I can trust her. -lost contact or knowledge of over a year and a half ago.-


  • Dio: the "Fifth" of the "Big Four" in her eyes, Dio is a roguish, boorish, lout of a lion, but if what shes seen is any indication, he could out fight Angus and probably put up a good fight against any of the rest of "The Four" one on one. Solely on merit of his tactics and skills and age. With Age comes knowledge, temperament, and wisdom. Obviously there is a long story to tell behind Dio's life and eyes, only the surface of which has been scratched in the time Alef knew him. He seems to enjoy making approaches on Sveta, but whether its playful or serious is unknown to Alef. Though from some conversations shes overheard, the two do seem to have a history with each other. It is just another layer of the mystery's surrounding the Veteran's of the Freeswords to work through. -lost contact with over a year ago, during the Isharn blockaid incident.-
  • Issi: 1221 or "Issi" is a shadow possessed Viper. A friendly shadow is a surprise to be sure, at first Alef thought she might be a threat, but now the two are able to talk as equals, working to figure out some complex mathemagic together or just "Talking" together. Issi being mute doesn't phase Alef at all, as long as Issi doesn't mind writing a lot. She disappeared as mysteriously as she came. -has disappeared from the regions around sweetwater, lost contact with two years ago.-
  • Kurzon: A bulldog bear, Kurzon seems to be a large, powerful, strong, mighty warrior for the Church of the Creators in Sweetwater, Seen in his heavy armor and welding a huge Pole-ax/Hammer this intimidating, worry some figure turns out to be quite a sweet, gentle Being underneath his exterior. For a time Kurzon seemed to make protecting and assisting Alef a mission, of late he has been seen to be described as a angry, aggressive, foul tempered bear who has shirked his armor of station and Pole-hammer in favor of large swords and Axes. Alef has not seen him or conversed with him in some time, which combined with the rumors, has her concerned. Seems to have disappeared from Sweetwater all together. only sporadic rumors of a mightly bear in the wilds of Thera'dor make her think he continues his work. -all contact lost and his fate unknown to myself.-
  • Falx: A Beewolf Wasp who she met and made the acquaintance of some time ago, a self admitted practitioner of Dark Math, she has always felt abit, "Uneasy" around him, but to date there dealings and discussions have been nothing but civil, friendly, and open chats, Despite the concern of Falx's chosen field of magical study, she can do nothing more then express concern and be a conversationalist with him when time allows. -returned to whence he came, what road his study's took him down I know not. lost contact two years ago.-
  • Siyu: A Kangaroo Rat Merchant hailing from Shralesta, Siyu's interactions with Alef have been few, but memorable, every time shes seen and talked with the small Being hes been drunk as sot to the gills with alcohol, she has considered asking how his liver keeps up, but fear that calling attention to it would cause reality to catch up stays her hand. She just suspects he has somehow hired a Mathemagician to place a enchantment upon his liver, its the only explanation that makes sense to her. Siyu offers quality goods at reasonable rates, and so far he has come through on his end, proving his word and quality. Works at The Twin Pillows and continues to be a friend to those who pass through the Inn or the Pillows. -lost contact with over a year ago, unsure of his status at this time.-
  • Yrisa Watergift A Box-Jelly Fish woman hailing from Aqua Magna, Promise's ocean that serves as the southern boarder of Sweetwater's territory. An older, but newly joined freesword, having been born before the sundering she became a soulless without knowing how. the fact she awoke as part of the Kraken sacred family might have something to do with it, but she does not know for sure or what it might be, which has become her driving goal to find out. Alef is only a passing acquaintance to her so far, but Alef already likes Yrisa and looks forward to learning more about her. Seems to have returned to Aqua Magna to explore the mystery's of the Kraken Family. -returned to the depths of Aqua Magna and disappeared two years ago.-
  • Nyx: A three tailed silver furred Mink of the Kitsune sacred family. Very friendly, affectionate, kind, and very very playful. Has entrusted with permission to brush her tails, a sign of trust between the two. Last I saw she was very depressed and had fled to her room. I have only heard sporadically about her sense. -unknown-
  • Mirana Solacious: A matron of the Solacious noble home, sister to Angus and another of "The Big Four". I have not had much interaction with Angus's older sister, but I hear story's of her kindness, forgiveness, and tenderness. Angus is blessed with a older sister such as she, and the Freesword's are all the stronger for it as well. A magus who puts my power to shame, if only because she can heal where I can only harm, I can respect that. (Retired: Formerly of "The Big Four") Returned from duty's as a diplomat to Shralesta. As of my knowledge she has not tried to claim her old place in The Big Four. -fell out of contact with over a year ago-


  • Orientalis Bleu "The Divine Silver Dragon": Master Bleu is my teacher and mentor. He taught me everything the Academy's academic's neglected to teach to the budding War-magi, Astronomy, Alchemy, Survival Skills, Cooking, Sewing, anything he felt I would need to learn. One of the oldest beings of our generation, at 59 years old he has finally been forced into retirement by his peers. Deciding to spend his remaining time relaxing on the beaches of Sweetwater the Dragon Newt flew from Cliffside to Sweetwater by himself, he is a member of the Elemental Dragon Sacred Family. -Deceased 23th day of the Fall month October in the year 477 Since Arrival, Died in his sleep on the beach of Firmament with a smile on his face and no regrets. 60 years old.-
  • Nartilla "Irontail" Reese*: Master Irontail is a petite, light-framed, sparsely furred Spidermonkey woman who lives in a remote settlement in the desert's of Shralesta, close to the Sandstone Mountain Range. Nartilla is a true Artisan of metal and is a renowned smith who lives in such a remote location to cut down on the number of beings looking to apprentice under her. She insists that each of a being's limbs should have a purpose, and insisted if I were to learn with her my tail would need to be useful. hence its current condition thanks to a Crafter. I owe a great deal of refined smiting and metalworking talent to Master Irontail's tutelage.


  • Zylo Lunarpelt: A adult silver/white furred wolf who attended the Military Academy of Cliffside's Capital City, the officially recognized but quietly kept bastard son of a minor military noble-house within the capital, Zylo met Alef during there respective educations, Alef and Zylo met at times on assignments outside the walls of Cliffside, Zylo in training, Alef on errands, jobs and lessons for Master Bleu. The two became friends, Zylo keeping his noble heritage a secret, the two graduated at the same time and began spending more time together afterward before they would serve as part of Cliffsides Military. The two were unofficially boyfriend and Girlfriend for several weeks before and after there graduations before Zylo decided they should become life-mates. Alef was not comfortable with the idea; when she expressed this reservation Zylo heard none of it. Foregoing rituals and convention to "Life-Mate" her right then and there himself, She proceeded to smash his face in with her staff, flee while he was cradling a broken nose and muzzle, and used a fire equation to form a short lived wall of fire between her and him. fleeing into the streets and long gone before the fire burned itself out. Richard learned of Zylo's heritage, and fearing for his Daughters safety, arranged for the tall girl to join a Pilgrimage out of the city to Sweetwater. She hasn't heard from or of him sense, and cares not to try, or bother. -Status unknown-

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RP Hooks
Cerberus: One of the few Cerberus in sweetwater makes her quite noticeable and strange, Much less her extra heads making her stand out more!

Free Sword: She's a member of the Free Swords guild. As such she can often be found hanging around the guild and it's inn.

Orientalis Bleu: A elderly 59 year old Dragon Newt, Cliffsides "Divine Silver Dragon" during the last war he was a mighty front-line wizard, using math and dragon form to strike fear into the hearts of Sweetwater's rank and file. Now that hes been forced into Retirement he has decided to spend his remaining time resting on the beaches in the sun and warmth of Firmament. who knows what such a old being could tell, or who from the old wars might remember him... -deceased.-

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Full Name: Alef Bustoke

Clan: Adaptable

Species: Golden Furred Fox.

Date of Birth: March 11 457

Apparent Age: 23

Height: 7'3" / 2.22m

Weight: 359lb / 162kg

Build: Very Tall, with a heavyset, curvy and soft build.

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Army Magician 35 Master

Courtier 2 Beginner

Craft Apprentice 35 Master

Fighter 1 Beginner

Journeyman 1 Beginner

Lightning Caller 22 Experienced

Mage Adept 35 Master

Merchant 30 Advanced

Monk 1 Beginner

Parent 21 Experienced

Performer 1 Beginner

Priest 1 Beginner

Rogue 1 Beginner

Scholar 1 Beginner

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