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The noon sun is high in sky as a Bat Child speak with a large armor badger who passes him a blazing pair of swords with hooks on the tip. The Child nods to the Badger who pets him and walks back toward the Orphanage, The child is wearing a small folk clan seal but appears to be quite underage to have on, he is currently standing where the meeting place was mention in the note looking around nervously as a old beaver male with a turban stands behind him. "Calm your nerves child you cannot seem weak to those who would seek your employ." The pair waits to be approached.

Walking up in her battledress, Mirana thinks about this. She did promise to take it easy... she did say that she wouldn't endanger herself as much anymore, and she did know that she wasn't entirely... well, but she felt she needed to do this, that she wanted to and it was for Kilsa after all right? As she walks up to them, Mira curtseys to Kilsa, the beaver, and the bat child. "Good afternoon my Lady, and hello there, Lady Mirana Solacious, here to help?" She says wondering exactly what she will be doing.

Sierra is walking alongside her golem, a large, lightly armored golem with what looks like a meathook bolted to it's left hand and sharp claws on the right. The lioness is dressed pretty heavily with her eyes covered and the cloak pulled to block more of the light. She raises a white furred arm and waves to them, then calls out, "This the place hiring? I need to do some field tests anyway." Looking to Mirana, she then adds, "You still a bit loopy there?"

Angus was not far behind Mirana as he strapped on his crossbow and tugged on his weapons belt. He eyed his sister, a little worried that she insisted on coming here. Walking up to the small group he gives a slight bow, and smiled. "Lord Angus Solacious, of the lightbringer unit. At your service." He winced slightly as he added his title in, still not very fond of it as he looked at the others with curiosity.

Rainer has his hands behind his head and his eyes on the clouds as he brings up the rear of the fox parade, tail swaying lazily behind him. Only once they've stopped does he bother to glance down, rolling his jaw as if he was chewing something and then spitting off to an unoccupied piece of street, then chiming in with his own introduction: "Rainer." Then, aside to the todd he mumbles, "I hope you packed extra food. Yer sis looks ready to pop out a kid or three at any second, and I'm not sharin' -my- lunch with 'em when it happens."

The badge give a wave and continues on her way, "Good day Mirana." She departs as if in a hurry, The young bat steps to the group gathered, "Hello, I assume you are heard about the mission I am giving. I am glad such a group has decided to grace me with their presence. I am Walt. I am heir to the BrightWing family fortune." The Beaver near him smiles, "This is my Caretaker and servant Albed but just call him Al for short. " The beaver nods and give a warm smile before speaking. "Master Brightwing, is currently in a dispute with his family over the family business and considering that the ugly matter of them 'disposing' of the heads of the Brightwing family they wish to settle this with a duel. We have agreed but we do not trust them to keep their word of no violence before hand so we seek the aid of the freeswords to protect the Young Master and myself until we have reached the family battlegrounds. Can we trust in you to do so?"

Mirana leans on her staff a bit after Kilsa departs and listens about, "Sierra... I should be fine, but thank you for your concern." She says then turns to Angus, "I'll be ok Brother, trust me." She didn't actually trust herself but, hoped that everything would be ok. Then she glares at Rainer, "Are... you calling me fat? And trust I have PLEANTY of provisions." She says, hefting her pack on her shoulders a bit. Then she pays attention to the good bat before her. She nods a few times, "Of course we will do our best, you have my word that as long as I may stand, no harm will come to Walt." She says, and turns again to the other to see what they will say.

Sierra checks a few bags hanging from the golem's back, secured with chains and a bit of improversation. She then presses her ear to the golem, pops a panel and begins to fish around inside for something while she says, "If you go funny in the head again I can try to beat it out of you, percussive maintenance was always useful." She bites her tongue, pushing her arm further into the golem, then lets out a bit of a yelp and jerks her hand free as the noise stops. Shaking her hand, she then waves to the others and adds, "I'm Sierra by the way and I'll do my best to protect you."

Angus gives Rainer a rather curious look, quirking an eyebrow as he holds up his pack in one hand. "Knowing you Rainer you will probably eat mine as well." He mutters, giving him a light smile. He then turns back to young bat and listens to his story, giving a slight not. "That sounds...a little overzealous if you ask me. But never the less you asked for our aid and we are glad to give it." His ears twitch and he turns to Sierra before he returns the wave. "Hello there, I'm Angus."

"I'm a growing boy." is all he has to say to Angus, thrusting his lip out in a pout, only to startle to full height when Mirana turns to bear on him. "Well, no, that wouldn't really be fair." Rainer seriously considers the question posed to him by the vixen. He brings an index finger to his bottom lip and holds it there as he logics it out, "After all, you've got who knows how many little guys floatin' around in your belly. It's probably one of -them- that's fat." Confident in this reasoning, he gives a cheerful nod, before turning his attention on Sierra. "Hey, try not to get yourself maimed -before- the maiming starts."

"Its is a pleasure to meet each of you." The bat comments and nods, "I feel like I should be very safe with each of you." The beaver nods along with him, "Please come along we have a cart prepared." It doesn't take much work before the group is lead to a very modest looking cart with some of the most study looking steeds. Math covers the cart from top to bottom, "I've spent month researching and perfecting the Brightwing cart. Don't let its appreance fool you, This cart can do just about everything but fly." The youth says proudly. As the ride takes off there is a feeling of dread coming from pair as the Beaver drives the cart. They have already made it to the forest to the west making good time as the sun begins to set. Walt takes seat in the lotus position trying to fight the impending feeling of dread as the woods steadly get darker.

Mirana looks about and takes a seat in the cart. "I wonder what it would take to make it fly too..." she thinks idlely. She waits for everyone else to get in, but as Rainer would try to do so, she'd try to bat his shin with her staff, while looking away. When Sierra gets on, she'd say, "Well, if I do go a little... crazy, feel free to bind me, hold me down, do whatever you need to do." As the cart goes on, she'd chatter gently with everyone, "And Angus, we need to do something to get Arimia to like you a bit more, I mean.." Her ears twitch as she looks about, then, makes sure to poke Angus with her staff a moment, starting to sign to him as she speaks, "excuse me, I mean if she is my commander, then she is going to have to at least be able to be in the same room with you without trying to bash your head in, or make you hit the floor."

Sierra climbs onto the cart, ordering her golem to walk alongside, occasionally switching which side it's following along on. She glances to Mirana and says, "I don't think I'd have the rope for that. Guessing a blow to the head's not going to really be appropriate either. I'm sure I'll think of something. Or I'll improvise at least." She glances to Angus, grins and says, "Sierra, no fancy titles, sorry." Then she says to Rainer, "I'll be fine, I just hit the caught part just right. It was causing one of the ge-... one of the moving parts to stick"

Angus hops into the cart and takes a seat next to his sister, eyeing her as she trys to hit Rainer. "Careful now, I would had to have to drag his butt back to the city just because your mad at him." Turning to Sierra he nods, returning the grin. "Well it is a pleasure to meet you either way." He started the journey in silence, putting his hand behind his head and leaning back, but once they got underway he sat back up to scan their surroundings. He nodded at his sisters words, and at her poke he turned to her. He saw her sign, and he nodded already signing back as he spoke. "Ya well good luck with that, she is under the impression that I'm going to just hurt Saibh. She even threatened me, told me she would skin me alive if I ever did hurt her." Turning to Rainer he leaned back, and whispered to the Wolf as he looked around.

Rainer looks increasingly enthusiastic as they approach the cart. "Hey, my favourite kind of trip: the kind where I don't have to do any legwork! Haha!" He isn't even paying attention as he starts to climb on, the next thing he notices is a sharp pain that sends him forward with a yelp, his chin hits the floor of their transport and he recoils backwards and over, ending up sprawled on his back cringing up at the sky as he grips his aching jaw with both hands and rubs gingerly. "Owwwwww..." Attempt #2 works better for him, and he's a lot more alert that time, settling in but continually looking around for a while, unable to determine just how he bungled the procedure the first time. Eventually that's past and forgotten, and he spends much of the time posed relaxed and dozing, only occasionally peeking an eye open and about when some noise or another happens to rouse him, just to drift off again. Presumably Angus picks one of his moments of near-consciousness to whisper sweet nothings to him, and the wolf's ear twitches. He makes a noncommital "mm" sound and smiles, but otherwise doesn't move.

The peaceful ride is broken up by an explosion of math infront of the carts, the steeds rear up in fear before a group of felines drop from the trees and butcher them in almost perfect silence. The bats are gone before darts fly out of the woods like little wasps, Mirana and Rainer manage to avoid most of the darts only taking a few darks while Sierra is hit with over a dozen. Angus dodges them and manages to deflect them skillfully before three Bat hop on the Cart and attempting to kill him.

Angus is rapidly beaten until he can not move the rest of the group is left to doze off the pain as Walt and Al are missing. There is a trail off foot prints leading away from the caravan, A note is left in Angus tunic which reads, 'There are things that foriegners shouldn't get involved into, we spared you this time but persue us again and we will paint the sands with your blood. -FellClaw Moonblood.'

Mirana groans and shakes her head a bit. Then rubbing on it she relises where she is and springs up. She looks about, and notices that they have failed in their mission. She looks to Sierra, still asleep, but she looks ok, then she notices Angus. She rushes to his side, pulling out her mini-med bag. "Ok Angus, are you awake? Can you speak?" She takes the note and reads it, but then quickly gets to treating his wounds, using smelling salts to wake him after.

That, was definitely not what he was expecting. Angus thought he would at least been able to stand his ground against the three assailants, but then again..he didn't expect to be laying on the ground unconscious afterward either... The smelling salts definitely did the trick as he fought his way back to consciousness, and he sat bolt up right, and regretted it almost instantly. "What in the name of the Creators just happened!" He yelled, before he started coughing, that boot to the ribs definitely coming back to haunt him already. When he could finally catch his breath he noticed the note that Mirana had taken, and he grabs it and reads. "Paint the sands with my blood huh?" He murmurs, a wild grin forming as he stared at it. "What a lovely invitation...You think we should pay them a visit sister?" He turns, that grin rather unsettling as he looks to her.

Rainer sputters as he awakens face down in the dirt, and as he begins to rise he sweeps his hands over himself, batting away the few darts still lodged in his supple, supple flesh. "I think that went well." the wolf remarks dryly as he finishes righting himself. Knitting brows, he then turns his eyes to the sky, trying to get an idea of how much time has elapsed. "Ugh." A quick shake of his head and he gets around to checking up on his comrades. Mirana too is up and tending to Angus, so he pads over to Sierra and cleans the darts off her, grimmacing as he makes his prognosis, "She took enough nappy juice to knock down five Zevrans." Finally, around the time Angus is bouncing around raring to go, he's taken to surveying the crash site and come upon the trail left by their assailants, indicating it to the others with a sweeping gesture, "Well, least it won't be hard to track 'em."

And in patrols Ictus, looking rather confused as he spots the three, "What are you guys doing out here?" he looks at the signs of combat and winces, "Everything ok? What happened..." as he moves towards the group to help

The group recovers and begins to follow the trail left by the hopefully alive pair. As they continue they notice a toe that would look home on a beaver along with a few drops of blood. As they go further another toe. The group makes it much deeper off the beaten path before they encounter a clearing and the path stop there. A finger is laying down in the dirt as if someone was pointing downward.

Mirana gets done patching up Angus and gets to following the trail. When she sees the toe though, she gets down, and high crawls the rest of the way. She tries her best to stay covered, but knew that wasn't her best aspects. When she sees the finger, she looks the direction it points and wonders a moment what the best action would be. She sighs and tries to feel out about her. Is there anyone close enough for her to sense their feelings? Besides her own group that is. By the time Ictus gets there, she would already be too intent on following the trail, knowing that she could do little to help Sierra right now.

Angus grumbles as he follows the tracks, staggering a little thanks to his wounds. He barely even noticed the toes as he walked through the brush, not being nearly as stealthy as his sister, and when he gets to the finger he stares at it. "This is why you don't give someone the finger." He mumbles, clearly not making any sense as he lloked around in confusion.

Rainer grimmaces at the first of their grim discoveries. "Guess they expected us t'come pokin' around despite the warningwhatareyoudoing." Eyebrows shoot up as Mirana drops and starts crawling along, and fighting a very close battle with a fit of laughter he averts his gaze and just follows in relative silence all the way to the edge of the clearing where he stops short, lingering at the edge of the ruffage and shoving his thumbs into the waistband of his pants. "You probably want to watch your step out there." is all he says, attention drifting to the open sky above.

Ictus blinks at that toes and shakes his head as he mumbles, "What have you guys gotten into..." he shrugs as he stays silent during the trip and puts an arm out to stop the others from entering the clearing, "Rainer's right... Looks like traps." he hmms as he looks around for l long sturdy branch

The group continues to walk around the odd area. The wind starts to pick up but little else of interest happens. Rainer and Ictus manage to step on a very hidden sink holes and fall but the group seems to be over looking something important. Meanwhile Walt And Al are still in the hands of their captor who knows what condition they are in?

Mirana gets up and studies the area a minute, she looks over to Angus and whispers to him before continuing on. She shakes her head and her staff glows a moment. She does some calculations and directs her focus on the sinkhole. With a shutter the ground shifts a bit, and the sinkhole collapses completely as she stamps her paw on the ground. A stairway is shown, and she takes a tenative look down, "I think they went down here, I'll bring up the rear, shouldn't let the math user and medic take point, right?"

Angus shakes his head in response to her whisper, and leans in to give her an answer. He then blinks as her staff begins to glow and stands back to watch what happens, but once the sinkhole collapses and turns into stairs he frowns, drawing his daggers. "Who volunteers to go first, because if someone doesn't I will." He mumbles, still swaying a little thanks to his injuries.

"Mmthis way... and then over here, and--whoop! Haha, not quite, sorry!" Rainer finally comes bouncing out into the clearing proper, skipping and bounding around the spots his sharp eyes have identified as traps, teetering at the edge of one visibly flattened area with his arms flailing briefly. He sees Ictus go down and cracks up, slapping his forehead as he turns and takes a step... "Oh man, you're such a klu--ACK!" Thud. "I'm okay!" A few moments pass before his hand rises from the ground and seizes the edge of the pitfall he's fumbled into, pulling himself up with some effort. He's still dusting himself off as he joins Mirana and Angus at the stairs, giving a quick look over his shoulder to see if Ictus has freed himself yet before huffing, "Maybe you should be in the middle, then, in case they try to flank us from behind, too." A little roll of his hand in Angus' direction, ending as a dismissive flick, and he begins his descent, taking point.

THe ground is suddenly no longer under the foxes feet! Ictus yelps as he falls into the sink hole and grunts as he pulls himself out, he glares at Rainer a bit and sighs, "Well... That was fun..." he blinks as the stairs are revealed and chuckles, "Well, that explains a bit." he looks about and shrugs as he takes a position in front of Mira, "Fine with me."

The area being the sink hole is pretty empty except for Al being tied to the center a few blades are embeded in his legs. "Please... Run.." The hole behind the the group closes loudly as the area starts to fill with water. Math is pumping the water in as a small hole opens above the group and starts filling with sand. A door appears in one corner while more and more sand and water fills the room.

Mirana looks back to the sink hole after she had moved down. She was very worried about Al, but as she hears the earth behind her move, and the room fill with water. "Ok, someone figure out how to help him, I'll try to keep us from getting trapped!" She yips out quickly, then using all the might she has, focuses on some intence calculations, to hold the earth back and keep them from being trapped, unfortunately her actions seem to rebound at her, and she yelps out, "Quickly! Before we are trapped and drown!" She says. She pants from the exertion, and looks to Ictus. Should her more experienced cousin run, she would run, should he stay, she will try to find a better way to help. Though she feels that this situation is unrecoverable.

Angus looks from the sinkhole to the door, and back again. "Well now, this is definitly not a trap...ten crowns say they are waiting for us on the otherside of that door." He frowned as he tapped his daggers together in thought. "Any ideas on how to help Al, I have some medical skill and could try and stabalize him so we can drag him out." He mutters, his eyes going to the door once again as he thinks.

"Iii really should have seen this coming." Rainer murmurs as it hits the fan, and hits it hard. He looks left, looks right, and scrambles to the nearest source of water, covering it as best he can with both hands, though the water just gushes through every little gap it can find. "Augh! Rules Fourteen, Nineteen, and Twenty-four respectively!" the lupe barks as he tilts his head to glare at Albed, Mirana, and Angus each in turn. The water streaming past his fingers suddenly ends up aimed straight at his face, and after a soaking and some furious sputtering the wolf draws the shinier of his two swords, a growl building in his throat and rising quickly to a roar as he sweeps his blade across the markings on the wall. "I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!"

Ictus winces as the traps go off and sighs, "That figures..." he looks at Al and shakes his head, "There's a fire trap at his feet... I don't think it'd be wise to move him, and we don't have time to disable it." he looks at the being sadly and shakes his head, "I'm sorry... May the creators preserve you." he looks to the others as his gaze hardens, "We have to move!"

The room begins to fill to three feet of water, The math that Rainer attacks activate upon being hit with math. A burst of hidden wind math send him flying to the ceiling then another in the cieling causes a huge burst slamming him into the water with the force of a bone dragon charge. The water is steadly rising already at the neck of Al, he look to the group pitfully, "Do not worry for me I want the Master safe. Save him please!" He shouts.

Mirana seeing the opening above closing, and runs over to the door. Rainer's problems are not ignored, but the best chance any of them had now was this door. She looks at it, and starts working over it, "Ictus, you are better at this then I, I know you are, but I'll help however I can." She studies the door, waiting to hear from Ictus how she could best help in this dire situation. "And... I'll pray for you Al, and ensure you are giving a proper cerimony in the name of the Creators."

Angus blinks as he watches Rainer hit the cieling, and then water, cringing as he starts to sink. "I'll see what I can do to help as well....then grab our meatshield." He jokes, hooking a thumb at Rainer as he walks up next to Mirana. "We won't let you down Al, I promise you."

Rainer winds up for another swing, but instead gets the wind taken out of his sails ... or rather put into it IN ABUNDANCE. "OOF." That's the ceiling, and barely has he started to fall than the second blast of air propels him into the water and the floor beneath, a cloud of bubbles rising amidst the churning tide left by his impact. A bit of preciously dwindling time elapses before his head breaks the surface, and the wolf looks like he's definantly feeling that one as he sputters out an ample mouthful of water. While the others are working the door, he's just... teetering there, one eye winced shut, the other barely open enough to squint at the restrained figure of the beaver, such plainly evident determination on his grim features. It's that unfortunate point where he hasn't given up yet but is completely bereft of ideas.

Ictus winces as Rainer goes flying and shakes his head as he gets to work on the door, "Magical traps... Very tricky." he glances around the door until he spies a weak point and starts working at it, countering the magic as best he can with Mira and Angus' help then opens it to hopefully let the water flood out

The water beings to flow out for just a moment inside of the other room is a single wizen bat smiling, "I see your more resourceful than you look. I'm going to ask that you turn back now. We will take over your mission from here. The false heir must be removed, we will remove him from this place unharmed and make him absent from the duel thus forefiting his chance or you can continue and we will kill a village of his supports for each land you cross toward the sacred grounds." The older bat seems to bear no malice as he speaks his movements wooden. Around him are dozend of perfectly made beds with an open door behind him leading outside. "What do you say, Freesword warriors?"

Mirana looks to the back before them, "Humm... ok, may I come to you now then?" She asks looking around and apprechiating the militaritic surroundings. "Now, what makes you think we'd believe you just that easily. I'm not saying I believe the child from before exactly either, however seeing what has happened to his protector," and she gestures to the grusomeness behind her, "I'm not so inclined to trust anyone I see that isn't family right now." She says, "A big BIG step in our talk right now would be if I could treat the being being tortured there, and maybe save his life." She says fairly sternly. "Also, seeing the child.. alive, would help greatly too."

Angus grins as they are greeted so kindly, he even chuckles at the threat. "How kind of you to just let us walk away. After you nearly killed me, After you left that lovely note of invitation on my person, and nearly drowned us all. That is a rather kind gesture of you." His grin sharpens as he looks around at the room. "Yes, rather kind. The only thing that is stopping me from showing you the same level of...'Kindness' is my Sister at the moment, so you might want to listen." He comments back, his blades still at hand.

"Man there is nothing that fella hasn't said that doesn't make me want to bury a sword or two in his stupid face." Rainer remarks, still scrutinizing the beaver's precarious position with his back to the newly-opened chamber and its occupants, still hardly able to even get his eyes open. He doesn't say anything else after that, the receeding water revealing that he's holding his ribs rather gingerly. The other arm just dangles limp at his side, fingers slacked.

Ictus look over the bat catiously as he listens to Mirana and holds out an arm to keep Angus at bay, "Treat Rainer if he needs it..." before looking back to the bat, "So... You are obviously loyal to your superiors, and you seem to be loyal to the family. You seem to believe that the child is the false heir, correct? I ask, why do you think that?" he hmms in thought as he conteplates his next move, still focusing on the bats emotions

The old bat chuckles, "I didn't ask you to trigger the trap. The old beaver is not family and was particularly hostle to being taken away from his charge. Took fifteen trained warriors to subdue him and if I really wanted you dead, I could have slit each of your throats while you were bleeding on the floor, Solacious Clan." He says tiredly, "He isn't the false heir, I just was paid to say that to any interlopers but I wasn't paid to lie." He gives a witty smile, "Now I need to know are you going to leave or will I have to escort you out like bitter children with no deceny but to ruin an old mans Camp ground?" His pose is very relaxed, "I wish you would have taken the warning to heart but such is the mind set of the youth." His annoyance grows with each passing moment as one of his hands is working fire math in an intricate pattern but he doesn't seem intent on attacking.

Mirana look to Angus, then Ictus, and sighs. She contents herself to helping Rainer with his wounds. "Tell me where it hurts worse now." She says as she works on him. Not payed to lie... "What would the truth cost us then?" She asks as she works, "I'm sure if you know our clan, you know that we have some influance. So, what would the truth take? And please, put the math down. Things are chaotic enough without that too." Was she mad? Rainer starts to look a bit better under her care.

Angus blinks as Ictus put an arm out, and stopped as he realized what he was doing. With a sigh he started to calm down. His eyes flashing lightly at the mention of their clan. "If you know of our clan, then you know what we are skilled at. And what we do when we are threatenend and backed into a corner." Putting both blades away he continues to hold that glare. "We didn't come here to spill anymore blood then what already has. We don't need another war."

Rainer gets all set to resist Mirana when she approaches with her fancy medical assitance, but at the very end he lowers his hackles and relents to treatment, directing her towards his biggest injuries with silent gestures. "You know I'm just going to do something stupid that'll probably get me banged up even worse now." he remarks to the vixen, watching her work with a raised eyebrow and a playful smirk. He draws a deep breath, releasing it as a huff, "Sounds like he's full of hot air, t'me. Just stab the jerk in the face and let's be off."

Ictus hmms at the bat and nods, "I believe you... I don't like it though. However, we are still in Sweetwater and therfor responsible for his health. It would be unacceptable if there was an ambush, I suggest we accompany you to the border at the very least."

"I'm old, If you kill me today I didn't have much time left. We are a whisper if the whisper ends then so be it. I am not here to make Idle threat but the free. We work solely for our clan but if you want to make a 'donation' in Walt brightwings favor of say....." He pauses to think, "55,000 crown we could say that Walt hired us and gracefully lead you to the battle grounds so that this very ugly matter is over" He smiles and continues to hold the math in his hand. "If I let go of this math right now or it will activate which would be bad for all of us." He look at Ictus, "We do not mind being accompanied if you do not mind being disarmed and in binding while we do so unless you wish to pay the fee in Walts name?"

Mirana spends 55000 Crown for RP reasons.

Mirana finishes with Rainer's injures as best she can, then, stands. She finds a dry place to put her pack down and pulls out some... paper? She writes on it using a queal that has been heavily enchanted, making its own ink using earth math. It takes her a moment but then she presents it, "I don't carry near that much on me at a given time, so this will have to do." And she presents a promisary note, quiet binding, with the Solacious seal on it. "What... I carry legal paper and a seal press with me, just in case, never know when being able to write up a legal document will be useful." There is even places for it to be signed if the bat requires it, "Present this to any place that the Solacious house has business and you will get your crowns." she says, looking back to Ictus and Angus.

Angus blinks as his sister pulls out the documents, and then he turns back to the Bat. "You said nothing about Al back there, he doesn't deserve to rot and die in a place like this does he?" He asked, turning to look at the others for confirmation. He then blinked as he heard the comment about the math, and turned back. "What happens if you release that spell?"

Rainer shifts and stretches cautiously after the vixen has finished tending to him, a little grunt and he rubs a spot just below and to the side of his chest. That'll bruise nicely, he's sure. Yay for fur that covers most of that up, at least. His gaze follows Mirana as she moves towards their 'host' with the paper ready, lips drawing into a broad frown, but he says nothing and stays right where he is.

Ictus looks over as Mirana hands out the I.O.U. and nods, "Looks like my cousin here has paid. So what say you? The truth I should hope." he's actively checking the emotions of the bat again and nods in agreement with Angus, "Yes, what about him? Will you allow him to go free?"

The older bat smiles, "This will do nicely. I'm glad Walt made such a generous donation through house Solacious, since you seem to the honest sort we will trust you. If not we will kill fifty five residents for the missing crown. Bloodwings, We are now under the employment of the proper heir, revoke your old whispers and adopt the speech of the new whisper." Out the many well made bead appear dozens of bats dressed in robs. They smiles at the older one and nod, "Release the Captive and bring him along, tend to his wounds and alter him to the change of our employment." The group waist no time and lead in part out to a few cleverly disguised carts that looks almost like the woods themselves. "You will ride with me. I would gladly take you there." His moods has changed from being annoyed to a a great relief as he continues the math till the group is out he releases it and the area exploded collapsing on itself, "I told you it would be bad." He says simply.

Mirana looks to the bat, "Now, remember, I payed for the truth, is he the true heir?" She asks plainly. However, she does go along with them, and the rides with them. She keeps a close eye on things though, incase this deal should suddenly go south. She watches carefully about her. "Cousin... I want to ask you something. Could you take charge of this from here out," She says whispering to him, but not so quietly as Angus and Rainer can't hear. "I... am tired and need a rest. Also, make sure someone helps our fallen back there, when we were first ambushed. I don't want her to be harmed either." She says. She does look very exhausted, and a hand rubs on her belly. She sits in the disguised cart, looking somehow tired and old a moment, before gently nodding off.

Angus pose follows the bat as they walk out, twitching with his hands balled into fists at the threat. "I assure you that the word of a Solacious is as binding as steel." He mutters, staring holes into the old bat. His ears twitched as he began to get into the cart and he heard his sisters words. "Don't worry I'll take care of it, I'm no good as is with all my wounds anyway." Taking a step down he returns to the last place they left Sierra and picked her up, also had a heartattack when the explosion went off.