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The inn is seemingly lacking a pulse at first glance. On second glance the situation doesn't get much better, there are a few shadows sitting in one corner, ini another are a group of shady looking fellows talking gruffly amongst themselves. The bartendere is entertaining who appears the most lively of the guests, a heavy clan badger folk ruffling through papers, mumbling about math to the bewildered bartender. He nods in agreement with him but looks perplexed as the folk points to page after page and holds his hands up like he was grasping an orb.

Ictus catiously walks in and looks around, he spots the shady looking types and squints at them curiously as he steps to the side of the door. Trying to look as inconspicious as possible, probably not being too successful what with being a white fox and all

Leonidas slinks into the inn and taking up a seat in a corner of the room. The olm rests his gaze over the room and resting his gaze on the conversing group in the corner intently, he doesn't offer a greeting beyond acknowledgement to those present.

Angus slips in behind his cousin and glances around the crowded Inn. This was definitely an interesting turn of events as he notices how...seedy the bar seems tonight. Unlike Ictus he did not try and hide in the corner, considering he would stick out like a sore thumb, so he decided to grab his usual table in the middle of the Inn.

The group conversing in the corner eyes the new entrys but continues talking, one of them leaning in to talk even lower than they were. The bartender looks happy to see them, starting to prepare glasses for drinks to be poured into, and the rambling badger continues to make unintelligable gestures and spouts off "and then ou would just give it a spark, a spark is all it needs! Think of it, on demand! This one here details how to correctly spread a thin coat of water magic through the engravings... and this one! This one... it's so special... so special... think of the implications, on demand!"

Ictus contemplates the thugs and looks to Angus as he makes somewhat of a scene. He shrugs and makes his way over to the table as he listens to the conversations before whispering to his cousin, then nods to the other table with the thugs while they aren't looking

Leonidas remains in his chair, gills fluffing out slightly as Angus arrives. A grin crosses his face, momentarily distracted from the conversation before his gaze rests conveniently back over the group, veiling interest with convenience.

Angus flicks an ear at Ictus as he whispers, and gives a slight nod in Answer, before he leans in to whisper back. The grin does not go unnoticed, as the fox had been watching Leonidas out of the corner of his eye since he spotted him. "I wonder what they have to drink." He mutters, trying to act bored as he sat there.

Two of the shush whispering folks look to eachother and get up, one of them letting out a sound of disgust. They head over to the bar and take a seat by the rambling badger who is now scrawling out a picture to show the bartender, who just says "Uh huh. So they look like that huh?" as he tries not to offend them. They nods as he works, saying "Dozens, brilliant yellow and orange, so deadly. Magic can tame them but they can all be destroyed just like that, they're not quite right." The remaining ruffian looking type sighs and lays his head on the table, before squinting and eyeing the foxes. He does so for a while and then waves his hand as if to whim them away before he leans back in his chair and looks up at the ceiling.

Ictus nods to Angus as he looks around curiously, eyeing the badger at the bar curiously before getting up to

Ictus nods to Angus as he looks around curiously, eyeing the badger at the bar curiously before getting up to move to the bar and look over the drink menu

Leonidas glances over to the wanted criminal taking a seat near Angus, opting to move as well. The olm places himself as far from the others at the table while remaining seated. "Hello, Sir Angus. We are surprised you have come here." He smiles, before looking back to the 'ruffian' coolly. "We may have an offer for you, should you have information." He smiles.

Angus remains where he is seated, even props his feet up on an empty chair as he faces the bar. The ruffian who squints at him receives a light grin, even gets a wave from the Fox in return before starts looking up at the ceiling. Leonidas's words make his ears twitch, and his grin widens. "This isn't the first time I have been here actually." His eyes never meeting the martens as he grins sharply. "And I would love to hear what you were offering, but first. What is the price?"

The bartender smiles and says "What will you have?" to Ictus, seemingly eager for an escape from the still rambling badger. "I can show you all! Just you watch, let me get one." he says fumbling through his pockets. This draws the two low-lives attention, one of whom says "YOu've been rambling for quite a while buddy, what are you going on about?" The bartender almost groans as this as asked, the badger looking up and smiling. "Oh a wonderful set of notes, all of them mathmatical, and the wonderful uses they have. Why this one here is about a fierce technique of fire math, just imagine it. If I could find it I would show you..." The ruffian looking at the ceiling says very plainly "I don't trust help from a solacious. So 'we' could butt out that'd be great."

Ictus shrugs to the bartender and looks to the badger, "I'll have an ale." as the low-lifes talk to the badger he listens closely, wondering if the badger could be the employer

Leonidas keeps his gaze on the lone ruffian for a moment longer before turning to Angus. "We will continue this discussion soon, Sir Angus." he notes, standing again and moving over to the ruffian to adress him in a low tone.

Angus shrugs as Leonidas departs. "Well, you know where to find me if you ever need to." He mutters, his tails flicking lightly behind him as he eyes The exchange between him and the Ruffian. Turning back to the bar he chuckles. "Grab me an Ale as well please cousin."

The ruffian looks up and whispers somethinig very bluntly to Leonidas, looking around the room. The bartender produces a quick Ale with a smile, passing it to Ictus with a nod. "Sure thing pal. What are you doing here?" The rambling badger continues speaking to the lowlife, saying "I put out for adventurers, I can't test it myself... I need subjects! The brilliant orange becons... on demand I add, on demand!" The two at the bar glance at him warily as he fishes a sphere out of his pocket.

Ictus looks at Angus and chuckles at that, "Make that two." to the bartender, then he blinks at the badger with a sigh, "Believe it or not, him." he points a thumb towards the badger

Leonidas keeps his gaze on the ruffian, replying to the whispered response in a similar manner to the previous one. A smile slowly creeps across his face as he adresses the man.

"That and I wanted another mug of your Ale." Angus says, getting up to walk towards the bar and leans on it. "But ya, we are here for him. Freeswords and what no." He mutters, taking a peak over his shoulder at the whispered conversation that Leonidas is having.

Mirana carring her staff, walks into the inn, mostly looking for Angus, whom, after asking around quiet a bit, found out he was here. Scanning the room she gives a slight gasp as she recognises someone. She tries to hide this fact though, walking up to Angus and giving him a hug, "Hello Brother, how are you doing? Cousin? What has braught you two out here?" All the while she talks to them, she pokes Angus a few times and starts signing, trying to keep her back toward the person in question, one next to Leon. "And, what is good to drink here? I'd like to have something, but no alchoal for odvious reasons, it is good to see you!"

A creature wanders in late to the party. It is a griffon all in black, a mix of Raven and Panther and roughly eight feet long. Does it run into anyone or anything along the way?

The lone ruffian looks to the new arrivals and whispers something to Leonidas, before moving to stand up. The badger pushes his sphere to the wary, talkative ruffian quickly, muttering a few words before it lights up bright orange, the light it radiates almost blinding. As it clears the ruffians partner jumps back, the badger smiling at the downed thug holding an orb. Above his fallen form is a widespread crackling flame, in his image, which makes a distrubed pained looking cry that yeilds little more than a louder crackle than it's form already emits before what would be it's arms clamp on it's head and it thrashes about. The bartender stops his serving mid-stride and cries out "NO!" as small flames begin to spark on the bar. The thrashing beast has a glowing core that throbs with every crackle.

Ictus hmms? as the badger pulls out the sphere and jumps back at the light, he shields his eyes from the light as he looks on and blinks at the flame beast with a shake of his head as he pulls out his sword, "Can't you put that thing out?"

Leonidas glances around the inn, noting the mass turnout of beings and replying to the ruffian calmly before turning to Angus and noting the addition of another fox to the gathering, shying noticeably back from the sudden brightness, opting to keep a safe distance from the elemental effect.

Angus blinks as he is poked, and then notices her signing. Turning towards her he shakes his head and signs back, noticing the griffons entrance out of the corner of his eye as he does. His ears twitch as the sphere rolls across the bar, and when the light flashes he flinces and turns around. "Sister...could you please put out those fires, Ictus and I will try and stall the thing until you are able to help." Standin up he draws both his daggers and stands next to Ictus, pondering on the best course of action.

Mirana nods to Angus and yips out as the fires start, and nods to Angus again, "I can try brother, but I wasn't exactly prepared for heavy math work." She works out some quick math gesturing as she does to help her with the calculations. Taking control of the fire she makes it start to die down, but as she almost has it down, it bursts with more power, causing the flames to come back to full life. However, as she does this, the core becomes completely visible. "Angus! Ictus! Did you see that? Maybe it was weakened when I tried that?" She guesses, but the exertion of the calculation is evident on her face, expending quiet a bit of her own fortitude to work it out properly.

The griffon squawks and turns its head away at the same time the eyes close tightly. It was not expecting the sudden bright light and what it hears does not make things any better. It recovers after a couple of seconds, but still needs to blink quite a bit while wandering over toward Angus, bumping its beak against his back, side, or whatever is facing the doorway. Sure, it could try fanning the flames, but that probably wouldn't go too well.

The badger cackles and says "YES! A successful test, thank you! On demand, so perfect." he says as claps his hands together. The bartender flails and seems to be lookinig for something, as the badger sits excitedly catching fire. The flaming beast lets out a crackling mix that sounds like someone gargling with fizzy reactives, and then looks around frantically. It looks to it's hands and then below it, seeing the downed form, which it reaches for and touches, recoiling only as it catches fire. The second ruffian pulls himself together and dives down to pat the flames out, ignoring the pain beyond yelps and then drags the body free. The creature reaches out towards him and looks to be saying something before it is spritzed with a glass of water the bartender had produced. All the while the lone ruffian makes his way towards the door, before bolting.

Ictus looks to the griffon from the corner of his eye and calls out, "Mazurek! Stop the runner!" as he lifts his sword above his head and swings down, hitting the orb. The orb throbs and then explodes in a burst of flame! The flames rain down the room

Leonidas put a hand over his face, blocking out the absurd flashing mess, the sudden blast prompting him to bolt through the door before it can roast him. After the initial detonation subsides, he calls back to the inn. "Sir Solacious, there is no need to persue that one. We will be capable of contacting him later if you need." He replies calmly, bushing his clothes off and keeping his gaze away from the fires.

Mirana yips a bit as the flames explode from Ictus' attack. "Got to be fast." she says watching them fall. First, she does some more math, swatting at the fires that fall near her with her staff, snuffing them out on impact, then, focuses the magic toward her brother, able to lessen the fires as they fly toward Angus, but not completely remove them, "I.. tried.." She says, exerting herself near her limits without being in the proper soul. She falls to a knee, leaning on her staff after she is done, panting and sweeting.

Angus catches a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye, and turns to face it. He was about to speak but Ictus beat him to it, but he did raise his crossbow. Leonidas' words come one second to late as he fired, making him curse as he reacts. Leonidas was in the way and there was no way he was going to hurt an innocent, so he did the only thing he could think of. Dagger still in hand he swipped it before him as the bolt left his arm and started to hurtle towards the ruffian and Leonidas, but before it could go anywhere it met his blade, and was split clean in half rending it completely harmless. He didn't have much time after that before the flames hit him, causing him to fall to the ground and start to roll.

The order is given and the griffon reacts immediately. He actually didn't get very far from the doorway by the time it was given and that intended bump to Angus was not made. The black hybrid squawks a second time while turning around swiftly, darting out the door before he can hear Leon's objection, chasing after the ruffian that fled. Bird and feline speed combine to allow him to keep pace with the creature. Nothing said, nothing done other than that...and neither is any stealth employed. A minion following orders to the best of his ability.

The badger cries out curses and frustrated growls, his papers catching fire. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! IT was PERFECT! A REPLICA BEYOND all others!" he says as he moves to put his work out. The awake ruffian puts the downed one out first before he rolls about on the floor. The bartender works to put himself out as he pushes away from the alcohol. The remaining flames do their best to spread but soon seem to vanish abruptly, leaving ugly scorch marks on everything they touched. The chased being makes off away from the city into the night, grumbling as he tosses something backwards.

Ictus grunts as his efforts are rewarded by a spray of flames and drops to the ground to roll himself out, when he's out he gets up and glares at the bear, "I would ask the same of you, what was that thing?"

Leonidas watches the running gryphon with complete lack of emotion, taking a step out of view to swap soul gems and taking out a shortbow. Quickly nocking an arrow and taking aim, he releases the now-fiery missile in a steady arc that punctures the gryphon's hamstring, likely leaving an exit wound, placing the bow back where he had kept it before moving back to the door and in to survey the damage.

Angus growls as he gets back up, not happy from the pain of being burned. "What in the name of the Creators, WAS THAT!" He snarled, walking up to the badger who caused all this to happen. Both daggers were still in hand as he eyed the cause of all this turmoil, he was really...really tempted to show how appreciative he was for being set on fire, but that wasn't his job.

Mirana looks about, and is very concerned about the innkeeper starting fires like that in his own inn, but is more concerned about helping the wounded. Angus and Ictus are well enough to be yelling, so no problems there, but one of the ruffions is down and seemingly not moving. So, she pulls out her med bag from her pack and gets to work on them, "Only burns, nothing that would cause him to be like this, is there a better math user then I here who could help me with this?" She calls out.

The griffon sees the container go flying out of his quarry's grasp and works to dance around it to continue. He isn't quite agile enough to avoid the fluid that splashes from the container, getting splashed by the thing. There is a notable groan that is instantly turned into a very shrill squeal that echoes around the area when an arrow lances right through one of his hind legs. His momentum is interrupted! Down the creature goes, tumbling and rolling along the path for several feet, finally coming to a stop upside down and flailing. Someone isn't used to having such an injury, it least not in this form.

The fleeing bandit doesn't move very far in the time the griffon is downed but does not stop, proceeding towards the cover of the eastbank forest. Back in the Inn, the badger scowls at the folks in the Inn, shooing them off. "NO! It was no thing! IT was an elemental! With a brief imprint from the being who toucehd the orb! It knew where it came from, but little else, but it could have been taught before it expired! Why would you destory such a precious thing and damage this nice folks bar! You hoodlum!" The ruffian grabs his downed comrade and shakes him violently, the being sturring and groaning with a smile, and then a wince. "Uh... whats wrong brother...?" he says as he feels his scorched flesh. The bartender is overlooking damages with a groan.

Ictus looks at the badger like he's going to kill him, probably would if he hadn't dropped his sword to roll on the ground, "We risked lives? Who was it who didn't say what the thing would do? Who was it who forced the thing into that beings hands? Who was it that activted it in the first place!" he advances on the badger with each word until he is right up beside him, looking like he might wring the badgers neck

Leonidas paces back into the inn. "Sirs. Madam. Apologies for stepping outside." He says a little tacitly, turning to Angus as he approaches the badger. "We will speak with you shortly. Tonight has not been... as planned." He smiles a little, before delivering a vicious blow to the Badger's head, gills fluffing out for a moment. "We will not tolerate threats to our contact's safety. Are we understood?"

Mirana looks to the raising being and nods, "I guess you will be fine..." And is about to join Angus and the others in yelling at the one who seemed to start all this when she hears Maz's cries. Looking to the door she darts out, but it will be some time before she will get to him. She takes the time to double check her medbag and ensure she is prepared for whatever she may find.

Angus blinks in suprise as the Badger is taken down, and then his glare turns to Leonidas. "We were talking to him, you didn't have to do that!" He snarled, but he stopped soon after, ears twitching as Maz's cry finally registers. "Maz..." Turning around he darts out the door, following his sister close behind as he goes to see what happened.

Mazurek has lost his prey. That is all he can think about while he writhes about in the dirt. Well, other than the fact that he was injured in a very tender place. When he is encountered he is in the midst of trying to get to his feet, but is failing every time he does so. He isn't entirely used to the quadrupedal form yet, so trying to move around on three legs is just as foreign as four was when he started out. The arrow sticking out of the leg has stopped flaming by that point, given how much he's been thrashing.

The badger is yelled at and then dealt a swift blow to his head, prompting him to squint angrily before he slumps to his knees. The griffon is encountered by medical aid, Mirana doing their best to patch the leg up and ensure it will have a future prospect of safe healing, before she and Angus bring the griffon back towards the Inn.The bartender sighs and pats Angus, requesting they bring the city guard to cart the badger off. Angus heads off, and soon enough help arrives. The guard retrieve the down and out badger, taking him to answer for his actions, while a couple of journeymen and priests come to aid with taking Mazurek back to the city. The bartender cleans folks out of the Inn proper, guests being allowed to go upstairs as he works with a guard to dicuss how much damage the badger had caused to the area, of course, after the guards retrieve statements from each and every one of those present.