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A calculating shadow being in the husk of an olm, Leonidas is unsettling if nothing else.

He only seems to appear when it suits him, disappearing just as readily. Displaying tenuous loyalties at best, it is difficult to tell exactly where his allegiance lies.

Though if information is needed, he will oblige happily... For a price.

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  • [Underlings] - We do not like peons interfering of some misguided sense of obligation.
  • [Nobles] - Valuable contacts. Some do not seem to appreciate our... heritage, however.
  • [Contacts] - We are not the only source of our information. It is difficult to keep them placated, however. We will not tolerate disturbances. It effects their information.
  • [Shadows] - Our brothers and sisters-in-arms. We have nothing more to say.

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  • Angus - A curious fox. We do not wish to put strain on this contact given his position, however exploitable it may become. He has been co-operative so far in his own right.
  • Eleni - A fennec that knows more about us than we are comfortable with. Dangerous at best.
  • Saibh - A valuable link to certain events and individuals. However, we do not trust her beyond her sources.
  • Fuyu - She does not like us, we feel. Though she may have access to information we are not privy to.
  • Selena - She asks too many questions of us and our nature. We are not a kiosk for information on our kind, nor do we wish to be questioned about our reasons for being here.
  • Sierra - A mechanist. She is... Unnerved by us. However her talents should prove useful if we require interaction.


  • Mazurek - A Peon. One who cannot operate without a commander. Praise his single-mindedness, punish his foolishness. We do not tolerate interference.

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RP Hooks

Connected high and low

We have enough contacts to draw information from many places. If you have information we are interested in or a worthwhile proposition to make, our services may be extended.


Your history and records are unimportant to us if you have something to offer.


It is our... Hobby; to watch, listen and learn of the ways of this culture. We learn other information to be brokered as a useful side to this.

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Name - 'Leonidas'

Clan - Apostate

Species - Olm [Proteus Anguinus]

Date of Birth - ??/??/???

Apparrent age - Early 20s.

Height - 5'2

Build - Wiry.

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