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It is early in the afternoon, and the sun is high in the sky. Saints Square is abuzz with beings from all over Promise, many of them here for the fair, and many of them currently distracted by the curious blue-and-white tent standing proudly in the center of Saints Square. There are two statues flanking the entrance to the tent, displaying two masked beings, with their halberds crossed across the entrance... Many beings give the tent a once-over, and several hang about for a bit, but none dare enter past those statues...

Cirrus is doing what Cirrus does -- that is, poking around the square's offerings for lunch before she ducks back out of town to stab some things and collect some bounties. That being that, she has her claymore strapped to her back, but the majority of her metal armor shed for the hot day. The tent manages to pique the leopard's interest, if in passing, so she ducks into a stand to get a bowl of mixed rice and beans before ambling over to the tent to see what all the fuss is about.

Fenris is wearing his odd uniform today, which means that he is ready for trouble. Or on duty for someone. Or maybe just trying to look good while taking advantage of the cooling properties of the creator inspired outfit. It really doesn't mean much except that he is wearing a sleek outfit modeled after Creator uniforms.

The big tiger saunters across the square, weaving through the crowd of curious beings and stopping just a moment in front of the tent. "Color me curious," he says, tilting his head and folding his arms, looking between the two statues, "Anyone home?" The big feline has never been one to wait around outside of mysterious places, and ducks under the halberds without waiting for an answer. Anyone setting up camp in the middle of Saints' Square must expect people to come in, right? Fenris has never been burned by his curiosity before, after all.


Cirra is present, though she only has the oilskin coat and her creator wetsuit, but she has a bag of medicine and several nearly complete kevinoscopes, though the latter aren't visible on her. She looks around trying to figure out what the tend is for. She's not much of a frontline fighter, but she'll be damned if she lets herself and others get hurt.

Having been enjoying the atmosphere fo the fair, a well-groomed hyena woman garbed in a fine Captain's coat carouses through. Scint's better eye catches sight of the prominant tent, and she swaggers nearer, her smile crinkling the hanging scar over her worse eye, "Huh... this mae be fine t'see." Hear ears flick, the docked one's single hoop all alone while the other's threesome jangle audibly. Flicking a glance to the tiger when he comments about coloring himself curious, she responds, "So long as t'color t'ain't red, right, sirrah?" The corner of her lips coiling into a smirk.

Lyas wanders into Saints' Square yawning, drawn by the hum of activity. The tabby cat meanders for a while, picking up a pair of leather gloves and a small, stoppered vial - neither of them from the vendors on the street. The folk milling about here would do well to watch their pockets. He stops his kleptomaniac spree early, though, when the tent's statue-guards catch his attention. Tail flicking, grinning broadly, the cat tucks his thumbs into his belt and comes up behind the boar-masked one. Experimentally, he puts a foot against the figure's calf muscle and leans his weight against it, testing its balance. He nods cheerfully to the nearby hyena woman as he does so. If the statue falls and smashes, well, it won't be the first time he's had to make a quick exit from the Square.

An Arctic Fox stands in a small group of people some distance from the curious tent. His eyes fix on it and Russell ponders just what it was set up there for. Statues guarding a fabric building didn't really make too much sense to the vulpine, and his ear cocks to one side as he watches Cirra and then Fenris go over to the tent

Fenris' curiousity makes Russell's other ear drop, and he slows his walk to a stop before crossing his arms to watch precisely what's about to happen.

His eyes lock on Cirra and a Hyena he didn't know offhand then. "Jeeze the whole town's over here then...."

Lyas' apperent attempt to push the statue over makes Russ growl a little in annoyance. "Really?.... REALLY??" The fox bemoans to himself, idly hoping the statue rocks at an odd angle if it tips and breaks the vandal's ankle or something in the process.

Angus steps through Saints square, his nose buried in a little black book in his hands for a moment until he accidently knocks into another patron. The fox looks up, blinking a moment before putting it away and looking around. That's when the tent catches his eyes. He cocks his head to the side curiously, putting his hands in his pockets when he notices Lyas messing with a statue, smirking a little as he starts to move closer to the tent. The fox was garbed in his usual attire, his outfit plain and made of canvas with his rapier at his hip, the coloring on it a muted tone as he inspects the statues for a moment.

"Please don't destroy my statues," sounds a voice from inside the tent, as the statue Lyas is trying to push over moves its arm to swat him away. Meanwhile, both masked statues move their halberds out of the way, allowing the gathered beings to enter the tent.

"Enter, seven of you" is all the voice offers.

Still, Fenris can't exactly see much, with the flaps of the tent blocking the inside from sight.

The tent is larger on the inside, and within sits a masked being, a being eerily similar to Mione, although his visage is hidden by a mask, and there are some subtle differences.

Before him, a large table, with an astonishingly detailed miniature of Firmament, with various miniatures resembling beings in great detail, set about the place...

Fenris is never one to turn down an invitation and slips gladly into the tent. "I am one of the seven, right?" he asks with a smile, "Hello, Mio- oh. I am sorry, I thought you were someone I knew." The big tiger looks around the tent, then thoughtfully at the miniature, then even more thoughtfully at the masked rabbit. A single, vividly green, ? appears just under his left eye.

Cirra looks wary as she enters. She is at first impressed by the model, but then that quickly turns to a bit of frustration as she notices her beloved company completely absent from the model, as well as several landmarks she is used to. She scrawls on her slate. [What era is this model of?]

Cocking a brow at the cat's antics with a non-plussed response, Scint is about to say something when the voice sounds, and she looks. When the limited number are invited in, her swaggersome gait carries her confidently into the tent's interior to... quite teh intriguing sight. Her dark lips purse, and she looks over the miniatures and more, squinting a bit after the shift of lighting form outside the tent to in, and her scarred eye widen a bit more. She says, "It's smaller on th'outside. Huh."

Darting away on instinct, rather than thought, Lyas looks askance at the suddenly-lively statue. The voice's polite request only makes the cat's grin spread, as he creeps close to the boar statue once more. Moving statues don't faze the tabby - but as he glances around behind him, he finds something that does. Here comes Angus. Blanching, the cat stops his attempted vandalism and whisks through the tent-flap. The dimensions within stop him short for a moment, before he recovers some of his swagger and saunters up behind Fenris. "What's with the masks?" He asks from behind the tiger, shaking his head. "I'd reckon they were all just ugly, but who carves an ugly statue?" Flicking his gaze to the rat ahead of them, he raises an eyebrow, hunting in his belt-pouch for a bribe. "I'll give you... this nice pair a' gloves to take your mask off. Never worn, too, leastways not by me," he suggests teasingly. Easy come, easy go: a pair of pilfered gloves seems a fair bribe to make the figure unmask itself.

The statue MOVES. Russell hops back a foot and lowers his ears in suprise. The vulpine watches the statues aside from the entrances and then several beings being ushered inside. He paces about and looks rather unnerved, seeing Fenris and then Cirra enter. He sighs, "I should just stay out in the bloody woods where I belong." And slowly pads twoard the entrance of the tent.

Upon seeing Lyas enter, the fox then stuffs his purse into his pants proper, he'd hate to get pickpocketed, and didn't feel like having skin anything else that day besides. Entering the tent itself makes him stop dead however,

"I've made a huge mistake....."

Angus perks his ears up as the statue moves, his hand already going for his blade as he stops himself. As others step into the tent, so does he. The table gets inspected, stepping up to it to pick up one of the figures to eye it before he turns his attention to the masked figure and waits for an explanation.

Cirrus doesn't quite show as much restraint as Angus, her long claymore at drawn and at her side within a few seconds. The steel glints in the bright light of the sun, the snow leopard stalking behind the fox and into the tent. In the same vein, Cirrus is less tactful than Fenris, peering at the masked figure with a raised eyebrow. Having a larger interior than exterior was usually the sign of a spirit of a sort, or, at least, some kind of magic being worked. "Who're you? What're you doing here?"

"Besides the fact that those are stolen... Even if I wanted them, I would not take the masks off... Though if you prefer," the being offers, pulling another mask from his coat, and producing another... One in the shape of Lyas's face. A quick swap of the mask, and another copy of Lyas stands before the group, gesturing at the table. "Now, if it pleases... Have a seat," the now-cat offers, smiling visibly from under that mask.

Angus is holding a figurine of a red-tailed hawk, wearing robes befitting a noble, and carrying a sword at her hip.

"And to answer your question, miss Cirra, allow me to describe the scene..."

The being pauses, before swapping his masks back, and taking the guise of not-Mione...

"King Great has died during an assault on the Shades, the mysterious threat surrounding Fairlanding. Even with the ongoing war with the Shades, a storm is brewing in the country, as the King has no successor of proper age and ability. His chosen daughter is far too young to ascend the throne, especially during wartime. Queen Great, insisting on her regency, is opposed by the other members of House Great, deeming that a fullblood Great should rule Fairlanding. Of course, whom that should be is something heavily debated."

"Meanwhile, members of House Brightfeather, hawks present at every level of the military, are riling up the people, insisting that with the fall of the greatest of House Great, only THEY can keep Fairlanding safe now. Similarly, it is not unthinkable that the disgraced house Sleekfur, full of minks and otters, are planning their own moves, to seize the country like they tried well over thirty years ago..."

"This is is the time where kingdoms fall and empires are born, the time where the poorest being may amass the greatest riches, or the richest being may find themselves reduced to a vagrant... And this, is the backdrop of today's... Scene."

The bemasked being pauses and smiles, as he rests back in his seat. "I am referred to by many names. The Masked one. They of Many Faces. The Actor. But you may call me... The Player."

The mark vanishes from Fenris's face as he comes to some conclusion internally. The tiger grins at the. . . Player, changes his face and form. "That is a good trick," he says, taking an offered seat and looking carefully over the table. The tiger reaches for a piece of his own. "So, what do we do?" he asks, intrigued.

Cirra blinks as she looks for a piece that she feels will represent her character, but she's intrigued. What kind of game is this. She nods a bit, taking a seat and waiting for instructions. of course, she's limited to hand gestures and her slate for communication.

Eyeing the board after listening to the orated setup, Scint slides down into a seat herself, flicking back the tails of her coat to spread bettter and unbuttoning a couple of the lower buttons, "Aye... this be a game of stories., I see. Like those we sometimes conjure by word when bored at sea, but these figures and more.. much more elaborate!" She can't help but grin a bit, the idea of roleplay tickling her fancy as she ferrets her gaze for a miniature of a pirately nature, if any.

Lyas sidles away from Angus as the fox enters, finding himself near Russell. The cat glances down, smirking, seeing where the other Being has chosen to conceal his purse. "I'd find a better place for that, were I you," he grins, jerking a thumb at the bulge. "Just now it looks that you're tryin' to impress the lasses, only you've done a poor job of it." Prowling around to the edge of the tent, he stares openly as their mysterious host swaps masks, becoming a perfect copy of the cat himself. One ear flicking uncertainly, the cat nevertheless shrugs carelessly. "Not sure this lot'll be able to deal with more'n one a' me," he drawls with confidence. "But if you've any of those masks to spare..." He sits at the Being's suggestion, but doesn't seem to follow the explanation of the scene before them, eyeing the other Beings assembled here instead. He asks only one question - "Do we win anything in this game a' yours?"

Russell blinks at the man who's masks seem to change his entire appearance. The fact it's apperently some sort of game is lost on him;Russell doesn't have money for playing cards, let alone anything this fancy. His only time seen city miniatures like this was in battle-planning in his younger years. "W-What?... that doesn't even make sense... Not to mention speaking of his Highness being dead, even hypothetically, is probably sedition..."

Lyas gets a glare, before the fox keeps his eye on the cat while he backs up more with tail and ears lowered some. "Anyone who makes a scale model of a whole city is planning to renovate, either by shovel or cannon... I'm going to get my stuff out of the Inn before someone levels it, thanks."

Angus studies the token he picked up, turning it around in his grip. He didn't know how to feel about playing a female character if this was his piece, but he shrugs and steps up to the table, taking a seat at the table as he watches Lyas. HE chuckles at Lyas' actions, leaning on the table a bit as he smirks. "Take a seat Russell, if they were looking to level the city they wouldn't be here with their model."

"A game?"

Cirrus was normally all for games. Granted, this wasn't the best of times, and there was still coin to be made hunting. Judging from the way the figure shifts appearance by switching masks, Cirrus is willing to put a few crowns on betting the masked man actually being a spirit. The snow leopard thus sticks her sword back in it's sheath and leaves the tent with nary a word. She simply has no time for this.

"Each of you, please, provide your favourite soul, or pair of souls," The Player offers, looking towards Russell with mild bemusement. "I can asure you, friend, that I have no intention of seeing this fair city changed by my hand. Besides... As a Spirit, I am bound to minor interactions at best. Much as I would love to play a larger game, for now, you'll have to make do.

As Russell leaves proper, though, he simply sighs, shakes his head, as one of the pieces seems to fade away. As cirrus moves after, another fades, and Not-Mione shakes his head again, gesturing for each of the others. "Ah, well. We still have enough players to make this work. Not to worry."

Fenris smirks and selects a rather sizeable looking hippo from the table. "Here," he says, selecting a pair of glittering gems from a pouch on his belt and laying them on the table in front of him, "You mind if I use two? Earthshaker and Gladiator." He holds up the beefy hippo, "Do I get to pick my own piece?"

Cirra nods, offering her current combination of Souls. It's not the most offensive, nor can it take the most damage, but she can make sure her team doesn't go down, and that everyone is always ready for action. [Here are mine. I would like them back in good condition.]

"Yarrr, y'can' just go whole-hog on offensive capabilities, m'lad! Where's the fun in the game if you're all swing and no fling?" Scint says towards Fenris as she sets a pair down, herself, "Pirate... and Performer. Dancing with the seas and good for a fine tale." Scint's smile spreasd wider on her dark lips. Shared tales aren't a new experience for her, but this whole setup takes it to quite a new and different level! She's even excited at the prospect. Wait until she tells the crew about this!

Lyas watches with interest as two of the figures on the board vanish. He picks up one of the remaining pieces - the one nearest to his hand - and leans back in his seat, propping his feet on the edge of the board. "You expect us to hand over soulgems to you?" he asks, looking across at the Actor with a raised eyebrow. "Those cost, you know. Rather keep them to myself than lose the lot in a game." He reaches a hand inside his jacket, touching the gems there: Rogue and Ninja, his standard combination. Especially since his last encounter with Angus. Since then, the cat hasn't been too adventurous with his souls - best to stick with what he's best at and save embarrassment.

Angus nods at that, reaching into his tunic to draw his soul gem. He pauses as he pulls a bone white pendant, looking down at it quietly for a second before slowly sliding it back under his collar, the soul gems coming out next. "Duelist and Rogue." He answers quietly as his mirth is gone for a moment, going quiet as he turns his attention back to the board and the figure he had choosen, curious as to what they had decided to step into.

"Are you sure, friends? I would recommend picking out a social soul as well," The Player offers. Regardless, he takes the soul-gems for just a moment, before returning them, wrapped in a sheet of paper, doing the same for Cirra, Scint, Lyas and Angus. "Should you change your mind, you have a few minutes to tap a new soulgem on the paper, to adjust your characters. Afterwards, the paper will be just that. Paper," he offers, sighing as Lyas refuses to hand over his gems, and simply sliding him a bare piece of paper.

The papers include several numbers, as well as various bits and pieces of information, regarding species, equipment and traits. Most of them seem pretty similar to the people playing the characters, although there are some minor differences.

"If you wish," the Player offers, before smiling.

Soon, Cirra is left with the final piece, a short fishing-cat, wearing a long, flowing robe. Lyas has gotten himself a skunk, and Scint has obtained a marten, wearing a hat that is far too large for her head.

Combing over the sheet, only making heads or tails out of some of it, at present, the hyena's lips purse, "Mmn, well, looks fair t'me." She inclines and sits up, broadening a smile, "I'm eager t'see how this plays out!" True enthusiasm colors her voice. A spirit directing a shared tale? Definitely worth it.

Fenris considers the sheet of paper in front of him and smiles. "I guess I am Bohmer Heavybottom," the tiger does his best to suppress a snort of laughter, "Smart, strong, observant, and about as socially able as a sack of rocks. I am a hired earthshaker for King Great, used for heavy earth moving and surveying." The tiger laughs openly. "This is going to be great!"

Cirra looks at the sheet in front of of her. Marsh Riverpelt the Hearth Magician/scholar. Of decent family and station, but nothing spectacular. Perhaps for the best. Interesting equipment, but it fits well. She rumbles, trying to figure out how to play a voice charactter in a game.

Lyas looks baffled by the array of numbers and information on the sheet he's handed, his eye twitching as he realises the game may require him to do a fair bit of reading. He looks to his figurine rather than his paper for clues - he'll read the information, in his own time, but for now he'd prefer not letting the group see him struggle to interpret it. "I've a skunk," he says, grinning and leaning forward to prod the figurine, turning it to face the other players. "Short fellow. Poor, or looks to be. Got some fine knives on him, though." He scans the top of the paper, gleaning a name. "He's... Bari... Bari Plumetail. Well, I reckon you better watch yourselves - " He touches one of his worn soulgems to the paper, and fishes in his belt-pouch for another. His chosen gems are Ninja and Unseen. "- Because Bari an' I are like to shank you in some dark alley."

Angus flicks his ears as he reads over his paper, smirking a little before folding it up and placing it on the table. Reaching for his figure he turns her to face the others quietly for a moment. "Angie of the brightfeathers." He answers, leaving it at that while folding his hands on the table.

"Good. Are we all satisfied?" The Player asks after a little while, a smile on his lips. "This will simply be the first of many encounters, although, of course, that doesn't mean I won't pull any of you apart for smaller sessions. Should it please, of course," The Player offers, as his mask is swapped, once again. "Allow me," he offers, as the pieces move to their respective positions. Angie disappears into the castle district, while Bohmer, Marsh and Bari are currently in the marketplace... Finally, there is Scint's piece, a squirrel, resting on a ship that materializes in the harbour before everyone's very eyes... "Shall we begin?"

Fenris looks over the map and to where his piece is placed in the miniature town. "Sure," he says, "I think I am all set. So how do we play? Are there dice or anything? I see a lot of numbers on these sheets."

Cirra nods, surprised to be in the marketplace, but satisfied. She gives an affirmative gesture to the Player, curious what the goal is.

Watching the manifestation with glee showing over her features, Scint claps her palms together, "Oh, this is going t'be grand! Look, it's even on a wee boat!" She points to her squirrel character's piece. Don't rock the boat! She glances over at Fenris and says, "Well, in sharin' tales in th'past, we'd have a stick or some other token t'tell whose turn it was t'share their story bits as part'a th'whole, but, we'll see, right?" She looks to the masked figure.

"I'm goin' to rob her," Lyas declares, jerking a thumb at Marsh as soon as play begins. He hasn't waited to hear the rules or objective of the game, but surely being the first to attack has to put him at an advantage. "Do we kill each other? An' can I pay miss squirrel over there t' take the body out to sea, weigh it down and dump it?" He looks thoughtfully at Scint's piece, alone on the ship. "Can I mebbe get a mathemagician to put a hole in her boat, while she's at it?"

Angus studies the castle district, familiar ground for him as he watches his token quietly. He leans forward for a moment, before sitting back, checking over the positions of the others on the board before quietly giving a nod in indication that he was ready.

"For now, you roll the dice, and the story moves forward," The Player offers, smiling brightly. "Your move, Angie," he offers, as he slips a small piece of paper towards Angus, before slipping small snippets of information to the others, detailing their exact situations.

"Above all, friends. Stay in character."

Angus picks up the paper, unfolding it before looking up at the 'player' a brow raises for a moment before he clears his throat a bit and turns the little figurine towards him as if she was facing a crowd as he speaks. "Angie stands before a crowd that has gathered in the castle district, nobles who are probably scared and confused as the power base is fought over." He pauses a moment in thought before he continues. "She whistles to get their attention, before speaking. "Friends, siblings. Those of rightful noble birth. We all know what must be done here, here and now. The Greats have failed us! They have done nothing but bicker and squabble over who is best to put us in our place, and empty our coffers in their name to get fat off of our work and our gains. We are at war here! And they refuse to acknowledge that our foes are beating down our door! We need leaders that will help us, that will protect us! Not these bloated fools that care not for a single being but themselves, are we truely going to sit here and let them get away with their actions? Or are we going to do something about it!' She shouts, working to stir up the crowd." He comments, steepling his fingers as he flicks his ears.

Fenris looks over his slip of paper and moves his little figurine to stand by a market stall. "Bohmer is busy in the marketplace," Fenris says, "Nothing special, just looking for some everyday things. A few cabbages and some savories for dinner." He makes a thick, deep voice. "Hey! You got any greens that aren't wilting here? And you wanna charge me good coin for this second rate stuff?" He smiles at the others, "Bohmer is not a people person."

The dice are cast, and the Player smiles. "The crowd, as tense as it's already been, seems to move, almost as one. There are jeers and shouts from the nobles, while the guards seem to separate into factions, some joining the shouts, others, desperately, trying to calm the crowd. While several of the gathered nobles are, perhaps, a little uncertain, the poorer beings in the square are practically galvanized, and they, slowly but surely, are forming a mob..."

"At the same time, Angie Brightfeather is being approached by several of the still-loyal guard, in an attempt to silence her."

During the description of the acts, The Player swaps between Masks from time to time, his appearance shifting to match the characters he's describing, and his motions, flawlessly following. At the same time, the pieces on the board move, as if by magic, signifying the slow coalescing of a mob, and the guards approaching Angie...

Cirra signs and mimics her character's actions, talking about going about shopping and looking for some materials for spellcrafting. Marsh is a little perplexed by the events of the orator, and she's not sure if she should help them or help the guard. For now, she watches quietly, making sure to note exactly what happens next.

Peeking over the small slip of paper, Scint nods before directing her words towards the Player, "I'll be headin' may way down t'market," says Scint, poitning towards her figure and motioning towards where the marketplace lies on the map, "An', seein' a bit'o th'crowd, will try t'blend and mingle, searchin' f'r a suitable boothowner with a sauvy eye for special goods, straight from th'Jade Coast... 'r at leas', that's what I'll tell'm, right?" Her lips peel back into a wide, hyena smile. She then begins to orate her side of the tale.

"Nearing the tumult of the crowd, the lovely squirrel, Nana, sidles along with her precious booty and cargo. Keeping to the fringe, her eyes take in not the shouting itself, but the fringe to see what response the volatile words might be causing. She might have to pick another day to unload all over the marketplace with her heavy haul of trinkets if the guards are making a solid move in the area."

Paper balanced in his lap, Lyas has been doing some slow, laborious reading. Finished, he finally looks up, smiling ruefully. "Guess I'm not meant to stab no-one, after all," he admits. "So, then..." He looks around at the choice of other players on the board. Scint and Angus's are both too far away, so he has his pick of crafty Fenris, or Cirra. He goes with her, taking his dagger out and using it to push his figurine up beside hers. "Guess I'll make nice to the lady, here." He mock-bows in his seat. "She seems like she might run into trouble alone, what with events unfoldin'. Think I'll strike up a conversation, how the weather's looking a bit... revolutionary, of late... see if I can't persuade her she'd be best findin' a safer place to shop."

Angus raises a brow at the guards, smiling a bit as he shrugs his shoulders. "Angie will of course smile in turn at the guards who have come to escort her out, her hands in the air away from the array of weapons at her belt when they show up. She knows they are just doing their duty, even if it's in the name of tyrants hiding behind white washed walls build by the hands of those who truely have worked for the nation." He answers, sticking his tongue out at the player as he does so. "She'll even give them a bow in greeting when they appear, as they can not stop what has been started."

Cirra chuckles, glad to be called a lady, even if it's just good roleplay. She mimics Marsh shaking her head, wanting to at least watch, and that she's a lot more capable of defending herself that she lets on. She does allow that Marsh appreciates the company, though avoids saying that she does find lowlifes usually a little distasteful.

Slowly, the pieces move along the model, and soon enough, Angie disappears into the halls of the castle. "The guards manage to drag Angie off, largely without a hitch, but this only galvanizes the crowd further. Some of the poorer beings in the crowd are reaching for rocks, throwing them at the castle-gates, while others are simply shouting loudly... A riot in the making, perhaps."

Slowly, more and more pieces move towards the crowd, as a mob gathers. A short gesture from The Player towards Angus, whom quickly finds Angie's piece in his hand. "Keep it safe, until our next meeting. Despite the unfortunate timing of the appointment you really should be heading towards, Angie's role in this tale is not yet over, Lord Solacious."

"As for you... Lets continue," he offers, gesturing for Fenris.

Fenris looks at the Player and shrugs. "Well," he says, considering his Hippo figurine, far away from the action in the Castle district, "I guess that Bohmer is just going to finish his shopping trip, if no one is going to stop him. He haggles with the vendor for the best price he can get and grumbles the whole time." He uses that thick, low voice again. "It's robbery, I'm tellin' ya!" he grumbles, "The prices I pay, I should be gettin' a four course meal ready made!" Fenris reaches out carefully and moves his piece away from the market and toward the main concourse. The big tiger then consults his paper. "Where does Bohmer live?" he asks, "I don't think I saw that on here anywhere."

Given that the mob is moving to Riot, Cirra directs that Marsh turns to her new companion, and quickly conjures up some defensive earth for the two of them. Wearing dirt is not pleasant, but when it's compact enough to be hard as stone, it can save a life. She begins trying to make herself scarce, hardly knowing what will be happening.

"Hmmn... a crowd ill at rest is not conduktive t'wards business 'rangements," Scint says with a lightly pursed frown touching her lips, "Mmm, I think I might try my best to dissuade... A distraction of an entertaining nature, perhaps? A juggling act or a bit of song?"

Shaking his head at the shark-cat's slowness in recognising the danger of the mob, Lyas turns to the Player to declare, "I'm stickin' to this one like glue, for now. She'll need guardin' in the middle a' this unruly mob." He listens to the others as they describe their actions, showing themselves to be good actors. Creative bunch, this. He'll keep that in mind if he ever needs to tangle with any of them. Folk with imagination are less easily fooled. "In fact... I'll turn to milady here, introduce myself, get her name in return..." He pauses a moment to allow Cirra time to give her character's name, then continues on. "I've a mind to get some of the folk caught up in this mess safe off the streets. Mayhap you can help me get those who look frightened t' be here out of the way of trampling, mebbe set up and man a safe zone?" As he speaks, he slowly adds notes to his sheet of paper, using a stub of charcoal fished from his belt-pouch.

"Close your eyes, even if for just a moment. And remember. At all times, stay in character," the spirit offers, smiling. In fact, a mere moment, a mere blink is enough, and then, the sounds of the market disappear, as do the sights of the tent. One by one, each of the beings still present finds themselves in the feet of their characters, with the sounds of the forming mob growing louder and louder. The mob is spreading out over the city, and now, the beings are getting closer to the marketplace, shouting, inciting more and more beings... Forcing everyone to make a choice between supporting the Great, or supporting those wishing to topple the House.

Fenris. . . . er. . . Bohmer is surprised to find himself in familiar, and at the same time, foreign terrain. The hippo blinks, at the sudden change in perspective, then shakes his huge head. "Hell's Bells!" he swears, his voice thick and low, "Didn't see that coming." Hearing the escalating commotion, the tiger-cum-hippo's first reaction is to run toward the trouble. . . but then he remembers the Player's parting words. He looks himself over, specifically putting a hand to his throat to check for his soul pendant, before turning toward the Maritime district, where Bohmer lives. In the opposite direction of the Castle.

With the crowd's riotous ruckus riddling rancor into the squirrel's plans for an easy off-loading of the goods, Scint purses her lips.. no, wait, Nana, the squirrel, purses her lips thoughtfully. How to turn this into a profit and not death or destruction of her goods? Certainly, she can't make it to where the better prices are to be had, not with this turn. Entertainment doesn't seem as viable an option... But, opportunity is a screaming cacophony rabble-roused and coming her way. She starts hawking, "Fine teas, fine teas imported for a fair price! Be as rich as rich can be at the price of a pauper!Come one, come all for fine tea from the Jade Coast!" She nudge sehr crates, hands cupping to her mouth while she warrants her wares to the beings about for a hopefully quick sale before the thunder brings the rain, so to speak.

Lyas goes from his comfortable seat, in the relative quiet of the tent, to the chaos of a gathering mob. His body feels wrong - too short, oddly-shaped. Even his balance feels off - his tail is a different shape to that he's known all his life. It's when he sees Cirra, wearing a body that's the duplicate of her figurine, that it all clicks into place. Cursing, he grabs her arm and drags the cat into a doorway, for the shelter it provides. Looking out across the crowd, he tries to laugh. "Funny," he comments, "Always thought any mobbing I got caught up in, I'd be the one they were after!" He goes quiet after that, reflecting. He'd had plans, plans that might be alright for a boardgame, but that sat wrong with him now that he was /here/. Wherever here was. "Mayhap we should find Fenris and that sailor girl. Creators curse it - didn't think I'd be sayin' this, but I wish Angus had stayed." It seems Lyas isn't a fan of their live-action roleplay session - he's broken character already, and it doesn't look like he means to return to it.

Suddenly a cat, but still water clan, Cirra, as Marsh frowns at her companion. "I can defend myself, you know." And she looks a touch surprised that her partner is breaking character already, and begins casting a spell to defend herself and the other one. Her own body is far off, lacking her characterist heavy tail and the brand upon the fin. The claws are nice, even if pretty much useless. She casts an earthmagic spell with practiced grace and precision to protect herself and her companion.

Bohmer is, of course, greeted with the first signs of trouble, as he's the closest to the fighting. Beings blocking his way, demanding he declare a side in this whole kerfuffle, and flat-out refusing to let him pass.

Meanwhile, Nana isn't having much luck either, selling her wares, with many beings outright refusing, and others yelling at her, questioning why, on Promise, they'd need tea in these times of trouble. Eventually, there's a being who bites and offers to buy a crate at less than a tenth of its value, for only a paltry five scepter...

And then, of course, there are Marsh and Bari... Marsh's quick actions seem to help, as a being, heading straight for them, is easily stopped by a small earthen ridge raised from the ground, enough to trip the beings up and keep them at bay...

Bohmer is blocked at the top of the bridge crossing the river by a little mini-mob of two. "Whadda you want?" he asks, still a little surprised to hear that voice and accent coming from his mouth without any effort on his part, "I just wanna go home and have dinner, right? I got nothin' to do with all this!" The hippo looks between the two beings, hefting their improvised weapons.

Fenris, of course, can see no fewer than seven ways to simple sidestep this little confrontation, but he feels like he needs to play this as Bohmer. It is like improvised theater, right? "Whatever you want me to say, I'll say it," he says, "Just leave me be."

As the chaos is getting closer, Marsh looks up. "Okay. We need to get out of this mob. I'm going to summon a water elemental, to protect us, but we need to get to higher ground fast. Can you climb?" She looks to the skunk, hoping the have a plan that won't get them kicked.

Any profit is better than none, especially when things sound like they're escallating. She inclines her head, "You are getting quite the deal, but, in these troubled times, we all deserve some sort of luxury to assuage the burns life gives. Here you are," and she delivers the crate. Less things to weigh her down compared to the five scepters she's getting in return... if she has to make a break, better to have her life and some profit. Rather than take her chances with other shoddy deals, though, she picks up her booty and begins to head back to the ship. It might be a good time to leave the harbor.

Lyas stiffens, listening to a voice only he can hear, and sighs. "If you say so," he mutters under his breath, to the unseen speaker. Turning to Marsh, he acts now as Bari, falling into his new persona. Taking her hand, he bows over it, smiling rakishly. "Sweet, you've no need of your elemental. I'll protect you better than any." His country accent isn't there, he notices as he speaks. "Just you follow along with me. I know a safe spot or two where you can sit this out with your pretty hide intact." He nods in response to her question - he can climb, or he'd better be able to. A skunk's body certainly couldn't match the agility of a cat's...He shakes such thoughts away. He'll just have to make do, and he hasn't time for such regrets - he's got a lot of thinking to do on the fly. Curiously, he glances at the clan badge on his shoulder - Clever Clan. His mouth twists in a wry smile. Well, that'll be a stretch for him to play.

"Y'see those guards?" one of the thugs offers to Bohmer, before handing them a rock. "Y'got a good throwing arm? Knock yourself out. Or knock them out. Whichever happens first," the larger thug offers, while the smaller nods in affirmation, even go so far as to throw the first stone at one of the two guards. A small rock, sure, but enough to get their attention, and to spark this thing further.

The five scepter are soon offered to Nana, and the crate hastily scurried away to wherever, though it doesn't look like the being who bought it is having much luck, as another knocks him over and mugs the crate away from him.

Marsh and Bari are rewarded with more and more of that mob heading their way, headed by a crowd of beings just trying to get away from the rock-throwing crowd an the guards they've agitated...

Bohmer is not a brave soul. A fact that annoys Fenris. The Hippo hefts the rather sizeable rock he has been handed and looks around nervously.

Well, maybe there is an option C. . .

The Hippo focuses some earth magic into the large stone in his hand, carefully altering it's composition, loosening the bonds within the stone until he holds a huge handful of barely contained powder in a thin shell. With a little muttered prayer to any gods that might be listening, Bohmer raises his stone overhead, and throws it HARD at the ground, then turns to run, hoping that the dust from his little trick will cover his tracks long enough to escape!

Cirra shakes her head. "I appreciate the offer, but that looks like more than either one of us can handle individually. We're going to have to work together." She rubs her hands together, focusing her energy on her staff to summon her own water elemental, hoping it has a decent composition so she's not left high and dry.

Well, damn. She couldn't just leave someone to get their rightly purchased goods stolen.. well, not form her. What would that say about her trading business if she let that stand? Gritting her teeth, Nana swivels... she's probably going to regret this in the morning, but, smoothly drawing her pistol, she hisses, "That tea's for him, sirrah, not for you. If you care to spend a bit of scepter, I've more where that came from.. if not.. I'll have more from where this comes from," wagging her pistol in menace.

Bari smiles and nods in agreement to Marsh, and moves to meet the surging crowd of beings heading their way, addressing those fleeing the chaos. "Listen here," he cries, pitching his voice like a parade-ground sergeant over the din. "I've a safe place for those of you who just want to get out of the way of this. Take the next right off the road and follow that street down to the Yokehead Stables. The hostler will happily shelter you and more like you in the cellar, should you ask. Creators guide you!" He'll need to use Cirra for his plan, he realises. Hopefully her character's goals won't get in the way. If he can recruit Fenris and Scint as well, all the better.

Some of the beings in the square listen to Bari, while others are clearly more hesitant, instead calling for the beings to follow them instead. Regardless, it seems like most of the beings are clearing out of the square. Well, most of the beings not rioting, or trying to keep the riot in check."

Bohmer is having at least some luck with his makeshift smoke-bomb, allowing him a head start, even if the duo is starting to pursue him once the fog clears, yelling about how he's clearly a 'dirty rhino-supporter'

Nana, finally, sees her own actions have some results, with the threatened being deciding that their health is more important than whatever's in that crate he just tried to steal...

Fenris quickly finds that Bohmer lacks several advantages he usually enjoys. First, Bohmer is not especially fit. After only a few seconds of sprinting the hefty hippo has a stitch in his side and is short of breath. The second thing he notices is that while he should have an encyclopedic knowledge of the streets, everything suddenly becomes unfamiliar as he skids around a corner into a back alley.

Cirra, as Marsh, decides to keep her elemental defending her, glad that the skunk is a much better talker than she is. While she might be able to lead, she's not very persuasive otherwise. "I'm with him, sorry." She says quietly to the crowd

Stooping to help the fallen being up, Nana mutters, "Your crate's worth less than each ball I've got in my pistols, so, let's get you somewhere safe before I have to use one, eh?" She starts to try and pull them from the mass muckery towards an alley in a rare bout of altruism.

Bari watches the crowd split, satisfied with the chunk who've heeded his orders. Turning on his heel, he marches back to Marsh, a steely glint in his eye. He offers her a hand politely, despite the chaos all around. "Come along, milady mathemagician. We've more good to do yet. Let's round up some more hapless stragglers, hmm?" He doesn't know where Nana might be found, but Bohmer started in the market with the two of them. The skunk turns to the exit Bohmer took, hoping they can catch up to him.

Bohmer is going to have to keep running, or otherwise outsmart the two beings chasing him, if he's going to have any chance of getting home and enjoy his meal in relative peace. The two are slowly but surely closing in, now that he's visible and out of breath, and with them yelling about his presumed loyalism to the crown, odds are, they'll be able to form a small splinter-mob before too long.

Nana finds a being at least somewhat willing to follow along, while Bari and Marsh seem to have managed to disperse the fleeing crowd, and are now confronted with the actual mob... Perhaps it's better they worry about themselves first, and about other beings later...

Bohmer chugs along the best he can puffing and blowing. It is obvious that he is not going to outrun his pursuers. Instead, the hippopotomine earthshaker turns a corner into an alley just wide enough to accomodate his girth after a couple of sharp turns, and STOMPS! using some earth magic to turn the ground behind him to broken rubble and sand. Hopefully, his personal mob would decide to go after more stationary targets.

Oddly, Bohmer still has his groceries in hand.

Ears flicking, hearing the rumble of rabble roused and revolution-ating, Nana's sparing little time as she makes sure the being can move of their own volition, hissing, "Now, flee! Come, come... there's a boat ready to leave!" Thank goodness she'd been planning on a quick getaway for other reasons entirely. She keeps an eye out for any outcroppings of the worse elements to avoid and for any stragglers who need the careful guidance towards the safety of an escaping ship, snagging who she can with her as she beelines her squirrel butt towards the boat.

Bari flicks a look back at the mob behind them, a calculating look in his eyes. Maybe it's best to stay put a while, let this particular group pass them by. He gropes for his sword, but of course, it's not there, replaced by a pair of long, wicked knives. Dodging quickly into an alleyway, he pulls Marsh along, nodding to a pile of refuse piled in a dark corner. "There. I'm afraid we'll be sheltering in that, my dear." Dashing purposefully to the corner, he pulls trash bags around them in a wall, as they squat in the scant shelter. His cloak is untied from his neck and thrown over the two of them, looking like so much used sacking. "If you can drop the ground so we're lower down, all the better," He notes to Marsh, voice a scant whisper.

Bohmer is lucky. Indeed, following him through the rubble he leaves behind proves to be simply too much for the disorganized mob, and after a short, hurried hike, he's able to make his way home, fast enough to avoid further encounters with the mob as a whole... Though if he encounters these two again, they'll likely have his head.

Nana manages to 'rescue' about five beings, most of the others in too much of a panic to notice or listen, as she makes her way to the ship, relatively untouched. And then, there's Marsh and Bari, whose ruse seems to work, at least for the time being, although the streets mightn't be the best place to hide, regardless...

And then, as each of them closes their eyes at one point or another, they are brought back to the table, one by one, greeted by a smiling Player.

"I do hope you enjoyed your first session. Please, keep the miniatures. Be sure to keep them safe. You will need them when we continue this... Campaign."

Bohmer huffs and puffs, leaning against his closed, barred door. Then, suddenly, he is Fenris again.

"That. Was. Amazing," the tiger breathes, picking up his playing piece from its place in the maritime district. "That is a good trick," he says, a slow grin spreading across his face, "I look forward to meeting you again, Player."

Cirra blinks, glad to be back in her own body. She's rather surprised by the game, but did enjoy it.

As her eyes close and then open, and she's Scint again, she blinks. She claps her hands together, "Oh.. that.. that was the most wonderful story telling!" She nods ecstatically, "I would love to do it again sometime!"

Lyas blinks as the scene changes, and he finds himself in his own body again, still sitting at the board, feet propped on its edge. He almost overbalances from the surprise, but manages to send his weight the right wayp bringing his feet to the floor with a definite thud. "Sure," he tells the Player, as he tries to recover some dignity. "I'll find it a nice place on the mantle. Well, more likely I'll chuck it in a bag an' forget where I left it... Though, if it's worth aught, I may just hock it to the nearest peddlar." Grinning, he stands, tossing the figurine up and down in one hand. Nodding to the others at the table, he saunters out. Not that he wants to admit it, but his actions in their little game have the cat feeling somewhat ashamed of himself.

"And should any of you wish to discuss your character's motivations, I will know," the Spirit offers, smiling, and looking a little too hard in Lyas's direction.

"Now, along you go. I'm sure you've other business to attend to. And I need to get ready for my next group," the being offers with a smile.