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The silent Nurse Shark, Cirra Stormborn. A twice appropriate name given her past and her style. Proprietor and Mathemagician of Silver Lining Shipwrights, a new business that operates out of Firmament's Shipyards. She's a disciple of Aran, training to use the magic of air and her own martial prowess as a form of meditation.

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  • Nobles Cirra doesn't have much to say about nobles aside from the fact that they never say quite what they mean or want. Granted, she'd never say such to their face, but she'd never say anything to begin with.
  • Freeswords Cirra doesn't yet think of herself as one. She also has taken issue with nearly every job she's taken with them, given that none of the clients have ever been fully aboveboard about the nature of the project. Well, Three out of five so far. Even the one Creator she's worked for didn't mention the hallucinogenic gops he was making until she was about to hunt them down.
  • Creators Cirra questions the divinity, but not the heirarchy of the Creators. That is to say, she recognizes them as her superiors, but she doesn't quite see them as divine. She still figures their artifacts to be divine in nature, mostly owing to their ritualistic nature of operation.
  • Soulless Cirra will always refer to her condition as Soulless. She cares not for the softening by calling it Gifted. If she was Gifted, then she wouldn't have anything to atone for, now would she?

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  • Jera Her first true friend since her departure from Cliffside. The Windrunner is one of her truest inspirations.
  • Natska A dependable ally, though she has not yet had much interaction.
  • Lilly Cirra's one clanmate that she's managed to meet in Firmament, not that she minds. The other shark makes her feel right at home.
  • Thelergramor Does this guy have a death wish? He's too dangerous for his own good, missing limbs and going shirtless. Not to mention the time he was flying on those <hallucinogenic> mushrooms.
  • Cassidy Another dependable ally. Cirra has only ran into her a couple times.
  • Dupree A very birdbrained Pegasus, but one Cirra has taken a bit of a shine too. Hopefully his exuberance doesn't get him into trouble.

Silver Lining Shipwrights Partners

  • Alpine Cirra's most trusted friend. She's been working on getting the Fennec to open up to her more, and she bought the dry dock to help him achieve his dreams.
  • Mecka This Creator-like Liger confuses Cirra in a lot of ways, but Cirra knows that her work in physical prowess is unmatched. Or will be, at least.

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RP Hooks
  • Atoner Cirra seeks to atone for a misdeed in her past. She isn't really willing to talk about the deed, but she throws herself into everything with her scars in mind.
  • Mute She won't speak, but her mind is as active as anyone else's. Her muteness also brings her a little difficulty when combined with her Soulless nature, marking her as a freak.
  • Scholar Cirra is always looking for new things to learn.
  • Mathemagician Cirra's biggest strength is her knowledge of magic, and her varieties of spells. for her own security, whenever she can, she uses unusual coordinate systems to disguise her spells, though It just means that one can't grasp the spell at a glace, nothing stopping someone from studying the spell and doing a little conversion. She's also looking to make new and unique spells for others, teaching people how to better defend themselves using magic.
  • Defender of the Weak Cirra hates bullies and anyone who teams up to use numbers and power to overwhelm a weaker opponent. She's trained herself to be better able to fight multiple foes,since lacking a voice, she must meet power with power.
  • Gourmet Cirra loves food, and is willing to try basically anything. She feels particularly happy when sharing a meal she enjoys with a person she likes.

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Full Name: Cirra Stormborn

Clan: Water

Species: Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

Date of Birth: March 15th, 454

Age: 23

Height: 5'8"

Weight: Don't know and don't care.

Build: Fit and athletic, built up from working ships after her self-imposed exile from Cliffside. She, like many Freeswords, has a hard time keeping weight from creeping in, but it's so far changed little about her appearance.

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  • Hearth Magician (35)
  • Aranian (35)
  • Scholar (35)
  • Trauma Mage (35)
  • Winter Witch (35)
  • Academic (35)


  • Journeyman
  • Machine Priest
  • Craft Apprentice

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