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The fading sunlight of dusk shows a festive scene in the farmland around the big old barn. Tables laden with good food from the recent harvest and little tents with trinkets or games dot the open field with the heavily decorated barn as a center piece. Beings of all shapes and sizes roam around, talking and laughing and a small band of talented farmers are playing a popular folk song on a little crate and barrel stage. It looks like this is shaping up to be a great party! The decorations on the barn-turned-fright house aren't half bad either! It almost radiates a malevolent aura, though that is easily dispersed by the celebrating farmers all around.

"Oh, is this the place I heard about?" Cassidy asks no one in particular, ears perking as she makes her way towards the little festive location. "I heard some talk about a farm that had been done up rather nicely outside of the city. I see the rumours were true! It's a pretty place."

Bazalt pads along rubbing the back of his head. "Well this is an... interesting experience.." he nods, mumbling to himself. The wolf for once was dressed in one of his not-so adventuring outfits. He looks around, eyeing everything closely as he walks, Clearly still unsure about the occasion. "am I overdressed for once?"

A twin-tailed fishing cat of white fur makes her way through the farm to the party. Her tailtips glow softly in the evening dim, and she bounces a bit on her feet, looking around for the food. She's fresh off the boat, returning home after studying in Cliffside, and she's curious what's changed in her absence. Granted, she didn't have anyone she knew too well before she left, so she thinks she'd be better off trying to learn about what's new at the party.

"It is," Natska replies cheerfully. She follows along at Cass' side, grinning and eyeing the festive area. "Very nice."

Selena makes her way through the crowd quietly, looking around the area's rather elaborate setup if only for the sake of perusal rather than an intent to engage in the festivities. When she inevitably notices some familiar faces in the crowd, she waves and makes her way over to the feline and fennec pair. "Good evening, Cassidy, Natska. I haven't seen either of you for how long now?" She sighs quietly. "I've been far too busy. Good to get out and about again."

"Welcome!" shouts a burly hedgehog, climbing up onto the stage as the little band finishes up a number, "Welcome everyone to our little festival! Now, I know that Halloween is still a couple days off, but it's right good of y'all to start the party early! Eat! Drink! And don't forget to drop a few scepters in yer neighbors hats for some of the fine food and crafts they've brought to sell! And don't nobody go home without takin' a walk through our fine scare-house! Happy Halloween!"

That manages to illicit a friendly cheer from the crowd as everyone gets back to their business and the band starts to play again. The whole scene is quite picturesque, especially as lamps are lit in the dying light.

Bazalt Blinks and idly waves to Cass and Natska as he walks, wasnt the first time he'd seen the pair but he'd not really properly spoken to them? maybe now was the time? The shadow wolf sighs and Shakes abit-Clearly Nervous around the crowd of all the beings gathered.

Cassidy nods at Selena, offering a smile. "It's been a while, yes! Glad that you're doing well! I hope that the work that's been keeping you busy hasn't been too stressful or anything," she says, folding her hands behind her back. "I certainly didn't expect to see you out here, but I am glad that I did!"

Maya pauses, not quite interested in the scare house, though curious about the other Beings there. She watches for a while, looking around for potential military types. That might be an easier way for her to find people to talk to.

"Ah. I thought the date was a little off." Selena comments offhandedly as the hedgehog announces that the festival had indeed started a bit earlier than usual. The canine reciprocates Cassidy's smile - albeit a little briefly - before nodding. "Thankfully it's not stressful. Just quite busy as of late. It's interesting, and a reasonably good distraction from some other recent events," She explains, waving a hand slightly "Which now is neither the time not place to go into. What about yourselves? I recall Angus was quite busy when we last spoke; are things around house Solacious still in full swing, or have you kept your heads out of that?"

Natska slips an arm through Cassidy's and gives Selena a bright smile. "It really has been too long! It is good to see you. I hope your studies have gone well." She smiles at the other people near by, the feline in obviously high spirits, then she gives Cass a nudge. "Shall we check out the haunted barn? And yes, things are still pretty busy, but we make time for ourselves. I haven't had a chance to chat with many of the house members in ages though."

Bazalt Frowns slightly as he goes unnoticed-as always, probally his fur. The wolf shrugs and lets out a large sigh as he looks at the 'scare house' "hrrm suppose I could see?" he shrugs and lets out another sigh as he debates waht to do next.

Cassidy waves towards Maya, tail flicking idly as she listens to Selena, nodding. "That's fair! I won't pry, then. And I dunno, things around the Solacious house have seemed pretty quiet to me. There hasn't been a lot going on in the family at large." She gives Natska's arm a squeeze and looks towards the barn. "Sure! Let's check it out!"

Friends and neighbors call to each other and there is laughing and a few couples have even started to dance in the little patch of ground before the stage. The stalls selling food and drink grow a bit more vociferous after the commendation from the hedgehog spokesman and trinkets and handmade items of all descriptions are available among stalls advertising games of skill and chance. Amidst all this, the Scare-House has started its first tours of the night and excited shrieks and calls come from the old barn.

Maya blinks as the fennec waves to her. She starts to head over, stopping by a stall to pick up a tart. She smiles a bit. "I'll admit, I've been gone a while, but, I don't know anyone here." Continuing to address the Fennec. "So, excuse me for introducing myself without prior overtures. I'm Maya. Still haven't found anything that fits for a title or epithet. Granted, those are usually given or earned."

Selena nods back to Natska and Cassidy, looking back to the pair as they gesture towards the barn. "There's always something going on with noble houses. It might've been quiet as of late, but that's made some proceedings related to the craige even harder to put through court." She explains, shaking her head before adding; "I might pass on house myself - I'd like to see if the Stronghearts have set up anything here. I'm not much in the mood for being startled today."

Maya is greeted with a nod as she introduces herself to the fennec, an acknowledgement. "An introduction doesn't have to be a life story. Regardless," Selena greets, offering a hand. "My name is Selena, it's good to meet you."

Bazalt Sighs and For now head over to the Nastka and the others,waving as he does so. "Hey." He says quite meekly, still slightly shocked by all the otehr beings. "nice event... no?" he nods to both maya and Selena "Bazalt, P-pleasure to meet you."

There is, in fact, a Strongheart booth set up. Not a very large one. It is manned by a large buffalo. A large, loud buffalo touting the fine qualities of the casks of beer he is serving from.

The old barn looks pretty impressive, skeletal bodies dangle from the eaves and it seems that a cold wind blows from within.

Cassidy bows her head towards Maya before looking towards Selena. "That's fair! Let me know if they brought any exceptionally good drinks today! I might be interested in trying them later," she says before turning her attention back towards Maya. "I am Cassidy Solacious, and this is my wife, Natska," she says, gesturing to the jaguar.

Natska nods her head at Selena and smiles. "Understandable. And hello there," she greets the vaguely familiar wolf, then bows her head to Maya. Her attention seems to keep drifting towards the scare house, though.

The Fishing cat shakes hands with the wolf, smiling at all three. "So, has anything interesting happened in the the past three years? I heard something about an assassination, but news travels slowly to Cliffside."

Following Maya's handshake, Selena offers the hand to Bazalt. "It's good to meet you as well, Bazalt. My name is Selena." She introduces, before shrugging. "It depends on what you'd call interesting. I proved three-dimensional magic about a year ago, there was Ishara's attempt at a blockade about two ago now, and Cliffside did try again to warmonger thanks to the Wirefurs between then and three years ago. Ignoring the recent drama with the Craige which have - fortunately - been moving very slowly." The canine gestures towards the strongheart's display. "Though if you'd care to excuse me for a few moments..?"

Cassidy frowns at Maya, nodding slowly. "There... Was an... I wouldn't call it an assassination. More like a straight up murdering in the streets. It was last year, though, and time as mostly moved on. The family as its eyes on other things, now. I don't recall if we ever caught the one that did it or not."

Bazalt Smiels to them Both and Blins at Selena. "ah.. wow-ok.." he nods, looking to teh scare house once more. "HrrrmScares or Drinks?" he mumbles mostly to himself.

"Hey there, pretty lady!" the Buffalo says, grinning at Selena, "Digging those cool glowy marks. What can I get for you? I got all the best brewskies around!" The big guy grins and twirls a pair of mugs on his fingers. "Burt'll take good care of ya!" the bull says.

In the cool dark of the evening, a slight mist has begun to rise, though it does not really effect the party.

Maya nibbles at her tart. "Ah. Sorry. I hadn't heard anything about it, and I don't know what's happened lately. What is this Craige? And why does it sound like I should be worried about it?" She seems to be rather anxious about her pretty obvious faux pas.

"In a minute, Maya." She says, chuckling quietly at the Buffalo's comment. "They take a lot of getting used to." She replies; "The best, you say? Well, I can see a lot of beer, but I'm curious if the Stronghearts have made any ciders this year." She inquires. "Somehow I've managed to go this long without trying any directly from your(?) family - I'd like to see how it compares to Cliffside's."

"The Craige," Cassidy begins, frowning. "Well. To make a long story short, they're basically... Rock lizard. Things. An invading force from before we ever arrived on this world. They're coming up from underground after a long, long time of being sealed away. And they're sort of trying to make moves against us, as a people."

Maya nods a bit. "I did see a picture of them, yeah. So, what's there to do for a Freesword just come home from abroad?" She seems to have a lot of energy tonight, as evidenced by her nlight swaying as she talks and listens.

The Buffalo frowns sadly when Selena requests cider. "Sure thing, Ladybro," he says, though he is obviously disappointed. The beefy bovine turns to a tapped barrel and filles it with a cool, amber liquid before passing it to Selena. "You let me know if I can get you anything else," he says with a wink.

Suddenly, a long, drawn out shriek comes from somewhere within the barn! Someone is not having much fun in there. Must be a good spook alley.

Natska quietly snickers, then pauses . ear flicking at the scream. Then her attention goes back to Maya. "There is always plenty of work to be had at the guild. And plenty of places to spend your pay, either on fine meals at the guild's own inn or all over the city."

Selena raises an eyebrow at the Buffalo's apparent disappointment, passing a few crowns to them for the beverage. "Not fond of it, yourself?" She asks politely, not reacting to the wink they gave before she turns back to Maya and Cassidy. "Still not heading into the house?" She comments somewhat surprisedly. "But yes, the craige seem to be sentient elementals of some description; we had the corpse of one transported to the academy for some study a while back, and the academicians did their share of looking at it as well following the 'field tests' I ended up doing for lack of anyone else trying." The canine takes a sip of the cider she'd just 'purchased'.

Selena spends 10 Crown for RP reasons.

Natska turns her head and sneaks Cassidy a quick peck of a kiss, bending over to be at the right height to deliver it. Then she grins. "There are enough frightening and underlying things to take seriously these days, I am in the mood for some frivolity."

Maya nods. "I can understand the need for frivolity. It's nice a lot of the time." She smiles a bit, heading over to see what sorts of food she can scrounge up.

Bazalt shrugs "Ah might as well havea look at the barn." the wolf nods and pads along and into the barn, slightly more relaxed. "let see how scary you arre... doubt you can beat kriks..." he mumbles.

"Nah, cutie," the buffalo says, "S'just I made the light beer myself. Proud of that stuff, y'know?"

The fog has grown thicker as the sunlight has faded to darkness. It is becoming thick enough that it is hard to see far beyond the light of the lanterns.

The entrance of the barn is pretty spooky. It looks like the farmers have done a lot of work since the freeswords helped them get started.

Cassidy grins at Natska and nods, leaning up to return the kiss. "Yes, I agree. I came here to have fun and relax! Not worry about things," she says with a nod, squeezing Natska's arm. "Shall we go check out that barn, then?" She asks, glancing in the building's direction.

Selena shrugs. "Sometimes, I wonder." She replies simply to Natska, taking another sip of her drink before chuckling again - this time to Bazalt's comment. "Krick are nothing. Be thankful you didn't have to deal with th Kindcraft out at Heartfall - THAT was the single most disturbing thing I've seen in my life. far worse than a few blooduscking parasites."

Turning back to the buffalo she nods. "It's never a bad thing to be proud of your work. I hope it goes over well with the others; I've never been much of a being for beers or ales myself, though."

Bazalt nods and Heads in, humming slightly. "lets see shall we-" he blinks as the Fg gets thicker. "Ok.. that's... a fancy Trick..." the wolf just frowns and looks around-wondering if this is a trick by the farmers.

Suddenly, another shriek rings out from the barn. That does not sound like someone having a good time. The cry is soon taken up by others as a group of beings in tattered clothing stagger out the entrance, the one in the lead is carrying another. "Help!" he calls, "There's something in there!"

Natska makes a face a Selena, nodding. "Yes, I remember that," she says, tone grave. The shrieks draw her attention though and she frowns, moving towards the barn . "What is it?" she asks.

Bazalt Blinks and instantly Draws his dagger. "GUYS!" he shouts to teh group. "TROUBLE IN SCARE HOUSE!" Andwith that the wolf Blindly rushes in, frowning as he runs along, searching for the source.

Maya blinks a bit at the sound, ears swiveling. She... doesn't have much that could help, aside from being a freesword. She heads over to the barn, following after the shadow wolf, wondering what could be inside the barn.

Selena sighs quietly, looking back over in the direction of the screams - though the heavy fog stops her from actually seeing the source. "I think you're thinking of the Hearthwood manor; Heartfall was a small town the kindcraft took a shining to in a very bad way." She explains before nodding to the buffalo. "Thank you for the drink. I might be back later." She comments, making her way over to the farmhouse with a shake of her head, muttering something under her breath.

"I don't know!" cries the leader of the faux-zombies, rushing with the injured being in his arms, "We were just running the show and something swung down out of the rafters and tore into Larry!"

Natska frowns, then nods her head. Her ear twitches and she looks up, starting at the building, then moves to follow the others in, a small breeze stirring the mist around her as she closes in. "Something of the Courts inside. Be alert."

Cassidy stares at Bazalt as the wolf rushes off, frowning. "Yes, let's move cautiously," she says to Natska, tugging the sword from her belt and moving in slowly at her wife's side. "I didn't really come prepared for a fight today. Keep that in mind."

Maya enters the building, tails glowing softly as she makes her way through, keeping an eye out for trouble. She only has a dagger and the barest of armor.

"And it had to be a barn. I'd rather not be responsible for property damage." Selena grumbles, peering into the darkness of the barn. "Frankly it'd be best if they could - for once - be reasoned with. I've about had it with mindless creatures." The wolfess sighs, flicking a small light into existance just ahead of the group. "... I'd like to hope I'm not the only person that can take care of themselves regardless of the day of the week or occasion." She quips.

It is cold inside the barn, and in Selena's light, the breath of each member of the group is visible in the air. Scattered about are dim little lamps, mostly inexpensive kevinscopes that only manage to make the shadows seem even darker. There is a maze of barrels and crates draped in sheets and crepe paper. Somewhere, above in the dark rafters of the barn, there seems to be a soft, susserating whisper, though it is impossible to say if it is speaking actual words.

Bazalt Growls nad frowns. "Hrrnn..damnit.." he mmbles, looking about Carefully."Damnit....I wish I had my bow" he sighs and Growls again, debating if he should he change or not-would it be needed or would it be an overreaction?....

Natska tilts her head as she enters the barn, then makes a small 'ssssshh' noise as she motions for silence, straining to hear. Then she calls out. "Who is there?"

Selena sighs. "It's a harvest festival among other things. I don't think anyone would've expected something dangerous to be lurking in the barn, but I'm similarly impressed it wasn't noticed earlier." She comments. The odd 'whispering' is responded to with the orb of light raising further up into the barn to illuminate the rafters a little better, rolling her eyes slightly at Natska's rather contradictory shushing followed by a call. "I'd rather not have to fight something indoors, but I'm not in the mood for this, really." she grumbles. "Better you do the talking for now, at least."

The rising light reveals a number of strange shapes and figures swinging among the rafters, along with a strangely thick fog that swirls and seems to pull away from the light.

Cassidy keeps a hand tight around her sword, though she keeps the tip lowered to the ground for now. She's about to say something, when the shapes appear in the fog, frowning a little. "Hmm... Well, take a look at that. Interesting. Wonder if it's just someone playing a prank."

Bazalt juuuuust watches, frowning as he grips his dagger, tail twitching behind him.

Maya stays near bazalt for now, eyes straining to see what's going on above, sword and flame at the ready.

Selena shakes her head. "I somehow doubt this is a prank. It goes a little too far." She replies, peering for a moment at the strange shapes. "This seems oddly familiar, but I'm not sure from where." The canine mutters to nobody in particular - not relaxing, but certainly not particularly tense either.

Natska narrows her eyes and watches the things in the rafters, slowly nodding in agreement.

The swinging figures sway and creak ominously, but they don't seem to be threatening. The fog, on the other hand, swirls angrily in the light and suddenly swoops down toward Selena! A vague skeletal shape forms in the mist and it raises a vicious looking scythe!

Bazalt Blinks and jumps back. "GAH! WHAT?!" HE Glares at the fog-then teh figre then the fog again-he could try air magic?..maybe..

Cassidy slips behind Natska, bringing a hand up to fiddle with her necklace. "Just a moment. Keep me covered for a second," she says, shifting around her gems or something more.... Suitable.

Unable to do much with the equipment she currently has available, Maya tries to slow or distract the weird creature, using just air magic on its own to try to blow it away.

Natska nods her head, stepping in front of Cassidy. The jaguar raises her hand and there is a sudden, blinding burst of light directed at the fog and shadows. "Desist!" she orders, tone sharp.

Selena manages to conjure a protective shield of stone around herself before the fog moves down, the canine raising an eyebrow at the approach of the unusual creature. "... I've seen worse." She mutters to herself, nodding appreciateively to Maya when she conjures a strong blast of wind at the creature in the fog, following it up with one of her own. "Though I've never seen a fog quite like this."

Maya and Selena, with their combined air magic, set the figures on the rafters (Now obviously dummies and well made cloth and paper apparitions) swinging wildly and causing the monstrous ghost-shape to tatter at the edges. Its foggy scythe sends sparks flying off of Selena's stone barrier before it shrieks in rage and apparent pain when Natska's blast of light fills the barn, sending it fleeing back into distant shadows.

Bazalt Growls "I dont like this...Damnit.." He Glances at his shirt and once again debates Transforming. "Hrrnn...better safe than sorry." and with that He quickly takes off his shirt and tosses it to the GRound as his Form shifts-Fur giving way to scares, body and tail growing alsong with wings from his back.

Cassidy steps back around to Natska's side, peering at the sparks that fly off of Selena's barrier. "... Yes, definitely not a prank. A Caller?" She questions, turning her eyes to the darkness, conjuring up a ball of flame to hover near her, trying to create additional light to push back the darkness.

Natska raises her hand and points a finger at the thing, static crackling along her arm as she readies - but doesn't quite finish - her spell. "... what bone." Her tone is flat, ears perking.

Selena shakes her head. "This wouldn't fit as a caller, unless the kindcraft has been busy." She comments - "Or rather, it wouldn't have to do with the corrupt court. I"m sure you could make an argument for Pyrrha's involvement but she strikes me as too arrogant for something this petty. Maybe I'm wrong." She replies, coughing quietly and preparing herself again. "I assume those whispers were a little more intelligible to you, then?" The canine asks Natska.

Before Natska can answer, there is a howl from the darkness and the misty, skeletal figure careens once more into the light Selena has made. The thing slashes its ethereal scythe toward the largest, and least mobile target, the newly draconic Bazalt!

Cassidy narrows her eyes, adopting a defensive position with her sword, ears laying back. "It probably wants a bone that was used in one of the props. Maybe it sees it as a desecration or something... And it wants it back?"

Bazalt Blinks And Is unable to React in time as the thing hits him-pushing him back into afew Crates and barrels behind him. "HRNN-Damnit." he mumbles before Attempting to blast it with some air magic. "I dislike you greatly!" He Growls, tail lashing out angrily behind him.

Natska releases her own bolt of lightning, aimed square at the middle of the creature. "Probably. It needs to be put down."

Selena Shakes her head slightly, moving the light further away from the group. "Light aggravates it, but if the others were working in this ambiance before? Well, at least this way you'll see it coming." She observes, flinching slightly at the noise from both Bazalt's collision, then Natska's bolth of lightning - hoping the latter doesn't hit anything flammable. THe canine sighs quietly, summoning her fire elemental into a clear space ahead of the group to illuminate more of the barn and ideally keep better track of the apparition.

With attacks coming from all directions and the new illumination of Selena's elemental to condend with, the strange mist monster seems somehow less cohesive than it did, bits of itself frayed away and it looks rather more haggard than it did before. It swings about in agitation and apparent confusion.

Bazalt Just Frowns. "hit it morE? Less? I.. Dunno!" The Dragon grumbles, letting outa sigh as he watches it.

Selena looks back to Natska. "Can you still hear anything from it?" She asks quietly, apparently far from concerned with the evident agitation of the incoporeal creature that had been harassing them. "I expect that dimming the lights will make it less agitated, but given it attacked the others here I'd really rather not leave us open to attack. There is evidently something wrong here regardless, and I would hazard a guess to say hitting things won't help."

Cassidy nods at Selena, before looking up towards Natska. "I agree. I'm not sure if hitting it is the best way to go about this. Maybe we should see if any of the farmers... Picked up a bone from an odd location to use in their props? Maybe if we give the bone back it'll leave everyone in peace?"

Natska gives Selena a small head shake, then looks back and forth at the others. Then she shrugs. "Very well, Cass. Selena. As you wish... shall we extract?"

The apparition flails about a few moments more, then vanishes with a shriek, dispersing into mist and vanishing. Something is certainly afoot here. Who knows how long this reprieve will last.

Bazalt Just blinks "uhhh..what." the Dragons sighs. "Ok.. so.. strange bone?" he frowns and relaxes slightly. "Sooo..Yeah I'll justdo what you tell me to as I have no clue at this point." he lets out another sigh and rolls his shoulders abit, wings shifting on his back.

Selena raises an eyebrow as the confused spirit disappears. "Well, here's my suggestion - since the spirit is gone. We know there's a corrupt court presence. I can stay here and sustain the light sources so if that thing reappears I can keep it contained. If one of you heads outside to ask the owners of this attraction about where they got those bones from, you might be able to get some more useful clues. I know you mentioned you weren't prepared for this sort of thing."

Maya pauses. "I'll ask. We're looking for a weird bone or something else that was taken right?" She moves to head out of the barn. She then searches for the owners. "Hey, can I speak to someone who works here? We think we know what might end our problem here."

The burly hedgehog from earlier hurries up from the crowd gathered a safe distance from the barn. "What is it?" he asks, "Did something get in there? What is it?"

Cassidy grins softly at Selena and nods. "I am prepared -now-. I just didn't have the proper gem in at the time," she says, before making her way out of the barn to look for one of the farmers. "I'll be right back, though! Hopefully!"

Selena raises an eyebrow. "that was certainly a fast few minutes." She notes to herself, before addressing the Hedgehog. "Yes. An apparition with some kind of affiliation to the corrupt court." She replies bluntly, sighing. "Since you're here, could you tell me where you found the bones that are on display? Natska mentioned that it had said something about the bones may have triggered its appearance, so if there was anything unusual noticed about them it would be appreciated if you could pass that information on."

Bazalt lets out and annoyed sigh as he stands there, rubbing where he was hit. "Hrrnn...So what exactly do you think is going on, Miss Selena?" the dragon asks, grumbling as he looks around, tail still twitching behind him.

Natska motions for everyone to file out - no telling when it'd be back, if it were so inclined - and nods at Selena's retelling. "It was hard to make out in the housing, but it kept mentioning 'the bone'. I imagine there is one in particular of importance." She hesitates. "Since Selena wishes to lay it to rest, it may be with checking anyone that has worked or visited for a bone that resonates with the Court: s touch."

The Hedgehog shakes his head. "I don't know," he says, "The offal pit? We scavenge the bones from dead animals all the time. We use them for all kinds of things." He looks around at the other farmers. Everyone looks as confused as he is. Then the injured farmer pipes up. "The creepy doll," he groans, "The one in the middle of the maze. There was something weird about that thing. It was holding a box that rattled around. Found the thing on the edge of Mossy Stone."

"Frankly, this is all a bit unusual." Selena replies with a shrug. "What I think is happening is someone messed with a bone - or some bones - pyrrha had a stake in and annoyed its former owner." She replies, noting Natska's hesitation. "What, you don't think it should be laid to rest?" she murmurs across to the cat, before raising her voice again. "Isn't that a bit cliched..? Nevermind - the middle of the maze, you said? Would you be able to show us exactly where that is?" She asks. "Mossy stone is bad news, though. I have to ask, why were you up that far north?"

Bazalt Groans "That's asking for trouble, taking anything from..." he trails off and gulps. "Just... Show us where it is so we can deal wtih it, please?" the dragon asks, Frowning. Always shadows, wasnt it? bah, suppose that's just how it is.

Cassidy was already on the way out when she overheard it, and so she starts off for the maze. Normally, she'd be happy to go through the maze normally and see the work that had been put into it. But now was not the time, so she takes to the skies, instead, seeking the middle from above.

The injured being grimaces and shakes his head. "It was a dare," he says, "You know, run into the gates, bring somethin' back." He grunts and stands. "If someone can help me, I'll show you where it is."

The center of the maze is not hard to find. It is not very big, or complicated. Amid the crates and barrels is a nursery scene decorated with frightening dummies and wicked looking toys. Looks like a lot of work went into this thing.

Natska pats Bazalt on the side. "Have some spine," she encourages. "Although it's probably a finger bone. Or a rib, those are popular." She smiles at that, making her way to the maze center to overlook the scene. "Not everything from there is cursed. That's just what you hear about."

Maya watches, a bit lost, though confused a bit. "I need to do more research on spirits, I think." She sits down, looking around and holding onto her dagger.

Bazalt shakes his head "It's not that i'm Scared of that place it's just.. bad..I.."he simply taps his pendant and sighs. "Lets just.. get this done, ok?" He rubs his head and Frowns.

Cassidy descends towards the Maze's center. She let's out a low whistle, spending a moment to take in the sight. "This is really impressive work," she murmurs to herself before starting to look for the object in question, taking care not to disturb the decorations.

The doll is placed quite prominently in the tableau. It is old, and broken, a little mouse with a painted porcelain face dressed in a dirty, red dress. In its lap it holds a small box decorated in dainty little skulls. Looks like the thing is a sort of memento mori of some long dead being. The box rattles as if some living thing were inside and the temperature suddenly begins to drop once more in the barn.

Bazalt WAnders along to Cass "so.. that's it? well deadly things small packages?" he mumbles, sighing as it gets colder again.

The hedgehog ringleader helps his wounded friend along and gingerly picks up the doll with its box. The rattling stops immediately and the ambient temperature rises again. He looks, bewildered at each of the gathered beings. "So," he asks, "What do we do with it now?"