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The Maritime district s abuzz with activity as commoners come to and fro from the docks, laden with items to trade, and rewards for the bargaining. A few nobles are present as well, finding themselves -loving- the Shralestian fashions being sold, and the value of the incence.

The Foriegn visiters have seemed to take up almost all of the district as well, dozens of stands dotting out and about selling all manner of things from weapons and armor, to food cooked in styles from across the sea! As well, in the center of the district a makeshift platform has been erected by the group, as various groups of their women and even a few men, find their ways to the stage to dance in silk outfits that barely kept them decent. The Visiters themselves seem to be made of of Fennecs, Kangaroo Rats, Pronghorns, and even a spotted Hyena or two that worked to operate the 'alley gambling' that was now taking place as well.

Selena looks over the groups of starstruck locals - aparrently less amazed with the Shralestan goods than one might expect - though certainly intersted, it's clear the majority of them aren't new at all. Perhaps oddly, the wolfess lingers by the section of the imprompty marketplace set up to house the foreign weapons and armor.

Cassidy was, once again, out of her armour and mask, today she was dressed in a light orange silk dress dress with a matching pair of long gloves. A serving woman shuffled alongside her, holding an umbrella over the pair while the vixen's hands were occupied by a basket. As they step under the covering, the serving girl loiters behind while Cassidy herself moved off to see what the buzz was about, gravitating towards the other fennecs.

Flora herself is wearing the very same dress she was wearing when she presented her camera to the king. The dress being in Shralestan style, she'd almost be able to fit in amongst the traders themselves, almost. "Flora has... Missed the food from her old home, yes," she mumbles after a moment of contemplation, grinning as she moves to one of the food-stands.

Siyu grins a bit to himself. His people! Sharlastans! Prehaps even a family member, or another cute rodent might show up there. Somthing different that's for sure. He'll chitters a little bit and swish his hips towards the gathering of of Sharlastans! He's dressed to the hilt, his silks dripping from him, hanging with lace, gold and silver. He has several large crown bags too, ready to buy spice and trade and offer gifts and well wishes. The rodent runs a hand through his long hair and chitters as he looks around! "I can already taste my mouth burning..." he says with a giggle, agreeing with Flora.

Johnny makes his way to the Maritime district with his metal legged friend, prostetics or not no reason he can't be out and about with normal folks. Johnny seems to be very intent to get into view of some good wares, and probably not perform any petty thefts along the course of this outing. He does have crown however, and he does look at all the exotic gear and foods with the willpower he possesses, food smells really good right now but he should look at this armor.

Valor makes his way towards the commotion, wondering what could be causing such a ruckus. Sure there was a foreign ship here, but why this mess? It looked like fun though and he was interested. Maybe he could get some ideas and designs. And possibly other things

One of the Merchants near Selena looks up and grins widely as he spreads his arms out and booms out in a large voice. "LOVELY LADY! Come! Take a look at Black Tuft's wares! I have much to offer in the way of weapons for self defense, and many things that may be of interest yes~" The Merchant a tall Black-Tailed Jackrabbit, which meant he was roughly four and a half feet tall in all actuality. Dressed in fine silked wares, with leather gloves covering his hands as he motions to a variety of staffs, daggers, and even a sword or two. To his right though, is a box marked with a burning hand, that seemed to contain a few papers.

Cassidy doesn't need to walk far to get near the Fennecs it seems, as the dancers on stage are accompanied by a wide variety of fellows in matching dress that move through the crowds with small baskets for crown tips. One of the thinner males, clad in dark blue silk pants, with a see through bit of cloth wrapped around his chest approaches the masked one and holds his own basket up with a grin. "Welcome stranger, we're the traveling preformers known as 'The Sand Furs'... Could I entice you to tip, or would you like to know more of us~?"

Flora and Siyu need not move far for food, as a large Caracal woman whom appeared in her middle age grins and yells out with enthusiasm. "Come one, come all my hungry children! Mama Mombasa is having all the delicious food for you! Falafel, Fattoush, Manakeesh, and other such tasty things! Much better than Spicy Tail's food~!" Her lips turning in a grin as a nearby group of Kangaroo rats settled about cooking fires laugh and make rude gestures to her playfully.

Johnny is soon spotted as well by a Spotted Hyena whom was sitting over a booth filled with leather armor, and crossbows... Even a few vials wrapped in black cloth laying off to the side. "Hey there my friend... Bring yourself to Shashka's eh? You're friend too! My sister dress him up some for you, while you and I talk business eh?"

A pair of Pronghorn Women stop near Valor, dressed in fine white robes, with books of Creator textsin their hands as they grin and speak to him. "Hello friend! Please, you must come under the tarps... Our day is for all the Creator's children!"

Thankfully for all though, the area under the tarp is rather thinning in activity, as most have seemed to departed due to the rain... Though the thick brightly colored tarps, help to ensure most everyone is safe fromt he rain!

Selena hazards a look back over the bazaar for a moment, offering a wave over to Flora, Cassidy and Johnny. Perhaps surprisingly enough ending up greeting the rat first. "Johnny, wasn't it?" She greets quietly, pulling a pair of white gloves from her bag - though their material could be anything - slipping them on before taking a careful look over the wares at the booming merchant's store - yes; definitely a bazaar. "It's good to see you again - I'd like to apologize for how rude I was the last time I saw you - at the gates during the riot. I was a little shocked." She notes.

She does eventually approach the exotic weapons merchant, gesturing to the daggers. "You don't mind if I take a closer look, do you?"

Cassidy gives a polite wave towards Selena, ears perking at the mention of 'weapons'. She'd have to check that out, later! But for now, the noble vixen turns back to the fennec speaking to her and smiles. "Performers, huh? Well... I could be enticed to tip, yes..." She smiles kindly and produces a 100-crown coin and sets it into his basket. "Why don't you tell me more? It's not often I see others of my type, you know! Especially not out here, and it has been ages since I've visited the distant family in Shralesta."

Cassidy spends 100 Crown for RP reasons.

A grin, a tailflick as Flora slinks over towards the feline, a grin as she looks over the wares. "Flora will have a small taste first, yes? Then Flora will decide if miss... Mombasa speaks the truth, yes yes, and Flora will see if the price is right before buying anything," she mumbles, ears flicking. "Flora will... Have a bit of shoarma and a bit of doner. Those slices," she mumbles, gesturing faintly at a few specific slices, even as she eyes the prices warily. "The price seems... Much too high, yes."

Siyu chuckles a little bit and he lips his lips, looking over, Spicy Tail huh? Well a group of kangaroo rats, and he grins and winks to the Caracal, and then will swish his hips over towards the group, "Ah brothers, welcome, welcome, I hope you find Sweetwater well." he wets his lips, "Please let me taste somthing that will set my soul afire!" he grins and giggles rolling a fat 100 crown coin around, hoping to have some fun with his countrymen, and blood. He runs a hand through his long hair again, just smiling and glancing around. If he's lucky there may even be some creator artifacts around, broken as they may be. And prehaps these merchants have not heard of the fresh news reguarding them if they just arrived today. He grins some, "The travels see you well? Good tidings? Good buisness." he does casually look around for any "sisters" that may be around, while setting the golden crown down.

Siyu spends 100 Crown for RP reasons.

Johnny glances from his friend to Selena, waving with a bit of a smile to the smart one who'd been helpful in his late outings. "Hey, yeah I'm Johnny, nice to see ya too. Never caught your name, but s'alright no harm right?" he says before he agres to approach Shashka and insepect their wares, his friend seems far less enthusiastic about the meeting. "Drus me up?" he slurs a bit uneducatedly before Johnny jabs him in the side. "I mean ah, dress me up? I don't need no dress." He etakes a moment to eye the vials and then the crossbows. "Crossbows... half my gang used to carry em, people hate when you fire alot of them at once. An then we had a few dark magic guys, real nasty combination. Course it didn't help them much. What are you asking?"

Valor smiles, very much pleased that someone had taken notice of him. He does take heed of their words and joins them under the tarp. He shakes his head, shaking the water from his mane. He follows the two Pronghorns, interested in what might be in those books, as he loved to learn. And eat as well, as he made a mental note to check out the wonderful smells coming over from Siyu and Flora's direction. They get a polite nod, and he spots the various weapon dealers. Gods, there was so much to do and see! But first, these white-robbed females got his attention, as they had invited him under the tarp so, being polite, giving his full attention to the pair of Pronghorns.

"Aaaaah but of course lovely lady~ I ask that you not wander with them though... I've had a few attempt so already!" The Jackrabbit laughing gently as he leans back some, his wares well crafted, if not a little over dressed it seemed. Ornate carvings in the handles depicting local wildlife to the Desert nation, along with some that had creator text attached to them. All but a few of his weapons carry markings along it's length for creator fire runes... Though there is an interesting whip of all things, that was sporting a gilded wrapping around the handle and appeared more for show than actual fighting.

Cassidy's donation almost makes the man drop his backet, before he collects himself and lets out a sharp whistle... Another male, and female slinking their way through the crowd, the female taking his basket to the back before returning as well. Both of the new comers move to grasp her Cassidy's hands, as the original one moves behind her to help 'motivate' her forward. "Gladly~! To Start, I am Rahbi, And this is my sister and brother Maxah'ni, and Lest'li~ Not related by blood mind you! Come come, we'll take you to relax behind the stage with us!" With how they were pushing, it didn't seem to be an option either...

Mama Mombasa puffs her chest out heavily as Flora mentions the prices, before moving her serving tool to flick the two desired pieces up, catch them on a small wooden plate, and hold them out for her to pick from said plate. "Mama Mombasa makes only finest foods! I do not try and hide flavor behind spice... And for price, it is the price! If the little one thinks she can haggle with Mama Mombasa, she is welcome to try!" The woman giving a broad and devious grin, as her assistant, a -smaller- fennec then most, covers his face with his hand.

Siyu's arrival is met with loud cheering from the group of three, the lead cook standing up as she brushes her hands off. "Welcome Brother! We will burn the impurities of the souls away... I am the chef Mazavi, and my Brothers are with me... Bastu! Give the brother some of our Kofta!" At her command, the smallest of the group rushes forward with a plate of the spicy food already skewered for the customer!

"Yes yes, Crossbows are nice yes? I tell you what, you are smart yes, so I show you a crossbow that fire alot at once! I work the clips too, so they go in a little faster, and you can shoot more with greater speed!" The Hyena reaching down to pull up a large repeating crossbow, as a female hyena makes her way out, holding leather with what looks to be bits of cloth made to resemble fur vaguely as she compares themto his friends colorings...

"You are a silent one sir! We see many of the Creators Children today wandering the streets... And have made certain to pay our dues while here of course. The architexture was lovely, but not much to our home... Tell me friend, do you visit your Church often?" THe two Pronghorns Flicking their tails as they look to the silent Valor.

Selena nods back to Johnny. "I'm Selena. Again, sorry I wasn't very talkative. I was more than a little shocked by what happened." She replies, shaking her head. First, a dagger's inspected. Then another, and another before she finally takes a look at the unusual whip critically. "Could you tell me something about these and the text on the daggers?" She asks - "The unfortunate thing about these is that very few beings here are familiar with creator text. I've only seen a little when I did some work on restoring a book about... A little over a year ago, I think. And I wasn't given any full translation."

Cassidy slides her own basket up to her elbow before allowing the other fennecs to take her hand, easily ushered along by the three. "Oh, well, it is nice to meet you three! I am Cassidy. I'd love to relax with you! So, what do you three do, exactly? You said you were performers? Do you sing, or dance? Both? Something else? I'd love to know more!" She seems genuinely curious and quite pleased.

"Flora is quite sure the price is too high, yes. The food, however, is not bad... Now, Flora understands wanting to make some money, but... A profit-margin of twice the costs of the meat AND the runes needed to heat it up... Flora would deem that a bit much, no?"

She grins for a moment, gesturing at the numbers, before leaning back on the spot. "Now, since miss Mombasa took the effort of bringing Flora food from her old home... Flora is offering a profit-margin of... Ten percent. Should be more than enough to account for whatever part of the food spoiled on the way here as well," she adds. "Miss Mombasa's choice."

Siyu claps his hands together as the coin is left on the table, "Ah hahaha. Very good very good..." he rubs his hands together again, "Tell me Sister, are there any interesting spice merchants I should visit? I need vanilla bean, chile and peppers, saffron and tea..." he mmms, "I am doing quite well for myrself, in fact, I'm interested in any sort of...well, ancient artifacts. The creators have sparked some new interest in me, and if any of your caravan know where I could buy some, broken or not, I'll offer a fine finders fee..." he winks. "I will treat my countrymen, and cousins right. After all, I never know who my first wife's family will be!" he chitters to himself as he takes the meal. Grining and biting into it. Feeling the spice, the heat, a flush of saliva, his brown turning red, his ears, his face turning crimson, and he lets out a sound of adulation. Even in the pain he loves it. "Ah...that is the taste of home..." He sees some of the dacers and he giggles, shaking his hips as his mouth is aflame, "Prehaps I should go get fitted for such a thing. It would make for some amusments no?"

Johnny can't help but laugh briefly as the lady starts comparing material to his one remaining gang members fur. He tries to hold back a wise crack as he nods to the Hyena. "Alright, I think I know someone who can use a repeating crossbow. Let's see what you've got, hopefully it's somethin that will make me suggest your name to others huh?" he says with a grin. Arms for enforcement, long as he's watching these enforcers he can afford to equip them with anything he likes, no risk for corruption with a solid intent organizer. "An yeah it's no problem, really Selena, nice to know yer name."

Valor didn't realize they had expected an answer. He sputtered in embarrassment, his ears flattening as he smiled in an embarrassed manner. "R-right! Umm.... A few times, but not as much as I really should." He admits, the embarrassed look slowly sliding away, replaced with a intelligent look that he wore when he was learning and listening. "I am a very busy being, and don't get to mass as much as I should. That and I was not raised going to to regular mass..." He says, looking a little embarrassed again.

"Ah yes yes of course pretty lady! The ones with the writing I have incribed upon them from the churches back home, as I myself am not one whom should be handling such texts... No, they are told to me, to be quotes pretaining to the First Texts words upon Violence... And how one should hold themselves, to resolve their issues other ways, instead of falling to such a thing quickly. A warning of responsibility I should say?" His hands then moving to the whip as he holds it up some for her to see before clearing his throat. "It is not a weapon as many here would call one such... But rather, items such as this are used by experienced individuals in displays of martial prowess, where they do things like whipping a candle to cease the flame, without moving the wax. Some are able to use it in combat though, and they use it to trip or stagger their opponents, so that they do not cause much harm."

The entertainers laugh as they continue to lead her back and behind the stage, a few of the dancers blowing her a kiss as she passess before resuming their dance. The area behind the dancers is filled with pillows and another tarp to ensure the area stays dry even more so, while serving as a spot to hang thin see through silk down around it. In the center of the spot, is a strange metal device with a variety of smoldering coals burning in a small entrapment at the top. Four long metal bits, with leather wrapped around certain joints to afford it the ability to bend without losing whatever it was supposed to send through it. "Myself and Lest'li are Dancers, and mainly work to draw the eyes of many with beauty like yours... While Maxah'ni is a signer, whom works to ensure your ears are filled with only the best we can offer~" Rahbi says as he tries to lead her to a seat, where all three would sit damn near on her lap at.

Mama Mombasa furrows her brow and leans forward a she speaks with an authoratative voice. "Thirty percent Mama will accept... Many was lost, and more snatched up and stolen!" Her assistant blinking some as he listens to Flora, before hiding behind Mombasa.

Siyu is given a laughter of cheering and laughter from his fellows before Mazavi leans forward with a smirk. "Are you trying to strike a deal with me stranger? I'll have you know my father is not here to negotiate now~!" The woman laughing ina teasing tone before giving a nod and clapping her hands. Another of her brothers running a cup of each spice up for her to display. "Feel, taste, see! We have much to sell for spices, as not many desire to try their taste by fire~ As for artifacts... No, none I am afraid. We are all just cooks and workers!"

The Hyena grins as he stands and sets the crossbow and clip infront of Johnny, moving the clips around quickly as he counts the time... And sure enough, it -is- a couple seconds quicker. "I cannot shoot here, no no... Guards will have my hide on the wall! But I offer deal yes? Buy from me, and I throw in three clips of bolts with Burning Sand poison on them eh~?" The Hyena grinning some, as the woman gives a nod and begins to pull out a needle to sew with as she makes crude sleeves to cover the prosthetic legs.

"You do not?! Oh my! You -must- change such sir! The Church is a wonderful place to discuss, and learn amongst each other!" Both nodding to Valor before they open their coppies of the first text for him to see. "If you wish, we will sell you your own first text copy... Written by a high ranking member of the port's church! This way you can study better than we can say hm~?"

Selena peers at the whip for a few more moments. "Hmm. Well, you can understand my confusion. It looks closer to something ceremonial than a weapon, and to see it at a weapons stall is certainly unusual." She notes, setting it back down carefully. "But I don't have use for it, unfortunately." The woman looks over some of the other weapons present, taking another of the daggers up to continue perusing the more 'normal' section of the display.

Cassidy eagerly allows herself to be ushered into a seat, eyeing the device as she sets her basket down, arms wrapping around the three fennecs as she smiles. "I see! Well, you have certainly made me feel welcome! And I greatly enjoy your company! Perhaps I might get to hear your lovely voice later, as well?"

"Flora offers ten percent, and nothing more," the cat mumbles, before shaking her head, tails swaying behind her. "One wouldn't want to pass up the chance of telling back home that miss Mombassa held the honor of serving nobles, yes? Would make for good publicity, Flora thinks?" she murrs with a smirk, momentarily flashing her signet-ring to add to her point. "But of course, if Miss Mombasa prefers Flora has another lime from Flora's bag..." she adds, turning around and indeed rummaging through her bag.

Siyu ahhhs a little bit and he licks his lips, "Strike a deal, prehaps. I am the son of a merchant caravan, I know full well the wiles of a female merchant." the young, short, pretty faced rodent winks, but he grins and reaches for more spice. "yes but you've traveled with the others. I mean, if you were to help me find someone amoung the grou phere that had a few artifacts...and assisted me in buyiing them I would give you a generous finders fee...just an offer. We must stick together after all and keep ourlines strong." he bows his head politely again, "You'll do well selling delicacies here though, these spices are not found in Sweetwater at all. Though their own crops are bountiful!" he mmmms and licks his lips. "Prepare me a sampling of spices. A cask each, dried and seal. I'll approve most sampling, pure spices please, though I am sure you have a special family blend. I'll take ONE cask of the family bled. The rest pure, and we shall now debate price yes?" he smiles happily. So much like home!

Johnny grins and nods. "Alright, deal. How much you asking for this piece of work?" he quizzes as he checks that his hair is slicked enough before giving his buddy a thmbs up as he eyes the ladies handiwork. "That's not too bad, like you still had something there. What do you think?" he asks as his friend seems extremely happy with the results.

Valor scratches his chin at the pair's offer. "Hmm.... What exactly are you asking for such a valuable copy of the First Text?" He asks, looking between the pair. Surely they would not be scamming him, as well dressed and friendly as they were. And about selling the First Text as they were. He looks around momentarily, eying the food again and then the weapons. He had plenty of crown, but a copy of the First Text might be a more valuable than food or weaponry.

The merchant frowns some before looking over his shoulder and clearing his throat. "Xaxu! Man the stall for Papa!" His hands picking up the whip as he moves around, his son taking his spot instead as the Jackrabbit extends it for Selena to see while making sure he was clear. "Anything in this world may be a weapon you must understand pretty lady..." The Jackrabbit turning on a heel as he lashes the whip out with a resounding crack! A burst of bright flames residing in the air from the impact zone, before he spins once more and cracks the whip twice in the air before swinging it's length in slow circles so that the flames are continuosly tracing in the air as he speaks. "It is decorated, because we search for beauty! Your weapons are cold and hard... Made to be something with a single purpose, to kill and harm. Ours serve many, be it to entertain, or to serve a serious purpose! This whip may amaze many, and at the same time, perfect for scaring small thugs away!" His child nodding as the younger one holds out a small short sword lacking a proper handguard... Three rings are bolted into the back of the blade, and it seems more for decoration than not. Along it's handle it has a star carved in it, painted a gentle gold to show it off.

The three Fennecs grin as the singer is nudged, the man standing up and moving to the side as he picks up a small drum and begins to tap a rhythym before begining to sing for them, as the female rises as well to begin to dance... Leaving only Rahbi in Cassidy's lap as he reaches up to stroke her chin gently. "Why not hear it now? For friends, we offer our talents away from public display... We can dance, sing, smoke some Hashish, and delight in a paradise~"

Mama Mombasa huffs some and waves her serving tool. "A noble yes? I see... Then in good will, Mama Mombasa convinced to lower it... Fifteen percent. I give you more leeway and you enjoy the food. Ten percent is no though, just too little for Mama Mombasa!" Her assistant whispering up to her, and causing her a momentary look of confusion.

"Ah... If we knew of such items out of the churches grasp, we'd have already told them... I'm terribly sorry, but yes business! One cask each..." Her hand motioning to her brothers whom are quick to run to the back and bring forth a cask of each spice desired for him, along with one in a black container with a red X painted over it. "You wish to talk prices then? Very well... One hundred and fifty thousand crowns."

"Ah yes... Good good! Special deal is working for you? Then I make it better! This piece here, is only eight thousand crown yes... Pluss five hundred for all the bolts yes. Your friends modifications? Eh... Fifty crowns for that is fair I am thinking." The Hyena giving a nod, and a wide grin as he looks to the Rat.

"Oh we'd not ask terribly much no... But as it is written by a higher member, we ask only one thousand crowns for the copy. It is signed inside the cover for authenticity, and would be wonderful for any family to hand to their children!" The women nodding to Valor as they open it to show the signature.

Selena chuckles quietly and nods back to the man moves and gives a very visible demonstration of his wares. "Don't misunderstand me - I'm well aware that anything can be a weapon as unfortunate as it is. While beauty is admirable, I know no beings that fight with whips or perform with them and my first priority in purchasing a weapon is going to be if they can be used by the intended recipient. Then I consider functionality and quality." She replies, rubbing her cheek. "And it's a rare craftsperson that produces both." Finally settling on a small dagger after checking the engraving's depth and fill. "How much would you charge for this?"

Cassidy smiles a little and nods. "I've never smoked before, but... Well, I'd love to hear the singing now, of course! You're all so delightful. I'll most certainly tip all three of you well for giving me such a delightful evening, but I hope the company I give in return is just as nice!"

A tailflick, a mumble, a shake of the head. "Flora will have to make do with her limes then, yes," she mumbles after a moment of feigned contemplation. "As much as Flora enjoys the food from her old home, Flora does not intend to pay more than ten percent for the work done preparing it... Perhaps Flora can help Lady Lina figure out how to make doner and shoarma, yes. Friend Sveta's a good cook too, yes," she mumbles, taking another bite from the green citrus-fruit.

A tailflick, a mumble, a shake of the head. "Flora will have to make do with her limes then, yes," she mumbles after a moment of feigned contemplation. "As much as Flora enjoys the food from her old home, Flora does not intend to pay more than ten percent for the work done preparing it... Perhaps Flora can help Lady Lina figure out how to make doner and shoarma, yes. Friend Sveta's a good cook too, yes," she mumbles, taking another bite from the green citrus-fruit.

Siyu smiles, "Write me an invoice, with weights and names, and we shall call it done...and I shall offer you 200,000." he holds his hand out. "Blessed be your trading and your travels. This caravan merchant finds sucess in a city now. I offer you clear skies, and full water barrels. And prehaps the next time you see a trader in need you shall pass it on. We stand unbroken upon the road, I am Gang Xi Siyu, if you see my family tell them I grow strong and rich when I put down roots." he smiles happily. That is a LOT of spice, even for personal use. "Anyone else I should talk to. Any recomendations amoung the fellow traders here"

The rat grins and pulls free a large bag of crowns, tossing them over for the rather fair business exchange. "I'll say thats a good deal, here you go. I'll be sure to mention you so you get more traffic, seems like the least I can do for a special exchange." he says and looks to his friends modifications.

Valor smiles, thinking. 1000 crown was a lot but he made plenty of crown for his work. "Of course. That sounds like a good price... And if only I had a family and children to bring it to. But I will cherish it nonetheless." He says, smiling and fishing out the required coin from his sporran, raising his eyebrows at the show that the jackrabbit and his show that he was putting on for Selena.

The Jackrabbit works the whip to a slow before snagging the end in his hand, to begin curling it up with a gentle smile to Selena. Shrugging gently, as his display at the least seems to have enticed a few others whom are now approaching his stall, as he slips behind it to set the whip down as he clears his throat and looks to the dagger with a smile. "The Dagger there? Hmmm... You're smart, so I will not play much games with you. One thousand crown." The merchant crossing his arms as he nods, with his son soon mimicing him.

The Singer continues his work by cassidy, filling the air with a rather silky smooth voice, as the female shimmies and shakes gently in a belly dancing routine for Cassidy as Rahbi reaches out to pull one of the metal pipes to his mouth... Taking a nice long drag on it before he blows three rings of sweet fruity smelling smoke, before offering the pipe to her with a grin as his tail flicks. "Ooooh~? Well lovely lady, stay with us and we shall see~!" The man giving a short wink before whispering gently into her ear.

Mama Mombasas grunts some as she pulls the boy from behind her and points to Flora. "This is the one then? BAH! Be going to the back now, and ready next batch silly one." She huffs and looks back to Flora before narrowing her eyes. "... Ten percent, and Mama gets the limes then. You drive hard bargain... But for simple extra payment, I sell recipe card to you." The large woman nodding as she grins slightly at that.

Siyu's offer causes the woman to blink and furrow her brow as he offers -more- than what was put on the table... Ah well, it must've been caused by being with the people here. "Well... Very well then! We shall take your offer, and may the sun always shine bright, and the nights never darken too much for you Gang Xi Siyu, if we run across them, we shall inform them of your success!" The woman nodding to her brothers before clearing her throat as she turns back to him. "As for recomendations? Be careful with the Sand Furs... If you tip them too much, they'll think you want to join them." The woman chuckling before motioning closer to the water. "Down there, you can get some of the imported Liquor though, what we didn't sell to the inns that is." Her brother returning with a invoce written and prepared up, as she hands it to him with all the desired information.

"AH! You please Shashka! Please please, enjoy the weapon yes..." The Hyena sliding the crossbow forward some, as he hands the bag to a younger Hyena, whom begins to open and count it for the male as the female goes to wrap Johnny's friend into a tight hug, before giving him a kiss on the cheek and stepping back. "You tell many about Shashka's wares yes!! Eh... Not mentioning the poison though, I am not guard, you are not guard, but someone may be, and would yell at Shashka." The Hyena nodding as he loads the clips for Johnny.

The women grin to each other, before pulling another book from their bags to hold out to Valor. Waiting for him to take it in hand before moving to each side of him to plant a kiss on both cheeks as they step away. "Creators watch over you good sir! Do enjoy the bazaar for today~" Quickly heading off with their payment in hand as they hide with strange ease in the crowd.

Siyu spends 200000 Crown for RP reasons.

Cassidy looks skeptically at the pipe for a moment before taking it to puff softly on it. "I think... I think I'd love to take you up on your offer, yes. You're all quite lovely, and your singing voice is magnificent, sir. As is your dancing, miss! I haven't been able to properly relax in ages, really."

Valor spends 1000 Crown for RP reasons.

Selena looks back up at the merchant incredulously. "One thousand?" She replies, reaching into her bag for some crown and turning up the one thousand requested. "I'm surprised that your price is as low as it is... I know how much daggers cost locally. I won't refuse the price, but..." She notes, passing the appropriate amount of crown to the merchants. "I can't help but feel a little dirty. Hopefully you'll have a good evening of sales."

Selena spends 1000 Crown for RP reasons.

"Ten percent for the food, Flora keeps the limes, and Flora pays separately for the recipes, yes. Flora will see them first, determine their worth, and pay, yes," she mumbles, tails flicking behind her. "Limes are not rare in Shralesta, and Flora went through quite some effort to find them here, yes... They stay with Flora," she mmumbles, frowning lightly as she readies her coin. "Final offer, Flora has to get back to tend to LongTech Industries. We have a deal, yes?" she mumbles, her ears flicking lightly as she watches the other people around.

Siyu smiles as he takes the slip, and he will return with an address. "If you have some runners deliver the spices there. Be well cousin, I hope you do well here. Wealth flows from this place, all you have to do is reach down, and scoop it up." he winks. "I've done well, your family might do well settling here as well if you dig roots in. Hard as it is for caravan folk but..." he shrugs, "I'll offer to help you if you wish to do so. But be well. I shall go see what else the others have to offer before you start marching out your daughters in front of me." he chitters with a happy giggle. If he's allowed to go he'll simply try to go find those dancers! The fine dressed dancers.

Johnny laughs. "Nah I ain't no guard, they're all chumps compared to me, but I won't ra.. snitch." he says and looks to the treatment his crippled buddy gets with a smirk. The rat companion tries to play it off all smooth, Johnny has to give him credit. "It was a pleasure doing business with ya, seeya around." he says to Shashka, and proceeds on his way.

Valor blushes hard at the kisses, holding the book close. He opens it up and checks to make sure that the book is genuine. They were right. He smiles and puts the book under his arm, drifting into the crowd to sample the food and look at the wares, all the while keeping an eye on his sporran. Those two might not have scammed him, but others might be more violent in their methods.

The merchant nods to Selena and laughs as he takes the payment before handing her the sheath for the dagger. "No no, it's alright trust me... If you were Shralestian, you'd understand ma'am." The Jackrabbit winking some as a few others around his stall murmer about the price, before he gets a reasonably sized crowd asking about prices... And should Selena listen in, what he was charging them now was a fair share above what most would pay for daggers and such.. Seems he used her and his display as a hook to work a crowd! Still, she came away in the clear!

"Ooooooh! Well now I am beyond pleased~!" The sweet smoke from the hukkah helping to give a nice dulling sensation as it works to relax her. Rahbi clapping his hands two females come through as well to begin rubbing Cassidy's shoulders, and massaging along her back as he whispers again into her ear.

Mama Mombasha smirks some and nods, picking some small parchments with recipes written down on them as she places them infront of Flora, before making two dishes. "Fine fine, picky tiger eats well tonight yes!" The large woman laughing some as she found amusement from Flora's bartering skills.

The woman gives a slight chuckle to Siyu, before clearing her throat and giving a more serious nod. "Indeed, may the days find you well from now on... We will pass on to your family, how well you've found this culture." The woman taken then as another group shuffles forward, daring each other to eat the mega spicy challange.

Shashka laughs at Johnny, tossing him a black sack as the rat leaves filled with hashish. "Be well small friend, let all know you are to be feared for the weapons you carry, and the skill in your hands~! Shashka hope to see you again!" The woman and child bowing before returning to work.

Flora flips through the recipes, her tails flicking behind her and her ears twitching just lightly atop her head. Soon enough, she lays some money down on the stand, ears flicking lightly. "This is for the food, yes... And this is for the recipes," she mumbles,hertails twitchingagain,before she gestures at a slightly larger stack besides it. "Flora will take her leave now," she mumbles after a bit, taking a bite from her food in the mean time.

Flora spends 111 Crown to: Food and recipes

Selena chuckles. "Well, maybe I'd be a better merchant if I could follow. I'd say your display brought more of a crowd..." She notes, shaking her head a little as she moves off and hears the beings questions and answers behind her. Merchants. That done, she peers over the crowds for other interesting stalls as if looking for something, but it's unclear what for the time being.

Cassidy leans back against the other fennecs, smiling happily as they rub at her tense muscles. "That sounds like a wonderful idea, then. I look forward to it, yes," she mumbles, taking another tentative puff of the smoke.

Siyu swishes his hips, he's actually sweating! That food was damn spicy. But he looks like an easy mark. He may be a merchant and dresed to the T, but he is dripping silk and gold. He wanders up to the Dancers area and he grins a tiny bit, "Magnificent performances." he mms and cocks his wide hip, "I am curious who tailors your outfits." he asks a free person. I am...interested in perhaps being fitted for one." he turns a little bit pink but...well. Frankly some people may be interested in him dancing like that, and prehaps he might like it. And WHY NOT! He's feeling good.

The merchant would wave to Selena in thanks if he could, but he was too busy making a -lot- of money quickly as his prices continue to climb for the moment. The Wolfess isn't given much free time though, as soon a Coyote wearing thick robes walks up to her and grins as he bows. "Forgive me, I thought I was approaching a mirage from my dreams, but I seem to have approached a woman more impressive than that~" The various scroll holders on his person, and the spectacles over the bridge of his nose hinting at the possibility of a mage, or spell merchant.

Flora is given a nod, and her pay recieved as the transaction goes without error, allowing her to depart quickly to return to Longtech as 'Mama' goes back to bellowing out her advertisements.

Rahbi grins some as he motions, a bottle of wine being brought to him as he pours it into a silver chalice before holding it up to Cassidy's lips for her as more dancers fill the smaller area... Joining in with singing and dancing for her as he speaks. "Are you sure you belong in this city lovely one? You look like you should be a sandfur to me~"

The woman Siyu approached turns and blinks, before she raises her hands over her head and chuckles while rolling her hips some. Metal rings around her hips clinking and jingling as she does so. "We do~ We may be preformers, but we do our own tailoring... If you wish one made for you though, the many merchants around have plenty to sell~" The woman offering a wink before another approaches him from behind to try and wrap him up in a quick hug before speaking with a huff. "But you are already dressed so well... Why would you want a simple outfit like ours~?"

Selena turns as the Coyote makes her way up to her, laughing quietly. "Well, I should make way for you. I shouldn't keep you waiting." She replies, shaking her head. "There are plenty of more attractive beings in the city, I'm sure." The wolfess doesn't seem terribly impressed by the Coyote's wiles, though perhaps amused by the preposition. "You don't usually approach someone with a comment like that. What are you going to try to sell me?"

Cassidy sniffs at the chalice before taking a cautious drink. "Heh, you think so? Yes. I'm one of the Solacious family. Though some of my family from before we married in are probably still in Shralesta. You might even know of them, though I don't. It was all before my time, as I was born into the family itself."

Siyu chuckles a little bit, "I am dressed in finery, but I have exotic tastes. And some richer then me have even MORE exotic tastes. I was not able to bring much clothing from home, let alone such rich dancing dresses." the rodent realizes he might not be recognized for male or female so he simply pulls out a large hunk of gold. A 1000 crown rests on the back of his palm and he flips it up and catches it, "I would be most interested in purchasing such a thing. I am a native of Sharlesta. I am kind and generous to my countrymen..." he winks, "And who knows I may be an interesting one to dance for..." Of cours he's interrupted by the hug, he squeeks. His hand goes to his coin purse of course. The bulging thing well protected. He is among his people. If she fondles it ther are hundreds of thousands of crowns in there, but he guards it well enough, the merchant giving a faint little chitter, "Oh that's a nice hug..." his pleasent scent of vanilla and jasmine drift from him.

The Coyote straightens up and shakes his head with a gentle chuckle as he smiles to her. "No no my lady... I was merely introducing myself. I am Linsky, the main source for the runes and incantations for our group... If I -did- want to sell to you, I'd only have spell scrolls to offer, but I'm certain you'd not find much interest inthat, what with your academy here!" The Coyote bowing gently as he winks. "I really did come over because you caught my eye."

The drink is just as fruity as the smoke, though it carries a honey after taste to it... Obviously something that costs money indeed! "Oh is that so now? Well, we -must- see if we can trace your family back and reunite you with them... Have you ever stood out in the desert, meditating as the sun sets with your siblings, and listening to the sound of this world as it breathes?" Rahbi's words sweet and honeyed as he begins to stroke her hair, while the massagers move lower...

The dancers raise an eyebrow to Siyu, though the flick of the coin seems the main interest as they tap their chin. "Persistant... You've been around these people for long, haven't you~?" The onehugging him giggling some, before the other cuts in. "Well, we very well can't sell you our own clothing... But we'd be more than happy to share some wine, and dance for you~?"

Selena chuckles quietly. "I find that somewhat difficult to believe, Linsky." She replies with a slightly amused tone to her voice. "But I do appreciate the compliment. I suppose the glowing is a little obvious. Anyway, I should at least introduce myself proper. I'm Selena." She replies, offering out a hand. After all, those old sayings about first impressions...

Cassidy closes her eyes, enjoying the massage as she reclines. "I can't say that I have, no... I haven't been to the desert in quite some time, actually. Lovely drink, by the way. Almost as lovely as the company," she adds with a snicker.

Siyu smiles a bit, "Born and raised in the trade carvans. I am Gang Xi Siyu, the family of the Iron Rat, traders in merchants and coal, left to develope roots and grow. I know you, your people, I know I know. I am here to taste a little of home. And yes, let us drink, let us dance, let us laugh." he pulls out a smaller pouch, "I grow deep roots and wealthy, spend money on your daughters and give them a kiss. For this soul misses home and wishes they grow strong." he flicks the pouch towards the dancer. Heavy with gold. 10,000 crown. Has home really made him so soft? The memories of the caravans and the hard times. The joy of reaching a city and filling your pockets full of gold. It all comes back to him. He's an easy mark, he's grown soft. A faint tear in his eye. But he can afford to grow soft, he is no longer hard as the wagon ruts. And he is better for it. "I have spent too long with these is true"

Johnny scrolls through the rest of the stands, making his way along towards interesting looking objects of value, ultimately stopping off to see Selena.. and search for a worthy food vendor.

The coyote chuckles gently as he runs his hand through his hair and smirks. "Well, obviously I need a better case when it comes to meeting lovely women now... I thought I stood a chance this time." Smiling as he takes her hand and plants a kiss on her knuckles. "My please miss Selena."

The dancers grin at Cassidy, Rahbi almost laying across her chest now as he trails his hands down her sides and speaks. "Well, you can have as much as you desire, and you flatter us~ We're only humble dancers whom try our best for our customers..." Bringing the pipe up to her lips once more as he offers her a puff again.

"Ooooooooh... Well darling, if you've been gone for so long, why not join the ships and head out with us in the morning hmmm~? We sail for home, and you can rest there once more!" The women pocketting the crowns as Siyu is led to a side tarp, complete with a pillow and a hukkah device burning hashish.

YOU THERE! Hungry looking man and friend, you come yes? Come to Taztaz's stand! I have plenty food for you to enjoy~" A horned lizard calls out, while waving a shank of meat.

Siyu spends 10000 Crown for RP reasons.

Selena shakes her head, smiling back to the canine - and blushing a little at the gesture of greeting. "I'd rather be judged my achievements rather than appearance." She replies, taking a half-step back to maintain personal space without seeming rude. "If you'd like, though, there's always some interest in foreign teaching methods at the academy."

Cassidy smiles again and nods, reaching out for the pipe, which she brings to her muzzle. "Well, you're doing plenty fine! I'm greatly enjoying this time, you know? But uh... Try not to steal from me, yeah? I wouldn't want to accuse you of anything, but I know things have a habit of going... Missing. If things don't go missing, I promise I will be most generous! As a show of good faith!"

Siyu smirks a little bit, "Sail for home, no no, you're here for days, to milk the masses dry. I am rich my little dancer." says the 3 foot 10 rodent, "I am rich because I know all the tricks. I have grown soft here it is true, but do not treat me like a mark." he purses his full fat lips, "Ask me...ask me for coin, treat me, and I will give it freely, but pump me like a well and I will make you regret it. I am generous when I am happy, and here, with the scents and sounds of home I am happy..." His nose curls, "Hasish. Well I see. Alchol and fine aromatics to enjoy, to break the coin from the man." he wets his lips, "If you have the resin of poppy, you might tempt me..." he leans back against the chair. "As I said I am generous when happy."

Johnny checks the vendor calling him over for a while, not exactly waving about a full meal, maybe something for his buddy. "Sure what you go round here?" he asks as he looks their wares over in approaching. "Taztaz huh?" he asks curiously, the name rather strange. He seems to be meeting a lot of oddballs lately.

The Coyote chuckles and shakes his head gently as he adjusts his scroll cases and speaks. "Oh no no... we leave far too soon for me to consider such. But all the same, it is nice to meet another academic... Even more so a lovely one. At the least, perhaps I could offer you some scrolls and such? To help display Shralestian ways of writting our spells?" The Coyote smiling gently.

Rahbi chuckles gently and lets her take a few puffs, before holding up a silver Chalice for her once more as he smiles. "We do not steal... As I told you, we are entertainers.... Much akin to that house of pillows you have here. We are here to help ones relax and such, and see to it that people are given a good time~"

The woman stops as Siyu speaks to her, furrowing her brow gently as she leans down to flick a finger at his nose with a slight huff. "You are rich in crown, like many... But you are forgetting many things from home it seems! We have docked only shortly after our trip to Thera'dor, and are professional entertainers, whom have served the highest of class back home. Do not comment on me thinking you a mark, or simply being here to milk the massess dry... I am here, because I am a dancer, and enjoy to dance." Straightening her posture some as she cocks her hips a little before offering a smile. "But if you are keeping the memories of home well in place, have a seat."

The Horned Lizard nods as he displays the various wares he had, mainly consisting of thick chunks of foreign beasts they had frozen and shipped over. "You name the food, Taztaz cook it yes! Can see you and friend work up appetites!"

Selena clicks her tongue. "That's a shame, Linsky." She replies, nodding back to him. "If you have some place other than the middle of the bazaar." She replies, looking over the bustle for a few moments. "Either way, if you're here for long enough I would like to make sure someone bound out of Sweetwater has access to the research I've done recently - I'd just have to pick up a copy of the papers. With all the churches and religious history over there I can only imagine how useful being able to reproduce some of the creator spells housed there could be." She replies, going a little starry eyed in thought for a moment. "What I wouldn't give to have access to some of their spells."

Cassidy graciously accepts the chalice and nods. "Of course! I don't mean to imply, of course. I'm just asking that if I happen to lose myself in the pleasure of your company tonight that I don't lose my... Posessions as it were. If you could help me keep an eye out for them, you would be surely rewarded! And I'd be entirely thankful. Even moreso than I am now, for your company!"

Siyu laughs a little bit at the flick to his nose and he'll settle and lean back, lounging and looking for his drink which should be coming soon, mmming a tiny bit, "Forget forget, yes perhaps, very well I shall wait and watch." he just wets his lips and will watch for the show that's coming to him now. "I ask forgiveness if I insulted, as I said I am generous"

Johnny examines the wares for a while then waves his buddy along. "No thanks, looking for something that isn't just fire cooked beast chunks." he says with a flick of his tail, slightly offput by the lack of variety at the stand. His buddy looks disheartened but he doesn't seem to put up a fight in tailing Johnny, perhaps the rat side-kick has no money.

Linsky tilts his head gently before pursing his lips. "Well, I'd be more than happy to move any information of course... If you wish to have me join you in retrieving it right now, then I am more than willing to join you."

Cassidy is given a nice long drink, before they are pulling it back and nestling in around her while chuckling. "Oh don't worry, I did say we were professionals... The one's you must worry about are gypsys yes. We don't need talk of compensation, all we take is what we are offered here... Our group was already paid for services in Thera'dor." The fennecs nodding as they change the music slightly to get a more festive dance going for her.

The dancer infront of Siyu merely watches him for a few moments, before pulling the coins he had given earlier, and placing them down in his lap as she instead pulls a single crown from it to keep. "The man who must always say to the workers that he is genrous, is the one who cannot see past his own nose, much less against the desert sun. Crown is monetary of the soul, I will not dance for coin when being treated like me main desire is for crown... No, I will go find a poor man whom instead is merely thankfull someone is willing to dance for them if that is the case sir." The dancer placing her hands on her hips as she gives Siyu a rather chastizing look.

"I HOPE THE SUN BURNS YOU THEN YOU CHEAP BASTARD!" The Horned lizard calls out after Johnny and his friend, grumbling before slinking back to his duty. A pair of meerkat's by the alley waving the two over with a grin. "Hey hey! Are you two betting folks?"

Selena nods back to the coyote. "If you wouldn't mind. Bazaars are terrible for finding beings in, so I'd appreciate it. Just know that my research is not for profit or for beings to profit from. It would be against the spirit of the research." She explains, gesturing over to a more quiet section of the Maritime district. "Cliffside was fairly easy to secure distribution to, ironically enough. But Shralesta's proven more difficult. I don't have any connections there." She explains a little disappointedly.

Cassidy chuckles softly, reaching up to rub at her ear. "Ah, maybe I don't, but... I want to! To properly express how much I'm enjoying this, you know? I like having some lovely company to spend my evenings with."

Siyu shrugs then, "Then I apologize I have offended. Keep what you like, I shall go." he bows politely, he's not ashamed, but he's polite, different clans have differnet views. Deciding not to offend rather then to kep digging, "Be well, may you always find shade and water"

The Coyote nods to her as he follows and clears his throat. "Naturally so... I'm surprised you didn't hand it to the church here, they'd usually send a ship I'd think... But yes! I'd be more than happy to transport your work, it'd be an honor of course. But I'd need you to sign a letter saying you allowed me to hand it over so I'm not accused of theft."

The ones in the tent with Cassidy grabbing her up and close as a bell begins to ring out, and they try to help lead her up. "Ah! The day is ending isn't it? But stay, we must talk about how to find your family yes..." The group nodding, as the story tale like situation plays out in their mind.

The woman merely sighs and places the coin she took into his bag, before departing the tent as she speaks gently. "May you carry the ways of our people close to heart merchant."

Johnny is given a scoff, but the meerkats don't bother him anymore... However, he does spy a nice golden chain with a saphire in the center, laying in the gutter about ready to fall into the sewers.

All across the districts bells begin to ring, as individuals begin to take down their stands and dancers hop down from the stages and begin to put on thick robes in preperation for the night.

Selena nods back to the Coyote. "Of course. It'd be unbecoming to send you off and then have you convicted of theivery. The other thing, however, is that this information isn't for the churches alone. In fact, it is primarily for academies and mages - more use can be made of it by beings that know about spellcraft. There's probably a few differences between the notation I've used and the common methods in Shralesta." She replies, eventually leading him off in the direction of her residence.

Cassidy chuckles softly, a little tipsy now from all the drink and smoke. "Yes. Let's talk of family. Well, I know where my -family- family, is, yes," she says with a light headed giggle. "They're back in the castle district! But uh. Yes. Lead the way, my new friends!"

Siyu offers a little smile, "Just take it, it's a gift after all, I give it freely, enjoy your time in Sweetwater, this is a wonderful place. You'll do well ot linger here, no war, no fear. Be well and be prosperous." he bows his head and swishes out of the tent.

Johnny sees the faling jewlery and makes a lunge for it, attempting to save it from sewery doom and pad his wallet. He is rather successful, examining the object briefly before he shoves it in his pocket and waves his friend along. "We're heading out, been an 'right night out."

The fair continues for a little longer, until finally everything is closed down. The remaining workers taking down the tarps to put them back on the ship, as the workers party carries on there... All that's left now, is the remaining trinkets that fell or were discarded linning the streets as the district returns to normal.