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At the forests edge stands a caped hippo, swords at ready as he gazes down the winding entrypath. "Foul bandits, we'll see you behind bars." he says to himself as he watches for signs of movement. Hopefully the call for aid will not go unheeded.

The call did not go unnoticed, as a Grey Kitsune appears brandishing a Rapier as he follows the hippos glare. "Heard you might need some assistance." Angus comments, giving the hippo a quick glance before he glance back at the path.

Selena rolls her eyes at the hippo's comment. "Hello, Rogna." She chuckles, an ear flicking back at the sight of Angus, though she makes no attempt to greet the noble.

The badger smiles widely as she is out in the forest hunting with her hammer. Kilsa hears the shout and beings to walk to the sound noticing Angus and Selena. "Whats going on out here?" The armor clad noble asks for clarification.

Rogna looks to Kilsa, Angus, and Selena and offers a smile. "Ah good to see able bodied aid. Kilsa, there are reports of bandits attacking passerbys in the woods, stripping them of their hard earned crown and injuring those who resist. This cannot be allowed to go on, I intend to lead a group in to take care of the matter." The hippo casts his cape back and eyes the group once more. "If you'll all assist me, I believe we will suffice." he adds as he gestures to the path, then proceeds to enter the woods.

Angus sighs as Selena outright ignores him, not bothering to dwell on it as she did have the right to. Kilsa gets a nod and a smile as she appears. "Hello again Lady Ironsoul." Turning back to Rogna he nods as he follows him into the woods. "Anything distinct about these bandits, are they flying any banners?"

Selena nods. "Hey Kilsa." She greets the badger as she arrives, striding across to her, an ear flicking back slightly. "Have you had a good day?" She asks, keeping one ear cocked to the discussion.

"Hello, Selena and Angus. It good to see you both and you as well Rogna." She grinned and thought about the male foxes words. "Yes. We should see if they are related those scum suckers that tried to kill Miranai." The badger growls softly. "Please lead the way, I would like to speak with them." She said with a grin that promised broken bones.

Rogna looks at something in the trees briefly, keeping track as long as possible. He places his hand on one of his swords hilts, readying himself for an ambush if it presents itself. He continues forward as he does however.

Angus twitches his ears and his pace slows, but for only a step as he keeps moving. Outwardly the fox showed no signs that something bothered him, but the tension in his shoulders and the way his right hand disappeared into his cloak said otherwise.

Selena points out some figures in the brush, murmering across to the group. "Watch them. It's a set up." She comments, readying some air magic in the event they try anything.

A nod is all kilsa offer as she draws her weapon and tries to keep her body ready to strike at a moments notices, Kilsa begins to chant under her breath preparing to smite anyone stupid enough to charge some of the most skilled members of sweetwater head on.

Rogna draws both of his swords, not one to be caught off guard. He can't quite fight a hidden enemy, so he moves closer to the others to provide a counterattack for the less well armored folk in the party.

Angus was definitely not one of the well armored, but that didn't affect him at all. As soon as the glint of their blades catches his eye he reacts, turning towards them he pulls his pistol and fires. Tearing through the hand of the foolish being that actually thought he could throw a knife. Holstering the now smoking pistol he stepped forward, reading his blade as he waited.

Selena curses silently as the gun goes off, her ears momentarily flicking back to her head to block out the sound. "Great, now they know we're here." She grumbles, whipping up a violent swirl of wind to deter any further projectiles. "Angus, get shots on whoever you can. Your pet pistol should be able to move through it."

The badger growls as a soft click echos an her fist begins glow with firey creator math, "I'm going to enjoy this." Kilsa whispers before she smack her fist together reavealing a set of glowing gauntlets, She doesn't bother hiding with her now glowing hands but she does keep her shield ready incase a threat comes for her in the form of knives or arrows.

As Angus's gun goes off a startled and distressed cry can be heard, followed by a shriek. "MOMMA!" can be heard coming from the group, and Rogna quickly races forward to see what occured. A skunk folk lays crouched over a basket of herbs on the forest floor, holding their palm. Four younger skunk beings of various ages are huddled around her, with the exception of one rather burly youth who both cries and seeths with anger as he sees the approaching figures. He spots the pistol faint remains of smoke from the fired weapon and lets out an angry "GRAH!" as he lunges at Angus, driving his dagger into the foxes shoulder. Rogna quickly grabs the hand as it pulls back for another repeated stab, at which point the skunk drops it and lets tears pour to the forest floor.

Angus nods to Selena as she throws up the winds, and freezes when he hears someone cry Momma. Following Rogna he stares in shock when he realizes that he didn't just shot some bandit about to attack them, but an innocent bystander out gathering herbs. Looking down at the woman he shot he notices the boy charge at him out of the corner of his eye, and doesn't do a thing about it. The dagger sinks into his shoulder and causes him to grunt in pain as he staggers back a little. "I'm sorry." Are the only words he speaks as he turns around and walks a few paces off and sits down, feeling like a complete idiot.

Selena suddenly dashes over to the injured woman as she hears the child's cry, dropping everything to run over and start treating the wound to the best of her ability. "Oh creators... I'm so sorry, little one." She murmers to the child, ears flicked back, glaring back at Angus with veritable fires in her eyes, though she makes no comment. "Please, take her out as soon as I'm done. She'll need proper treatment for this." Selena comments, passing some crown to the woman. "This should at least cover the treatment."

Selena spends 1750 Crown for RP reasons.

Kilsa notices Selena's look and sighs, "Sorry ma'am. We were expecting someone more deadly and this is a gross misunderstanding." Kilsa walks over to angus and begins to tend to his blade wound, "Well don't we look like heros...." She comments to Angus, "Selena might kill you but I understand this happens but you will make it up them won't you?" Kilsa checks over the child soon as she is done with Angus, "Hey. This was a big accident and we didn't mean to hurt your mom, we will make this up to you both."

Rogna sighs and shakes his head, patting the child on the back. As he does so an arrow glances off the backside of his armor, prompting him to turn around. "Hey big shot, step away from the family and show us yer hands." says one of the six emerging figures, crossbows and daggers out and ready. "I don't know what's going on but you folk drop your weapons and get on the ground. Geez if you're gonna go about mugging the innocent have some class you bumpkins." The well armed figures move closer to the group.

Angus has his head in his hands as Kilsa approaches, but he does flinch when she touches his wound. "Some hero I am....shooting some poor woman." Sighing he looks up at Kilsa, before giving Selena a glance. "Ya well I would probably deserve it...it's only fair, sine I just almost killed that woman." His ears fold back and he sighs again, that is before the armed figures show up, then he just drops his pistol on the ground with his Rapier and shrugs.

Selena hears the armed people and growls quietly, murmering something across to Angus and Kilsa, putting herself between the injured party and the armed figures, readying some earth magic.

Kilsa drops her hammer to the ground, "Alright. I dropped my hammer." She spread her hands out, "Now this was a big misunderstanding, We attacked expecting bandits." She walked closer to the group of armed folk, "I am Kilsa a blacksmith and a freesword, could I get your names and organization?"

The group looks to eachother and bursts out laughing, motioning for Rogna to drop his swords, which he does not. "Drop the rest of your weapons and no one gets hurt, do it now." One of the beings, a graceful quail folk, moves to grab the dropped weaponry. "Bandit's huh? Didn't your mother teach you not to go looking for trouble? Bandit's are bad people you know? You don't wanna get tangled up with them."

Angus stands back up, flinching a little thanks to his bandaged shoulder. "Didn't your mother ever teach you to be polite, the lady asked you a question." He could feel sorry from himself later he decided, now was the time to act so that something like this didn't happen again. "As for our search for the 'bad people' well, we have some experience tangling with bad people." Crossing his arms he gives the group a defiant look as the shock of shooting someone and being stabbed wore off, and started to be replaced by anger.

Selena growls. "And what does that make you, petty thugs?" She spits, directing the

Selena growls. "And what does that make you, petty thugs?" She spits, directing the mother and child back slightly, keeping her spell ready to cast the moment necessary.

The badger agains moves closer to the leader bandit with her hands out. "I will ask you on more time before I get upset. Name your organization...Now." Kilsa continues to walk to the leader with her hands out, "I don't want to kill anyone I don't have to." She offers without a smiles or any other joking experession.

As Kilsa approaches the leader of the group three out of four crossbow bolts, close up and unavoidable lodge into the badgers body. "STEP BACK!" they cry out nad pull out some knives, watching Kilsa closely. "For all we know you're the bandits, and you attacked this poor lady, trying to cover it up. You back up and drop your weapons, NOW!" Rogna, seeing the crossbow bolts fly, takes it upon himself to skillfully and forcefully crack one over the head with his sword hilt, then push them into a rather startled friend as he prepares to engage the group.

Angus surges forward as the crossbow bolts are loosed. Drawing his parrying dagger he swipes it across the nearest one's hands, before shoving his boot into his stomach and bowling him into the rest of the group. "Bandit's my tails! Atleast we don't shot someone point blank with crossbows!" He snarls, glaring daggers at the groups leader as he readies his dagger and bares his teeth.

Selena curses quietly. "This is ridiculous..." The wolfess growls, ushering the family back from the brawl. "I'm going to take these people back. You can fight this out yourself." The wolfess comments, quickly helping the family out of the forest.

"ARGH!! Why it is ALWAYS crossbows!" She scream but is still standing, she has trouble moving her body but manages to slowly start pulling them out. "I can't catch a break!" Kilsa is full of fury but doing little besides trying to stop the bleeding.

Being knocked around by two able bodied individuals, and having loosed their ready bolts, the enemy group backs away. "Get the stuff and get out of here." Rogna reaches forward and grabs the leader but the others scurry away. "Cowards!" Rogna cries out as he lifts up the captive bandit. He looks Kilsa over sympathetically.

The large badger attempt to take a step before a sharp pain lances through her body and she noticed that she gotten a bolt in the shin of her left leg and the thigh of her right leg. "I really really hate crossbows..." She says before pitifully leaning against a tree and sliding down to the dirt. "At least they didn't take my medical Kit and that hammer of mine isn't exactly rare, I've made dozens but... we let most of them get away and we shot an innocent." She said while bandaging her self up since it didn't seem like they were coming back for thier leader.

Rogna slams the leader into a tree and knocks him out cold, dropping him to the ground he then moves to help Kilsa up. "I'm sorry your aid came at such a price. This was not a proud day, but we have one of them. Hopefully more will follow. Let's get you and this one out of here." he says to Kilsa and Angus.

Kilsa nods and takes his help getting up. "I think I'm getting soft, Sir Rogna. I don't remember being so useless before.." Kilsa looks very thoughtful for a moment and grits her teeth, "A group of bandits would have normally been nothing for me. What happened?" She asked no one as she limped after the Hippopotamus.

Rogna grabs the bandit and shakes his head. "You were being diplomatic and resourceful, you just pushed their limit and they were most unkind. You're not useless Kilsa, you did the right thing, but do stay away from those you are unsure of until you believe you can trust them. Walking up to an armed individual is hardly a bright thing to do, discuss at a distance unless you must make contact." he says.

Kilsa nods, "Truthfully I was planning to ignite his skull with my knuckles." She held out the glowing gauntles and frowned, "I guess I need to train more still... I'm sure any of my mage friend would have just ignited the forest, the bandits, possibly the firmament, the sky, the remains of the moon, and the quarry with a snap of their fingers." She grumbled as her body scream at her from each wound as she limped a bit faster.

Selena nods to the badger and hippo as they exit the cover of the forest. "Actually, no. I wouldn't be setting everything on fire." She comments, a slight smirk. "I'm glad you're both okay, I had a passing patrol take the family back to firmament for healing." The wolfess shakes her head. "That noble needs to think before he puts a hole in someone next time." She grumbles, looking particularly irritated at Angus for whichever reason. "...Tell me what happened to you two when we're on the road back. You're getting those treated, Kilsa."

The party escorts their unconcious captive back to firmament together, Angus and Kilsa both being brought in for medicinal healings. With the bandit leader behinid bars, on one can be certain what will happen next.