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The overcast skies are showing the colors of sunset. The promise of rain not too far off is apparent in both the dark clouds on the horizon and the smell in the air. With a bit of bribery, investigation or luck, the lot of you have come across a small gathering of covered wagons, set up as booths. In the back, near the edge of it all, a hooded cloaked figure converses with a tiger shark dressed like a tough. Sitting closer to the wagon proper, a diamond back wearing a clean jerkin with a vest over it and fitted trousers has his arms crossed and the brim of his bowler hat pulled down over his eyes while he waits . A quick look around would show others, just out of sight, watching both in and out.

After tinkering with her machines for a little while, Mirana decided to head out for a walk. There was a ton on her mind. She seemed to be in a bit of haze, and normally wouldn't walk this way, but this is the way she walked when she meet Eriene, and she needed comforting memories right now. Walking along, her pack full of her tools, and her staff clanking as she goes. She passes by the wagons before she notices a thing, luck being the only thing that brought her here. She looks around, a bit of curiosity striking her. �What? Humm, hello there?� she calls out to the diamond back.

A strange group of beings doing strange things! The rumors sounded very promising to the heavily armored badger. It could be the same kidnappers as before! Though giving it some real thought, he had to admit to himself that it wasn't likely to be the case. Well, whatever this shady group is dealing in; he'd like to know. And possibly get paid for it. Payback for the other evening would only sweeten the deal. He managed to find the location where their wagons were stopped, and stood a fair distance away, considering his options in the matter. The last time they'd tried talking to someone directly about their evil plots, it didn't really work out as planned. And then he saw Mirana call out to the diamondback being and shook his head quietly before moving towards the vulpine noble for backup.

Selena is quite clearly not too comfortable with the atmosphere, not that she makes any attempt to hide it. After a brief look around the square, into the alley she goes with a shake of her head and a muttered comment to herself. Upon sighting Mirana, there's a nod of acknowledgement. Cederic affords a similar greeting from the wolfess before she looks over at the congregation of beings.

Having heard of these strange rumors as well, Ictus wanders nearby. He blinks as he spots Mira and hmms, "Hey Mirana, what brings you here?" he glances at the wagons and then to the diamond back casually, though taking everything in catiously

Bite sways towards the wagons with a stretch and a giggle. These wagons look interesting, and that diamond back seems important, he's getting a lot of attention. Mirana addresses him first but she moves on up to him properly, waiting her turn for conversation as he is clearly conversing with someone. She'd heard about strange things and strange happenings, could he be involved?

The diamond back grins and whistles. The two figures at the edge of the camp look over, nod and split up. The shark goes to stand near the lead cart while the cloaked figure climbs onto the second cart. He then flicks his hat up and steps forward in one smooth action, calling out, "Good evening, welcome welcome, welcome to the show. I'm sure the lot of you must be rather curious, what with the prime locale and all. We're here to offer a unique service, one you'll never find anywhere else and we're here to do it for a price you can afford." Then he steps forward, grinning to each of the arrivals. He holds his hands up and adds quickly, "I'll promise you there's no tricks to this. What we offer is the chance to be something else. You'd be surprised how flexible the boundries of our bodies are!" As his hands drop, he looks to the arrivals, starting with Mirana he says, "You seem a mite lost, are you after our services or were you about for other reasons?" Cedric's given a wary glance, a swift gesture leading the shark to stand nearby in case he starts something. Then he begins laughing as he looks to Ictus and Selena and gestures them closer. The giggle gets a curious look, then he offers a bow and says, "And you, how can we help you?"

Mirana looks to the diamond back and eeps slightly when Cedric comes up behind her. She nods and feels a bit better for having him about. However, these feelings deminish again when she noticed Selena and all her... friend? gives her is a nod. �Hello Selena.. how are you today?� she says a bit of hope in her voice. That is when she hears Ictus and she smiles again, �Cousin! How are you? Umm.. how.. how are the... umm. gems?� she asks, her tails actually wagging a bit behind her. She looks to Bite and just shakes her head. Then she watches what is going on and her head tilts, �Services? What, kind of services?� she asks, watching the whole display. �What is in the carts if I might ask?� curiosity over the whole thing starting to get to her.

Ictus ponders something and sighs, he hmms? at the diamond back and shrugs. He looks to Mira and nods, "They're fine, I'm wearing them now..." it is to be noted that he has two half gems in addition to his main pendant. He hmms a bit and steps up to Mira to whisper something to her before heading out with a wave, "Sorry, I have something to attend to."

Cedric tilts his head at the previously cloaked figure, wondering exactly what is going on here. He offers a polite nod to the others who've gathered... the rumors he heard about this group were possibly exagerated in their shadiness... but still. He does wonder what kind of services they're trying to peddle here. "The chance to be something else?" he asks, casting a look of doubt at the being.

Selena quirks a brow, curiousity piqued. She offers the familiar serpent and fox small waves, taking a tentative step forward. "I'm here on behalf of the Ironsoul Defenders. I didn't hear anything about this... changing thing, unless beings have the wrong idea about it. I doubt you'd tell me how it works, but it can't hurt to ask. I think I'm comfortable in my own skin for now, though." The vixen's reply yields a slight roll of her eyes as she flashes her a smile. "I've been fine, Mirana. Shouldn't you be taking care of your new station, or keeping your kits somewhere safer than Mange Square of all places? They just described their services."

Bite giggles again and looks to the diamond back, letting the shark spin his yarn. "Hello sssweeetie, isn't it a nice day?" she hisses as she listens to the shark, finally replying when she is spoken to with a "I heard rumors of strange things and strange folks, I thought it might be worth seeing on a fine day like this." The serpents ways in place, watching the others in the group. "What would I want to be something else for though?"

The snake frowns as a few wander off already. He chuckles, offers a bow to the remainder and says, "My apologies for being vague, it's just going to be hard for the lot of you to believe without proof and if I'd lead in with it, you'd not have stuck around for even that. I'm Fuller, we offer the chance for you to change yourself, whether it be your species or even your gender. We're not here to laugh, we're here to make money and offer a service that can't be matched anywhere else." Glancing to Mirana, he says, "Though I'd be cautious in your case, we haven't dared try it with the pregnant sort." He taps his chin and adds, "With that, we do have to mention, there is some chance of risk, though if something happens we'll do our best to fix it." Cedric's given a grin after as the snake continues, "Now now, don't be like that, perhaps you'd like to try being something bigger, something smaller, something prettier?" He laughs once more and adds in a more somber tone, "Really though, we can do it and if we get a volunteer we'd be happy to do a quick demonstration." Finally, Selena's question is noted, "Giving away the secret would give us competition and until we're established, I'm sure you understand." He looks to Bite lastly, "Those rumors are likely mixed, it's the nature of rumors, though I won't lie that we're not a weird sort or somesuch."

Mirana sighs softly and shakes her head, "My station is, and shall always be to the people of Sweetwater, how I can best preform that, may change Selena. And as for me and my kits, we are doing fine, but thank you for your concern. How is Arimia?" she says. She nods to Ictus and takes note of his whisper, looking back to the snake and his offers of a change and she answers Selena again as she talks, "I heard very clearly what you are offering, what I'm asking is exactly what these services are, and how they are accomplished, but I hear now that you have no entintions of explaining such. If you don't mind, I could look myself." She offers. She looks to Cedric for a bit of support in this. "And Bite brings up a good point as well, rumors conflicting or not, some answers are needed before anyone should haphazardly accept themselves into such a situation." She looks clearly to the snake as she finishes.

Cedric shakes his head in response to the snake, "Ah... I'm actually comfortable with what I am." he says honestly, tapping at his own arm as he considers the idea. It's an interesting idea, and he'd like to see a demonstration, honestly... but he can't actually think of anything he'd want to physically change about himself. "I guess if you want to give a small demonstration though, nothing weird, I'll volunteer." he says finally, with a nod.

Selena chuckles and nods. "I do understand that, Fuller. There's no such thing as no competition, though. You're always competing against nothing, and water math can make some small changes. Nothing on this scale, if what you're saying is true." She replies, tapping her foot on the ground for a moment as she says her piece. Cederic's volunteering is met with an appreciative nod before she looks over her shoulder to Mirana. "By joining a military unit while pregnant. Good job, Mirana, good job. Arimia's fine." She replies, an ear flicking back as she shakes her head.

Bite nods and tilts her head. "Well being weird and strange is nothing to be ashamed of, it's just different. So sssweetie, what sort of pitch could you offer to someone who is completely happy with themselves? I'm proud of who I am." she hisses and smiles. She watches cedric expectantly.

Fuller looks over his shoulder and gestures the cloaked figure over. The figure coughs into his hand, then says in a low voice, "We're using something a bit beyond simple water math miss. What we use can become permanent with the proper preperations and the proper costs." Looking to Cedric, he then asks with a hint of amusement, "What is it you'd like to change? Perhaps you'd like to spend time as another species for a short time, or perhaps as a female? No, no of course not, but you'd be surprised at the options available." He coughs into his hand after and steps back, nodding to Fuller. One might notice the shark has stepped closer as Mirana talks. Fuller looks to her and says, "Now miss, I know we're relying a bit too much on airy words, but I'd think we weren't that obscure. We're offering the chance to change things, but we're not showing the details for business reasons." Selena's comments are given a curious look, then he leans back and converses with the hooded avian. A few nods before he resumes, looking to Bite, "Everyone has some form of curiosity, it need not be permanent, but should you try it and like it.." While chatting, the crane, Barnabe wanders off towards the second trailer once more.

Mirana just shakes her head to Selena, "Yes, a good job. I haven't seen Lady Kilsa in months, haven't got word from Arimia either. And not for lack of trying. But I digress." And she looks over to Cedric in shock, "I... won't stop you Cedric, but, are you sure that is wise?" she asks. "And Bite makes a good point, from my fur pattern to my species, there isn't anything I'd change about myself." she says. Then, back to Cedric, "I mean, they even say themselves that they are unsure about this." TO Fuller she says, "If would you oblidge me by letting me take a look, I'd be put more at ease about this. If she notices the movements of the others, she doesn't seem to show it.

Cedric chuckles politely, shaking his head at the mention of becoming female. He looks to Mirana, raising his shoulders in a casual shrug. "Probably not." he replies with another laugh. He doesn't seem too worried about it. And if they start anything that seems too dangerous, he's sure between the others there's a lot of math to be flung if things go south. "Well... I guess I could spend some time as another type of being for a while." he muses, rubbing his chin thoughtfully and trying to come up with some ideas. "To be honest though, I don't really think I have enough crown on me, for this."

Selena nods, smiling slightly. "I'm aware. But for some smaller alterations, it becomes competition. Of course, that depends on your difinition of 'small', too." She reiterates. A brief pause and she turns back to Mirana. "Then we'll continue this talk later." She says simply, fishing through her bag for a moment. "I have crown at hand, Cedric. How much are you charging?" She queries, looking over to Fuller with a questioning look.

Bite giggles and looks Cedric over, a smirk coming to her face. "You would make a nice Mamba." she hisses, her tone rather teasing, although it carries a great deal of sarcasm as well. "Yes how much does it cost?" she asks curiously, thinking the situation over. "A secret process we know nothing about, would be hard to gauge price wise, you might be overcharging folks without them knowing, but, since yours is the only claim of this I've heard..."

The snake looks at Mirana, works his jaw a few times, then shakes his head and says, to Cedric with a grin, "Well, I'm sure we can sort out a price if you're actually interested in trying. It's your choice ultimately. We might have another volunteer if you're unsure though." He holds a finger up for him and calls out, "Any other takers?" before gesturing a recent addition, a mouse, a scrawny little guy, not quite small clan, but he probably wasn't far from it. He stops though as Selena offers money, leaning forward to chat with the mouse before sending him to Barnabe. "Well sir, what would you like, if you're working that out?" Bite's given a bit of a smirk, mostly for the obvious fishing. "As for the price, due to the materials we used, it'll be fifty thousand for something simple, one hundred thousand for more. We can do it permanently for something a bit more.. substantial."

Mirana shrugs to Selena, "If you want Selena, we can, and I'd like the chance to talk." she says but is dumbstruck when Selena offers the money. She was hoping that she'd get the chance to examine things, but, seeing how that wasn't about to happen, she smiles, "I'm guess if you have nothing more to say, and you aren't going to let anyone take a look without agreeing to the procedure, I'll have to decline myself." She says, keeping proper to Fuller. She takes a few steps away and takes off her pack, making sure she is moving away from the shark. She is flabergasted that anyone would consiter this without some knowledge of what was going on, to let someone play with their body like that. Let alone the worry for what would happen with her kits. Dropping the pack on the ground, she takes out a small device and a quill. She contemplates working some earth math to activate it and start taking notes on the device, but for now she just looks it over a few times, peeking up to see what was going on with the mouse and Cedric from time to time.

Cedric shakes his head at Selena's kind offer, "No, it's okay, really... I can't allow another to pay for my own amusements." he tells her, before chuckling at the Taipan's comment. "Appealing, though I think I'd miss having fur too much. Perhaps a canine of some kind?" He listens as Fuller runs down the costs of the process, and whistles appreciatively at the pricing. Though that sounds about right if these people can really do what they claim to be able to do... still, the badger seems skeptical. "One-hundred thousand crowns seems a bit steep for something temporary..." he says, before asking. "How long would this transformation last?" He can cover the cost himself, and is interested in experiencing the process for himself, though.

Selena doesn't turn to respond, withdrawing her hand from the bag and nodding to Cedric. "My offer stands." She notes, considering for a few more moments. "It is expensive. But it's still under a tenth of the cost of a permanent change." Another pause for thought and she shrugs. "I'm a little curious what being male feels like." She suggests, quirking a brow.

Bite nods. "Well if you're really going through with it maybe you should..." she hisses to Cedric and stops to have a giggle-fit about Selena's curiosity. She flicks her tail agianst the ground once and shakes her head. "You should pick something close to what you are in case there are any mistakes? What if you couldn't turn back?"

The snake shakes his head and says, "No no, I assure you, you'll turn back before too long. It varies from person to person. The permanent changes require... a touch more than the temporary things. And unfortunately it's expensive, but our initial costs were much the same. We've been taking on odd jobs lately due to it." He then grins to Selena and says cheerily, "Male you say? Well, if you're truly that curious, come have a chat with Barnabe and we'll get that situated for you. As for you sir, when you've made up your mind, let us know and we'll get things set up." Bite's given a curious look before asking, "And yourself? Anything you'd like to try? See?" Akula, the shark woman steps up behind Mirana and says softly, "Miss, please, we're sincere in our desire to keep the methods to ourselves for the moment as has been explained."

Selena chuckles quietly at the taipan's response. "I... Wouldn't be too pleased if it wasn't reversible." She replies, a slight blush on her cheeks as she shoots a harmless glare at Bite and a smile, moving over to the mouse. She does hesitate for a moment before her hand dips into her bag for the crowns. "This would be... how much, exactly? Temporary of course, I don't think I have to explain that part."

Mirana sighs softly and gets the quill to ink with a simple bit of math. She takes out some simple parchment and starts taking notes, that is till she is interupted by the shark woman. She smiles, and puts the device away and offers a hand to Akula to shake, "Mirana, and I do understand that, but please also understand that I can't in good contious agree to something that I have no knowledge of the workings of. But, something trivial... alright, tell me one thing, and lay my concerns to rest and I'll agree to one thing. My fur. I always wanted to see what I'd look like with normal fur patterns. I like what the creators gave me, but I'm curious myself. So, if you can assure me nothing else would be changed, I'd agree to a temporary change of my fur." she says with a small smile and a look back to the carts. "Tell me nothing, nothing even if something goes a bit wrong, would happen to my kits. Nothing at all, and I'll agree to this small change."

He's a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of someone rearraging his shape with unknown methods... but his curiosity is just getting the better of him by the minute. Can't learn anything useful if you're not willing to take a risk here and there. "What the hell? Yeah, let's do it then. Turn me into a coyote." Cedric says with a chuckle, reaching into his side pouch for the correct amount of coins.

Selena chuckles quietly at the taipan's response. "I... Wouldn't be too pleased if it wasn't reversible." She replies, a slight blush on her cheeks as she shoots a harmless glare at Bite and a smile. Mirana's comment is caught as she makes her way over and she sighs. "Didn't you hear Fuller when he said they haven't ried it on a pregnant being?" before moving over to the mouse. She does hesitate for a moment before her hand dips into her bag for the crowns. "This would be... how much, exactly? Temporary of course, I don't think I have to explain that part." Cederic's announcement is met with a chuckle. "See you on the other side, then?"

Bite gives Selena a look and hisses "You're perfect theh way you are, so if it's permanent we'll have to have a talk with them about the wonders of math and our prowess sssweetie. Maybe show them wat we did in those ruins." She looks to Cedric and then moves to tail Selena, curious what her friend will experience. "Nothing for me right now but I would like to see what my friends outcome is, you don't mind, do you sir?" The last part is addressed as much to the serpent as it is to Selena, a stifled giggle backing it.

Fuller looks at Mirana, a funny look on his features. He stands up straight, glances around, then rubs between his eyes. He nods his thanks to Selena as she walks past. "Those ruins are killer, you'd do well to be careful in them. That said, I guess the draw of what you can find is worth it right?" The three over with Barnabe are given a few basic safety instructions, limbs inside the cart, no opening their eyes, blind folds just.. for whatever reasons. The mouse is lead out first. Barnabe steps into the cart, closes the doors. Sometime later, the faint hints of light from beneath the cracks of the door and the two step out. Barnabe is still covered head to toe of course, but the taller, now feminine mouse blushes, offers a bow and tries to hurry off, looking pleased with herself. Then the blindfold is held up for Selena while they do some quick counting for the crown.

Mirana takes a deep breath, "I have ears Selena, so yes, I heard him. It never hurts to ask a more spacific question." She sighs softly and looks to the helpful shark, "Well, if you have no information to give me, then I'll have to decline. But I'd still be interested in watching." She looks to the mouse and is truly curious now. She blinks a few times and takes some mental notes. She looks with concern to Selena and Cedric, but doesn't say anyting, putting her notes away and walking up next to Bite and whispering. After, she just stands there and watches.

Cedric gives a slightly nervous chuckle as he nods to Selena, before counting the crowns in his hand. He hands Barnabe the crown with an explicit... well, it's not quite a warning, or a threat... but more a clarification. "Okay. So just the coyote transformation and nothing else. No other body modification." he says, and clears his throat. "I'll be upset if anything... er... 'important' is missing after this, you understand?" he adds, with another nervous laugh.

Selena nods back to the salesbeing, looking at the blindfold amusedly for a few moments before shrugging and taking it. "Let me guess; to stop us from seeing what the device is? Or are you afraid we have weak stomachs?" She chuckles, waiting for her coin to be counted before she steps in and ties the blindfold on securely.

Selena spends 100000 Crown for RP reasons.

Cedric spends 100000 Crown to: Temporary transformation!

Bite blinks once as she watches the crown transactions to the best of her ability, watching for anything odd just in case, before nodding for Mirana and whispering something to them. "Selena you might not want to let them handle your money blindfolded." she chimes in, before looking the group over, smiling. "This seems like fun, if I weren't happy with myself I'd give it a try, but I wouldn't spend on something temporary like that."

The crane glances at the two sacks of money before looking to Selena. "A bit of both honestly." he offers bluntly. Then he steps back and guides her into the cart, making sure she doesn't stumble or trip over something. Le crosses his arms and looks to Cedric after before asking, "Coyote huh?" Meanwhile, back with the others, Akula watches Mirana, then just shakes her head and begins to wander off.

Mirana doesn't much like the sounds of being blinfolded and unable to see what they are walking into, but, that is par for the course it seems. She's never been one to apprechiate such mystory, even more so when it involved anyone she cared about. Noticing the shake from Akula she wonders a moment, and whispers back to Bite before heading her way. "Something wrong Akula? Was there something you wanted to say?" she offers, unsure what the shark girl might have wanted besides to explain why they were being so mysterious. She does keep one eye back to the carts however, wondering whatever Selena and Cedric would look like coming out.

Cedric nods to the being and allows himself to be blindfolded, "Yeah..." he says, unable to think of anything else to say. "So, when do I go in? How does this kind of thing usually feel?"

Selena nods back to the crane, looking plainly amused as she's 'assisted' into the cart, stretching out a little. from the flicking of her tail and ears she's eagar to get it over and done with or the blndfold off - one or the other. At least it's brief, and she - or for the time being he - replies to Cedric, paws patting down the different body. "Well, it feels warm, and then a bit tingly for lack of a better description." the wolf replies, coughing politely and blushing a little embarrassedly at the change to the pitch of 'his' voice. The blindfold comes off and is passed back to the crane before 'he' moves back over to the others and waiting to see what becomes of Cedric.

Bite looks to Selena when they come out and giggles profusely, moving close to hug them and see for herself the changes. She nods back to Mirana as she goes, looking over Selena head to toe with an eager curiosity. "How do you feel sssweetie?" she hisses, before thinking and asking "What did I tell you about that one guy I saw on the island?" she says, trying to get proof it's really them.

The shark glances over her shoulder and says, "Just keep out of trouble please, it's too much of a pain." Fuller pads over to Selena and takes a peek over her, then asks, "Any problems?" Sounding legitimately curious. Might be a reference to the earlier statement though. He smiles and gestures to her, erh, him and says, "See, like I said, it works even if it's temporary with this current.. set up. The permanent one though, well, yeah." While that's going on, Barnabe is adjusting the blindfold on the badger before leading him inside. As before, a faint light is visible from the cracks of the door before he's let out, the blindfold removed once the door's are closed and it's all over.

Mirana looks over the shark and wonders a minute whatever she could be talking about, "What... trouble?" she ponders a moment. She taps her staff a few times on the ground while she thinks, but can't come up with a thing. Seeing Selena come out of the cart she goes wide eyed, "And... you call me reckless and rash!?" she yelps shaking her head. She walks over to Bite and just looks Selena over a few more times, wonder what the wolf was thinking. She worries for Cedric next, thankful on some level that Selena's change came out as she... or he expected it to. She frowns a bit and looks around to the lights coming from the cart. "Has to be Divine Artifacts..." she ponders putting pressure on them as an ordained Machine Priest to see if that would help her case any.

Cedric is still a little unsure about this whole business, but he's paid his crown and there's no reason to turn back now. He relaxes a little when he hears Selena's reply to his question. Some part of the relief is that the possibly-now-male wolf still has the capacity to answer after the procedure, and the rest is assurance that it's not painful. "Warm and tingly... huh? That sounds more like a hot bath than a mysterious transformation." he says, mostly to himself, chuckling. He's quickly led inside where the magic happens. He doesn't try to peek from his blindfold... although the temptation to sneak a quick peek is almost too much to bear. He remains a good badger while he's inside, and experiences the warm tingly feeling of the ritual changing his species. After he steps outside and the blindfold is removed from his eyes, he looks to his arms and hands and immediately sees the results. Instead of a black and white badger, he's now a mottled auburn and brown furred coyote with a much more prominent bushy tail than he had previously. He swishes the tail around, testing it out... "Weird... I feel fine" he says looking to Mirana with a smile, about to step down to the ground. His balance is a little off from the new tail and he just falls facefirst into the ground with a loud thump. "Ugh... well... aside from that."

Selena chuckles quietly and shifts slightly. "I feel uncomfortable, to be honest. Mostly thanks to my pants not being made for... You know." Chuckling quietly and rubbing the back of his head, there's a continuation; "You mean the one that we think was just manipulating you for your money, that pulled a sword on you? My memory's a bit hazy of that chat." Turning back to Fuller, he chuckles. "No. Not that I can think of." Mirana's reply is met with a laugh and a slightly flat reply. "Yes, I do. I'm only 'risking' myself, not two other kits. Before you start calling me rash, think about the danger a military job puts your children in for me, rather than act like they only exist when you want them to. I don't know how much you've forgotten, but you need to re-evaluate your priorities." The wolf shakes his head and takes a deep breath before turning back to Cedric and the others to look at the results.

Bite continues to inspect Selena, shaking her head. "No not that one, but that'll do, I didn't really want to think about that one." she hisses in a rather meek tone before she perks up, giggling profusely. "So sssweetheart, how does it feel besides uncomfortable?" she quizzes as she moves to touch her friend, watching for their response to a offered hug curiously and suspiciously.

Fuller seems to be checking over things with Selena when he hears Cedric take a dive. He starts to turn to help the coyote up, but finds that Barnabe offers his hands out and says in that deep voice, "Come on, up, watch your step since you're a bit on the shorter side of things. Nothing broken yeah?" Akula resumes her place near the alley, watching Mirana with her arms crossed where she's leaning.

Mirana gives a slight yap as Cedric tumbles, and shurgs off her pack, running over to him, "Cedric? Are you ok?" She is more concerned that the... whatever, cause him harm then him falling over. When she is sure Cedric is ok, and notices Barnabe offering to help him up. She gets back up but pulls one of her own devices out, incase it is needed. That is when she addresses Selena again, "I'd like to know what doing morning and evening drills and paperwork would do to cause harm to my kits. The 'workouts' if you can call them that are fairly light. At least they are on me, don't know what Captain Sally has the others doing. But we can discuss that later, please." She says then looks over Cedric a few more times, ready to convince the machine spirit held in the device in her hand to heal up anything that might be wrong. "Such... foolishness..." she mutters.

"N-no... nothing broken." the coyotified badger answers as Barnabe helps him up. "Just lost my balance for a moment." Cedric says, dusting himself off quickly and looking embarassed with his pointed ears folding off to the sides of his head. He shakes his head at Mirana, "I'm just not used to having such a long tail... it's my own fault. I don't think they've done anything harmful to me." he tries to reassure the noble fox, before turning his head to look towards Selena and Bite. He clears his throat and tries not to stare too impolitely at the masculine wolf. What to say? "Um..." he chuckles, "You look really good like that." he says with a stupid grin, and tries to fold his new canine ears against his head even more.

Selena accepts Bite's hug a little hesitantly, replying, "Well, it has been a while since we've talked proper." Mirana's reply is simply met with a shake of his head and a tsk. Perhaps something muttered under his breath as well. Cederic's flattery is met with a laugh. "Don't go getting any ideas. This is both temporary and I'm in a relationship... And it feels awkward. I think I prefer being female."

Bite smiles at the hesitation of Selena, giggling and hugging them tight before letting go and backing off with a grin. "So you're still you, that's good." she hisses happily. "I wonder what Arimia would say..." she muses as she watches everyone.

Fuller nods to Selena and says, "Well, some enjoy the oddity, some find it's not for them. It's temporary though and it'll be a learning experience yeah?" Barnabe watches Cedric, making sure he doesn't step on his tail or keel over. They begin packing up the wagons with Barnabe saying, "We'll be around town a while if you lot are curious in other things. You know the price and our policies, maybe we can get a deal going if you help spread the word to the right people."

Mirana looks Cedric over a few more times, and, once she is satisfied he is ok, looks to Selena. She lowers her head and shakes it a bit. She puts the small device back into her pack and shoulders it, "I think I'll go continue my walk... I have too much to think about. Enjoy your... changes." she says and starts off, holding her staff like a walking stick and going along. She heads back toward Freeswords, keeping an eye out though, now that she is aware of exactly where she wandered.

Cedric nods to Mirana, and says "Thank you for your concern, it was kind of a bold thing to do like that." he admits before he waves politely to her as she departs. He wriggles his tail behind him, and looks over his shoulder, amused with the thing for some reason. He nods to Selena, chuckling. "Oh... no... of course not." he says, scratching his head in embarassment. "It just doesn't look weird or anything." he says with a nod.

Selena nods back to Fuller. "That's the idea. There's a reason I wouldn't buy this kind of thing as a permanent thing up front. And I don't think I'll have the opportunity to try something like this again soon." Mirana's departure elicits a wave from the wolf, though no verbal response. Cedric's reply is met with a chuckle and a shrug. "I don't know about that. It certainly feels weird enough..."

Bite waves Mirana off and giggles, swaying about and looking Selena over. "Well sssweetie you look good, you feel uncomfortable. I can't really thingk of what else you could do with your limited time." she hisses and tilts her head. "Is there anything you want to try before it wears off? Want to go buy some clothes or something sssweetie?" she hisses trying to think.