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Tis a fine November Sunday. The wind is crisp and chill as suits the fall, but the air itself remains somewhat warm with how close the city is to the tropic line. Tis a fine time to explore, and what to explore? Why the thing the Good King wants explored of course. The letter explains clearly: Ruins have been located under the city, and we beleive there is something of vital importance to all the gifted of the city, and in turn, to the world as a whole. You serve yourself, your king, and your country, by retrieving it.

Attached is a rather detailed sketch of what looks like an orb with math doodled all over it.

Bite idly sways a bit as she reads the letter once again, entertaining thoughts and trying to keep ready to act. She studies the math with all her being, trying to decipher it.

Angus leans on his musket looking a little bored as he scans the note again wondering what it just might be that they were looking for.

Wulf reaches up to her nose and pulls on it as she stands to the entrance of the underground ruins. She has previously explored part of these ruins and she's already got a rope out, just in case.

Zevran scans the letter again as he approaches, although the math on it is no more decipherable to him now than it was when he first recieved the letter. He sighs and puts it away, glancing towards the others of the group although he remains silent.

The entrance to the ruins are in a dry portion of the sewers, clearly marked and cordoned off for less adventurous citizens. It is a rough hole in the stone leading down to darkness below. Someone already tied a rope and left it there, convenience.

Ictus hmms as he reads the letter as he approaches the sewers and looks into them with a sigh, "Well, for king and country." he chuckles as he looks to the others

Wulf grins and nods. "Indeed AND my rope is still here from the last time I was down there, so need to hop inta the hole" bending over she hooks the unused rope on her belt, bends over grabs the rope to wrap about part of her waist and drops down into the sewer backwards. "Geronimo!"

Bite slithers to the rope and follows Wulf, stowing her letter to decipher later. She takes her time up until the end, and then drops down safely with a bit of wind magics.

Ryyn arriving a bit late to the party he waited for his turn before making sure all was secure and going down the rope.

Angus sighs and throws his musket over his shoulder before grabbing the rope as well. He glances down into the sewer, wondering just what might be down there, before he drops down to follow the rest of the group.

Zevran eyes the rope warily, unsure if it would support his weight. Shrugging, he moves over to the rope and uses it to descend into the hole, careful not to let his spiked armor or sword scrape against the walls.

Ictus blinks as Zevran breaks the rope and shakes his head, "Damnit... Anyone have another rope?" he thinks a bit and grins as he recites some divine math as he jumps down the hole, gently landing on the bottom

Wulf smirks and hops off to the side away from any immenent crashing. "Lookout!" the Husky does have the rope she had earlier hooked onto her belt.

Bite moves aside as the rope breaks and frowns. This just makes getting back up that much harder. As soon as the Rhino lands, she quizzes a "Are you okay?" to him, taking in her surroundinggs before offering him help.

Ryyn facepalms a little as he hears the rope snap "Great now how are we supposed to get out of this sewer? It smells in here" starts to look around into the dark damp sewer

The sewers above were actually in the dry section, and the section below, where the party now stands, is ancient and dusty, with very little moisture to be found, and strange walls made of some metal like material. Clearly of Creator fabrication and beyond any modern day crafter's ability.

Zevran only sighs as the rope snaps and leaves him plummeting. He falls headfirst, but sticks his arms out towards the ground. As they make contact , he flexes his arms to push off. The maneuver prevents him from snapping his wrists, and he is able to recover into a roll. He stands up, brushing some grime off his shoulder pads. "I'm fine. But somebody should have brought stronger rope." He replies to Bite, holding up part of the snapped rope. He takes a moment to glance around his surroundings.

Angus had already moved out of the way before the rope snapped. He was looking down a side tunnel as he hears Zevran fall. "Guess you should of kept your wings it seems." He smiles before going quiet looking at their surroundings.

Ictus hmms as he looks around as the others that were still up top climb down and looks around at the walls curiously, "Interesting..."

Wulf laughs and moves over to Zevran, taking the rope from his grips. "Ha, that things been here for a few days and.... well it wasn't meant for heavy folk. I've brought an extra rope though, and it's much stronger."

Bite giggles and begins preparing some form of spell as she looks the walls over, then looks out into the tunnel. "You'll be okay sssweetie." she hisses.

Ryyn walks over to where the two others are looking at the wall as he scratches it a little and smells "Is.. this metal? I've never seen anything like this" looks at the others in slight confusion

Wulf tosses the rope back at Zevran, wrapping it around his horn as she turns around to regard Ryy while she produces a lamp. "We were kind of wondering what it was when my group got down here too... well I was at least."

The metal resists passive attempts to scratch it, standing proud and unmarred.

Ictus looks to Ryyn and nods, "It is metal, creator made. Very strong stuff."

Zevran crosses his eyes as he tries to look at the rope on his horn. "It's a nice decoration, but it's not really my color." He chuckles, unwinding it and placing in inside his pack. He moves towards the wall with the others, running his fingers across the metal before looking down the tunnel. "If only I had armor and a sword made of this stuff." He mutters quietly.

It's not far past the entrance before the group comes across a small room with a strange pedestal and a stranger looking device mounted on top. It shines light off into the darkness, a rough hole in a white wall leading to a tunnel.

Bite begins to slither down the tunnel, stopping only to ensure that everyone begins to follow her. "We should proceed sssweeties." she offers as she moves foward with her prepared spell at ready.

Ryyn bit upset that the walls remained unmarred he nodded following the snake reading his musket as he followed her down the tunnel "that stuff would fetch a pretty crown"

Wulf managed to get her lamp lit before they arrived at the rooom that her own expidition had stopped at. "Dag... should have brought a white sheet so that we could watch the moving picture again... "

Ictus nods to Bite and hmms at the device, "Interesting..." he glares at Ryyn and shakes his head, "And defile something of the creators making?"

Zevran follows the group into the small room, taking a moment to look around before focusing his attention on the device in the center. "I wonder what it does." He says.

Bite inspects the device, gauging it's weight and listening for anything inside as she gives it a prod.

Ryyn looks at the device in the center of the room not making much off it at first other than it has moving parts "How much do you think it is worth?"

It softly humms, and it warm to the touch, but otherwise unresponsive. It is securely attached to its pedestal, making weighing it quite troublesome.

Wulf points at the broken wall. "It puts a moving picture up there! Sadly it seems to need something to show up against it, I think." With that she heads over to the broken wall and lifts her lantern into the darkness looking out for potential threats. "It's worth more than your hide, thats what I think. Besides it's something that should be shared with everyone else, not sold off to a collector of antiquities..."

Bite hides a frown as she hears Ryyn, but giggles. She inspects the pedestal before glancing over to the illuminated darkness. "We could just take the pedestal." she muses.

Ryyn looks over at the snake who seems to have a practiced eye for things of this nature after hearing Wulf "Want to split it fifty fifty?" he whispers this to the snake

Zevran chuckles at Bite's suggestion. "Oh, and I suppose you would want me to carry it?" He asks. He watches Ryyn warily, suspicious after the fox suggested selling the item earlier. However, he soon loses interest and turns his attention to the tunnel at the back of the room. "So, anybody know what's down there?"

Ictus sighs at the two and shakes his head, "We are /not/ taking this thing. We can get some priests down here when it's safe." he looks onwards and motions towards it, "Shall we?"

Angus crosses his arms and stands there on guard for danger as he glances at the tunnel. "Don't know. Want to check it out?" He draws his dagger feeling that it was to crowded for his musket and heads towards it.

Bite nods to Ictus. "We should discuss this on our way back, we don't need to carry this with us, and it's near the exit. We are here to find something else." she hisses and slithers in the gestured direction. She gives Ryyn a glance and a giggle as she passes.

Wulf lowers her lantern and hooks it onto her belt, while her less unweildy and shorter barrelled musket slips off her shoulder into her other hand. Hazarding a foot over to the other side of the wall, she presses it around feeling carefully for the ground"

The tunnel is, thankfully, mostly flat, if not for the rubble of what was once a white wall. Proceeding through the dark, the group encounters many intersections, each set of tunnels looking a lot like the one before. There is writing, but it's not in any modern language.

Zevran follows after the others through the hole in the wall. He is vaguely intrigued by the writing, he focuses on the path in front of him once he realizes he has no chance of understanding it.

Bite looks down every path they come across. "A maze?" she hisses and considers how to deal with this. She begins to keep count of how many intersections they pass, and in what direction.

Ryyn as the group left the room he keep his musket pointed up to move around easier with a practiced discipline from his time in the military as they came to the strange writing "This just keeps getting stranger doesn't it?"

Wulf shrugs as she offers a few glances at the writing, wishing she could read whatever the creators had recorded. "Maze, building cavern... still a pretty big complex or what have ya no matter how ya look at it."

Angus shakes his head as they move onward. He glances at th writing now and again as he watchs the side corridors on guard for an ambush.

One intersection after another, feeling a bit lost, taking notes, and suddenly, a choice with icons instead of words. One shows what looks like a heavy female, pointing left, another shows a big tree to the right, and directed forward, some kind of sphere with lines coming out of it, the sun?

Ictus looks at the writting and shakes his head before following the others to the intersection, "Hmm... Looks like we should go that way..." he points towards the path with the orb icon, "But I wouldn't be supprised if it was protected."

Zevran stops at the intersection, looking at each icon in turn. "I wouldn't doubt it is protected." He agrees with Ictus. Still, he glances at the other paths, wondering what secrets each holds.

Wulf scratches her head for a moment. "Bit too much fer this mind to try and decipher at the moment... and isn't that the way most ruins work? The place you need to go is always prtected somehow ain't it?"

Angus nods standing next to Wulf. "Thats usually the problem with ruins always boobie trapped." He looks at all three paths curious as to what they might hold.

Bite inspects them all. "Perhaps we should inspect each path and then decide? THe one on the left suggests it is for heavy folk, perhaps we should try the one on the right?"

Ryyn looks between the choices before replying to the snake "I guess it means for rogues and such go the way of the tree and the heavy folk down the other, and anyother to the orb perhaps?"

Angus looks over at Ryyn and gives hin a very vulpine smile. "But why should we rogues have all the fun and let the others go get the orb?"

Wulf hurmphs and looks at the heavy some more, remaining quiet as the others decide to go about things.

Adjusting her harness to make sure all is in order and testing at the dagger sheath to ensure the oiling's made for an easy, quick draw, Vanity heads out of the city gates, nodding to the guards.

The guards are nice enough to redirect Vanity back into the city, over to the sewers, down a hole, through some tunnels, frighteningly lost, and then, emerging from behind the group, comes a jogging Vanity, and who wouldn't be jogging when some mechanical -something- appears to be jogging behind them with metallic pincers clacking.

As the machination crumbles under a gust of flame, a new combatant it seen. When did Ryusho get there, in the tunnels beneath the city, in the old Creator tunnels? Huh. Well, he did help. And there they are.

Ryusho was....not exactly sure how he got here either...since as far as he knew he had been just..going along,a nd next thing eh knew he stumbled, found himself in here and in the middle of combat..

Bite carefully inspects Ryusho and prepares an explosive spell just in case it is needed. "What are you doing here sssweetie."

Zevran leans on his sword as the machine collapses before turning to Ryusho. "Nice timing." He says to the dragon in greeting.

Ryyn finishes reloading his musket as he sees ryusho come up to the group after the machine breaks

Wulf sets about reloading her Musket, breathing rapidly as she pack in the bullet and powder. "Daggum, whats with this place..."

Angus glares at the contraption making sure it is dead before sheathing his dagger. He turns around and looks at the group. "Is everyone alright?" That's when he notices Ryusho. "Oh hello, thank you for the help."

Ryusho slowly would looks around as he rubs his head a bit, "..I don't know..I mean, I had been working in my shop slightly, getting ready to make some items, started to head to the back room to c hange into my forging equipment..tripped somehow and...next thing I knew as I caught my balance...I was ..in the middle of all this..." he says as he seems more then slightly baffled....

Drawing out a cloth to smoothly wipe clean her dagger, Vanna slides out a secondary cloth and begins re-oiling the blade before slipping it back into its sheath, "So... what /was/ that, anyway? And, why was it assaulting us?" Her voice a throaty tenor.

Angus crushes down beside the now dead creature. "Honeslty I have no idea." He pokes it with his knife, turning it over to get a better look at it, and turns to them. "Whatever it was it didn't want us to continue on." He stands back up to stare at the three paths infront of them. "That means we must be close to our objective."

Wulf chuckles "I think I agree with you... but we must be wary still. No telling what's gonna pop up next."

Bite slithers up to the broken machine and stuffs what she can into a bag. "We still need to decide up on a path sssweethearts."

The creature is made of metal, and some other, strange, material that is firm, but very light. The machine itself is too large to bag, and hasn't broken into pieces, alas. It seems tough enough to resist casual tugs at its limbs.

"What, precisely, /is/ our objective? Thus far, for me... It's finding out why I got attacked by that.. mechaniloid beastie." She lets ehr gaze wander a bit, wary, her segmented tail sweeping to and fro a bit in readiness, "Mmmn, anyone fair at tracking to... well, see which way this critter originated?"

Ryyn frowns a bit as he sees the snake tries to take parts from the machine "well it seems everyone wants the orb so lets just go there"

Zevran nods his head. "The path with the orb seems like a good choice. If nothing else, we could always backtrack." He suggests. "Well, unless some sort of wall closes behind us or something." He adds.

Angus nods and looks back down at the creature. "Ok then the orb path it is." He smile at Zevran. "Then we will just have to be careful and hope that the walls arn't to friendly."

Ryusho looks around slowly as he rubs his head, "Can..someone fill me in on whats going on a bit?" he says after a moment,t hough he would try to move to get a good look at what was left of the mechanical creature, since he had been using the crystals for design, gadgetry,instalation and similar things, at least before they were decided to be in-efficient and were decided to be no longer usefull...

And so the group proceeds down the hall with the orb icon. The air grows subtly warmer as they proceed, and the hallway expands bit by bit with every step.

Wulf murrs happily as thegroup begins to enter a warmer area of the area. "Well we are exploring some creatot ruins... thats about it."

Bite keeps her prepared spell at ready to lash out at threats, and looks at the widening room. Is there something here that requires a lot of space?

Zevran nods at Wulf's explanation. "That's pretty much it. I did manage to break a rope though, so I'm not sure how we're getting out of here." Zevran adds, pulling the piece of rope out of his pack and showing it to Ryusho before stuffing it back in. He shifts uncomfortably as the air gets warmer, looking around at the widening corridor.

Wulf repeats once again. "I have rope Zev, don't get your undergarments in a twist... so to speak."

Ryyn murrs lightly as he feels the air grow warm and his ears twitch for small sounds as he replaces his musket on his back for his short bow and an arrow.

Angus is a little happier as the hallway begins to get bigger. He sheaths his dagger and takes out his musket . "We will find a way don't worry about it." He readies his musket as they move further down the hallway.

With warmth growing, Vanna takes a taste at the air, trying to place any potential hazards such as ash, smoke or the like from it. Her gaze follows the periphery of the extending, slowly expanding hall, too, glancing along the seems and over potential supports, joinings, et cetera.

Well, there was that whole letter from the king... but easily forgotten in the excitement of exploring ancient ruins. The tunnel widens out into a large room. A great sphere hovers at the center, with a circle of countertops around it. The sphere is about the size of a fully grown being, curled up. It is covered in math, looking quite familiar. It glows blue, then red, then green, and back again.

Wulf head tilts at the orbs, thinking back to the entrence. "Hey uh... don't we have one of those? And didn't the good king give us some instructions?"

Zevran stops as they enter the room, his gaze falling onto the orb. He pulls the letter out of his pack, comparing the drawing to the orb in front of him. "I think it might be." He says to Wulf.

Yep, it looks quite similar to the drawing given by the king, though it's terribly unlikely the king drew it. Maybe it was Mione, royal scholar.

Ryyn looks at the orb in wonder enjoying it for the art that it offers to his eye as he watches it change color as he reaches out to touch it but pulls his paw back.

Angus nods as he sees the orb, he takes a look around the room, before stopping close to the entrance. "Careful were you step. This place has to have a boobie trap somewhere no way they would just leave it out in the open." He glances about once again feeling like it is to easy.

Vanity is still keeping an eye out for seams, differences in patterns in the flooring and walls, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Ryusho hums as he looks around though whistles lightly, "This is definately a sight... " he says, though without the instructions himself he cant exactly figure much out as he rumbles in thought..rubbing his chin a bit

The instructions, such as they are, are simply to bring the orb back, though it does look awfully large and heavy.

"Heh, with all those mathematics... I wonder if you can divide it with its own math to make it more carryable," comments Vanna wryly as an aside.

Zevran eyes the orb again, taking note of its large size. "I don't know if anybody here has that kind of math." He replies to Vanity. He glances over to Ryusho. "We're suppose to retrieve this thing. Want to help me carry it."

Wulf quickly nominates the biggest person to carry it while she looks for some other way to get the orb out, oooking at walls and all manners of other things.. "I nominate Zev... oh he did it himself, good fer him... maybe there's a shorter way to get out though."

Ryusho nods a bit, "I may as well, Being Elemental dragon, at least, I may need to try handling it more, since I have that ersistance to elemental abilities and related math..so it won't harm me with elemental thing at the very least...."

Bite watches the orb for a while and nods to Zevran. "I would rather not touch it but I would like to study it." she hisses.

"I think you're missing something obvious, too. Even if it's carried... how will it fit through various doorways?" Vanna murmurs wryly before looking over the orb's mathetmatics to see if she can make a little heads or tails of it.

The math is quite dense, and wanders from one element to the next, all woven together with headache inducing intricacy. It's hard to imagine the sphere had any one task, for any one task that required so many different, connected, equations would be mind boggling to consider.

Ryyn thinks for a moment "talking about it won't do anything, we can take another path perhaps" takes his chances as he places both paws on the orb to judge it's weight

Vanity knits her brow... and ponders aloud, "I wonder what would happen... if I hit it with fire.... Witha ll this swirling numbers and elements.. perhaps there's a tie or key or something linked to elemental application..."

A touch upon the orb makes it flare bright white, and Rynn glows with it. It's like holding onto a lightning bolt, as sharp, painful, tingles run down through the touching hands into his body, coursing down through legs to escape into the ground in agonizing waves.

Ryyn his eyes widen as it flares bright white and he is hit with a powerfull electric shock as he tears his paws away from it with a yelp of pain as he blacks out with fur sticking straight out.

Zevran watches the orb's reaction to Ryyn's touch with interest. "Right then, feel free to touch it all you want. I don't know that I want to carry it anymore." He says to Ryusho, gesturing to the orb.

Angus curses as he sees Ryyn fall. He runs over to him pulling out his medicine bag and checkst to make sure he is still breathing. "Dammit I knew there was a trap."

"Well, then... when in doubt, blast it with fire," as she starts to centrate her efforts.

Vanity did that.

When fire washes out over the orb, portions of it glow red, then the rest glows red, and the room begins to warm up noticably.

Bite just watches the orb and the others for a while, not quite willing to touch it. She instead try to make any sense of the math.

Angus sighs in relief when he notices that he is still breathing. "Hopefully he will live." He smacks Ryyn lightly trying to wake him up. "Hey wake up." He glance back as the orb starts to glow red.

"Oh... this could prove interesting... Perhaps," The scorpion shifts her focus, deviating from the fire magics and working in air magics, examining the orb for results from her experimentation.

Ryyn slowly gains consciousness from the smack, still blurry eyed he looks around "It was beatiful... untill the pain..."

Ryusho slowly looks to the scorpion, "..Are you -trying- to potentially kill everyone here?Well, Other then -me- I am assuming, as this elemental change is not affecting me in the slightest..." he says after a bit, "...And Blast it with fire? We are supposed to -return- it not destroy it from what I have been told."

Zevran seems a bit more uncomfortable as the room heats up. He noticed the way it reacted to Vanity's magic and wondered if he might be able to affect it with some magic of his own. Perhaps his Dark Magic could weaken the object enough that they could touch it safely. He started to prepare a couple of equations to prepare a weakening attack.

Angus sighs checking him for any bad burns. "Then maybe you shouldm't go grabbing everything that looks beautiful then you would be in less pain." He covers some of the worst of the burns and wraps them in bandages before standing back up.

Blasting the orb with air causes wind the gust into the room. The temperature quickly returns to normalcy, and becomes fresher a moment before gusts of dust start to come in, old old dust filling the air as wind seems to rush through all the tunnels of the place.

Taking a scarf and wrapping it over her mouth and nose, Vanna says, "Oh, hush. This artifact obviously reacts to magic. I'd no more be able to make a dent in it with a spell than a pickaxe would make a dent in that thick skull of yours," her tone joshing, filled with mirth, "Mmnnn... so, it amplifies and uses elements as keys to do particular functions... control temperature... condition the air. It's an environmental control of some sort, as far as I can make out."

Bite tilts her head and considers what would happen if she pushed all the anger of promise into the room.

Zevran completes his equations as the dust fills the air. After his launches his Dark Magic at the orb, he places a hand over his own mouth in an attempt to filter out some of the dust.

Wulf plls her shirt up and covers her face up as she continues to scout out for anything to help make leaving this place easier. "Anyone try earth magic yet?"

Angus covers his mouth as the dust starts to pick up and walks over to the pair near the orb. "Can you cut down on the wind please. We can barely see in here now."

Ryusho shifts his position, "I would rather not be crushed..." he says simply "If it effects the area, that might cause the walls and stuff to shift." He says simply, "Since fire magic heats things up, and air magic makes the wind blow through here..." he shifts, coughing slightly, as he covers his mouth, "....So water might flood the place or increase the humidity, and earth might ..do omething."

Fun Fact, Dark magic is the newest magic, and there are no dark magic equations on the orb. The orb quivers violently at contact with it, glowing with a variety of hues a moment before suddenly falling to the ground with a heavy thunk, no longer glowing at all.

Wulf turns around as the orb thunks to the ground. "someone hit it with something to see if it starts back up!"

"... Okay, that WASN'T me," says Vanity from behind her scarf.

Zevran watches as the orb shuts off. "My bad, I guess. But now we can get it out of here. And I'm sure some of the royal scholars might be able to start it up again." Zevran says, moving towards the inert orb.

Ryyn sputters waking up to dust and a large thud as he tries to figure out whats going on blurry eyed "Can someone please help me up?"

Wulf says, "Shouldn't we try to see if we can start it back up BEFORe we leave. We son't want to have to come back now do we?""

Ryusho sighs softly, "well, Hopefully you didn't break it..." he says softly, "..and if you did I think someone might like a word with you..." like the one who asked them to retrieve it, as he goes over to examine the orb with a bit of thought as he looks around, starting to think of how to maybe get it out of here

The orb is laying there lifelessly, no longer glowing with varied hues. The lights in the room are also dimmer, making everything look just a bit quieter and subdued.

Angus turns around to offer a hand to Ryyn. "We might want to try and get out of here first. Who knows what turning that thing off has caused."

Shrugging, Vanna heads up to the orb and touches it, pushing to see how heavy it is.

Ryyn groans getting up off the floor with Angus's help as he works on patting himself down to fix his fur before noticing the orb "You broke it?!"

Zevran shrugs at Ryusho's statement. "We have to get it out of here first.." Zevran replies to Ryusho. "You don't know that I broke it. I think I just turned it off." Zevran says to Ryyn before looking back towards the orb.

The orb is still fairly heavy, but it's not dispatching electrical bits of discouragement anymore. It's like a medicine ball made of stone in unwieldiness.

Ryusho can't help but slowly move to touch it, trying to figure out how to get it out and how much it may weigh, before "Well...with it floating we might not of had as much weight to carry as just -pushed- it through the air..but I don't know.." he says softly, as he shifts his position, once again beginning to look around the area, will they just...roll it out of the place or omething?

Wulf frowns "Fine, fine... but when we have to come back cause we didn't make sure that we just turn it off I'm blaming you guys."

"Well, looks like we can get things rolling," a joshing tone touching the scorpion's voice at the bad pun.

Bite giggles and moves to help Vanity, slightly unhappy that the orb is in such a state. "I'm not sure the King will be pleased with this, but we have to get it there. Hopefully a scholar can revive it."

Ryusho hums, "Well I can honestly say I did suggest to stop casting spells at it..." he says quietly to himself

Wulf giggles at the pun.

The orb is not hard to roll around. The floor is so smooth in here that it moves without hinderance wherever pushed. Stopping it is harder than starting it, as it builds momentum fairly quickly.

Zevran chuckles at Vanity's pun. "Well, it's not like anybody told me to stop." He says, not hearing Ryusho talking to himself. He moves and helps to roll the orb.

Angus offers to help them as well. "Well we came for the orb and we arn't going to leave here without it."

"Hmmn... might... want to have someone keep it from going too fast by posting on the other side... Working hand over hand in tandem to guide it rather than just let it build up, y'know?" comments the scorpion.

Bite conjures up a guiding wind in an attempt to work the ball around easier.

Ryyn walks a bit unsteadily behind the ones pushing the orb as he is still recovering from his shocking experience. "You can't exactly blame me I'm still lost on what happened a moment ago"

Wulf heads in front to help guide the orb. still grumbling quietly to herself.

Ryusho sighs as he goes to start pushing, partly though while standing beside it, to be both a 'guide' but also a one to push o he can switch from role to role quickly as he begins indeed to help wheel it, well, roll it outside..

The orb flashes to life as wind rushes over it, flashing off yellow as its air equations flicker to life. Those touching it get to experience the might of the Creators first hand as it starts to give off those powerful jolts of raw power.

Bite instinctively drains herself a bit and pulls away as she releases a caustic shield.

Wulf hops back , putting her hands up into the air "Quick hit it with Dark Magic Zev!"

Even as Bite starts to finish the spell, Vanna begins to pull back, but when it flickers to life, she gets grazed with the electrical contact and winces, curling form the jolt and hopping back at once.

Zevran jumps back as soon as he sees the orb light up, but still manages to be hit by a small zap. He quickly begins preparing another dark magic attack. Of course, it might be difficult if the orb's momentum is carrying it away.

Ryyn can't help but chuckle a little as the group starts getting shocked like he did but not as bad "Awh come on the shocks not that bad people"

Ryusho grits his teeth a bit, "ow..Ow..Ow.." he says softly though he still tries to get it under control, as he occasionally does pull his hands away shaking them then back to shoving at it trying to get it to stop moving, "OW.! that oneactually hurt a bit...Ow.." It's making my -hands numb- " he grumble sas he tries to get it at least in a controlled state again...so it is not at least rolling away..or trying to slow it some from his side-based position.

Once zapped with dark magic, the orb shudders, and goes quiet again, the light within it snapping off, and the pulses of power calming down until it's just a huge ornate granite sphere again.

Vanity emits a soft kiss, "Alright... note: Don't hit it with normal magics when touching it," and rubs her hands against her leathers.

Bite giggles and recouperates herself, still under the effects of her shield, shes going to feel pretty tapped out for a while. While great for protection it left her with a glaring weakness to crippling effects like the after effects of an electric shock. She is content to just follow the group for the time being.

Ryyn watches the whole thing going on starting to feel better now that he isn't the only one who had gotten shocked

Wulf returns to help guiding the sphere from the front, carefully keeping it from trying to crush her or roll away.

Ryusho sighs a bit as he continues working, starting to be careful as he works to continue helping guide the sphere out though wondering a bit, "..at least I can handle it being a dragon, I mean..Being able to resist the elements so strongly, by being in a way naturally loaded with their maths, still doesn't equate uing the maths upon the orb, therefore my proximity doesn't cause it to re-activate..."

As the ball is rolled obediatently back towards the entrance, noise is heard. Creations made of the same strange materials, though clearly influenced by the elements, shamble towards the group from side passages, looking not pleased about it.

A brief battle takes place, with the elementally themed machinations being put out of comission, leaving the group free of molestation.

Bite inspects the machines and again attempts to pocket some pieces before returning to the group.

Vanity strokes her chin a bit and says, "Well... there we go. I guess ew've defeated another obstacle... shall we continue before more pop up?"

Ryyn after the machines stop working he rushes forward and starts to tug on them and pocketing what ever comes loose if anything

Ryusho hums softly, "I suppose we should, though I would suggest not trying to run them over with the giant orb..as the impact witht hem might re-activate the orb considering how they are elemental ...constructs at least it seems..." though he would try to peer at them as he went by, trying to get some idea's

The orb is pushed along back through the tunnels. It's a bit of a juggling act getting it past that light emitting pedestal, but it does make the most wonderful rainbows and patterns when struck with that light. With due diligence, it is worked up and over the rubble and obstacles, edging towards freedom, which... consists of a sheer cliff and no rope.

Vanity cackles and says, "And now... we should see if it cracks..." rubbing her palms together before looking around, "What? Just kidding."

Wulf produces the rope she has had clipped on her belt from the begining of the expidition. The rope is pretty thick stuff and looks almost as strong as one you'd see with a pully. "Any Volunteers willing to make a pully up there?"

Bite looks to Zevran, the only one here with the potential for actual flight.

Ryyn nods to Wulf "Well us foxes are pretty good climbers, want me to get up there?" he looks at the wall seeing small handholds

Zevran looks back at Bite. "You expect me to be responsible for turning this thing off AND getting it out of here? Seems like I do all the work." Zevran chuckled, although he gazed up at the edges of the hole. "I might be able to get up there, but I don't know if I'll have much strength afterwards." He adds.

Wulf holds out the rope to Ryyn with a shrug. "Volunteer it is then, but I'm coming up with you. Your going to need a bit of help to build the pully and the like, yeah?"

Ryyn nods as he takes the rope wraping it around a shoulder as he starts to scamper up the wall. His agile and small digits had an easy enough time hitting the hand holds as he reached the top and tied to rope down and tossing down the length of it.

Ryusho hums oftly as he stand there, "..Well I could attempt to just fly up there, but considering it seems to be a mostly enclosed I don't know if I could, do uch anyway..." he watches the fox climb up there, besides....The fact he has a wide wingspan for short flights would of made it hard anyway so at least the fox climbed up

A thorough effort, that lands Ryyn about half way up before running out of hand holds, not clinging to his spot, but looking a bit... standed, hmm.

Wulf sighs and makes her own way up, slow and steady, eyeing the places she's heading on the way up, and grabbing the rope on her way up should she make it that far.

Ryyn looks down a bit from his spot a bit worried "umm I regret to point this out but I feel as if I hit a bit of a cliff hanger"

Ryusho stares up at the stuck Ryyn and then watches Wulf climb up and around, and apparently past potentially the fox...as he rubs his head lightly...well, go figure one got stuck....part way up.

Ryyn seeing the rope drop down he makes a leap of faith grapping onto the rope and climbing up it quickly before standing next to Wulf "that was fun"

Wulf nearly lost her grip when Rynn grabbed at the rope, grunting as she pulls them both all the way up she frowns as she gets over the lip and to the top. "You could have pulled me off ya dolt... couldn't wait till I had the rope ready?"

Ryusho slowly shifts, rubbing his head as he goes and carefulyl just, makes sure the sphere/orb is not going anywhere, and is positioned near where the rope should come down as he estimates it.....though he has no idea if they will be able to haul it up with the rope...

"That... was heinous," murmurs the scorpion, swiping her forearm against her forehead form the ardors.

Of Course not, you can't likely do that with two people and no help. Wulf quickly sets about finding objects to fashion a crude pully system, hopefully it'll work...

Ryyn shrugs a little at Wulf as he helps set up a pully system with them by finding parts "you looked strong enough to hold my weight"

Not a lot of supplies laying around in the sewers, alas, except for rock, and magically purified water if one walks far enough.

Bite ponders. "It was floating when we found it right? I suppose it would burn the rope though... we can't start it up and guide it up with magic?"

"Perhaps... if we build a rft around it... How much water do you think it'd take to make it rise on a wood frame?" Vanna asks.

Ryusho Looks to Vanna, "Well we don't want to risk flooding or damaging the sewer and underground tunnel sysems do we?" he says after a bit, "especially while we are in them..." he then shifts, "The magic idea might work, but then again...it would be safest if we tried toat to just make it float, then try to guide it with phsyical means,r ather then magical, since it also does affect its surroundings when it comes to the magics..."

Wulf has managed to get a stout, thick peice of wood places sideways on the ground and held securely by heavy stones so it wont fall over and shouts down into the Sewers. "Pully is just about done, just need a good wheel. I'll be back soon, sit tight!" turning around she runs towards town, hopefully someone there will have something good to use.

Ryyn sits at the edge of the hole as Wulf runs off and he looks down at the others "well apparently Wulf is leaving to town to get something" shrugs a little thinking about leaving

In a heroic effort, Wulf finds a being about to toss out a wheel after putting new ones on his cart and with some sweet words and some appeal to his patriotic spirit, he gives it up, along with the small bits and bobs to secure it, for the good of the country!

Zevran continues to stare up at the edge of the hole, listening to the noises of the pully being set up. "I'm starting to think it might have been faster if I just flew up there myself." He remarks.

Ryusho leans against one of the walls a bit as he hums softly, slowly looks around, a he rubs his head while they wait the bit of time for Wulf to return as he glances about, "...So the good king reqeusted that we find this...glowing orb, that Zevran disabled, then got re-enabled, so he disabled it again...." he says softly, and then shifts a bit, "Possibly Zevran..I am semi agreeing with you if I had tried to fly up there it might of been faster...even though it would of been hard going straight up."

Ryyn starts to pace back and forth waiting for wulf knowing he will only get paid if he comes back with the shocking orb

Wulf shouts excitdly as she gets back. "I am back and that was suprisingly easy!" Digging out her dagger she goes about cutting some of the rope off so she can tie it through the hole on the wheel and hang the said wheel on a notch she had dug out on the timber earliershe runs the rest of the rope through the gap and lowers the longer side down to the group, a good 20 feet of rope, should be more than enough to tie around the orb and pull it up.

Bite watches the going ons for a while before she takes out the letter and attempts to decipher the divine math again.

Zevran watches as the rope is lowered. He gives the rope a short pull to make sure it won't just come through the pully and fall to the ground. He begins to try to wrap the orb, first vertically, then horizontally. He plans to wrap the orb at least one more time to make sure it is secure before tying the not.

Ryyn seeing that the orb is now secure he grabs onto the rope and starts to pull when Wulf begins as well

Wulf shouts out. "You know, you can use the rope to get up right quick and help pull, Me an Rynn'l be able to hold your weights and this thing ain't gonna break on us."

Ryusho hum a bti looking up, "I better get up there then, I mean, I need to be up there to -help- get it up, Zevran, you probably should too, .." he says as he goes over to the rope to give it a bit of a tug, just to make sure it is secure so he could use it to climb up

Zevran nods to Ryusho and prepares to climb up the rope after the Dragon, although he would wait for the Dragon to get all the way to the top before he started to climb so that he wouldn't make the rope too heavy.

Ryyn yawns a little impatiently as he waits for the two to climb the rope "I'm going to be so glad when this is over, long live the king and all that" He rolls his eyes a bit at the last part.

The orb is hefted up, with group effort. It's takes one more round of pulleyed effort to get it up to street level, then it's over to the castle, where Mione is more than happy to receive it for study, "His majesty is injured, as you likely know, but he extends his deepest gratitude to you. Your efforts will be repaid in more ways than you can even imagine, once we have what we need."

Bite gives Mione a slight curtsey and giggles. "I hope he feels better soon enough." she hisses.

Wulf bows at Mione with a grin. "My pleasure Sir, wish the good king well for me would you?" feeling accomplished the Husky turns about and heads towards the Solacious Manor. "I need some relaxation time...."

Ryusho nods a bit at this, "...I would request to see how he is doing, since I was there when he was injured, but I understand that he needs his rest, and besides, would rather not have to deal with visitors of the common sort like myself, but I hope you let him know that I am praying for his recovery and that he will be healthier, and stronger once he has recovered." he says as he does a bit of a respectful bow anyway, holding it for seeral momements before he stands up.

Zevran nods to Mione. "I hope the king heals quickly." Zevran comments. "I'm sure you know much more about this thing than we do, but you probably don't want to touch it with your hands once it is activated. Also, Dark Magic turns it off." He adds, although he seems a bit nervous and reluctant to be trying to give advice to Mione. He seems as though he might be intimidated by the scholar's prestige.

Ryyn shrugs a bit "Whose to say that he is still alive and you aren't just using us?" starts to walk off "I don't care anyways as long as I'm paid for my part"

Ryusho...would almost be turned around to -slug- Ryyn had he not been stepping away...because he was there when the good king was injured, and the major one who carried him out, and -helped- make sure he was gottent o safety and survived.......

Wulf on the other hand was still in spitting distance and when she heard that she spun around and walked right over to Ryyn, tapping him on the shoulder and looking down at the shorter Fox. "I'll have ya know, he isn't dead, thanks to the efforts that the crew put out the day he was injured... so, mind repeating what you just said with a straight face now?"

Mione looks quite perplexed at Rynn, then more than a bit irate, "The Good King was injured in excellent service to the kingdom, personally insuring the delivery of sacred artifacts that insured the destruction of a shadow spawning pool in the lost town." He frowns, "I don't beleive I recall your face, sir, but I will be making note of it now. Good day."

Ryusho slowly would turn around as he slowly, hifts and makes one fist, then pounds it into his other hand once, as he walks over, "...and as A Journeyman, who took the burden from another to -carry the king out- on his own shoulders, and risk his life, then make sure to treat him, and even in a -ddeath grip- from the king himself continued to provice aid as best as I can...." he say lowly, "At least a good while ago...I am guessing he is still recovering from that injury as I had been -quite busy- between now and then...and he was more then alive when I finally was convinced I was no longer needed to make sure he was going to be alright.....I do not take kindly to that..."

Ryyn looks up at the husky before nodding a bit "all I heard was that he was injured but not how bad, but thank you for putting my mind at rest so I don't have to worry about being deceived" bows his head a little in appology "It is usually smart to be wary of deceit

Bite gives Ryyn a look of discontent and shakes her head.