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A black carriage made a quick round of the city, stopping unerringly at the side of three beings as they went about their business and informed in no uncertain terms that their business now included a visit with a certain Sirus Solacious. Thelergramor, Angus and Cassidy are ushered quietly into the carriage and whisked away to who knows where. The windows are covered and the driver's route erratic. Finally the carriage stops and the trio is ushered directly into a small, bare room. The only decoration is a small table with four chairs and a pair of mathemagical lamps. One of the chairs is occupied by a very average looking fox with a small smile on his face. "Good evening," he says genially, gesturing to the empty chairs, "please, be seated."

Cassidy remains silent through the trip, amusement on her face behind her porcelain mask as she's taken to the meeting point. She brushes her gloved hands along her extravagant black, red, and white dress as she slips into one of the seats. "Hello again," she says simply, sounding rather bored already as she rubs at the chin of the porcelain face.

Thelergramor is less than pleased that he was forced into a wagon. Well, it's not like they whacked him upside the head and dragged him in, still, he is not happy about it. Was off-duty, looking forward to drinking. And now, he is here, without his weapons and chainmail. Looking to the chair, and the being who offered it, the wolf glares from behind his mask. "Fine." He sits. Crosses his arms, leans back, tries to look imposing. He doesn't have any idea what's going on.

Angus had a small grin on his muzzle at least! As this was a good excuse as any to get out of wearing a stuffy, fancy looking outfit to another one of those boring court days! He adjusts his cravat, loosening it as he takes a seat and crosses his arms in front of his chest before resting it on the table. "Good evening, is there something you need?" He asks as his tail flicks

"Hello, cousins, Mister Alverriss," Sirus says, his smile as unreadable as Cassidy's mask, "Thank you for joining me on such short notice. I assure you, this should not take long." The fox nods agreeably as each guest takes a seat. "I have called you here in regard to a certain operative in my organization by the name of Amos Longtooth," he says, "I believe that you are all familiar with the name?"

Cassidy leans back in her seat, leaving her hands in her lap. "Yes. I know him well enough. Though I wasn't aware he was a Spyguard up until recently."

Thelergramor shrugs, nods. "I know 'im. Hit me once. Now, before I continue; What is a spyguard and why does that give you the authority to question me?" Thel chuckles, just wanted to be belligerent. Spyguard obviously implies something spy-like, yes?

Angus gives Sirus a nod as he leans back in his seat. "Yes, we know of Amos." He answers as he keeps his arms crossed over his chest. He relaxes his his seat, scooting down a bit as he stretches his legs underneath the table, wondering how Sirus will react to Thelergramor's comment.

Sirus's inscrutable smile does not change. "Ah yes, Thelergramor Alverriss," he says, focusing a raor sharp gaze on the wolf, "I imagine that you would not have heard about the Spyguard." He says nothing more, turning away to look at the others. "As you well know, I expect a certain amount of discretion from my operatives and it seems that Amos has been. . . incautious," he says, "And pemitted himself to be seen. . . trading places with another operative, named Denali." His smile moves along the group. "Amos has been punished accordingly, of course, but I have heard that others have been making speculations and giving rise to certain unfortunate rumors."

Cassidy tilts her head to the side. "Is that all? If you're speaking of the time we implied that they might be one in the same, I was not aware Amos was a spyguard by that point. Otherwise I'd not have said anything."

Thelergramor rolls his neck, cracking it. "Right. You aren't going to sit there and tell me Amos and Denali aren't the same person. Was far too obvious when he kitsuned into him. Is Amos even a cat? Can't answer that, probably. Still, if you're looking for the guy who told the one known as Siyu, which later led to psychotic paranoia and a departure from the city, that would be me." The wolf shrugs again. Doesn't see a point in keeping quiet when this guy clearly knows everything already. "Now, if you want to keep me quiet, just ask."

Angus cocks an eyebrow. "I don't remember ever causing any rumors, only stated that Amos was working alongside the now disbanded lightbringers in a confidental military assignment, I do apologize if that caused any situations but it was one of the few ways I could think of that would put the one asking me questions at ease without making them any more paranoid then they were."

"It is not my intention to cast blame or to cast aspersion on your motives," Sirus says amiably, "Only to inform you all that further speculation on the identity of Mister Longtooth may be detrimental to your wellbeing." He says it with no malice, only a sort of quiet sadness. "I regret to inform you that poor Denali will not be visiting the twin pillows again," he says, "And that the merchant Gang Xi Siyu is being carefully watched."

Cassidy tilts her head, giggling quietly. "Oh my. That sounds almost like a challenge! I mean, I'm not going to do anything anyway. I don't really care enough to do so. But I think I'd be quite fine!"

"Don't threaten me." Is all Thelergramor says, mimicking Sirus tone. Sad tone not withstanding, any allusion to physical harm being done to the wolf is grounds for being placed on the 'enemy' list. Thus, the wolf now hates the spyguards. Good job Sirus.

Angus snaps his fingers when Thelergramor speaks. "There is no need for this, we aren't here to make enemies. We have enough to worry about as is, and this is an enemy you will not be able to defeat" He states to the wolf before he turns his attention back to Sirus. "I assure you this won't happen again." He states with a soft smile.

"Please!" Sirus says, throwing up his hands, "I could hardly threaten such fine beings as yourselves!" His little smile never falters, though his gaze narrows at Cassidy's flippancy. "And I could hardly challenge a being of your calibur, cousin," he says, "I only ask that you exercise greater discrtion in the information you choose to divulge to the public." The fox nods to his guests and rises, leading them to the door. "I thank you for your time," he says, " You are of course free to go."

Cassidy chuckles softly and gives a little wink to Sirus from behind her mask. "Oh nonsense. I think you would actually prove a challenge! Perhaps one of the few organizations that could, outside of the Good king himself!" She giggles quietly and stands, turning to make her way out. "Of course, though. Like I said, I'd have said nothing had I known he was affiliated with the Spyguard at the time."

Thelergramor nods to Angus. "Of course, Captain." Though the wolf is convinced that not even the King himself could stand against him, he makes no comment on such. Doesn't make any other comment, actually, looks to the door, waits for the other two to leave. Doesn't want to leave his friends with someone who threatened bodily harm... Even in such a vague way. The smile was clearly psychological warfare; Thel has done it himself, thus, no effect on him.

Angus gives his cousin a nod as he stands up. "I look forward to working with you whenever we do." He answers, giving a bit of a smirk as he walks to the door. "Well, I must say, at least one thing came out of it. I no longer have to attend court tonight, since I missed most of it." He comments with a laugh.

Sirus sees all three of his guests to the door. "Mister Alverriss," he says to Thelergramor quietly as the wolf steps up to the door, "A friendly word of advice. Know what you are fighting, before making enemies." The fox steps back with a smile. "Good night all!" he says.

The trio suddenly find themselves descending the steps of a carriage in the middle of the busy marketplace. "Evening, hope ye had a good ride," says the heavy folk ox that is driving the carriage. Looking back inside reveals only an empty coach. That is worrying.

Cassidy chuckles softly at Angus and nods. "That is a good thing, I suppose. The court meeting earlier was sort of interesting. Anyway! I have business to tend to, now. Fare well!" She presses a hand to her skirt to maintain modesty before lifting into the air and flitting off through the sky.

Thelergramor coughs, watching Cassidy leave. Yes, watching~. He turns to Angus: "Captain, I have some things I should show you. When you're available." Shrugging, the wolf grumbles something, awaiting Angus response/orders/reprimands for looking up as Cassidy left.

Angus starts to undo his cravat, cocking an eyebrow at Thelergramor. "I see, well if you wish to have a chat we can do so after I have changed into something less stuffy then this." He states as he waves a hand, showing off how horribly well dressed he was, he even had an over coat!