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So there have been a few raids, farms, villages, fishing vessals, even missing scouts are starting to pop up. But there is no sure fire way to find who is causing, some MINOR rumors of Cliffsiders have been spotted to the north, but this is to the east. The hills in this area are with in view distance from an approaching group but small things like people are impossible to see from the city. The echos of what sounds like mining, and metal work ring down into the valley towards the city.

Whiskey would most likely be traveling with someone or someone's, the priest not one to go alone as he comes out to check out the rumors of trouble. The ringtail had lept at the chance to get his nose out of transcribing and reading messages from the Creators, the chance to stretch his legs one he couldn't pass up.

Kilsa is in her full battle gear as she begins to travel to the nearest farms to the village, considering many of her orphanges come from events like this. Her eyes are hard as she begins to walk the trails near the hills, her mind reeling from the ideal of someone anyone attacking civilans first. Hoping that this is just a bandit group she can put down and notices a ringtail cat in the distance, she waves to see if they are friendly or not.

Bite travels towards the source of the sound, slithering along at a hurried pace. She has heard plenty of rumors and intends to find out the truth for herself, and possibly snag some extra crowns along the way. Her drab outfit ill fitting at this time, she seems to have lost a bit of weight. She begins prepping an explosive spell as she moves along.

Zevran is soaring through the air, moving towards the source of the odd sound. He spots a few beings on one of the roads below him, and glides down towards them. He lands a few feet ahead of them, hoping not to startle them. He doesn't seem to be wearing any armor or carrying any weapons, clad only in brown trousers. "Did all of you come to investigate that noise too?" He asks them.

Those that have heard this sound will know what they are about to walk into, "tick.. tick... tick.... tick.... the sound of heavy metal hitting heavy metal. The sound is loud enough, but it seems there are three sets of them.

Whiskey lifts his paw and waves back at the figure (Kilsa), the mage/priest smiling at the chance for company on this trek. His ears catch the sound of metal on metal and casts his attention that way, before gesturing for Kilsa and Bite to come over. Then to Zevran he says, "It would seem so... my escort had to bow out at the last moment, but this couldn't wait.. seems a good thing I didn't." He leans on his staff while he talks to Zevran, waiting for the other two to come over and join them.

Kilsa notices a few familiar faces beforing hearing the odd sound, "Do you all hear that?" She asked looking around around for the source of thiat noise. "Hmmm. Hello, Sir...?" She asked to Whiskey a little unsure if she met the smaller creature or not. "I'm Kilsa Ironsoul, Would you happen to know who has been causing a distrubance in the local villages and farms in this area?" She asked a little hopeful.

Bite looks over Whiskey and smiles. "Hey there sssweetie." she hisses before offering Kilsa a hug. She listens to the sounds. Beyond investigation there is nothing to be done, mining takes place all over nowadays, there is no reason a few people couldn't be working on a deposit. "I'm not sure what to make of this."

Zevran gives Kilsa and Bite a friendly nod, but is unsure if they would recognize him in his Griffon form. He then tilts his head slightly and listens to the noise for a few seconds. "I think I've heard that noise before, but I can't place it." He notes as he continues trying to figure out where he had heard the noise before. It only takes another second before he remembers, and his expression becomes one of alarm. "Just get ready to move!" He exclaims urgently, tensing his muscles incase he needs to jump out of the way. He keeps his gaze skyward, as though expecting something to fall out of the air. The thought that his behavior might seem odd to the others never crosses his mind.

Whiskey shakes his head to answer Kilsa's inquiry. "I go by Whiskey of the Clever Clan," and grins at the sweetie title, before continuing. "Not sure either. It didn't quite sound like metal on stone, so mining does't come to mind...." he looks to Zevran and cocks his ears a bit (and those ears are plenty big enough to be noticed doing so), and he looks to the direction that the sound is coming from. "Ah... alright," and then under his breath throws a quick prayer to the Creators on their behalf, even as his staff is picked off of his shoulder and held at a casual, but ready stance.

Kilsa hugs the smaller serpent in a vice grip, "Oh how I've missed working with you friend." She smiled before turning to Whiskey, "A male of the cloth, forgive me for not looking more carefully at you." She gave a small nod to him before looking around. "I think we should figure it out because it may be a clue to the problems in this area."

Bite simply becomes ready to dodge, her spell already prepped, she can do little more to get ready for battle. "I've missed you too, what are we trying to avoid?"

The sounds of metal to metal suddenly stop, then then LOVELY almost explosive sound of wa-chunk, times three, and then the scream and smoking flying masses are sent air borne, but it's quite clear they are not being aimed at the group approaching.

Zevran looks towards the rest of the group. "Trebuchet. By the sounds of it, they are loading at least three of them. They are firing explosives." He explains, before hearing the sound of the trebuchets firing. He looks towards the smoking masses that are now airborne. "It seems they aren't targetting us, though." He notes, seeming to relax a bit.

Whiskey blinks a bit as he looks at the flying masses, "Ah... wonderful," his ears falling flat. "Ok.. you don't target open fields..." and looks behind him to see how far off cliffside is, and if the trajectories of the explosives seem to take it that way. "They got to get shut down, now."

Kilsa growls, "We need to stop them." She began ot follow the trajectories of the last shots, "Anyone who wants help I would welcome it." She looked at Bite knowing that she could count on her friend as she walked towards whatever was attacking.

The path is obvious as all three land in different districts of the capital, there are loud bangs that echo from each strike, The tick, tick, tick; begins seconds after they are fired. It's obvious the intent of the people firing the weapons now.

Zevran tracks the trajectories of the projectiles to their point of impact in the city. "I'll help. I'm just disappointed I left my big sword at home. I suppose my claws will have to do." He replies to the badger, his attitude probably recognizable even if his form isn't. He walks a bit faster to catch up to Kilsa. "We should probably hurry, though. The less shots they fire, the better." He adds, breaking into a jog.

Whiskey winces as he sees those projectiles land and says, "Let's move. If you've some fire magics of your own, work up a spell here so as soon as the weapons come into sight, detonate the payloads right on the arms. Double benifet if you can hit the guy on the level and keep him from firing." He starts moving towards the trebuchet's, as quickly as he can. "That'll be the easiest way to knock them out."Hopefully."

Kilsa smiles, "I don't have fire magics but I do have something else, Ice!" With a few simple guesture she begins to start the formation of her shards of ice spell. "When I see the first face of whoever is doing this I'm going to make him or her into a pin cushion." She smiled and moved quickly without a sound with her secondary ninja soul powering her stealthy movements.

Bite slithers off towards the source of fire, full intent on unleashing her explosive spell upon the first trebuchet she laid eyes on. She scowls as she moves, unhappy with the development.

The distance is all up hill, which is what is giving the Trebuchets their better range. Soon the sound of orders, a female voice yelling out orders. "FASTER! WE NEED TO GET AS MANY OFF AS POSSIBLE!" she yells out. As the group gets closer, they come into view of what appears to be atleast four dozen lancemen. They are all standing at the ready and once The group comes into view, the raise their tower shields and lock their lances and shields, almost like a forward turtle, but a trebuchet is visible.

Zevran tilts his head as he hears the orders. He continues up the hill, and stops once he sees the lancemen and trebuchet. "Good, a fight. This should be fun." Zevran says, although he doesn't charge in right away. He seems to be preparing his own bit of Dark Magic, tracing a few simple equations in the air.

Whiskey grumbles. "War's never the solution..." under his breath and snaps his fingers, a spark of flame in between his fingertips exposed for a moment as he invokes a construct in his mind and calls forth the fire right in the core of the explosives they're loading up onto the middle one of the trebuchets. He stays to the back row, needing to stay out of the direct line of fire for the moment as he concentrates on stopping the seige engines.

Kilsa growls at the lancemen, "This is your only warning. STOP!" She scream and began firing ice from the edge of her hands, The moment her spell finishes she raises her hammer and prepares to charge the group without a single care in a world except to stop those causing this madness.

Bite doesn't hesitate to unleash her prepped explosive spell upon the construct, putting a bit of her disatisfaction into the workings. After casting she backs off, unwilling to get close to the lancemen. Getting skewered is never a good decision. Her intent is to destroy as much of the mechanisms and framework as possible, of course if anything shoudld happen to be knocked free and into this wall of soldiers she would be all the more satisfied.

The unlit bolders immediately catch fire, as if covered by some sort of oil or some such. A second later, the trebuchet that was being loaded sudden detinates the sand and gun powder combination in the bolder blowing it to bits and it's crews. The other two Trebuchets stop loading and soon release the tenstion and seem to start packing up. A female in extremely heavy appearing armor stands there as she barks an order to her men. "Forward MARCH! PUSH THEM BACK!" She orders as she hefts her own personal lance and shield, there are no emblems on thes warriors.

Zevran finishes his spell, his form becoming wrapped in darkness. He watches the trebuchet explode. "Nice job." He commends Bite before noticing the heavily armed warrior. "Anybody mind if I take her?" He asks, taking a few running steps and flapping his wings. He would gain altitude first, attempting to fly over the phalanx of lancemen to get to the warrior.

Whiskey looks slack jawed at the trebuchet that detonated for a moment, then exclaims, "It worked! By the Creators it worked!" with a grin. He almost does a little dance then and there too but the yelling by the warrior gets his attention and brings him back to reality. "Oh..." his spirits immediately doused. "Ah.... ok... uh, oh!" and draws in the air with his paw. He gestures to the bundle of lancement and calls up a ball that he'll send screaming into their ranks before it blows up.

Kilsa screams and swings her hammer at the nearest solider, "CREATORS TAKE YOU!" She screamed not pulling her punches at all and is fixated on taking no one alive but those who surrender before she can hit them.

Bite begins to back up quickly, prepping a very widespread fire spell, it may take a while but it will be worth it to set this small army aflame. She does her best to keep as far from the lancemen as possible and hisses "move back, we can't fight them all at once, they can't be the only soldiers here."

The skill of the warriors is impeccible as they dodge and parry Kilsa's moves, but they are not perfect, two of the warriors fall back and are replaces by two more. The gust of wind strikes directly against the interlocked shields only slowly down their motion forward. It seems these men have military training. The leader looks at up Zevran. "Ah, so the bird brain wants me. Well come get me." She taunts Zevran.

Zevran chuckles at the leader's response. "Bird brain? That's really the best you could come up with?" He retorts. He lands between the warrior and the lancemen, but quickly starts to circle to the side to lessen the chance of being backstabbed. The darkness around his form from his previous spell remains.

Whiskey steps back and quickly, staying out of reach of the lancemen as much as he can.. but he's also looking to give his ally's an edge. Seeing Kilsa going hammer-time on them he calls forth a formula he's learned a while back to infuse the badger's arm and weapon with the strength of the earth itself to help her break the enemy's ranks. As soon as his spell is complete and takes effect he backs off for cover as quick as he can.

Kilsa notices the warriors skills and changes her tactics. "Time to die." She whisper before dropping a smoke bomb at their feet and she switches to her much lighter axe and begins to slice at the other foe by remembering their current position. She singles out a foe before tearing into him and then attempting to exit the cloud and prepart ot fire Ice shards into the cloud.

Bite continues to prep her spell, almost ready to lash out a widespread wall of flames at the lancemen.

Weaknesses in the heavy lancer armor is almost impossible to but she manages to take one dow, he's bleeding but the rest seem to keep very close, weakness or confience it's hard to tell as the commander issues a command. "Reserve. Surround them." About twelve lancemen move to the side from either side, lances in, ready to deal with the three intruders. The command looks at Zevran. "No, but it seems like it workd. Guess you are missing a bit upstairs." She switches weapons now, no longer a lance in hand as she draws a Long sword, she stands easy.

Zevran shrugs. "I've been looking for a good fight. If I'm missing anything, I'll just rip it from your skull." He retortts. Even though he is surrounded, he is smiling. He starts to move towards the leader, although he is still wary of the lancemen around him. As he gets closer, his gaze drifts to the blade in her hand. He dashes forward, moving his large wings in a flurry of feathers in an attempt to obscure the leader's vision as he slashes at her with his claws. As he strikes, he draws upon knowledge from his soulgem to complete another Dark Magic equation to empower his strike in case he manages to land a blow.

Whiskey bites his lip as he looks around to the lancemen, already thinking this is going to go bad, quickly. "Think it's high time we got out of here, what do you think?" with a nervous look behind him and then back to the approaching reserves. He looks to where one arm of the reserves are running from and throws a bit of water magic there to turn the ground to slippery mud, with the hopes that he can trip the whole column when/if the first falls to the muddy morass and the others trip over their fellow soldier(s). At least that's the idea.

Kilsa growls and begins to back up and begins tossing smoke bombs into the the group of soldiers. Hoping to obscure the mud and confuse the soldiers as she begins preparing to shoot ice at the lancemen.

Bite unleashes her spell, hopefully before they are surrounded. A widespread fire engulfs the lancemen.

The flames catch, the fire starts slow and these troops are NOT stupid as they immedately fall back and the Leader as well, With the time spend delaying the attack. The ammo and one trebuchet is lost and destoried as the unknown forces retreat.

Zevran notices that the air is starting to get rather warm around him as the leader retreats. He notices the beginnings of the fire and quickly flaps his wings to become airborne, flying out of the reach of the flames. He circles once around the destroyed trebuchet before landing by Bite, Kilsa, and Whiskey.

Bite hisses and looks to the retreating enemies. "I'm going back to firmament to see what damage was caused sssweeties, we need to tell soemone so a defense can be mounted." before she slithers off.