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Simple, doesn't explain enough, so question everything.

A ringtailed cat whose upbringing was within the church, but his temperament never allowed him to simply accept the answers he was given because they always felt lacking. When he was first introduced into math, he dove head first into it and never looked back. His skill prompted others in the church to push him to apply to Cliffside academy, and which he did and succeeded with, earning top honors in many of his classes.

The politics of the region he never cared for, always looking for guidance from the First Text, even as he questioned it in part.

If the truth was so obvious then there would only be one version spoken, but in his time he's learned that everyone knows it differently. Therefore.... somewhere, in all the stories, in all the tales that people know... somewhere, is the real truth.

And he's not content to sit on his tail and wait for it.

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Very few since his arrival at Firmament, so any contact is welcomed!

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RP Hooks

As an adept of all the known elements and a graduate of Cliffside, as well as self taught in many things they didn't teach, he's a veritable spout of information when it comes to obscure theories of magic. But, theories are all they are, and he's always looking for assistance in figuring out the rules of magic, in a level of detail that would drive some folks crazy. He is one of the few that can understand both the standard style and Kevinscoping practices of magic, though he himself practices the former.. mostly.

He is currently exploring the theory of optimizing magic even further, though he acknowledges that practice would lock a spell even further towards a particular effect then the normal methods would allow. It's limiting.. but quicker. He's not made a lot of headway on this yet.

Priest As a priest he makes himself available to do his duty to Firmament in whatever regard necessary, from weddings, to other rites and funerals. He's also found himself fairly adept at moderating various issues when there's money involved between two disputing parties, so as a peace keeper he is fairly adept with.

He will not however represent someone if they stand accused of a crime.

A Heretic? His theories have caused a little friction here and there, but out of deference to the public as a whole he does not make them very well known. One of his more infamous 'what if's' is that the creators made a mistake on the timing, and somehow their message was sent after the Shattering, not before as they intended. He does not mean to cause trouble, but some see it as second guessing the Creators... while Whiskey sees it more as making SURE.

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Mage Adept 7 (as of 10/25/2012)

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