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Outside the freeswords guilds sits an obese male small folk Savannah Cat with four smaller beautifully dressed Lynxs fanning him. His tunic is covered in the stains of various food as he waits for response to his letter. He is sweating heavily and smells similar spoiled meat. Ornate rings are stuck to his fat fingers as his various jewelry glitters in the sunlight. "When with those sell swords start lining up for me. The Great Zen doesn't wish to wait much long." He wheezes.

Arimia wanders out of the guild, checking through her things with her large, spiked golem following after her. She gives a sneer of disgust at seeing the cat, then walks up to him, saying, "So you're the fat slob lookin' for some help?" She gives a small shake of her head and moves a short way away from the smell of the sweating small folk and says, "Well I'll escort ya for the coin, but with the way that letter was worded, you ain't gonna get many others."

Bite slithers into the Freeswords' and waves to Arimia, before taking note of the feline. She tilts her head and hisses "I'll escort you sssweetie, i'd be more than happy to." with a smile. The smile slowly turns to a smirk as she thinks she might make some money out of this. She flicks her tail against the ground and says "I'm Bite, where am I taking you?"

Zen look at Arimia as he would a bug, "Look ladies one of the ruffian children is making fun at my expense. I love a good joke. Sure we could use another laborer." His gaze turns to bite and he give a toothy smile. "My My, I rarely gazed upon such a unique female. I've always wondered, do you shed?" He look at her curiously, "No matter. I will hire you and the child. I would like to be Taken through the east forest path to the quarry to pick up my supplies then escorted to my home in the drytongue flats. There I will drop of my supply and be free of folk looking to take my head."

Arimia lets out a low growl, accompanying it with a flick of a wrist, causing a flame to spring up on the Cat's seat. Her golem stomps over then and roughly lifts him out of his, now burning, chair. "I am a Cliffside trained mage an' one of, if not the foremost golem makers in this entire city. If not both Sweetwater an' Cliffside. Call me a child, or anythin' disparigin' again an' I'll drag you down into the Kindcraft mines an' leave you there. Clear?" She smiles and has her golem drop the feline, then makes it move over to put out the fire on the chair. By stomping on it. "Now. You're hirin' us to protect you. Not to abuse us. An' if you try, I'll abuse you back in a very physical manner."

Bite giggles and shakes her head. "Everyone sheds in some way sssweetie." she hisses and tilts her head, not sure if it's true or not. She waits to see how he reacts to Arimia's actions, unsure if this will cut her pay or not. She decides to be extra nice in the future portions of this mission.

The Savannah Cat hits the ground with a thud. "Foul Harlot. Is this how the firmament behaves? I should report this to your king." His females help him up as one of them uses a small bit of earth magic to make a new chair out of stone. Zen growls sitting in his chair, "You lack manners and grace, 1000000 will be deducted from both of your pay." He claps his hands and his chairs legs begin to walk themselves as two of his females begin to cast complex math over it.

Arimia scowls at the cat and says, "Feel free. But it ain't gonna get you nothing you fat blob." She turns and walks along beside the chair, though leaving some distance between her and the cat. An' you ain't deductin' anything from our pay. I'm assumin' you know what a seller's market is? This is one of those. You need us. You don' pay us, an' it ain't just gonna be the headhunters you have to worry about."

Bite seems almost stunned in place as she contemplates the situation, and the fact that she may have just lost a million crowns for something she didn't even do. Her smile slowly fades and a bitter look overtakes her. She shakes her head and hisses "If you want my help let's get going sssweetie."

"Your as bad as those ruffians in the little hovel they have outside of town. Why can't you be somewhat elegant and graceful the rumors of this city much be the same as the terrible Shunty... Scanty... erm I forget the name of the horrid place. I wish to be free of this place as soon as I can." He points to one of his servants who speeds up the chair while the other widens it to accomidate the five of them. "Yes lets get going To the forest then to home."

Arimia clenches a hand in a fist and says "I warned you." That said she has her golem scoop up the fat feline and starts leading it toward the gate, cheerfully saying, "You're lucky! You're going to get your own guided tour to the depths of the Kindcraft mines! Finding your way back out, however, is somethin' you'll need to manage on your own!"

Bite slithers after Arimia, thinking it may be a bit much but not in the mood to object. She merely follows silently.

"Unhand me." He screams as his females simply follow the Golem. "Husband, Would you please allow us to speak with her?" One of the females ask, "YES YES Just get her to stop this thing." With smiles the lynx looks at Arimia and leans close to her ear, "Do you plan to kill him? This would be most unwise, he is a small fry that cannot hope to match you in a fair fight. Would you really want to leave four widows." A gleam appears in girls eyes before she leans in close to Arimia and whispers something in her ear.

Arimia gives a small scowl at the woman and says, "I wasn't gonna kill him. He would survive. Kinda. Maybe a bit... Changed." As she says the last word one of her tentacles slips out from under her cloak before disappearing beneath it again. At the whispered words her golem idly tosses the cat to the ground and the 'coon walks up to him, saying, "Listen' an' listen well, 'cause if this don' penetrate the layers of fat around your skull you're gonna have problems. You will be kind an' respectful. Your wealth don' mean shit to me. If you say one unkind word to anyone, anyone at all, while I'm around you won' get another chance. Clear?"

Bite looks like she's about to say something but stops when the feline is placed on the ground. She looks over everyone and watches for the cats next action.

Look at Arimia and makes a series of strange hand guests. Two of the four lynx's giggle, "Crystal." He says with smug look. He begins using hand gestures to direct his servants. "I assume the rumors of Kindcraft are true." He says before another series of gestures which cause the lead lynx to snort, "I doubt it, husband." She says as they begin to form another moving chair from under him. This one is noticable defended with a honeycombed dome around him to protect him from attacker. "Shall we carry on?" He says in a polite smile.

Arimia doesn't seem perturbed by the giggling as she starts moving again. She completely ignores the cat, though she does murmurs something to the lynx who spoke to her.

Bite begins preparing something as she proceeds to follow Zen, and Arimia. She liberates a hug from the raccoon briefly.

The trips goes relatively safely until the group spots some a group of robed canines with eye patches over their left eyes. "Zen! DIE!" The leader, a doberman heavy folk with scars all over his face throws a single blade at Zen and follows up with two more blade for his neariest wives.

Arimia quickly speaks a mathmagical equation creating a gust of wind that acts like a solid wall of air to stop the knives flying at the two female lynxes, though the one flying at Zen continues to do so.

Bite ignores the dagger flying at Zen, his stone dome far better protection than most armors. She hisses and releases her prepared spell, a brilliant ball of fire that rises up briefly before raining down in smaller portions upon the attackers.

Zen's dome stops the blade in its tracks, "AHHHH!!!" The canines scream and scatter around for a moment putting out the flames. "Outsider this is no business of yours. We request that you step aside and allow justice to be serviced upon this Creator damned Merchant. Sell Anything Zen, I will match his price for whatever he is paying you to protect him." The doberman takes off his robe and is dress in only a set of pants, slash scars are all over his body, "Do not hinder me."

Arimia makes no move to attack back and holds up a hand at the canine, saying, "What is your objection to him? Not that I don' understand to objecting to him. He is very objectionable. He hired us to protect him, however. He hasn't paid us yet however, so if your reason is compelling enough I will not stop you."

Bite begins preparing another spell, shaking her head but willing to listen to what the scarred individual has to say. "Sssweetie you're not very compelling, you attacked his wives."

The dog looks at Arimia, "My reasons are not ones that I can easily explain but I will say this, He must die or dozens will never be avenged. His wives are worse than he is!" The Doberman clutches his head, "I'll Kill him..." Horns start to grow out of his head as his body enlarges. "I'll rend the flesh from his bones...." He bites his tongue as he draws from a scared line, His group doesn't wastes anytime attacking while their boss is on the ground groaning about how he will kill Zen while shifting into a different form.

Arimia steps a brief way away, out of any lines of fire or anything and says, "You can have him then." She climbs up onto her golem, using the spikes she knows are not sharp enough to cut her, until she can sit on one of it's shoulders.

Bite looks greatly annoyed. "Sssweetie i'm not going to let you do that until you talk about things. For all I know you're another merchant who wants competition dead, a liar." she hisses and prepares for the oncoming helpers.

Hunting out in East Forest, Mira was startled by what sounded like more then just somebody assulting beast and Shadow. Following the noise, she rushes through, eventually catching the sounds of Bite and Arimia talking, as well as a few others. After observing for a short time, it seems things are going sour, and fast. She hops out of the underbrush and gets alongside Arimia on her golem as quick as she is able, "Miss, what is happening here?" She asks, seeing the results of what has already happened.

Dogs don't waste anytime trying to attack the group. "ZEN! Get him! Rip out is eyes!" They scream in fury.

Arimia glances up occasionally, watching the fight, though most of her attention is occupied by whatever she is doing, which appears to be some sort of writing or drawing.

Bite vents her aggrivation upon the poor hounds and hisses a rather content sound briefly before her look and mood return to a very sour snake.

Mirana yips a bit as a group comes to attack, but Bite seems to have things mostly under control. So her focus is mostly on protecting her, while tripping up those attempting them harm. She gestures to Bite, directing to her what she observes.

Yelping like beaten dogs the group limps over to there leader who in the chaos has finished transforming. "Brothers. Go home and lick your wounds, I will not allow you to die for my vendetta." The hounds nod to the large black and tan scaled dragon, "Yeah.... Just don't let him go..." One of them grumble as they go there separate ways. "You didn't aid him..." He gaze at Arimia, "Will you allow me to attack unhindered as well?" He asks while flaping his large wings.

Arimia gives a small shrug of her shoulders, saying, "Don' see why not. Eventually he needs to learn bein' insulting an' just generally actin' like a prick won't help him." She looks toward Mirana and says, "This isn't a mission from Miss Ironsoul, so I can't order you, but, as someone intimately aware with what dragons are capable of, an' makin' a judgmentbased on what I have seen of that feline's attitude, I would advise against standin' between the dragon an' the cat."

Bite once again sighs. "Sssweetie you need to explain yourself, now." she hisses. It sounds like she's losing her temper.

Mirana holds her staff defencively, and keeps her eyes fixed on the combatents, at least until Arimia speaks, "Miss, you are my superior at all hours of the day, and.... I'd follow your advise to the ends of Promise." She still isn't sure what is happening, but, she stands down and walks back over to Arimia, "However, I'm not sure I could stand by idly if they tried to hurt Bite."

The dragon locks eyes with the snake, "He has something more precious to me than my own life. He has ruined my whole town with his soft words and cruel deals. I am here for justice and I will have it. I have no issue with either of but he is a blight and a festering wound that must be removed from Promise." As the dragon speaks one of the wives has begun to move into the tree unnoticed and is approaching the dragon from the side, she appears to be armed with small paddle like fan.

Arimia flicks her ears as the wife moves to the tree and lifts a hand pointing toward her and saying to the dragon, "One of them is moving over there." She then returns to her writing and says, "Well, Bite, I'm not gonna stop him. I don' doubt that that fat slob deserves everythin' that is gonna happen to him an' more."

Bite looks upward, knowing that if Arimia's warning wasn't enough, that the dragon would take note due to their locked eyes. She waits for him to respond.

Mirana looks up and notices the new addition to the fight, but, Arimia advised her not to act, so she readys some magic, in case something goes wrong, looking first to Arimia, then back to Bite.

Look at Arimia confused and then turns to the wife in question. "Grrrrr..." The large dragon growls like a dog before opening its mouth and letting loose a torrent of cold winds that freezes her lower half. "No more of these silly games. Where!" The dragon walks up to the chair and doesn't even make a move to attack anyone else as he grabs the entire chair and zen with minimal effort. "WHERE!" Zen trembles, "In the quarry! Near the shack in a sealed box, I swear it! Don't kill me." The dragon look at Zen and drops him chair and all no the ground. "If she isn't there I will be back." Zen cowers as the Dragon turns around and begins stomping off his wives look at him and smiling. "We didn't marry this fat tub for the dragon to steal what is ours. Lets kill him and take our prize." The lynx dart off into the tree and begin to purse the dragon leaving the party alone with Zen and a ruined chair.

Arimia hops down off of her golem and walks over to the cat. "She? You've been trafficking in fellow beings?" She draws a dagger and narrows her eyes at the cat, while smiling an unkind smile.

Bite snaps, her pent up aggression too much for her. "You would think a famous and wealthy merchant would have some social skills that made his customers like him. You would think he'd have the intellect to ask for someone seedier for such a wretched transaction, and..." she cuts off, preparing something.

Mirana listens intently, till she figures out that this prize is another person! She looks to Arimia, "I know you said not to judge Miss... but.." and she stamps her paw, a cage of rock forming around Zen, "I think this one is an exception." She says, the cage is solid stone, bars all around extending up for ten feet and just big enough for him to turn, round. "However, I'll leave what should be done to those above me." Looking again to Arimia.

"Of course not, what do I look like a crook. Its pack beast I bought off his people in exchange for forgiving a debt, now they want to go back on the deal. I'm heading back to the firmament." The now extremely sweaty feline begins to preform crude math in the dirt to create a walking platform to hold his immense weight. "I will pay you greatly to keep this shame on my normally spotless record of sales just between us. How about ten thousand crown each?" He asked as his new platform began to move on shaky legs before Mirana stone cage stops it dead in its tracks. "You have it all wrong I'm not a slaver. I don't traffick folk and your right don't I seem a little to easy to give up something I would get hanged for doing?" He says fearfully.

Arimia narrows her eyes slightly and says, "I don' really believe you." She takes a few steps away saying, "You'll be comin' with us to verify all this." She turns to Mirana then and says, "If you'll drop the cage I'll have my golem carry him, we'll take him with us an' catch up to the others."

Bite begins to heat the chair and dome. "Sssweetie even if it was a pack animal they went to a lot of trouble to come all the way out here for it. It was precious to them, and I don't think they would have parted with something like that." she hisses. Sighing, then giggling Bite casts off her aggrivation with the whole situation and smiles. "Well sssweeties, shall we go make sure they found their 'Pack animal?'"

Mirana looks to Arimia, "Of course Miss," and she stamps her paw again, lowering the bars closest to them so they may get him out. She looks about, still unsure of what is happening, but now trusting Arimia's guidance much more then she had before. "How would you like us to proceed?"

The travel is relatively quick as the dragons path has scared away any creature from the nearby area. As the group near the shack they see a familiar black and tan dragon trying to work on opening a box that is made out of some strange material that is almost as big as he is. "Open!" He tries to pry the box open an a dozen different ways.

Arimia walks over to join the dragon by the box saying, "Hello." She looks over the box for any obvious lock or the like and says, "It's a good thing we brought him along with us, mmm?" She jerks a thumb back at the cat, still being held by her golem.

Bite slithers along with the group, occasionally trying to cook the feline. When she sees the box she approaches it and gives it her best look over, trying to find a way to get into it. "I would try and blow it open sssweetie but it might hurt something."

Zen yelp but doesn't move as Bite continues to burn him, "Stop that you maniac. I didn't nothing to warrant this kind of treatment. NOTHING!" He screams impotently as he slowly switches to a smug grin, "Can't open it? That because this is the best lock, it is seal against Dark math, fire math, water match, wind math and made with no true locking mechanism so it can't be broken into. This is bought from cliffside locksmiths, The best in the business, now free me so I can go back to the Drytongue flats!"

Arimia draws her dagger again and rather casually jams it into the cat's leg, saying, "Shut up." She continues to look over the box before saying, "Tell us how to get into it. Or I can start to cut parts off. Startin' with your toes, since it ain't like you use 'em for walkin'. Then your fingers. Then I'll have to get creative."

Bite listens to the feline and attempts to use her earthen prowess, the only one not listed, to get into the box.

Zen squeal like a stuck pig as the dagger slide into flesh, "I won't tell you anything...I would rather-" A soft click is hear as bite rather easily opens the chest. "Oh Crap." As the box opens a golden dragon slowly crawls out of the box gasping, The Golden Creature looks over the folk gather in confusion before her eyes settle on Zen. A low dog like growl echo from the beast as her skin has patch removed from it in random spots. "What have they done to you?" The male dragon says in stunned horror.

Arimia lets out a soft growl of anger and says, "Just a pack animal?" She slowly drags the dagger down the cat's leg before roughly pulling it out. she then immediately sinks it back into the cat, only this time it's in his gut. She gives it a twist and says in a sarcastically sweet voice, "Do you care to amend that statement?"

Bite blinks and glares at Zen. Not wanting to interfere with his painful stabbings, she attempts to lightly pepper his stomach's insides with flames.

The Cat lets out a whine and a scream as he is stabbed, "Urg. AHHHHH!" His screams are loud enough to cause both of the dragons to wince as the golden one starts to shrink down into a small golden furred Doberman.

Arimia pulls her dagger back out of the cat's belly and says, "Where exactly is your house? We're going to take everything of value in it to help compensate the village. An' as payment for myself an' Bite. Of course. If you tell us, we'll jus' kill you, rather than hurt you horribly while killin' you. Of course, either way you die."

Bite giggles. "Sssweetie wouldn't you rather let the dragon handle his death?" she hisses with a smile.

Zen raises a hand weakly, "I'll make you a deal... A good one. You let me live and I'll not bother you or the dragons again." He is shivering and mumbling a little, "Please Please! I'll do anything." The Golden Doberman walks forward and growls, "You peeled off my scales WITH my skin, you could have just scraped them off. You sicken me..." She turns around to embrace the male, "I missed you my little Nub-Nub." She says happily as the male smiles, "I would cross the desert again, I have brought all what remains of our families to get you, We would not let that pig with a cats face take." Further ahead Arimia notices a glimmer in one of the bushes, a lynx is working on a powerful spell.

Arimia sends a lash of flame toward the bush with the lynx, the flame scouring both. She then looks at the cat her golem is holding and says, "You aren't going to bother them or us anyway. You're going to be dead. The only question is if you're going to die slowly an' painfully or quickly an'... Relatively painlessly." She starts to wipe her dagger off on her cloak and says, "Those are your options. You're going to tell us either way. Especially since I don' think you have the stomach for takin' pain. Or much of anythin' but more food in your bloody huge gut."

Bite giggles and begins to set up protection on Arimia and the gold doberman, thinking tha the male dragon probably doesn't need it if he was hiring protection against them. She uses her earth magics to produce light-weight but solid armor, and in the case of the doberman coverings for what wounds they may have.

An arrow strikes the golden dobermen in two spots just moments after the armor is put on saving her life as two remaining lynxes run off. "Don't leave me!" Zen screams only to hear a snapping sound as a stone his mouth hard enough to crack most of his teeth. "My wives!" He whimpers at the Golden Doberman looks impressed, "Thank you." She says looking at the crack in her armor from the blows. "I think we should get out of here as soon as possible. I doubt they are going to give up on me. Oh. Where are my Manners, I'm Sunflower of the Clever folk." She said with a grin.

Arimia gives a soft growl of her own and turns back to the cat saying, "They don't care about you. They're after the same thing we are. Your wealth." She looks over the various bits of jewelry the cat is wearing and starts to remove them, continuing to talk, though this time the words are directed to the golden doberman, "I'm Arimia. Apostate. An' I don' think they'll give up on you once we're out of her. Best bet is going to take them out."

Bite nods, clearly in agreement with Arimia. "You're welcome, but sssweetie they didn't even need him, he's probably just a face... and not a pretty one." she hisses and tilts her head. "I'm not sure you should come with us but I don't really want to leave you here with them out there."

Sunflower nods, "Nub-Nub?" She looked at the male who shrugs, "I'm with them but how to we catch them? They seem to be pretty swift. He walks up the hill and an arrow embeds his horn. "Well I guess they never OW!" Another arrow embeds its self in his flank as a few bushes rustles and suddenly the lnyx are hidden again.

Arimia lets out a soft sigh and closes her eyes working on some complex mathmagic. She says to the others, "You may want to take shelter. The weather is about to turn inclement." She then completes the mathmagic and the air begins to heat up, before the skies suddenly burst forth into a rain of fire.

Bite nods to Arimia and moves back towards the box, taking shelter inside.

Kilsa with a moment like lightening Nub-Nub moves over Sunflower as he spread his wings and weathers the attack which doesn't touch him other than a few very close calls. A twin set of screams is hears as a flaming body falls from the top of the quarry to the bottom with a soft crunch. Zen is still alive having been close to Sunflower and thus under Nub-Nub.

Arimia looks around and gives a small nod of her head, not at all fearful as the fire rains down around her. She brushes her hands off on her shorts, and turns to look at the others as the fire rains down. "That's that. Now then. Cat. We were talkin'. Your house."

Bite giggles and pops out of the box, stretching and smiling. "If you tell us i'll let you pick how you die, as long as it's not by old age or anything silly like that." she quizzes with a fanged smile.

Zen sighs, "I die either way. No deal." He says looking quiet pale and tired as his lower body is cake in blood from his stabbings. "At least this way I spite you from the grave. So you pink bit of skrith grime, may all your descendants be poor stupid and sickly." And he looks at the doberman hatefully, "You could have made me powerful and rich beyond my dreams. I curse you the most temptress of false wealth."

Arimia turns to Bite and says, "Would you mind thinkin' up a good way to secure him to a tree?" She then turns to the cat and says to him, "Here's what I'm goin' to do. I'm goin' to cut your eyelids off. An' then I'm goin' to cut open your gut an' pull out your entrails. Not far, but just a bit to get the attention of scavengers. I'm gonna secure your mouth open. An' then I'm goin' to leave you here. Then scavengers will come an' start eatin' you. Little bits at a time. They'll go for soft tissue first. Eyes. Tongue, entrails. Nothin' immediately fatal. You'd be surprised at how long it takes for someone with a wounded gut to die. It can take days, even."

Bite nods and starts pulling out throwing knives. "I think we could pin him up and use maybe earth and water magic, and a little sap, to make an adhesive." she hisses and smiles.

"You will do have to do with my corpse. Good bye." With a smack of the dirt a sharp spear of dirt stabs through his back and into his heart. With his dying breath he attempt to spit at Arimia but only manages to drool on himself. The two foreigners look at his corpse and something pass between them like a heavy burden being removed.

Arimia watches as the cat kills himself then says thoughtfully, "Folk tend to do that a lot when I'm explainin' how I'm gonna torture them." She lets out a thoughtful "Mmm" then shrugs and moves to his corpse starting to take all the jewelry and coinage from it that she can.

Bite watches the feline off himself and shakes her head. "That's no fair sssweetie." she hisses but tilts her head. "At least we aren't responsible for his death." she hisses. She moves to examine the burned corpses of his wives for anything of value.

The wives has little of value that wasn't melted on their skin. In her thanks Sunflower and Nub-Nub left some very valuable gold scales for everyone that helped with her rescues. The Death of the famous merchant Zen was attributed to head hunters he so feared, unfortunately those who went looking for his body only found skeletal remains charred beyond recognition. The even gave the freesword a small hit in contracts from foreign merchants but Promised move on an not a tear was shed.