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Nathan Blackback stood under the appointed area with a map in his hands, he looked up at the soulless that arrived with a smirk, "It takes all kinds, I have to ask are any of you lot good at more than fighting? From what I've seen I'm going to need brains and brawn." He gave an odd glance at the group and chuckles, "Names?"

Ryusho shifts his stance a bit, "Ryusho, Retainer of the Ironsouls, Journeyman, and craftsman, so I have a decent bit of brains, and brawn, at least I like to think so."

Silverlynx adjusts a bit and frowns, the woman frowns a bit. "Silverlynx.. I don't know the rest." She says holding a shild and maul. Clearly the fighter has upgraded some things in her few days in town.

Ictus hmms? at Nathan and frowns at that, "That's not a good way to treat someone who's helping you, but yes... I can think and fight." he nods to the Blackback, "I am Ictus, of House Solacious."

Rogna laughs as he approaches. "Hello there. You may call me Rogna good sir, I won't ask for more." he says to the Blackback, a smile and a look that says this is but a jest. He flashes his noble soulgem and then applies his priests soulgem, and nods. "I suppose you could say I am a healthy mix of both, although I do fancy myself a swordsman."

The skunk nodded to each of then and smiled to Ictus, "I don't mean any offense its just that the last group that came stuck the wrong object before I could warn them and now I need a new group." He chuckled and waved his arm to the boat near them. "This is the Sailing Pussyfoot. A swift vessel, we are taking it to the cave and that is where this is going to begin if your fully supplied and ready please joing me up on board. "Its a pleasure to have such a large group especially since the last ones died." He boards the boat and welcomes each folk to join him.

Ryusho blinks slowly and quirks his brow, thats an..interesting ship name...but he then shrugs, well, it's not his buisness that someone names a ship that, as he hums, and would begin to head towards the ship, to begin to get aboard, though that would be after he double checked his gear for a moment or three

Silverlynx taps her chin and smiles. "I love it..." being the only cat here, well it's hard to not see why. The woman moves onto the ship, she has her gear and it's likely to need much else.

Ictus nods at that and chuckles, "I see, well... That's to bad for them then." he looks over the ship and shrugs as he steps aboard, "I suppose I have everything I'll need." as he checks his gear

Rogna boards the vessel and shakes his head. "You can be sure we shall fair better, although if the objects are similar enough to be confused perhaps more details are in order?" the hippo says and becomes situated, carrying all that he will need in a small travelers pack. He adjusts his cape and awaits their departure.

The boat ride is relatively slove as the winds seems almost to push the group toward an almost unremarkable Island. "We probably got about an hour before we will dock. I need to let you know what we are going to facing, we know very little about the island but royal records show that an shadow possessed as defeated by a lone soulless named Nova he was supposed to have wielded a blade that would rival almost creators works. The blade is said to almost hum with the amount of Divine Mathmatics that would rival the best of what we have now, most pass this off as rumor and muddling through time but something is here and we need to see what is in the network of caves that Nova was emtombed in." He rubbed his hands together, "Excited yet?"

Ryusho hums softly as he shifts slightly, "It sounds like an interesting situation, though it also sounds like the prize is a bit...potentially over exagerated...but that can only be found out if it is found."

Silverlynx looks at the group. "Well, over all we get paid, we get rich and we get posibly interesting stuff.. But, the chances are you're right." she hmms a bit, still in her heavy custom armor.

Ictus chuckles at that and hmms, "Sounds very interesting... But the others are quite right, I doubt something that powerful will be there... Would be nice though."

Rogna smiles at the thought of such a blade. "Oh if only, however such a blade belongs in the hands of the Good King." This is of course true, such a treasure would benefit sweetwater as a whole if found regardless of where it went however. "He was entombed with it?" he adds with a slight frown. To graverob from a hero, who was buried with the weapon is a terrible act.

Nathan nodded, "Doesn't matter if its exagerated, Your prize for helping us is very much real. Even if all we find is a corpse with a toy sword, you'll all get paid but if we find it to be real we might be able to figure out how to make something to better that everyone can use." He pulled out a map and smiled, "First thing I need you to know is that if you see anything that looks like a red sphere on beach don't touch it. Its a very painful trap, the original leader of the expedition lost his nose from that." He notes Rogna's question as the boat docked, "We are doing this for the Good King naturally but we don't want to bother him until we have results. Now gather your gear and get ready to travel a bit."

Ryusho would partly be doing the semi duty of being a retainer, by going to get off the boat semi first just because of his duty, though he is not a retainer of any of the nobles or houses actually here, he still does his job in general to try to be a guard of sorts to those that are here.

Silverlynx looks over at the man. "I'm sure he'd have liked to atleast know you were doing this." She glares at Nathan but says nothing more as the warrior jumps off the boat and lands soidly at the end of the ramp. A look at the dragon tengu and she flips the helmet's face guard down. "Don't touch shit that doesn't look like it belongs.. duh." She mutters and adjusts, still at rude as ever.

Ictus nods at that and hmms, "Alright, don't touch any red spheres..." he hmms at Silver and shakes his head as he steps off the boat

Rogna departs the vessel with his belongings and puts his hand on his sword hilt. He examines local in great detail before glancing to Silverlynx. She seems a little better than the last time he saw her, there may be hope for her yet.

The moment the group steps they notice the beach has nothing on it but pure white sand. "Funny this place was littered with red shpheres last time." Nathan comments indifferently, "Alright continue north and well....yes, don't touch anything till we get to the battle sight. The Skunk continues onward and waves his hand for everyone to follow, "One last note. Once we reach the tree line, DO NOT TOUCH THE TREES." He begins to walk ahead the group in a brisk pace cutting through the greenery and checking the map.

Ryusho cants his head, "Don't touch the -trees-?" he says after a moment, "...Whats wrong with the trees?" He says after a moment, "Just currious because this is the first time I have heard of a place where the trees could be dangerous..."

Silverlynx hmms a bit. "Just follow orders.. Obviously.. they have a reason for it." She then looks at the guy upfront and the grabs his shirt and jerks him back. "You want to die first?" She asks the man. "If this place is so damn dangerous.. why lead in light armor and a tooth pick?" She is making fun of the man's choice in 'weaponry' for leading.

Ictus looks at the treeline curiously at the tip and shakes his head as he follows, "Ok... Dangerous island..." he shakes his head at Silver

Rogna blinks at Silverlynx's actions and shakes his head. "Unhand him, although you are correct. You should not lead with minimal protection and the map in tow." he says and stops to inspect the Blackback, ensuring he is not jarred before pushing on.

"The trees aren't dangerous but whats inside, above and below them is." He doesn't even look back before he is jerked back by Silverlynx, The sudden jerk sent him back stumbling and he fell backward into a tree. "No NOO!!" A snap that sounds like a whip echo through the trees as a bright red fleshy thing wraps around his waist. "Help!" The fleshy rope slam him against the tree repeatedly.

Ryusho jumps at the sudden red -fleshy- thing, that comes out in supprise that is he jumps before he quickly begisn to draw his blade to begin moving forward to try to get to aid him, though of course Silver..the one who kinda -caused- him to stumble into the tree, is closer obviously...>.>;;

Silverlynx holds her shield up out of reaction and then she growls, she mumbles something as she draws her heavy weapon and proceeds to help the man from what ever has him, she grabs onto the man's shirt again, this time, keeping a firm grip incase what ever it decides to drag the man way. "you peice of shit!" She swing her maul at the whipy thing, with out hitting the man or the tree again if she can avoid it

Ictus blinks at the red creature and shakes his head as he draws his blade, moving to cut Nathan free if the maul doesn't work

Rogna draws his blade and stands at ready. If the threat is not incapacitated he will intervene, for now he will watch their backs. The turmoil may bring out more problems, and he will be ready to defend them.

The moment that Silverlynx hit the creatures an ear splitting scream to echo through out the forest. A large creature drops in the area, Its purple and red covered in black spots. "Hey. Don't touch it!" Nathan screams before the creature uses him as a club to strike at Silverlynx. The blow is unfocused and misses by a mile but the skunk lands on the dirt with a nasty crunch, his form is still as the creature lashes out at Rogna with its tongue.

Ryusho yelps a bit as the toungue actually goes past him, but he decides instead of -attacking- to quickly sheath the blade, and instead actualy -rush- over to see if it is possible at all that the skunk is -not- dead, though he expects the worst, hope for the best, thats why he was running over to check and see, incase he could do something...

Silverlynx growls at the damn thing, "YOu call for help, then you tell me NOT to attack what the fuck." She growls as she makes sure she gets the things concentration upon herself. "Hey fugly, over.. YOu want to try picking on someone that can handle a hit!" She is taunting it to make it focus.

Ictus grunts as he watches the skunk go flying and winces as he lands with a crunch, he glares at Silver as he moves to help her, "I hope he's not dead."

Rogna hears the words of the blackback and quickly, using his free hand, draws his cheap sword from his side. He lashes out and attempts to sever the tongue from the creature mid-lash.

The creature screams as it tongue is removed, It glares at the group with hatred before it attempts to leap on Silverlynx. Ryusho notices that Nathan is still alive but one of his eyes is hanging out and one of his arms is bent back the wrong way. The creature skin reeks of an almost a noxious gas. "unng...." The skunk moans pitifully as the fight continues with the creature.

Ryusho shifts as he mrphs a bit, quickly trying to get his medical supplies that he has as he calls out, "HE's Alive! But I might need some help, he is in BAD shape!" he says as he mrphs, though he begins trying to evaluate and shifts a bit, Nngh.. "...I don't think I can help him much...!" he says as he shifts position and begins still trying to figure out what things he -can- do if anything that wouldn't cause more problems...

Silverlynx growls with smile, not that people can see this, "Thats right fugly, over here... That right.. come get some.. Like picking on the weak do you?" She moves so the beast is more accessable and still focused on her. "You want some of this.. come get it!" Oh yea, she is taunting it to attack.

Ictus blinks at Ryu's call and shakes his head as he dashes over, "How bad-" he winces as he spots the conition of the skunk and shakes his head, "Can you fix his arm? I don't know if we can move him like this..."

Rogna charges the creature and slashes at an apparent limb with his cheap sword, sheathing his Sol to allow for more mobility in the effort.

Roaring at Silverlynx the creature Doesn't notice as Rogna attacks it. The wet fleshy limb is almost hacked off and the creature flops around trying to right itself as it bleeds on the floor. The creature hisses as it moves slowler and slower from blood loss, it croaks weakly the look of hatred doesn't fade from his eyes.

Ryusho grumbles as he shifts, and grunts, "I don't think I have the rools here with me...the ones I would need anyway, I really need to invest in a better medical set...This is not quite the right strength -or- tools to quite deal with this kind of injury setup........What about yours Ictus?"

Silverlynx keeps big ugly on her which she is careful not to back into another tree. She growls low and as no one is currently -dealing- with the damn thing she slowly works it away from the group as a hole, tring to make a larger gap between them and the ugly.

Ryusho does begin looking through his supplines, and bits that he uses for repairing various things in the field, to ebgin to try to jury rig up a better emergency kit, at least in such circumstances

Ictus shakes his head at Ryu after hisd attempt to set the Blackbacks arm right and sighs, "We'll have to move him, he won't last much longer at this rate if we don't..." he takes the skunks legs and looks to Ryu, "Help me carry him to the boat."

Ryusho looks up promtly, "Moving him could be dangerous and cause internal trauma though...He may have broken or cracked ribs, so moving him would be -worse-" he says as he shifts, and thinks, "We need a ...a way to carry hi-" he looks around, then..thinking quickly he begins to use his kit, and tries to jury rig up a stretcher...-sacrificing his own -shirt- to do this...

Rogna gets a feel for how flimsy the creature is and carefully begins to lop it apart so that he does not come into contact directly with it. Once his is certain it will no longer pursue them he waves Silverlynx to come with him as he heads towards the boat, sword drawn in case they are assaulted again. He will discard the sword as soon as they are on board, he does not know why he shouldn't touch the creature but this cheap blade can be replaced.

Silverlynx adjusts and side steps the creature and falls back, following the group with her shield up and maul ready she brings up the rear making sure to avoid trees and uglys.

The creature is in pieces as Rogna finishes his gruesome work. The skunk looks up at you both with his single good eyes, " down." Nathan slurs his words, "I don't... get to escape. Take the map...." He looks at someone that isn't there, "I've let too many die." The slightly more coherent skunk says as they carry him on the make shift stretcher. "I'm.......just a little banged up. Take the map and go back in the woods. Your smarter then the rest....I hope."

Ryusho looks down as he helps carry, "No, We are taking you to the boat, where we can try and properly help you get patched up, ..I have some Dulling potions within my pack, Those should be able to help too, if anything beging to help fix you up so we can actually help you better..." he says simply, "I will not leave someone to die, as I am not some heartles beast."

Ictus blinks at Nathan and shakes his head firmly, "We will get you to the boat, your life is more important right now. We can come back later."

Rogna approaches the vessel with Silverlynx closeby, looking the sword over with a shake of his head. He will have to find a safe place to discard it, and be overly careful with the blade, there is no telling what it could do. "Is the Blackback alright?" he calls as he approaches.

Silverlynx adjusts and hmms a bit as she adjusts watching their back while moving slowly. "You should probably keep that.. might be able figure shit out shit about this place." She says but doesn't even bother to turn and face the man.

The Skunk drinks the dulling potions with a bit of a sigh and grunts. "That hurt." He looked at the group, "I haven't been entirely honestly with you." He wheezes between sentences. "I've let forty folk die just learning this place, I had it all down, every trap marked, even have then I failed, The projects been closed for a few months but the last two squads I intended to pay out of my own pockets. I am good for the crowns but I just didn't want to let them all die in vain. Please go I should be safe on the boat." He begs too all the folk gathered.

Ictus hmms at Nathan and shakes his head, "People like you disgust me... But you still deserve to live." he looks to the crew as he boards, "Take us back." he looks to the others and hmms, "You can either stay and try to find the object he was looking for, or come with me to help him. If you stay, I'll be back as soon as I can."

Silverlynx does now turn to look at the man, oh she isn't happy about that. "You KNEW this place was a risk and you STILL Lied to us." She growls very very low at skunk. "If you want to hire people you be honest with them upfront.. I don't give a shit whats on this fucking Island, i DON'T like being lied too." The warrior how ever looks at the island. "Maybe people are still alive."

Rogna thinks the situation over long and hard. "I will attempt to retrieve the sword, if it is retrieved it should at least be replaced and a word should be given to his valor sacrifice. Even in death he should know his blade will be used for the good of sweetwater, and not that it is merely being taken from him. I do not feel you will stop trying to retrieve the object, and I do not wish for any more lives to be lost in this ordeal." the hippo says and then looking to his cheap sword, looks at the blackback. "Now tell me, what dangers lie ahead to your knowledge that I may take heed to your words."

Ryusho mrphs a bit after several seconds, "...I probably need to go back with you...besides...I need to run and get a new shirt......the armor is not the most comfortable directly on ones scales or skin or whatever they have.....But if everyone is staying...I suppose I would do better to stay, for trying to aid int eh safety of the group, as you would be safe on the trip back.." he says, so it sounds like he will be staying with the others on the island...even though he does decide to see if he has a spare shirt or something in his bag tucked away somewhere...god he seems to have all sorts of junk in there >.<

The Skunk looks genuninely ashamed, "I was hoping to do something good. I didn't want to cause suffering but I figured every time that I knew enough to keep folk alive." He doesn't look at Rogna, "I'm going to tell you the trees are deadly for those things, the red spheres explode in poisonous darts and the cave is empty for the exception of a shadow touched creature standing before the door to the where we think the sword is being held.

Silverlynx rolls her eyes, "Shadow touched.. what.. poison dart frog?" She asks looking at the group and shakes her head. "It's not worth it.. leave it there.. It could just be another hell hold full of shadow for all you know."

Rogna secures the map and looks it over, skimming for general directions to follow. If something should come up he have the map to reference. "Shall we go?" the hippo offers the group.

Ictus looks to Silver and shakes his head, "If there is a weapon here, it's worth it. Why? Bcause there are several dozen, maybe hundred, -true- shadows right outside of Firmament... And those shadow touched creatures pale vastly in comparison to true shadows."

The otters nods and begins preparing to shift off the sun begins to set as the otters begin to Navigate. Nathan begins to let speak, "I'm so sorry I've lied to you all. Keep my map and I'll even pay this crew for a second voyage for you. Bring an army because the possed person there is not to be messed with. I've seen it tear through a beserker and priest like they were made of snow." He wheezes and sniffles trying not to cry, "At the very least tell me if it was all worth it, if it was real." He passes out as he finishes the rest of his statment. As the boat leaves the Island in the distance lone figure can be seen gazing out at the leaving ship.