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A grizzled looking Lion sits infront of the freeswords his body looks battered and tired. As he screams at the building, "FREESWORDS! SHANTY TOWN NEEDS HELP! PLEASE!" The lion wheezes as he is ignored by various folk going about their day. "please." He manages to call out weakly before holding his chest and leaning against the building to catch his breath. He takes out a black herb and starts to chew it weakly.

Travis perks his ears as he hears the sound of a voice coming from outside. He blinks a bit as he sees the lack of reaction to someone asking for help, and he gives a low scowl. "Is this how you would want people to react if it was YOU asking for help?" He then quickly makes his way over towards the Lion, checking him over with conserned eyes, as he reaches for his medical equipment to try to help him. "What happened?"

Arimia is walking toward the guild when hse hears the cry and makes her way over. She gives a frown and glances around, which quickly turns her frown into a scowl. She walks over to the lion, and decides to leave fixing him up to those more capable at it than her. She does, however, hand him a pouch of crowns and says, "Take these. Get a room at the inn and rest up until you feel well enough to move about an' all. I'd ask what's goin' on, but judgin' from the looks of you there ain't much time for that. So I'll see when I get there." After that she turns and starts to hurry on the path to Shanty Town.

Arimia spends 200 Crown for RP reasons.

Bite had been following Arimia, albeit poorly if she wanted to not be obvious. She stops just behind her and inspects the lion, who is in pretty bad shape, and tilts her head. She hisses to Travis "Sssweetie what's the source of his injuries?" as she prepares a spell and readies to move out with Arimia. "Don't worry sssweetie we'll do our best." she hisses, swapping out her soul gems as she talks.

The Lion look at the mink and growls, "Those damn blackblacks are kicking us out of shanty town and telling us they are going to test out something." He growls and shows an official document with the blackback seal on it. "I got my families whole savings together to get you to stop them. I even had to bribe the guards with half of it to prove I wasn't a crimial." He spits on the ground some of the black ichor on the ground. "I ain't hurt I just had to run here from shanty town. There is whole caravan at that gates. I'll get my family back but please don't let them dirty folks hurt my home." The group leaves the Lion to his devices as they enter the outskirts of shanty town, The town is filled with people having a strange celebration while others are packing their things and heading out. The group is greeted by a large and vicious looking Mantis with a blind folk over his eyes. "You smell like Firmament, Are you hear to tell us to leave during our jublee?" A few eyes turn to them but most continue to dance and sing while pickpockets roam the streets and a voluptuous pig attempts to sell herself to a few drinking males. "We are born here and we will not let the skunks and thier ilk toss us out."

Travis nods his head as he sees the Lion does not have injuries, and just needs to recover from the run, and then stands back up. He looks at the Lion, nodding his head. "I will do what I can to help." He then turns to head after Arimia and Bite, moving to catch up with Bite, since she is someone he reconizes, trying to keep pace with the Taipan, following them, blinking at the sight as they come to Shanty Town, blinking a bit at the sight, before shaking his head, keeping quiet now that he is with those who know what they are doing.

Arimia flicks her ears at the confrontational mantis. She waits a moment then calls out, hopefully loud enough to be heard over the odd celebration, "My name is Arimia. I'm a soulless an' an Apostate. A few of you may have heard of me. I ain't here to help throw you out of Shanty Town. I'm here to help you throw them out." She jerks a thumb back with a brief glance over her shoulder. "This serpent..." She pauses a moment and looks back, staring at the mink before continuing. "An' this mink are here to help as well." She lowers her voice and addresses the mantis directly. "If you can point us to where they are here, if they're here, we'll try talkin' to them. If that don' work we'll try.. Doin' things other than talkin'. If they ain't here yet, I'm afraid we're gonna have to stop this party an' do some things to get ready for them showin' up in force. They may not, but preparin' won't hurt."

Bite nods as Arimia points to her, saying nothing else to hurt the situation but giving a grin, she decides that it would be beneficial to their situation to prove she's willing to help. She starts the short process of creating a rather widespread effect of powerful water magic, a hint of ocean coming into the air as she throws a personal spin on it, invigorating those present.

"Hey sweetie." The pigs says after moving on from the drunk males and guesture to her body, "I've just been to priest and I'm clean. All night will only cost you twenty crown." The Mantis looks at Arimia and nods, "I've heard of ya the Apostate that seems to be just as like as them clanners. Alright, I don't know where they are in the village now, I think most of them let to go cut up a someone or whatever them damn skunks do." He rolls his eyes beneath the blindflod as if someone could see them. Damn experiments took my eyes when I was soldier, told me I might see again in a few years. Its been five and I've yet to see anything more than blackness." He guestures to the party that seems to go on without them. The spray of water cause those present to look around in amazement before partying even harder as if they just started. "Woooo." They cheer a few males smiles and walking up to bite with a much more friendly dispositon. Meanwhile outside of shanty town a shadowy figure is drab in heavy cloak, as he roams the shantytown, carrying out his hired task. He has already dropped one of the seals, bearing the blackback insignia upon it, and below him he drops another. He carrys a semi-concealed cannon, and a mission to carry out for who he can only presume are the blackbacks for his own safety. He doesn't really want to know what he's doing if it's wrong, just that he does his hired job well. He moves to pre-specified location in the south, and begins his task, raining fire upon shantytown for presumably deconstruction purposes. They wouldn't just kick all these people out of their homes would they? New ones will be made, at least that's what he tells himself as he watches the buildings go down, fragile as they are. When he finishes he heads out, to another location. He light up a cannon before firing a round that lands in the southern part of shanty town furthest from the as the ball hits and five shacks are destroyed the math in the ball reacts with the ground before sending super heated shrapnel that destroys a whole distict of shanty town the only sound that can be heard due to the math causing the sound waves to be muffled even the screams of the vicims can't be heard over the current jubliee. The only notifying factor is a slight tremor in the northern side where the party is currently going unbrothered. The group notices a flash to the southside of shanty town moments before the tremor.

Travis looks about curiously, not sure what is going on, unsure why there is a party going on. His ears fold back a bit at all the noise as he gazes around. He catches a flash out of the corner of his eye and turns towards the south, before narrowing his eyes a bit as he feels the ground shake a bit under him. "What the heck? Did anyone else just see a flash?"

Arimia looks about to say something when the tremor is felt and the flash briefly lights the sky. Whatever her words were going to be are forgotten as she starts running to the south, not pausing to see who is coming along behind her. The reasons for her not waiting may be clear as with a burst of air magic she launches herself into the sky, flying swiftly over the tops of the shanties, rather than trying to weave her way through them.

Bite had started to acknowledge the friendly males when the ground shook beneath her, and she blinks as she looks to the south and sees Arimia flying off. Pulling from the males and bowing out, heading to follow her raccoon friend as swiftly as she possibly can.

As Arimia take to the skies she can see an area of shanty town burning lightly as screaming folk put out the fire but Arimia can't hear the noises such carnage would bring as she approaches the flash sight and notices that there is two blackback crest sitting on near a spent cannon. The moment Bite walks up to the carange and steps inside the blast radius she can hear the screams clearly as the pink raccoon flies overhead. Travis arrives and there is plenty of dead and dying apostates everywhere, female child chinchilla reaches out to Travis, "" She says as she is currently impaled in the ground by a long shard of cooled rock slowly bleeding out as she eyes the mink with shakey eyes, "Hurts..." Tears roll down her eyes as she tries to reach out but the rock keeps her skewered to the ground. Back at the cannon a brown feather is in the seen near the cannon and leading away in a loose trail to the north.

Travis follows along behind Bite, frowning as he sees the destroyed buildings, and then gasps as he crosses the barrier that is blocking the sound. He scowls, eyes wide as he looks about at all the damange, yelling out. "What the hell! Why would people do such a thing." His eyes start to grow hard as he gazes around, each cry is like a knife through his heart, he knows he is not skilled enough to help the people, tears starting to leak from his eyes.

Arimia lands near one of the cannons and bends down to pick up the feather. She looks at it for a moment before letting out a growl. She seems to visibly struggle while trying to decide before letting out a scream of rage and swinging her thin, heavy blade at one of the cannons. Possibly denting the metal. Of the cannon. She turns slips back into shanty town, making her way toward where she thinks Bite and that mink would be. Along the way she does what she can to help, though without changing souls it isn't much.

Bite looks at all the wounded and deceased and just stares at it all. She looks spiteful and sad at the same time, her eyes resting on the skewered girl. She does what she can to help someone that Travis isn't helping, looking around as she does so to pick out wounded. She can't help much at all with this. Why would anyone do this? Theres so much carnage.

The area is in shambles and only a few mintues pass before the math preventing sound from escaping drops and more shanty town members try to run in to either loot or save their loved ones. The little chinchilla girl is still impaled but her hand has droped as a careful glance reveals that both of her parents are dead with similar spikes percing vital areas.

Travis gives himself a shake, and then growls out, making his way over to the girl, checking her, grabbing his kit as he moves over to her side, checking to see what he can do to help, looking around to see if he can be any use at all. He may not have a lot of skill, but if he can stablize people intil those with skill can help them the rest of the way, he will do so. It is time he grew up and learned how the world here works, no matter how much he is starting to think that the world here royally sucked with how people seem to only care about themselves.

Arimia wanders solemnly through the destroyed section of Shanty town and stops when she reaches the area where Bite and Travis are. She looks around briefly before walking over to the Taipan. "I am afraid I don't have any skill in helping cure. If you bring me some of those who you need more time than they have to work on them I can try using a bit of dark math to funnel my life into them." She looks around and her muzzle twists into a snarl as she says, "If not, then I have some nobles to go murder."

Bite looks at all the dying around her and tears up and sneers, giving Arimia a tight hug. "They didn't deserve this..." she hisses and sighs, letting go as she goes to work on who she can. She seems to be helping a great deal but there are so many, theres nothing she can do for all of them, much less all those she can't see.

The hooded figure frowns at his work but carrys on, not entirely sure what he's doing is inside his moral scope. He could swear he heard screams, but maybe it was just the celebration. Some crazy broad getting rammed or something, yeah that's it. He heads off to his next target and prepares his rounds, dropping an extra crest for good measure. He takes careful aim and lets loose another torrent of fire when he reaches an appropriate spot, looking away after firing as he thinks to himself. After the buildings come crashing down he sighs and moves towards his next target. As the little chinchilla girl is healed to a stable point another tremor occur.. The north side of shanty town is heard as a ball smashes into the pig splattering her entrailes the party goers only get a moment of confusion before molten spears send many of them flying the mantis attempt to raise his arms only for the spear to go through both his arms and through his face killing him instantly. The same effect to cancel out the noise is happening as the chaos gets into full swing as this cannon ball seems to have the additonal effect of sending out a wave of dark magic that causes the survivors to starts screaming and mauling each other turning the impact sight into a blood bath before the effects die down and the survivors are still gushing blood out of their eyes ears and noses.

Travis carefully works on healing the girl, giving her a gentle smile as he is able to stablize the chinchilla, before that smile turns to a frown, and he snaps his head up, looking arround with narrowed eyes as he feels the earth shake again. He turns his gaze onto Arimia, his voice low with what sounds like contained rage. "That felt like the exact same thing that lead to us finding all this devistation. That means who ever caused this, is still out there, and he may have just done it again. Damn it, don't they care how many they are killing!"

Arimia pulls out the feather she picked up and drops it on the ground. "Found that. You two keep doing what you can to help. Here and at that party we saw. I don't hear the music anymore." She pulls out her sword again and says, "I'm going to go make them care." That said she launches herself into the air again, flying back to where she saw the cannon. Once there she starts to follow the trail she'd found, moving as quick as she can without losing sight of it, to try and catch up to the one doing this.

Bite nods, the second tremor making her greatly upset as she rushes over to the northern site. When she gets there she sighs and looks the mantis over, before lookinig for anyone to help with her meager medical knowledge. "Hang on sssweeties..." she hisses angrily.

Saibh had been out patrolling, working on a few things, practicing here and there when she'd seen the smoke. Being too far away to get there sooner, she arrives to the wreckage late. She's running through the town, mostly listening, trying to sort out if there's any more. She doesn't look happy, but she's not showing much emotion at all at the moment. Assuming she runs across any, she'll stop to check if it's a body or still alive, then spike the area over them with one of her arrows as a marker. Making her way to the scene proper, she spots some familiar faces and sprints over to them and asks in a low monotone, "What happened?"

In the center of the group is a crying mouse girl apostate over a dead mouse male. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." She alternate between crying and screaming as most of the folk around her are dead by either her hand or the attack. Meanwhile the hooded figure knows his remaining targets, but thinks enough is enough. This is wrong. He quickly makes his way to escape, throwing out a large smoke veil to cover his tracks. A blackblack experiment reports is left near a few of the undamaged houses with a warning for all the Apostates to clear out or be a participant in the experiment. As the smoke clears a single old wolf with a cane carrying the report walks up to the mouse and places a hand on her shoulder, "Nothing we can do now... Even shanty town isn't safe." He has tears trailing down his face, "We need to go before the next shot hits us..." He urges the crying mouse. "Al is dead, Mary. We need to go.. Even living in the quarry is better than this." He says.

Travis takes a look around the area again, checking to see if there is anyone he is able to help. He gives a sigh at all the dead, but is glad he was able to help even just one person, and he starts to head to the north to see if the same thing happened there, and how he may be able to help out.

Arimia lets out another loud scream of rage when she reaches the cannon to find it without anyone there. Her fury is almost a palpable presence around her, her tentacles plainly visible as they writhe and wring at the air. She turns and makes her way toward Firmament, planning to confront the Blackbacks directly.

Bite proceeds to treat those who can be helped in silence, her tears have stopped, she looks bitter and angry. As soon as she finishes treating those present she looks to the two nearby, shaking her head and throwing a bag of crowns at them. "Go somewhere safe sssweeties..." she hisses and moves off to see about following the semi-distant Arimia.

Bite spends 1500 Crown for RP reasons.

Saibh isn't even remotely medically trained beyond alive or dead really. The scream of rage is easy enough to follow, but she'll track that in a minute. First she pads over to the wolf and asks softly, "Can I get that report please?" Her voice still has that monotone ring to it. Whether or not she takes the report, she then picks up a blackened piece of wood if she can find a decent sized one, pulls some material from her pack and heads over to the cannons and the like, looking to make rubbings of any markings she can find. She does this all completely silent unless confronted

The mouse looks at the crown and sighs, "It won't bring Al back." She rubs her stomach as she clenches her teeth in rage. "Nor will it give my child a father." The old wolf bops her on the head, "Don't go disrepectin' folk. This clanners are probably paying the survivors for being in the skunk thingamajiga." The mouse nods but shoots Bite's back a look a pure hatred as mary stands up and passes the report to Saibh. "Take it and stuff it down another clanners throat. We are done with this place. Back when I was a bandit I woulda carve the whole bunch of dem skunk apart for this. Durin' the damn Jubeliee too.." He shake his head as he leave with the still crying mouse who walking with a distant look on her face. Saibh exploration of the cannons confirms the noble seal of black back on the cannon as well as gloved hands that probably operated the cannon and a spent smoke bomb.