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A group has been called togther, meeting a short distance past the farmland to proceed out towards the drytongue flats. A dangerous and long trek, but the story is reportably worth the time. Bite semistands waiting for others who have accepted the quest to arrive, this is an unwise trip for someone on their own.

Ictus hums as he walks over to the party and smiles at Bite, "Hey Bite..." his two tails sway lightly

Kilsa walks in and smiled at her friend, "BITE! How are you friend?" She moves to give the snake a big hug.

Walden the Armadillo comes jogging in, surprisingly from another section of farmland, toward the designated meeting site dressed for action. The tall stocky armadillo is in his chainmail, has his usual supply back on his back, and a pair of battle gloves complete with sharp blades on the knuckles. Looks like he's been busy. "Whew! I'm not late, am I? I'm sorry, I had to make a quick stop at home since we're out this way. I'm all good!" He waves a greeting with a big friendly smile. "I... I just... I have to be here," he says firmly. "I hope that's fine."

Kilsa is met with a coiled embrace. "Hello sssweethearts, are you all ready to get going? It's going to be a bit of a long trip, but I think we can do it." Bite giggles and waves to Ictus and Walden. "You're right on time dont worry sssweetheart." She points off in the direction they're supposed to travel, having been towards drytongue on numerous occasions on her own, she knows a little more and will be better fit to lead until they reach unfamiliar ground.

Ictus chuckles at the others and blinks at Walden, "No, you aren't late." he smiles softly as he lets Bite lead, even though he's been to the flats a few times himself

Kilsa nods, "I've been ready for the moment I saw my favorite snake." She smiled warmly and was wearing her back pack. with her hammer in her hands. "I curious on what we will find and I'm always looking to explore a little more." she chuckled.

Walden breathes a sigh of relief, and he's all too happy to follow along. "Thank you," he says. "If there's any chance of finding some kind of clues, I..." He blinks, stops that train of thought, and grins. "Ah, but we're all here for a purpose. We'll make a great team." He nods to Ictus with a smile. "Hello, I'm Walden! I've got plenty of medical supplies here, so we should be in good shape."

The party travels off, heading through the grassy plains west of the farmlands. The lead snake giggles and looks back occasionally, nothing in the way at the moment that needs attention. "It's always so nice here, I hear he lives up in the mountains though, we won't get to enjoy it very long."

Kilsa looked at her jovial friend curiously, "Expecting a certain kind of trouble or the usual wildy life?" She smiled not really sure whats going on fully but is alway happy to help her friends out. "Who is he?" She asked hoping not to look too stupid.

Ictus nods to Walden and chuckles, "I'm Ictus, I think we've met before..." he looks at the others and hmms, "Yeah, who is this guy we are looking for?"

Walden blinks at Ictus. "We have? Oh... well... Nice to meet you for the second time?" he says sheepishly with a little shrug. "Sorry! Haha. We'll get to know each other better this time... maybe. Probably. That's my assumption at least." He thinks about the situation, and he chimes in, "It's, um, it's not- he's not an armadillo, is he? I don't even know why I'm asking..." He shakes his head slowly.

Bite turns back to the group and says "He's very old and can't make it to firmament anymore, his son comes down from time to time to pick up supplies but they live alone. I think he's a sloth." She sways a bit as she moves through the grass, watching her "step"s as best she can.

Kilsa looked at Walden, "An armadillo in the drytogue probably would feel right at home. My fur was not made for such a place but I've gone on enough trips... A sloth?! Nice I haven't seen a sloth folk in so long, one of my mentors was a sloth from when I was a kid." She chuckled. "I hope he is as mellow as my mentor."

Ictus hmms? and nods at that, "A sloth huh?" he blinks as he spots something and shakes his head as he runs to stop Bite, "Stop, looks like a trap."

Walden hmms, nodding to Bite and Kilsa. "A sloth. Alright, good to know," he says quietly. "Right, I... That's what I was thinking, Lady Kilsa, but then again it seems pretty dangerous out there." And as Ictus stops them, he freezes nervously. "T-trap?"

Bite stops and looks back to Ictus then around the area ahead. "Perhaps you should lead sssweetie, I just don't see it." she hisses and tilts her head. "I'm glad we avoided that whole ordeal.

Kilsa holds her hammer lower and looks around carefully, "What sort of trap?" She asked while not moving her feet at all.

Ictus chuckles at Bite and nods as he leads the group around the pit he saw, "Wasn't that bad of one, just a pit as far as I could see."

Walden blinks. "O-oh. Right," he says, and he starts rummaging through his bag of supplies. "Um... if we're going to be doing any climbing, and if ther'es any risk of pits, I suppose I'd better prepare myself a little better." He grabs a couple of his crystals, replacing some that are probably less useful. "Thanks so much, Ictus."

The group is lead around the trap by Ictus, the path ahead requiring the occasional detour to avoid similar setups. Someone has been busy around here, but it's nothing the group can't avoid with the fox in lead. They pass through the grassy meadows and touch a bit of sand, and Bite pushes to resume the lead. "Just past here should be more plains." As she leads the group over the sand the ground begins to move beneath them.

Kilsa looks down and feels her weight shift. "ummmm guys?" She hefts her hammer up and waits to see if its quick sand if not something is going to get smacked viciously. "The sand is moving..." She seems a little on edge.

Ictus nods to Bite and blinks as he notices the sand moving, he slips his daggers into his hands as he looks around suspicously

Walden is starting to look a little excited about the journey as he settles in with the right sorts of crystals. "There we go. I just gotta let it settle in a bit. I feel so foolish; I was still using some that help me study.... wait, what's that?" he asks, feeling the rumbling in the earth beneath them. "Hey, what causes that kind of shaking?" Seeing the others getting weapons, he slips on his own weapons into hand. "Might get to get in a little more practice, huh."

A creature that resembles an alchemic mishap emerges from the sand, worming it's way around the adventurers. Has someone been messing around with alchemy in this small patch of desert? Bite begins to prep an explosive spell, watching it's swaying movements.

Kilsa growls at the abomination, "A living horror. We will grant you peace." She rushed the creature making sure to keep herself between it and the lesser geared friends of her. She attempts an over head strike while preparing a spell.

Ictus growls at the creature and zips towards it, using his daggers to make quick strikes before backing off to make sure Walden will be ok

Walden looks equal parts nervous and psyched up, a strange combo. "A-alright! Hey, I can fight too," the dillo calls out. Those battle gloves of his resemble claws in an interesting sort of way, and there's metal plating in just the right places that his punches should additionally pack a decent amount of weight. Thus, he hops into the front lines as well; if he gets an opening, he'll let off a few quick jabs.

The creature recovers gracefully from Kilsa's strike which sloppily adjusts it's body, and the daggers slide in and out of it's body effortlessly. There is no time for Walden to do more than hop in front, the creature buffets the party with sand and slams down, retreating into the sand. Bite's spell does little but blast sand into the air, causing a little crater. A trail emerges behind Ictus, the creature rears up to assault him, sand falling from it's form.

Ictus blinks as the creature disappears and grunts as he dashes forwards while throwing a dagger behind him, aiming it squrely between the beasts eyes

Walden looks confused as first the sand gets in the way, and secondly, the creature disappears! But when he sees it get behind Ictus, he thinks this may be his chance. "Watch out!" he calls, leaping over, hoping he can give that thing a good fierce punch before it descends again.

Kilsa growls at the odd creature and decides that enough is enough and switches her prepares a powerful spell for her allies. "Creators bless the Martyr." She grunts as she begins to bleed from her nose and her head begins to throb as she diverts her own power into the rest of her companions. Her ears start to bleed as she continues chanting.

The creature wails an unnatural scream as a dagger lodges between it's eyes. It takes a bladed punch in it's side and sees Kilsa chanting. It seems to weigh it's own odds before slamming down again above the very close Walden, burying him under the sand as it retreats. The dagger lays on the sands surface, apparently dislodged in the beings escape. Bite stops preparing a spell and slithers over to where Walden was, and is now trapped.

Ictus hmms? as the beast retreats and shakes his head as he picks up his dagger, still wary of the creature returning as he tries to help Walden out, "You ok?"

Kilsa continues to case her spell damaging her body further in case the creature appears again. Blood has started leaking out of her ears at the point as she doesn't stop chanting but she is healing her allies at the same time with the revered spell. She seems to have zone out with a faraway look in her eyes her mind reaches a zen state as the final part of the spell takes hold and most of her energy and a few good liters of blood flow out of her. She collapses on the sand unconcious but breathing.

Walden lets out a yelp of surprise as he goes down! Poor Walden seems to be stuck under the sand, having a few problems from the looks of it. He fights, trying to free himself so he doesn't suffocate!

Bite digs to help Walden and then turns as she hears her friend down. She digs faster to free the armadillo who is in the most immediate danger, and slithers alongside the freed warrior to lead them to Kilsa. "We need to help her." she hisses and frowns.

Ictus starts helping Bite to dig and looks to Kilsa worriedly, "Will that spell still be in effect with her unconscious?"

Walden coughs and sputters as he's helped out. Having gotten sand all over his face, he's perhaps had a little trouble breathing. "Ugh... th-that was insane! Thanks... both of you." He coughs a little more and staggers over to Kilsa as he's led along. "I can treat her. But you two have got to keep that thing away from us somehow." He grabs for his medical supplies and kneels down beside her, starting treatment as swiftly as he can.

The snake begins to keep a watchful eye out, trusting Ictus to watch their immediate surroundings, he did well to see the trap before he should be able to spot it moving if it comes by. As the group waits for the Armadillo to finish healing Kilsa, Bite thinks it over and sighs. "I believe you two should go on ahead, i'll take Kilsa back to Firmament." she hisses and looks the two over.

Ictus nods to Bite and sighs, "Alright, you sure you should take her back? Are we close to his house?" he looks about warily

Walden nods to Bite, though he stubbornly looks over Kilsa real quickly just to be sure. "Well, I am a little concerned about taking her further into dangerous territory in her condition. Whatever that spell was, it clearly wasn't very good for her, especially in this sort of environment. Um..." He scratches his arm and looks around. "That's a good point Ictus makes. Do you have a map or something?"

Bite shakes her head. "It's a little beyond the desert, and then straight north as soon as you reach the grass. We'll be okay but I don't think shes in any condition to travel further into the desert, i'll steer clear of the traps and we'll be fine okay?" she hisses and waves the two off, slowly guiding the heavy badger back to the safety of the city.

Ictus hmms and nods at that, "Alright, be careful on the way back then." he looks to Walden and waves him over, "They'll be fine, let's go."

Walden waves to Bite, a little worried about sending the two of them off like that. However, he and Ictus have a job to do, so he grabs his things and continues onward with the fox. "So we just have to get past all this sand, right? And then a bit north. We can do this..."

The travel through the sand seems unhindered, the sounds of movement come randomly from all sides, but there is no sign of danger. Soon enough the grass is in sight.

Ictus looks around warily as he watches the movement, though soon he lightens up a little

Walden grabs a waterskin from his pack and breathes a sigh of relief. "Vegetation! Oh, how I missed you!" he cries, and he swallows down a sip of water. "Ictus, I bet we're almost there! She said... She said north as soon as we hit the grass! And since we were going west..." He thinks about that, looks to the right, and checks the sun to be sure.

The group makes great progress to the north, soon coming to a rather homey looking brick house. Out front is a sloth chopping up some wood, clearly they have a stockpile nearby, there are no trees in sight. He catches sight of the two and waves, axe over his shoulder. "And what are you doing out here?"

Ictus smiles at the sloth when he comes into view and waves back, "Hello there... Are you the one with the Kitsune stories? We've been sent to retreive them."

Walden looks positively relieved. He seems satisfied enough with Ictus's explanation; short and to the point. He does offer a wave himself in greeting and a big, but perhaps weak, sort of smile. "If- if- if that's okay, of course!" he says. "You see, if we can gather and consolidate information, we'll have a much better understanding of them."

The sloth scratches his neck and slings the axe down so that it sticks into the wood. "C'mon in, Dad has the stories but he's not gonna be around much longer. We heard you were lookin for us, or I did when I was out in the city a few days ago, had him write it up for you."

Ictus hmms? and nods at that with a smile, "Alright, thanks. How is your father?" as he heads inside

Walden offers Ictus a smiles and a nod in satisfaction as things seem to be going well. He follows Ictus on inside curiously. "Not... around much longer? I... is... is there anything we can do?" he wonders. He hopes.

The sloth shakes his head. "He can't walk well anymore, constantly getting sick. It's just how things go." he says as he leads the group to a bedside. "Hey dad, we got company." The sloth in bed slowly turns to look over Ictus and Walden, laughing and shaking his head. "You came all the way out here to see an old fool like me? I'd tell you mahself but i'm so tired, take the book over there." he says as he gestures out to the table, a small tomb sits in wait for the heros.

Ictus looks at the aging sloth and nods, "Thank you very much..." he picks up the tome and looks over to the son, "Is there anything we can help with while we are here?"

Walden looks pretty sad about this, but he resigns himself to the facts. He's a combat medic, not a miracle worker. "I... I thank you," he says as well to the elderly sloth, lowering his head a little. "Um... I'm sorry, I guess I've never really been very good at this."

The elderly sloth nods and settles back into the bed, the son laughs and shakes his head. "I guess you could help me finish up the wood, won't take long." he says as he heads back out the front door and unlodges his axe. With or without their help he sets back to lopping the timber into pieces.

Ictus hmms and nods at that, "Well... I suppose that's all then... Thank you again though." he smiles as he walks out the door and waits for Walden before they continue on

Walden looks a little embarrassed, and he follows Ictus on out. "I... I'd like to, but... but I must depart from the looks of it. Thank you... from the bottom of my heart," he says to the younger sloth once more with a bow. "Please, if... if ever any aid is needed, just send word." With that he smiles, gives one more nod and a wave, and goes to catch up with Ictus. "So we got it. ...I feel a little sad for them, but at the same time, I'll be very happy if I someday get to grow old and die in the comfort of being surrounded by family."

Ictus looks to Walden and nods in agreement, "Yeah, I would too... But I doubt that will be my end..."

The heros depart, leaving the sloth to chop his days wood alone, and make the trek back to the city. Upon reaching their destination they swiftly hand off the tomb to the research department, and are given much praise for their retrieval. The researchers pour over the knowledge it contains, hopefully soon they will have a ggreater understanding of the Kitsune as a whole.