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The letters went out to the few people Kilsa trusted to get things done and a few wild cards, the letters were delivered and Kilsa waited in an alley way for those that would answer the call to come by. Her large frame was proped against a wall facing the meeting place but no one could see that large shadow the badger gave off and not realize who was there.

Zevran enters the alley, the letter clutched in his left hand. He wears his spiked armor and carries his large sword upon his back. He notices Kilsa's shadow first, his eyes following it to the badger. He gives her a nod, but his expression is serious. "So, what's this about, Kilsa?" He asks as he approaches her.

Wulf is not too far from behind Zevran, a little bit of a grim expression on her muzzle. Her musket is Habitually slung over her shoulder but she seems to have picked up a sword to replace her knife somewhere along the line. When she and Zev stop she nods, Zevran already having asked the obvious question for her.

Arimia comes from the direction opposite Zevran and Wulf, humming softly as she walks. She stops as she notices the group gathered in the alley and lifts a clawed hand in a wave exclaiming, "Hi there," before clasping them behind her back. She offers no explanation as to why she would have been further down the dark alley.

The armored Badger steps up to the rest of the folk in the alley way, "This is something serious, Normally I send a few priest to collect the street children from Shanty town and the last four times I sent them out. No children were found and in rare cases whole section of home have become emptied out. I've tried going there myself but I'm too well known. All the coin or threats or promises of protection will get a shanty townie to speak to me." She huff and looks at the rest, "I'm asking you to do what I can't now that I've become noble and well known, I'm sending you with my Captian," She points to the Raccoon, "I'm not asking you to slaughter everyone till you get answers, I would prefer this handled calmly but if you find that foul play is in the works do everything you have to with my blessings. Head to Shanty Town as soon as your able. I'll reward you as soon as you return."

Zevran shakes his head as he listens to Kilsa. "The folk in Shanty Town have it hard enough without having to worry about kidnappers." He responds, sounding slightly angered by the news. "I suppose we should go as soon as we can, then." He says, looking towards Wulf and Arimia.

Wulf nods turning to Zevran with a grin. "Too true, too true. Shall we go teach the kidnappers a lesson? That is... if there is signs of foul play?" turning back to Ari she nods at the Raccoon in greeting. "Nice to see ya again."

Arimia gives a small nod of her head, saying, "Likewise." She starts off, then, moving fairly quick, knowing she'd have to to keep up with the longer strides of the two larger beings. As she moves she fishes through her things, pulling out a bit of charcoal, possibly used for writing, and crushes it, starting to smear it on her fur and, with a sigh, her white vest. This musses her up quite considerably. She then removes her clan insignia and hides it among her things before glancing back over her shoulder and saying, "Try not to be overbearin' with the people we meet, yeah? Some of 'em will outright rude to you, but that's 'cause you've never had to live like they have."

The Badgers nods and rubs the back of her head, "Thank you. I really appreciate it. The only clues that I have is that a mouse with a star shaped scar has been seen at many of the places that familes went missing out of. " She steps away and even with her serious manner smiles to herself. "I have full confidence in you." As the badger departs the groups gathers their things and head to the Shanty town. The first sight they are greated with is an Apostate Rat dressed in bloody rags chanting with a dead skirth in his hands. Other sights that decorate shanty town is a few corpses that folk seem to step over without a bit of concern, a few skimpy dressed Apostate Bears are giving inviting looks to the group, an old tiger with a crossbow bolt sticking out of his shoulder is playing a game with a wilted looking flower woman.

Zevran doesn't seem the least bit perturbed by the sights that greet the group as they enter the Shanty Town. In fact, he seems to be rather comfortable in such surroundings. "So, should we ask around a bit? That might draw some unwanted attention." He remarks, his gaze drifting from the Apostate Bears to the tiger and flower woman, before focusing back on Wulf and Arimia.

Wulf has travelled around before, seen some things, so the the sight barely gives her much pause. "Or some wanted attention, after all if you ask they will come to investgigate, right? And we want to find them." her eyes looks iver at the mouse they'd passed on the way in, studtining him for the star-mark and then looks over at the bears.

Arimia flicks her ears slightly as she looks around, though she doesn't seem disturbed by the sights either, and likely blends in better. "Well," she says, "I thinkin' askin' around ain't a bad idea. Would take far too long to try an' search all the area for the mouse." She wrinkles her nose slightly in thought then says without gesturing toward them or looking in their direction. "Why don't one of you go talk to the bears there? They're more likely be a little more differential to someone who isn't as small as me. I'll go ask the older folk." After saying that she starts to move over to the tiger and flower woman, easily stepping around, or over, any corpses in her way.

The Tiger look at Arimia and smiles to the flower want, "See that Raccoon girl there? When I was at the top of my game I could beat a whole table full of raccons with a fews hands. I swears times where better then." The flower coughs weakly and mutters a few curse words, "You big lair, Zed. When Meesha met you, you in a gutter, Meesha say time now is better. Zed too fat to fit in a gutter now." She gives a wheezing laugh before turning to Arimia, "Raccoon, You rob Meesha?" She asked as calmly as possible as the rat with the dead skrith finally sat down and went to sleep in the dirt. Two of the Three bears are eyeing Zevran while a another bear in a too tight red dress with too many rips in it is alternating a gaze between Wulf and Arimia.

Zevran looks towards the bears at Arimia's suggestion. "I suppose that leaves the bears to us." He muters to Wulf, still looking at the bears. Well, it seems he's already gotten some of their attention, so he makes his way over to the two who are looking at him. He takes a moment to study them, not saying anything right away.

Wulf shrugs as she looks at the rat for a while longer, determined to speak to him after she helps grill the bears for info. hHer head tears away from the Rat as she starts making her way to the trio, nodding plitely to them and waiting for Zevran to speak.

Arimia pauses a short distance away from the tiger and the flower, eyes on their game. At the flower's question she replies so quickly it might be habitual, "Why, you got somethin' worth takin'?" Her ears flick then and she says, "Wasn't plannin' on it though. Was hopin' you might help me." She hums softly to herself then, before pulling her gaze from the game to look from the flower to the tiger. "An' lets be fair old man. If all the 'coons were my size, you could probably take a few tables full."

The tiger chuckles, "Stupid Girl I ain't talking about fighting, I play cards, dice, even skirth fights." He grumbles, "Stupid youngsters, I swear Meesha..." The flower woman stands up on creeky brown legs, "Messha answer no question from theif rat." She walks into their little shack and drops flap that served as a door. "Don't mind her, I'll talk if ya got somethin worth my time." He held out a hand. On the other side of the dirt road, The bears studied Zevran and moved simply to show off thier assets while looking at if they were just talking, The Bear in the red dress was much more foward walking only a few feet from Wulf and walking around her carefully, "Hmmm. Maybe." The red bear says in a guff voice with a smile.

Zevran looks towards the two bears for another couple of moments before speaking. "You two seem like friendly types. I'm looking for somebody. Think you could help me out?" He asks the two bears. He spares a glance to the one near Wulf, but his attention returns to the bears in front of him.

Wulf watches the Red Bear walk around her, feeling like shed's being studied for something none to good, her hand dropping to the hilt of her sword. "Maybe what, sir? I just came to ask ya a few friendly questions about some dissappearences in the area."

Arimia gives a small shrug as the as the flower walks off. She moves to take the flower's place, then, and shakes the tiger's hand. She looks down at the game the two were playing and says, "I'm Ari. An' since I ran off your partner, least I can do is take her place an' play you while we talk." She flashes a grin then and says, "An' you can try an' prove you're still young enough to take at least one 'coon." Her tail flicks as she waits for the tiger to choose a game saying, "As for what we'll talk about... Heard of kids goin' missin'. Even some families."

The Large bear in the red dress steped back. "Whoa Whoa Suga." The large deep voice female keep her hands up, "I wasn't up ta nuttin but trying to see if I could make a quick crown off a fluffy thing like you." The female bear says nervously "I'd make you so happy you'd leave a tip." She grined but didn't move her hands in fear of being killed by the husky. Zevran seem to be having even worst luck, "Help you out? Must be a foo', I think da clan seals dees uppity firma folk wear makes them stupid, Right Pola?" The Shorter of the other bear taunts Zevran and the other bear chuckles, "Yo, Goldi. Wanna bust his head and take his money? Looks like a minute folk anyway." The two bears waste no time in attacking Zevran. Further away The Tiger looks at Arimia, "I'll play ya, here the game. I got a die with 20 sides, you guess high or low if its right I'll answer one question if its wrong you will pay me fifty crown."

Zevran looks at the defeated forms of the bears upon the ground. "You stupid currs. You bald, toothless cubs. Damn gutter lickers." He spouts, a bit furious. "You're going. To. Answer. My questions." He states, each pause in the sentence punctuated by a kick to one of the bear's guts, alternating between them. "Now then. I'm looking for a mouse. With a star mark on his face. You're going to tell me where to find him." He says, again punctuating each sentence with a kick. He seems to be a bit meaner than usual.

Wulf smirks at the bear, her hand having dropped off her sword hilt. "Ah, nah, I wasn't gonna hurt'chya... I was just being wary, there have been reports of missin families and kids..." thinking a moment she smiles and moves foreward, pressing her busom against the bear. "Soooo you wanted to earn some coin didjya? Howsa about some crown for doing nothing but answering a few questions, I swear that you won't hafta do anythin but that sweet stuff." Her eye glances over at Zevran raising it curiously.

Arimia lets out a soft sound at the tiger's offer. Her oddly banded tail flicks and she gives a small shrug of her shoulders. She glances back over her shoulder at the commotion, but turns back toward the Tiger without a hint of concern. "I guess we could do that. I'mma trust you to not have gaffed the die. Not that you'd need crooked dice to beat a stupid young 'coon." She settles back a bit, making a gesture for the tiger to roll his die.

The Pola and Goldi are whimpering under Zevran's assualt, "We don't know." Pola cries out between kicks, "Please don't hurt Pola, She ARG! Lost her runt too." The Bear in the red dress look at Wulf with a smiles, "Ah.. You one of those Frima floks, I don't mind the sweet stuff baby but I'll answer questions if the price is right. Da names Tina." She offers a paw but doesn't take her eyes off of the Buxom Husky's Assest. While further along the tigers smiles, "I don't cheat, ya ring tailed cub this die is my grand pappys and he never won a game in his life." Zed chuckled, "Now call it and we see if you got me fifty crown or I owe you an answer." He shakes the die in his hand and waits for her to make the call before rolling.

Wulf smiles at Tina. "Tina, eh? What'd you call me? A Firma? I take it that means someone from the firmament ya? Then yer right." Rubbing her chest against Tina she smiles "I'm willing to give ya." she leans up and whispers this next bit into the bears ears and then pulls away. "What do ya say to that?"

Zevran stops his assault on the bears after hearing their answer. "Oh. Well, I know that you have some idea of who would know. So tell me." He replies, watching the bears for any attempts to get away from him.

Wulf smiles at Tina. "Tina, eh? What'd you call me? A Firma? I take it that means someone from the firmament ya? Then yer right." Rubbing her chest against Tina she smiles "I'm willing to give ya." she leans up and whispers this next bit into the bears ears and then pulls away. "What do ya say to that?"

Arimia flicks her ears slightly and stares at the tiger in silence, watching the being shake the die in his hand. After a few moments her tail goes still and she says, "High." She falls silent again after that, watching and waiting to see if she or the tiger wins the toss.

Wulf quips in "Oh and I'm bein rude, my name is Wulf Tiernan by the way..."

Pola and Goldi crawl over to each other, "We dun know anything, Betty was gone when we woke up. We all sleep in the same shack along with that scum sucker Tina who didn't even help us." They Glare daggers at the friendly bear speaking to Wulf, "Ah." The bear smiles and leans into to Wulfs ear, She whispers something and nods before offering waiting on some sort of payment. As Arimia watches the die hit the groundthe old Tiger smiles, "Today my name is winner, fifty crowns youngster." He holds out his hand.

Wulf spends 5030 Crown to: Information and Entry!

Zevran sighs as it seems the bears don't have the information he was looking for. He glances toward the bear speaking to Wulf before looking back to Goldi and Pola. "Alright. What does Betty look like? I'll see if I can find her for you." He says, kneeling down towards the bears to look them in the eyes. His expression softens a little bit as he tries to give them a reassuring smile.

Wulf reaches into the pouch on her waist, unclasping it and pulling out a bag, where in the world does she have the ability to stuff stuff like that into sucha small pouch... oh well. Taking the pouch she grabs the Red Dressed Bear's hand and places the bag into her paw. "You ever get ta the Firmament look me up, all right? And thank you, even iffen we don't find him at least ya helped out."

Arimia flicks her ears slightly and gives a soft sigh. She reaches into her things and pulls out a small coin-purse, counting out fifty crowns, though the purse doesn't look like it holds much more than that. She flicks her tail in consideration and says, "Was considerin' offerin' to double on another throw, but I think I'll just take my loss here." She flashes a grin, and passes the crowns to the tiger.

Arimia spends 50 Crown for RP reasons.

Pola look at Zevran, "Betty is white and dis tall." She raise her hand three feet off the ground before clutching her bruised ribs, "OW!" She looks at Zervan with both hatred and hope at the same time. "Don't go beatin her like ya did us." Tina takes the money and smiles to at Wulf affectionately, "With this much?! Baby, I'll pay for your drinks and maybe by my self a dress that ain't so crusty and dirty but I gotta get outta town before some foo' takes this off my hand." Tina makes good on her word and doesn't even gather her belongings before heading out, She gives the husky a peck on the cheek before departing. Zed is smiling at the crowns in his hand, "You ain't to bad youngster atleast you know when to go home. Your folk could learn something from ya." He chuckled and enters the same shack as the flower woman.

Zevran chuckles a bit at Pola's remark. "You attacked me. If she isn't foolish enough to do the same, we won't have a problem." He replies before standing up. He looks towards Wulf as Tina leaves. "You find anything out?" He asks.

Wulf rubs her cheek, blushing at the thanks she was given... it feels nice to help people out... with a smile before she shakes herself out of it. "Huh? What? Oh, yeah, I've got a lead, lets wait for Ari to get back over here and then I'll explain, all right?"

Arimia pushes herself to her feet and turns around, walking toward the other two with a small wave over her shoulder at the tiger. Her banded tail flicks as she approaches and she says to the two of them, "I'm hopin' you two got more than I did. I went the wrong way with my guess."

The group hears of what Wulf has learned and make their way to the little girl as the coin is exchanged they enter a club that is filled with many apostates, some are drinking some are fighting and many are in a area just dancing. A few large Rhinos and Elephants are standing with a mouse with a star shaped scar over his eye after a few moments of talking the most opens a trap door and walks down. The area is pretty hazy and divine math etched into the ceiling cause random brusts of light to flash over the area in a dizzying array of colors. A bartender to the side is talking to another mouse with a star shapped scar on her face, this mouse is female. The female mouse looks pretty tipsy and is drinking like a fish.

Zevran blinks as they enter the club, trying to get accustomed to the flashing lights. He spots the mouse entering the trapdoor, looking curiously in the direction of the Rhinos and Elephants. "Did you see that?" He mutters quietly to Arimia and Wulf, trying to gesture towards the Rhinos and Elephants as subtly as he can.

Wulf Nods at Zevran as she looke about for a moment then leans over and mutters back at Zevran "Yeah, we are looking for a by the name of Rwile, and that sounds like a guys name if ever I heard one... still there is the gal over there... but I'm doubting it's her.

Arimia flicks her ears slightly and looks around. She watches as the one scarred mouse disappears down the trap door, then turns her eyes toward the scarred female. She gives a small frown, tail lashing behind her, and says, "Maybe. But we'd be a bit remiss if we didn't make sure. 'Sides. Why do two of 'em have the same scar? Big coincidence if it is one. So. Who wants to talk to the big guys, an' who wants to talk to the lady?"

The Mouse at the bar begins to sniffle as the bartender pours her another drink, "I can't believe it! I used be a boss." She scream almost loud enough to be heard over this math amplified singing and dancing from across the room. She downed her drink and crushed the glass in her hands before the bartender just steps back. The Elephant is approached by a drunk boar apostate who attempted to pick a fight with him, without missing a beat the Elephant punches the boar on the skull, The Rhino calmly walks up and snaps his neck before a few mice grab each of his limbs and carry him out the backdoor.

Zevran glances towards the sobbing female mouse, but he is unable to make out what she is saying over the loud singing. He shifts his gaze back to the Elephant in time to see them deal with the apostate boar. "Well, it seems those big guys mean business. I wouldn't advise approaching them unless you could think of a good excuse. Else you'd end up like that boar." He remarks to Arimia. He doesn't seem intimidated byy the elephants and rhinos, though.

Wulf looks at the Musket n her shoulder. "Doubt they could live with a roun in the head...." turning over to face the mouse n the bar she getstures. "There first, then we investigate elsewhere..."

Arimia gives a small shrug of her shoulders, making her way toward the bar. She takes a seat next to the female mouse, and, after a moment of debate, makes a motion for the bartender to bring her a drink. She turns to the mouse then and says, "I don't mean to pry or anythin' but you were bein' pretty loud there."

The mouse looks at the Raccoon with a glare, "Yeah what of it?" She starts picking glass out of her hand without the least bit of pain as she glares at Arimia. "I dun come to your-" She turned over to vomit as a few mice with buckets and a mop clean up around her and leave just a quickly, "I dun come to your place and tell ya that your momma looks like a skirth that been hit in the face with a musket round." She comments before ordering a drink. "Damn ugly raccoons, I dun know why they let uglies like you end? Ya hoping to score with one of this morons ya might get lucky if you go for a blind male." She give a mean laugh, "I dun even know if your an ugly coon girl or a male poss'um in a females cloths." Why the rat continues to throw insults, the Elephant flexes a bit before the Rhino returns the guesture.

Zevran watches as Arimia goes to sit by the mouse before his gaze drits back to the flexing folk. He seems rather unimpressed, but turns his gaze away and moves over to the bar. He sits a couple of seats away from Arimia, but close enough to listen in on the conversation. He signals for the bartender, ordering a mug of ale.

Wulf moves over to Zevran to take a seat on his lap, wherbetter to hear the conversation at hand... and besides if she has to intervene she'll be close at hand.

Arimia idly drums a claw against the bar top ears flicking as she listens to the mouse. "That's a rather rude way to talk to someone just trying to be friendly." She gives a small shake of her head, reaching over to grab the mouse's hand in hers, doing so in a way that the mouse's fist is closed around any shards to glass still stuck in it. She squeezes tightly, but gives her arm a couple of pumps to make it look like she's just shaking her hand. She smiles broadly and says in a low voice, "I just wanted to ask you a couple questions in a nice an' polite manner, but if you really wanna be rude there are other ways to do things."

The mouse give a creepy smile, "Yeah... Your a guy, ya remind me of my ex." She uses her other hand to reach for a drink, "Now most folk would be screaming in pain but Ah don't feel pain. Ah know Ah should but nope." She proves her point by wriggling her hands in Arimia's grip, "Nuttin. Now I'll answer a few questions, I gots nuttin else to do." She reaches over and grabs another drink with her free hand, "What do ya want to know fella?" She asks as a bartender delivers Zevran a drink and moves far away from Arimia.

Zevran smirks as Wulf sits in his lap, but his attention remains focused on the exchange between Arimia and the mouse. He takes a drink from his mug when the bartender brings it to him, before setting it on the bar. He stares into his mug, although still trying to subtly listen to the conversation.

Wulf makes to steal Zevrans mug, swiping at it with a giggle, her eyes darting at the two talking, not really sble to do much else.

Arimia gives a small shake of her head, releasing the mouse's hand. "I ain't, but I don't care enough to go through the effort of provin' it too you." She turns to face the mouse more fully, and though she ordered a drink she has yet to touch it. "'Fore we get to my other questions, how about tellin' me your name? I'm sure I could ask around an' find out, but figured I'd give you a chance to answer yourself first."

The mouse smiles and shakes her head, "Ya don't know much, I ain't had a name in years, This star marks me as a Rwile so I go by the name Rwile Breeder" She chuckled, "Girls are breeders and boys are studs, not that anything like that goes down." She chuckled and drank a second drink, "Ya see ugly when your a Rwile, ya gotta give up your name and family, an get a cool tat with it." She pulls down her shirt a little to show the top of a large circle of divine math. "Jealous?" She smirked.

Zevran watches as Wulf swipes his mug, chuckling as he moves to grab her hand. "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to get between a male and his ale?" He teases her, although he's still listening to the conversation. His ears perk up a bit when he hears that the mouse is a Rwile.

Wulf ear twitches "I thought it was never get between a male and his female? Or was I thinking wrong?" her head turns as Rwile is mentioned and mutters to Zev. "I think Rwile is a gang..."

Arimia flicks her eyes down as the shirt is tugged down, taking in the sight of the divine math. She gives a small shrug of her shoulders, saying, "Well, I ain't from around here. So, no, I don't know a lot. Came here from Cliffside 'cause I heard the pickin's were better. Still learnin' my way around an' all." She idly swirls her still full glass and says, "Now, see, I been hearin' some people are goin' missin'. An' that it's folk with the scar like that that are makin' 'em go missin'. An' if someone new to the area like me is hearin' that..."

She smiles, "Ah. A bit of cliff scum, huh. I'll make ya a deal break off this math on my chest and I'll give you a pass into our lair. I'm done with being a Rwile anyway. I dun like kidnappin folk and I miss the old gang." She leans to the side a bit and looks at Zevran, "I can tell ya all came to start trouble and ya make make good for gettin outta here." She grinned, "So how about it ugly?" She puts a strange bit of parchment on the table. "My old life for gettin me a new one?"

Zevran nods his head slowly. "I think so, but it's not one I've heard of." He mutters back. "And you shouldn't get between a male and his ale or his female." He chuckles. He continues listening to the conversation, his head turning to look at the mouse when she mentions causing trouble. He spares a glance towards the Rhinos and Elephants.

Wulf snickers and turns her head to look at the mouse, her ears twitching towards Rwile Breeder, what an odd name, she thinks that does go on every now and again too... "Good point Zev, good point..."

Arimia leans toward the mouse, hooking a claw on her shirt and tugging it down and out enough to see the entirety of the tattoo. Her eyes may briefly wander, but not for long, and soon her full attention is focused on the tattoo. Her other hand moves to trace a claw along what she can reach of the circle with her ears and tail seeming to flick at random as she works on reversing the divine maths making up the circle.

The mouse give a shudder as the math is released from her, She looks at her hand. "I finally feel pain." Her eyes are watering but weither its from pain or joy is anyones guess. "Ya might be ugly but you ain't half bad." She smiles and winks at the Raccoon, "If you enjoy the view come see me some time, I think I could get move in with my bear-sister Pola." She takes a single step off the counter and immediatly falls face first into the floor. "...I can get drunk again..." She starts snoring on the floor as a few mice pick her up and drag her against a wall to sleep it off. The Elephant and the Rhino are talking to each other both of them taking a peek at Zevran and pointing from time to time. The club has switch to a more up beat song as the flashes of light shift to small particles that blanket the area in rapidly fading sparkles.

Zevran watches as Arimia removes the math from the mouse, although all he can see is the mouse's back. He notices the Elephant and Rhino pointing at him out of the corner of his eye. "I think we might've been noticed." He mutters to Wulf, gently nodding with his head towards the Elephant and Rhino.

Wulf doesn't bother to look, keeping her eyes on the scene before her. "Yeah... that or they are talking behind our backs... might be talking about me and you... or something just as liscentious, well that or they're talkin bout you and thinkin that they can take ya."

Arimia watches as the mouse is dragged off to sleep, then grabs the parchment from the bar and hops to her feet. "Well! Lets go find out which it is, yeah?" She says, rather cheerily, flashing a grin at the rhino and husky. She then starts to walk toward the two near the trap door, humming softly to herself, though going slow enough that with her short stride the other two will be able to catch up.

The Rhino holds out a hand. "Got a pass?" He asks as the Elephant eyes Zevran, his eyes are soft as he leans over the rhino, "Erm..." He clenches and unclenches his hands, "I'm going to say it. Your like so cute, I mean I've been here for weeks and haven't seen a single Rhino as cute as you." The huge Elephant blushes, "I mean if your still here in a few our I know a nice play where we could sooooo go and get a bit of drink." The Rhino rolls his eyes at his and looks at the parchment in Arimia's hands, He does a few guestures and the papers turn a bright yellow. "Alright, your clear. Don't open mess with more than your allowed and don't touch any of bosses stuff." The Rhino says as the Elephant steps aside, "My name is Francis, I'm like so happy the Rwile's started to let cuties like you in." The Rhino snort, "Don't mind him just go, he'll be like this for a while. I swear the least intimidating bouncer the moment he opens his big mouth." The Elephant blush at Zevran but opens the trap door to allow the group inside.

Zevran seems a bit surprised by the elephant's reaction to him. He gives the elephant a small smile, although it isn't difficult to see how confused he is. "Right. Well, erm, thanks." He manages to reply to the Elephant, before quickly going through the trapdoor. He moves with surprisinly more speed than one might expect from a Heavy Folk like him.

Wulf gives the Elephant an odd look, did he not see that there was a pretty female in Zevran's lap not to long ago? Wulf just shakes her head in confusion as she follows the group into the tunnel. "I think I might start callin ya 'cutie', Zev."

Arimia grins at the elephant's interest in Zevran, and moves through the trap door after him. She's unable to keep from snickering softly as she does, though, giving a small wave to the rhino and elephant before she disappears from view. She continues to grin and says to Wulf, "I think we should convince everyone to call him that from here on." Once she's through the trap door she looks around, doing her best to calm her amusement.

The Elephant watches Zevran leave as the Rhino chuckle, "You don't have a chance, Franky, now stand there and look like you want to hurt something before the whole club thinks your a big wrinkly softy." The Door shut behind as they enter a room lit by many small lanterns, in the center of the room is a few star scarred mouse females and a single male. The are all eating a dead snake folk as the male speaks, "My sisters this creature was possessed by the shadows and we overcame him now we feast upon his blood and body so that we may be strong against the shadows!" The mouse male stands up and its clear that he isn't normal as tentacles writhe out of his chest in a sickly fashion. "Blood for us, Food for us! The good master is preparing a powerful rite that shall make us so much more, A single one of us will be able to wipe out the Firmament while barely breaking a sweat!" He cackles as the disgusting sounds of the females eating echos off the wall.

Zevran shakes his head, slightly embarassed. "What happens in Shanty Town, stays in Shanty Town. And we never speak of it again. Ever." He responds after hearing Wulf and Arimia. He turns his attention to the odd scene in the middle of the room, listening to the male mouse. "Well now, that doesn't sound too nice. You see, I personally like Firmament the way it is. So I think you and I might have a little problem, mousey." Zevran states rather loudly, stepping towards the center of the room.

Wulf slips her musket off her shoulder her weapon at the ready. "Indeed, I find that a musket ball between the eyes makes a wonderful detterent to crazy though, perhaps I can demonstrate? Well after you tell us why your kidnapping people."

Arimia doesn't speak up herself, letting Zevran and Wulf do the talking. Though she doesn't seem at all upset with their decision to step in. Instead she's scanning the room for any trace of where the missing people might be. Though she's doing so from near the other too, so she can't get easily cut off and cut down if, or when the fighting starts.

"Ah.... My sisters. A meal has come to feed your many many children." The males speaks while backing up. "Devour them!" The females give a odd shreik before each of their chests explode outward in a shower of blood and gore, The females are standing as thier entrails mend themselves and seal up. "Brother Nati! Get the father!" They scream in perfect unison as horrible half rat creatures scurry at the group.

Zevran takes a moment to wipe his sword clean on the ground. He glances around, looking for where the male mouse ran off to before looking towards the three female mice who are still around, eyeing them warily.

Wulf has her musket eloading quickly, her sword dripping with blood and such as she eyes the Females a snarl on her face and hoping she can get reloaded quickly enough to shoot at one of them. "C'mon ladies... I thought something as disgustin as that would be harder to kill."

Arimia lets out a soft huff, wrinkling her nose after helping to put down the things that came at them. "Charcoal I can clean off. But I just know that, somehow, one of these abominations is going to get slime on my vest. You know how hard it is to clean off slime? I do. An' I'm not looking forward to it."

The three mice growl at Zevran, "Killer..." Then they spread out and growl at the nearst member of the group to them. The middle female grins, "You want harder?" All three voices speak in unison again before a second spray of black-ish gore vomits from all three mouths into a puddle on the ground. "Now die quickly because we are sooooo hungry." They screech as the puddle come to life as a three headed monster with bat like wings and three rat like faces.

The creature give roar and collapses backward cursing the three mice that were controlling it, it dissolves into a corrosive liquid that leaves a small crater in the ground.

Zevran takes a moment to catch his breath after the fight. "Well, that was fun." He says, taking a chance to clean his sword again. His gaze is focused on the three mice again. "We should stop them before they make any more of those things." He suggests to Wulf and Arimia.

Zevran wipes his sword clean on the ground. "Well, that was fun." He remarks. "Now then, why don't we see if we can find those kids. Or at least find out where that other mouse went off to." He suggests to Wulf and Arimia, glancing around the chamber for any sign of where the mouse went.

Wulf coughs a bit, a feral grin on her face, her musket having been put off to the side in the battle and her Sabre dripping with Ichor. "That was a might bit better fun... but it wasn't good enough..." turning to Zev she nods. "Yeah, lets get goin."

Arimia pushes herself back to her feet, and looks around. She looks at the rhino, then the husky with a somewhat flat stare, before turning her attention to her vest. She gives a loud sigh before looking up and glances about the room to see how many exits there are.

As the group presses on there is a single hallway that leads into a church like area with pew and a single Rwile female laying on and alter. A glow echoes around her as a white bear child with bright pink eyes is blindfolded holding a dagger above her, Nati is standing on on a ledge much further up yelling at the child. "You must kill her if you are to leave this place. You will never see your mother again if you don't." He screams at the shivering child.

Zevran steps into the center of the church area. "Or she can just leave with us. Her mother's been worried about her." He states raher loudly, attempting to draw Nati's attention to himself as he continues to approach the altar.

Wulf slides her Divine Math inscribed musket off her shoulder taking up the place by the door to provide covering fire for Zevran a snarl crossing her face at the treatment of the child. "See I like that idea to, so if you don't feel like having your brains splattered all over the walls in here I'd suggest you let the child go... I don't miss often."

Arimia glances about briefly, before locking her eyes on the child and the woman on the altar. She frowns slightly and glances about again before walking toward the altar without a word, letting the husky and rhino hold Nati's attention.

Nati smiles and shakes his head at Wulf, "Shoot." He dares as he waves his hands in a complex math pattern, A ball of fire floats above the head of the cub. "You wouldn't want me losing control now would you?" The moment Arimia steps forward a trap springs and a blast of fire erupt beneath her and she is knocked back as the trap causes other trap to set off the bear scream and run forward knocking over the female Rwile and ruining the rite. The odd glow coming off the female and shifts to the Bear as the explsions stop and a dark voice echoes out of her, "Nati. You have fail me, What am I to do in the body of a child?!" The bear point a finger at the Mice who screams and melts into a piles of ooze. "I have no use for fools. Now serve me as the stupid beast you are." A growl comes from the upper floors a monster made of ooze covered flesh in the shape of a Dragon drop down and bows to the girl as she climbs on its back. "Now kill them."

Kilsa The bear fall off the mount laying in an arkward pile, she look up and begins screaming at the top of her lung for almost a minute betore she realizes that she is back in control. A black vapor exits her and enters the mount which shifts into a the form of a Husky with a Rhino horn sticking out of its neck and a raccoon tail comming from its stomach, "I'll finish the rite myself." He runs from the party and enters a hidden door beneath the platform Nati was standing on. The bear girl curls up into a ball whimpering on the ground.

Zevran is slightly surprised by the form the black vapor takes before it runs off. He moves towards the bear, kneeling down next to her. "It's okay, Betty. You'll be alright now. We'll get you back to Pola." He tries to console her, assuming it was Pola's daughter based on the description he had been given. His expression was much softer than the battle-hardened warrior that had been in his place moments before. He spares a glance towards the platform, as though tempted to chase after the monster, although he wasn't sure where it disappeared to.

Wulf blinks at the bizzare shape the mist takes and then looks at the Child and at the door, and then the child. "Dagnabit... we have to get that guy and kill 'im, someone want to volunteer to take her back to her mother?"

Arimia walks over to join Zevran by the bear. She doesn't kneel down, though. She's short enough. She looks over the girl for injuries, though her ears flick slightly at Wulf's words. "Not yet," she says, "There are others missin'. An' we don't know where they are. An' we don't know how strong that thing is. We shouldn't split off so drastically." She lets out a soft sigh and looks around the room saying, "One of us should stay up here an' watch her, while the other two go after that thing. An' I'll probably be the least use down there."

The child look at Zevran and shakes her head, "I know something." She grips her head, "I know it." She growls and does an incredibly complex system of math. The area turns a bright green and flowers sprout out of the wooden pews, the entire group feels a powerful calming effect as wounds heals and energy returns to tired bodies. "I..did that." She looks confused as she look at the group, "I need to go see my mother, I feel like she needs me. I know things that I shouldn't know. I feel smarter and so wrong." She whimpers and rise to her feet and starts to walk away. "I should be ok, there is fifty creatures in the room above me, only thirteen can use divine math... One of them is scared is forks. I-I shouldn't know that. You names are Arimia, Zevran, Wulf. I have to go please save everyone else." She walks away and her foot steps leaves behind flowers that wilt just as quickly as they grow.

Zevran watches as the child leaves, a bit confused by the whole event. "Odd. I guess whatever that thing was did something to her." He mutters, before looking upwards towards the room above them. "Still, we aren't done here yet. We should go deal wih the ones upstairs." He says. "And maybe bring a fork." He adds with a chuckle.

Wulf nods at Zevran with a chuckle. "Indeed, maybe we should tell someoone about her." Looking to the hidden door she starts her way towards the hidden door "All right then, if she's going to be all right lets get after the shade..."

Arimia flicks her ears, frowning as the bear does the math. After the child walks off she stands up and turns around, walking toward the trap door the creature had disappeared down. Without waiting she opens the hatch and wordlessly makes her way down after it.

The room the party entires is a walkway over a very large pit whole families are stranded down at the bottom dozens of circles of math litter every corner of the room. "The Rwile's have served thier purpose, useless rodents." The creature smirks at the group while standing at a platform in the center of the room, the walks way leads up to the platform. "The bear may have my math but I can summon my Master to to restore it." A Rwile is in the creature hand being held over the pit by the creatures grip, a loud pop is heard as the creature snaps it neck and drops it into the pit. The circles start to light up as the families below scream in horror, "My will be done." He smiles as faces appear all over his body and smile back except the screaming face of Nati. The circles are lighting up slowly as the families screams in panic many of them moving to safe areas away from the lit circles.

Zevran looks at the families below the walkway before looking up towards the creature. He listens to it while advancing along the pathway, but he glances over the walkway again as the circles start to light up. "Not while I'm around." Zevran responds to the creatures last statement, drawing his sword and breaking into a charge as he tries to reach the creature quicker. He hopes that killing the creature will stop this profane ritual.

Wulf snarls her musket lifting up to be aimed at the creature, her finger gently squeezing the trigger as she moves to avoid shooting at Zevran. "Yer gonna die foul shadow."

Arimia looks over the odd creature once she's in the room. As the circles start to light up she looks toward them, and starts trying to figure out if she can disrupt the maths, to stop the ritual before it really gets started. She looks up as Zevran starts to charge the creature, before returning her attention to trying to figure out a way to stop the ritual. Though she's ready to fight, if she can't do anything before the creature is engaged.

Something goes wrong with this spell, As the circles light up in a black hue. "No! No! My Math was perfect why do you anger Master?" He screams as all the currently lit circles draw from the his own power severely weakening him but speeding up the circles speed. Zevran is only a few feet away before the creature musters up his courage and attempts to strike back.

The Creature bubble weakly as his defense was crushed, his hands are sliced into bits as Wulf stands over his malformed body, "Even with only a third of the Right completed I can beat you." He screams and burst into flames as the currently lit circles combine into a single circle as a malformed creature enters through the circle, Thosands upon of eyes open to glare down at the part. The crow before screams as the math around them deactivate and a few of them use smiles math to make stairs to escape the horror. 'FOOLS! You can only witness a fraction of what I plan to do to you.' The creature makes no sound but its voice and be heard in the minds of every creature within Shanty town. The beast made of nothing but visera, plusing organs and eyes grasps the sides of the walk way and drags itself further out of the circle to face the group.

Zevran:cleans his sword off as the creature bursts into flames and disappears, but his attention is soon drawn to the malformed monster emerging from the circle. "Maybe you'll put up a better fight." He challenges the creature, rushing towards it with his sword drawn.

Wulf hadn't even had time to reload her muskt, the weapon slung over across her shoulder as she readies her Sabre, divine math glinting as she sharges towards the creatures flank "Die fiend!"

Arimia lets out a soft sigh as the creature bursts into flames, closing her eyes briefly. She doesn't close them for long, however, watching as the other bursts from it's circle. She doesn't go charging in after the other two, but straightens her posture, preparing to use her magics against it.

With an amazing warcry Zevran leaps of the edge of the walk way and drive a powerful strike with massive Greatsword. The creature gives a cry of pain and anguish as it knocks Zevran back into the rest of the group. The circle is starting to break apart as the creature is forced back into its own realm all of the kidnapping victims have fled but before the creature has fully faded it whispers something into the minds of the group. 'I will come back and I will kill each and everyone one of you. I will kill your family lines, I will draw you into my realm and feast on your entrails forever. I wi-' The words fade as the creature bursts into black ichor that drenches everyone gather with an eye splatering on Arimia's robes.

Zevran gets to his feet and takes a moment to try and wipe some of the ichor from his face. He remains silent as the monster speaks into his mind before returning whence it came. "Now that was a fight!" He remarks rather enthusiastically, shaking his arms a couple of times to try and dislodge some of the ichor. "Maybe we should go see if Betty made it home." He suggests, looking to the others.

Wulf jumps away from Zevran as he gets knocked into her and watches as the thing dissolves into a muck, watching an eye fly onto Ari's clothing and winceing "Yeah good fight but... Ari's shirt is ruined, when we get back I'm getting you a new robe, no arguments either." taking the chance to look at her sabre she shakes it, sending some ichor spraying away from the group.

Arimia stiffens as the ichor and eye hit her, ears lying flat on her head while her tail lashes furiously behind her. After a couple of moments she looks down at her clothing then lets out a long sigh. She looks around the room, seeing if there's any surviving members of the Rwile around. She looks at Wulf when she talks, but doesn't reply, likely too upset, judging from how her tail is still lashing at the air.

The party makes it out to see the little bear and many families moving back into thier old houses many are screaming about stolen stuff but Pola look at Zevran with tears in her eyes, "Thanks fo' bringin' back my little girl. You can come by anytime." She smiles as Betty looked at the building and pressed her finger into the ground cause the entire thing to collapse on itself. "Thank you. I don't feel fully alright but I'm getting better." She grinned as showing a few missing teeth. The party continues on till they meet kilsa in her manor, "I've hear what you did before you even got here. Oddly enough a letter arrived from shanty town through my window." She holds up a letter written in crude letter with the signature signed from Betty. "If this is all true and I believe it considering your coated in something I wouldn't touch with my hammer. I'm going to offer you all a bonus." She smiled and tossed three large sack of coin on the table. "If I ever need work done this well you three are my folks." She looked at the dripping crowd, "Now go get cleaned up and rightfully drunk. You've earned it."