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The entire span of the beach is covered in make-shift stands, anvils, forges, and most importantly competitors and spectators. A loud cheer can be heard as a heavy clan emu raises their hands, a dazzling axe held high in the air. Judges pour in and take notes, marking down some things. "A 7!" Is called out and the crowd calls out mixed cheers and jeers. Over by the start of the beach a man with a clip board is registering crafters for competition, and across the entire spanse lavish foods and drinks can be seen.

Ariella is standing at one of the food stands, smiling to the seller and moving to sit on a hand bench, some meat on a stick, chewing on it and waiting for her prearranged meeting with Bite. She crosses her legs, staring into the crowd, doing some lazy people watching on her day off.

Selena paces along the sand, picking up a drink from a table before setting herself down. The wolf takes some small tools out of her bag and etches small lines into a ring, watching the procession of smiths with interest, though primarily ensuring she doesn't make mistakees on her little piece. The wolf waves across to Ariella as she notices the lioness, though doesn't make a move to pack her tools and relocate herself at this point.

A long shadow is casted from the badger as she looms over the mandrill, "So would you happen to have an opening for a crafter such as myself." She look down at the mandrill with a very predatory grin, "I might not be of these fine folk caliber but I would love to try my hand at a little friendly competition. Oh and if I am allow could you put my name down as Miss Badger? I wouldn't want any unfair Bias." She winked and took off her House Seal and place it into an inside pocket in her apron. "So would you let a random badger join in this fun?" She grinned even more scary than before as she moved inches away from the Mandrill.

Mirana walks down to the beach from the inn, a slight flush to her face. She'd decided not to have any shoes, wanting the feel of the sand on her paws. The gental warmth makes her sigh softly. She walks over to grab a drink herself, leaving some crown behind to pay for it. She looks about for anyone she might know, spotting Selena and Ariella fairly easily. Seeing Selena's tools she deicides to watch from where Ariella is seated for now, "Mind if I take this seat?" She asks, when she gets next to the lioness. Looking over toward the registration mandrill, she notices a badger who looks very much like Kilsa and snickers. "I know who will win, but maybe I'll see if she needs any help in a bit."

Mirana spends 10 Crown for RP reasons.

The mandrill shakes his head. "A miss badger is already.. Oh i'm sorry i've been expecting you, please, come with me." he says as he leads Kilsa over to a male heavy badger bulding with muscles. He stops hammering for a second and raises an eyebrow. "Sir this is not my beloved, I assure you." he says before the mandrill gives him an appologetic look and marks Kilsa down as 'Miss Badger 2' and sets her directly next to where 'Miss Badger' is supposed to be set up. As this all takes place Bite slithers onto the beach and giggles, wearing nothing but her two piece swimsuit. She actively seeks out Ariella as she passes stand after stand of displayed weaponry, and smiles when she finds her, giving her a hug and waving to Mirana and Selena when she reaches the spot. "Sorry i'm late sssweetie I needed to change." she hisses, picking up something from a stand and shoving it in her mouth. In the distance loud clanks can be heard as the next to be judged works furiously, slowly crafting a hammer.

Ariella nods her head towards Mirana, gesturing to the spot next to her. "Please, we need to chat," she says, giving Selena a wave and breaking into a broad grin at her beloved's appearance. She reaches out, wrapping her arms around the snake's waist and pulling her onto her lap, nuzzling at her cheek full of affection. "Not at all, it looks good on you," the lioness compliments, planting a kiss on the taipan's cheek, turning an eye to Mirana, checking for reaction.

Selena chuckles quietly as the taipan arrives, looking up from her work for long enough to wave back. The wolf checks over the ring quickly, putting it and her tools back before walking over to the group proper. "Hello Bite, Mirana, Ariella." She smiles. "...Gonna need to get back to a workshop to finish my little project." She comments with a shrug. "So, what brings all you here?"

Kilsa look at the male Badger and smiles, "Its nice to a Badger behind a forge. I hope to see wonderous works from you and your beloved." She called out as she cracks her knuckles and begins to work. "Everyone is probably going to be forging standard swords or something of that effect. I shall forge something that embodies..." She places a finger on her temple and smiles, "Yes! The heavy clan itself.... My tribute to the clan that accepted me." She grinned and begins her as she starts to heat up the metals around. "Mr. Mandrill am I allow to etch math into my weaponry?" She asked while waiting on the heat.

Mirana waves to Bite as she walks in and takes the seat to Ariella's left. Look at the nuzzles and kiss, she turns away and sighs, suddenly wishing the drinks were like those back at the bar. Her free hand tugs slightly at her dress, till she uses it to wave to Selena, "Hello again, and what project would that be?" She asks, "Oh, just heard about a small event down here, and decided to come watch, though, I might ask if someone needs help..." she looks over to Ariella and Bite again, blinking, "Yes, I think I will..." and she gets up to walk over to Kilsa and the Mandrill, "Excuse me sir, are.... apprentices permitted to assist as well?" She asks looking over to Kilsa.

The mandrill looks up to Kilsa from his chart and nods. "Any skills you have should be implemented." he says before turning to address Mirana. "You may not assist any of the competitors, however you may work on your own entry, what can I put you down for?" he asks as he glances over her dress, almost as though judging her abilities. As Bite is drawn into the lioness's lap she giggles and smilies, leaning back to return the kiss and saying "Well first I was supposed to meet Ariella on the beach, but we found there was a competition going on, so i'm going to find someone to cheer for." she hisses and smiles, looking to the food. The badger laughs and smirks. "I'm sure you'll see how great our works are."

Ariella nuzzles against Bite's chest, her eyes on Mira, looking a little upset. "Mira. Really. Please don't act like this every time me and Bite kiss, I don't think it's healthy," she complains, planting kisses along her girlfriend's neck in spite of her words.

Selena shrugs when Mirana asks. "Nothing too important. I'll have time to finish it later - I just don't want to burn myself on molten glass." She comments. "I want to smooth off the surface of a ring I've made." the wolf explains, procuring the item from her bag - a simple white ring with a knotwork pattern etched into it. Though the pattern itself is colored black. "It's a bit of a hobby, I suppose." the wolf chuckles. "Something to occuy myself with when I'm not busy." She giggles as the lioness kisses Bite again.

Kilsa smiles at Mirana, "You should join it would be good practice to see what others can do and what you can do." She begins to request more metals and takes out a metal quill and begins to slowly work her forging skill by etching math into the metal, re-melting it and replacing the math. "Alright. My Clan mate stand tall, when a room needs guarding they get a Clever folk to plan it and his plan is usually : find the heaviest Heavy folk you can find and stick them in front of the door." She chuckles, "A Heavy folk is often place as shield between the shadows and the Firmament. We can't dance well, we can't perform to save our lives but we can weather Promises burden so that our Brothers and Sisters of other clan can do what they were born to do without fear. We are the Heavy Clan and we stand proud and ready." She says almost prayer like as she begins to cool down her weapon.

Mirana thinks about what Ariella and Selena said as she was walking to Kilsa and the mandrill. She looks about, "Kursed, put me down under Kursed." She says, then starts to wonder what ever she could make as she waits to be taken to a station. Surely she couldn't beat Kilsa yet, but, maybe she could make something that would at least be acceptable? She knew she should probably head back up to Ariella and see what she wanted, but she was already feeling a bit.... she couldn't discribe it, and only two things help, work and drink. No drink about, so work it was.

Bite giggles as she is kissed and squirms a bit, uprighting herself before stretching and wrapping her arms around the lioness, pointing to the food. The mandrill smiles. "Well 'Kursed' let's get you set up, it's always nice to have a novice amongst us." he says as he leads her to an open station. "The judges will visit in time, if yo'ure not working by then they'll watch you do the whole thinig, so if you're self concious you should get started." he adds before departing.

Ariella grins at Bite, nuzzling against her before spotting Mirana's actions. "Hmmm..." the lioness murmurs, gently shifting to slip out from under her girlfriend, giving her an eskimo kiss before standing up. "Right, that's enough of that," she says, shaking her head, eyes fixed on the noble fox. "Bite, my love, can we sleep on the beach a quieter day? There are... certain things I need to obtain before tomorrow. Do me a favour and ask her ladyship Mirana to meet us at my room tomorrow?" she asks, bending to kiss at the serpent's snout, nuzzling her affectionately, whispering something.

Selena nods to Mirana. "Good luck." she offers simply, smiling before putting the ring back into her bag. "Leaving so soon, Ariella?" the wolf sighs. "Hope you have a good time, then." She chuckles, pouring over her tools to make sure they're in good condition.

A soft hiss is hear as Kilsa smiles victoriously, "Almost.... Almost....." She says lovingly to the forge as she works, "Done." She finishes the weapon and places her apron over it to conceal it until the judges are ready. Kilsa take a break while waiting for the judges, "I hope my Clan mate would be proud of my work today." She say wiping soot off of her face. "I hope the judges are just as proud." She says with a wide smile before calling over the the other Badger. "Mr. Badger, How is your crafting doing?" She asked curiously.

Mirana gets behind her station and hopes the dress Kilsa had made her is just as function in a forge as it was in battle. She gets to thinking and pulls out some paper and a quill. She draws, design after design, crumpling them up as she goes along. After about the tenth try, she bangs a fist into the table. She hears Kilsa was done and looks up to see her now relaxing and wiping herself clean. Then... she gets an idea. She frantically starts scribbling and calls out to whomever is delivering the supplies, "Metal, lots of it, it has to be hard, and it has to be heavy. Ivory too, I need ivory, and gold. Not much gold, a small amount goes a long way." She says. Then she gets to work smelting down her supplies. She was just an apprentice, so, by comparison, her items would be very simple, but a simple item made by a caring hand and careful mind could be better then something far more extravagent. She edits her plans a few times as she goes along, working furiously to catch up.

Bite giggles and waves off Ariella with a smile. "Of course I will sssweetie." she hisses and looks up when she hears a familiar voice saying done. She slithers over to see Kilsa, tilting her head and overlooking the badger smirks. "You're looking..." she hisses and gigglges. The other heavy clan badger laughs and waves his hand over an assortment of weapons. He holds up two or three for view. "I'm certainly not slacking." he calls out to her as another badger arrives, a graceful folk, and they embrace and he points to her station where she begins to set up. Workers scurry to and fro meeting demands, lugging metal over to Mirana as quickly as they can. The crowd in the distance can be heard full of outcry. They shout things like "BOO!", "COG JUNKY!", and "Get outta here with your fancy golems yah jerk." as the judges call out "8!".

Selena ignores the crowd's booing, glancing back across to the Badger at the forge, remaining seated though she poulls a bottle of cider from her bag and takes a drink of it as she continues checking her tools, Bite too far to make a comment to discreetly.

Kilsa smiles widely and looks at her apron with the weapon under it. "I can't wait to show it off." She notices the booing, "I can't believe they would boo any talent, all crafting is for the betterment of promise is great to me." She yawned and tried to get a vantage point from her section without leaving her weapon behind.

Mirana doesn't pay anny attention to the booing nor much of anything else as she works. The metel hot, she takes it and starts shaping it, banging hammer to anvil. She's not the strength of Kilsa or most crafters, so it takes her a bit longer, but eventually cools the sword. It is huge, looking far to big for herself to use, and she still needs to carve the handle and etch the design into the blade. Then, finally sharping it. She gets to work first on the carving, then on to engraving and putting the gold into it. She wipes her brow, wondering just how much longer she has.

The crowd follows the judges over to view Kilsa's works, and Bite moves towards the front of it as she watches anxiously. "You can do it!" she hisses and cheers, getting the odd look from the group around her. The judges step forward and say "Miss Badger 2? We will judge you now." as they pool around her. "Let us see your work, if you have not completed anything you may begin now."

Selena smiles and watches on in anticipation of the unveiling of whatever Kilsa and Mirana have created, finishing up her cider and putting the bottle back in her bag, the wolf paces over to the stand to get a better vantage point.

The badger looks down at the apron, "I am proud to present my craft for this competition." She whips off the apron and places it back on herself before holding up the hammer. "I made this as a tribute to the power of the Heavy folk of the past present and future. I view it as a weapon to really inspire those that stand at our side. I call it, The Mountain." She blushes not used to speaking how she feels when crafting a weapon. "I hope you like it."

Mirana continues to work, looking up for only a moment to see what Kilsa shows off. She is stuck in awe of the thing, and the fact that Kilsa can hold it up! She would be that good one day, or better, but for now, she pours her energy back into the work before her. Handles carved, and gold inlayed, she bolts the handles onto the blade, then, gets to the sharpening stone, grind down the edge as quickly as she can without giving up any of the care or attention she was taught to give everything she makes.

THe crowd cheers for the badger and looks over the hammer. The Judges look impressed, nodding to eachother as they mutter things amonst themselves. "We give this hammer... a 10!" one cries out and the crowd cheers louder, Bite giggling and clapping. "Way to go Miss Badger Two" she giggles harder. The crowd begins to direct themselves across to the other badger, looking over his mass of creations. "And what will you be presenting today?" the judges inquire, as the badger holds up a flail, demonstrating a swing up into the air. As he does so the crowd feels slightly weary from just proximity to the swing. The judges look to themselves and over the weapon carefully. "10!" they cry and part of the crowd cheers, while the rest clap as though they were out of wind. The judges move towards Mirana next, eagerly pressing foward.

Selena smiles warmly, having expected little else from Kilsa's work - though her attention moves across to the fox's work eagerly, nodding to Bite. "What do you reckon M- 'Kursed' has made?" She asks the taipan with a wry smile.

"A draining flail, I'm impressed." She claps at the other badger with a proud smiles. She then look at Mirana, "Do your best!" She shouts and grins at the fox. She smiles and holds her hammer up, "I wonder if I could find a warrior that would care to wield this..." She says softly.

Mirana works over her weapon as she seed the judges coming over. Shifting from a sharping stone to a whetstone, she tries to get the edge sharp enough to split a hair if it fell on it. She is still working when the judges arrive, but prepares to give a speech to give her time and explain what she has made. "This sword odviously wasn't made for someone like me, I doubt I could wield it if I were twice as strong." She says still passing the stone over the edge. "This weapon was inspired by, and crafted for my teacher, the one showing me how to make exceptional items like those seen ..ummff.. HERE!" She groans as she passes the stone across the blade once more. Then, she plucks a hair from one of her tails, and slides it upon the blade, watching as it is neatly split and smiles, "I may not be up to pair with the badgers beside me, but a simple weapon, tended to carefully, and made with a purpose, can be better than something made too complex." She says, hardly able to lift both ends of it, so she leaves the blade tip in the ground while showing it off now. "I call it Heaven Splitter."

The judges look between themselves and the crowd starts off silent, before someone says "I like it sssweetie." from the back, and a few others nod in agreement. A low set of claps turns into applause for the weapon as the judges confirm scores together. "7!" they cry and begin to progress over to the other miss badger. "And what have you been working on." they ask as she looks a little nervous, presenting a weapon, atop her unlit forge. The weapon is magnificent, shinning brilliantly as the judges and crowd look awed. It is a sword of foreign design, thin and curved, but razor sharp. The judges pass it around as they feel just how light it seems, and mutter some things.

Selena looks across at the blade Mirana unveiled and applauds to fox, looking more impressed by it than the other weapons that had been unveiled to that point before she looks back at the other badger's weapon, intrigued.

Kilsa claps looking over the impressive yet practical weapon made by Mirana, "Good job!!!" She look over the other female badger work, "Hmmm I wonder what land she is from." Kilsa murmurs to herself not recognizing the weapon style from her own travels.

Mirana falls back into the stool and lets out a long breath, "That.. wasn't easy. Ok, a seven, that is a good start, right, seven. Seven's not bad, right?" she says to herself as she holds the blade's handle in her lap. She looks up to Kilsa, Selena, and Bite and waves. Looking over to Kilsa, "If you are allowed, would you mind picking this thing up off me Ms. Badger Two?" and she giggles a bit. She grabs a cloth and starts wiping the sweet, soot, and ink stains off from her. "Seven is a good start..." she repeats to herself.

The judges agree with eachother. "This is the last in the competition, and this is the best weapon to recieve... a 10! We have a clear winner!" they say as they hold it up. "Miss Badger, come accept your prize!" they say over a roaring crowd.

Selena applauds politely as the prize is awarded, pacing over to the place Mirana sat down with a smile. "You did good, 'Kursed'." She says genuinely. "On your first competition for this, too." She chuckles. "It was nice to see someone make something simple. You did a good job with the gold and hilt, too."

Kilsa walk up to the Judges, "Excuse me!?" Kilsa walks up to the furnace the badgers were using and growls. "This furnace is cold... Judges! Please examine the various furnaces, all of ours are hot except for the these two badgers." Kilsa look genuinely upset, "What are you both trying to pull and um... who really made those weapons, I would love to met them and I think you owe them an apology." Kilsa doesn't raise her voice except to speak over the crowd feeling ashamed for the possibly cheating heavy folk.

Mirana continues to wipe herself off as Selena walks up to her, "Thanks Selena, I put everything I could into it, but I have a lot to learn yet it seems." When Kilsa speaks up though, she looks about and sets the sword against the stool, "What are you saying Miss Badger Two?" She looks to Selena, "Would you help me with this Selena?" She asks, picking to carry the sharp tip of the blade, and hoping Selena would help her move it as she tries to get it over toward Kilsa to see what is going on.

The male badger shakes his head and sneers, shouting "I'm no cheat." as he points to his still blazing forge. The female badger however hangs her head in shame, the judges confirming that it has not been used at all. The crowd pokes jeers at her, and she and the male have a hushed falling out before she storms off with her blade. "Disqualification for cheating, leaves only two valid 10s in the competition." they say as they look to eachother. After about a minute of talking they finially shout "Miss Badger Two, please step forward and recieve the prize." The crowd cheers for Kilsa loudly.

Selena smiles back to the fox, taking the handle of the weapon and picking it up carefully. "You don't do this as a profession, Mirana. Kilsa's poured a lot of time into her craft, so she has an edge from her experience. If you practice, I don't doubt you'll be able to give her some competition some day." She chuckles. "I've been working with rocks since I learnt how to use earth magic to shape them. Still have a long way to go." The wolf comments with a smile, unable to applaud Kilsa without dropping the blade though she nods across to the badger with a smile, helping the fox transport it away.

The Noble badger shakes her head, "I don't feel right about this." She murmurs as she walks forward to receive the prize. "I would like to donate this weapon for the royal guard, I'm sure there is someone that would enjoy using this to better Promise. This would at least make the terrible display here a little better." She frown a little more and looks at the male badger. "Please Sir, Tell your beloved that I would be glad to have her train and learn under a few forgemasters I know long as she brings her own metals and supplies."

Mirana with Selena's help she is able to get the weapon over to Kilsa and listens to the various announcements. She wags her tails softly and feels such pride in her lady. "I look forword to the day that I can make things as well as you..." she says to herself, and presents the weapon to Kilsa, "Here please take this, it wasn't made for graceful or cleaver folk..." she says gesturing to the weapon's handle in Selena's hands. Look to the shamed female badger, she nods, "She can teach very well, she is a good craft master." She beams her pride for Kilsa's work, and to be in her employ. Looking back to Selena, she smiles very wide, showing off her teeth as she does, "Thank you Selena, I know it is a continuing effort, something I'd have to work at to be as good as she, and always work on to stay such a fantastic smith, if I can ever call myself that."

Kilsa is handed a firearm, it resembles a musket but looks a bit more advanced than that. "This is a weapon from far off lands, and now, it belongs to you, made of the finest materials around, it is highly sought after, take care of it." one judge says to the winning badger before everone is ushered off by the clean up crew.