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Chairs line the walls of the normally crowded freeswords, Kilsa is ushering the orphans into orderly seating as she is decked out on her normal armor. "Alright children, Now be good and if any of you break anything I'll make sure you wash dishes for the next week for this place. Now sit down and watch the show." She opens the front door and holds out a scroll, "Alright who is first?" She offers the scroll to allow folk to sign in.

Ictus hmms? as he wanders in and smiles at the talent show, he shakes his head at Kilsa, "I'll just watch, I don't have any useful talents off the battlefield..." he blushes a little at that

Darquan wanders in right after the Fox, the Heavy-Clan gator in his usual outfit of just a kilt. He shakes his head a little in response to the scroll being held out toward him, "I am still acquiring knowledge from my gem, so I have no true talen to display." He has a seat somewhere by a window, relaxing with his back against it.

Fefneir moves over to sign in on the scroll, could cause some amusement for the little ones. Not every day you got to entertain people. Though what he would do he still has to ponder having a few ideas here and there.

Bite slithers into the freeswords inn, having heard about a show for orphans. Having practiced her acts for quite a while now she feels fairly confident that she can give them all a smile. SHe carrys throwing knives, a wooden block, and then signs the scroll with a smile. "Hello sssweeties." she hisses to everone.

Sally arrives, wielding a staff with a wildly swinging lantern. Currently off. She reaches to sign on the scroll with a few delicate marks of her calligraphy pen, offers a salute to Kilsa, and moves to have herself a seat.

The children oooh and ahhh at the intimidating looking Gator, The orphans look at Bite and wave at her immediately recognizing the lizard from thier caretakers stories. A bunny child reaches out and tugs on Fefneir, "Mistah, awr you gonna do something kwel?" She smiles up at him with a chipped tooth. As Sally enters the children chatter to themselves, "Ooooh I bet she is disappear or something" Her staff immediately makes the children think of her as a mage. Kilsa skims over the names on the list and smiles, "Aaaaah. I'm happy to see a few names, Fefneir, Bite and Sally. The prize for entertaining the children is mystery gift purchased by the church." She points to a box in the far corner of the room. "Fefneir, you are first followed by Bite then Sally. Do your best!" Kilsa smiles and stands to the side of the stage allowing those three a chance to get set up.

The gator raises his brow at the younglings as he passes by. His intimitating demeanor is made only more imposing by his seven foot height. He glances around from his seat and can't help but smile upon hearing Sally's name, and he calls out to her, "Time for business before pleasure, M'lady?"

Ictus chuckles at the orphans as they speak and hmms as he watches the three set up

Fefneir smiles down at the bunny child crouching and ruffling their ears lightly, "Well I hope you'll find it cool." Nodding to Kilsa before over onto the stage. To set up first, pulling open a few pouches for a few pinches of something. Moving over to the center of the stage before flicking his wrists around, when the palm of his hand comes back into sight several red glowing orbs held in his hands. Minor fire magic but should surfice for children. The bat begins to juggle the balls for a few minutes, getting everyone to focus on those pulsating orbs slowly juggling them higher into the air. After a few moments when all the orbs are on the way down he tilts his head up, enlongating his tongue out and makes it looks as if he swallows each orb, though really just snuffing them out with a thought. He moves as if to step from the stage and stops, making an exagerated touch to his stomach as if something were wrong. Turning his side to the children he leans forward and opens his mouth as if to burp. A large flaming bat escaping his mouth to fly away from the stage, poping a bit away in a small shower of sparks.

Bite smirks and nods at the ordering, taking the time to prepare herself. She inspects her wooden block with a smile, ensuring everyone can see it is not precut in anyway. She flicks her tail against the ground and looks around the crowd, then watches Fefneir. Simple but effective magic, good for him. She waits for a reaction from the children, not wanting to push his spotlilght aside and moves towards the stage.

Sally inclines an ear, "The children are a large part of what we fight for," she assures, "If we can't make time for them, then what use is the battle?" She lowers her staff down and pops open the lantern, lightning it deftly before swinging the small window shut, sealing the glowing ember within. She gestures, and the lights are covered a moment, enough for her light to be the primary source besides the fireplace, which makes it more interesting when she begins to twirl and spin it about herself, dancing at the end of her staff, "No matter how dark it gets, little children, the light will live on, and morning will come."

The children cheer at the end. A little bat girl claps the hardest and mimics him attempting to juggle a single hair piece and failing miserabely. "Good Good!" Another little dog boy giggles, "Real magic!" The kids all are giggling and chatting amoungest themselves, Sally's act enterains the childeren but most of them are still talking about Fefneir, The little bat girl keeps looking at him and moving her hands as if casting a spell. Kilsa chuckles and notes that Sally acted out of order but as long as the children are entertains she could care less. As the next act lines up she smacks the but of her hammer on the floor, "Quiet quiet you'll get to scream when the judging starts. Whenever your ready for you act Bite." She winks at the snake and continues to monitor the Children.

Darquan's response to Sally is a nod and a wave, "Fair enough. I'll be right here when you're done." He watches the acts in further silence...

Ictus grins and claps with the children as well at Fefneirs act, he watches Sally curiously and smiles at her performence before watching Bite's curiously

Bite giggles and hops up on stage, setting her block down slightly against the wall. She pulls out three throwing knives and whips them at the block, piercing it down the middle. The final knife prys the block apart, but Bite isnt' done yet. She hisses and focuses on the air around her, ensuring to hold back her power by a large margin. She releases three tiny explosions above her head, and then exerts herself to fire a spread of ice shards over the crowd. With split second timing she casts a firey spell, and water sprays over them all.

Fefneir smiles and ruffles the bat girl's ears ever so lightly before taking a seat behind the children so as not to obscure their veiw. Watching Bite's performance.

The children go wild at another display of magic, The bad girl blushes at the treatment even while showered with Bites spell. "Um... Your cool, Mistah!" She blushes and wipes some water off of her face to hide a second blush. Kilsa stands up and shakes her head a bit spraying more water on the kids. "Alright Kiddos! This is the part you love, You get to pick who did the best!" She points to Bite, "What do you think of her act?" The children screams thier head off like crazy sending water everywhere. "Alright! What about Fefneir?" The children scream just as loud as they did for Bite. "Hmmm Alright how about Sally?" The children scream but not as loud as the first two. Kilsa opens the Box and pulls out three boxes. She gives a red one to Bite, A blue one to Fefneir and a yellow one to Sally. "Now kids what do you say?" The children say various thanks to the players as kilsa steps back. "Alright time to go and let the nice people have there Inn back. You have a few mintues to talk to the performers but don't steal anything or start fights." She smirks at a little pitbull boy.

Sally settles herself in time to receive a yellow box? She tilts her head at it, but tucks it away as best she is able, "Afraid battle tactician doesn't really mesh with showmanship, but you have to do what can be done." She nods to herself, leaning the staff against her shoulder.

Fefneir smiles and nods to Kilsa, ruffling the bat girl's ears a bit, "Thank you little one." Maybe he'll have to adopt one of the orphans if and when he gets a house. Glancing at the box, he'll peek inside after the children are gone, not sure whats in the box.

Ictus chuckles at the kids and smiles at the three, he looks at Sally and nods in agreement, "Yeah, Soldier's don't either..."

Darquan shrugs, not minding the spray of water in the slightest. It only makes his scales shine a bit, "I'm not yet skilled enough to show any sort of crafting prowess the younglings would enjoy, Perhaps next time I could make toys right in front of them and pass them out?"

Sally snorts lightly, "They'd like that, at a guess. Don't know a being before maturation that'll turn down a new toy or three." She agrees with a light nod before curiousity overcomes her and she pops open the box to find... a small bottle. Sniff, "Ah!" she exclaims.

Bite giggles and accepts her gift without opening it, carrying the box. "I hope you enjoyed the show sssweethearts. Did you have fun?" she hisses to the children.

The chidren slowly cheer and move around some look around Bite and Fefneir as if trying to figure out how those act were preformed. A small Pitbull boy moves up to Darquan to size him up before walking away. Kilsa whistles loudly and a second priest joins her in leading the children out of the freeswords the kids wave bye before walking out in a disorganized line. Kilsa looks at the preformers and smiles, "Thank you all, the children loved it." She walks out her armor clunking loudly with each step. As the regular staff begin to set up the tables once again for regular service.