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The guards at the front are kind enough to direct the way through the castle to Mione's study, where the royally employed mouse is standing over a table, hands on it, peering at a map of Promise.

Angus walks through the doors and peers at the map from under his hood. He had heard that Mione needed a few adventures but didn't hear anything about the details of the mission. Taking a step of to the side, so that others can walk through the door and not bump into him,he clears his throat to get Mione's attention.

Kilsa smiles and looks at her shiny soulgem fitted into her necklace, "Thank you." She say as a guard politely leads her to where she need to be. "Hello. Sir Mione. Its a pleasure to see you again." She chuckles and looks at Angus.

Rainer brings up the rear, lurking behind Kilsa and Angus. He hangs just inside and to the side of the doorway after they're shown in, keeping his head bowed and turned aside.

Mione looks up from the map he was studying, "Ah, the pleasure is mine, lady Ironsoul. Good of you to join us. You are aware of the shattering, I am certain, when Raquestia was destroyed?" He asks this, looking to all three.

Kilsa nods, "Yes. Anyone worth thier salt in knowing even a little of our lands are familar with the Shattering. Though I expect your going to shed some light and illuminate us all with your knowledge." She gave the mouse a sly wink, "I know that you don't talk history without something interesting being at the end of the tale."

Rainer follows the conversation from Mione to Kilsa with his eyes, but keeps his mouth shut. He at least puts forward some effort to appear interested, straightening up his back and holding his head high, ears perked and cupped towards the group.

He nods and gestures skyward, "I was alive to see it, though much younger, of course. Many bits of the moon struck Promise, leading to an interesting few decades of turmoil. Our country was spared most of it." He circles around the table then, "But that's history, let's talk about right now. I have received word that a dense object, perhaps the largest, still intact, piece of the destruction is still waiting for someone to claim it."

Kilsa nod, "I'm sure you were just as much of the charmer as you are now." She continues to listen and smiles, "Though this is unsettling, didn't the shadows come into play shortly after the shattering?" She reaches to her side and puts her hands to rest on a small forging hammer she had on her person. "I doubt such a large piece would be without some folk noticing it."

He nods, "Much of the reason it was avoided, just in case, but as it turns, it has no shadow relevance. At least, the shadows never approached it, or came from it. It's... something else," Mione lifts his shoulders, "I wish I could say more, but that's exactly why I am sending you. Clear away the wild life around it and guard it against all comers while our crew investigates. I don't trust random mercenaries, but you have all served the country well."

Where he might have only been feining it before, Rainer's interest is definantly piqued as the conversation veers quickly away from history lesson to treasure. The comes the catch. "Your crew? You mean we aren't going to be bringing it back?"

Kilsa gives a smiles, "So some old fashioned defend and secure." A chuckle escapes her muzzle as Rainer speaks, "Mione here is pretty hands on, I would trust his hands to my own in handling anything but a smithing hammer. If we aren't suppose to bring it back then its for the best it might explode if we move it or draw the attention of something more sinister."

Mione shakes his head, "While having it here would be delightful, it is somewhat larger than a cart, and in foreign lands at that. We have secured permission to investigate, but the equipment and resources in its relocation would strain both budget and good will." A smile is offered towards Kilsa, "You speak kindly, but my talent is in research. I trust you can make this happen."

Angus finally decides to speak up. "What kind of wildlife will we be clearing?" The thought of treasure was an appealing one but he was more worried about the danger they might face considering that not only would they have to protect themselves but Mione's crew they might as well have some detailed information on any possible threats.

Kilsa chuckles, "We can make it happen, Sir Mione. My talent is in forging and aptly using weapons." She taps her forging hammer to push her point, "Though I would like to ask you, Mione, After we've secure your little bit of Raquestia.... Would you be interested in having a drink with an old badger to discuss some matters of concern." She gave him a winning smile before looking at Angus, "I am curious as to what wildlife would be a problem as well."

Rainer folds his arms over his chest and again lapses into silence, lips drawn in a thin, thoughtful line. "Mm." Once more his eyes become the only part of him in motion, travelling from individual to individual as they take their turn to speak.

"Of course, Lady Ironsoul," speaks Mione. It would be impolite to turn down a social call from a noble, after all, "I look forward to hearing of your success, and getting their notes. The landing is in Shralesta. I expect desert creatures, but I would have my eye out for more. Lunar dust has a great deal of power, as you've noticed. It could cause strange things to occur."

Angus nods and begins to tap one of his daggers. "Well then we will have to be careful now won't we." Turning to Rainer he gives him a smile. "That mean no blindly charging at the first thing you see. Ok Rainer?"

Kilsa nods, "Alright. When would you like us to ship out?" She smiles kindly at Mione, "Now don't get too excited when you get your note and forget out little date." She winked and crossed her arms, "I'm itching to see what has your attention."

Rainer puts his hands on his hips and arches his back forward, making a few of his bones pop before he settles back again. He's even wearing a faint little grin. "Sharlestra, eh?" the wolf murmurs, mostly to himself, before his eyes roll to settle on Angus, "I make no promises."

"Excellent." A ticket is offered with the Good King's seal on it, "This will get you all onto the air ship that goes there and back. The more expedient, the better, as the crew is already stationed in Shralesta, awaiting your arrival."

Angus turns to give Rainer a look. "The last time you said that I was missing patches of fur thanks to you walking into a fire trap." Turning back to Mione and Kilsa he smiles. "Well then don't want to keep them waiting."

Kilsa chuckles, "Well are we all ready to go? I know I am" She laughs and begins to move toward the door. "I'm so excited!" She chuckles.

And there are the words. Air ship. Rainer's tepid little grin breaks into full-on smile, and his cloak begins to flap as, somewhere beneath it, his tail gets a bit of a wag going. A quick tip of his head to their gracious host, and he's following Kilsa out.

And so the group is off, down to the docks, where the air ship awaits them with its gang plank down. A quick glance at the ticket is all that is required to get them up and on, and zipping off to Shralesta. A short jaunt, for those who have gone there by air before.

Angus checks some of his equipment as they wait on the Air ship. "Never been a fan of these things. Everytime I step onto one of them I swear it's going to crash."

Rainer treats the experience like an old pro, despite only having been on the round air trip to Shralesta once before. "Oh, you've ridden one of these things before...?" he sounds disappointed, but soon adds, "Well, that shouldn't surprise me."

The ship comes in for a smooth landing in the water before shuffling up into the docks at the gleaming city of Shralesta, the jewel of the desert, perched beside the sea. It is not a long walk through the crowded and hot streets to find the group of Sweetwater standard wearing souls by the east gate, waiting.

Angus nods in greating to the group before turning back to Rainer. "I spent five years in the military and don't forget I'm a noble. I have some experience with air ships I just don't really like them."

Rainer takes advantage of the desert heat to abstain from the wearing of his cloak, completely ignoring the occasional stare his hairless body garners from the locals. He plods along just behind Kilsa and Angus with his forearms resting upon the hilts of his blades, basking in the sunlight. "Well I think they're thrilling, and way better than spending a month at sea on a sailing ship."

Kilsa looks aorund, "Beautiful!" She looks about the area, "Well this is unique, I hope to come back here some days when I don't have any duties to do." She smile and looked at Rainer, "HAve you been here before?"

The group salutes, "We're glad you're here," says an avian lineaged one, a duck, female, with a clever folk seal at her belt, "We couldn't go without you. The beasts are fierce in the day, and it's no good looking in the dark."

Angus glances up at the sun before glancing at Kilsa. "It's beautiful but it is also hot." Unshouldering his musket he removes his cloak and readjust his chainmail. Turning towards the duck that spoke he nods.

"Briefly, didn't get to do much but look around." Rainer answers Kilsa, and as they roam the streets to their rendezvous with the research crew he seems to get quickly bored with the scenery. When they meet up with the research team, he settles in a few paces back and finds something else in the vicinity to hold his attention, much as he did in Mione's study.

Kilsa smiles at the Avian, "I loves seeing a beautiful creature showing that the battlefield isn't a place of us as well." She moves only a few inches from the females face, "I'm a master Blacksmith and I would gladly make your some stunning armor that would both protect you and look amazing in the face of danger." She smiled widely and gave the bird a wink.

Hands are shaken, "I don't even want to think of armor at the time, if you don't mind my saying," speaks the duck lady, "Let's be off and get this over with before the Shralesta sun melts us all," Then it's off into the desert, tromping across the dunes.

Rainer runs a hand over his head, eyes closed as he remarks, "You're a little too far from your forge for that right now, aren't you, Kilsa?" As they set out into the dunes he sashays along quite casually, continuing to bring up the rear, though they aren't long out under the blazing sun before he's panting. "Just how far do we have to go to get to this thing, anyway?"

Kilsa chuckles at Rainer as she continues to travel the desert while barely noticing the heat of her armor, "Well some of us like to market our services to keep everyone alive. I mean she has good armor but I have to wonder if she would be ok if a bone dragon decided she was tasty looking or a howling elemental decide to test what her mettle is." She begins idly listing the various ways the poor bird could be killed without good armor.

Angus follows slightly behinds Kilsa. "Any chance you could make me a sword Lady Kilsa?" Granted he was good with his musket and the few daggers he had on his person. But a sword would give him a longer reach and give him more mobility in a fight.

Rising from the sand in front of the party, two hulking figures of crumbling sandstone emerge, approaching with clear intent to crush skulls if they would only stand still long enough for it.

A spell rockets over the combatting groups as one of the scholars whips up something fancy. The golem shakes violently, sandstone falling down in pieces as the strange math disrupts its stoney form.

The battle is long and tiring, leaving everyone bloodied and sweating in the baking sun, but it is a victory in the end, with the golem toppling over into so much debris.

Rainer isn't satisfied to just see the thing sitting there in a heap of pieces, as he picks one and starts stomping on it, pushing it deeper below the sand with each blow until only one end is protruding. "And! Don't! Come! Back!" which point he abruptly slumps forward, huffing and heaving. "...I miss being cold..."

Kilsa growls and looks at the rubbles, "I've never encountered such a persistance elemental. By the Creators..." She huff and wipes some blood off her muzzle, "I am not a happy Badger..." She grumbles.

Angus watches Rainer for a few seconds then resheaths his dagger. "Either way it is dead and we might want to keep moving. I don't want to be here for much longer considering there are alot of things that could of heard the fight and want to pick up the scraps." Wiping the blood out of his eyes he walks back up to the group with both of his tails twitching in aggitation.

The fight done with, the group advances into the sands, and the object comes into view, a bulge in the distance that eventually becomes an egg shaped thing, clearly forged of Creator Steel, brilliantly shiny, where it isn't covered in some strange black material. The Shralesta people must not have come this close, or they would have surely seized this Creator artifact immediately. What would put it here though?

Rainer rubs his eyes, and has a general look of uncertainty about him as he first squints at the shape emerging from the blur on the horizon, then shields his eyes with an arm to get a wider-eyed look at it, and even then seems unconvinced he isn't falling for a mirage. "Is that it?" he finally asks, looking to one of their guides and pointing at the distant object.

Kilsa whistles, "Wow. Look at the size of that thing... I swear I would've expected smaller." She chuckled,"I would would give my left eyes to be able to forge as well as the Creators." She looks almost reverently at the egg, "Doesn't it look kinda like an egg? I wonder does it hatch?" She smiled.

Angus glances at the object for a few minutes before turning back to the surroundings. "It looks intrestings but we still need to be careful...don't want to get ambushed by anymore of those Golems."

The scholars look a bit nervous as they circle around the thing, examining it, "None of us are machine priests," she admits, "We did not think it would be a Creator artifact. That changes things..."

"Hah, well it's a good thing you brought me along, then." Rainer skips his way right up the dune to the metal egg, turning to pose for the group. "You just so happen to be in the midst of the world's foremost explorer! And in my vast experience with Creator technology, I can -guarantee- you ... that if you touch it enough times, something will happen." And without leaving a pause for protest, he turns to start poking the thing. Poke poke poke. ...Poor puppy is probably going to burn his fingers if Creator Steel is as heat conductive as regular metal. But it's the only way he'll learn!

Kilsa shakes her head at the scholars, "I understand, Machine priest are few and far inbetween I've been considering training under them myself." She smiles, "Its still beautiful to look at if I do say so myself." She glares at Rainer, "Are you out of your mind?! DO you have any ideal on what that is, your could kill us all or damage the machine." She shouts angerly.

This particular one is quite warm from a day's worth of baking, it seems, ah, feel that comforting warmth, hear the sizzle of foolish canine flesh, "We really need to get this back, but we can't transport this through Shralesta. They'd snatch it away from us the moment they saw it," protests the duck, before she turns and sees Rainer poking it, "Creators above!"

Angus steps up next to Kilsa and yells at Rainer. "What did I tell you about messing with things Rainer!" He snarls as he walks forward to grab the annoying wolf and drag him away from the machine.

"Yow!" And away swings the wolf's paw, shaking in the air high above his head, and then straight into his mouth, where Rainer nurses his singed digits with ginger suckling. "Ow ow. Owowow. Ow. Boiling egg is boiling. Ow." And away he is dragged, putting up little in the way of protest, although, "Wait, wait, if we wrapped our hands in cloth..."

Kilsa grabs Rainer by the collar, "As a servant of the Creator Church, I will mention this with as much love in my hands as I am able. If you touch that again, I will beat you until you fall unconcious and drag you to the nearest inn." She says calmly with a smile that speak of untold violence. "Please let these fine folk do thier job..."

The duck approaches Kilsa, "We would love to, but we dare not do much more than take detailed sketches of it. Only a machine priest should be doing much else."

An excited voice comes from almost under the thing, "I found something!" And behold, it appears the egg did already hatch, as a panel in it is swung open from beneath.

Angus nods to her "Thanks for the help Lady Kilsa." Turning around he walks closer to the egg and inspects it until he hears the yell.

Rainer takes on the expression of a dear trapped in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle as he's manhandled by the badger. When the tirade is all over, he's -just- about to squeak out a "yes ma'am" but his consession to threat of violence is interrupted by the eager proclamations of one of the researchers, and he turns his head that way to see what all the fuss is about, instead. "Awroo?"

Kilsa smiles at the wolf, "Don't worry about it, pup." She chuckled, "If you stay good I'll pay your entires night of alcohol." She looks to the duck and smiles as she leave rainer to his business. "So what have you found, Miss?"

A dark hole into the belly of the... whatever it is. The excited scholar is not daring to actually approach the thing, merely sketching and writing busily about the presence of it. The duck nods to Kilsa, "Not I, personally, but Barton has found an opening in the device, curious. But what can we do. We need to get this to a church, but how?"

Angus glamces at the hole before turning back to the duck. "Well we could go in and take a look to see if there is anything of intrest?" Giving Rainer a glance he starts to smile as his curiosity is peaked. "Hey Rainer want to be a good pup and explore?"

Kilsa smiles, "I don't know have you thought of covering it up and pretending that we killed a large shadow and explain it away as research?" She offer before thinking even harder, "I wonder, Do you think its safe to attempt to take it apart?" She offered weakly.

Rainer throws up his hands with an exhasperated look on his face - safely behind Kilsa's back and out of her line of sight. Oh sure, he hurts himself touching the thing and it's I'LL BEAT YOU SILLY but -disassembling- it is perfectly reasonable. But at the fox's call he comes swaggering around, stooping down for a peek in through the open hatch, making a face. "Now if there's one thing I know the Creators love to do, it's scheming up crazy traps. And that? Definately looks like trap."

Both ideas garner no support from the scholars, who all look nervous at the very idea of entering, or dismantling a Creator artifact. "It's not even given to us. All other artifacts were given, granted to us by the Creators when we came here. This one, we don't know."

Angus shakes his head as he changes his mind. "Considering the last time I was near you and a trap went off I think we are good." Standing back up he grabs Rainer by the collar and drags him away from the hatch. "Come on you bald pup. We can leave the deciding to the scholars since this is their find."

Kilsa smiles at the Creators, "I'm not sure if it wasn't given. Its IS on promise after all. Are you implying that the Creators made a mistake." She looks at the evily before chuckling, "I'm kidding, I'm with curious wolf here. Lets tinker just a little bit." She sighs. "Creators reward us." She smiled widely. "I know I would love to be the scholar that unlocks something of the creators." She winks.

Rainer lets himself be dragged away, but not very far! He rather nimbly slips out of Angus' grip and slinks back towards the egg, snapping his fingers repeatedly. "Of course the thing about traps is there's always a way to disarm them... It's just a trick of figuring out how to do it before it maims or kills you." He flahses a few teeth in a grin, hearing Kilsa's blessing, and claps his palms together, rubbing vigorously. "I'm goin' in."

Angus glares at Rainer as he manages to escape his grasp. But as he hears Kilsa's comment he dies and checks to make sure his musket is loaded before following Rainer. "Alright lets go see whats in there."

Kilsa smiles and presses her hammer in the ground. "Alright Rainer, Don't die and if the Scholars say stop, You stop....or I will use the authority based on my station." She look at him seriously, "And please...... don't die." She says tenderly before giving his head a soft pat. "I've grown fond of you and I really don't want to give your eulogy. I'll cover the rear."

It's dark, but as eyes adjust to the insides of the thing, it looks like a little room in there, side ways, with a few seats mounted on the wall. There's a lot of other panels and things, but they're all dark and smooth, all made of Creator Steel and their strange glass.

"It's, uh. Dark. Which is pretty refreshing, I gotta say!" Rainer announces a few tense moments after disappearing into the egg. He feels his way around mostly-blind for a bit, before his eyes refocus and he gets a good look at the interior. "Huh, there's some funny-looking chairs, and... everything's sideways. I think it's upside-down or something and oh sweet Creators what is aghklghhlllkkkbtttgh!" Pause. "Gotcha."

"Just don't touch anything Rainer." Following Rainer close behind is Angus with his musket at the ready. Taking a few slow steps he waits for his eyes to adjust before glancing around. "Looks like of like they crashed here."

Kilsa shakes her head when she hears Rainer, "My goodness, pup, don't scare my like that. Your supposed to be an expert at not getting killed by Creator tech right?" She chuckles trying to calm herself. "Beeeeee careful."

There's nothing glowing, sparking, or burning, that's a good sign, right?

Rainer does his best to angle and wedge himself into one of the chairs, despite the awkward angle and gravity being against him. "Well it fell out of the sky, right? I'd say that constitutes crashing." He gives the air a curious sniff, examining the surroundings from this new perspective. His hands are then drawn to the panel before him, planting flat upon it. "I guess this is a table?"

Angus inspects the chair right next to Rainer. "I wonder what caused them to crash anyway." Throwing his musket back over his shoulder he glances at the other panel, but doesn't touch it like Rainer,and glances back at the wolf. "Don't fall out of that thing Rainer or you might hurt yourself."

Kilsa look around and sighed, "I wish we could just meet a creator and ask them." She takes a seat in one of the too small chairs. "Alright lets see what what we have hear.... Go forth and show us your skills, Pup." She chuckles and allow Rainer to be the interestment of her own death.

May as well be a table, being so smooth and shiny. It would have been mostly flat, though at a mild incline, provided it were rotated with the seats to be upright.

Rainer runs his hands back and forth, side to side over the surface of the table, his head tilting as his gaze wanders here and there. "I kind of expected something to happen by now." he confesses, "Maybe it broke when it crashed."

Angus walks up to Rainer to look at it as well. "Or maybe you broke it already and you just don't know it already." He smiled as he was actually kind of suprised nothing had happened yet as well.

A muffled crack is heard, a smell of lightning in the air, and a faint hissing sparking fit from somewhere in the depths of the egg's... shell?

Kilsa shakes her head, "I'm sure there is something here.... What was that?" She begins to follow the sound of the noise, "Everyone look try to find what ever made that nosie?" She begins looking around and fumbling for the source of the noise. "I know I heard something."

Rainer's ears stand to attention at the sound, and his head darts this way and that. "What was...?" Forgetting how precarious his position was in that chair, he shifts and tries to twist around... and ends up on the floor... or what is currently in the direction the floor ought to be in, at least. Upside down. "Ow."

Angus glances in the direction of the sound. "Rainer what did you do?" Turning back to him he manages to take a step out of the way as he fell out of the chair. "Whatever that sound was it can't be good come on Rainer lets go see what you caused."

The dark cavity is suddenly bathed in light. Well, not that much light. A dim glow comes from strips along its length, seeming to be guiding the way towards the exit hatch.

Kilsa looks at the light, "Wanna follow it?" She suggest before looking to the rest, "Can you believe it, Honest to goodness Creator stuff. I almost don't want to leave." She looks tempted and begin to poke the lights tenderly. "Hmmmmmm...."

Rainer hasn't even righted himself when the lights come on. Kind of. "Ha ha ha, that's more like it!" blurts the wolf, and quick as a blink he's rightside-up, face lit up like a child in a candy store. "Hm, now I wonder..." he shifts over to the hatch and pokes his head out, looking around for the research team, "Hey, uh... anything happening out here?"

They're all there, staring in, "Nothing near as interesting as what the inside must look like. What was that sound?" asks the duck lady, "Nothing harmful, I hope."

Angus was just about to help Rainer up then the lights came on and he stands back up. Glancing around he walks up to Kilsa and stares at the light. "Don't forget it might be Creator made but it can still be dangerous."

Kilsa catches herself, "Your right but its active..... Maybe..... but...." She looks lost and doesn't say anymore. "Mione better do something awesome with this or I'm going to be so upset." She grumbled softly.

"Bringing it to Sir Mione," speaks the duck, "Would be a great pleasure, but have you come up with a way to get it across the sea to Firmament without tipping off the Shralestans?"

"Uh, nope! Nope, everything's... everything's peaches and cream in here. Just some lights. Lights and chairs. Creators love their lights and chairs, amirite?" Rainer makes the OK sign with his hand and quickly pulls himself back inside. "There must be -some- way to make it move."

Angus taps his chin as he glances around. "Could always let you press more buttons to see what happens Rainer." His eyes are drawn to the chairs and their curious tables set out in front of them. "I wonder...does this thing work the same as an Air ship?"

Kilsa rolls her eyes, "Wow. For a scholar your pretty quiet on ideals, Alright. I have an ideal. We head back grab a cart and charge trough and mention that we have our death on the cart or something to that effect and keep the cart cover or pile a bunch of dead wildlife and pass it off as research of the native creatures." She gasps out looking longingly at the area.

The duck looks surprised, "Pretend it is the dead? Grotesque, but they would not dare to impede or disrupt it out of their own religious convictions. Yes, that would work quite well," she bobs her head, then gestures to the others, gathering them up, except one, whom she declares, "You're dead, get inside," and points at the Creator artifact.

"We still have to get this thing out of the sand." Rainer points out, glum, but trying not to be too obvious in his pouting as he isn't the one selected to stay inside it. "And if you weren't paying attention earlier... you really don't want to touch it right now."

Angus glancea at Rainer and is happy that he isn't the one going to be stuck in that thing. "Well you did say earlier that we could wrap our hands in cloth so they don't burn Rainer."

The scholar presents the idea first this time, "By the time we return with the cart, it will be cooler, and the artifact will be easier to handle. Let's go." Not to say no cart was brought, but it's not large enough, a hand cart, when a horse cart is more what's needed.

Kilsa nods and changes into her preistly armor, "Alright. If anyone give you any trouble, I'll make sure that they know that they impede on the matter of the dead and their homland." She looks somber, "He fought vailantly but we were unable to save him."

Rainer slides out of the metal egg last, heaving a sigh. "You sure it's going to be okay leaving one bookworm alone out here?" He puts his hands on his hips, lingering back by the strange Creator contraption for as long as he can. "An' how're we gonna explain one little guy having such a big corpse? guys are no fun." At last he follows, hustling to catch up.

Angus smiles at Rainer. "Whats wrong don't want to leave the thing do ya?" He would continue teasing Rainer but he was kind of right...the thing would look like reall big in the cart.

Back to the city, back to the Creator artifact. Thankfully, no new monsters come to investigate the poor scholar left to fend for himself inside the egg. The locals give sympathetic sounds when told what the cart will be used for. The egg is much cooler in the evening, with the sun no longer baking it. It's quite heavy though, requiring everyone present heave-hoing it up into place. The scholar inside gets bounced about a little, but claims he's alright.

Angus helps with placeing the egg back into the cart before grabbing his cloak. "Alright I'll head back to the city and make sure the Air ship is ready for take off just in case of some trouble." Turning to Rainer and Kilsa he gives them a smile. "Take care and Rainer don't do anything stupid."

Erupting before the cart as it rolls towards the city, a smaller elemental scrabbles up to oppose the process with its slab like hands and featureless face.

Pulverized back into the sand it came from, the cart rolls onwards towards the city, arriving as night gets into full swing. the gate guards eye the cart suspiciously with its covered contents bulging as it is.

Rainer keeps his head down and his mouth shut, following at the back of the wagon as they enter the city limits. A quick glance up to the guards is the only time he takes his eyes off the ground.

Kilsa steps out to the guard with a pitiful look. "Our Comrade has died, we were unable to save him please allow us passage, I am a priestess of the Creator church and it is my duty to get back to ship and prepare the body for the voyage home."

The guards turn from suspicious to reverent, backing away from the cart, "We are sorry for your loss. The desert, she claims many." speaks one, "Creators watch over you. I hope you found what you were looking for, at least."

Kilsa nods, "We found nothing but sorrow at the death of our companion..." She says sadly before moving on, "The desert is unforgiving and we were fools to take it so lightly." She says on the verge of tears. "Thank you for your kind words."

The guards, without being asked, are releived by others, and act as an honor guard, escorting the cart up to the air ship and keeping the crowds away. With a foreign salute, they move back towards the gates. Polite sorts, these Shralestans, especially in matters of religion.

Rainer just leaves the talking to Kilsa. Lying isn't one of his strong suits, and he doesn't care to practice on these guards, under these circumstances. Only once they're safely aboard the ship does he straighten up, leaning all-too-casually on the cart as he watches the guards disappear down the street. "Well gee, I feel kinda bad now."

Kilsa nods to the retreating guards, "They are good folk, may the Creators bless them as much as possible." She looks somber, "I respect them greatly." Her face continues to look grim.

The scholars move swiftly, trying to get the artifact up onto the boat discretely, which is a challenge, given its size and weight.

Rainer takes a deep breath and lets it out as a theatrical sigh, gesturing as to roll up the sleeves he doesn't have, he gets down there to do his part helping to haul the big ol' metal egg onto the ship.

Kilsa smiles, "You did well, Pup." She uses her considerable strength to help get the egg into place. "How is everything looking?" She asked to the scholars.

A figure emerges from the shadow as the group wrestles it into place, "That is a very curious coffin," speaks he, well dressed with rings on most fingers and his tail. "The guards would adore a look at one so ornate."

Rainer's fur would all be up on end, if he still had any. He spins around with wide eyes and clenched jaw, staring in bewilderment at this emergent figure. "They saw it on our way through!" he blurts out, arms spread across the contraption as if he could possibly hope to conceal it.

Kilsa frowns at the figure, "I cannot allow that. The dead will have to prepared soon and they died on my watch. I will have to deny your gaurds request." She flashes her noble seal, "I would rather this not become a political event, I would just perfer to bury my failure in peace would you deny me that."

He wags his fingers, "The good country of Firmament must be quite wealthy indeed, to enshrine their dead in Creator steel, very wealthy. Wealthy enough, perhaps, to spare a pittance of that wealth to ensure the guards have no reason to return?"

Damn foreigners, Firmament is the city, not the country.

Kilsa nods, "Surely we do, How about a small donation of 10,000 crowns to ensure that this stays very quiet. I would hate for word to spread that I failed." She holds a large coin purse, "Can we come to amicable terms, Good Sir?"

Rainer clears his throat, quite noisily, still holding his back braced against the egg. "I can't believe you're letting this punk blackmail us." he mutters through gritted teeth towards Kilsa as she produces the coin pouch.

"Ten thousand, yes, I think that will suffice," he agrees, "I will inform the guards that you were quite careful in your handling of the dead."

Kilsa looks at Rainer, "Black mail is such and ugly word, I perfer that this is way to ensure that the good guards get to feed thier family and not suffer and unnesscary death at the hands of an angry priest." She smiles sweetly, "I'm glad that we could come to good terms, now I give you this with a wise warning. If I ever cross paths with you again, I will forget that I am priest and remember that I am a seasoned warrior and cut you into little then strips and feed the remains to my forge." She tosses the coin purse on the ground.

Kilsa spends 10000 Crown for RP reasons.

He accepts the money and performs a deep bow, "I am sure I will only enter your presence when I have something you desire more than to perform that promise, foreigner. Creators watch over you." And he moves to withdraw from whence he came.

Rainer grinds his teeth in relative quiet, turning his head aside and spitting, then back to Kilsa and the rest of their motly crew with a toothy grin. "Well, -I- can't wait to get back to Firmament, all of a sudden."

The ship is loaded and is soon sailing back to Sweetwater. Mione will surely be delighted when he sees it, though it's going to be seen by the priests before he gets his turn. All in all, a job quite well done.