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Busily running about Sinclair seems to be taking down her machines and equipment just as she was preparing to start another experiment. "Why did they have to do this now.." she complains to herself as she works. Thankfully it is a realively clear day, just clouds overhead, the the promise of rain is held within them.

Hearing reports it sounds like someone was in a hurry to start up something, perfect excuse for a nose fox to poke his head in. And Angus does just that as he walks up to Sinclair and waves. "Hello there, where are we going in such a hurry?" The fox asks with a smile, his tail twitching as he crosses his arms and looks her over.

Selena makes her way over as well - quite likely intending to see if Juliana was present, though Sinclair's fervor certainly comes as a surprise. "...Excuse me, do what now?" she asks, pacing back to the fox and creator - and murmuring to the fox something or another.

A wonderful day to walk about after the awful humid and steamy visit to the under tunnels. With a belly full of dreams a carnivore may only dream about, Dio heads over to the source of disturbance not long after the others. "Oh! It's the scholar an' writin' person! Havin' a bit o' trouble now?" Dio questions. Looking at the others, he gives them a happy wave, perhaps a bit stronger than most. "An' 'ello to you too, lad and lass. Been havin' a good day I 'ope?"

Alef approaches from the fairgrounds without much fuss or hurry, looking about at the gathering croud with a look of consern, approaching the closest Being, a Graceful Folk Lion "Excuse me sir? Whats going on if I may ask?" Just one look at her tells it all, a rookie, still using the guilds standard handouts and sporting the occational bruse from the sparing fields.

The fluffy white errand girl pokes her head out through the gate, obviously unfamiliar with leaving the city grounds... She does notice however, that among those involved in the commotion is a tall vaguely recognizable todd. Realizing it was Lord Angus she mewls loudly and waves, still uncertain about crossing the threshold to join the group, though her mistress might be interested in what was going on and a first hand account would be desireable if it happend to be something important....

Still rushing around Sinclair stops to look over, "Oh, Hello there Angus, Selena." then she looks over to the other two, "Oh, I'd love to have time to run this test, but there isn't time." She says continuing to hurridly box up machines, tell other machines to box up still others, and another one bringing the boxes up into the ship. "We are leaving." is all she says for now in her hurry.

Angus turns and gives Selena and Dio a wave in greeting, Alef recieves a surprised look as he didn't expect to see someone new from the Freeswords. "Well there everyone, oh and hello there Eriene as well." He waves to the feline, motioning her over before he catches he tail end of what Sinclair is saying and he turns to face her again. "On such short notice, whats the occassion?"

Selena blinks, glancing back over her shoulder for a moment. The cat's presence prompts a surprised - sounding "Hm? Eriene? I haven't seen you for a long time." Though the rushing of Sinclair coupled with her announcement prompts a sigh - and the rushing doesn't help her get a word in either. "W-... Well, I suppose that isn't too surprising, given what's been happening lately." she replies both to Angus and the doctor, rubbing the back of her head before she continues, "Look, is there anything you need help with, anything we can do for you before you head off to wherever you're going?"

Hearing someone approaching beside him, the lion in question turns his head to meet with a young looking fox. For awhile he stares at her, slowly leaning in perhaps a bit too uncomfortably close until only he's only mere inches away from her smaller person. "Ah! Yer a new face lass," Dio nearly shouts as he finally pulls back with a smile. "Not too sure yet, Lass o' Bruises. But why don't ya introduce yerself since it seems we're gonna be workin' together."

Another feline! And a somewhat familiar one at that. It was always nice to see another of one's species here and there. "'ello there lass," he shouts over to Eriene. "Nice to see ya out an' about. Been doin' well I hope?" The lion listens to the packing Creator and raises an eyebrow in curiosity. "Yeah, we'll help ya lass! Maybe we could even spare ya enough time fer that test ya don't have time fer."

Continuing to collect her vials, tables, and assortment of machines, Sinclair looks to Selena and Angus mostly, then to Dio. "Well, I can't say too much, but due to the terbulant nature of this planet, as well as the odd legal situation, we are being ordered to leave, as soon as we can." She says "But.. if you want to help me load things up, that would be good, just be VERY careful with what you touch." She says.

Alef holds her ground for a moment, but backs up abit at the closeness. "Alef. my names Alef, I only got into Firmament a few nights ago." Bowing her head and looking more releaxed when the lion leans back. "I had heard there was a Creator here in Sweetwater on the road but to actually meet one..." Bowing her head low "If theres anything I can do to help I shall." Not quite sure what she should be doing, but the offer is there.

Eriene looks both ways, to either side of the gate, before dashing out to hide behind Lord Angus, still somewhat sonfused and timid. She does, however, give both Miss Selina and Sir Dio a shy curtsy.

Selena taps a foot on the ground. "I was actually referring to other things - I remember you wanted to pick up some soul gems not too long ago. But if you're willing to trust us handling your equipment, that's as good as anything." She replies, moving over to one of the boxes and managing to stymie her curiousity about the contents enough that she doesn't start unpacking it again. Then it's moved up towards the vessel. Manual lifting? Well, it's less likely to go wrong than using magic to transport delicate equipment, skilled or not.

Angus quirks an eyebrow, about to add a sly comment or something. Before Eriene presses up against his back and knocks him off balance for a second. "Gah, Eriene...hey it's okay." He comments softly as he pats on her the back of the head while looking over at Alef. "Well then hello ther Alef, my name is Angus and it's nice to meet you." He flashes the vixen a smile before he walks over to the nearest box of equipment to lift it up and carry it into the vessel.

"Just a few nights ago, eh? Perhaps yer a traveler like myself," Dio questions as he folds his hands across his chest, taking a moment to register the fox's face to memory. "As fer what ya can be doin'..." With a sly smile, he reaches back and gives Alef a solid, yet still friendly, slap on the back to push her forward a bit. "We'll be helpin' the lass with 'er boxes an' stuff! Let's get to it," he chuckles, making his way towards the Creator's array of objects in need of packing and transporting.

"No need to be so formal, lass! Relax a little an' let's 'ave a friendly movin' adventure," he says after smiling at Eriene's curtsy. "Why don't ya tell us a bit about yourself, Lass of Shyness?" The lion gives one last look towards Eriene before leaning down to pickup a box and then carrying it just like the others.

Sighing a moment Sinclair answers, "I was able to pick up some of these Parent Soulgems from the Freeswords, a few used and a few unused. I was hoping to see about your soul gifted's curious nature and how these work, but I'll have to continue my studies elsewhere."

Meanwhile, the hatch to the door opens without anyone or anything trying to move a box into it, and out runs Juliana! "Selena! I was hoping to see you again before we had to go. They want us to leave, they said it-" then Sinclair moves to cover the child's mouth, "Shush, you know we sholdn't say too much." Sinclair smiles to everyone around, "Thank you for the assistance though." she says.

Alef stumbles at the back pat, looking supprised at the other fox. "I.." Nodding "il try to lighten up." Working to lift a box. but needing to team lift with someone else. "Maybe later, when were done sir?" Shes obviously not the strongest Being around, actually kinda scrawny, but she does her best, ignoring the nicknames from the Lion and Angus and focusing on helping the Creators.

Selena tilts her head to the side slightly. "Doctor, I have to ask. You have communications devices that work over huge distances. Wouldn't it be possible to leave equipment here and relay instructions through one of them? It wouldn't be the same as running tests yourself, but you'd be able to gather information either way." she suggests.

Dio's greeted with a wave, that done. Then suddenly, Juliana rushes out in her childlike manner and Selena laughs quietly, setting the box down next to the ship's entrance - unsure on where else to put them. The interior of the ship, obviously, but that doesn't mean she should. "Juliana, it's good to see you again as well. Hopefully you haven't been causing your parents too much trouble!" the wolfess greets with a smile, stifling a laugh as the doctor silences the child. "There's a lot going on down here as well... And probably for the best that you're leaving soon. Cliffside's recent hostilities don't bid well for Sweetwater. You're probably aware of the news already, but in the event you aren't, you could say there's almost a war." A somber tone creeps into her voice as her explanation continues, moving back over to another box and nodding to Alef, Dio and Eriene again. "Hopefully you've all been well since I last saw you. Thoguh for you, Dio, it hasn't really been so long has it?"

"With all that gear," Dio says as he glance back at Alef struggling a bit, "It seems yer wantin' to be the fightin' type! If ya wanna do that, ya gotta get strong. Don't ferget to eat yer meat an' all that. It's important after all." With a happy-go-lucky and friendly smile, Dio approaches the female fox and assists her with carrying a box. "The name's Dio, lass. Expert food connoisseur."

As he continues to walk along, helping to transport all those mysterious boxes, the lion gives a wave to Selena. "Not long indeed, lass. But perhaps ya missed me already?" With a chuckle, he finally arrives at the ship's base to see the child run out. "I'd 'ate to see ya leave, but I'm a bit curious... Is the growin' hostilities the ONLY reason why yer leavin'," he asks, looking into the child's eyes for some sort of reaction.

"Ya, the hostilities might be a problem..." The fox mutters as he places his box down next to Selenas before turning to smile at Juliana, Angus had only met Juliana a few times and he still felt that it wasn't his place to walk up and say hi to her as a strange. He goes over to pick up another box, watching Dio chat with Alef before he notices her pendant. "Not to sure your right on that Dio, think she's from the Cliffside academy. Am I right miss?"

Alef looks aside at the mention of the Cliffside hostilities, frowning lightly. Whispering in exasperation through a gasp "Stupid warmongers." Shaking her head "Yeah, im a graduate from the academy for magic." Doing her best to keep up with the crate moving machines and Beings, taking a moment to tuck her pendent back into her robe and resuming the lifting and carrying.

Eriene meeps, as her hiding spot moves forward. She glances backa and forth quivering as she mewls in shy greeting at the young creator.

Still holding Juliana mouth, Sinclair answers, "Yes, that and some of the legal issues of being here while that is going on." she says, watching the child, "Now, you need to go back inside and keep packing up. Don't make me tell on you." She says. Soon most of her things are packed up in the ship, a bit more then half, "I was setting up to try and test these soulgems a bit more, but I'm going to have to stop, for now." Then she turns to Selena, "While the would be very possible, it would also be.... unwise. I'd have to ask some of you <Unknown> to help keep the machines going, and..." she looks around, "It wouldn't be the wisest idea I've ever had." She says focusing back on getting everything inside.

Juliana looks to Dio and there is an answer in her eyes, but as Sinclair mentions being told on she goes a bit limp, simply nodding to the researcher, who then lets her go to get back into the ship. "Bye Selena, Bye Angus. Hope I can be back again soon." She focuses, really concentrates hard and seems like she is having a lot of trouble with something before her hand seems to cut off at the wrist!! Only to appear again above Selena's head and pet her a few times before returning to where it is meant to be.

Selena tilts her head to the side, picking up on Alef's comment. "Not everyone back there even wants the war, if the messenger they sent is to be trusted." She replies a little sharply, rubbing the bridge of her muzzle as she picks up another of the boxes and begins to move it along.

"I'm not surprised you're saying that." She replies with a wry smile to the creator. "But it was worth suggesting; I doubt the machine priests here would know how to operate your equipment properly eith-." The hand from nowhere cuts her off, the wolfess chuckling for a moment and shaking her head before she murmurs to Sinclair conspiratorially. That said, she waves back to the child. "Goodbye, Juliana."

That trick surprises Angus rather badly, the fox nearly dropping one of the boxes in shock as he just stares. "That's....that's new." He mutters to no one in particular as he puts down the box and moves over to place a hand on Eriene's shoulder. "So, how have you been Eriene?"

"Ah, sorry!" Dio slaps his own forehead and laughs a tiny bit. "Don' know why I said fightin' type. My eyes just ain' what they used to be. The life o' a food connoisseur is a dangerous road." With that many scars upon his face and body, perhaps it certainly would be! As he keep an eye on the child for a body language response to his previous question, he's then met with a very interesting trick! "What kinda magic was that, lass?" Unfortunately, the lion will probably never get a full answer anytime soon. Taking a small break, he begins making his way towards the other feline and stops in front of her, quite possibly invading her personal space. "Yer awfully quiet, lass." Friendly and as warm as ever, he crouches down a bit and stares at Eriene directly into her eyes for what seems like an entire minute until finally... "HOW YA DOIN'!" A loud, booming voice to break his silence where he soon pops back up from his crouch. "What kinda things ya like to do?"

Continuing to pack up, it isn't much longer before it is all done, but still waiting for the loading machine to carry it inside. As one paricularly large box goes by, a face is seen peaking out, "Sinclair, we are leaving in two hours, with or without everything you have." says Stephen, Sinclair answering, "With these <Unknown> help, it is all packed up, should only take another half hour for the <Unknown> to get it all in." She says back. She looks around to everyone, "Well, any last questions? Not sure if we will have a chance to speak again." She says. Then a nod to Selena, and a shake of her head, "No clue." she says.

Eriene blinks in awe as the large lion's form suddenly fills her vision. Her ears flatten and tail droops as she tries to make herself as small possible, flinching away until... The kitten nearly leaps in the air yelping in a plaintive mew and falling back onto her rear, whimpering and trying to scamper away to shelter. "L-L-Lord A-Angus!" She cries, her heart fluttering rapidly from the startling.

Selena raises an eyebrow. "More of those 'unknowns'... I'm not sure what to ask. It'd be a shame to see you leave with no means of staying in contact, but I suppose there's not much we can do about that. Though... You said you only had parent soul gems?" She asks, rummaging in her bag for a moment before producing another. "I don't use this enough to warrant keeping it. It'll probably be of more use to your research than it will to me." Presenting the scientist with one of the aforementioned soul gems, she smiles. "You've got a lot of parent gems, but what are you going to compare them to? ...Hang on, what was - Something in that box that was just loaded..."

Dio and Eriene's scene causes her to turn sharply, forgetting whatever it was she might've wanted to add - "Dio! You're going to give the poor girl a heart attack!" She chides, though there's a hint of a smile on her face. "Come on. Angus? Ales, Dio, Eriene? Don't you have any questions for Sinclair? At all?"

Angus blinks as he stares at Dio, then frowns as he flicks Dio on the nose. "Dio...stop scaring her please." He comments idly before he leans down and helps Eriene to her feet. "You okay?" He asks as he dusts her off, before looking to Sinclaire. "Um...not really many questions I can think of honestly."

Alef shakes her head at Selena's responce "I know... but still. the trouble its causing... its stupid..." Shaking her head and steping back away from the ships entry, "I hope it settles before coming to conflict." Looking at Dio scaring the heck out of the long furred kitten, shaking her head lightly. "I... I am overwhelmed but... No, no real questions that probobly havent been answered already... Just, meeting Two Creator's was honor enough for me." Bowing her head to Sinclair respectfully.

At first, Dio began to chuckle at the results of his actions. Then he realized that he really scared the poor little feline. And then the guilt started to kick in. Perhaps the big lion was a softy after all. After giving a short 'oof' after getting flicked, he gets upon his knees to look as non-intimidating as possible. "I'm really sorry fer that lass... I just wanted to get ya to talk a little, ya know? Perhaps I could make it up to ya?" While still on his knees he turns to Sinclaire and thinks for a bit. "If I had to ask... Perhaps a simple question. What did ya think 'bout yer stay here?"

Looking to Selena, Sinclair takes the offered gem and looks it over, "Could you tell me which one this is meant to be, so I have a good way to identify it later?" She asks, "And, don't worry too much about that, just more stuff that would take longer then I have to explain." She says. Looking around to everyone again, and no one having any major questions she smiles, "Well, the stay here, it was very welcoming, and very.... enlightening. Have to go though, see you all another time, or, maybe you can try and get ahold of us." She says taking a note pad out of her pocket and a pin. She scirbbles down something on it. "Your machine priests have an <Unknown> that can talk to us long distance in the <Unkown> space, put this to try and reach us. I'm not sure if it will work with all the traffic that is going to be going on, but we can try." she says handing it over to Selena, "I hope everything works out between your two factions." she says as she starts up and into the ship herself, waiting only long enough to get the answer from Selena.

Selena coughs quietly. "Sorry. As I was saying, it's a soul gem intended for courtiers. I don't spend time debating in the castle district, so it's not of much use to me. That being said... It is a specialized soul unlike the parent one." The note is accepted with a nod, though the wolfess doesn't seem too content when the 'clergy' is brought up. "I'll see if I can stay in touch. Hopefully things won't escalate any further." That said, she tucks the 'address' into her bag and nods. "If you could, say goodbye to Juliana's parents for me."

Eriene clutches at the Todd while eyeing the other feline warily, and mewing softly in emotional discomfort, feeling completely overwhelmed and still horribly confused about the situation, the creators were leaving, thats about all she had gotten out of this terribly disorganized commotion...

Angus rolls his eyes at Dio and laughs a little as he pats Eriene gently on the head. "Hey it's okay, just take a deep breath." Turning to Sinclaire he smiles at her before he looks to everyone else. "Now it seems that I have to take Eriene home to my sister, have a good night everyone." He waves as he takes Eriene by the hand and starts leading her off to find his sister.

Alef bows again to Sinclair respectfully. "I hope your journeys are safe and well!" nodding softly, moving to stand away from the ship near Angus, Dio and Eriene. "It was a pleasure to meet all of you. maybe il see you at the Guild some time?" Her smile is gentle, her words and tone sencere as she waits for the others to decide what to do. watching the ship and the other Beings with interest.

Angus says, "page :smirks, gives your cheek a kiss. "It's fine, my immune system is kind of weird sometimes." x3"

"Goodbye lass!" Dio waves to the creator and gets back on his feet, letting out a short sigh. "I'll make it up to ya lass! Maybe a drink 'r two will do the trick," he shots to Eriene as she's taken away. The lion turns his attention towards the new fox and smiles. "Indeed lass! Yer in fer an interestin' place, that's fer sure. Got a place to stay? Can't go wrong with the Freesword's Inn." With a wave, Dio sets off in the direction of the mentioned inn, perhpas in search of sleep.