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The shralestans have set up a large device, around it are machine priests who will be operating the device as they wait for the for it to warm up with a throng of curious people wanting to test it out

Selena lingers at the edge of the square, opting not to mingle with the crowd an rather watch the procession from a safe distance. The device draws a gaze of part skeptical scrutiny and part distrust, though she opts not to comment.

Ryusho hums softly as he slowly wanders up towards this currious looking situation, as he rumbles in thought, wondering what is possibly going on

Kurzon, for his part is front and center, the massive bear in full armor and regalia for this occassion, his polish set to a gleam that almost matches the burning interest in his golden eyes. This was a major part of his training as a full inductee, few were said to show his sort of...devotion and interest in matters regarding the creators.

Mazurek has come with his retinue of guards along with the Teenaged PitBull that has been sticking near him for the last few days. The Iguana-dragon is wearing shorts today and bare-chested. Fortunately the injuries that are so blatant to see are bandaged, and judging by the fact that there are less than before, he's healing quite well. He still has those eye patches, however.

Nemoric sticks back toward the back leaning aginst a strutcture that still gives him a line of sight, being his height he can see over quite a few people. Having no desire to be up in front and likly to be singled out for something.

The machine hums with readiness as the priests perform the proper rituals to activate it, a couple has been linked by two matching bracelets. They gasp at each other and one of them, a wolf growls out, "Is that really what you think of me?!" the other, a newfundland growls back and nods, "I knew you stole my wallet!" ooops! That didn't work out well, the pair are detached from the machine and they stalk off in different directions. A crane machine priest coughs and calls out, "Anyone else want to try?"

Selena rolls her eyes at the procession of guards around Mazurek, moving around the perimeter of the square to get a better look, for a moment looking as though she'd scale a house. The wolfess contines to watch the machine's setup with interest, and scoffs quietly at the reaction. Still, she keeps mostly silent, not wanting to cause another stir.

Ryusho rumbles a little more as he gets quiet, though slowly scooting around to the side as he can, to try to get a better look at the machinery, though he keeps quiet, not wanting to immediately consider volentiering he was trying to look it over partly because he was currious about it and...wondering if it was indeed real creator tech, and if so, why would it be part of what feels like a bit of a 'side show'

Kurzon is all ears and eyes as he watches the ongoings, he hardly even knew of the existence of anyone not standing in front of him and at his size only the truly gargantuan heavy or shelled folk generally had the mass to jostle him enough that he couldn't ignore it when caught up in such a spectacle.

"Wow...did...did they just share minds? OH ME, I would love to be involved in this creators blessed demonstration!"

The tower of priesthood rumbles forward hand raised eager to be involved in anything this...divine.

To the surprise of the two Church Knights and even the Pit Bull teen surrounding him, the 'blind' Iguana-dragon raises one hand and even steps forward one pace even while Kurzon is showing his eagerness, "I will volunteer to go next, if it pleases you." Of course, he has to be guided to where he needs to go.

Nemoric smirks a bit at the first outcome for some reason. Folding his arms over his chest to watch this farce play out, glancing over the crowd tring to figure out if the ones that volenteer are acting or for all anyone knows already know each other well enough.

Bite sways into theh area, having heard about some crazy people and creator tech. She giggles as she sees people stalk off, moving to inspect the crowd. She waves to Selana and approaches her, moving to her side to ask "What's going on sssweetie?" The serpent gives everyone else a wave, recognizing people but far more intersted in this marvel that is going on.

The machine priests guide Mazurek and Kurzon to the machine, strap on the bracelets to their wrists and reverantly flick a switch. There is a flicker of power between them that wasn't evident in the other two. Kurzon's world instantly goes dark while Mazurek instantly finds his world restored the machine priests look a little worried and look to the two, "Please think something about one another..."

Selena flicks her tail back and forth slowly at the volunteering, watching on amusedly. Bite's entry into the square draws her attention and she returns the wave, greeting the taipan. "Hello Bite. Apparrently it's a machine that helps you see from another's perspective. I'm not buying it." she replies, watching pair of volunteers. " I don't know what it's supposed to actually do, though."

Ryusho hums quietly as he shifts and glances over to the one welcoming bite, noddin glightly before he looks back to Mazurek as he is guided up there, the dragon rumbling in curriosity as he watches

And then the world became darkness and pain, his fur was gone, the reassuring weight of his armor, also gone and far too many places on his body throbbed, ached or otherwise felt like raw nerves. Kurzon tried to obey, but it was an ordeal keeping his composure, though he is certain the initial squeak of shock as the lung crushing pain hit was unavoidable. As such all he could think of Maz was that the scaley deserved sympathy and was clearly quite strong to endure this agony without complaint in each waking moment. Wait...was he Mazurek? Was this a dream? Empathy? His hands lifted to touch his torso experimentally, unsure if he were feeling the other or really was in his skin.

"Uh..uh..o.of course....but...right."

The sudden fact that his vision has been restored definitely catches the iguana-dragon off guard. The moment the machine is activated he blinks a bit and instantly looks around, gazing at his surroundings for the first time in just over a week. Well, almost two weeks, really. Then it dawns upon him that...he is slightly taller than he is used to. The squeak from close by draws his attention to...himself? He stares very openly at what he sees of himself, even reaching out to rest a much larger and..furry..hand on his own body's unscaled shoulder, "What is going on here?" His voice is full of wonder while he gazes upon his own mutilated form, "Do I really look like that? Whatever you do, just don't take off the patches or you'll be feeling a lot more discomfort."

Nemoric remains quiet for the time being though does nod in return to Bite, remembering her from a while back. Looking back to the show to see what else they'll claim next. Not like they can see whats going on inside of the volenteer's heads right, though from the sounds of it sounds like they swapped bodies.

Bite watches the proceeding curiously. "Oh it's for friends to try?" she hisses, not entirely sure what's going on. "Mmm... are they okay?" she adds eyeing the two curiously. "If they prove to be alright sssweetheart would you like to go up and try?" the serpent addresses to the wolf next to her. She eyes the machine and tries to see if she can determine any form of math that's going on.

The priests look to Kurzon's body curiously and then to Mazurek's body at the confusion, as they try to turn of the device it sputters, hisses and sparks! Then, all is quiet as it shuts itself off. "Well... That's never happened before..." one looks to the two and asks, "Are you ok?" the bodyswap seems to stick for the moment

Selena looks more than a little wary of the suggestion, giving the snake a look as though she'd gone insane for a moment, before shrugging with a sigh. "Sure. Why not, I doubt there'll be the option to try again later." The wolfess replies, though there is a deal of curiousity in her voice that implies she isn't as opposed to the idea as she seems, before looking back to the device. "...If it still works."

Ryusho blinks slightly as he glances to the machine, and then mrphs, "Uhh..." he says softly, to himself as he blinks, "...I don't think..that was supposed to spark like that.." he says quietly, as he shifts his stance a bit, though he glances to maz and Kurzon, as he mrphs quietly, and then peers forward, though he is a smith and..well general craftsman, not..a creator mechanist...even though that is part of his studies recently for golem work

Kurzon goes very still when he feels his own large furry mitt rest warmly upon his now borrowed shoulder. For a single vain moment he wonders to himself, ' Do I always feel this warm and reassuring?' And then he is back to marvelling at how many places hurt, he felt like he'd fallen asleep near a farm, coated in honey and the Squikirks had their way with him.

"I will...take your word for it...But it not different from the others? I cannot hear your thoughts or see your memories...I just...feel your pain and...flesh."

It takes a few moments to set in, the concern in the machine priest's voice, the choice of queries...this was real and that sounded like a failure, he knew them well from his training.

"I would say I am unharmed...but that would be false...let us say that there are no new injuries on this form, though I do appologize for borrowing it without permission...but if it helps...we need only go a short way to say we have spent a mile in another's steps."

His attempt at levity makes himself wince as he finds laughing hurts ...a LOT.

"Maybe...maybe a dulling potion or two...might be nice."

Is whispered in a small embarassed voice.

The large, furred 'mitt' rubs the one shoulder and travels back a little to brush against the base of one wing, "I think this is just another way that we can see into each other's thoughts. We have experienced something most would probably not want to go through. To me, though, I now see what everyone sees about me. I never realized I looked so bad. I have to wonder just how the rest of me looks right now, but..." He shrugs and looks toward the machine, "It would seem that must wait for another time. The thing seems to have malfunctioned somehow." He takes the opportunity to do something he might never have the chance to do again: he hugs himself, but not tightly. The last thing he wants is to have his body screaming in pain by squeezing it, "My personal healer, you now have more than enough knowledge of where I hurt now to better help me."

Bite giggles a little before she frowns, the machine seeming to turn itself off. "Aww... I hope they can fix it. That looks like fun, although I'm not entirely sure what's going on." admits the clueless serpent, just watching the two at the machine. "Are they putting on a show? It must have been hard to get Mazurek in on this, everything would have been described to him in private." she nods and looks to Selena. "Well if it starts working again ssweetie, otherwise we can go out and do something else maybe."

The machine priests blink at each other and the guards stop the crowd from pushing in. One of the priest looks over the machine and aha!'s as they spot a bit of broken wire, she waves over another priest as they debate what to do about the wire and the demonstration

Selena shrugs. "I'm not sure whether I'd want to trust myself to that machine." She replies skeptically, looking over the machine before murmuring back to Bite

Ryusho adjusts his position slightly, "..If I could..I would like to offer to try offer my expertise with..crafting to try to aid in repairs, though I admit I am only...lightly knoledgable of Creator Tech." he says as he shifts forward, though well, he is one of the best crafters in all of the city so at least he has that going for him, even if as far as he knows it is indeed real, as it seems it -might- be.

Selena shrugs. "I'm not sure whether I'd want to trust myself to that machine." She replies skeptically, looking over the machine before murmuring back to Bite, looking back at the taipan with a quirked brow.

This was a madness unknowable! Embracing one's own body? Living the agony of another's wounds? Would he next know the miracle of childbirth? Kurzon returns the embrace lightly, more out of a lingering shock than anything like reluctance.

"I...I have thought myself empathetic...but to suspect, to guess and imagine...these are so different from /knowing/. I would not give up this experience for the life of me. I will do my utmost to lower your suffering further and to make a means for you to not spend so much time in darkness."

And for all that he hurt...he wanted to know so much more...if only he had gotten to see those memories...he could have known the face and touch of the attacker...

Mazurek notes that the machine priests, or whatever they're supposed to be from that city, are doing something over at the device and quirks a brow. He can't help but smirk while he listens to them and what comes out of his own mouth, "Well. It would seem that the operators are having issues with restarting the thing." He reaches up to the patches and slowly begins to peel them off, "I am going to give you the chance to see the world through my eyes, Kurzon. Prepare for the ache as best you can." He works slowly, giving plenty of time for the former-bear to object

Bite shakes her head and hisses angrily "Sssweetie don't you dare. If it's not an act, then you better stop right now, and even if it is you were against the very concept not a day or two ago. Pushing pain on others is wrong." she hisses and looks to the 'church guards' who are doing a very poor job of aiding their quarry to add "Why aren't you stopping them?" She angrily sighs and looks to Selena, letting the sight of her friend bring her good spirits back. She nods and forces a smile. "Well sssweetie you don't have to trust it if you don't want to, I just thought it'd be fun to do together."

The priests finally decide to fix the wire. Ryusho is given but a single look over before he is dismissed as they bring out their own smith out as she has more experience with creator tech, or so they assume. At the yelling, one of the priests finally notices what the vear is doing and moves to intervene, "Please, don't damage your body. We don't even know if we can reverse this!"

Selena rolls her eyes at the dalliances and melodrama, turning back to Bite readily. "I'd be more willing to trust my... mind to you than some other person I haven't met. Though the technology strikes me as dubious if it's going to malfunction like this regularly." She replies, quirking a brow.

Ryusho mrphs softly, then shrugs, as he doesn't intervene as they pull their own smith yet, as he quirks his brow a bit, "...Well hopefully you can fix it." he says as he shuts up, and rolls his eyes a bit at how he was dismissed so quickly.

Kurzon stands still, momentarily distracted from the pain that was just begining to make his digits tremble. A new experience? Yet more knowledge to push into a new corner of his mind? A memory to relive in his dreams to remind him of yet one more time in which he stepped forward? This time...this time he was not on the ground, though the pain was worse...this time...this time...he wondered if that Selena could see him? Bah, she would not remember him, few ever did other than as that tall priest in a memory pushed aside. But he would never forget these ongoings!

"Please...continue, brief exposure wont damage your eyes as long as we keep them moist and...I would like the right to say I've seen things as you have."

Mazurek eyes the priests that try to intervene with what he is doing, giving them a glare that would do a predator proud. Well...he's in a predatory body, so it would fit very well, "I know what I am doing, so back off! I would know what would damage my body and what would not, and having the patches off will NOT harm anything or anyone." The patches are peeled off slowly, giving the eyes time to adjust to the growing light. He doesn't need to kneel to work since they're almost the same height, "Do your own business and get to fixing that thing!" He draws his attention next to Bite and co. and calls out, "This is NOT an act and my entourage trusts their instincts enough to not interfere. Especially Donny, who Kurzon has never met."

Bite shakes her head. "Instincts..." she sneers. She looks to Selena and nods. "I believe I could trust you to keep the secrets I don't tell anyone sssweetie, and... if it wasn't an act, I'd trust we can take care of eachother... although if it's malfunctioning you might be right, we shouldn't press the matter just yet, at least until it's working properly." she hisses and shakes her head.

The machine whizes, pops and whirrs as it comes back to life. The priest allows the bear to finish peeling off the patches before the guards seperate the two, "This is a very delicate process! Please, stay there and don't move until we determine if we can fix you two." the machine hums with power as the priests look over the machine, seeming to be getting ready to flip the switch, when the switch is flipped Mazurek and Kurzon are returned to their normal states

Selena nods back to Bite, making a dismissive geature to the body-swapped pair. "If they get themselves hurt it's their own fault." She replies to Bite a little derisively. "But yes. That's an 'if' - I don't think I've been hiding anything that machine would reveal." She notes, nodding to Bite. "Once again. I might be able to ask for a favor about it if you'd really like."

Ryusho hums softly, though he shifts slightly, "Well if you all are continuing this display if you think it is repaired, I would like to volenteer for the next showing, that is if you all are going to indeed continue..." he says though he resists the urge to add 'unless your not confident in your repairs..'

Kurzon blinks at all the shouting going back and forth...wait, no...that kinda failed, but the growing light pierces his borrowed retinas and he finds the need to blink several more times and all of them fail. Well that is new, an inability to blink, that alone made the light glaring and almost unbearable for a moment, but he locked his jaw and not even that huh?

"Oh my...has it always been this bright? Oh my...I did a good job on my armor is like daggers of light wrapped around my body...and...I think I've put on some weight..."

Wow, he'd never thought his back hassock looked so big...was it growing too? It had been a bit itchy as of late. "Who is Donny and should I be honored?"

Yes, the priest is trying to make the best of the situation, though his shyness was threatening to overwhelm his educational high. And then they are sperated and with the same jolt, he finds himself back in his home of flesh and fur. Oh how he missed the weight of his armor, though the feel of wings begged to be tested. But that is pushed aside when he looks at the patches in his hands, quickly sticking them to his armor and hastily detoxing his hands before hastily cutting new ones out of gauze and bandage tape, before stepping forward to treat Mazurek's eyes, his smile appologetic and slightly wistful as he says.

"Here, we'd best replace these for your safety and the sanity of those present. I am in your debt for the shared experience as am I to these hard workers here around us...I know the flesh of another without having the knowledge of my own loins. This is a truly wonderous day."

Oh the letter he'd write extolling the exploits of these machine priests and their amazing work on this bit of technology. Oh the ways relationships could be mended through mutual understanding, information could be gathered, life could be experienced for the infirm!

The sudden swapping of bodies again has the Iguana-dragon swooming, but fortunately there is someone close by him that he can grab to catch his balance...even if it is the bear. Disoriented he looks around, giving everyone an equal share of how bad his eyes are. Lidless, they simply stare at everything like a normal snake's would. He tries to find his voice but fails several times, coughing to clear his throat each time. Finally, however, he points toward the pitbull and gestures to him, " the young male here. My son. Adopted from Kilsa's Orphanage a few weeks ago." He leans more against the bear and adds, "If you wish to share more than just...what we just did, just say the word and it will be done, alright?" He doesn't stop the bear from blinding him again, actually quite a welcome thing since his eyes were already starting to itch and whatnot.

Bite nods to Selena, giggling to herself. "It sounds like fun we should try sometime." she hisses and smiles, offering a loose hug to her friend. She shakes her head once more at the proceedings on stage, sighing. "We can always try after that other volunteer." she adds with a nod.

The priests look to the machine and then one of them approaches Ryusho, "I'm sorry, but until the creators gift is fixed... Which it may never be, we'll have to stop the demonstrations." the priests bow and start lagging the machine towards the church for safe keeping

Selena rolls her eyes and looks back to Bite. "...Calling in that favor." She affirms with a sigh. "Might never be repaired? If they get someone to actually look at it, I don't doubt it'd be possible if it's just the wire they lost." The wolfess notes. "And if there's a pattern, you'd think they could identify it.

Ryusho mrphs softly, "...Sounds like you need someone who really knows creator works.." he says softly, "That gives me more of a reason to work at my studies to try to understand them better...and would help my own goals out as well."

Kurzon is a bit bewildered by the experience he just had, but all the same exilerated. But he remembers his manners and bows his head to Donny, extending a hand to shake if acceptable before checking Maz's other bandages.

"Pleasure to meet you Donny, Creators' blessings upon you for standing by your surrogate parent."

When the machine begins to depart he looks between it and Maz before bowing and a saying

"My appologies, but I must speak with my bretheren about this, but I will be along to see to your health soon enough."

With that he jogs off after the machine to both ply the others with questions and help move the machine.

With the help of the Pit Bull and the two Church Knights, the Iguana-dragon is steadied after the bear announces his intent to depart and make a report. The hand is taken by the teen, but by the wrist so as not to get crushed. The dragon clears his throat softly and comments, "I hope it is sooner rather than later." After that he is led out and back to his current, temporary home.

Bite watches the machine get carted off and nods. "It's a shame they jump to conclusions before they get the chance to actually look at it. It wasn't that serious was it? They just fixed it now?" she looks curious but nods. "Well sssweetie want to go do something else? This place is crowded."