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The airship requested lands at the docks of Shralesta, and the crew immediantely start working to get ready to take off shortly after. A priest in light robes with amny other lesser priests work to keep the crowds away, "Make way! Make way for the Creators!" and in robes of thier own, two of the Creators walk along, these two looking worse for their experience here. Waving back to the beings they speak and are easily understood, "Thank you, thank you, we are eager to return to our people." Mirana sits on the deck of the ship, barely contained excitement plain on her face as she waits for the Creators to come up aboard.

The airship requested lands at the docks of Shralesta, and the crew immediantely start working to get ready to take off shortly after. A priest in light robes with amny other lesser priests work to keep the crowds away, "Make way! Make way for the Creators!" and in robes of thier own, two of the Creators walk along, these two looking worse for their experience here. Waving back to the beings they speak and are easily understood, "Thank you, thank you, we are eager to return to our people." Mirana sits on the deck of the ship, barely contained excitement plain on her face as she waits for the Creators to come up aboard.

Ictus looks over at the crowd as the creators head towards the airship, with the recent happenings with the creators he met, he has very disillusioned with them, "Wonder how they got seperated..." he looks over the creators curiously

Having never been on an airship before, a lion walks around the deck with an eager pace, his muzzle looking here and there with near child-like wonder. His rather expensive looking coat flows in the wind as various "Oohs," and "Ahs," escape from his muzzle from various ship inspections. "Never been in one of these before," Dio exclaims, a large smile beaming upon his scarred expression. Looking around, he spots Mira sitting on the deck and soon makes his way over towards the vixen. "Ya look rather excited, lassie. I remember ya said you were a priestess when we first met?"

Wulf has been sitting on the rigging the whole trip, being out of the way as she watched the land and sea roll on underneath them. The Husky is humming as they land and watches the creators head aboard. Mirana was given an odd look, she'll have to ask what changed her so much later. "I still can't believe i never noticed that the creator ship moved to The Firmament.


Kendra is doing her best not to bother or socialize with anyone. shes spending her time polishing her gauntlets a bit more then needed while standing off in a corner hood up hiding her face while she whistles softly to herself

Helping her fellow priests keep the crowds back, Monique tries to catch glimpses of the creators. Her recent days have been spent working with the less fortunate as part of the church, finding the work a great way to focus and start to try and temper her red rage. The simple work, along with her time spent in the forge has not left the thylacine diminished any in stature, and any over excited citizens would likely think themselves having walked into a wall rather than a robed clergywoman.

Amelia stands straight as a board on the deck, polishing her glasses on her sleeve before replacing them on her face. She spent most of the trip there with her nose buried in her book, and that is likely how she would try to spend the trip back. "Welcome abord. We will have you back with your kin in a prompt manner."

Sveta nudges Ictus, frustrated at the sheer size of the crowd come to see the Creators off. "Can't quite believe they would leave behind two of their number so far, and for so long. It's not the sort of thing one would forget. Especially of Creators..."

As the creators board the ship, they take notice of the large group of beings here, mostly crew for the ship, "Thank you again, we've been hiding here for so long, at last some more Creators arrived." Says the male, a female keeping close behind him. They are in normal robes, no machines on them, no special marks at all. Once on board, the Captain greets them, "Welcome, welcome, lets get you two below deck, and lets get off the water again." A round of I, I captain! And the crew get to work. Mirana looks like she may pop from excitement, "Yes, I'm a Priestess of the Creator's Church! This is such an excitement! I can't wait to talk to them again." At Sveta she humms? "Oh no, these two were here long before the others. They have been trying to go home for.... well, I'm not sure how long." She smiles a bit as she looks around, almost seeming a kit herself.

Following onto the ship, now forming up as one of the escorts to the creators, Monique tries to keep her normal, gruff face on, but is struggling. Of late, the girl hasn't seen a lot of what would be called excitement and being close to a pair of the creators? Yeah, that counts as excitement.

Wulf hmmms at

Ictus hmms? at Dio and chuckles at his eagerness, "Easy now, don't fall off." he looks to Wulf and shrugs, "Neither can I." he grins a bit before looking at the somewhat familiar figure of Monique, he raises an eyebrow at her before looking to Sveta, "Indeed." then blinks at Mira as she speaks, "Oh? That's interesting." he finally looks over at Kendra and gives a friendly wave, "Hey there."

Wulf hmmms at Mirana. "Did i miss them finnaly coming out to talk to us as well? Or have they not come out of that ship yet?" She watches the two climb aboard with curiosity otherwise, the rest of her concentration set on staying in place as they lift off. "I'd suggest we get going quick before we get mobbed..."

Amelia gives the Creators a once-over before, sure enough, raising her book up to her face. "They've come out, yes. I've gotten to speak with one up close, in fact. Very interesting things to hear." She leafs through the pages, trying to find where she left off.

"Here long before the others? I can accept that they can probably hide far better than we can, but one can only wonder why they weren't so enthused to show themselves. They must have their own reasons, but..." the goshawk looks away and lets her voice trail off. "Yes, let's get going. The bigger a crowd gets, the stupider it becomes."

"Suppose it isn't everyday ya get to speak to meet the figure of your passion," Dio chuckles, rearing back a hand to gently pat Mira on the back before looking around at the others. "I know the basics of the creators, but not much more than that. Since I was a cub, we were more focused on the battle 'n' survivin'." As the creators board the ship, the lion's eyes widen, never seeing such a sight before. "Look at 'em! There so... I don't know!" He begins to walk near the escorts guarding the creators, giving them a wave and smile while walking backwards on the deck. "Hello there!" Dio shouts, attempting to catch their attention. "My name's D- Oof!" A small grunt of pain escapes the lion's muzzle as he bumps into a wall and bangs the rear of his skull.

Kendra looks up at Ictus her hood slipping off to reveal a young rather petite vixen with dark brown fur, "um.. hello there." she stutters out and blushes looking back at her gauntlets while continuing, "so um.. what are we doing here anyways? i was just randomly recruited to tag along.."

Mirana nods to Wulf "Yes! Some have come out to talk, I haven't got to talk much to them yet myself, but I hope to today! Oh, I can hardly wait." The maternal vixen seems to be all a bluster. After the two Creators are below deck, Wulf's suggestion is well taken, the plank to the dock removed and the ship propelled into the air. Mira goes below deck herself, to follow the Creators, but is quickly denied access to the room they are in, a large Hedgehog blocking her path, "Sorry Priestess, but none may enter before we arrive." she gives a soft sigh and heads back to the deck, "No, it isn't every day Dio, but I'll have to wait longer..." she says, then looks to Sveta, "Well, maybe this is why, too much attention if they show themselves?" She suggests, the ship lurches, but by now the crew of mages are far better at moving the ship. After sailing a bit away from land, they take off, fairly smoothly, but there is still some shaking.

Done with her duty of seeing the creators to their cabins, Monique pushes her cowl back and makes her way up to the deck of the ship. As a smith she is always interested in new things and a flying ship? Yeah, she can appreciate the work that went into it, particularly as she focuses herself and examines the magic in a little more detail, her own small power flaring briefly to aid her in doing so, being very careful not to interfere with the ship in any way.

Sveta considers Mirana's words. "Perhaps. Those whom the Good King invited to the lowball tournament certainly were at ease with the crowd, but I see your point, Lady Priestess." With that, she stares over the deck and into the sky, as if hoping to catch sight of something within the clouds. "The whole thing just appears a little strange to me, but I can't place my finger on what's wrong."

Kendra admires her now polished equipment for a moment slipping the oversized things back onto her hands and into her robes before she walks up to the group curious now, "you know.. ive spent like helf my life hearing about the creators but not caring who were they?"

Ictus hmms? at Wulf and chuckles as things are explained, "Indeed." then they are off! He watches as Mira goes under deck and nods to Sveta, "I suppose so." he looks back to Dio as he falls over and winces as he helps him up before he can fall overboard before he looks back to Kendra with a blink, "Oh? First job huh? We're just here to make sure nothing bad happens to the Creators." he looks to Sveta as she speaks and nods in agreement, 'It is... Odd..."

Dio rubs at his recently banged head, the pain now starting to disappear thanks to the wonderful protection his thick mane may provide against minor bumps. "That was a bit embarrassin'," He walks back to his original location to enjoy a lovely spot near the edge as they begin to lift up into the sky. "This is amazin'," he shouts, looking back towards the others. "Does seem a bit strange I suppose. Though in my mercenary days we just signed up, did the job, and got paid without askin' too many questions. Hopefully should be the same."

Wulf nods and swings off her rigging to the deck. "Welp I that sucks, I wanted to ask them a few questions." The Husky meanders over to the group, shrugging her musket higher up her shoulder.

Mirana regains her balance and takes a seat on the deck to wait, "It is odd, but.. I can understand, if you were seen as almost a god, would you want to make yourself so well known? From what I understand, they have been out here for a while..." she says. Most of the ride goes uneventfully, and soon they are over the mountains that the Pass runs through. "Captain! Something ahead!" Yells out a Crow, and just ahead can be seen some unusual creaturs! "Quick, Mages, move the ship! Don't collied with them!" Calls the captain, but each move the ship makes, the forms make with it! They are going to ram the ship!

Done with her small examination of magics she knows she will never understand, Monique makes her way over to the party, smiling widely at Mirana, "Greetings Priestess." she says, sounding indeed quite happy to be here, "Are we expecting fair weather?" her gruff voice is heavily laden with her barely suppressed excitement. She looks up at the call, one big hand reaching to steady herself should things get rough.

Amelia glances up from her book. "Creatures?" She quickly tries to find something to grab onto, so that she doesn't fall. She wiggles her book a little, causing the pages to turn.

Ictus looks over at Wulf and nods at that, "Same." he blinks at the call and checks his gear before looking over with a frown, "Well, this'll be interesting." as he braces for an impact, just in case

Kendra looks up for a moment before realizing somebody said there was going to be a collision. with that she sits fast and sprawls out just a bit for stability, "well.. this is now getting interesting." she smiles lightly all thats visible with her hood on again is her muzzle, "are any of you good with a blade?

Wulf prepares her Musket, aiming at the things incoming. "Hmmph, and I was hoping to enjoy the cruise without any interference!" The Husky shuts up, mentally preparing for the fight and targeting with her sights.

Smiling a little, the old anger and rage a little more under her control now, Monique draws a huge pair of warhammers from her back.

Selecting her target, Monique builds up her rage slowly, swinging one of the big hammers.

While Wulf hadn't been the one to slay anything in any fantasical way she was darting about, her Sabre sliceing at the mists and weakening them for others after her first round was fired. Every great hero has another one working behind the scenes... right?

Kendra pants a bit having mostly fled throughout most of the fight she looks around and coughs, "sorry im not much help... dont blame me im young..." she looks at her now scuffed up gauntlets and sighs, "i just cleaned these things..."

Moving with deceptively slow motions, Monique's hammers describe delayed arcs through the air but when they connect with the creatures they seem to lose none of their momentum. Only once the last foe ceases anything that could be described as movement does the thylacine halt her actions, bringing both hammers to a stop at her feet, reaching for a book in her cloak and reading soft prayers for the fallen beasts.

As the last air creature dissipates, Sveta mumbles something ugly under her breath and puts away her weapon before replacing her soul gem once more with something more comfortable. A quick, businesslike eye is cast over everyone and everything to make sure that they're all right, and it's only then that she grabs Kendra by the scruff of her neck and holds her in place. "Calm down," the goshawk says, sounding just like someone's stolid aunt.

Ictus growls as he slashes as the creatures and shakes his head as they are defeated, "Well, that was fun... Let's hope there aren't any more though..." he looks around at the horizon carefully as he speaks

Hearing the captain's call, Dio brings out the rather sharp looking knife residing in his coat pocket and brandishes it towards the impending invaders. With a charge and lion roar, he races towards a creature and places all his momentum in a large martial kick, sailing into the body! Satisfied, the lion crosses his arms and chuckles, looking at Monique with a smile. "Not bad, lass!"

Mirana was not ready for a fight at all, and is busy setting up her Creator Machines for the whole fight, ready to heal after should anyone need it. Once the creatures of air and mist are destoryed, she looks around and heaves a sigh of relief, "Thank the Creators and Spirits we are ok." But her words are a few moments too soon as one of the mages runs up from below deck, "Captain! The creatures damaged the runes! We're going down!" The ship lurches a few times, leaning port, then starboard, before finally tumbling down and into the mountains!! Fortunately, the mages are able to keep the decent from being a rapid plumet, and more a gradual decent into the mountains, terbulent, but it could have been much much worse! Mirana herself is tossed about quite a bit, coming to land upside down against the railing.

Kendra meeps and stuggles a bit, "let me go im calm! just complaining.." she looks back sweetly at you trying to show off her cute petite shape, "please let me go?"

Fitting her hammers to her back, Monique tries to keep a steady hold on the railing of the ship and, as she sees and hears what is happening, glances about for some rope, tying it first to herself, then to the mast of the ship and tossing it to Mirana next, "Tie on!" she calls, indicating her own waist.

"Goin' down?" And on cue, Dio attempts to keep his balance the best he can, eventually falling towards the floor as the ship tilts in various directions. An arm stretches out to catch whatever he may brace himself with and eventually grasping a seat. "Is everyone alright," he shouts, reaching out his other hand in case anyone else slides his way.

"No, no. You stay right here with me," Sveta says to Kendra as the ship begins to go down. "You need to hold onto something firm." Indeed, the goshawk has one hand full of Kendra, and the other arm wrapped about the rigging of the main masts. It's rather bumpy, but she does manage to stay upright. Well, relatively so.

Wulf slings her musket over her shoulder. Seeing as she is closest to rigging she wraps her arm in and around the rigging's ropes. "Yeeeeeehaaaa!" Her feet set wide she braces for impact.

Ictus blinks at the next call and shakes his head as he stows his daggers, "Great..." he holds onto something for dear life as they plummet, praying to the spirits that none of them are hurt, he tries to grab Mira as she nearly falls overboard and frowns as he looks around catiously

Kendra stummbles about and blinks, "this is exactly why i dont do hights.. or machines!" she lays on the floor and sprawls out again for less chance of flipping overboard

Amelia snaps her book shut and scowls, letting it drop back into place, secured by the chains as she clings with all her might. "This is not what I was expecting."

Mirana grabs hold of the rope, but, instead of tying it around her waist, as Monique shows, more around her hips, for obvious reasons, then reaches out and grabs hold of Ictus as well. "Brace yourselves!" Yells the captain as if he needed to and the crew does much of what the adventures do themselves as the ship makes a rocky landing! All are tossed around slightly, but those well braced survive without much harm. The bottom of the ship is cracked open by the jagged mountain side, but comes to rest mostly whole. "Get the Creators up here and lets get moving! We aren't safe here." shouts the captain, one of the priests nodding in agreement. The Creators are escorted back to the deck.

As the ship settles Monique unties the rope and looks around, surveying the damage and realizing quickly that this thing wont be flying again. Hearing the captain's orders she begins looking around and trying to assess if there is anything dangerous nearby.

Wulf releases a sore arm from the rigging, shking it as she unslings her musket once more, reloading the weapon in prep for anything that should pop out as she looks around.

Ictus nods to Mira as she holds him and winces as the ship crashes, "True." at the captains shout before he looks around at the area as the creators are brought up, "Are you two alright?" he asks them

Sveta mumbles something angry not quite under her breath at Kendra's antics, but only deigns to let her go once the ship has come to a complete stop. It's several moments before she finishes checking over herself and her surroundings once more, and it's only until the Captain comes up yelling that she finally relaxes a little. "That," she says pointedly, "cannot have made a good impression on the Creators."

Dio holds onto the seat for dear life, his body bumping up and down against the deck until they finally settle down. Slowly, he gets back up on his feet and brushes his coat and pants with a few pats and tucks. "Is everyone alright then," he shouts, once more pulling out his knife from within his coat pocket and walking towards the creators to better defend them.

Mirana unties herself and nods to Ictus, "I'm fine, I don't think the kits were hurt either, thank Shaila." she says and looks around herself. She walks around making sure everyone is ok, and once seeing they are, looks over to the Creators. "What happened, that was far from safe!" says the female but the male is quick to stand infront of her. "What is going on Captain, why did we go down." The captain explains to the creators, and they nod, "Ok" The captain says, "Abandon ship, everyone on foot, lets go, we need to get off this mountain yesterday." Says the swallow. The crew forms up, they will make a recovery attempt later. Mira takes a spot in the middle of the group, letting someone else take point as they attempt the climb down, many of the crew salvaging rope and other supplies.

Amelia sighs softly and makes her way off of the ship. "Just what I needed." She is certainly isn't cut out for this kind of adventure!

Glancing around, moving into the vanguard of the group, Monique murmurs, "On your toes, keep your weapons ready. I think we came down and disturbed some things and... they don't look happy about it."

Sveta scowls and approaches the Captain. "Excuse me, Captain, but might not it be more fitting to organise ourselves into a more defensible formation? This is dangerous territory, and the Creators do need to be protected at all costs. Well, let me rephrase that. I'm sure they're more than capable of handling themselves, but it would be best if they weren't inconvenienced." She doesn't quite state how many there are yet, for fear of raising unecessary panic.

Kendra walks a bit away from the group happy to be on the ground but still not liking the company. she keeps just close enough to be able to get to the group if trouble starts again. remaining competely silent.

Being a scout by nature, a soldier even she'll take any warnings of danger to heart. "I agree with Sveta, no need in getting ambushed and becoming disorganized. We don't need to dissapoint the creators with ineptitude after all."

"First time on an airship an' it ended in a crash. That'll scar ya for awhile," Dio chuckles and moves about the ship and looks about to make sure everyone's alright. "Now then, Captain," he exclaims, snapping his view towards him. "Do we have any idea where we've landed and how far away we are from our destination?" The lion heads for the edge, about to climb off until he hears Monique giving a warning. "Right then, lass. Maybe if we don't disturb 'em they won't attack." Wielding his knife, Dio climbs down and takes a frontal position with the group and prepares himself.

Mirana continues along with the group keeping herself toward the center, and close to the Creators herself. "We will be fine, sweeties, no one is going to get hurt." She says to everyone, doing her best to keep everyone bulstered up, though she herself is a bit frightened at the words.

The captain nods in agreement, "Keep a good formation good beings, and keep the Creators safe in the center." he yells and crew nods. Soon though, growling can be heard and people start looking around. "Keep on your toes and keep your hearts, we will make it out of here like the Priestess says." The captain announces.

It isn't long however, till they are at an unpassable area, no paths going this high up. "Well, glad we got rope." one of the crew says and the captain nods, "Ok, we need people good with knots and ropes, any volunteers? Also strong beings to help carry those less experienced with repelling down." The captain replies.

Ictus nods in relief at Mira and smiles, "That's good." he readies his weapons at the warnings and nods, "Wouldn't surprise me, lets see if we can get through without stirring up much trouble." he looks at the block and frowns as he looks up, "Hmm, I can climb it I think... Unless someone here can fly?"

Giving a gruff chuckle, Monique raises a paw, "I can help carry but am better at bending steel than bending rope." she gives a grin to the captain as she makes sure her items are well secured.

Wulf raises her hand "I can do it, hell I can even hover down if need be." The Husky slips her musket over her shoulders once more and steps foreward to the captain.

Sveta nods, changing her soul gem and waiting for the transfer to take full effect. It's only then that she starts helping to secure ropes to convenient rock outcroppings, for those who can't fly.

"Right then," Dio nods, following the group and looking about on high alert in case anyone were to ambush the group. Finally reaching the area, Dio also raises his hand. "I fancy myself quite good at rope and carryin'," he laughs, flexing and brandishing his muscles as he reaches down to pick up a rope and knots it upon a rock and secures it.

Wulf helps to knot up the ropes with the crew, who should have some skill at it considering they are sailors of a sort. "Right, Spelunkin... or rappelin, whatever you call it is simple, number one key is to not let go of your rope completely."

Kendra shivers and backs up a bit, "c-cann somebody carry me? im not build for climbing... and im terrified of hieghts." she looks legitimately shaken

The knots tied and the ropes thrown over, the captain nods, "Right, thank you Monique, take as many as you think you can carry, everyone else, make sure the Creators are well cared for, if you can fly, and are big enough to carry one or two, please do that as well." The Swallow calls out and makes ready to repell down himself.

Mirana looks down the side and quivers a bit, "I'm afraid I'll have to ask for some help from someone dears." she says, obviously not herself well built for the task. Though she does secure her machines before making ready. The sounds of creatures getting worse.

The male creator looks and makes ready to go with the rest, but the female shakes her head and looks around for some help herself.

Sveta finishes her knot, making sure the loop is secure, yet can be shaken off the rocky spar once those down there are done with it. Waste not, want not, after all. She doesn't descend immediately, though, instead electing to remain perched on the edge for the moment to observe.

Monique nods and gestures Kendra over to herself, "Yeah, you think you can hold on or you need to be tied?" she asks the distraught girl.

Kendra walks slowly over to Monique and scratches her own ear blushing, "lets see how this answers that." she pulls her paw out of the glove showing off her extremely petite paws that look like they havent seen a days work in thier life, "tied will work best."

Amelia moves towards the rope, rubbing her ear. "M'not even dressed for this," she mumbles. She decides to lets others go first. Just in case something's waiting at the bottom.

Seeing as there are those who can fly, Ictus helps with tying knots into the rope, he looks at Kendra as she complains and shakes his head softly, "I see now why you weren't comfortable on the ship..." he then looks to Mira and nods as he takes her, "Here, I'll help you." he motions for her to climb onto his back, "Hold on tight."

Dio walks over towards the rope he knotted and threw a gives it a small tuck, making sure it's secure. "Alright then," he shouts, looking back towards the group and reaching out a hand while the other grabs onto the rope. "Not to brag, but I'm quite strong if anyone needs some help. Just grab my hand and we'll get goin' if ya trust me."

Getting one of the others to tie Kendra securely to her back, Monique makes her way over to the edge, wrapping her big paws around the rope and starting to try and make her way down.

Mirana walks over to Ictus and climbs up on his back, holding on tightly and even using a bit of rope to make sure she will be fine. "Thank you dearest," she says whispering something to him before they are off.

Most of the crew is fairly good at this task, and the ropes seem to hold, at least long enough for everyone to make it down to the next ledge, but once there, it becomes apparent that the danger is not gone yet. The sounds of the creatures get louder, and a few of the crew start to look more then slightly nerve rattled, "Steady everyone! Don't let panic set in." The captain calls as he waits for everyone to have their feet on the ground once more. No unfortunate incidents, this time...

Wulf looks around at the people gathered. "Anyone want to plumet to their doom again? No? No one?" shrugging the Husky takes a run towards the ledge and jumps off head first as she plumets to the ground she uses her math to slow her descent, hitting the ground with a roll and slinging her musket from her shoulders to scan the area.

The Creator Female walks over to Dio and offers him her hand, getting ready to decend the mountain side with him.

Her task done, Sveta looks to the directions where the creatures are making a ruckus. "You lot go down first - I can fly." Surreptiously, she switches her soul gem to something more useful for that purpose before retreating from the cliffside to stand guard at the edge.

Only just reaching the bottom, Monique is working to try and untie Kendra and help others as they reach the ground when she looks up and notices the problems going on above, "Ahh fuck..." she mutters.

"Don't worry Creator Lass. Lion's ain't as scarey as they look. Well, most of the time anyways." Dio reaches out and grabs the female's hand and brings her to his shoulder as he carefully descends the rope to join up with the others. "Didn't think I'd ever touch a creat- Whoa!!" Seeing someone fall off, Dio watches for only a bit, but there's little he can do as he continues his descent. Finally, they both touch the ground and the lion releases the female. "Everyone alright then?"

Amelia starts to make her way down the rope, and at first she's doing okay! Then she's... Not. She slips up and starts to fall. Oh no!

Amelia gains 99 wounds for RP reasons.

Wulf gains 99 wounds for RP reasons.

Ictus hmms? at Mira as he climbs down and chuckles, "Of course dear." he heads down steadily and blinks as he notices Amelia falling, "Oh crap..." as he winces, he's already burdened otherwise he'd help

At the sound of someone screaming Wulf spins around, her musket being discarded as she springs into action. As Amelia nears the ground it seems she might not make it but she jumps out, meeting the Collie in midair. As they land she groans in pain. "Awww... ouch.... next time ask for help..."

Satisfied that everyone's down and in one piece - although with a few exceptions, which may be in various pieces, although one mostly large one and perhaps some other small bits here and there - Sveta begins to let loose the ropes, but abandons the task when the first of the creatures emerges into the clear. Well, nothing for it now - she throws herself off the cliff and into the air. The ropes can be cut, after all.

Mirana gives a startled yelp herself when she notices one falling, and closes her eyes tightly, whimpering to Ictus. Looking again once they are on ground, she rushes to Wulf and Amelia, checking their wounds and taking out her Medicine Bag. She bandages up the worst of it, but both will definately feel that in the morning. She gives a slight sigh, "I'm sorry.. I can't help more sweeties, but, you'll be ok." Falling halfway down a cliffside, the pair are a bit more then worse off.

Everyone down the captain forms everyone up again and presses on "Now, keep it close everyone, we don't want anyone getting picked off" He calls out, but despite the warning a loud screem is heard from one of the crew near the back! Those who turn around spot it, a massive worm of a creature, unknown on this side of the mostly unexplored areas of the mountains!

Monique, unburdened now, gives a horribly delighted sounding laugh and charges, her paws flying under her robes for her twin hammers.

Dio watches the fall and winces a little at the collision, but soon sighs in relief. "Good catch, lad. Ya had me scared there." Once more, the lion digs into his coat and takes out his knife. "Glad everyone's mostly alrig- Uh oh..." He quickly rejoins the group, looking about and preparing himself for the incoming enemy.

Wulf grumbles batbating at Mira a bit as she is treated. "The wounds can wait we got a monster to fight here." The Husky does suffer through it however, she dashes for her musket as soon as she can though, training the barrel on the creature.

Ictus gives Mira a pat before she dashes towards the two and blinks as he hears the scream, he readies his daggers again and frowns as he faces the worm with a wince, "Well, this is going to be interesting..."

Amelia rubs at her neck. "Sorry... And thank you for catching me. I appreciate it. And thanks for patching me up." She glances towards the creature and whines softly, pulling up her book. "I hate everything about today."

As it is struck time and time again, the worm grows furious! It begins to make less and less attempts at keeping itself safe and focuses more and more destorying those around it!

The worm's mouth oozes blood and foam as it continues to suffer from the assult! It starts thrashing about, destorying everything it can! Care for its own life and safety dwindling as it goes on a rampage!

"Come here, you big lug." Perhaps it's the insane, near-suidical anger the species Sveta's derived from, or maybe it's just her. Raising her shield to deflect blows away from herself and everyone else as best as possible, she continues advancing upon the enraged worm.

Wulf having lost her musket and sabre to the beast the Husky fights with tooth and claw, snarling at the frothing creature as she hops around it nimbly while delivering blows to the creature

The plating on the worm breaks off, exposing more and more of its tender flesh, its savage fury only growing stronger and stronger! It releases a mind boggoling roar as it continues its onslaught, with more hate then ever before!

Getting desprate the worm burrows deep underground, and when it returns it is covered in various hunks of rock, jagged and deadly! It resumes its attacks, slightly better armored then it was a moment ago!

A slow, swinging dance of momentum and destruction, Monique doesn't seem to slow down much, even once the worm is dead. Swinging her hammers again and again, she strikes at the now dead creature almost with mindless glee, laughing and screaming her anger, blood and ichor staining her robes and fur.

Kendra steps out of hiding where she had been using magic, she coughs lightly and looks around, "um.. everyone okay?" she approaches the group again catching her braeth

Wulf is bruised, battered and bleeding from several places, though nothing on the outside looks seriously fatal. She is still furiously slashing away at the beast with a snarl on her face. "You damn fiend, try and kill me will you!" The Husky limps around to the front end and starts to tug at a tooth as she finishes up slashing that particualr area to ribbons.

Amelia pushes up her glasses and growls. "No. No I'm not okay. To be honest, I expected to be in a nice bed right about now. Not stranded who-knows-where, fighting a giant worm." She brushes off her sleeve. "This is by far the worst day ever."

The worm roars! Sveta screams wordlessly, wings half-spread as the worm's gaping maw sinks down upon her, and then thrusts the tip of her spear straight into its insides. The beast emits a horrible sound and rears, dragging her into the air along with it, but the crazed goshawk clings to her spear something very valuable, wings flapping as she braces her boots against the insides of the worm's slimy, cavernous mouth. One final yank, and the spearhead comes free, spurting greenish ichor all over in a thick stream, and she falls to the ground, her impact cushioned by the rest of its body.

Dio stabs, punches, dodges, and does whatever he can to survive the attack from the massive worm. His small knife, probably ill-suited for the battle lays extremely dulled, chipped, and bloody. Hands fall to his knees as the lion attempts to recapture his breath. "Probably the biggest thin' I ever fought," he pants, moving over towards Monique and grabbing her shoulders. "That's probably enough there, lass," he shouts, trying to calm her down.

Ictus grunts at the beast as it attacks and shakes his head as he attacks, slashing and cutting it as he climbs a little, as Wulf goes down once he winces then blinks as she comes back up. He growls a bit after the beast is down and approaches her, "What the hell do you think you are doing with that? Take it off right now!" he glares at her a bit as he pants from the exertion of battle

The thylacine continues, one hammer striking again at the dead worm and, as she hurls the heavy steel-headed weapon around, it comes flying right for Dio!

Wulf whirls around, eyes burning fury and tearing a tooth out with her. "Take it off? Take it the hell off? Not right now I'm not! NO, I'm in the middle of creators know where and it just saved my bloody life!" The Husky looks adamant about it. "Why do you care even? even if I wanted to what would i replace it with? My foot?"

Mirana runs about, using various madicinals, herbs, and even her creator machines to help keep everyone up and alive. She is sweating and panting by the time it is done, unable to keep Wulf from collapsing, but.. then she sees it.. the dark energy whelming up, "... No..." she says softly, falling to her knees, "Wulf... what have you done..." She says, even dropping her sacred healing device. She raises her hands up to her eyes as she cries for the next child of Promise afflicted by the Old One's taint.

The captain seems unphased by Wulf, and cheers as the worm falls! "Come on now, no in fighting, lets go, we have a mission to complete! There is a marked trail." He calls out, pointing down to a trail that will lead to the Pass.

Amelia folds her arms. "Who cares what it is right now? It worked. It's dead, we're not. That's all that matters. Pick yourselves up and let's get going." She turns, already heading for the trail.

"Are ya hearin' me, lass?" Dio continues to shout and try to grab Monique's attention and suddenly notices a hammer heading straight for him! Immediately, he dives for the ground in an attempt to get away, the hammer just barely hitting the hairs upon his mane as he lands with an Oomf! "Ya nearly took my head off," he exclaims, attempting to get up and brush himself off.

Sveta nods. "We can settle this later, Lady Priestess. It may be a grave matter, but it's not pressing. Let's keep moving, for now."

It is the feel of her hammer hitting something she isn't aiming for that has Monique turning around and spotting Dio. Screaming with rage the berserk brings the hammers to a stop. Panting and snarling softly, the thylacine girl is murmuring harsh words under her breath, anyone close enough would be able to pick it as a minor prayer of forgiveness, recited over and over.

Ictus glares at Wulf and shakes his head, "I'm not going to let you stay like this... I will clense you." he looks at the others and sighs, "But later, wether you want it or not." he looks over to Dio and Monique before blinking, "Oh great..." he then moves over to Mira and helps her up with a sigh, hating himself for delaying his duty

Mirana picks herself up, looking to Wulf, and then to Ictus. She picks up her device, and rises to Ictus "Darling...." she says softly, still crying. She nods to Sveta, but, she just can't seem to help herself. She holds to Ictus for support, eyes pleading for him to save Wulf from the power she couldn't possibly understand. She walks along with him, all the same.

Back on a normal trail, the group encounters little to slow them, finding themselves crossing the plains and forests back to the city easy enough, soon arriving at its gates.

Wulf snarls momentarily before she regains her compusre. "Whatever you mean I know you'll explain it to me. Can we get going? I need to craft myself some new weapons and armor" She follows the group back to the city, departing the group and marching straight towards the manor.

Dio continues along the path with the others, still attempting desperately to remove any dirt and various other things that reside on his coat. Satisfied, or at least satisfied enough, he tucks at his coat one more time and moves next to Monique on the trail. "Are ya feelin' alright, lass? Haven't seen a rampage like that in a couple a years," he chuckles, perhaps clear he hasn't learned his lesson. "Quite impressive, but at least we're here. How are the creators holdin' up," he says, looking back towards the group.

Monique looks quite shaken, the girl not even trying to clean up from the fight. She had the piece of mind to stow her weapons but from the haunted look in her eyes, the fight with the worm was likely something she really would have preferred not to have been in.

Mirana walks along with Ictus, till her eyes dry up. Then she moves back to look the Creaters over herself "They are fine, nothing but dust and dirt marr them." she says, earning her some pets and pats from them...

The creators go about petting and patting everyone there, including the crew of the ship! "You all did a good job, thank you, can one of you lead us back now? We'd like to talk to our own." Says the male and Mira is quick to volunteer.

"I have so many questions, if I may. Please permit this humble priestess to ask them." She says and takes the creators away with her toward the ship.