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All about are verious being, waving make-shift weapons in the air and shouting so many things that it is impossible to make out what is actually being said. That is until a crab stands high atop a building, the building itself barely standing, "What do we want!?" "Equality!" repsonds the crowd, "When do we want it!?" "NOW!" they all screem. Some buildings are ablaze, others destoryed, toppled over. Children are crying, old folk cowering in alleys and corners. Everywhere there is violance, destruction, chaos.

"Hmm..this looks like our kind of crowd..." Says a Lion, who is standing a little off to the side as he watches the mayhem that is being produced. "No, it's horrible!" "Quiet you! It's not your place to give your opinion! I enjoy the mayhem and chaos..smells like team spirit!" The lion stays off to the side, not interested in getting too close--that is, until the real fun begins. That's all he came here for--the destruction!

Angus just stared at all the chaos and sighed, shaking his head. "Great....this should be intresting...a lot better then the fire at least." He tried to make light of the issue with a joke, but his hand was already on his Rapier as he tries to remain unnoticed so he can learn more about the situation for now.

Ictus eyes the chaos along with Angus and shakes his head sadly, "Indeed, it will be interesting." he chuckles dryly and shrugs, "Hmm, how can we calm them down I wonder?" he sticks to the shadows as well, a hand on his dagger incase something happens

Evi ducks out from an alley, emerging out from between two buildings partly aflame. It was in this moment she was glad she'd been wearing leather, with flames literally licking at her heels. Once she regained her balance she brushed some sizzling fur from her arm, frowning at the singes left. With a sigh, her eyes turned up to scan the gathered crowd and the apparent leader of the riot. Her eyes fell to Angus and his companion, and she slipped toward them, gently rapping on Angus's shoulder with a fingertip. "We should do something," she hissed quietly to him under the roar of the crowd.

The crowd continues to get worked up over the crab's words, "The creators are coming here, and look at us! We live in squallar! Is this how we want to be seen by them?" The crowd roars at these words. That is when they spot Evi, "Hey! Over there! One of the city dwellers!" They all turn to look, "All mine!" Says one, "No! That will make a wonderful dinner!" says another, and four of them break from the crowd with no good intentions in their eyes....

After cleaving the head of a small boy clean off, the Lion retrieved it with little concern. "Well, that was fun. This one is pleased." He says, simply, as he puts his axe into the tuck of his belt. "Wonder what other mayhem this one can be a part of..." The Lion said, steepling his fingers together with a soft chuckle.

Angus nearly jumps out of his skin as his shoulder is tapped, and he turns to Evi with a frown. "Yes....yes we should." He mutters, some of the shock easing out of his form as he turned back to the crowd...just in time to notice a few of them walking their way. "....damn." He reacted, surging towards the nearest target and disabling them with an elbow to the ribs, followed by a sweep of the legs. He didn't stop there as he used the moment to turn around, a blade appearing from underneath his cloak before it goes sailing past the crabs face, digging a shallow furrow in his cheek. "Squaller or not, do you think the creators will look upon attacking innocents with kindness?" He shot back, failing to keep the anger out of his voice.

Ictus grunts as they are spotted and shakes his head as he draws his daggers, "So much for a peaceful solution..." he takes to the fight, leading the thugs on as he feints and uses the flat of his blades as much as he can. Not wanting to kill so much as disarm as he knocks out his target, "This isn't helping your cause..." he sighs as he looks around catiously, wanting to make sure there are no more surprises

Evi ducked when the first of the mob came toward her, dodging the punch thrown at her by sheer luck alone. She stumbled out of the way, using that moment to unclip the strap that held her katana and parrying dagger in place. The katana left its sheath, but it wasn't the blade that she used - instead the sheath was what she swung, knocking her aggressor squarely in the chin. "No-no! No! It doesn't have to be like this!" she cried out, her naturally boisterous voice only louder when she shouted. "We don't have to fight each other to-!" she cut off when she saw the lion's axe remove the head of a child, her words halting there with a deep, shocked gasp. Her hands dropped her weapons immediately and drew up to cup over her mouth, her eyes widened with horror. She took a terrified step back in the mud as she stared at the scene, at this point blocking out all else around her.

The crowd watches as the four of them break off and fight, as three of them are disarmed and battered around, they cheer a bit, however, when the boy, nothing more then a child of no more then 12 turns, is beheaded, silence befalls them. For a time, only the crackle of the flames can be heard. Even the crab, at first stunned by the throwing dagger that sails bast him, then by the sight of the child's neck spirting it last heart beats of blood out of his body, is without words. The beings look to each other in shock, murmering start among them, "Did.. did he?" says one, "How... he was nothing but a lad." says another. Soon the crowd is whipped up into another outrage, this time however about something entirely different, "Kill them! Kill the city dwellers as they'd so callously kill us! Kill our children!" Shouts a bear from inside the group, a roar of approval coming from the crowd as they start to approach.

The Lion looks up at the group approaching. "Yes...good...I think we made them mad. More people for this one to...assess.." He says, with a grin as his axe slowly finds it's way to his hand with a soft cackle. At the edge of his peripheral vision, he sees someone in shock, but just shrugs it off--he cared not.

"This was fun...but fighting a whole city this one just will not do.." The Lion says, fleeing down a side alley and disappearing into the shadows from whence he came.

Angus sighed as the situation escalated, and he rubbed at his eyes. "Ya...this has become rather fun." He complained, kneeling to place his hand on the ground as he went through a few mental equations. The wind started to pick up, grabbing sand and debris from around the street and throwing it around, mostly in the direction of the angry mob as Angus trys to summon up a screen to buy them sometime. "We have two choices, we either run. Or go after that crab." He commented to the others, already heading in the direction the crab headed off in.

It finally dawns on Ictus that a child was killed, he growls at the lion and shakes his head, "That was entirely unnessacery, he was just a child!" as the lion retreats he sighs and nods to Angus, "Agreed." as he dashes after the crab himself

It took a few long moments for Evi to pull herself from her shock. Perhaps it was the familiar voice of Angus or the dust and debris that began to swirl around her, but she managed to regain the presence of mind to adjust her goggles to cover her eyes. Her first few steps were after the lion, her voice rising in a terrible snarl as she called after him, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" but stopped in her tracks as she realized the others were going a different way. She glanced back to where he had disappeared to, growled, then turned to run after Angus and Ictus while she still could see where they were going.

"So what's all the commotion about?" a mysterious voice asks, coming from an armored figure rushing out from the shadows of an entirely different alley, in front of the group. There's a lot of alleys here. Don't think about it too much. The figure's armor and voice should at least be a little familiar to the pair of foxes. Cedric lifts the visor on his helm as hemeets with the group . "I tried to get here as soon as I heard about the rioting..." he says before lowering the helm and running along with the group.

The crowd is baffled by the sudden dust storm, which, also helps to fan the fires around! The crab is swift, and by the time the group gets behind the building he is gone. "Hey! Where did they go?" Comes an shout from the crowd, "Spread out and find them! If we don't, we will just assult the gates! No way they can stop us all." Comes another voice. There are a lot of small alleys and other hiding places the crab could have used all about.

Angus frowns as they start to spread out and search, and he has an idea. Once again he works through a mental calculation as he cups his hands over his muzzle. "They are over here!" He said, the spell he had been working throwing his voice weirdly making it come from a few alleys away. "We have to find that crab, and stop this crowd." He commented after he turned back to the group, scanning a few of the alleys near by.

Ictus looks at Cedric and blinks, "Nothing good I'm afraid..." he winces at the crowds idea and shakes his head, "Oh great... That'll go well." he starts searching for tracks as he looks around the alley for the crab

Evi glances between the men with her and huffs a deep breath. "I'll draw the crowd away and try to calm them down somehow. You three should find that crab," she offered. "Without my weapons I'm not going to be much good in a fight if it comes to that, but at least I can probably outmanuever a crowd."

Cedric nods to Ictus after listening to Angus' ventriloquism act. "Good idea." he says, keeping his voice low, so the crowd doesn't hear. "Yeah, it looked pretty bad when I got here." he says, glancing to Evi, regaring her with a quiet stare. He remains quiet about her plan for a few moments before speaking, "I don't think that's such a great idea, splitting off like that... but I won't stop you." he says before gesturing to the foxes, "They might, though."

The crowd hears the voice, "That way! Get them!" They shout and they can be heard darting off after the fake voice. Some of the more rational ones get to work putting out the fires, using the little water mathemagics they know, and what water they can find. The allies are fairly dark, shadowed even in the daylight.

Angus didn't give Evi a choice as he grabbed the back of her collar. "There's been enough blood without adding yours to it. We are not throwing you to the blood thirsty mob." He glances around, his eyes lightening on a trail leading down a southward alley and he nods as he lets go of Evi. "First priority is that crab, even if we manage to calm the crowd he will just stir them back up again." He nodded to Cedric as he finally noticed him and started to walk down the alleyway.

Ictus looks to cedric and shakes his head, "Now why would we want that?" he nods to Angus and hmms, "Yes, that way." as he follows the tracks along with his cousin, "Wonder what he's up to?"

Evi grunted as she was pulled, at first kicking against the motion and releasing a growl, then settling down as she was released. "By the time we find him they might already be marching against the gates- Ugh! Fine!" She throws her hands up, turning to follow the others. "I still don't think his blood is worth all of theirs. If we don't stop them, they'll be slaughtered by the guards."

Cedric tilts his head to the side for a moment at the reply. "What? I didn't say you wanted anything?" he says, confused and shaking his head. "Anyway, yes... that crab." he says, nodding. "We should find that crab. Whoever that is. What'd he look like anyway?" the badger asks, looking around for any clues.

As the group goes down the alley, there would be various doors and passage ways he could have ducked into and the trail goes cold. The crowd continues to hunt around where Angus' voice came from, "Where did they go!?" They shout loud enough to be heard, but as the fires start to lick on the other buildings more of the crowd get to helping put out the fires they just moments ago started, without the odd crab stoking the fires of thier rage.

Angus shakes his head. "His blood isn't worth it, it's his voice we have to silence." He shot back at Evi, before he threw out a cheap shot. "That voice killed a child, do we want more to die?" Turning around he started to search, looking for anything that would be out of the ordinary, his hand gripping the handle of his Rapier tightly as he looked around.

Ictus looks at Evi and sighs, "I don't want that any more than you do... But we need to find their leader and find out what he's doing." he looks at Cedric and shakes his head, "I didn't get a good look before we were attacked." he hmms and nods in agreement with Angus, "Indeed." before he looks at the tallest building's entrance to see if it has had any disturbance

Evi spun and snapped at Angus, a growl rolling beneath her tone, "That batshit lion killed that child!" she spat, starting to shrug off her jacket and scarf. "I am -not- going to be part of any more bloodshed for this," she muttered, stuffing her goggles into a pocket inside the jacket,trading it for a small leather pouch within. She stuffed that pouch into her bra, then snagged a ragged, gray length of cloth from the mud and wrapped it around her shoulders, draping it like a ponch over herself. She threw the jacket into Angus's chest and continued as she rubbed some of that mud through her visible fur and began to ruffle her hair, "I'm going to want and everything in it back. I'm going to help them put out their fires and get my swords back." That said, she turned to stalk off into the city.

Cedric holds a finger to his lips in a 'quiet' gesture, as he turns his head to either side. "Wait..." he says in a hushed voice. It's faint, but he's pretty sure he heard something. It's a little hard to resist asking about a lion killing a child, but it can wait until later. He watched the tigress depart in a huff after disguising herself as one of the slum's denizens. "Er... I guess someone can explain what happened to me later... but anyway, I think there's someone in there." he says, pointing a gauntlet clad finger towards a building just to the northwest. "I don't know if it's the same being we're lookin' for, but..." he sighs, and starts to head off in that direction, "I don't think we have much else to go on. And if it's not the crab, then maybe we can strongarm some information out of whoever it is..."

The sounds continue and eventually, if anyone is listening closely, they would hear his voice again, though can't make out what is being said. Then a familar but... maybe long forgotten sight! A brown griffen is seen flying away from the otherside of the building! He is swift and gone within moments.

Angus had nothing to say back in the wake of her anger, as he rightly deserved it. Her jacket was caught swiftly and rested in the crook of his arm as he nodded at her. "Your right, it was the Lion. But that child would never had been there if it wouldn't have been for that crab." He sighed, turning his back on her as he nodded to Cedric. "You do what you have to do Evi, I'll make sure you get your jacket back..." He then had a foolish idea to free up his hands, and he actually put on her leather jacket, a little surprised to find that the inside was lined with chainmail and had a musketoon strapped to it. "Alright Cedric, it's your plan. You lead the way." A flash of movement caught his eye and he managed to catch a glimpse of a griffen before it vanished once more, his eyes widened as he recognized it. "....creators be damned." He cursed, his anger rising even more as he drew his Rapier.

Ictus blinks at Evi and sighs, "I hope she'll be alright..." he hmms? at Cedric and flicks his ears as he listens, "Alright... Let's go then." as he heads off in that direction, he blinks at the griffon and shakes his head, "Damn, they have a griffon with them?" as he gets out his daggers

Cedric nods to Angus, sneaking up quietly to the door. He looks up in time to see the brown griffon flying away from the other side, but he isn't familiar with whoever that is. "Don't really have a plan, but I think we need to be quick before they escape." the badger says as they reach the door where he heard the noises. He reaches out for the handle and turns it to find that the door is unlocked and easily pushed open. Good news, he doesn't have to potentially throw out his shoulder trying to break it down. He pushes the door open very slightly, very slowly until raising his foot and kicking at the door to make it fly open and charges in ahead of the others, drawing one of his spears.

As the door is suddenly thrust open the crab turns to see Cedric. "No more running! You will not stop the creationists! We will prove that these 'creators' are nothing more then normal beings who are too powerful with thier mathemagics for their own good! For the creationists!" And the crab controts and changes, rushing toward the badger!

As the dragonic crab is bashed around, the building comes down around everyone! Though the villagers have been trying, they have been unsuccessful in quelling the flames, that now lick around everyone as the fallen building comes alight! Fighting their foe and the heat of the flames will prove to be a challenge!

Angus had drawn his Rapier as soon as the crab changed, and he lunged forward in an attempt to finish the fight before it even started. It was a rather foolish mistake, as his attack was easily beaten away as the crab became a full dragon. He growled, slipping under a heavy handed blow before he was clipped on the backswing, sending him crashing into a wall as the building started to come down. He coughed as he managed to get back up, ash and debries from the building making it a little hard to breath as he panted, sending a few daggers flying in the dragons direction with a snarl.

Ictus growls at the creationist and shakes his head as he attacks head on, "Stupid..." he grumbles as he bobs and weaves between the blows, striking at the dragon's ribcage several times in addition to punching his head with the pommels of his daggers until he beats the dracocrab into submission! He looks at the others and calls out, "Get out of here!" as he tries to pull the crab out of the building before it collapses

Cedric tries to find blind spots in the dragon dedicant's vision, from which to poke him over and over with dark magic-enhanced spears, and shower the dragon-crab with curses and hexes that just seem to get shrugged off every few moments. As the building goes up in flames, his focus doesn't seem to stray from the battle. He doesn't even seem to notice the lick of the fire all around. Every time he manages to mount the dragon to drive his spear between its scales, he's almost immediately shrugged off to the floor with the loud clatter of his platemail meeting the ground. Every now and then the badger knight needs to stop and catch his breath before trying to take the dragon down, until finally Icus manages to land the final blow. "Well..." Cedric says, breathing heavily and flicking some blood from one of his spears before replacing it at his back. A large claw gash in the shoulderplates of his armor reveals some deep claw gouges with his own blood trickling down his arm and dripping onto the floor while he moves to help Ictus drag the crab outside.

The crab curses and spits harsh words. "We... will be the.. master of all.. beings.. we.. we will ser... you can't, the creators won't." and he gurgles flailing for a bit before he stops, blood oozing out everywhere. Close examinations of his items would find a heavily cracked and corrupted Kitsune's charm as well as some documents, still untouched by the flames!

Angus stares at the Kitsune charm before he walks over to the crab. "You know whats funny." He chuckled, his boot clipping the side of the crabs head as he walked towards him. "All I see is a broken husk, no master of beings. Not even someone worthy of being a being themselves." He snarled, anger rising as the image of his sister with her ribcage deformed forming in his thoughts as he loomed over the crab. He debated on ending him already, his hand hovering over the handle of his blade...before he sighed and turned away from the decrepit thing as he remember why he should keep him alive. ".....I'm curious actually, why would lord Eldric ally himself with you decrepit creatures. What is he planning...."

Ictus shakes his head at the charm and gathers the research material as well, "Hmm... That's interesting." as he looks some over he looks at Angus and shifts the materials under his arm so he can put a hand on Angus' shoulder, "We'll get them in time... I just hope it's soon." he looks at the crab qand growls a little

Cedric really doesn't know what at least half of this is about. He only remembers the creationists and being nabbed by them in the middle of town. He has enough reason for that to draw his spear and end the crab... or use math to drain what little life is left of the being. It would be so easy... it's so tempting. But he restrains himself. "I... should go." he says suddenly, not taking too much note of the kitsune charm or the documents. He's heard enough to know it's not among his interests... and it's getting harder not to drain this freakin' crab.