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The area for the job that was sent to the freeswords, appears nicely tucked away up in Silvervein Pass... Though, a steady stream of workers and the usual merchant caravans making stops at it, tend to draw out it's attention more. The building itself is a bunker like thing, built heading into the ground, with impressive iron doors that for now are spread wide for travelers and workers to head inside freely.

Just inside of the door, sits a rough looking bear, covered in thick armor while weilding an impressivly large hammer as he navigates through the various 'guests' in this area currently.

Millicent wanders along, dressed up in her 'light' plate, arm propped up on the pommel of her sword as she glances around. "Ehh? Is this the place?" She asks the bear, looking at the doors for a moment, then back at the ursine.

Cirra is dressed in her typical Aranian robes, her creator wetsuit underneath to protect her. She waves to Millicent, hoping she's in the right place, not too certain about the cold. She's brought along her sabre and quite a bit of magic, enough that it probably makes more noise that the shark herself can make.

Fayrmune marches up to the gate and gives the bear-guard a deep bow. "Fayrmune of the Hands of Dawn, reporting.", she proudly announces once standing straight again.

Camille walks up with the walk of a professional soldier, and weapon-master, her gaze taking in the look and feel of the place as she approaches. Sword slung for easy draw and bow stowed safely back, unstrung, Camille approaches the guardsman and nods slowly while passing close, smiling to the secretary there "I have been told there was a request filed for work, I have the details here," pulling out a small scroll and handing it over, she stands in balance, and waits.

Lilly swaggers along behind Millicent, in her darkened coat of steel scales and with her weapons at her side. The big shark looks around over the top of the crowd, then gives the bear a nod before tossing Cirra a small salute as well. Then she crosses her arms and waits for things to get started.

Thelergramor yawns as he makes his way along with the group, lugging a bigass cannon as if it were... a bigass cannon. The masked wolf is shirtless, wearing a red scarf and pants lined with chainmail. "Right. What'd'ya have for me? Violence? Trap disarming? Psychotic bandits running around underground?" If they don't have one of those yet, they will soon.

The Bear turns to regard Fayrmune and Millicent with a smile as he bows, before waving to Camille. "Over here girlie, we ain't got no secretary, that's my neice." Shrugging it off though, the bear turns his attention back to the group. "Yes this is the place though. My name is Brandon Sherton, and I'm one of the founders of this here new adventure's hub, the Iron Reach. As you can guess from folks coming and going with all them fancy tools, we're still carving our way deeper into the pass for more rooms. Unfortunatly, we hit a small nest of rock spiders... Normally, me and one of the other founders go down there and bash them up good and all, but they mentioned having to stay in the city for a little while. So until they get back, think of this as an outreach program!" The bear spreading his arms and giving a deep laugh. "In all seriousness though, we've the money to pay, and just have a slight infestation to be all smashed up by you lot. Nothing remotly big and fame awarding I'm afraid."

Millicent tilts her head, scratching the underside of her chin with a thumb. "Yeah? Well. I'm Millicent! Nice to meet you! I'll gladly hit stuff for you, though," she says with a nod and a little shake of her sword. "Just point me at 'em!"

Cirra is about to break out her chalkboard when Lilly's entrance makes her sigh in relief. She quickly signs to the other shark. <Can you introduce me to the bear as Cirra Stormborn? I kinda feel a bit embarrassed trying to figure out if someone knows sign language or not...>

"Certainly sounds like something I can manage!", Fay says, patting the hilt of her exotic sword. "I do not wish to speak for others present, but I do not believe this task as you have described it shall pose too much trouble."

Camille nods and takes the scroll back from the Ursine girl, flashing a quick smile of apology and turning to the bear, striding forward, "Well thanks for putting out the word. I had planned to go out for a walk and this gives me an excuse to do something useful with my time." she smiles sweetly, an open lovely expression on her features, cheek-guards holding her hair in place while Camille goes into the at rest position, facing the group and watching everything going on in front of her, from the finger-wagging to the work the Bear is doing on his kit, noting the nicks and replaced grips of a seasoned veteran

Lilly chuckles, crossing her arms. "Oh. That's all? Yea, we can certainly take care of it." She glances around at the others. "I'm Lilly." She gestures at Cirra, "Cirra Stormborn. Anyone have anything important to declare before we get to work?"

Thelergramor grins, hefting his cannon. Glances over the others, recognizing a few. "Easy job. Gives me a chance to test out the cannon on something living. But, other than that, nothing important to add." Glances over at Cirra, signs to her: <You know I know sign, right? We've done it before.> A quick reminder, before he shrugs once more.

The bear gives a slow nod as he begins to turn and walk back a ways, before pulling the cloth on a large half carved hallway to reveal the groups path. "Well good then. Just head on through here, mind your step for the ladder, and climb on down. Give a hollar if they start swarmin you lot too bad, otherwise just head on up to us when you're done, and we'll pay you for your trouble... Just be careful waving fire around, may be some unused blasting powder down there."

Millicent glances over at her allies for a moment and offers a nod of her head. "Anyone care to go first? If not... Well! I can, I suppose," she says, checking to make sure her equipment is secure before starting towards the ladder, beginning her descent/.

Cirra shakes her head, not wanting to go first. She does, however, follow immediately after Millicent, coating herself in her calcified flesh to protect her from the worst of the damages she anticipates she will face.

"Some of you have a lantern?", she asks to the gathering group. "If so, they should lead, but I can take point too if someone doesn't mind lending a light source." She keeps her blade sheathed, but her hand never strays far from the hilt, even though they havent even entered the darkness yet.

Camille says, "/me looks about at the assembled and smiles at her new battle-sisters, taking off her bow and placing it to the stored position for easy use, and shifting her short-sword forward, shield still in place "Hmmm, I don't think I have a lantern, but if we used one down there, it might be asking for trouble. Escuse me sir, do you have a miners lantern? Something that we could use safely around fumes or powder?" Camille questions the gentleman, eyeing the supplies nearby "You must have some, but do you have one here now for use?" grabbing a rope end from where she'd wrapped it about her quiver, Camille stars making a noose out of it, efficiently putting everything in place without looking and then storing that for use. "

Thelergramor coughs a couple of times behind his mask, then moves on with the others. "I'm -really- not equipped to be up front." Decides to keep a lantern with him for all future assignments... "So, a ladder... Alright. And, lanterns." Glances around, still planning his descent, and how to do so with his big weapons...

Lilly thinks a moment as she eyes the group, then rolls her shoulder in a shrug. "I've got fire. Carefully controlled fire, but if you prefer someone else do the light I understand." She shark puts on a rogueish grin, draws her large bone waraxe, and then heads for the ladder. "I don't mind being first at all if you want."

"No need for lanterns, we've got our own lighting down there for you all. I'm just warning to be careful about throwing fire magic around. Aside from that, have fun kiddos." The Bear chuckling as he helps hustle the group on through the ladder.

The room the ladder leads to, is rather large, and from the way it's carved to seem to have multiple rooms, it appears they intend it to be some sort of inn like area for travelers and adventurers perhaps? Either way, the small lighting from various workers lanterns help to cast a glow around the area, highlighting the details of the first few rock spiders the group sees. The four creatures not paying them any mind as they scuttle back and forth almost mindlessly.

Millicent hums softly to herself and rolls her shoulders as she departs from the ladder. "Looks big enough," she says curiously, reaching back to draw her larger sword after deciding she's got enough room to use it. "So... We just get rid of the spiders, then? I guess that's not too bad."

The nurse shark gets to the room and moves away from the ladder, drawing her sabre as she prepares to fight the spiders. She's a little worried her employer isn't telling the whole truth, as she has no reason to take her employers at their full word anymore. Not after the Longtail incident, the Windrunner incident and the Gop incident.

Fayrmune climbs down the ladder and gives herself a quick stretch before drawing her sword with a slow, determined movement. The polished steel glints off the lights of the tunnel as she holds it out in front of her. "That's what he said.", she confirms. "Guess we better get to it." She starts to advance towards the spiders.

Camille nods slowly and makes her way down the ladder after Fayrmune, jumping off that last rung to land in a small pool of water at the base, splashing and adjusting after stepping on a stone. Pulling her sword she looks around, making a small grimace when she notices some of the huge weapons people brought with them into an enclosed space without room to swing, shaking her head a bit and moving on, now shield first.

Once she's on secure footing at the bottom of the ladder, Lilly slips her long, slender knife out of its sheath and into her offhand, the big shark easily able to handle her axe with her other. She watches the Freeswords as they begin advancing, then starts circling around to approach the spiders from the flank.

Thelergramor climbed down the ladder with a bit of difficulty. Heavy cannon, bigass flamberge... At least he has his metal backed gloves for punching things! Strokes his mask as he looks at the spiders. "Just some spiders. They usually die pretty easily. Now this one time, there was this 15 foot tall mother... Hope we run into one of them. It'll be more fun than the little ones." Levels his cannon at them, considers his options. "...It... might be a bad idea to use explosive shot in a cave, yeah?"

The Spiders perk up as the group begins to make more noise, a little high pitched chittering coming from one, before each seems to find a person to recognize as a threat, slowly skittering around them. Two go to circle around Lilly, chittering and hissing, while one goes to repeat the other's motions at Thelergramor, and the last does so at Camille. The spiders aparantly holding back from attacking as they seem to be trying to just intimidate the freeswords, while in the distance the sound of skittering stone on stone can be heard...

Millicent hunkers down a little as she spiders begin to approach, taking a defensive stance near her crew-mate. "Quite a few of them, aren't there? And what do you suppose that is in the distance? Sounds big, whatever it is... Should we wait and see... Or try to dispatch these to keep us from being overwhelmed?"

Cirra nods, noting the Spiders. She signs to Lilly and Thelergramor. <I'm going to stay by the ladder. make sure if you guys need a quick exit we're ready.>

Fayrmune brandishes her sword. "Get ready, here they come." She switgs her sword as a threat to the spiders and takes a practice stab at them. "Shouldn't be tough, but don't underestimate them, okay?"

Lilly tenses as she crouches, mirroring Milli's stance as she eyes the spiders. "I'd rather just deal with them now, really, why wait for more to show up?" she asks, before she quickly lunges at one of the ones trying to circle her, her axe scything towards the spider.

Thelergramor furrows his brow at the single rock spider that approached him. Takes a potato from his pants pocket. "...I'm just going to try something real quick before we butcher them..." Tosses the potato lightly towards the spider, to see if how it reacts to being fed. Might get a pet spider outta this!

Camille unwinds the cord and lets it fall in front of her, sword held up along her forarm, looking to the spiders, she gauges her toss and carefully looks to the heavier steps coming close, concentration in her eyes while she readies herself to snare a spiders head, "They're insects, correct? The connections between plates might be one of the few vulnerable areas, but if you can snare the head, pop it right off! They're squishy inside, the skeleton is on the outside!" Camille waits, ready for a backhand slice to sever a limb if any come near, but hoping she can toss a one-shot kill

Lilly's axe bites into one of the rock spiders, causing it to let out a loud shriek before it collapses. Thelergramor's potato toss is... Less than effective. The potato smacking into one of the spider's face to just fall to the floor, before the Rock Spider jumps up at Thel, trying to tackle the wolf with a chittering hiss, though it misses the wolf by a hair's breadth!

With one of their own dead all ready, and the other attacking, the remaining two go to skitter back, though one gets caught by Camille's snare, and has it's leg hooked! Not the head, but hey, it's trapped! The remaining one scurrying into the darkness as that sound of scampering feet echoes closer to the group.

Millicent lofts a brow at the thrown potato before shrugging. "As you say, then, Lilly!" She calls out merrily as she brings up her sword and wades in the fray, herself! Only to fall short as the others start to scoot away. Rather than chase after them, she comes to a halt and waits to see what will approach next. She wasn't about to go chasing after spiders if she could avoid it.

Fayrmune takes a few steps forward and swings her sword down to finish the trapped and helpless spider. "Careful, they jump! She warns as she proceeds to follow the fleeing spiders.

Tying off the leg in teasing rolls, making sure to give the animal just enough leeway that it still things there's a chance it can escape, Camille uses the two curved horn behind the edge of her shield to, for lack of a better word, reel the animal in. She keeps the shield ready for a bash, always between herself and the beast, but presents as little of her eyes as she can, trying and trying to stop it from reading her motions and making a decision either way

Closer, a loop, closer and then another loop.

Lilly backs up a few steps, taking her place next to Millicent again as she watches she spider skitter off. "Eh. Yea. It'll get to us eventually..." she waits then, quietly, tail flicking.

Thelergramor growls at the spider. "Ungrateful little shit. I give you spud, and you try to eat me?" Then uses his cannon as a bludgeon. A big, steel, bludgeon. Yup. The wolf takes a big, heavy, overhead swing at the spider.

Camille's efforts are sadly halted, as fayrmune's sword kills the trapped Rock spider, leaving it limp in the bindings. Thelergramor's cannon manages to give a healthy crunch as it smashes the rock spider attacking him, leaving the group without danger for one moment, before ten of the Rock Spiders burst forth from beyond the path, charging at them. Seems the bear wasn't lieing when he had said there had been an infestation, and here they are! With the group out numbered at least two to one, time and quick thinking was needed on the freesword's side!

"Now this is what I'm talking about!" Millicent cries out as she brings her sword up, positioning herself to meet the spider-charge head on. "Let's get to work, then!" And with that, she lashes out with her sword in a wide arc, trying to see how many she can hit!

"For glory and honor!", Fayrmune battlecries before charging into the fray, weapons swinging. "Come, friends, and follow my lead!" The jackaless swings her sword in a beautiful arc, dancing the dance of battle with a beauty that can only come from one of the graceful clan.

Lilly is quick to follow Millicent, working with the panda to watch her crewmate's back. Her own massive axe sweeps through the onrushing spiders in heavy cleaves, and the shark's wide grin shows plenty of sharp teeth.

Thelergramor pulls his spider crusher from the corpse of the spider. Glares at the charging spiders, trying to use his basiliskian petrifying gaze to slow them down. Then, looks over Millicent, who is now blocking his explosive rounds. Not a problem, the wolf hangs the cannon off his shoulder; slightly unbalancing him, as he draws his flamberge and charges. Takes a big, overhead swing for one of the spiders.

The group's charge is escpecually inspiring, almost something a bard would consider making a short poem about given their foes! Shame no bard was here to record it, however, the groups actions speak louder than words could as they meet the rock spiders in the middle of the room. Thelergramor's gaze managed to slow a few, making them easy pickings as their weapons smashed into them and left bits and pieces about as only one of the rock spiders remains, whom seems to beat a hasty retreat into the darkness, as it makes for however it got in, to hide away in safety... Leaving the room won to the freeswords! Their foes of the day vanquished, and the group left to see how quickly the bear could have been over ran had he come here alone.

Millicent lowers her blade, huffing softly. "Whaaat? Was that all of it? Really?" She frowns a little and taps the back edge of the blade on her shoulder before shrugging. "Well. I guess not every battle can feature giant fire lizards, huh?"

Fayrmune sheathes her blade with a flourish and a click. "Well.. I guess I overestimated this a little bit. Though I suppose it was a good workout and payout?" She shrugs and turns for the ladder, eager to get up and out.

Camille runs forward, shield at the ready and bashes one of her foes to the side, slashing with underhanded fury first in one direction then the other, blade whirling wtih slash at limbs and eyes, cutting, rending tearing the solid flesh with every strike and dripping hold. She pummels her foes with kicks whenever the opportunity arises, careful of fangs and furious chittering death. Looking about after her furious activity, she flicks her blade, sliding it over her tabbard and then back into its sheath, "Huh," she growls, looking about, and glancing at the bodies, smiling, "Searching for Soul-Gems in these might prove more than rewarding." beginning to look through, carefully combing the remains for salvage, stopping only to look over her shoulder, "YOu know, I wonder where they came from?" continuing her careful and thorough search.

Lilly tenses herself to lunge after the last spider, then relaxes and backs up as it gets away and scampers off. "Ehn. There might be more of them... looks like we're done for now though." She slips her knife away, and her tail flicks once from side to side. She gives Camille a questioning look, then shrugs, pats Millicent on the shoulder, and heads back towards the ladder.

Thelergramor pulls up his sword, leans it over his shoulder. Accidentally nicking himself in the process. Doesn't notice. Just a scratch. "I was expecting more, honestly... Eh, whatever. If they come back, more work for us, right?"

As Camille digs through the remains, she doesn't happen upon any soul gems, though she does find a marvelously clear and shaped blue gem. Nothing that would make a jeweler weep with joy, but merely a very lovely trinket from this all. As the group itself finds it's way up to the top floor, the bear is there with a now more empty lobby.

"Hm? Made it back eh? And no broken limbs! Looks like you kiddos are above farm kids at least, whelp, here's your pay anyways. Now, don't feel afraid to be returning, once we get the final bits of funding we'll have that area you lot cleaned out turned into a nice rest stop for adventurous folks like you, and these rich ol'merchants! Not to mention we're gonna be puttin up some boards and running jobs out of here, for if you're feeling up to keeping your travels more to the north and all." The Bear reaching into a pouch as he tosses a small sack of crown to each of them here.

Millicent clicks her tongue and slides her sword back into its scabbard, nodding at Lilly. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. Maybe we'll find more adventures another day." She starts her own climb up the ladder, accepting the payment from the bear with a nod. "Thank you. Yes, I'm sure I'll be by here again, someday. If my travels ever end up taking me out here... I'll see, though," she says as she starts to depart.

Camille checks over her equipment and looks forward, her bright eyes shining with the excitement of battle "That was more than a bit all right. Thank you, very much for all that." she stops and places her kit back the way that it was, nodding the bear in front of her. "Any more jobs you have, be sure to give me a shout, that was a pleasant walk, indeed!" she turns and waves to the Niece she met earlier, and nods to the rest, "Anyone going back to the Inn and wants to join me for a pint of Cider?"

Lilly takes a quick check of her prize money, then nods her head. "Certainly worth the trip. Need anything else killed, you know you can look us up." She grins agian, then follows after Millicent.

Thelergramor catches his sack. Looks through the pay. Finds it sufficient for such an easy job. "Sure, I'll be back. Can always use more work." Makes his way home, yawning and whistling to himself occasionally.