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There seems to alot of buzz going on in the Mange Square, there are tent and fanfare. Many stalls dot the area, selling exotic food and rare chakra crystals with black linings. There is a small bunny with green fur and a black top hat speaking to everyone, "Come on come all, this is an event to remember you could be the first to make peace with with the good miner of Kindcraft and get a chance to walk through our shoes." The announcer says with a grin.

Walking down the Mange Square, still trying to find where Arimia had braught her ages ago, Mirana hears about someone announcing things about the Kindcraft. Her ears perk and she turns to walk down toward the announcments. She looks at the oddly colored rabbit, and shakes her head a moment. She sniffs at the food and looks over the crystals with interest, but doesn't touch anything yet, waiting to hear more first. David blinks as he enters the mange quarter, not having expected a carnival at all, he looks around curiously at... Well, everything. Most of his attention on the food, though he doesn't partake for now. It is to be noted that his right hand is bandaged

Arimia wanders into the square, looking around. She's wearing her usual clothing, and is tentacled as always, but without a cloak to act as covering for them this time. She takes her time wandering around the area, looking at the various wares for sale before stopping to buy an exotic sort of meat she's never tried before.

Selena walks along to the square from the concourse; word travelled fast it'd seem. She keeps to the outer areas of the carnival itself, waving over to Arimia and David - a pause before Mirana is waved to as well, opting to join the raccoon after finishing her perusal of some of the gems with a degree of suspicion.

Sierra is exploring the carnival, dressed pretty heavily in a long cloak with the hood up, only the tip of her pink nose and the dark lenses of her glasses really visible. She's mostly picking through bits of scrap, maybe looking for useful things or looking for interesting concepts. Or she's just picking through it really.

The Rabbit smiles and his eyes fixate on some of the newcomers, His ears make a sicking ripping sounds as two tentacles appear out of it and they wiggle in Arimia direction then moving on to Selena, then Mirana. "I see three of you have encountered my brothers. Please please come to the podium." Her also gestures to the other folk who just walked in. "I wish to speak to you all, I'm sure you as much as any others have reason to hate us and our benevolent Masters the Old Ones. Could I interest you in coming to the private show? I will wave the fee and you can see what good the Old Ones plan to bring to promise. How about it ladies and gent?" He says with his ear tentacles tied like a bow tie.

Mirana looks to the Rabbit and grimices a bit, but she has seen Arimia do much the same. Looking at everyone come in, she looks to Arimia very fondly, as well as to David, when Selena pauses in her wave to Mira though, she seems to look a bit saddened, but there wasn't much she could do right now. She was already talking to her fellow priests. She walks over to Arimia and looks at the food again, "Are you sure we should be eating this?" She asks the 'coon as quietly as she can. Then she looks over to the Rabbit again, "Benevolent Masters the Old Ones? I've not got much chance to learn about them, but, I'll defer to the wisdom of my commander here." And she gives Arimia a friendly hug, following the 'coon if she goes up to the rabbit.

David looks over at the rabbit at the noise his tentacles make and shudders, "I um... Suppose it wouldn't hurt?" he looks to the others with a smile and waves back to Selena before looking at Arimia curiously

Arimia smiles at Selena, moving to give the wolf a hug, then giving Mirana one. She takes her food and wanders over toward where the rabbit is, snacking on the exotic meal. "I dunno what it is. But it don' taste too bad. An I dunno that I would call them benevolent. But I wouldn't call much of anyone that. They are individual beings, so I guess some ain't all bad?"

Selena shudders a little at the ripping sound and looks over to the bunny with an unamused, if not slightly unsettled expression. "Sure, is there a complementary explanation of Heartfall while we're there?" She queries the bunny, returning the hug to Arimia with a peck on the cheek. "That didn't strike me as too benevolent." Before she turns to Mirana and murmurs something to her.

The rabbit smiles and hop off the podium, and gives a bow to Selena, "I wasn't at heartfall, so I can't explain what I don't know. My sister was killed there but I know that she is beyond pain in the busom of the Old Ones." He looks somber for a minute and shakes his head, "Where a rose may wilt within the Grasp of the Creatures the Olds ones will keep that floor forever growing and forever useful." He says before smiles at group, "Of course it won't hurt, Unless it hurts to think outside of the Creator worshiping doctrine and I know it doesn't I used to be a devout member of the Creator church." He leads them into a large tent with low red lighting and a constand low fog that blankets the ground from water math on the stage is a large pregnant looking female wolf dressed in an tunic and dress with tentacles waving under the dress. On the stage is a muscular looking panda male looking out at the crowd. "Welcome to the first event of the day, This is Tina and Rick, They are special chosen of the Old Ones to speak today, You may ask them anything you like and they will answer. Don't be shy they don't bite. They will continue to answer till the second event is ready." The Announcer rabbit says before waiting in a darken corner and allowing the pair to be the center of attention.

Mirana walks along with Arimia and Selena, looking over to the wolfess, she whispers back after making sure no one is looking. Once inside she looks about and thinks about what the rabbit was just saying. Looking at the pregnant wolf, her hand goes to her own belly, and she walks up to her first. "Tina was it? I'm Mirana, and, I'd like to ask you," looking at the tentacles, "do you not have concern about what your morphed biology could do to your child?" She wonders. She looks back, wondering if Arimia had fallowed in as well, and wanting her advice.

David hmms at the rabbit and nods, "Interesting." then he looks over at the two and tilts his head, "Chosen of the Old Ones? What does that mean?" he looks over the two curiously, looking for any deformities other than the tentacles

Arimia gives a small shake of her head and says to Selena, "It don' matter if they were the same beings involved in that. If they were they'd jus' deny it. An' there'd be no way to prove it." She looks around the tent with a small scowl and says, "All this fog is a bloody annoyance." She turns her attention to the beings on the stage, then, but doesn't ask any questions, just looking them over with a critical eye

Selena responds to the bunny en route to the tent; "And could you direct me to someone that could explain?" She asks, a quiet sigh at Mirana's response, though offering no response of her own beyond a shake of her head before replying to Arimia, "I know. Though better to ask than not." She shrugs. At the comment about the fog she murmurs something over to Arimia.

Sierra looks to the two on the stage, mostly confused about what either of them have to do with a show or the questions really. Mirana's is good enough, so, she makes her way over to Selena and murmurs, "What fresh hell's this then?" Though there's one benefit to the tent as she pulls her cloak's hood down and rests her glasses on top of her head for now.

The wolf,Tina, looks at Mirana and smiles, "Ah you are mistaken, I am a broodmother as strange as it sounds through a ritual I was given the ability to spawn servants of the olds ones out of my belly. I'm not pregnant in the sense of having a baby. Allow me to demonstrate a little." She takes a deep breath and rolls up her tunic to just below her breast as she skin starts to peel back from her belly button and open up revealing many small curled up creature. A pool off blood forms around her before its slowly starts to heal up and she lowers her shirt. "It hurts the first couple of times but you get used to it. Its saved my life against a few dangerous shadows." She says with a polite bow. For David's question Rick decide to speak up, "When a particular old one takes interest in a follower they will grant them special priviliges,Tina was made into a broodmother. I was made into a what is commonly know as a plague dog because simply put I cannot understand the language of my Masters." He grunts and as his body starts to swell and pop, he drops to all fours as his body becomes a three headed dog with a shadow haze around it. "Right now my haze is harmless because I don't want to hurt anyone but if I was in a fight then this would be highly poisonous to my foes." The head only speak one word before the next head starts with the next work. "This is a great blessing, before I was enlightening to the truth, I was a simple farmer with a starving family. In exchange for my loyality my family was feed, I found a community that love me and I found peace in the Old Ones who care about me." He says with an almost reverent calm. The wolf who has now finally healed her stomach, "I have a question for the audience, Do I frighten you?" She asked timidly.

Mirana watches with slight horror as the wolfess peels back her own skin somehow and looks at the creatures... inside her? Not the most intestinally fortified already, she looks very green a moment as the blood pools around her. Some slight heaves come from her, as well as a small burp, "Ex.. excuse me.. I.. don'tmeantoberude." she says and leaves the tent for a time. Anyone listening carefully would be able to hear Mira losing her last meal outside.

David blinks as the wolfess peels back her skin and winces in sympathy as he starts to reach for his pack, then he notices it's healing on it's own, "Does... Doesn't that hurt?" then Rick speaks up and he watches in horror as he shifts to a form similer to that of a Cerebrus. Though he doesn't quite lose it as Mira does, he does look a little green, "Um... Um... H-how... Was you're family... Fed?"

Arimia watches the little show and gives a small shake of her head. She turns her focus onto her food until the Rick talks, she looks up then and watches before saying, "Sounds like they jus' modified the Cerberus family." She gives a small frown as Mirana leaves then turns and murmurs something to Selena before continuing to speak. "Frighten? No. I've killed worse. There was that... Thing in Shanty Town, for instance. Disgust? Probably more than a few here, yeah. You do."

Selena watches on with what could be called morbid curiousity as she replies to Sierra. "Kindcraft. That's about all the explanation I can give." She replies to the lioness, then turns to face the kindcraft on display. "Frigtened? I... Don't think that's the right word either. Unsettling, definitely." She replies, watching Mirana make her way out with a grimace, nodding back to Arimia and speaking up again. "Would you mind if I lifted the fog?" She inquires, readying a simple bit of air math should it not be a problem.

Sierra watches the two with some little bit of detached fascination. The sort of train wreck look really. Her ears flick and she mutters something to herself, "You know, I've seen things splatter and that didn't set me off quite as much as this." She's not as sick looking as the others, though Mirana's outburst isn't helping her much. "Unsettling, that's a good word for it, more polite than what I'd had in mind." Though she only really vocalizes the first part, leaving the second as a quiet murmur to the two nearest her.

The Plague Dog smiles, "Well at first it was just grains until they could help me with the farm. Once the farm was built up again and a few animals were purchased I left for the minds and didn't come out for a good year. I barely remember what happened but I remember being so happy. My Partner wasn't happy with my choice but when I explained that I did what I had to. They came around." He look very proud of himself. Tina look at Arimia and nodded, "I will admit we aren't the prettiest looking but just as a knight would wear the seals of his house and kingdom, we wear the marks of our masters. Allow me to show what I look like when I fully sink into the blessings of the Old Ones. Those with weak somatch please leave the tent for a moment." Rick goes wide eyed before hopping off the stage and into the crowd. "Behold the ultimate in protection." The females skin starts to bubble like hot candle wax as each individual strand of muscles in her body start to peel off and grow larger before reforming into a large beast covering in eyes, her hands shift into scythe like bone groth that stretch down to her stomach. Her leg jut out into very long and and very spindly apendages. Large tumorous growths appear along her back with random creature faces on each of the tumors. Her tail has spilt into two bladed looking spines with eyes along the edges. "Ouch... Thats my secenond time doing that." Rick shakes his head, "Don't you think that was a little much, Tina." He transforms back into his Tiger from with a wet pop, "Well while Tina, figure out how to beg to not stay in that form forever. I would like to pose a question, How many of you have used the Dark Schemer. Tell me if you enjoyed the power that comes with it? I'm sure many of you might enjoy some of the physically effecy that it may have. I sure do." Tina skitters alongs the stage her form a little large than a bone dragon.

Mirana starts to come back in after using some towels to clean off her muzzle, and is greated with the sight of the wolfess changing, she looks green again, but now her weak stomach was already empty. She just stares a moment, "By the Creators.. what have you permitted to be done to you!" Reaching back into her pack, she pulls out a book and reads a few passages of Creator Blessings out loud, mostly to help herself calm. She'd faught shadow, seen the possessed, but never has she experienced this. As she reads though, she finds herself oddly enticed by the power, and edging closer to the strange beast.

David nods to the plague dog and then meeps as the wolfess starts to shift, his greeness starting to take on a white color as he watches and fights to not faint, "That... Really doesn't hurt?" he looks like he's wishing he bought some food now as he munches on the nails of his left hand

Arimia sighs and sets her food down. She was able to keep eating after the first display, but not after this. Perhaps by coincidence she moves in front of Mirana as the vixen starts edging toward the stage. "I've taken those chakra. Obviously. An' I've spent a lot of time in the mines. An' you know why I've done both those things? To learn to kill things like you."

The rabbit gives a nod to Selena from his position in the shadowed corner of the tent, replying "Feel free to.". Not one to interrupt the questions more than necessary, it would seem. The wolfess nods, a light breeze dispelling the fog before she makes her response in a simple tone; "I've seen it, worked with it and used it before. But that doesn't make it something desirable for me." Mirana's return and outburst prompts a slightly less simple response, tapping the vixen on the shoulder and replying in a low voice, "Take a closer look when this is over. Remember Heartfall - would you consign yourself to that?" She notes, though a hint of relief on her face shows after Arimia's response.

Sierra stands up and calmly brushes her skirt off. She walks towards the entrance. She fishes around for something under that cloak, holding it hidden for now. After a moment, she pulls the hood of her cloak back up, then spits into the dirt, muttering about bile.

The Monstrosity looks down at Arimia and gives a loud feminine sigh, "I am not a thing. I am hedious and there are things that have been done on both side. I don't want fight or harm anyone, I just want everyone to be happy. My greatest wish was to have a family, mine were killed years ago by shadows. They gave me that, I don't want that taken away. As you would defend your family I would mines but I'm just as much a creature as you. I enjoy eating fish, long walks in the woods, I have trouble fishing and I'm scared of gops. My favorite drink is tea with a little bit of ale poured in to it." Tina looks down at the racoon. "I am not a thing." She look over to Selena, "You've lost loved ones to us? I'm sorry." The Announcers comes back out and wedges his way back on stage. "Now Now No time for sadness I'm offering a simple challange to those that are interested. I know that in the end we are nothing more than a horrid monsters with way to many limbs but if your willing to forgo the offer of understanding how about a simple competition of strength in skill. A one on one duel between our sects champion and the crowd. Not to the death mind you but just till one submits?"

Mirana bumps into Arimia's back, never really knowing she was moving at all. She looks down to the 'coon then back to the entrance, where she thought she still was. She looks around very confused a moment as Selena taps on her shoulder and talks to her. She blinks a few times, still looking about. "I... no.. no I... how did I get from there to over here?" She asks. Looking over, she notices David's nervious chewing and says over to him, "David, are you ok? These magnificent creatures aren't too much are they?" In her own mind though, she hears herself use the word 'monsterious'. As the announcer talks of a duel she wonders a moment, "Would it be one on one or with the whole croud? I wouldn't mind a friendly duel, but if it is one on one, someone else would be more suited then I." She says, suddenly very curious about the abilities that one of them may have, closing her Priest's Handbook.

David blinks at the creature and nods at that, "I'm... Sorry. It's just, you're apperance is... Distrubing." he looks a bit sad at the rightful chastising and then blinks at the challenge with a shake of his head, "I don't like to hurt living things... Even if it's just play, I'll pass." he looks at Mira in confusion at her statement, "I... I'll be fine, but... I wouldn't call them... Magnificent..."

Arimia gives a small shake of her head and says, "You are a thing. Just because you're one of the few they let keep their minds don' make you any less of a thing than the mindless ones." She turns to look at Mirana then simply scoffs, and rolls her eyes. She turns, gives Selena a brief hug, before walking out of the tent, leaving things behind.

Selena looks back up at the creature, replying flatly, "You misunderstand me. Heartfall was almost destroyed by your cult. My family, on the other hand, is none of your business." She states flatly, glancing back to Mirana, an ear flicking back for a moment at the response garnered. Sierra's movement to the exit doesn't go unnoticed, Selena offering a wave to the lioness as they head to the door, giving Arimia a soft kiss as she leaves the tent before turning back to the creature. "I'm not here to fight. Since your announcer didn't have an answer, I might as well ask you; care to explain what happened at Heartfall, or would you prefer to direct me to someone that can? If your 'Old ones' are as good as you say, what do you have to hide?"

Sierra stops and says dryly, "I don't do too well fighting, I'm learning to hit things with a staff well enough. I doubt you'd want to fight what I could use though." She looks to the cluster of folk, then leans in to add, "I think she's addled, get her out before she tries to sign up."

The Announcer starts to speak to Selena before a sickled arm stops him. "You want to know what happened? We weren't there, our entire sect isn't dedicated to combat but to trying to build relations with you. Our leaders have begged the Old Ones for a chance to do things a little differently. I can see we aren't ever going to get far without being upfront. Azar was the head priest of the attack on Heartfall, He wanted to do things different instead of being like our sect who basically finds those who are down and out. His sect wanted to create the strongest fighter by basically having the people kill and eat each other till there was only one left and Azar would have merged with them. I don't like his sects methods, you can catch more bee's with honey than fire. You want to view us like monsters? Fine what about your dragons? Your Griffion? those other strange creatures your precious Creators left behind? Are they not monsters too, or is it because they are pleasing to the gaze that you don't cast them out into the streets?" Tina scuttle over to Selena with tears in her eyes. "Call me what you will but I am not a monster. Though I am very ugly and my blessing are painful, I have yet to want for a family, I have not spent a cold night alone wondering if I would eat the next day. The Old Ones don't have a shanty town that toss away perfectly good folk because they are poor, sick, or don't have a clan seal." The Announcer sighs as a White Dog enters the tent with a small cane in his hand and a smiless he catches Sierra words, "I'm pretty good with a staff myself, I'm Will, Champion of the T'uul Sect. Its a pleasure." He holds out a hand to Sierra. The announcer looks at Mirana, "A single fighter against Will in a duel till submission."

Mirana looks over to David, "Maginificent? I said monsterious..." She says shaking her head. As Arimia continues to talk, and Selena talk, she nods along, but then nods at the announcer's words as well, and to Tina as they talk, not even blinking or moving away, more seeing the person there then the creature. "Yes.. that makes sense too, but, if it causes such pain, and discomfort, isn't there some way that your Old Ones could keep that from happening? The Creator's blessings don't cause such pain." She says, again reading in her book. When Will comes in, she looks over to them with a bit of interest. "Oh, then I'd say let someone else fight, I wouldn't do as well." She seems sad that Arimia had left, "My commander would have been a good choice, not sure why she left though. And addled?" She adds looking to Sierra.

Selena shakes her head. "Did I call you a monster?" She replies. "And you might have noticed, I'm not dedicated to whatever I could throw lunar shards at. I don't worship any group of beings blindly." The wolfess explains a bit flatly. "I'm asking you these questions because I don't want it to happen again. My only exposure to your cult has been brainwashed miners and this 'Azar', so pardon my wariness." She sighs, rubbing her temples for a moment. "I take my breaks from research going down there to help volunteer work. It's a sorry state." She notes, glancing back to Mirana. "Ari's a busy raccoon, Mirana. And yes, addled. I can second that you said 'Magnificent'." The wolfess takes a look to the side for a moment before murmuring something to the vixen in question.

David nods at that then blinks as a thought comes to him, "Then... You are divided? Not a whole group?" he looks a little guilty and sighs, "Well... I wouldn't say they are all pretty, take the Basilsk or Cerebrus for example. They aren't pretty, exotic maybe... But I wouldn't say pretty." he thinks a bit and shakes his head before looking to Mira with a nod, "It doesn't cause pain... Discomfort at first maybe, but never pain."

Sierra takes the offered hand and says, "I never said I was particularly good so much as I could swing it around well enough. I rely on.. machinery to do things instead. Much more interesting really. Building my guardian, knowing that rather than taking an easy route out and asking for power, I built it instead." She then looks at the dog curiosily, "You tied with them then?" She subconsciously checks her hand after the shake, not really intending the rude gesture. Looking back at the two on the stage, she calls out, "Why are you given free thought, or the illusion thereof to be cynical, but those tainted miners, they aren't?" Then she glances to Mirana and says, "Promise you, you said nothing close to monstrous." Though by the look on her face she's got the distinct feeling she could get her golem to do jumping jacks on one of them without notice. She looks to the white dog and adds, "Still, if you lot are honest about not being.. uh, monsters as she put it, I'll.. extend some benefit of the doubt since we're letting shadows run rampant too. Creepy bastards. Bastard. Just the one"

A soft Chuckle comes from Will, "We are seperate yet the same. There are plent of us that would happily kill you all and use your entrails for something stupid. I am not like the other there here, I don't hear the old ones in my mind, I don't have a chakra shard of theirs in my body, I serve the T'uul Sect simply because I wish to protect my loved ones. My mate is a broodmother like Lisa here. She is good to me and I love her. I don't need anything other than that. Now I don't mind breaking a little machine in fair fight." He winked at Sierra and crawled up to the stage, "I know you think they are must be crazy to attempt to have a little effort to try to get you to like them. I'm going to ask something different, Kill all the other sects. Wipe them off the map and the Old Ones that lead them but spare this sect. That my two crowns on the issue now. Since I can see most of you are looking a little flustered having to deal with groups you ain't used too but lets just enjoy this little horror circus for what is and have fun." Will smiles at the Rabbit look at him with a annoyed glare, "I'm sure that going to go over wonderful, I hope we don't get speared on the way out, Mutt-face." The Rabbit grumbles well enough of that please lets exit this tent and enjoy some of the meals, Our champion is having fits of insanity and obviously isn't prepared to fight anyone. We have some treats that would delicious and I promise that its safe for consumption."

Mirana looks back to Selena and nods, "Maybe.. maybe I'm not well, I'll.. just follow you and ask questions then Selena, thank you." She says looking a bit startled at herself Listening to David she nods, "I never knew any to experience pain, more... a sudden startling, maybe a bit of discomfort, but mostly from the slight shock then anything." She looks back over to Tina, still close at hand, and reaches out to touch her, "I take it back, this apperance is very startling in of itself, and I'm sorry that it causes you pain, but no being is truly a monster till they prove themselves such. I think you have lost your way though, but I'd be honored to help you be welcomed back onto the path of our Creators." She says, holding up her handbook a moment with her free hand. She shakes her head at Will's words "I don't think killing is ever the answer, but more.... well, what one turns to when you run out of anything else to use." She pulls her hand back after a moment and slides in next to Selena. "And, umm, Sierra was it? Maybe they are of a different sect too? Not all are virtuous, but we must find a good way to bring everyone who is lost back to the path." She doesn't mention if she means the Creator's path or some other.

David looks at Will with a tilt of his head, "You... Would wish us to kill the others of... Your faith?" he shakes his head in confusion, "That makes no sense." he starts to move his bandaged hand to his head to rub, but stops with a grimace as he realizes what he's doing, "I don't see what benifit a duel would bring anyway..." he shrugs and then looks to Mira with a smile, "Like I said, never pain." he smiles at her thinking and nods in agreement, "Though, if the enemy wished to surrender... I would grant them that."

Selena gives an appreciative nod to the rabbit, taking the excuse to take Mirana's wrist unless stopped. "You heard the good rabbit, Mirana." She notes. "It's been a pleasure to meet you all." The wolfess flashes a smile to the group, and a roll of her eyes to Mirana's extolling. "We were asked politely to leave; it'd be rude to stay." After a moment's break, begins to move for the tent flap, noting to Sierra; "Agreed, good question. Wonder what that is."

Sierra shrugs to Mirana and says, "You have your path, I'll stick with my own. I like having built my own solution rather than looking to another's power. But, if I'm going to give the Shadows a chance I'm willing enough to let these uh.. strange folk have a shot. Besides, you'd be surprised what a big golem with a meathook and sharp bits does for decency." She then looks to David and says dryly, "He's suggesting we help them make a power grab. Kill the other sects." After that, she'd actually join in the carnival, though she'd eat sparingly, mostly out of curiosity. Though good eyes would note the golem of hers is never that far away.

Will chuckles, "Faith? I believe in my mate, I don't believe in much else. These 'horrors' have grown on me, I don't care if they are monsters, Tina is a good friend and in a pinch has made a nice mount into battle." A soft smack is heard as the flat of her tail connect with his head as he chuckles, "I wouldn't mind a powergrab but I've seen vetern priest completely broken when tried to peer in on a single old one. They just kinda die.." He smiles and picks up a cooked piece of squirkik meat. "I like you lot, Your sharp not just feeding into the happy story we are giving you. I might be unmutated and untouched but I've done my fair part, I've been with my wife though her tranformation into a broodmother. I'm going to leave you with a parting words that might save your life, I can smell that the book is here, No matter how clean the body is you can feel the wrongness of the tome.. Destory or use but don't leave it idle, You'll bring far worse upon your heads than a Carnival." Will turns and walks off. The Party continues for a few hours afterward with most of them packing up and leaving for the minds. The only reminder of thier visit is a few scraps of paper and various food dropped around for stray animals to eat.