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The City Gates, many solders and a few craftsman and mages stand ready, waiting for transport. An imposing armadillo stands on a platform, a very familiar vixen standing next to him. "Here is our mission beings! We are marching on Mossy Stone, this time..." and he looks to the vixen, ".. we.. aren't trying to destory the undead, but hold them back, while the craftsman and mages construct a bastion against them. The plan.... is to build a small camp that will become a town." He looks again to vulpine who just smiles back. "As soon as you are all ready, we will load up te transports, bring everything you think could help! Lets move!" A roar of mixed cheers, yes sirs, and general confusion.

Sveta remains silent throughout the armadillo's speech, the goshawk instead climbing in one of the transports without further comment after giving Lady Mirana Solacious a dip of her head. There's nothing she really needs to bring along save herself, her spear and shield, and soul gems, of course. Anything else...well, whatever's in her head should be good enough, and she feels comfortable enough with improvising with whatever's at hand, should the situation call for it. Besides, Mossy Stone is not an unknown quantity - she's been there before.

Coming on time for once is the coat wearin' lion himself, armed with coat, musket, and even a crossbow strapped to his wrist. Must've been a sale at the market or something! Much like the goshawk, Dio listens without a word and nods in approval as he rapidly boards one of the available transports. It's been awhile since he's been in something that could compare to mercenary business. Just like old times almost.

Shaytalis starts off to marching with the others behind the lead officer. She nods to Dio, "It is good to see you again. Is your gryphon friend not available?" She looks around, "I do not know the others here. And I have not spent a great deal of time in Mossy Stone. Their numbers were too many for me alone."

Briar Listened quietly while standing in the midst of the crowd with his cape wrapped around his slim body like a cloak. As the undead who roamed the village were mentioned he adjusted his armor. Glancing behind him his short bow was within easy reach. Slightly nervous about the whole scenario he gripped his axe's handle. Once the speach was finished the otter clampered up into one of the available carts, too bad it wasn't a boat.

Meyna approaches the... caravan's not a bad word for it as she figures. She looks around to see if she needs to sign in, check in or just prove that she's there to shoot the other side. From there, she climbs onto a transport and begins to examine her bowstrings for frays. She doesn't particularly know anyone so for now, she just scans the assembled mercenaries. Freeswords, same thing really. To no one in particular she says, "So are we being paid per.. uh, whatever we collect or is it just a flat rate?"

Rixo shuffles onto the scene, no more and no less equipped than usual. "I am sorry that it has taken me so long to arrive. I came as quickly as I could, once I heard that something was happening." The woman takes a moment to adjust her helmet before looking around to see who else showed up. Some new faces, some old ones. "Are we expecting anything unusual out there? Or just the standard stuff?"

Mirana nods to the armidillo who rolls his eyes, "Fight the undead with life and love.. what ever is the Good King... Ok, lets load the transports!" Nothing more then covered carts really, but they will do. The various beings load in, one stopping to say to Meyna, "You will be payed, but the glory of fighting the undead, what more payment do you need!" says the obviously overzealous tigeress. Everyone is nodded to as the solders shift around, packs and gear loaded in. Mira walks up to everyone, giving a slight curtsey, "Thank you, Sveta, Dio, Rixo, Ren... Shaytalis, and everyone else for coming, Mirana for those who don't know me, there is a transport spacifically for you all," she says gesturing to a cart still empty, "I

Mirana nods to the armidillo who rolls his eyes, "Fight the undead with life and love.. what ever is the Good King... Ok, lets load the transports!" Nothing more then covered carts really, but they will do. The various beings load in, one stopping to say to Meyna, "You will be payed, but the glory of fighting the undead, what more payment do you need!" says the obviously overzealous tigeress. Everyone is nodded to as the solders shift around, packs and gear loaded in. Mira walks up to everyone, giving a slight curtsey, "Thank you, Sveta, Dio, Rixo, Ren... Shaytalis, and everyone else for coming, Mirana for those who don't know me, there is a transport spacifically for you all," she says gesturing to a cart still empty, "I'll be joining you in that one." She says walking back over to it.

Sveta dips her head, then bows slightly before leaving her transport to join Mirana in hers. "If you were anyone else, I would object on your coming with us, Lady Solacious, but I trust you have your Creator devices to defend you despite your condition. Still, it will be my pleasure to lend you my shield, if need be." She turns back to Dio and waves him over. "Please, my dear Lion of Supreme Confidence, will you not join us? I do not have cream pie to tempt you with today, but I hope you will grace us with the pleasure of your company anyway."

"Gryphon friend?" The lion cocks his head to the side, clearly quite confused at the vixen's question. "Can't say I've ever 'ad one of those before." The glory of fighting the undead... An interesting concept, even bringing a chuckle to him. As Mirana approaches, he stands up and walks out of the transport he previously boarded and walked towards the vixen. "Lass! It's been awhile. An' our own reserved wagon too! How nice of ya." Tucking at his coat in typical routine, he strides down and enters the wagon of extraordinary beings. "Ah, my sweet Bird of Divine Cookin'. Didn't pack a lunch fer all of us? A shame, as I'm sure it could've boosted morale to massive levels."

Briar blinks realizing that the red fox is asking that he ride in the same cart as her, well not just him in particular, just the freeswords it seems. Nodding his head he hops out of the transport before climbing up into the now next to empty cart. Once on board he offers his webbed paw in greating. "Briar's the name adventuring's my game." He flashes a quick smile before sitting down.

Meyna raises an eyebrow and says, "There's no glory in re-planting a corpse. Just kill them and move on-... stop them with love?" She puts her hand over her eyes and mutters to herself before shrugging it all off and leaning back against the side of the transport. "Meyna" She offers, head still hanging back as she watches the sky.

Shaytalis asks of Mirana, "The objective is to push them back, but not kill them? I am unclear on this point."

"Perhaps for you, my gracious Lion of Great Appetite, but I doubt fighting on a full stomach is recommended for anyone save you." Sveta dips her head at Meyna And Shaytalis as she flaps on the seat, making herself a little more comfortable. "Well met. The Lady Solacious received advice from a spirit that it would be the best course of action, otherwise the corpses would simply keep rising again no matter how many times we put them down. I was present when she...ah, communed with the spirit, and that was the advice given. Hence, to drive them back, yet not kill them. Simple force of arms alone cannot stem this particular tide."

Rixo makes her way towards the cart after giving Mirana a polite nod. "I am Rixo, and yes, trying to kill the undead usually does not work as a permanent solution." Adjusting her equipment, she settles into a seat on the cart. "But with luck, we CAN drive them back enough, one way or another."

Once everyone is loaded up and ready the carts start to move. Mira sits rather uncomfortably in the cart, staff held close, "Oh, no Sveta, I won't be fighting, won't be anywhere near the undead if all goes well. I'll be helping the builders and mages. Need to get the walls up before we get overran." She says, shaking her head and bouncing quite a few times. She nods again to Sveta, as she explains what she was aobut to say herself. Then she cocks her head to the side, "Griffon friend? You have a griffon? That would be helpful, but... a bit late now." she says. Smiling to Briar, she continues, "Thank you greatly again for coming along. I... I hope I've been able to understand Shaila's words well enough and am doing the right thing." she says, "We should be crossing the pass soon."

Shaytalis nods "I understand. What safe harbor will hold their undiminished numbers? Where will we push them back to? Perhaps earth, fire and water can be used to form a barrier around the region, though this would require a great deal of consentrated effort." She looks to Mirana, "Whatever your plan for this, I will work to execute my part of it."

"Fightin' on an empty stomach? Perish the thought!" Setting the musket upon his lap, Dio uses a free hand to shift around in his coat pocket and eventually pulls out a small piece of bread tactically stashed away. With only a few bites, or what could be considered bites, he consumes the roll in a matter of seconds and heaves a relaxed sigh. "Ah, that hits the spot. Now then, any estimate on how long it'll take to form a barrier?"

Briar grumbles as the carts begin to move causing much bumping and jostling to the people inside. The otter couldn't help but grip the side uncomfortably as he looks at the group around him. "So um are all land boats like this I meen to say a good sea faring boat sways gently, this here is insane with all it's bumps and such..." He spoke to no one in particular but still wanted to get his own word out.

Meyna looks at Briar and says, "Land boat? I thought I was a bit backwater." She laughs and says, "Yes it'll be bumpy though, you'll be fine. Just have to sit it out a while." Looking back, watching the lion fish out food is a good enough reminder and she begins to work on a piece of jerky while listening and rolling along for the ride.

Sveta shuffles aside to give Mirana space as the carts begin moving. "Well, Lady Solacious, you were there when I questioned Shalia herself on the issue. I concur with your interpretation of her words. I will admit some surprise that the Lord Ictus has not joined us today, but your brother...never mind. Personal affairs should not cloud more important efforts." She turns to Dio. "Pardon me, my dear Lion of Hidden Stashes, but I'll say one thing, although it should be obvious: I'm sure you have more food in that coat of yours, but if you happen to drop anything on the ground in Mossy Stone...I beg of you, don't pick it up and eat it, five seconds or not."

Rixo peers at Sveta and Dio, shrugging. "She has a point. I do not know why you'd want to do something like that anyway, but I would strongly avoid against it." She tugs on the hem of her cloak for a minute and looks to Briar, next. "It varies. Sometimes the road is bumpy, sometimes it is not. Usually it is the former."

Dio looks to Sveta and nearly looks like he's about to panic! "Wait! Who told ya that lass? More food? I don't know what yer talkin' about..." The lion quickly and desperately folds the coat over his body, as if it were going to help his case, which it didn't considering the fact that a slight bulge could be seen in where a coat pocket may be. "I won't let an undead get any of my food, that's fer sure. It's mine."

there was a part of the otter who wanted to try his luck at stealing some of the lion's food but it looked firmly tucked away. Instead he gives a small nod to the ones who answered him before pulling out a salted fish he had packed. Eating it he looks at the snow leopard. "Back water you said? Where do you sire from?"

"It's not a matter of them getting your food or not, Dio. It's more of a matter that the ground there is tainted with the Old Ones. You're too much fun to have around, and I'd rather you not end up with some affliction akin to Angus'. And as for how I know..." she tilts her head at him. "You're entirely too predictable, you big lug."

Meyna takes a bite of her jerky and looks to the otter, shrugging. "Middle of nowhere, nowhere big enough to make it on a map anyway. About as backwater as you can get, mind you I've seen carts before, but..." She tilts her head back at one of the comments and asks, "There a plague running around I didn't hear about?"

Shaytalis thinks on what Dio asked about how long it would take to make a barrier, "It would be best if the landmass could be seperated, perhaps by means of a moat. Do the undead travel over water? It is unclear how strong of a barier would be needed, or how large, to contain them. Without containment they will be an ongoing threat for the settlement, though perhaps they could be pushed back again from time to time. A permanent solution could take a year of effort from many earth mathemagicians.

Rixo snickers softly and leans back in the cart, turning her eyes skyward. "Hopefully this will go swimmingly, but any time the Solacious foxes are involved, you know you're in for some unexpected situations, eh?" The helmet turns slightly towards Mirana as she jests.

Having just finished clearing his portion of the pass, Ictus can be seen waiting nearby. He hmms? and flags down the driver so he can hop on a cart, "Hey everybeing, mind if I join ya?" as he climbs up to be with Mira

Mirana yips loudly as a large rock causes the cart to bounce a great deal, and sends the vixen to a hard landing on the floor. She rubs her tails and groans a moment as she picks herself up. She watches as Dio and Meyna much on some food, and pulls from her pack some field rations eating a bit herself, "Thank you Sveta, yes, but I'm still a bit nervous about things." she admits. She shakes her head as Dio tries to hide the rest of the food he has hidden on him, a slight cuckle. The carts round about on the pass, coming near the end of it, and a voice shouts out, "It will get smoother soon!" Mira looks to Shaytalis and nods, "We are going to try building it from stone and water, yes, fire would be too hard to upkeep, we don't want to make people have to work continuously to keep the camp safe, though that doesn't mean things will be easy." As Rixo mentions her family's.. history.. she blushes and nods. Then, as Ictus approches, the drive stops just long enough for him to climb in, the moment he is up with her, Mira hugs on him, nuzzling softly, "I was hoping we'd find you!!" she says, but... another Solacious... this couldn't be good.

"So it's the Old Ones tryin' to take my food is it? This only fuels my passion fer battle!" A light growling roar echos in his throat, not loud enough to penetrate the confines of the wagon, but more to demonstrate his lovely spirit. A true roar is saved for battle. "Predictability an' the familiar can sometimes bring comfort I suppose, like knowin' a fox-kit can just pop-up anywhere ya g- Speakin' of which!" Another fox-kit indeed, and a wave to the mentioned fellow.

Shaytalis nods to Mirana, "The usefulness of fire in the endevor could be to make brick from the clay. "

Briar Lets out a shout of pain at the bump that launches him into the air before he lands roughly on his thick tail. "Son of a squid that hurt!" Grumbling about the ride he retrieves his fallen fish and finishes it off as the fox enters the cart.

Rixo slowly shakes her head. "Well, where there was once one, now there are two. Two Solacious foxes. With any luck, Angus won't show up or we'll probably end up fighting some kind of... Ghost mountain instead of the usual undead."

Ictus murrs at the hug and nuzzles with a with a smile, "You aren't going to be fighting, are you love?" he looks concerned and worried at that as he settles into his seat. He looks to Briar and shakes his head with a chuckle. He looks to Dio and waves at that, "So, any briefings while I was clearing the pass?"

Meyna crosses her legs and says, "A ghost mountain? Is that like a haunted mine or is that a mountain that's a ghost, because the first one sounds like it would be fun to explore." With the bang to her head with the rock, she mutters and at least lifts her head.

"Speak of the Creators," Sveta mutters to herself as Ictus boards the cart. "Yes, they are, Dio. I think they want to take everyone's food, if that's enough motivation for you. Now..." she thinks a moment. "Brick is possible, but since we can create solid stone, why not? It will be harder to chip away at, at least. A moat is possible, although I don't think anyone has had word whether they drown or not. Unlikely, though, since they appear to have no further need for the use of lungs. At the very least, their sheer numbers would pile up and eventually fill the moat. To be honest, I'm not so much worried about actually creating a barrier, than how the proposed camp will be supplied. The ground is tainted, and supply trains will be vulnerable."

Mirana quickly brings Ictus up to speed about their mission, to protect the craftsman and mages while they sectioned off an area near Mossy Stone for a camp to be built. "Humm, of course Saytalis, and... My.. brother.. I.." She shakes her head a moment. "With luck we won't have to do much fighting at all... with luck." Pass the Bandit Camp and Griffon Rock, the caravan stops a few miles outside of Mossy Stone. As if able to smell the life.. or perhaps something else, off in the distance, the dead walk, coming closer and closer. The Armidillo jumps out of his cart and yells, "MOVE MOVE MOVE! First contengent to the front, everyone else, sharpen your blades, ready your arrows, lets get started so we can get this over!" Mira herself nuzzles once more on Ictus, "No, I won't be fighting, I'll be helping to construct defences." Her ears twitch at the shouts and she moves to get off the cart herself.

Briar quick to react he puts his axe into his belt before pulling off his shortbow and notching an arrow. He decides to stay in the cart till the position is compromised as he looses the first arrow at the undead before notching another and repeating the process.

Rixo hops off the cart and rolls her shoulders, limbering up. "Well, let's see what kind of opposition awaits us today, hmm? Nothing we can't handle, I hope." A beat. "If it is something we can't handle, we have bigger things to worry about." Probably literally.

"It is, lass! I shall destroy a thousand Old Ones and their minions dare they touch my food!" With energy and excitement nearly beaming off of his body, Dio stands up within the wagon with his hands upon his hips in pride. Though, a few bumps, a wobble here and there, and he soon sits back down. No fighting... When has such luck ever descended upon poor beings in situations such as these? Hearing the armadillo's call certainly confirms and immediately he hops out of the wagon with his musket and hand crossbow, ready for battle. Musket at his shoulder, he crouches down upon one knee and prepares to fire at any undead crossing his path.

Sveta takes a small bow and hefts both her tower shield and spear, switching her soul gems to something more appropriate for the task. "I had hoped to use something else...but it seems otherwise. For now, let us depart." With that, the goshawk begins a slow advance to the front, covering any who will follow with her shield.

Ictus looks to Sveta and chuckles a bit, "Talking about me?" he grins a bit as he ponders and nods at that, "Yeah, that's true. A moat will slow them down at least." he nods as he gets briefed and hmms a bit, "With great luck it looks like..." as they arrive at Mossy he smiles at Mira and gives a quick kiss before he hops out of the cart, "Stay as safe as you can love." as he moves to the front lines with the others

Shaytalis will attempt to position herself in the front, letting Dio take the lead on defenses, preparing to drive them back as best she is able. She looks for any approaching groups, considering whether a supressive field of flames would be more effective or an explosive blast. It will depend upon their speed and numbers.

Meyna shrugs and says over to the bird while rubbing her head, "Why not just set up pits with quicklime? It wouldn't smell pretty, but you could ring the pit with air magic to keep the smell down at least. Or just do weekly pit burnings or somesuch." She pushes herself up to avoid hitting her head again entirely. At the warning she sits up and grabs her bow, stringing it quickly by planting it on the cart and looping the string. "Well that was fast enough."

Briar was about to object as all jumped from the cart save the snow leopard with the bow. "Bunch of thick headed warriors charging out there without a plan, guess we are the cover fire." He looses another arrow at the horde of undead.

As the mages get into positions, a few solders, backed by the soul gifted do as well. The arrows seem to do not to them just yet but make them a bit more aware of everyone! The zombies start charging, shuffling, moving closer and closer. "CHARGE!!" shouts the Armidillo and his men and women at arms rush in, clashing against the zombies! Soon the fight has begun! As the crafters give instructions, the mages, Mira included, work to from a wall of stone and water behind the fighting beings.

Shaytalis seems to have a rather unfocused role in the fight, switching from one hot spot to the next with surprising efficiency. Beginning by shrouding the group with a blasting hot wind, she follows by unleashing a firey bolt into the crowd of undead--turning the heat against the mindless foes while manipulating it to shield her allies. She then shifts gears to treating wounds with swift use of her field kit, patching wounds while looking for opportunities to fire off with another bolt of flame.

Rixo keeps her combat strategical, mostly, for now. Trying to make clean strikes from behind her shield, and keeping the outward display of dark math to a minimum, though if anyone was actually paying attention they'd see it. "How's everyone else holding up?"

Briar eventually got to the point where he couldn't kill effective enough from the carts. Leaping from the cart he puts his bow on his back before drawing his axe and charging. noticing one of the undead that Shaytalis almost finishes off he swings his axe at the creatures head lobbing it off. Quickly he withdraws before switching to his bow and aiding with his arrows.

Meyna starts things out by shifting, changing from a snow leopard into something strange looking, definitely strange since she doesn't see many sphinx about anyway. From there, she begins to draw back a rather large bow and begins firing, aiming to pin them down as much as kill since the undead aren't as bothered by being riddled with sharp bits.

A musket and a hand crossbow, two wonderful weapons surely. Though, both were rather slow to reload. On his knee, Dio fired into the wave of undead and followed up with a shot from his crossbow, taking a bit of time to reload each and continue the cycle. Getting too close, the lion roars and smacks a few with the butt of his rifle, knocking down a few in the process as he prepares to fire a few more shots.

Is that all? Taking point, Sveta provides cover for the ranged attackers, the occasional blow landing on her shield as she advances forth in formation with the others. This is too easy...almost too easy. There needs to be more.

Ictus grunts as he weaves in and out of range of the undead, growling as he lashes out with his blades time and again. He slices into the dead flesh with a growl as he keeps his best techniques to himself for the moment

The mages work as quickly as they can, the wall has to be tall, has to be thick, and it isn't easy digging a ditch and building a wall at the same time. The craftsman make minor adjustments to their plans, and Mira takes the lead in directing the focus, those knowing her to be a soulless herself could suspect the gems she was using, "No! That won't hold there." As she does some math and pulls up another sheet of granite over the weak spot. She looks out to the fighting... in time to see more and more undead coming into view!

A certain zombie was starting to get on the lion's nerves. It just kept getting up and up and up... No more! Taking out the rope snare he had stashed away, the lion roars and throws it around the zombie's torso and pulls it tight, preventing the evil fellow from moving about and causing more harm, for now.

Meyna has a few arrows lined up on the side of the cart, point buried in the wood for quick access as she aims to pin zombies down, looking for the ones that have been knocked down or when necessary, knocking them down herself before following up with a guided shot.

Shaytalis continues maintaining the balance of heat, pushing the enemy back while shielding the group. She works to patch injuries where they become most apparent, while keeping a close eye on the firey winds.

Briar manages to throw his ax at one of the zombies cleaving it's head before he retreives it and joins back in to the fighting. He almost gets over ran a few times but a daring tale to boost morale and some healing has them back in the fight.

With his musket in need of reloading and undead approaching, he prepares himself by holding the musket much like a baseball bat. As the two zombies swing at his person, he ducks down and delivers a powerful and lethal swing to the unfortunate undead.

Swing and a miss! Swing and a miss! Ictus dodges and growls as he cuts deep into dead flesh, managing to defeat one! But just one! "Damn, only one? Really?" he grunts as he is battered a bit and shakes his head as he keeps dodging, he looks to the Shay as she patches him up and frowns before returning to the fight

Rixo fights on, sword swinging and shield bashing as she even tries to help with the healing. At least on herself. Between skirmishes, she takes a moment to consider just how it is she's drawing life from the undead, but figures it's best not to ask, and continues on anyway.

Sveta continues covering the others with her shield, kicking away still-twitching bodies of the undead to keep her footing as they comtinue to pile up. They just seem to keep coming, more than once, blows sneaking their way past her cover to land against her feathered cloak and reinforced jerkin, but she still holds formation with the other frontline fighters.

The walls are coming nicely, the ditch digging moving right along. The mages look exauhsted, but keep working. The Armidillo calls out, "Switch up! New men out there, bring back the wounded and the tired, move move move!" he continues. Mira stops dead cold though, "Something.. isn't right.." she says reaching up to touch at the ring Shaila had given her. Out in the distance, above the forsaken city a portal of pitch black and deep purples open. And a wave of palitable melevilance strikes all who see it, (My creations have claimed this town, who dares try and forge a sanction of the living so close!). A great and massive bear, made of nothing but bones slides down out of the portal, landing with a slight thud in a crouched position. As she 'speaks' the undead seem to grow more restless, charging quicker, fighting with more ferocity!

Sensing the portal opening and glancing over, Ictus winces a bit as the Old One arrives, "Shit..." he looks at the others and growls as he calls out, "I hope now is a good time... Kendrac! We could use help!" as he eyes the horde of undead

Another opening in time and space, behind and beside Ictus as he speaks. The great stag spirit comes forth (You have called, and I have come, what is the need?) Then he looks out over the field. (We are forbidden to fight directly on the mortial planes! But I will assist, Pyrrha! Your hold here will be taken!) He shouts and holds his staff high! Slamming the pointed tip into the ground, the dark energies coming from all around are purged away, the shambling dead quivering as some of their force is taken from them!

Briar breathing hard while managing to slay another undead with his bow he looks down at his matted fur which by now is getting soaked in blood. It may be water proof but his own blood could still make it damp and heavy. "I need some help here!"

More and more bodies. More and more...well, whatever passes for blood on these things. Do they even need blood to survive? Sveta kicks away another couple of bodies and focuses on the horizon at the portal in the distance, but this is no time to be changing soul gems. With a sullen grimace, she solidifies her stance behind her spattered shield and awaits the worst.

Shaytalis blinks at the newcomer that Ictus seems to have requested. It springs out of nothing, but it is not a shadow. It also is not one of the physical beings. Odd. She continues her efforts, watching to see how this newcomer will modify the equation of battle.

Dio could really use some bread. Maybe a loaf, or perhaps 5. However, there was no time to dig around in his coat except to retrieve powder and bolts for his weaponry. Shots ring out over his allies, one managing to blow an undead down with a well placed musket shot. As he waits for another wave, he has to wonder just how long it'll take for the wall to be fully constructed.

Rixo glances back towards Kendrac for a moment, but turns her attention back to the opposition, just in time to push one back with her shield. "What is this, some kind of battle between spirits? Pah." She falls back for a moment and adjusts her stance, looking towards the bone-bear that has made its way onto the field.

Meyna begins to pull more arrows from her quiver, kicking her pack open with a foot in case she needs even more. The numbers are daunting, but she's not about to show it. Other than a strange laugh at the bear skeleton. She just wings a shot at that out of a wry sense of trying just in case. The arrival of a friendly spirit gets a curious look from her though, easing up on her string a bit.

Ictus nods to Kendrac at that and looks over the field, "Well, here goes nothing." as he slices and dices the undead! So far, it seems he's only downed one... Though not from a lack of trying! He grunts as he takes more hits and growls as he wades through the undead, "Something like that!" As he hears Rixo over the din of the battle

As her creations are lobbed off to the sides Pyrrha seems very upset. She raises her bony bear claws and a large group of Zombies.. turn.. on each other? No.. they are.. consuming each other! Building into a bigger... bigger... monstrosity of undeath. Mira contemplates bringing her own spirit here, but, no.. not yet, this is a battle field, not a place for a spirit like hers, not right now. Meyna's efferts pin down more and more of them, to be dealt with later, but right now, three undead come rushing toward everyone! The one in the center is huge!! Then.. there is one.. on.. fire, and another that reaks of undeath. The wall is coming up slowly, but surely, not enough up yet to pull everyone back! "Oh by the... Please.. d..d... don't die!" she cries out. Kendrac watches on, encouraging his caller, he can not fight directly here, only offer strength and reassurance.

Sveta grumbles angrily. too many things to take care of at once..."Damn it, everyone focus on one thing! Bring them down one at a time, instead of floundering all over the place!" Hopefully someone will hear her...

Shaytalis tries her best to keep Sveta treated, but the strong enemy is started to overwhelm her efforts. As such, she starts to act with more agression towards the enemy, drawing more of it's fire on herself and away from sveta.

The moment Meyna falls, Sveta nudges the other spearmen to either side of her. With clean efficiency, they close up the gap in the ranks the goshawk leaves as she lowers her shield and breaks ranks to come to her side. Setting down her shield, Sveta knees by her prone form and lays his hands upon the leopard's chest, pushing down hard as her feathers ignite and burn a clean, amber-golden, flowing down to engulf Ictus. Nothing happens for a second or so, and then Meyna's wounds begin to close of their own accord as she slowly helps the leopard to her feet.

"Don't get used to it," the goshawk says in a perfectly flat voice as she returns to the frontlines. "The Lady Solacious would kill me twice over if she knew I'm letting people play with their lives like this."

Ictus winces as he takes a few blows and growls as he goes to one knee, he thinks of Mira... Angus... All those who would be sad if he died here and grits his teeth as he stands so he can push on! "I will not fall here... Not while I have people to protect!" he swiftly climbs the massive zombie and slices along it as he climbs with his daggers, cutting off it's head in a mighty blow!

Taking blow after blow from the undead abomination, Sveta stubbornly refuses to die. The creature senses the resilience under that sheer wall of steel, underwiring and feathers and repeatedly pounds at the goshawk's shield, causing the tempered steel to buckle precipitously under its weight, landing one last blow even as it falls. Ever so calm, the goshawk shakes a few loose feathers off her feathered cloak, leans over to inspect the damage on her tower shield, then scowls. "Well. It would appear a new one is in order."

Meyna lays there for a moment watching the sky and muttering, "See this is why I hunt people, you know what tricks they've got and how to make them stop" She begins to pat herself down, feeling for anything missing, sits up suddenly and holds her head while muttering, "Thanks for that.. thing. Yeah." She then gets to her feet and leans against the cart and asks, "Anyone started pulling it apart and breaking or burning it?"

Perhaps hitting things constantly with the butt of his musket wasn't the best of ideas, but it was what the situation called for! Crack began to form about the handling, making it in desperate need of repair in the near future. Regardless, it seemed like a cheap musket to begin with. Firing off his last shot into the undead and watching it fall with Ictus' killing blow, he finally puts it down and heaves a sigh of relief. "I hope the wall's up 'n' ready."

Rixo slides her sword back into its scabbard and surveys the field. "Not a bad fight. Not bad at all. Everyone alright and still alive?"

Shaytalis does her best to keep Sveta and the others alive, though eventually even she is in neat of help herself. It's quite a surprise to her when Sveta suddenly appears to erupt into flames, sending a wave of cleansing fire over the party--healing their wounds, her own included, though leaving them somewhat tender from the carterization. As Ictus lands the final blow, she looks around at Dio's comment to see just how the wall is coming along. Is it ready?

Briar falls to the ground after a powerful strike from the undead. As his eyes are starting to dim he finds life returning to his limbs and his wounds healed as he stands up just in time to see the great undead killed by Ictus. looking up at the the corpse he strides over to the others his fur still soaked with his own blood. "Well... that was eventfull..."

As great beast is fell, crumbling into parts from its many wounds, the removal of its head the final blow to it. As it collapses Kendrac moves forward (Your minions are falling, the forces of life pushing through Pyrrha. This day is lost to you!) Pyrrha just gives something that seems like a laugh, and departs in the same way she came (Though, my dears will still be here, there will be other days, many other days) she gives to everyone mind as she goes. Mira and the others were not idle that whole time, the wall nearly done. The warriors, solders, and all give a cheer as the tides of the undead wane, able to hold them off themselves for now. Mira runs... as best she can... up to everyone. "Are you ok? That.. that was huge! I.." she quickly looks everyone over, and it seems Sveta's display, Shaytalis' healing, and all the viger and fight did what it needed to do. She walks over to Ictus spasifically, hugs him, then... kisses him in the middle of the field, for a long time. The next in line crafter comes up, "Thank you everyone, we should be able to handle it from here, feel free to use a cart or two to get back to town, I... I just hope this wasn't for not." Says the slug before she gets back to work herself.

With one final sigh, Sveta kicks away her now rather useless shield and begins the long walk back to the fortifications, catching both Ictus and Dio on the way. Littering, perhaps, but it'll probably be missed amongst so much trash. "Shall we return, Lord Solacious? And Dio...I think I can make a better musket than THAT for you. Drop by my studio for a bit later on if you want to, and we'll see what we can do."

Briar shaking the blood and undead bits from his paws as he looks at the group. "Well you guys, it's been fun and all but I need to wash up now, yuck..." with a wave he leaves

Shaytalis nods, dotting i's and crossing t's in terms of healing while people are getting gathered up, making certain people are patched. With that done, she goes to the mathemagicians working on the wall, assisting if there is yet a need for help. Finally relaxing herself when it seems that the work is done.

Meyna brushes herself off a few times and follows the others along while muttering about the damage to her coat. She strips it off and drapes it over her shoulder, grabs her quiver and pack and calls ahead, "You don't make crossbows do you? I want to try something." She's only limping a little. And sneaking a couple of drinks from a flask. Bruises will be fun.

Rixo turns to make her way towards the cart, removing her helmet. "I could use a good meal and a good drink right about now. Maybe a little nap, too." She sort of just hangs out on the back of the cart, for now, watching the others mill about. "And maybe get my gear looked at, later, now that I think about it."

Ictus pants a bit as the adrenaline leaves him and blinks as Mira rushes over, he blinks in surprise at the kiss but murrs as he returns it and wraps his arms around her in a hug, "Love... It's still not safe, I'll stay as long as you do." once the kiss is broken

Dio gives his musket another once over. Firing off another shot probably wouldn't be the best of ideas at this point. Along with Sveta, he tosses his weapon to the ground and dusts off his hands. "I'd really appreciate lass, but ya don't have to do that, really. Manage to get a sale down at the market fer a second-hand musket. Served its purpose quite well."

After most of everyone has left and gone, Mira takes a moment, letting anyone follow her that wants to, and finds a quiet place to settle down. She rubs on her ear ring again, "Shaila, I'd like to talk to you." She says quietly and in a great hole, with some slight moist noises, the spirit appears, currently female. (You have called, and I have come, what is it you need?) she asks. And Mira details to the spirit what just happened. She looks over to the city and hugs herself a moment, then over to the efferts of the beings. She coils her many tails around Mira, and hugs her tightly, (Oh you are doing so good, the undeath is... is a perversion of life) Then the spirit looks around, for anyone else she can hug, nose kiss. Mira looks to Shaila again, "I was wondering.. how else can I .. do more for you, to earn more of your grace?" to which Shaila replies after some comfused looks (More of my grace? I think you understand, it isn't about more power, it is about life, family, do you not understand?) Mira shakes her head, "No! I understand, I just... there is more I can do." Shaila kisses her again (Keep doing good.) The spirit looks around again.

Ictus hmms? at Mira and Shaila before he looks to Kendrac, "Speaking of doing more... Is there more I can do? I'm curious..." he ponders a bit and nods, "I'd like to do more, if possible." he smiles at Mira though as he settles next to her

Shaytalis looks at Shaila, which appears similar to Kendrac in how it is different from the others. If Shaila looks around, it would see her watching.

Sveta tchs at Dio's remark, but lets it go. "Well, I suppose you can't have the same enthusiasm for everything that you've reserved for food." As everyone departs, though, she tugs at Dio's fur as she notices Ictus and Mirana pulling away. "Well, it looks like they're going to have some alone time. You want to head back, or perhaps have a look-see at what they're up to? Although I think they deserve a bit of quiet..."

The spirits look at one another and then each look to their respective callers (You are doing well, keep up doing what you are already, it has been so short a time since you called to us, patiences.) they basicly say almost in tandom, Kendrac a bit more forward and Shaila a bit more sweet. HOwever, Shaila scoops up Shay and nuzzles her a moment (Thank you for helping to keep the undead at bay, giving life a chance here) She says. Mira herself only smiles and hugs on Ictus once more. Shaila gives an interesting sound seeing the two foxes so close to one another.

Meyna mutters and says, "You know rather than ignoring the question you could've at least said no." Muttering dark things, she looks to the spirits while she begins to unstring her bow and recover as many arrows as she can. It's an excuse to keep an eye on things while also cutting fletching costs.

Dio wasn't too sure what he wanted to do. Wait a minute! There's always something the lion wants to do. He begins heading off for a wagon, whistling a merry tune that's suddenly cut short with a tug at his fur. "I'll just leave 'em too it, lass. Fer me, I'm gonna have a drink 'n' eat down at the inn! All this fightin' has made me a bit hungry to be honest." With a chuckle and a wave, the ravenous lion departs off the scene, leaving everyone else to the aftermath.

Shaytalis asks of Shaila, "Your composition is similar to physical and similar to shadow. Do you speak to shadows that are not citizens of the city? I have no words of you."

Ictus nods to spirits and chuckles, "Fair enough." he smiles at the hug and returns it with a small nuzzle before looking around the field, he hmms? at Meyna and shakes his head, "My apologies, I can make you one. I figured someone more competent would answer though."

Shaila looks over to Shay and hugs again (We speak to anyone who calls us, and to those we call. This one was there when I called, and she accepted my pact) She says and pulls Mira into a hug again, by default Ictus as well. Kendrac looks to his sister and she nods. (You both do well, but we must now go.) they say and in their own way return to their realm. Mira smiles as all are gently set down from Shaila's embrace. "The wall isn't quite done yet My Love, I need to stay to help." She says, and, another kiss, head back to continue raising the wall. Not before turning to Shay though, "If, you want to talk to them, just ask one of us, we can help, but.. you need to be spacific in your questions, they tend to be very focused in what they say and do."

Shaytalis nods, assisting how she can with the wall construction. She knows well enough that multiple actors can pool their resources into the project. She pays heed to the leader of the word and lends her assistance with whichever element is called for.

Sveta walks over to Meyna and gives the leopard a small dip of her head. "Pardon me. I just had to see off my boisterous friend. But as to crossbows...they're not my specialty, but I do have some basic skills. Drop by the artisan school sometime and I'll see what I can do - if not, I can recommend someone to you who does."

Ictus blinks at the hug and chuckles a bit. He hmms? as Mira kisses him and nods as he returns it, "Alright love, and as I said, I'll stay until you finish." he looks to Shartalis and frowns a bit but nods, "Yeah, I can call him if you ever need. Though... I wonder if he is ever busy?" he ponders that and shrugs, "Ah well... You've proven you do wish to help, so if you wish it I can call him if you want."

Meyna nods and says, "I'll stop by sometime after I pass out for a day or two. Or more. Glad I took this job after turning other contracts in though." She glances back to the spirits, tossing an arrow to the side after finding a crack running along it and recovering the arrowhead and feathers. As a bit of an after thought she calls out to the two spirits, "Thanks. I think" before climbing onto a transport to find some place to lounge out and avoid moving as much as possible.

Sveta gives Meyna a respectful dip of her head. "Let's go, then. I see no reason to linger where I am not needed." Another of the transports pulls up, and she's off on her way home.

Shaytalis nods to Ictus, "I will try to learn more about them."